Why the Leadership Crisis in Saudi Arabia? Cui bono?98 min read

 Draft of Nov. 13, 2017
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by Mel Rockefeller with Jeff Gates

The crisis in Saudi Arabia confirms how those who produced the Trump presidency are using the Office of the President to advance Israeli goals. I’m confident that Israelis know they are the real target of the investigation led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller. Skilled as agent provocateurs who routinely stage crises to advance their goals, I believe Tel Aviv hopes to induce another conflict in the Middle East to divert attention from what they fear will happen when a long-deceived public grasps the costs imposed worldwide traceable to our “special relationship” with the Jewish state

Should Israel’s game theory war-planners induce another war, I believe their hope is that the U.S. will see Israel as a needed ally in that volatile region rather than holding them accountable for what my life experience proves: Israel is an enemy imbedded deep inside our government. Let me explain.

Israeli goals came sharply into focus when news reports confirmed that Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri was summoned back to Saudi Arabia (its financial patron) after meeting with officials in Iran. Hariri announced his surprise resignation in Riyadh the same day that a purported Iranian missile was shot down over Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MbS) ordered the arrest of 11 princes, four ministers and some 200 former officials. Trump senior advisers (and Chabad Lubavitch devotees) Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt were in Riyadh just days prior. U.S. officials report they are not briefed on what Kushner and MbS discuss.

Middle East specialists see a brash 32-year old Crown Prince and a 35-year old Hasidic White House ‘princeling’ operating well beyond their capacity to grasp the forces being put in motion, I believe, under the direction of Israeli war-planners. The November 4th attack on Riyadh’s airport was immediately described by the Saudi Foreign Minister as “an act of war.” Advancing war with Iran has been part of a long-sought Zionist goal of regional hegemony. A collateral crisis was created when Lebanon was thrown into disarray with the Hariri resignation. The Saudi Foreign Minister urged visiting Saudis to leave Lebanon, signaling a pending conflict consistent with Israeli goals.

The Hariri resignation triggered a political vacuum in Lebanon conducive to creating another conflict between Israel and Hezbollah while also providing a rationale for war with Iran. The most promising news in months that Israeli actions are being exposed was a report that National Security Adviser Lt. General H.R. McMaster “yelled” at a high-level Israeli delegation in August when they portrayed Iran-backed Hezbollah as a terrorist group.[1] The Zionist Organization of America sought to remove him. Failing that, MbS now appears willing to act as Tel Aviv’s proxy in advancing a conflict that U.N. General-Secretary Antonio Guterres says would have “devastating consequences.”

A Tell-Tale Silence

I believe that our true national security agencies realize that Israel has long manipulated both us and our allies to act against our interests. One recent “tell” was the forced resignation on November 8 of British MP Priti Patel when it was found that she attended 14 undisclosed meetings with Israel officials arranged by Stuart Polak, leader of the UK Parliament’s Conservative Friends of Israel. Another “tell” was how little news coverage accompanied Patel’s resignation. Much as Israel has long used the U.S. as its surrogate, the U.K. has also routinely been induced to play that role.

Akin to Sherlock Holmes’ “the dog that didn’t bark,” contrast that silence with the media frenzy in February 2009 when Israel-skeptic Chas Freeman was named U.S. Director of National Intelligence charged with coordinating the findings of all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies. A former ambassador to Saudi Arabia and China, Tel Aviv knew that Freeman could not be co-opted and would candidly report how Israel manipulates the U.S. and undermines our national security. Faced with a vicious, personal and well-coordinated attack, he withdrew, citing the Israel lobby.

Anyone critical of Israel, including those leading our intelligence agencies, is either muzzled or marginalized. That pattern lent credence to Vladimir Putin when he assured President Trump on November 11 that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election, contrary to claims by our intelligence agencies: “Every time he sees me, he says, ‘I didn’t do that.’ And I believe that when he tells me that, he meant it.” Trump wasn’t saying the intelligence is wrong but that Putin was as much a victim of this as U.S. leaders and intelligence agencies are corrupted by the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Our intelligence agencies face a credibility challenge. People within those agencies knew about the false and outright fixed intelligence that induced us to invade Iraq. That invasion not only fractured Iraq, it also set in motion reactions that catalyzed the immigration of Muslims into Western Europe. That probabilistic response, in turn, fractured European cultures and triggered foreseeable xenophobic reactions such as the 60,000 nationalists who marched November 11 in Warsaw on Poland’s Independence Day in support of “White Poland.”[2]

Unregistered Foreign Agents

Most disturbing of all is the realization it was not U.S. but Israeli interests that were served by the duplicity that induced us to war in Iraq. This pro-Israel bias means that even the Director of Central Intelligence must be a staunch pro-Israel. After six decades of this “special relationship,” U.S. interests are now a distant second to those of Tel Aviv. I am encouraged that, despite the Israel lobby, Donald Trump agreed with Vladimir Putin that there is no military solution in Syria. That consensus suggests an end to Israel’s use of Syria to provoke regional crises and tout its victimhood.

That also implies that Israel’s expansive lobby, an outspoken advocate for U.S. wars in Iraq, Syria and Iran, may soon be forced to comply with the Foreign Agents Registration Act. The last leaders to insist on compliance were President John F. Kennedy and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.[3] I am also encouraged by the November 12 timing of the release of correspondence by Prince Charles from 1986 in which he said to a close friend, “Surely some US president has to have the courage to stand up and take on the Jewish lobby in the U.S.? I must be naïve, I suppose!”

Their stage-managed shift in the global narrative to an anti-Muslim theme became apparent in July 2011 when Norwegian Zionist Anders Behring Breivik murdered 69 people, mostly teenagers. Another eight were killed in government buildings in downtown Oslo. Tellingly, Breivik sent a copy of his white supremacist “Zionist manifesto” to Pamela Geller who heads the Muslim-hating American Freedom Defense Initiative that opposed an Islamic Center near the 9/11 site.[4] An outspoken Zionist, Geller posted fliers around New York that read: “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel. Defeat Jihad.”

The jury is still out on the Trump presidency. While I question his fitness, those who put him in office must by now realize he’s so erratic that they may not be able to influence him as much as they hoped. He may grasp the common source of the systemic corruption of intelligence that deceived us to wage unwinnable wars—for Greater Israel. If the U.K. and other nations have also awakened to the common source of this duplicity, he may yet leave a legacy that begins to restore the security of the U.S. and our allies. As we have only one president at a time, he merits support if, in fact, he grasps that Israel and its lobby are a primary source of our most troublesome problems, including their role in the ongoing orchestration of yet another conflict in the Middle East.

