What Is Revealed by the Murder of Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey?67 min read

Jamal Khashoggi

Published October 24, 2018; updated December 13, 2018

What Is Revealed by the Murder of Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey?

By James M. Rockefeller with Jeff Gates

This analysis chronicles the depth and duration of an ongoing threat to humanity and our habitat. Our think tank will expose the common source of a multi-century assasult on the truth so that humanity can focus on addressing global warming and the needs of community versus serving those who believe themselves Chosen. Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, failed leaders and autocrats are a product of what began in Turkey with the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the turn of the 20thCentury triggered by those who catalyzed a series of international crises to secure the Jewish State. Facts confirming the life-long stalking of my person make it impossible to smear me as an anti-Semite without that toxic charge being turned on those who destroy nations from within by deploying deceit, fear, insecurity and hatred.

We do not ask that anyone believe us; only that they believe enough in themselves to deal with the facts.

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Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  (Lord Acton, 1834-1902)

Had I been engaged by the Saudis, I could have cautioned Crown Prince Mohammad bin Sultan (MbS) that, as my life experience suggests, he was targeted from an early age. Those who stand most to gain from this crisis placed an Israeli operative in my home when I was four years old. Those who stalked my father, Nelson Rockefeller, and then me routinely target families of wealth or influence.

As chronicled in an online Timeline, those complicit date their U.S. operations to no later than 1850 when the German-Jewish investment bankers of Hallgarten & Co. opened their offices in Manhattan as they pre-staged financing both sides in a Civil War that fractured and almost destroyed our nation. The circumstances of my birth were orchestrated to preemptively compromise my father’s prospects for the U.S. presidency. Knowing his personality, they drew him into circumstances they knew would lead to my conception in April 1951 just months after the Mossad International Directorate became operational.

My life proves the depths to which those I profiled will go to target families with power. My father identified “them” in a 1964 speech at Harvard University during his second of four terms as Governor of New York. He described them generically as sharing a “tireless genius for crisis.” My experience proves their genius for well-timed crisis. Part of that shared genius includes making it appear that those targeted “did it to themselves” when, in fact, circumstances are pre-staged to frame the choices that their targets make. Emotionally-wrenching provocations are routinely deployed to displace critical thinking.

It appears that U.S. leaders chose to wage an unnecessary, unwinnable and fiscally ruinous war in Iraq on track to cost $6 trillion, including an estimated $4 trillion in interest paid through 2053. In truth, we were provoked and our leaders inducedwith false intelligence to borrow funds to wage a regime change war long sought by Israel. In classic game-theory warfare fashion, that U.S.-led invasion set in motion regional dynamics that ensured an anti-Iran alliance between Israel and the royal families of resource-rich Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Both the Saudis and the Emirates then choseto wage an ill-advised war in Yemen against Iran-backed forces, again consistent wtith Israeli goals.

That unwinnable war advanced Israeli interests while creating what the U.N. describes as the world’s worst humanitatian crisis with no sign of a face-saving exit for either the Saudis or the UAE.  Induced to provide weapons and munitions for use by MbS, the U.S. appears guilty by association. The Khashoggi murder reinforced that perception and focused international attention on a conflict that, thus far, has led to the death by hunger of a reported 85,000 Yemini children..


In each case, those induced to wage wars were discredited, demonized and weakened by their decision. Is it possible that each of these ill-advised decisions traces to a common source? Could a small group of like-minded Jewish elites and extremists wield such influence—across generations? If so, how?

My life experience proves the nonlinear howof this long-running fraud on humanity. Consider: What’s the probability that a brash young Muslim prince would ally with a Jewish White House princeling and devotee of a messianic sect of ultra-orthodox Chabad Lubavitich Jews that trace their origins to Lithuania of the mid-1770s? Is this just “coincidence” or is this an example of “congruence” traceable to forces and influences that were long ago put into motion?

What’s the probability that two inexperienced princelings—a 33-year old Saudi royal and a 37-year old Zionist extremist (Jared Kushner)—would become personal friends and political allies? Kindred spirits in reshaping the status quo, what’s the probability that these two upstarts could draw on political support from a former reality show host who made a personal fortune in sectors they dominate: casinos, pop culture (The Apprentice) and commercial real estate in midtown Manhattan? Add to that the improbable scenario of a U.S. president whose slim Electoral College victory traces to Facebook-enabled psychographic profiling by a Kushner-retained U.K. firm, Cambridge Analytica. See: The Last President for Greater Israel

As Trump concedes, his “election” came as a surprise. He did not expect to become president. The facts suggest that Israeli intelligence services, Israeli game-theory war planners and the Israel lobby ensured that Kushner stepped into his senior adviser role. Eric Trump concedes a Russian connection involving Russian-Jewish oligarchs who financially rescued his father from a series of failed deals. That’s also when (2009) Kushner married into the Trump family. Another key “tell”: both the Hasidic son-in-law and the Islamic prince enjoy the support of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Bibi” was a friend of Kushner’s father. Jared moved into the basement of their New Jersey home so that Bibi could sleep in Jared’s bed when he was a child. Bibi attended Trump’s January 2005 wedding to Melania.

Again, consider the probability that, on the relocation of Condoleeza Rice’s family to Denver when she was age 15, her father moved in next door to the father of Benjamin Netanyahu. Ms. Rice was mentored by Czech-Jewish defector Josef Korbel whose daughter, Marie Jana, emerged in 1996 as Bill Clinton’s second-term Secretary of State. The Korbels, both father and daughter, mentored Condi Rice such that she emerged in the fall of 2000 as National Security Adviser to President George W. Bush as he was being induced to order an invasion of Iraq in pursuit of a regime change strategy long sought by Israel.

Who induced Secretary of State Colin Powell to offer false testimony to the U.N. Security Council about Iraqi WMD? I wrote to him that same day to explain who deceived him, how and why. Born in Harlem and raised in Brooklyn, Powell’s mother served as a Shabbos Goy working for ultraorthodox Jews on their Sabbath. The Powell family reportedly maintained a Mezuzah on their entryway, pre-disposing him to trust those who likely provided him the false intelligence on which he was induced to rely.

Pre-Framed Choices

How far ahead of time do those described frame decisions to make it appear that choices are freely made? In July 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the Jewish Museum in Moscow, overseen by a Chabad Lubavitch rabbi, where he conceded that the first Soviet government was “up to 80-85 percent Jewish.” Did Russians chooseto embrace the foreseeable human and economic disaster of a Marxist-inspired system of governance? Or were they induced? Did this history evolve naturally or was it orchestrated?

When the oppressive Marxist-inspired model was replaced in the mid-90s by “our” Washington consensus, did Russians choose a successor paradigm certain to create a small cadre of (predominantly Jewish) oligarchs while impoverishing most Russians? Or were events pre-staged and their choices framed to ensure that probabilistic outcome? With the typical Russian’s life narrative ripped out from under them, an estimated 12.5 million Russian men “disappeared” in the post-reform era due to suicide, alcoholism, a failing healthcare system and self-destructive behavior. Did Russians choosethat probabilistic outcome?

Did Americans choose to go to war in Iraq? Or were we deceivedwith false intelligence fixed around the long-game goals of Israeli extremists? Had we been advising the Saudis, we would have identified those whose pro-Israel bias influenced Jamal Khashoggi’s Washington Post commentaries favoring the Arab Spring, a movement that was largely a creation of the same (predominantly Jewish) neoconservatives who induced us to invade Iraq. The catalytic role played in Cairo in 2011 by a Google executive is clear as is the 2014 regime change role played in Ukraine by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, wife of (Jewish) neocon Robert Kagan co-founder in 1997 with (Jewish) editor William Kristol of the regime change-touting Project for a New American Century endorsed by those who staffed the presidency of asset George W. Bush: Vice-President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz.

The U.S. catalyst for regime change “color revolutions” was overseen by Carl Gershman, founding president in 1983 of the U.S. taxpayer-funded National Endowment for Democracy. Its party-affiliated offshoots include the Madeleine Albright-chaired National Democratic Institute and the International Republican Institute chaired by classic asset John McCain who famously joined Senator Joe Lieberman, a self-described Zionist, in selling Americans the false intelligence that led to Israel’s regime change war in Iraq. Following her nomination by Bill Clinton as Secretary of State, Albright famously reported an “epiphany” when news accounts reported that she was Jewish.

When Jamal Khashoggi, one of the region’s best known journalists, began to organize DAWN (Democracy in the Arab World Now), he signed onto a neocon agenda. In 2000, Albright named the U.S. Department of State building after Harry Truman, the president best known abroad for overruling his Secretary of State in 1948 to recognize as a legitimate state an enclave of Jewish elites and extremists.