Proxy Conflicts

If the Saudis wage a proxy war against Iran by attacking Hezbollah in Lebanon using U.S.-provided aircraft and munitions, the U.S.—once again—will be portrayed as guilty by association due to our support for Israel. Early news reports claimed that Kushner was in Riyadh at the side of MbS until the early morning hours as the Crown Prince ordered arrests and urged that Hariri combine his surprise resignation with war-mongering comments about Iran. His abrupt announcement on November 4th followed a civil meeting in Beirut on November 3rd with Ali Akbar Velayati, senior adviser to Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, before his Saudi patron summoned him back to Riyadh.

This upheaval can be viewed from two perspectives. First is the possibility that the Crown Prince is concerned solely with his self-interest. Though that’s unlikely, his impulsive $550 million purchase of a 440-foot yacht in October 2016 suggests a narcissism on a par with Donald Trump. Second is the possibility that this inexperienced Crown Prince is a pliable pawn in a strategy being played out by those who have long sought supremacy in that resource-rich region.

His arrest of Prince al-Waleed bin Talal (aka “the Warren Buffett of the Middle East”) suggests an unfamiliarity with matters outside Saudi Arabia. As my experience proves, those who I believe are manipulating the Crown Prince are adept at making “assets” of people by profiling their personalities in order to influence their decision-making. Several facts suggest he’s an asset. For example, while visiting the U.S. in June 2016, he met with Trump son-in-law Kushner and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. That priority suggests (a) he was directed to meet with other assets key to the manipulation of U.S. decision-making, and (b) he is naïve about how these “made men” were groomed for those influential positions in order to enable Zionists to wield influence globally.

The centerpiece of Saudi economic policy (Vision 2030) is the initial public offering of Saudi Aramco. Just prior to the arrests ordered by MbS, President Trump published a tweet urging that New York be granted the Aramco listing even though the London exchange initially declined, citing a lack of transparency in one of the world’s most secretive companies and the use of Aramco to fund the allowances of Saudi royals, jeopardizing the interests of other investors. More recently, when Saudis suggested they may opt for a private placement of shares and a listing on the Riyadh exchange, the British government offered a $2 billion credit line to secure the offering.

The arrests in Riyadh may also be an attempt to prove to financial markets that Aramco is worth the $2 trillion valuation they seek. The arrest of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal also provides advisers to MbS more control over this process. He poses a threat not only as a grandson of the founder of Saudi Arabia but also as a sophisticated investor subjected to serial financial frauds—the very frauds to which the Crown Prince is exposing the Kingdom’s wealth by entrusting it to financial markets where these frauds are perpetrated.

If the listing proceeds, the Kingdom’s most valuable asset will be subjected to the forces of capital markets that those I profiled routinely manipulate. For example, the U.S.-originated 2008 subprime mortgage fraud saw Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, the world’s largest, lose 25% in value. Reliance by MbS on traditional financial advisers puts the Aramco IPO at the center of Vision 2030.

Cui Bono?

If I am correct about Israeli motives, for their duplicity to proceed in plain sight typically involves their staging of collateral crises to obscure the fact that an operation traces to a common source. The accompanying memos of June 14 and August 5 chronicle the Israeli role in orchestrating a recent crisis within the Gulf Cooperation Council that isolated Qatar to the advantage of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt—and especially Israel.

During his second of four terms as Governor of New York, my father, Nelson Rockefeller, described the most challenging enemy as those with a “tireless genius for crisis.” Or, as my life experience proves, a “tireless genius for well-timed crisis.” Thus the June 5th timing of the Qatar crisis whose purpose comes into focus when one grasps how those I profiled routinely pre-stage collateral crises to advance their long-term goals.

An earlier collateral crisis created by the U.S. invasion of Iraq ensured that perceived enemies Israel and Saudi Arabia would ally (“the enemy of my enemy is my friend”) to advance Israeli goals. That crisis relied on provoking the extremist Sunnis of ISIS. That became a probabilistic outcome when the U.S. was induced to invade Iraq reliant on phony intelligence that traces to (predominantly Jewish) neoconservatives. Israel had more than 100 Mossad agents in Mosul for at least a decade prior to the U.S.-led invasion of March 2003. So who created ISIS? The Saudi funding of madrassas played a key role in pre-staging these dynamics. So did well-placed pro-Israelis who falsified the intelligence required to induce the U.S. to wage an unnecessary and unwinnable war in the Middle East. At every turn—without exception—one finds Israeli duplicity.

Disarming the Sunni Baathists of Iraq and withholding their pensions ensured their radicalization, as anticipated by those who induced us to invade Iraq and then advised that policy. The removal of Saddam Hussein was key to radicalizing Sunni Islam against the most radical sect of Shia Islam in Iraq. In terms of game theory warfare, today’s outcome was probabilistic. Note:

  • Israel touts itself as the world leader in game theory, as chronicled in Chapter 1 of Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (I am identified as “John Doe”).
  • Had I been engaged in good faith on my return from Iraq in February 1997, the war in Iraq could have been prevented as confirmed in an online chapter for The Hidden Tax on Humanity.
  • The head of Indonesian intelligence was murdered (poisoned) in January 2002 when he agreed to set meetings for me to brief the heads of state of Muslim nations on the intelligence I gathered while in Iraq in 1997 As detailed in “The Indonesian Connection.”

All three chapters are posted on www.hiddentaxonhumanity.com

With U.S. enthusiasm for Israel on the decline, Tel Aviv is allying with wealthy and well-armed Saudis. By funding fundamentalist Islamic teachings of hate-mongering madrassas, Saudi royals built a foundation for instability, pre-staging the emergence of hate-mongering ISIS fundamentalists. As though on cue, ISIS extremists emerged as the requisite Evil Doers for those marketing The Clash of Civilizations. That war-mongering narrative—traceable to the same (predominantly Jewish) neoconservatives who deceived us to invade Iraq—enabled a seamless segue from the profitable Cold War narrative to the profitable Clash.[5] Cui bono? Israel finds itself in the “sweet spot” with record sales of military technology, security services and the latest in weaponry for cyberwarfare.

Removal of Royals

I believe MbS is being used to catalyze dynamics that will lead to the removal of royals region-wide, advancing a regime change agenda long sought by Tel Aviv that began with the removal in 1979 of the Shah of resource-rich Iran. Regime change dates to the same (predominantly Jewish) operatives who pre-staged, financed and orchestrated the crisis of November 1917 that led to the removal of Russian royals. By murdering those with existing rights to Russia’s vast riches, there was no turning back as that wealth shifted into the hands of the commissars. That lesson should not be lost on royals in the region as control over their natural resource wealth is poised to shift into financial markets and the “invisible hand” of forces beyond their control.

As Saudi wealth becomes ‘financial-ized” through their embrace of the “Washington consensus,” that transition will enhance the vulnerability to mega-frauds such as those we’ve seen in the U.S. over the past three decades, including the Savings & Loan fraud, the Enron fraud, the dotcom fraud and the subprime mortgage fraud that triggered a global recession.[6] A Saudi-envisioned sovereign wealth fund could amass $2 trillion in financial securities from the sale of Aramco. By 2020, a projected $102 trillion in funds under management worldwide will be susceptible to such frauds and to crises such as those periodically orchestrated by the parties profiled in these materials.

Fast-forward eight decades from 1917 and the probabilistic restructuring (perestroika) of an earlier consensus (Marxism) ensured the oligarch-ization of Russia. “TINA” (There Is No Alternative) became the rallying cry of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan as the Fall of the Wall saw the advice of Washington Consensus experts financially pillage an entire nation while transferring most of Russia’s state-owned assets into a few private hands. The bulk of these Russian oligarchs qualified for a “right of return” to Israel. News reports have confirmed that funds traceable to Russian oligarchs were early investments in the Zuckerberg-led Facebook and also Twitter.[7]

Those who terminated private ownership in Russia were predominantly Jewish. Decades later, privatization advisers to Russian President Boris Yeltsin were also predominantly Jewish, includng “privatization czar” Anatoly Chubais and the Harvard Advisory Team appointed by (Jewish) U.S. Treasury officials Lawrence Summers and Robert Rubin. The Harvard University team lent academic credibility-by-association to nationwide asset stripping in the 1990s that was pre-staged in 1917 by (the predominantly Jewish) founders of the Soviet Union. [See Appendices A & B.]

That same year, the Balfour Declaration, expressing “sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations” proposed a “national home” for those who were then pre-staging this trans-generational fraud. The perception of Israel as a legitimate state, attained in 1948 by deceiving President Harry Truman, protects those responsible from accountability as Vladimir Putin discovered when he sought to extradite Russian Leonid Nevzlin, the second-ranking executive in Yukos Oil, arguably the most lucrative mega-fraud perpetrated during the kleptocracy that dominated the Yeltsin era of the 1990s. Nevzlin was convicted of murder in Russia in absentia. Deploying its perceived status as a legitimate sovereign nation to block Nevzlin’s extradition, Israel cited Russian “anti-Semitism.”

To buy an early stake in Facebook, Russian Yuri Milner, co-owner of a firm with Jared and Joshua Kushner, served as a middleman for Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned natural gas monopoly. Gazprom revenues were also used to buy back assets such as Gazprom Neft, Russia’s largest oil refining complex, acquired in 1995 in a loan-for-shares fraud by Russian-Jewish oligarchs Roman Abramovich and Boris Berezovsky. Using media outlets acquired by fraud, Berezovsky helped “re-elect” Boris Yeltsin to a second term as president, making it appear that “privatized” assets were lawfully acquired personal property subject to protection by the state—versus public property stolen from the state. In 2005, Gazprom paid $13.1 billion to acquire Abramovich’s 73% stake. In 2010, Abramovich accepted delivery of Eclipse, his custom-built 533-foot yacht.

Displacement of Values

Those stalking me also stalked peoples with the world’s most intelligent minds. That’s how in 1979 I met Gus German, a Canadian pioneer in computer technology who, along with three colleagues at Waterloo University, designed in the 1960s the math to take computers from reel tapes and punch cards to hard disk drives. Gus shared with me books proving that the math of algorithms had been around for centuries. As he explained, the only change was the enabling technologies.

That’s why it came as no surprise that Trump’s son-in-law, a devout member of a messianic Russian-Jewish sect, was in partnership with Yuri Milner, a Russian-Jewish oligarch who invested Gazprom funds in Facebook whose proprietary algorithms are its most valuable asset. Nor was I surprised that Kushner, tasked with the cyber component of his father-in-law’s presidential campaign, retained Cambridge Analytica, a firm known for its expertise in deploying algorithms to micro-target voters. With the use of online psychographic profiling available through social media and search engines, the AI-enabled narrowcasting of political messages could be tailored to appeal to the profiled personalities of “persuadeables.” Those algorithms “won” Trump the 2016 Electoral College vote.

The primary algorithm-dependent technologies accessed for that electoral purpose were the Zuckerberg-led Facebook and Google, founded by Russian-born Jewish American Sergei Brin and Larry Page who is also Jewish. These tech-multibillionaires need not be knowingly complicit, though an internal bias may preclude them from considering the possibility that they, too, are assets. Those orchestrating this math-dependent operation would have pre-staged all three of them to step into leadership roles as these technologies made their way to market.

Sean Parker, the ex-president of Facebook, recently acknowledged that Facebook knowingly exploited “a vulnerability in human psychology.” Its likes and dislikes were designed as a “social-validation feedback loop” with the objective to “consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible.”[8] Virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier was far more candid in describing Facebook and Google as “top-down control schemes…Behavior Modification Empires….The Facebook business model is mass behavior modification for pay…So for somebody to say they didn’t know the algorithms could do that…If somebody didn’t know, they should’ve known.”[9]

The use of algorithms in the financial domain minted numerous billionaires, including James Simons at Renaissance Technologies Corp. who amassed an $18.5 billion personal fortune in the U.S. and, according to the Paradise Papers, a separate fortune of comparable size in a tax haven in Bermuda. Renaissance partner Robert Mercer is a primary funding source both for the “alt-right” Breitbart News and Cambridge Analytica, the psychographic profiling firm that deployed its voter micro-targeting algorithms to elect pro-Israel Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton in 2014 and Donald Trump in 2016.

Algorithm-Determined Futures

I realized early in life that this corruption was far too stable to be a conspiracy. Conspiracies don’t hold together long-term, yet this systemic criminality has been around for decades, if not centuries. That led me to conclude that the stability must be grounded in the underlying math. Thus the key role of algorithms in the domain where Israelis consider themselves the world’s foremost experts: game theory, including the game theory warfare that lies behind the provocation of 9/11 and the algorithmically model-able reaction to the reaction to the reaction that led—probabilistically—to the geopolitical dynamics now unfolding in Saudi Arabia. The next provocation will trigger the next probabilistic cascade of reactions to the reaction, etc.

What now passes for “economics” has the same probabilistic dynamics designed into it. Consensus economics is a “science” in the limited sense that its results are probabilistically model-able once a critical mass of True Believers embrace that consensus as a generally accepted truth. That shared mindset morphed into an economic model that generates outcomes “downstream” of that shared paradigm. An algorithmically foreseeable outcome accompanied both the Marxist mindset and its successor, today’s consensus, with its dysfunctional and destabilizing results. The Hidden Tax on Humanity isolates the source of today’s institutionalized deceit in a consensus model mindset from which results flow in a probabilistic, algorithmically model-able fashion.

That’s why, in the Saudi Vision 2030 transition from a tribal system of governance to a consensus-model, financial markets-driven system of decision-making, one can foresee the displacement of values that cannot be identified and captured in terms of money. For societies grounded in tribal traditions and for those cultures that value healthy, stable and unified communities, the shift to global capital markets as their “operating system” is a recipe for instability accompanied by, as in the U.S., an erosion of societal values such as civil cohesion, fiscal foresight and ecological resilience.