Though pre-9/11, Mr. Khashoggi sought to persuade Osama bin Laden to renounce violence, he was also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood that abandoned its advocacy of violence in favor of elections to affect change. Muslim monarchies view the Brotherhood’s political Islam as a terrorist threat. Though he opposed the Algerian military when they negated the 1992 election of an Islamic government, he supported those who sought with that election to transform Algeria into a Sharia-compliant state.

Those I profiled while being stalked my entire life specialize in framing decision-making to benefit them—regardless of the impact on anyone else. Arrogance and self-absorption are easily profiled personality traits often shared by those they help place in positions of power where they perform as reliable and pliable assets. Narcissist Trump offers a classic example as he acts out his (easily profiled) unfulfilled needs while advancing an agenda sought by the Israeli Right and advocated by his Hasidic extremist son-in-law.

Deception & Self-Deceit

When in June 2017, MbS ascended to the title of Crown Prince at age 31, he was one of only a few Saudi princes never to study (or much travel) abroad. Though insulated, coddled and inexperienced in geopolitics and the dynamics of power, he gained portfolios in defense, national security, the economy and foreign affairs. When King Salman removed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, 57, from the line of succession, MbS orchestrated his ouster from control of the Interior Ministry and confined his older cousin to his home in Jidda. That powerful post is now filled by a 33-year old prince, the youngest-ever to hold that position though the Ministry was stripped of intelligence and counterterrorism by a newly established Presidency of State Security overseen by MbS. The changes were implemented soon after a Trump/Kushner visit to Riyadh in May following a March 2017 MbS White House dinner with Trump and Kushner.

Three months after MbS gained unparalleled power in June 2017, Jamal Khashoggi departed Saudi Arabia to live in self-imposed exile as a U.S. resident in Virginia where he became an occasional columnist for The Washington Post. Had he been a fully objective reporter, he would have warned his two million Twitter followers when Amazon founder and Post owner Jeff Bezos announced the relocation to Israel of his market-dominant cloud services even as the Pentagon awarded Amazon a contract for maintaining records. Had he been attuned to the strategic threats facing his adopted land of residence, he would have warned that Bezos is recruiting from Israel’s Unit 8200 with its more than 5,000 cyberwarriors.

Similarly, had the young crown prince been well advised on risk management, he and other oil-state royals would have realized that former Israeli Defense Forces colonel Jason Barzilay was active in serially stalking me commencing in 1982 when I was 30 years old. Barzilay bragged about misusing U.S. foreign assistance to found Packard Bell whose profits were used tofund a lobbying effort that led in 1999 to enactment of California Insurance Code Section 790.15 providing that no insurance company could operate in the world’s fifth largest economy until they resolved their WWII holocaust claims, netting $8 billion.

He also described how he changed Israeli law to enable IDF and Mossad operatives to take stock options in Israel’s high-tech sector for which they routinely stole technologies that led to the creation of Unit 8200. Their targets were the U.S. and other trusting allies whose intellectual property they plundered, often selling it to China. That’s how Israel became a world leader in information technology and cybersecurity and why it now poses such a global threat due to its knowledge of how to bypass the IT security systems it sells to trusting buyers worldwide—all the while touting Israel’s “special relationship” with the U.S.

To grasp the scope and scale of Israeli duplicity, one must realize that the reason Microsoft’s NT software was so bug-prone is because it was written in Israel. Similarly, it was Israelis who stole early versions of the PROMIS software and sold it to banks, including numerous Russian banks, with a “back door” that enabled hedge fund operators (such as George Soros) access to confidential information from which they could profit by shorting under-siege currencies and exploiting other financial vulnerabilities.

Similarly, it was Facebook’s acquisition in 2013 of Onavo, an Israeli analytics firm, that enabled CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg to identify data about which apps people use the most. Marketed by Onavo to users as a way to keep their internet browsers private, the acquisition enabled Facebook to identify and eliminate (or acquire) potential competitors. Thus the fate of Facebook-owned WhatsApp whose previously secure service was compromised by an Israeli firm. Similarly, software produced by the Israeli firm NSO Group and its Luxembourg-based affiliate, Q Cyber Technologies, was deployed on the order of MbS. Those targeted by Pegasus, the Israeli’s sophisticated phone-hacking system, included Canadian-based Omar Abdulaziz who was working with Khashoggi to form an online community of engaged Saudi youth to support electronic dissent. Their goals included using social media to debunk Saudi state propaganda and document human rights abuses.

When describing MbS as a “beast” who “loves force, oppression and needs to show them off,” Khashoggi trusted a secure telecom service compromised by the Israelis in an intelligence alliance with the Saudi Crown Prince. The pair also provided SIM cards to dissidents in Saudi Arabia so they could Tweet without being traced. When Khashoggi provided $5,000 to Abdulaziz and pledged an initial $30,000 for their online project, that proved too much. When MbS agents invited Abdulaziz to meet in Montreal, they insisted that the Crown Prince wanted to offer him a job. He was skeptical. Khashoggi advised him to meet with them only in a public place, advice that Khashoggi failed to follow that may have cost him his life.

Pegasus not only enables the monitoring of communications from a phone—all calls, texts and emails—it can also hijack a mobile phone’s microphone and camera to turn it into a surveillance device without the user’s knowledge. Unaware at the time that the Saudis were spying on their communications using Israeli-provided cyber spyware, on December 2, Abdulaziz filed a lawsuit in Tel Aviv against the Israeli firm, claiming that it “contributed in a significant manner to the decision to murder…Khashoggi.”

The Dynamics of Power

Twelve days after his murder in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, the Saudi narrative portrayed his death as the result of a “discussion” that went wrong. A previous claim insisted he left the consulate. That account was withdrawn when footage of a “body double” exiting the consulate wearing Khashoggi’s clothes went viral online. Early reports suggest that his fingers were cut off before he was choked and killed. A Turkish transcript of the audio recording captures him repeatedly pleading, “I can’t breathe.” His pleas were followed by screams as his body is dismembered by Dr. Salah Muhammad al-Tubaiqi, the head of forensic medicine at Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry.

The transcript notes the sounds of Khashoggi’s body being dismembered by a bone saw, possibly while he was still alive. Tubaiqi is heard advising others in the room, “Put your earphones in, or listen to music like me.” According to the transcript provided by Turkish intelligence, during this grisly scene, three calls were made by Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, a former Saudi diplomat and intelligence official working for MbS, and known to Khashoggi from their time together at the Saudi Embassy in London. Upon Khashoggi’s arrival at the consulate, Mutreb told him, “You are coming back.” “You can’t do that,” Khashoggi replies. “People are waiting outside.” The choking began immediately. Mutreb’s calls are updating someone, whom Turkish officials say was in Riyadh, with details of what is taking place. The transcript identifies Mutreb as reporting, “Tell yours, the thing is done, it’s done.” The word “yours” is believed to refer to a superior in Riyadh.

The circumstances of this murder discredited MbS and plunged Saudi Arabia into a diplomatic crisis that also affects the Emirates whose leaders followed him into a war in Yemen and joined his embargo of Qatar—both to the benefit of Israel and its long-game goals for the region. Despite his iron grip on the levers of power in the Kingdom, the consistent behavior of MbS suggests that he fails to grasp the dynamics of power and neglects to assess the knock-on consequences of strategies he pursues, oftimes impetuously.

When confronted with the prospect of sanctions for his role in this murder, his Foreign Ministry fired back with a 30-point statement threatening to impose economic pain on the global economy, particularly its ally, the U.S.: If Saudi Arabia “receives any action, it will respond with greater action.” Citing the kingdom’s “influential and vital role in the global economy,” he threatened to disrupt economies worldwide by, among other things, raising the price of oil, noting “…if Washington imposes sanctions on Riyadh, it will stab its own economy to death, even though it thinks it is stabbing only Riyadh.”

In a telling comment confirming the crisis-susceptible fragility of the global financial system, he proposed to price oil in the Chinese yuan, weakening the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency. That decision would also endanger a 1974 agreement that recycles petrodollars into U.S. treasuries, a financial touchstone underlying the stability of not only the U.S.-Saudi relationship but also a U.S. economy kept afloat with $21.5 trillion in securitized debt. The U.S. deficit reached a record $779 billion in the fiscal year that ended September 30 enroute to a projected $1 trillion per year by the presidential election of 2020.

By broadcasting Saudi Arabia’s geostrategic threat, MbS made at least ten major mistakes.

(1) He exposed his willingness to deceive an international community seeking to grasp the details of the murder of a high-profile journalist that involved dispatching 15 Saudi agents to Istanbul, including an autopsy expert who reportedly brought a bone saw to help dismember and dispose of Mr. Khashoggis’s corpse. The truth remains unclear as does the whereabouts of his corpse.