What the U.S. now faces emerged in a probabilistic fashion when, over decades, we were induced to follow a financial path on which MbS proposes to set the Saudis. This wasn’t done to us; we allowed it. We were educated to embrace today’s consensus mindset and then immersed ourselves in a policy environment that legally obligated us to maintain our faith in this model, ignoring the facts of our own experience living inside a system that has long generated suboptimal outcomes.

By inducing this young Saudi prince—with no practical experience and little foreign exposure—to embrace a financial market prescription while ignoring the results that this model created elsewhere, MbS became one of their best assets as future King with what could become unrivaled control over the world’s second largest reserves of oil. Should he stay on this course, he will enable the goals of those duplicitous few who see Greater Israel as encompassing the entire Middle East along with a weakened Russia and, it appears, an ascendant China whose “communist” consensus already features considerably more billionaires (647) than the “capitalist” U.S. (540).

Beijing emerged as the beneficiary when U.S. democracy was discredited by pro-Israelis who “produced” the Trump presidency. By inducing us to wage Israel’s wars in the Middle East, we squandered the goodwill that now flows to China as Beijing makes investments and dispenses foreign aid financed with decades of trade imbalances that—with our embrace of the consensus—became algorithmically foreseeable. As with algorithms in general, the only modern component is the technologies—including financial technologies such as global financial markets—that enable the current consensus to operate on a global scale, including the globalized effects of financial frauds.

The Ancient Roots of Deceit

 I am confident this geostrategic duplicity traces its origins to Babylon and the bifurcation of the Talmud in the 5th Century AD when the elites and extremists of Zionism emerged who view themselves as The Chosen. Their well-known traits of arrogance, narcissism and obsessive compulsiveness will be their undoing. Their “tireless genius for crisis” is fast becoming transparent to nations whose leaders are beginning to turn against Tel Aviv as they realize that Israel, with its expertise in game theory warfare, has long been the true source of terrorism. A June 2013 report from the European Parliament confirmed that Saudi-backed Wahhabism is the main source of supply for those who become terrorists.

Had it been successful, the September 25th Kurdish referendum on independence (supported by Israel over the objections of the U.S.) would have used Kurdish nationalists to fracture that geographical area (including Iran) in the same way that MbS is an unwitting pawn being used to fracture the GCC and, in time, the entire region. Those profiled are skilled agent provocateurs and accomplished hate-mongers who routinely pit “two sides against the middle” while profiting off the misery of both. Those responsible deploy “nonlinear weaponry” (see link below) to fracture societies, cultures and nations as a means to consolidate more influence, control and wealth. The consistency of this behavior over centuries supports my conclusion that its origins are ancient.

Lastly, MsB betrayed key tenets of tribal traditions, initially by deposing his cousin, then by collaborating with Israel in staging the Qatar crisis and arresting a reported 11 members of the royal family, four ministers and dozens of former Saudi officials while also urging that Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri resign and make a saber-rattling statement regarding Iran that was echoed by the Saudi Foreign Minister. Israeli journalist Daniel Shapiro immediately published an opinion piece in Haaretz obscuring (and reversing) the issue by asking, “Is Saudi Arabia Pushing Israel Into War With Hezbollah and Iran?”[10]

The Crown Prince’s conduct also set an example for the instability and serial crises on which Israeli war-planners rely to advance their long-term goals for the region. Well-timed crises are the feedstock on which Israeli-style warfare relies. When, as with MsB, others can be portrayed as the perceived source of a crisis, that belief provides plausible deniability along with the advantage of working through layers of well-placed yet unwitting assets as Israel wages war by deception, using collateral crises and nonlinear weaponry designed to obscure their common source. A Mossad officer conceded how their algorithmically modeled agent provocateur operations are designed to take on a life of their own: “Once the orchestra starts to play, we just hum along.”[11]

Those using MbS rely on assets like him who have little knowledge of how this duplicity proceeds in plain sight. The role he played in staging the crises involving Qatar, Lebanon and Iran confirms who is manipulating him. He’s likely as unaware as most assets. If, as news reports suggest, the Aramco IPO includes a private placement in China, that will only further confirm the lengthy pre-staging of the financial dynamics designed to fracture societies worldwide while creating an oligarchic totalitarianism wed to a financial colonialism long ago set in motion by The Chosen.

In summary, the facts suggest that Israel is setting up royal families in the region to take themselves out—initiated by a classic asset, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. You don’t fight fire with fire and you can’t defeat hate-mongers with hate. NewRock offers a business model solution that, by design, marginalizes those behind the crises now emerging in Saudi Arabia and the region.


  • June 14, 2017 memo (redacted) chronicling the Israeli role in fracturing the GCC
  • August 5, 2017 memo (redacted) chronicling how the crisis in Qatar was created
  • Chapter 1 (re game theory)—Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (also on https://hiddentaxonhumanity.com/guilt-by-association/chapter-1-game-theory-and-the-mass-murder-of-911/)
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Appendix A. The Russia-Jewish Connection

Kushner and Abramovich, along with other key members of Team Trump, are devotees of Chabad Lubavitch, an ultra-orthodox Hasidic sect founded in Russia of the 1770s. Abramovich applied a portion of his fraud-derived wealth to help construct an $18 million Chabad Lubavitch center in Aspen, Colorado, an upscale Jewish-dominated community of 6,500 where Kushner met Yuri Milner at a conference. Since 1950, the Aspen Institute has convened leaders worldwide, inducing them to vest their faith in the “Washington consensus” as embodying the core values of Western civilization. As with those who earlier induced faith in Marxism and its values, this successor consensus also generates foreseeable outcomes, including the concentration of both wealth and income, a key reason the Marxist mindset earlier gained traction in more than 90 countries.

At the height of the financial pillaging of Russia, Milner served as an executive for Menatep, the bank used by Russian-Jewish mega-thief Mikhail Khodorkovsky to take control of Yukos Oil as part of the loans-for-shares fraud that enriched many of the (predominantly Jewish) oligarchs. Milner, of Jewish ancestry, later invested a reported $7 billion in some 30 online companies including Facebook, Airbnb, Spotify and Chinese ecommerce retailers Alibaba and JD.com. It’s not yet known how much of that funding came from Gazprom or other state institutions. Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov (having a Jewish wife and a personal fortune of $15.5 billion) is Milner’s partner in DST Global, an investment firm used to acquire Facebook shares. Usmanov is also a co-owner of Arsenal FC, a leading UK soccer club and a rival to the Abramovich-owned Chelsea FC.

Obsessed with the Russia connection, U.S. media outlets (predominantly Jewish) and the U.S. Congress (dominated by the Israel lobby) avoid any mention of the Israel (and Jewish) connection. There lies the problem. Few want to acknowledge what the facts confirm as the common source of this corruption for fear of being smeared with the toxic charge of anti-Semitism. That’s the perfect diversion. How do you prove you’re not something that you never were?