(2) He exposed a lack of appreciation for the fragility of a Saudi monarchy supported and armed by the U.S. despite the fact that Riyadh continues to finance madrasas teaching the Islamic fundamentalist, U.S.-hating tenets of Wahhabi and Salafist extremism that pose a threat to U.S. national security.

(3) His behavior financially weakened the Kingdom. The indefinite suspension of his proposed $100 billion public offering of Aramco undermined business confidence. His imprisonment, reported torture and financial shakedown of Saudi businessmen further damaged confidence, catalyzed an outflow of domestic funds and forced a reappraisal by foreign investors. The murder triggered a drop in the Saudi stock market and subjected participants in October’s Future Investment Initiative (“Davos in the Desert”) to an unwelcome crisis management decision that includes possible future exposure to personal liability under the Magnitsky Act authorizing U.S. sanctions against human rights offenders along with the reputational risk attached to being associated with MbS.

(4) He provided an incentive for U.S. sources to release the redacted “28 pages” in the official report of the 9/11 attack. Those pages describe a role played by Saudis in financing attacks on U.S. soil as a provocation designed to induce us to pursue an Israeli-sought regime change in Iraq that (a) destabilized the entire region, (b) catalyzed a global crisis, and (c) gained Israel a strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

(5) He made it clear that Saudi Arabia has long contemplated strategic measures that harm U.S. interests and disrupt the stability of the international economic order.

(6) By revealing a long-planned 30-point strategy, he may force the hand of those who see his departure from a position of unchecked power as essential to protect their interests and sustain that order.

(7) He demonstrated that, as de facto leader of the Kingdom, he is too busy enjoying the perks of unlimited power to do the time-critical job he described as “restoring Islam to its origins” by reforming the fundamentalist Islamic education to which the Saudis continue to subject impressionable youth.

(8) If, as the facts suggest, MbS was complicit in murder, he disgraced Saudi Arabia as custodian of the two holy mosques of Mecca and Medina and sullied the preeminent pilgrimage site for the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims.

(9) He revealed that he can be induced to advance the geostrategic interests of those adept at manipulating his (easily profiled) inexperience and intemperance to catalyze geopolitical dynamics that could lead to the region-wide regime change sought by Israel while also advancing Tel Aviv’s alliance with the autocrats in Beijing. [More on that below and in The China Connection.]

(10) He confirmed that he has the temperament of a classic asset who can be provoked and manipulated to make rash decisions that undermine the interests of the region’s royal families and their Western allies while serving the interests of Israel and China by behaving consistent with a personality profile relied on by Israeli specialists in game theory warfare. See: How Israel Wages Game Theory Warfare

MbS has no clear path to recover from this taint; he’s already being caricatured abroad as Mr. Bone Saw. As a U.S. ally, this conduct put at stake American credibility as a democracy committed to human rights and the rule of law. By making us appear guilty by association, this murder squanders U.S. soft power already at a post-WWII low due in substantial part to our unconditional support for Israel regardless of its behavior. Should the reign of MbS survive this crisis, that result will be largely because Jared Kushner lobbied his father-in-law to stand by him.  [More on that below.] Should Kushner succeed, that outcome will only further deepen the nonlinear influence over MbS that Zionists already wield, apparently without his knowledge. As with other assets, he is acting out his (easily profiled) unfulfilled needs.

On October 15, after 13 days of diplomatic discussions, Riyadh launched a trial narrative claiming that Khashoggi died in an unauthorized interrogation that went wrong. That claim was aired despite the fact that two planeloads of Saudi agents, including a specialist in forensic autopsies, flew into Istanbul the day before he was scheduled to appear at the consulate to pick up papers required for his marriage the next day to a Turkish woman who awaited his return outside the consulate. The Saudi agents flew out the same day.

On October 19, the narrative became an accidental death due to a “fist fight” in which Mr. Khashoggi (59) was inadvertently killed by one of the 15 people dispatched from Riyadh to engage him in “discussion” at the consulate. The facts suggest that MbS ordered or led others to believe that he condoned the murder of a critic. In Khashoggi’s last column filed by his assistant the day after he disappeared, he spoke directly to the issue of how narratives are deployed such that “a large majority of the population falls victim.” Thus the series of false narratives released over several weeks.

Combine the well-known impulsivity of MbS with advice offered by sycophants who accompanied his rapid rise to power and his behavior becomes even more easily profiled and largely predictable—within an acceptable range of probabilities. That alone, of course, does not prove direct complicity. After reviewing the evidence, including a Turkish audio recording of the murder and a reported 11 phone calls evidencing the hands-on role played by MbS, the CIA concurred with what the facts suggest—i.e., “medium-to-high” confidence that Prince Mohammed “personally targeted” the journalist and “probably ordered his death.”

Probabilistic Outcomes

Was Israeli influence at work behind the diplomatic crisis in which Saudi Arabia finds itself embroiled? My life experience suggests a resounding Yes! Known personality traits enable those I profiled to create “probabilistic” outcomes based on decisions framed—often over decades—to achieve goals sought by those who seek control over the natural resource wealth of the region. That’s how trans-generational (Jewish) organized crime operates in plain sight with premeditated duplicity by those who share a mindset of Choseness.

To advance the regime change outcome they seek for the region, it’s not necessary that MbS ordered the murder, only that he can be perceived (framed) as complicit so that Arabs (generally) can be portrayed as murderous, reinforcing their “Clash of Civilizations” narrative as a successor to the Cold War narrative. See this analysis from November 2017: Why The Leadership Crisis in Saudi Arabia? Cui bono?Below are several examples of what my life experience proves about the common source of this ongoing deception.

When I met with Saddam Hussein’s inner circle in Baghdad in 1997, I could see the Israeli influence around him. I told colleague Munther Ghazal and Saddam’s top advisor, Dr. Salah Al-Hadithi, that he was being set up to take himself out. At the time, they did not know whether to believe me. We returned to the U.S. in February with evidence of no WMD, an offer from senior sheikhs to remove Saddam without a war(to which he reportedly agreed) and an offer to grant U.S. firms the lion’s share of the contracts for reconstruction and oil. Rather than being engaged in good faith, both of us were stalked in the U.S. under cover of law by agents within both the FBI and the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency). See The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented from The Hidden Tax on Humanity.

Dr. Al-Hadithi, a U.S. educated Ph.D. then serving as senior counselor to Saddam Hussein, agreed with my assessment that the Israelis were behind the Emir of Kuwait’s war-catalyzing demand for the “repayment” of oil proceeds that Kuwait transferred to Iraq after, by agreement, Kuwait sold slant-drilled oil drawn from Iraqi reserves. Dr. Al-Hadithi confirmed that Saddam knew the Israelis had deceived him when he agreed to Kuwait’s sale of Iraqi oil, bypassing OPEC quotas to fund Iraq’s war against Iran. Saddam also suspected that Tel Aviv was behind the Emir’s demand for “repayment,” triggering Iraq’s invasion and, in response, the U.S.-backed Gulf War (Desert Storm). Then, as now, the common denominator throughout is Israeli lies and deception.

Similarly, when I was invited to Indonesia in March 2001 to confer with intelligence chief Lt. General Arie Kumaat, he shared with me intelligence suggesting Israeli pre-staging of what became 9/11, including pre-staging for the essential narrative of Islamic terrorism. Arie was murdered (poisoned) in January 2002 when he arranged for me to brief leaders of Islamic nations on the false Iraqi WMD intelligence that framed the U.S. decision to invade Iraq—for Israel. See: The Indonesia Connection.

Serial Abuse of a Special Relationship

A similar insider dynamic ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafiwho hired the Mossad to advise him on security. In effect, he hired those who set him up to take himself out. In terms of the math that underlies game theory warfare, the September 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi became “probabilistic” when the Mossad staged Operaton Trojan in February 1986 to market the narrative of Gaddafithe Islamic terrorist. By April 1986, Operation Trojan.induced U.S., French and German leaders to order the bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi. How? Working through those who produced the Reagan presidency and put pro-Israel operatives close to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. A Mossad psyop launched in February 1986 led to the removal and murder of Gaddafi 25 years later on October 20, 2011, throwing that oil-rich nation into crisis. See Game Theory and the Mass Murder of 9/11

Similarly, naïve U.S. policymakers were induced by our “special relationship” with Israel to out-source to Mossad our intelligence-gathering in Iran. When George H.W. Bush became Director of Central Intelligence, he realized that Zionists had long been playing us for the fools we continue to be due to our tolerance of their influential lobby that remains unregisterd as foreign agents. When Bush confirmed that the Israelis were working against our interests, he fired them. His response on discovering their deception and betrayal ensured that their lobby led the opposition to preclude a second-term Bush presidency. The result helped put into office asset Bill Clinton and Hillary, his pro-Israel spouse. Though it was Bush’s tax increase that put the nation on track to fiscal balance, Clinton claimed credit for it.