Of course there’s a Russian connection. The systemic criminality that I profiled while being stalked my entire life was designed to emerge from Russia and Kiev, the “Jerusalem of the Steppes.” Chabad Lubavitch originated in Russia in the 1770s. The same (predominantly Jewish) neocon network that evoked the “crisis of ISIS” in reaction to our being induced to war in Iraq also catalyzed the crisis in Ukraine led by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland who was famously recorded saying “f–k the EU.” Nuland is the wife of neocon Robert Kagan, a key promoter of regime change in Iraq as co-founder of the Project for a New American Century.

Banker Jacob Schiff, a partner at Kuhn Loeb (later Lehman Brothers), provided 3,000 pounds of Russian revolutionary tracts to Russian POWs in 1904. Russia’s humiliating defeat in the Russo-Japan War (Schiff raised money for Japan) fueled the failed Russia Revolution of 1905. In April 1917, the Berlin government, in a bid to destabilize the government in Moscow and prevail in WWI, dispatched a train to Petrograd (now St. Petersburg) carrying Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, son of Moses Blank from the Pale of Settlement. With financial support from Schiff, a Warburg and a Rothschild, and with the intellectual support of Jewish ideologues Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky (Lev Davidovich Bronshtein), the Bolsheviks removed the czar, murdered him and his family in July 1918 and embraced Soviet-style state gangsterism.

As Vladimir Putin observed in July 2013 at Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, the first Soviet government “was 80-85 percent Jewish.” That event was presided over by Berel Lazar, Chief Rabbi of Russia and a Chabad Lubavitch devotee of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson who dispatched Rabbi Lazar to Moscow in 1991 just as the (predominantly Jewish) oligarchs staged their massive fraud when the Marxist fraud was being unwound and its Washington Consensus successor embraced as a means to grant the perception of legitimacy to a pre-staged fraud.

Three days prior to the 2016 election of Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, wife Ivanka (“Yael” since her conversion to this Hasidic sect) and Trump Organization attorney Jason Greenblatt prayed together at the Crown Heights, Brooklyn grave of the Chabad Rebbe who is considered a messiah by devotees. Greenblatt now serves as Trump’s special adviser for international negotiations. David Friedman, former Trump bankruptcy counsel and a Chabad devotee, was Trump’s choice for U.S. Ambassador to Israel where Russians provide a large voting bloc supportive of today’s Israeli Right.

Appendix B. The Jewish Connection

For Secretary of Commerce, Trump appointed Wilbur Ross, a former head of Rothschild Inc.’s bankruptcy advisory business. In the early 1990s, Ross led the bailout of Trump’s Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, a venue best known in organized crime as the site chosen for the first meeting of the National Crime Syndicate in 1929. Two years later, a Jews-only conclave at the Franconia Hotel in Manhattan divided the U.S. into 24 territories and formed Murder, Inc. for enforcement. Trump found his commercial success in three domains in which (Jewish) organized crime has long been dominant: casinos, pop culture (The Apprentice) and commercial real estate in midtown Manhattan.

Jewish advisers to Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman are largely responsible for the fact that Russia gained a dominant position in Eastern Europe and Iran in the post-WWII era, pre-staging the costly and highly profitable Cold War. Those dynamics foreshadowed what we now see playing out in Iran as the Saudi Crown Prince advances what he sees as Saudi interests that, in fact, further an agenda long sought by Israel.

In 1948, Secretary of State George Marshall was adamant in his opposition to Truman’s recognition of Israel as a legitimate state as were the Joint Chiefs who foresaw that this enclave of elites and extremists would draw the U.S. into serial conflicts against our national interests. In 2000, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright named the U.S. State Department building after Zionist Christian Truman who is best known abroad for extending U.S. recognition over the strenuous objections of his Secretary of State.[12] When nominated for that position by Bill Clinton, Mrs. Albright claimed an “epiphany” on discovering her Jewish heritage.[13]

But for the Holocaust, there would be no Israel. Thus the relevance of the Treaty of Versailles ending WWI and the role played by three delegations of Jewish advisers who accompanied President Woodrow Wilson to the Paris peace negotiations where, in classic game theory fashion, those insistent on punitive war reparations provoked in reaction the emergence of a political party of German nationalists whose territorial ambitions provoked another war. Note throughout the “probabilistic” outcomes and the algorithmically model-able dynamics shaping those outcomes.

In 1912, Henry Morgenthau chaired the campaign finance committee for the election of Wilson, a Princeton University academic. In 1913, Henry Morgenthau, Jr. moved in next door to Franklin Roosevelt to emerge as his Treasury Secretary during WWII and, post-war, co-chaired with Milwaukee native Golda Meir the first bond drive for the Zionist enclave in Palestine. In 1914, Morgenthau Senior arranged for Jacob Schiff to raise $50,000 to rescue settlements in Palestine that had been supported since 1894 by French financier Baron Edmond de Rothschild. Absent this Morgenthau-Schiff alliance: “Palestinian Jewry almost certainly would have perished.”[14]

 In 1916, Morgenthau chaired the finance committee for Wilson’s re-election campaign. Wilson won with the campaign slogan, “He kept us out of the war.” On April 6, 1917, following several maritime crises, the U.S. entered the war and Wilson appointed (Jewish) commodity trader Bernard Baruch to head the War Industries Board. The Baruch political machine in South Carolina produced the career of James Byrnes who became the Senate mentor to Harry Truman in 1935 and a decade later was appointed Truman’s Secretary of State on July 3, 1945, a month before the atom bomb was used on Japan. When Truman succeeded Roosevelt following FDR’s death on April 12, 1945, he and Truman reportedly had met only twice. Truman was a political product of (Jewish-dominated) organized crime in Kansas City. On becoming president, Byrnes briefed him on the atom bomb.[15]

The Vienna Connection

World War II, in turn, traces its roots to Vienna that, like Babylon in ancient times, was a power hub. In the post-WWI transition from feudal states to nation states, the Vienna Circle of (predominantly Jewish) intellectuals played a key role in ensuring that beliefs could continue to be used to control thought in much the same way that the Catholic Church used heresy and burning people at the stake. Generally accepted truths (aka consensus opinion) became the One True Faith of the scientific era despite the post-Enlightenment commitment to facts. Throughout history, those profiled proved masterful at displacing facts by manipulating thoughts and emotions in plain sight.