With the Kushner-advised Donald Trump in the White House, it appears we were induced to make the same mistake by contracting out to Riyadh U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Lauded as a “genius” by his father-in-law, this Chabad Lubavitch devotee is relying on MbS to provide the “missing piece” in what remains a perpetually deferred strategy to resolve the Israeli occupation of Palestine. While the plan is known to Kushner and (likely) to Chabad devotees Jason Greenblatt and David Friedman, rest assured it includes a promise of financial support from MbS.Trump’s inner circle of trusted advisers includes Greenblatt, his international negotiator, and Friedman, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel and a multi-decade supporter of settlements built by Jewish extremists in the occupied territories. Greenblatt served as chief legal officer in the Trump Organization and Friedman as Trump’s top bankruptcy lawyer.

As a reminder of what’s at stake should Trump fail to provide cover for this murder, MbS ensured that a $100 million pledge of funds to stabilize areas of Syria was deposited in U.S. accounts on October 16 just as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in Riyadh to discuss Khashoggi’s fate. Thus too Kushner’s incentive to ensure that his father-in-law grants the prince a geopolitical “pass” that insulates him from global censure and the Kingdom from isolation. Absent Saudi financial support, any proposal by Kushner, including his Middle East “deal of the century” (Trump’s description), is destined to be dead on arrival. Thus, according to U.S. officials briefed by the Saudis, Kushner offered MbS advice on how to “weather the storm” of protest swirling around the murder of a U.S. national, urging him to resolve his conflicts around the region and avoid further embarrassing incidents.

Kushner denied reports that, in a series of secretive meetings with MbS in October 2017, he provided information identifying Saudis overheard by intelligence sources criticizing MbS. Days after the May 2017 departure of Trump and Kushner from Riyadh, MbS detained in a Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh about 200 of his rivals, including numerous wealthy cousins and stalwarts of commerce. MbS later boasted on 60 Minutes that, with signed settlements, he extracted from those detained $100 billion in assets. After each power play (e.g., putting his older cousin under house arrest), MbS was publicly praised by Trump, apparently at the urging of Kushner who now rivals Netanyahu as the world’s most famous Jew.

Nudging the Narrative

Reassured by Trump claims of “fake news” that emboldened autocrats worldwide, those advising MbS may have believed that, similar to the Israelis advising us on Iran, they too could play the U.S. for fools. News reports confirm that MbS bragged to his UAE counterpart that he had Kushner “in my pocket.” On October 21, the narrative from Riyadh claimed, “Individuals responsible for Khashoggi’s death were out of scope of their authority”, deflecting attention from MbS. In truth, we may never know if we’re again being played for fools. MbS may have been played for the fool as his choices were framed in a way that the Khashoggi killing discredited, demonized and tainted the Saudi royal family, Islam, the Kingdom and those who support it—especially the U.S. Who benefits from this crisis? From this taint? Whose long-game for the region was advanced?

In an interim attempt to shift the narrative from a reported October 2 “disappearance” of Mr. Khashoggi, MbS was advised to release on October 9 a list of prominent advisers to NEOM, his proposed $500 billion mega-city, a vanity project to be constructed in the far north-west of Saudi Arabia that was put on hold following the Khashoggi murder. With his proposed $100 billion initial public offering of Aramco on hold and his credibility in free fall, the timing of that announcement signaled desperation as the global community struggled with how to regard this headstrong young prince.

Turkey rejected the “rogue agent” story. On October 22, Trump endorsed it. All three parties are poised to move on though not without handing extremists a propaganda victory. The Khashoggi murder will be used to support accusations of U.S. complicity with Saudi royals regardless of their violations of human rights, making the U.S. appear…guilty by association. The U.S. response could also provide China’s autocrats another reason to discredit U.S. democracy and justify Beijing’s rejection of reforms.

The Perils of Choseness

Based on the way that MbS was allowed to exploit the privileges to which he views himself entitled as a royal, he shares many of the personal traits of those who view themselves as Chosen. As former Israeli Gilad Atzmon points out, at the core of this self-deceit lies not Jewishness but Choseness.That narcissism is rife within a Trump inner circle that includes a remarkable number of trusted advisers who are also members of the messianic Chabad Lubavitch sect, including Trump daughter, Ivanka, who converted to Judaism on her marriage in 2009 to Kushner (“Yael” is her Lubavitcher name).

MbS views his royal role not as a mere reformer but in messianic terms as a man of history destined to make the Kingdom a world leader with him at its helm for decades to come. In one of his many displays of hubris, he spoke of China’s authoritarian leadership as a model for Saudi governance. The lengths to which he’s gone to quash dissent mirror behavior not only in Beijing but also Tel Aviv. While Israel insists that the Jewish state is a democracy, its expansive lobby intimidates critics and stifles dissent worldwide as the Israeli Right transforms the failed Zionist experiment into a brutally enforced system of governance that combines a 70-year military occupation with apartheid rule.

Another key “tell” is the Israeli-like cadre of Twitter trolls that MbS ordered to manipulate social media as a means to silence or drown out critical voices while broadcasting the official Saudi version of reality. The MbS social media manipulation strategy mimics the Zionist strategy adopted during Operation Cast Lead. Israeli war-planners began that deadly incursion into Gaza two days after Christmas 2008 and stopped it two days before the Obama inaugural. Why then? That’s well-known political “down time” in the U.S. as one administration succeeds another. When that well-timed Israeli crisis killed 1,400 Palestinians, it also catalyzed anti-U.S. terrorism. Comments from disillusioned Israeli solidiers confirm they were encouraged to use Palestinian children as target practice, killing some 400 Palestinian youth age 18 or younger.

To suppress online criticism, Tel Aviv deployed a reported 1,500 cyber-specialists to purge the internet of critical comments and frame critics as anti-Semites—regardless of the facts. With the well-known success of on-campus protests during the Vietnam War, Israeli psyop strategists prioritized the intimidation and silencing of academics, particularly on high-profile campuses. Here’s two of the few remaining online analyses: The ADL Thought Police and ADL Hate Crimes. See also Anti-Zionists—The New Heretics. Outraged at the tactics of the Israeli Right, professors targeted with such psyops published We Will Not Be Silenced: The Academic Repression of Israel’s Critics. Edited by University of California Santa Barbara Professor William Robinson, a secular Jew with two children, Prof. Robinson asked colleague Jeff Gates while this operation was ongoing, “Are they going to kill me?” Another “tell” — that Israeli operation was overseen by Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Simon Wisenthal Center in Los Angeles who officiated at the Trump inaugural. See also, The Weaponization of Anti-Semitism

MbS critics targeted by Saudi online trolls—using Israeli-provided cyber tools—dismissed them as an “army of flies” while they organized a rival volunteer army of critics called the “electronic bees.” Eleven days prior to Khashoggi’s disappearance in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, he wrote on Twitter. “the bees are coming”. That may have sealed his fate at a time when an all-powerful prince was transforming the Kingdom from a state based on royal patronage to a unchallengeable monarchy similar to a police state, complete with a cult of personality featuring him at its center. By personalizing power, he quickly came to personify Saudi Arabia with his photo prominently featured in public venues. Such states are inherently unstable and infamously vulnerable to abuse of its citizens by a self-absorbed leader wielding unlimited power.

The royal mindset of Choseness that MbS shares with Israeli extremists includes the self-absorption on display with his impulse purchase in July 2015 of Serene, a $458 million, 439-foot yacht. To ensure next-day possession, he overpaid its Russian-oligarch owner by at least $150 million. Likewise his 2015 purchase of a $300 million French chateau (Le Rouvery), a 620-acre estate an hour outside Paris for conversion to a hunting estate, and a $450 million painting by Leonardo da Vinci. His construction of a vast seaside villa in Morocco remains ongoing along with other less public displays of wealth derived from his status as the designated royal successor to his father, the King.

The Saudi-Israel Alliance

Prone to lecturing American leaders on U.S. foreign policy, March 2015 saw MbS begin his war in Yemen after consulting with pro-Israelis in the Obama Administration. His brash decision quickly became Saudi Arabia’s Vietnam with no graceful exit either for Riyadh or the Emirates whose leadership was persuaded to join a proxy war against Iran—supportive of Israeli goals. With decision-making framed to make choices that discredited themselves, the royal families moved closer to the region-wide regime change long sought by Tel Aviv. In classic Israeli fashion, MbS “did it to himself.”

Just as the U.S. was portrayed as complicit when induced to arm Israelis to kill Palestinians, the war in Yemen discredited and demonized Americans as U.S.-provided arms and munitions were used to kill an estimated 16,000. Another eight million Yemenis are in danger of starvation with as many as 14 million Yemeni subjected to the most lethal famine the world has faced in 100 years. More than one million have contracted cholera, the worst such epidemic in modern history. In his pursuit of an anti-Iran policy supportive of Israeli interests, MbS implicated the U.S. as an accomplice in likely war crimes that risk becoming a genocide. Cui bono?

Over the past three years, Saudi Arabia morphed from rule-by-consensus to one-man authoritarian rule overseen by a headstrong and inexperienced prince with little input from anyone other than royal court sycophants and Chabad Lubavitch devotee Jared Kushner, his messianic soulmate with a shared sense of Choseness. In return for U.S. support, the Saudi Crown Prince and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined forces in throwing their ego-stroking support behind classic asset Donald Trump.

The easily profiled MbS persona was again on display with his near-severance of diplomatic ties with Canada based on a tweet from Ottawa protesting the arrest of a Saudi advocate for women’s rights. He was emboldened by an earlier episode when he detained Saad Hariri, the U.S.-allied Prime Minister of Lebanon, until he announced his resignation on Saudi T.V., a stance he reversed when released. At the urging of Israel and those who produced the Trump presidency, MbS created a regional crisis with Qatar by imposing an embargo due to Qatari support for those opposing the steady expansion of Zionist influence in the region. U.S. interests appeared, at best, an afterthough even though Qatar is home to the principal U.S. military airbase in the region. Confirming his inexperience and naivete, Trump threw U.S. support behind the embargo while being royally feted in gold-plated rooms in Riyadh similar to his garish Manhattan residence in Trump Tower. See Protecting the U.S. From the True Extremists

Suffering no consequences for his brash behavior boosted the confidence of MbS such that, like The Chosen of the Jewish state, the Crown Prince sees himself as beyond reproach, immune to criticism and entitled to operate above the law as he pursues his global ambitions. By rejecting even the pretense of morality (as with the humanitarian crisis in Yemen), he undermined the primacy of Islam as the foundation of the Kingdom’s moral legitimacy, further strengthening the Zionist goal of regime change. In another “tell”, MbS and those who answer to him adopted the Israeli policy of “go anywhere and kill anyone considered a threat.” In the post-9/11 environment, that mindset became the “Bush Doctrine” when a Zionist Christian president was induced to follow Tel Aviv’s lead on dealing with perceived threats.

The Perils of Absolute Power

The ruthlessness and brutality of MbS in asserting power is well known, including his detention not only of four ministers, 11 princes and businessmen from whom he extracted billions, but also academics, journalists, bloggers, clerics, activists and the owners of Saudi TV networks. A critical tweet risks imprisonment. A blogger was sentenced to 1,000 lashes. Critics living abroad have been imprisoned when lured back home with assurances of financial support, jobs and personal favor with MbS. Though homesick, Mr. Khashoggi rejected offers to return to an MbS-ruled Saudi Arabia.

Displays of unchecked authority confirmed that no one is untouchable by a King-To-Be who wields unlimited control over vast natural resource wealth in a nation now firmly allied with Hasidic extremists of the Israeli Right who, in turn, produced the Trump presidency. See: The Last President for Greater Israel In another “tell” of the mindset he shares with Kushner, MbS—who cares little for the Palestinians and affirms the Israeli “right” to land—compared the Iranian leader to Adolph Hitler. Tel Aviv, in turn, enjoys unlimited support from the militarily dominant U.S. due to the power exercised by the Israel lobby. As Jamal Khashoggi described MbS: “He can do whatever he wants now. All the checks and balances are gone.” The sole remaining check is the U.S. government in which Israeli influence is virtually unchecked.

Meanwhile, disappearances, threats to relatives of those arrested, forced pledges of silence and secret trials have become routine alongside (as in Israel and the Trump-led U.S.), a fast-emerging hyper-nationalism. Mirroring the attitude of Chinese autocrats, any criticism of human rights abuses is dismissed as a domestic issue of no legitimate concern to outsiders. Bolstered by a U.S. president who describes his media critics as the “enemy of the people,” strongman rulers have strengthened their hand worldwide. In an October 14, 2018 interview on 60 Minutes, Trump gave his approval to autocratic rulers so long as their human rights violations are “not in our country”—quickly dubbed by critics as The Trump Doctrine.

When moral principles and political interests collide, policy options are limited due to mutual dependencies at the core of a relationship that dates from the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the post-WWI era. As future research will show, the geopolitical dynamics then at work trace to that same source.

Crisis-on-Cue Venue

The Saudi slaughter in Yemen was framed as a means to counter Iranian influence in the region, key to the long-term goals of the Israeli Right. Zionists used their lobby’s production of the Trump presidency to relocate the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, halt the peace process, expand Israeli settlements, cut aid to Palestinian refugees and disavow the Iran nuclear accord—with no mention of Israel’s nuclear arsenal. By deceiving the U.S. to invade Iraq against our long-term interests, those profiled ensured today’s Saudi-Israel alliance, a “probabilistic” outcome in terms of game theory warfare. See: The Last President for Greater Israel

After 70 years of indignities imposed by Zionists on the Palestinians, the entire Middle East has become for Israel a crisis-on-cue venue, awaiting only an easily ignited spark. On October 16, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman called for a military campaign that may yet trigger a Third Intifada and inspire additional terrorist attacks not only in the region but also within those nations—such as the U.S.—that provide Israel with financial and military support along with diplomatic cover. With ​Correspondence Theory​, Americans appear guilty by our association with Jewish extremists.

In classic agent provocateur fashion, on October 18, 2018, U.S. Ambassador David Friedman abolished the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem that has long served as a quasi-embassy to a future Palestinian state. Detested by Palestinians for his life-long support of Israeli settlers, Friedman downgraded that U.S. presence to a “Palestine Affairs Unit” that reports to him while he oversees the building of more settlements in the occupied territories. Meanwhile, he ensured that the U.S. eliminated all support to the U.N. program for support of Palestinian refugees while the U.S. continues to provide Israel with $3.8 billion per year in direct funds plus an assurance that U.S. taxpayers will provide whatever is required to ensure that Zionist extremists maintatin a “qualitative military edge” through access to our advanced military weaponry.

The Trump Effect

Jamal Khashoggi, both in his Washington Post columns and on Twitter, routinely criticized Israeli settlement building. When he criticized pro-Israel Donald Trump following his narrow November 2016 electoral college victory, he was banned from Saudi airwaves and his Twitter account shut down. During that same period, Kushner bypassed the U.S. State Department and U.S. intelligence agencies to deal directly with MbS in advancing Israeli goals for the region. With an asset of the ultraorthodox Israeli Right in the Oval Office, this Chabad Lubavitch devotee was clearly emboldened.

With the appearance of a legitimate presidential election, the free-lancing Kushner also sought a back channel to Moscow—reportedly to lobby Russian leaders to disavow the Iran nuclear accord—for Israel. It was also Trump’s Zionist son-in-law who proposed Saudi Arabia as his father-in-law’s first trip abroad. With enthusiastic support from the Israelis (who routinely lobby to host the first foreign visit by a newly elected president), that “lovefest in Riyadh” signaled Trump’s foreign policy priorities, including his support for the merger of Zionist goals and Saudi authoritarianism.

After citing MbS policy failures (the war in Yemen, the siege of Qatar, detaining the Lebanese Prime Minister, the suspended Aramco IPO, etc.), Jamal Khashoggi asked, “Is it the ‘Trump effect’ that made Prince Mohammad bin Salman feel empowered in this impulsive behavior in foreign policy? It is dangerous. It is dangerous for Saudi Arabia, for the region.” Claiming in a CBSN interview that, as president, Trump “encouraged some of this aggressive behavior,” he also challenged MbS domestic policies (such as his imprisonment of critics, princes, businessmen, etc.) and questioned whether this too could be the “Trump effect” that signals “authoritarian leaders can act with impunity knowing very well that Trump is not going to criticize them, is not going to…impose sanctions.”

Just as this crisis emerged, traceable to an out-of-control prince, an out-of-control U.S. president implied on October 14 that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is on the way out. A stabilizing force in a chaotic presidency overseen by an unstable Commander-in-Chief, his departure could contribute to an emerging cascade of crises should Trump “go rogue” to shift attention away from his volatile combination of narcissism, ignorance, inexperience, ineptitude and intemperance.

Trump signaled a clear intent to ignore the murder as he steadily raised the number of U.S. jobs he claimed would be created with the Saudi purchase of U.S. weapons—from an initial estimate of 40,000 jobs to “more than a million.” His exaggeration is a “tell”. He knows his 2016 election was illegitimate, a fact he hopes to obscure with the bluster, deceptions and misrepresentations for which he became notorious during his real estate career in New Jersey and New York. As people grasp the illegitimacy of his presidency, they will also realize who produced his presidency and, importantly, why.