Vienna is also where Jewish art dealers humiliated painter Adolph Hitler, perhaps stoking an animosity that, fueled by the financially desperate conditions of post-WWI Weimar Germany, led to the Holocaust, pre-staging Truman’s recognition of the Zionist experiment as a legitimate state. With the rise of the Nazis, the Vienna Circle relocated to New York to market anti-Semitism as a shield to discredit anyone searching for a common thread behind these repetitive patterns. Meanwhile, the new social sciences of psychiatry and psychology (predominantly Jewish) emerged to dismiss as ‘crazy’ (a heretic) anyone who came close to exposing the source of this duplicity and proving the all-important how of this nonlinear manipulation. Heretics are no longer burned; they’re discredited or disgraced, often by associating them with noxious behavior. Such “correspondence” is another nonlinear form of weaponry routinely deployed to manipulate perception and emotion.[16]

After enduring Soviet-style communism for eight decades, Russians became angry and disaffected with a consensus model successor from which, by design, they were excluded. During the unwinding of an earlier consensus (Marxism) that never could have worked, the Russian public endured a five-year decline in life expectancy, the most dramatic reversal in human welfare recorded in a developed nation other than in wartime. At least 12.5 million men “disappeared” due to suicide, alcoholism, a failing healthcare system and destructive behavior. However, no one dared compare the human costs of this (predominantly Jewish) fraud to the Holocaust.


[1] Aaron Bandler, “Report: McMaster Yelled At Israelis Over Their Concerns About Hezbollah,” Daily Wire, September 13, 2017.

[2] That came as no surprise as Poland has long been a node in this transnational node-and-network system of (Jewish) organized crime as I discovered when subjected to a sophisticated fraud in Poland in 1995 at a time when the Israeli Knesset was dominated by Polish Jews. See “The Poland Connection” on https://hiddentaxonhumanity.com/hidden-tax-on-humanity/chapter-5-the-poland-connection/

[3] See “At What Cost the Israel Lobby?” Foreign Policy Journal, October 13, 2009. https://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com/2009/10/13/at-what-cost-the-israel-lobby/

[4] See “A Movie about Muhammad: An Idea whose Time Has Come” (February 28, 2012) from the Atlas Shrugs website promoting the market fundamentalist theories of Ayn Rand (né Russian novelist Alyssa Rosenbaum). The site features

[5] In 1991, Princeton Professor Bernard Lewis published “The Roots of Muslim Rage” in the September 1990 issue of Atlantic Monthly. An avid Zionist and supporter of the Israeli Right, the Lewis thesis informed what became Harvard Professor Samuel Huntington’s premise titled The Clash of Civilizations (1996)

[6] As my life experience proves, it’s no “coincidence” that those stalking me, initially to compromise my father’s prospects for the presidency, drew me into the “fields within fields…within fields of relationships” of those pre-staging those financial frauds.

[7] Jon Swaine and Luke Harding, “Russia funded Facebook and Twitter investments through Kushner,” The Guardian, November 5, 2017.

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[12] For proof of the ongoing Israel-ification of “our” State Department, see the links below and review draft chapters for The Hidden Tax on Humanity: “The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented,” and “The Indonesia Connection.”

[13] Dr. Glenn Olds described meeting Marie Jana Korbel as a teenager with pigtails and braces when she stepped off a train arriving with her mother in Denver to join her father, an early Soviet Bloc defector and former Czech-Jewish Ambassador to the U.N., who was granted a teaching post at the University of Denver. Then serving as University Chaplain, Glenn was the faculty emissary on hand to welcome Korbel’s wife and daughter. Glenn described how he was handed the family menorah as the teenager exited the train holding the silk-wrapped object. He knew the Korbel family well during his tenure as Chaplain (1951-54). After her December 1996 nomination as Clinton’s second-term Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright claimed an “epiphany” that she was Jewish. As Glenn commented, “That is simply not believable.” After he began working with me in 1994, Mrs. Albright would no longer return his calls. Prof. Korbel mentored Condoleezza Rice whose family relocated to Denver and moved in next door to the father of Benjamin Netanyahu. The asset stripping of Russia was consummated during Mrs. Albright’s tenure as the senior U.S. diplomat. To oversee that fraud from the European Union, the State Department dispatched Tom Dine to the Brussels office of the U.S. Agency for International Development, 1993-97. Ensuring minimal media coverage of that fraud, Dine then served as director of Radio Free Europe, 1997-2005. He was previously Executive Director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a key component of the Israel lobby, 1980-1993.

[14] Howard M. Sachar, A History of the Jews in America (New York: Alfred Knoft, 1991), p. 250.

[15] Less than two weeks after Japan was bombed, Byrnes insisted that my father submit his resignation as Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs. Tasked with devising a means to counter the popularity of communism in developing countries, he had reported that communism was not the problem; it could be contained—and was. The problem was the “rapacious greed” of capitalism. The “hybrid” development model that he devised served as the foundation for the State Department’s U.S. Agency for International Development (U.S.A.I.D.). With the appointment of Eugene Meyer as interim president of the World Bank, my father’s bottom-up, inclusive approach to development was reversed to become today’s top-down and exclusive “Washington Consensus.” In the unwinding of the Marxist consensus, the World Bank had privatization programs ongoing in at least 92 countries, all based on a consensus formula to create oligarchies everywhere it was embraced. The “NewRock” model draws on my father’s work from the post-war era. See “The Man, The Girl and the Jeep, AIA: Nelson Rockefeller’s Precursor Non-Profit Model for Private U.S. Foreign Aid,” Ph.D. Thesis by Margaret Boardman, Pepperdine University School of Public Policy.

[16] See https://hiddentaxonhumanity.com/news/weaponry-deployed-in-israeli-style-warfare-fracture-to-consolidate-consolidate-to-fracture-correspondence/

Referenced Exhibits:

June 14, 2017

Dear ######## –

I write to share facts and analyses confirming that Israelis are behind this latest well-timed crisis in the region. Qatar is “low-hanging fruit” in a long-planned strategy for MENA-wide regime change. Please review the June 5th memo to Defense Secretary Mattis along with: (1) an overview of emerging fact patterns, (2) a few supporting facts drawn from my life experience, and (3) a suggestion on how to solve this problem.

(1) Emerging Fact Patterns. Note in this memo the lengthy pre-staging, the consistent duplicitous behavior over decades, and the routine deployment of deceit as a form of weaponry. Please review this New York Times article on cyber warfare titled, “Hacking in Qatar Highlights a Shift Toward Espionage-for-Hire.” See: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/08/world/middleeast/qatar-cyberattack-espionage-for-hire.html?_r=0

My commentary follows the article excerpts indented below:

In another leaked exchange, John Hannah, another former Republican White House official, who is now with the pro-Israel Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, emailed Mr. Otaiba to complain that an Emirati-owned hotel in Doha was providing space for a Hamas news conference.

“How’s this,” Ambassador Otaiba replied. “You move the base then we’ll move the hotel :-).” (He was obliquely referring to the major American air base in Qatar, Al Udeid, that has been the headquarters for operations against the Islamic State.)