By allowing ourselves—as a nation—to be deceived to wage an unnecessary and unwinnable war in Iraq, Americans also helped persuade 300 million-plus middle-class Chinese of the merits of authoritarian rule. They’ve seen how we allowed a systemic corruption that U.S. democracy continues to experience—traceable to our “special relationship” with the Jewish state and the all-pervasive influence wielded by its power-hungry lobby. See my June 5, 2017Memo to the Four Generals in the Trump Administrationreminding them that they swore a Constitutional oath to protect the authority of the Office of the President, notany particular occupant. And certainly not a president whose war-making authority as Commander-in-Chief derives from a psyop by and for foreign interests. See: Donald Trump: The Last President for Greater Israel

The Limits of Power

Post-9/11, Saudi Prince Turki Al Faisal, head of Saudi intelligence for 24 years, sought to limit the ability of wealthy Saudis to fund exploits like what Osama bin Laden did by deploying his family wealth to support what led to 9/11. As Interior Minister, Crown Prince Nayef continued that well-regarded counterterrorism program until his removal by his young cousin, MbS, who Jamal Khashoggi criticized for funding Salafists. MbS had just celebrated his 16th birthday when 9/11 happened. Seventeen years later, he consolidated absolute power in his personal authority, including intelligence and counterterrorism.

Mr. Khashoggi enjoyed a long-term relationship with Prince Turki as his media adviser in the post-9/11 era and earlier when he urged that Osama bin Laden renounce violence. His pre-9/11 interviews of bin Laden in Afghanistan enhanced Prince Turki’s confidence. In addition, he became Prince Turki’s advisor after he was fired from Al Watan due to pre-9/11 comments critical of Saudi religious police. In 2010, he advised Prince Alwaleed bin Talal as director of the Al-Arab News Channel in Bahrain. That effort was shut down after Khashoggi hosted a Bahraini opposition figure. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is one of those who lost the most when MbS seized assets. One of his likely transgressions that led to his imprisonment: in 2016, he described Trump as a “disgrace” to America.

Whoever ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi feared retribution neither from Prince Turki nor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal nor any member of the extended Saudi royal family. That stance neglects the first rule of power: you do not kill anyone close to power without others close to power perceiving you as a threat. MbS appears to be the only person inexperienced, impetuousness or arrogant enough to order or condone the murder of someone who was both a member of the prominent Khashoggi family and a close friend of two powerful princes.

Producing the Crisis Enablers

Due to what my life experience provesabout the common source of this ongoing nonlinearmanipulation (framing) of decision-making, those I profiled needed to ensure that my father and I never met. I am confident that the crisis we see emerging in one of the world’s largest oil-producing economies has at work behind it the influence of those he identified 54 years ago as sharing a “tireless genius for crisis.”.

I am also confident my father was murdered  in January 1979, eight months before I planned to contact him. See: Introduction to The Hidden Tax on Humanity Had we compared our life experiences, those he identified—and I subsequently profiled—could have been exposed at a time when they were producing the presidency of Ronald Reagan who, like Donald Trump, was a classic asset. After my father’s death, they could not kill me without the evidentiary trail leading directly to my Uncle David Rockefeller who allied with those profiled no later than the mid-1950s, per the Timeline.

Their production of the Trump presidency provides a bookend to the deficit-financed supply-side fraud of the Reagan-era, likewise perpetrated in the guise of “conservatism”. Then, as now, that rich-get-richer tax policy ensured a temporary economic stimulus while further concentrating wealth—creating a slow-motion crisis for democracy. That policy mix was also certain to further concentrate income—ensuring a systemic crisis for consumer markets as the economic foundation of functioning democracies. As my life experience proves, those emerging crises did not “just happen” but were pre-staged over decades. For an analysis of the foreseeable (and algorithmically model-able) impact of Reaganomics, see Chapter 6 from Guilt By Association titled, Money, Democracy and the Great Divide.

Soon after the death of my father, their stalking of me increased in frequency and intensity as chronicled in the Timeline. The circumstances of my 1952 birth preemptively compromised his political aspirations at a time when he was the only potential presidential candidate who could mount a credible nationwide campaign without needing their money. When anchored in a think tank, this work will prove how crises are routinely aided by their weaponization of sex. The American political scene is littered with examples:

  • Irgun terrorist Mathilde Krim struck up a well-timed affair with Lyndon Johnson that pre-staged her “servicing” our Commander-in-Chief in the White Housethe same June 1967 night that Israel launched its provocative land grab, a six-day operation that an Israeli general conceded had been planned since 1951. Tel Aviv framed that long-planned aggression as “defensive”.
  • When Monica Lewinsky made herself available to an easily profiled Bill Clinton, their sordid affair ensured an attention-diverting sex scandal and impeachment effort just when our Commander-in-Chief should have been paying attention to the pre-staging of what became the mass murder provocation of 9/11. Hillary Clinton was correct when she recently rejected the claim that Monica Lewinsky was the victim of an abuse of power. Lewinsky’s (easily profiled) unfulfilled needs were manipulated by those I profiled in order to corrupt power by targeting the (easily profiled) Clinton.
  • U.S. Army General David Petraeus devised the “surge” in Afghanistan (2011-2012). After his appointment in April 2011 as C.I.A. Director, he found himself embroiled in an extramarital affair that had been ongoing for years (they met in 2006). The affair was exposed in November 2012 after he testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee in March 2010 that Israel policy foments anti-American sentiments and endangers the lives of American soldiers.

Truman Was Warned

The Petraeus assessment mirrors advice that the Joint Chiefs offered Harry Truman in 1948 when they opposed his recognition of this Zionist enclave as a legitimate state. General George Marshall was likewise adamant in his opposition, assuring a Zionist Christian Commander-in-Chief that his own Secretary of State would vote against him in 1948 if Truman, from the Bible Belt of Missouri, was foolish enough to legitimize as a nation their operations on the eastern end of the Mediterranean. Truman, in turn, was a political product of the Pendergast machine of organized crime in Kansas City. What people don’t yet full grasp is how so few could leverage their small numbers to have such a devastating impact on humanity.

They knew the wealth and power that my family wielded. My politically astute father posed a threat. At its core, the transnational network of operatives I profiled compose a trans-generational criminal syndicate that required the appearanceof nation state legitimacy to operate on a global scale. Some people call them Zionists; we think of them simply as transnational organized crime. See: Was Israel Ever Legitimate?

During his April 2018 “charm offensive” in Silicon Valley, MbS focused his attention on its high-tech (Jewish) multi-billionaires, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerman and Sergei Brin, the Russian-Jewish co-founder of Google/Alphabet, the only IT firm more invasive than Facebook. Prior to the arrival of MbS, a glossy 100-page puff piece was distributed promoting the myth of the reformer prince. Titled The New Kingdom, it was published by (Jewish) media mogul David Pecker, Chairman and CEO of tabloid publisher American Media, Inc. Pecker is best known for acquiring rights to feature a story about Trump’s 10-month affair with Playboy centerfold model Karen McDougal. He then promptly killed the story to aid theproduction of their Trump presidency. Meanwhile, the image of MbS as a reformer cushioned foreign opposition to his domestic oppression. His referral to Zuckerberg as a “visionary” (vs. a psyop-enabler) suggests either a naivete about duplicity or an admiration of its success that he emulated in targeting Saudi dissidents.

A Saudi pivot to China, implicit in the MbS threat of retribution, further confirms operations that I uncovered in China in 2000 when I found Israeli agents and assets also at work inside theirgovernment. Israeli operatives have long stolen U.S. technology and intellectual property for transfer to China and use by the Peoples Liberation Army. Their ongoing thievery is one of the dirty little secrets about our “special friend” that no one dares mention due to the reach of the Israel lobby and its well-known power to intimidate and silence critics of Israeli behavior with the toxic charge of anti-Semitism—regardless of the facts. Critics of MbS described his Silicon Valley hosts as enablers of a medieval theocracy.

Meanwhile a transnational intimidation and silencing strategy is ongoing in the U.K. and the U.S. In London, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism seeks to discredit the traditionally anti-war Labour Party and its leadership—just as the Israel lobby presses for war with Iran. See: Email of March 31, 2018 to U.K. Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and U.K. Anti-Semite Campaigners The weaponization of anti-Semitism has reached a fevered pitch in the U.S. led by the Israel lobby and Anti-Defamation League efforts to criminalize criticism of Israeli policy by framing facts as hate speech liable to criminal prosecution similar to terrorism. See Weaponization of Anti-Semitism

Organized Crime Operating at Plain Sight

The China Connection (published on The Hidden Tax on Humanity website) describes how the same New York law firm complicit in stalking me in Beijing in 2000 was also active in opposing Attorney General Robert Kennedy when he sought to force the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) to register as foreign agents in 1962-63. RFK was aided in seeking their compliance with federal law by Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman J. William Fulbright. In June 1963, President John F. Kennedy sought to force Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to shut down Israel’s nuclear weapons program.

Had those two Kennedy-backed initiatives succeeded, we would live in a far different world. Opposition by the Kennedy brothers presented a variablein the algorithmic math underlying game theory warfare. The JFK/RFK variable had to be managed—and was. The ZOA then morphed into AIPAC—the influential and widely feared American Israel Public Affairs Committee. See At What Cost the Israel Lobby?

Note also in The Iran Connection that Robert Kuhr, a law partner of 1964 Vice-Presidential candidate Bill Miller, married into the maternal side of my family to play a hands-on role in the serial criminal stalking of my person. Those I profiled produced the political career of Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater and ensured his nomination in 1964 as the Republican presidential candidate to provide token opposition to Kennedy successor Lyndon Johnson. With Goldwater (born Goldwasser) certain to lose, LBJ’s landslide victory ensured that the long-compromised Texan would expand an unwinnable (yet highly profitable) war in Vietnam while Zionists launched in 1967 their provocative land grab (aka the Six-Day War). The Miller/Kuhr firm in Buffalo, New York represented the Jacobs family of (Jewish) organized crime known for their virtual monopoly supplying sports stadiums nationwide.

For my firsthand experience with organized crime in Arizona dating to 1973, see Introduction to The Hidden Tax on HumanityArizona Senator John McCain’s multi-decade role as a reliable and pliable asset is chronicled in three chapters of Guilt By Assocation—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (aka “the McCain book”). This compilation of research materials was quickly cobbled together and self-published in the Fall of 2008 when we realized in February 2008 that this political product of (Jewish) organized crime in Arizona was being produced as the Republican presidential nominee. See also my June 15, 2018  Memo to John McCain—Your Apology to the American People. The “election” of Donald Trump continues the phony narrative of free and informed elections versus a series of staged psyops by those who routinely preclude, compromise, produce and terminate U.S. presidencies.

Narrative Enablers

Not until 2011 was it openly conceded that Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan was a Mossad operative. In 1991, this Israeli agent produced the movie JFK directed by Oliver Stone. Soon thereafter, a poll found that 71% of Americans believed that their popular young president was murdered by their own government. That’s an example of how Zionists—who dominate Hollywood—displace facts with false beliefs by deploying narratives designed to undermine faith in democracy. In Milchan’s case, this sophisticated treason was framed as the amusing antics of a James Bond-like character. See The Israeli James Bond

That psyop film—a Hollywood blockbuster starring Kevin Costner as New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison—centered on a 1967 “show trial” that acquitted antique dealer Clay Shaw of conspiracy in the Kennedy assassination. What’s the probability that my step-uncle, Robert King Cunningham, the Rothschild agent whose brother married my mother in 1956, was also a close friend of Shaw who was cast as the “patsy” in their production of a phony conspiracy narrative? Those stalking me drew me to New Orleans in 1991 where scenes for JFK were being filmed. I was arrested on false charges by a corrupt New Orleans Parish policeman who assured me I would not get out of jail alive.

Shortly thereafter, my cousin Jay (Senator John D. Rockefeller IV) traveled to New Orleans. After he disappeared for a few hours, the phony charges against me disappeared. On August 7, 1991, he ended his campaign for the Democratic Party nomination for president, citing personal and family reasons that remain unexplained. By my tally, that’s two Rockefellers and two Kennedys whose presidential propects were “affected” by those I profiled while being stalked nonstop my entire life. That stalking remains ongoing. Despite what my life experience proves beyond any reasonable doubt is the common source of systemic criminality, I have yet to be engaged in good faith by law enforcement or national security.

For another example of how those stalking the son of Nelson Rockefeller advance narratives helpful to Israel’s long-game, see the multi-decade role played by “author” Jerome Corsi in The Poland ConnectionI outed him as a Mossad operative in 1995. Corsi was issued a subpoena on September 5, 2018 by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. See my September 7 Memo to Special Counsel Robert Mueller​ and FBI Director Christopher Wray documenting Corsi’s role as an Israeli psyop specialist. As his payoff for his role in stalking me, they transformed Corsi into a best-selling author of narrative-advancing books including Unfit for Command (they wanted to keep the dysfunctional “Dubya” in office another four years), Atomic IranWhy Israel Can’t WaitThe Obama Nation—Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality and his latest, Killing the Deep State—The Fight to Save the Trump Presidency. Should Mueller or Wray choose not to follow the facts presented—wherever they may lead—that would further confirm the influence of those identified.

Abe Rosenthal, managing editor of The New York Times, sought to protect the U.S. from Zionist extremists when, in October 1999, he exposed Tel Aviv’s collaboration with Beijing. Though a staunch supporter of Israel, he cautioned that their transfer of sensitive U.S. military technology to China could endanger U.S. interests and make Israel a political target of outraged Americans. Putting U.S. national security ahead of the Zionist enclave’s global agenda, he abruptly left the Times in a dispute with Max Frankel, his successor as executive editor. He also exposed Loral’s transfer of missile guidance systems to China and criticized asset Bill Clinton’s approval of the sale (Loral CEO Bernard Schwartz was his top fundraiser in 1996).

Tel Aviv backed down on selling our AWACS-like technology to China (known as thePhalcon advanced airborne early-warning system). However, I’m confident a good faith investigation will discover they later transferred that technology to Beijing in bits and pieces. Even if MbS pivots to China, surely he’s not so foolish to believe that President Xi Jinping will forget how he treated the U.S., the Kingdom’s long-time ally. Chinese and Russians leaders may pretend to befriend MbS but they will be looking for ways to replace him. Such are the real dynamics of power.

A Developing Narrative

When, immediately after Jamal Khashoggi’s “disappearance,” MbS reached out for help to Jared Kushner and National Security Adviser John Bolton, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stepped in to halt contact, at least temporarily. It’s important to realize that this was not just a crime, it was a blunder and a debacle with the potential to intensify an ongoing regional crisis that, with a single misstep, could quickly grow to global scale. With each induced geopolitical fracture, those profiled consolidate more influence.

The war-mongering Bolton draws his financial support from the same pro-Israel sources that pre-staged and produced the Trump presidency. This Saudi mis-step could disrupt the Kushner/Bolton plan to induce the U.S. to war with Iran—for Greater Israel. It could also put at risk Riyadh’s willingness to boost oil production to make up for the drop in Iranian production so that additional sanctions on Iran (dating to November 5, 2018) do not affect gas prices in the U.S. The “savagery” of this murder (as described by Turkish President Recep Erdogan), makes it difficult to portray Iran as the sole Evil Doer in a geopolitical narrative that my life experience suggests traces to the same source. See The Iran Connection In Tehran’s first official statement following this murder, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi referred to “Saudi state terrorism.”

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, King Salman dispatched to Turkey someone of his own generation to oversee the Khashoggi investigation—Prince Khalid, 78, a son of the late King Faisal and Governor of Mecca Province. While the reputational damage to MbS and Saudi Arabia is unknown, how MbS is regarded will say a lot about future U.S. relations in the region and whether Israel succeeds in advancing its regime change agenda for the oil-rich Arab nations. Any investigation should identify who failed to invoke a “duty to warn” when the National Security Agency reportedly overheard Saudi operatives discussing their intent to see Khashoggi, a U.S. resident and journalist, abuducted and renditioned to Saudi Arabia. The consistency of the fact patterns suggest that person is likely to have an undisclosed pro-Israel bias.

The Good News

The outcome of the Khashoggi investigation could set a useful precedent for the U.S. as a nation of law that must protect its citizens from those who, out of a sense of Choseness, routinely induce us to act against our national interests. It’s for good reason that treason is a capital offense due to the existential threat that such treachery poses to our shared values as a people. The oft-cited “existential threat” faced by the Zionist enclave is not Iran but the facts of my life experience able to prove the presence of a sophisticated enemy operating for decades inside the U.S. under the cover of a “special relationship”. For example, see: How Israel Wages War on the U.S.—By Way of Deception. See also the role of “the people in between” in Dialogue and the Exploitation of Thought​ (published in Riyadh in February 2010).