Comment: Though said in jest, it may be a ‘tell’ that Ambassador Otaiba has developed a casual and friendly relationship with a person associated with this component of the Israel lobby. Those I profiled for 34 years routinely befriend to betray—both personally and geopolitically, as proven by my life experience and by our “special friendship” with Israel. For the pro-Israel Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD), see: http://www.defenddemocracy.org/about-fdd

Mr. Otaiba, a charismatic figure who speaks nearly native-sounding English, has also served as a personal tutor in regional politics to Jared Kushner, the son-in-law and a senior adviser to President Trump.[1]

Comment: To what extent did Qatar-related banks (e.g., Deutsche Bank, Barclays) and/or individuals provide financial support to the Trump Organization and/or Kushner-related enterprises? With the leverage of the Office of the President, what will be the disposition of any Qatari-related debts?

Donald Trump is a reliably reactive man-child (aka an asset) acting out his insecurities. Those traits were on display June 9th when, like a schoolyard bully, he called former FBI Director James Comey a “liar” after Mr. Comey provided sworn testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee confirming that Trump is a liar. Donald Trump can be trusted to act out his narcissism and his unfulfilled needs.

Trump senior adviser Jared Kushner is either a sayanim[2] (Hebrew for volunteer) or an Israeli operative who is totally unemotional and focused solely on the outcome.[3] An observant member of Chabad Lubavitch, an ultraorthodox/messianic Hasidic sect that originated in Russia of the 1770s, it appears that his identity as a Zionist zealot was shaped, at least in part, by Birthright Israel dating to when he was age 17.

See: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/11/us/politics/jared-kushner-israel.html?_r=0 For Birthright Israel, see: https://www.birthrightisrael.com [Key financial support is provided by Trump supporter and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and his equally right-wing Israeli wife.]

In a Feb. 10, 2015, exchange between Mr. Otaiba and Elliott Abrams, a former Republican White House official, Mr. Abrams appears to joke about the Emirates’ support for the military coup that removed Egypt’s Qatari-allied Islamist president in 2013, almost suggesting that something similar should happen in Qatar. “Too bad the Qatari armed forces can’t… well, I shouldn’t say such things. That would be undemocratic,” the email said.

Comment: Could Qatar be the next target in Tel Aviv’s long-term regime change agenda for the MENA region? Have UAE leaders considered that possibility? News accounts suggest the Emirates are being “played” by those masterful at deploying duplicity, well-timed crises and game theory warfare. Though the Abrams comment was said in jest, he has been one of the most problematic people shaping U.S. foreign policy for more than four decades.[4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elliott_Abrams

The fact that Abrams was even considered for the Trump State Department confirms this presidency is a product of those profiled. Abrams serves on the board of the National Endowment for Democracy, a regime-change organization that uses destabilization tactics wherever it operates. Since the founding in 1984 of the bipartisan, taxpayer-funded NED, its president has been Carl Gershman who began his career in the research department of B’nai B’rith (sons of the covenant). Asset John McCain chairs the Republican Party component; Madeleine Albright chairs the Democratic Party component.

The fact that former Senator Joe Lieberman was considered for Director of the FBI also confirms who produced the Trump presidency, per the June 5th Mattis memo. Lieberman and McCain were the two primary salesmen for the false intelligence that induced us to war in Iraq reliant on intelligence “fixed” around long-sought Israeli goals. The conflicting intelligence with which I returned from Iraq in February 1997 (confirming Iraq had no nuclear WMD) provided a key motivation for the 24/7 stalking that I continue to experience along with the ongoing lack of good faith engagement.

Unless Emirates Ambassador Otaiba is adhering to the adage, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer,” he may want to stay well clear of Abrams and anyone allied with FDD.

Then, three days after the Trump meeting in Riyadh, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies held a conference in Washington dedicated to criticism of Qatar, titled “Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Global Affiliates.”

Robert M. Gates, the former defense secretary and a friend of Mr. Otaiba, gave the keynote. Attendees included many of the authors of the critical op-ed articles and senior Obama administration officials. Organizers encouraged Mr. Otaiba to attend, and his staff sent Abu Dhabi, the Emirati capital, a detailed report.

No representative of Qatar was invited. The hack of the Qatari news agency took place after midnight that night.

The conference convened three days after Trump gave a speech in Riyadh prepared by Steve Miller, a 31-year old self-described “practicing Jew” and Senior Policy Adviser. He drew on intelligence provided by Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a 31-year old outspoken (Jewish) advocate for regime change in Iran who serves as Senior Director for Intelligence Programs for the National Security Council. The speech was reviewed by 36-year old Senior Adviser Jared Kushner and his Chabad convert wife and Trump Senior Adviser Yael (né Ivanka).

What would have been the response to that speech—given in the home of the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques—had the leaders in attendance from more than 50 Muslim nations known that the Trump presidency was produced by militant, rightwing, ultranationalist Zionist Jews who used this Islamic venue to advance the interests of Greater Israel? My life experience interacting—for more than six decades—with those responsible suggests that Trump’s speech was meant to demonstrate to all of Islam how much control the Jewish state exerts over the nation that is home to the world’s most powerful military.

Convened to showcase authors of Qatar-critical op-eds, the timing of the FDD conference appears to have been timed to coincide with Trump’s speech. Research will confirm that this public influence campaign—coordinated (and likely financed) by the expansive Israel lobby—traces directly to rightwing pro-Israeli sources as exemplified by this May 11th Newsweek critique from an FDD operative:


Note the following quote from the Qatar embassy website (emphasis added in bold):

Foreign Minister: ‘Qatar Will Address the Media Campaign Targeting It’

25 May 2017

HE the Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said the State of Qatar will address the media campaign targeting it, against a backdrop of the hacking of Qatar News Agency’s (QNA) website and attributing false statements to HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani. It is clear that there is a media campaign targeting the State of Qatar and we will address it, HE the Foreign Minister said during a joint press conference with the Somali Foreign Minister, HE Yuussef Jarad Omar Ahmed, held here today. It is noticeable that there was no mention of Qatar in the opinion articles, for example, in the United States of America, but in the past five weeks we were surprised by the publication of 13 opinion articles on Qatar by different writers in the United States, HE the Foreign Minister said. There was on the same day of the cyber-attack on QNA’s website a conference on Qatar, to which we were not invited, was held in the United States bringing together all those who wrote these articles against Qatar and on the same night the cyber-attack occurred, HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said, wondering whether it was a coincidence or not. The hacking attack on QNA’s website and attributing false statements to HH the Emir is without doubt a cybercrime, he said, adding that Qatar will not rush to issue the results until the investigation is over. (Emphasis added in bold.)

(2) Supporting facts drawn from my life experience.