It was for good reason that the Founders (aka the Framers) set a low threshold of proof to convict and execute those who conspire in treason, requiring only that they “adhere” to an enemy or offer “aid and comfort”. My experience confirms that evidentiary standard should long ago have been applied to those supportive of the Zionist enclave as a legitimate state, aided by its influential lobby. The Israel lobby, composed of more than 600 known affinity organizations in the U.S. alone, remains unregistered as foreign agents even though its supporters lobbied the U.S. to wage wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran. A good faith investigation will find that a shared mindset of Choseness led Israel and its supporters to believe they could groom this arrogant young prince to operate in a similar fashion with disdain for the rule of law.

Those profiled did not do anything to MbS, he was induced to do it to himself. That same nonlinear modus operandihas been repeatedly deployed against the U.S. Those identified befriend to betray and create a relationship of trust to better profile, manipulate and defraud their targets. Rather than regard the Zionist enclave as an ally entitled to a special relationship with the U.S., this crisis should serve as a wake-up call to alert Americans that Israel is neither a true friend nor a trustworthy ally but a sophisticated and determined enemy demonstrably willing to deceive us in order to deploy our resources to advance their interests.

It’s All in the Math

Reliant on the math underlying game theory, their nonlinear operations pose a challenge to detect in real time. In retrospect, one can see the algorithmically modelable “probabilistic” planning behind their geostrategic duplicity. For instance, the dynamics set in motion when we were deceived to invade Iraq fractured not only that nation and its neighbors, that war also catalyzed a refugee flow that contributed to the cultural and political fracturing of northern Europe, triggering nationalist movements similar to Trump’s society-fracturing nationalist campaign: Make America Great Again. See Weaponry Deployed in Israeli-Style Warfare: Fracture to Consolidate and Consolidate to Fracture — and Correspondence.

The Israel lobby would never allow a settlement of the Israeli occupation to proceed on terms that are not fully acceptable to Zionist extremists, particularly given the dominant rule played in the Trump camp by the Hasidic zealots of Chabad Lubavitch. That’s also why Israel will ensure that the lobby-dominated U.S. Congress will not enact legislation embarrassing to the Saudi royal family—i.e., not yet. On October 23, Trump described the operation as “a very bad original concept” and the “worst cover-up ever” while Secretary of State Pompeo ordered a revocation of the visas of those directly involved in the murder. By turning the issue over to Congress, Trump ensured that Israeli interests will be protected, including Tel Aviv’s reliance on Riyadh to oppose Tehran and fund a Chabad-approved Palestinian peace plan.

As this well-timed crisis plays out over time, it will serve the long-term goal of fracturing not only the Kingdom but also the Emirates. That begins by eroding the Saudi pillar of the Arab relationship with the U.S. With the embargo of Qatar, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)—with its six member Arab states—was fractured. Doha withdrew from OPEC and now tilts to non-Arab Turkey and Persian Iran. Just as Zionist operations infiltrated governments in Iraq, China, Indonesia, Libya, Iran, Poland, Germany, the U.K. and numerous other targets—as my firsthand experience proves—decision-making in the oil-rich Islamic monarchies is being framed to bring about regime change.

Just as those profiled frame choices, often by displacing facts with manipulated beliefs (e.g., Iraqi WMD), confirmed facts are now able to dispel the false belief that the Zionist experiment is a legitimate state rather than a criminal enterprise that preys on the identity of the broader Jewish community. Per the online Timeline, we are confident that those profiled moved their operations into the U.S. no later than 1850 to fracture the U.S. At the turn of the last century, crisis-initiating Zionist operations in Istanbul led to the fall of the Ottoman Empire. That crisis helped pre-stage the first World War and much of what people believeto be the “natural evolution of history” in the war-torn 20thcentury.

These serial agent provocateurs continue to stage well-timed crises to advance Zionist goals in plain sight yet, to date, with legal impunity. Anyone who doubts that this nonlinear, time-proven modus operandi remains ongoing need only watch Israeli agent Patrick Clawson call for “crisis initiation” to take the U.S. to war with Iran. Clawson heads the Iran Security Initiative at the Washington Institute for Middle East Policy, founded as a research arm of AIPAC.The Israel lobby’s next war-catalyzing provocation and false-flag incident will “step up the pressure” (Clawson’s term) for a U.S. war with Iran—for Greater Israel. But for our “special relationship” with the Jewish state, would such behavior be considered anything other than treasonous?

Meet the War-Mongers

The consistency of the fact patterns suggests that Zionist manipulation includes their pre-staging of a second World War and a costly Cold War that segued seamlessly into today’s highly profitable War on Terrorism meant to pit Islam against the West. In a telling assessment of whose interests are at stake in this crisis, asset Donald Trump cites the importance of not disturbing weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. His priorities echo President Eisenhower’s warning in January 1961 cautioning us against the influence of the “military-industrial complex.” That concern is consistent with my life experience and who I encountered.

For example, on New Year’s Day 1995, I received a call from war-profiteer Guilford Glazer who was complicit in overseeing the abuse of my ex-wife and children when she was induced to relocate to Knoxville, home of Glazer Steel. An early contractor on the Oak Ridge nuclear facility and a Vietnam War defense contractor, I would not meet Guilford until 1995 after he relocated to Beverly Hills (he owned Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, the nation’s second largest shopping mall). He phoned to ask my view on the source of anti-Semitism. My response was simple, “Your own community”. Shortly after we began identifying Glazer in our analyses, he sold the mall in May 2003 for $442 million. His financial support for Russian emigres ensured a strong voting bloc for Israel’s Likud Party extremists.

My life’s work proves that I’ve been stalked my entire life by those Jews at the core of deploying charges of “anti-Semitism” and “hatred toward Jews” to advance a series of horrific crises, including multiple wars that led to the creation of the Jewish state. By inducing serial U.S. presidents to embrace the duplicitous US/Israel “special relationship” and not sanction the Israel lobby as unregistered foreign agents, Americans were induced to “do it to ourselves.” By protecting, arming and financing these predators, we allowed them to undermine the national interests of numerous states to advance a self-absorbed extremism that never would have enjoyed support from anyone had we known the Zionists’ true intentions. See Guilt By Assocation—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War

With their ongoing Weaponization of Anti-Semitism, one must question the timing of an alleged “anti-Semite” incident involving a pipebomb found October 22, 2018 in the mailbox of George Soros. That incident injected a Nazi victimization storyline into the national narrative. Two days later, similar bombs were found directed to the Clintons, the Obamas, former Vice-President Joe Biden, former Attorney General Eric Holder, former CIA Director John Brennan, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Congresswoman Maxine Waters and others, including actor Robert  De Niro. The timing is consistent with an oft-recurring modus operandi that provokes well-timed fear and insecurity to displace the critical thinking required to identify the source of this mental and emotional manipulation.

Such operations often trace to assets who are triggered to act out their profiled personality dysfunctions. See the 2010 Times Square Terrorist, an operation launched just as the United Nations—in midtown Manhattan—was preparing to debate a treaty to create a Middle East free of nuclear weapons. See also How Israel Wages War in Plain Sight. Israeli operations often include sayanim (Hebrew for helpers or volunteers). They also deploy nonlinear means for signaling their agents, assets and sayanim. For example, ten days prior to the mass murder provocation of 9/11, Tel Aviv announced a $1 million grant to Israeli super-spy Jonathan Pollard. See Why is Jonathan Pollard Back in the News?

As my life experience proves, the duplicitous U.S.-Israel special friendship was used to systematically destroy our national security. Our “special relationship” with Jewish elites and extremists is on track to undermine the security of many other nations. At present, their primary target is Arab monarchies and their natural resource wealth. MbS enabled those behind this murder to trigger the beginning of the end for tribal rule by families in the Middle East—precisely what the Jewish state seeks with its shared mindset of Choseness.

It came as no surprise to see this tragic death occur in Istanbul based on the nonlinear model that this work can prove was deployed over decades if not centuries. Without the research and analyses pivoting off my life experience, the common source of this duplicity cannot be exposed and confronted.Due to the shared (predominantly Jewish) identity of those I profiled while being stalked my entire life, those now most at risk include innocent members of the broader Jewish community. Through correspondence theory, they can be made to appear guilty by their association with those identified. Though of Jewish ancestry, those profiled are sociopaths who share none of the values of the broader Jewish community.

To protect the U.S., the broader Jewish community, Arab communities and humanity at large, and to restore the fact-based rule of law, those complicit must be identified, indicted and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The murder of Jamal Khashoggi will not have been in vain if it provides an opportunity to expose and address this systemic deceit at its common source. Islam is not the problem; nor Christianity. The problem resides in an internalized myth of Choseness and the self-absorbed psychopathy of those who share a tireless genius for well-timed crisis.

“The links that bind our people, even before we became nations, unite us. The security of one people is that of all, the stability of one is that for all, the misfortune of one is that on all.”  — Saudi Prince Turki Al Faisal