Israel is home to the world’s most advanced cyber warfare capabilities as exemplified by the November 2010 Stuxnet cyberweapon attack on centrifuges at Iran’s nuclear facilities at Natanz coordinated by Unit 8200 of the Israel Defense Forces.[5] Microsoft NT software was written in Tel Aviv. As confirmed by my personal experience (see Appendix A), Israelis have built “back doors” into software for decades, providing access to information (and the theft of technologies) worldwide. Unit 8200 also serves as a tech startup platform and an IDF center for developing cyber tools for cyber security, cybercrimes and cyber warfare. Forbes estimates that Unit 8200 employs ~5,000 people and more than 1,000 companies have been founded by its alumni.[6]

Promis software (the most sophisticated at the time)[7] was used by Israel and its supporters as a ‘back door’ into banks, a for-profit cyber crime and espionage program that involved British publisher Robert Maxwell who disappeared off the rear deck of his yacht when his role risked exposing Tel Aviv’s complicity. PROMIS-derived intelligence reportedly informed the arbitrage operations of multi-billionaire George Soros, the Hungarian-American Jewish hedge fund operator. A portion of his profits were reinvested in Open Society outlets that served as intelligence-gathering operations in the post-Soviet in-transition economies. Open Society offices coordinate their activities with other NGOs supported by a global Israel lobby that includes ostensibly “unrelated” organizations such as FDD, the U.S. taxpayer-funded NED and many others.[8]

It was no accident that I met Israeli Jason Barzilay in 1982 at a function in Los Angeles. He bragged about diverting $150 million in U.S. foreign assistance to found Packard Bell that thrived by stealing technologies, particularly from the U.S. He also boasted of sponsoring legislation that allowed active-duty Israeli military personnel, including Mossad operatives, to accept stock and options in tech firms, providing them an incentive to steal even more of our technology while making it appear that Israel is a leader in technology versus a leader in the wholesale thievery of technologies, including sensitive U.S. defense technologies.[9]

In terms of units sold, Packard Bell was the world’s largest personal computer maker from 1986 to 1998. In 1996 it had 15% of the U.S. retail market and $8 billion in annual revenue. Barzilay (a large shareholder) and his two founding partners sold their holdings to NEC in 1998. In effect, U.S. taxpayers provided the venture capital to found Packard Bell but received nothing when it was sold.

Barzilay also founded Argoquest Holdings, a venture capital firm in Israel. Argoquest lobbied the Knesset for the legislation allowing active duty IDF personnel to secure pre-IPO shares in tech ventures.[10] That change further incentivized the theft of U.S. technologies transferred to Israel.[11] As Barzilay told me, those technologies were imbedded inside the Israeli military, enabling Tel Aviv to hide behind a veil of secrecy U.S.-developed technologies that were often developed in secret. It is largely for this reason that Israel is now the world leader in cyber security with much of the high-risk venture capital provided by the U.S. Department of Defense along with billions we give them annually. From Fortune (August 31, 2015):

In recent months, and especially since the nuclear deal with Iran, there has been a strain between the U.S. and Israel. Despite this, one area where the ties remain close is cyber security, with the two parties even cosigning a statement committing continued cooperation on that front last month.[12]

A regional power devoted to ensuring its own survival, Israel has burgeoned into a high tech epicenter built around Internet security, anti-virus software, and other cyber defense technologies. Much of this is an extension of its self-reliance, and the added fact that since the creation of modern Israel, the nation has faced enemies on its borders. “The challenging environment Israel faces in the Middle East in the physical world has reflections also on the cyber world,” says Dudu Mimran, CTO of the Cyber Security Research Center at Ben-Gurion University, located in Beer Sheva, Israel. “Security is a subject that can be taught theoretically, but nothing is a substitute for a real hands-on experience and we’ve got lots of it.”

And while cyber security has become a worldwide issue, Israel’s cyber security expertise has evolved naturally from its constant vigilance, both online and off. Ensuring that its people remain able to take on threats and at all levels has become center to Israeli governmental strategy, and transformed what began as a cottage industry into a thriving sector of the nation’s economy. See “Why Israel dominates in cyber security.” http://fortune.com/2015/09/01/why-israel-dominates-in-cyber-security/

Cyber Crises. In short, Israel is the world leader in the cyber weaponry behind the cyber attacks that could make Russia—or anyone they choose—appear responsible while doing this to the U.S. and our allies. The Fortune article reveals the rationale to justify their attacks. These psychopaths cite their survival to justify their treason and their assaults on humanity even as they use Russia as a front for cybercrimes and ongoing cyber warfare. Cyber operations are now poised to revive Cold War animosities, providing a rationale to boost defense spending and a $1 trillion upgrade in our nuclear weapons capability at a time when fiscal needs are fast approaching unsustainable levels—further undermining our true long-term national security. Meanwhile, policies proposed by asset Donald Trump are poised to add trillions more in debt for tax cuts, investment subsidies, defense spending and infrastructure.

As we now know, a Jewish-American citizen living in Israel was behind the threats against hundreds of Jewish Community Centers in the U.S.[13] Had he not made one mistake with an IP address, those cyber-enabled threats would have been used to justify more taxpayer funding for Homeland Security to protect those Centers, citing their survival as the rationale.

With their superior proficiency in cyber security, surely the Israel Defense Forces Unit 8200 knows the true source of cyber “incidents” such as the quote falsely attributed to the Qatari leader. Surely this unit knows whether the cyber attacks attributed to Russia are, in fact, traceable to that source. Its expertise in cyber security means that Israel also has the capability to wage cyber warfare. Or to deploy cyber tactics to support their “tireless genius for crisis” (per my father’s 1964 speech at Harvard) such as the crisis now consuming the attention of MENA-related diplomats seeking to quell tensions in the region. Cui bono?

Israel has long been known for its preemptive strikes as Tel Aviv attacks anyone they perceive a threat—before they become a threat. This latest well-timed crisis—targeting Qatar—is consistent with the strategic use of deception to move the world closer to a war that Israel has long sought with Iran. By initiating a crisis involving a nation not presently hostile to Iran, game theory war-planners set in motion the dynamics best described by a Mossad katsa (case officer): “When the orchestra starts to play, we just hum along.”

It’s no coincidence that I met Canadian computer genius Gus German in 1979. Why? Because the same trans-generational (Jewish) criminal syndicate stalking me was also stalking the most brilliant minds in computers and information technology. In 2003, Mossad operatives sought to recruit Paul Sop, his colleague in the development of amorphous storage or what became cloud computing.[14]

AlphaBase Systems, Inc. my business software applications firm (I was a co-founder) was considered the best available database software in the mid-80s by Jerry Lockhart who was tasked with overseeing the Bell Systems’ transition from analog to digital switching. That’s when he detected the Israelis attempting to imbed their ‘sniffing’ operations inside our national switching system at the advent of the Internet. Both the Qatari hacking and the attribution of false statements—meant to provoke a crisis—suggests a classic Israeli operation staged by those who leverage their small numbers with their commitment to “wage war by way of deception” (the motto of the Mossad).

Mental & Emotional Exploitation. Those profiled routinely exploit emotions as a means to displace facts and critical thinking. Thus their recurring deployment of fear, insecurity and threats to survival. The consistency of this behavior suggests that the party’s traumatic experience emotionally blinded him such that he was (a) susceptible to forming a bond with Dick Cheney, and (b) predisposed to granting credibility to Cheney’s analysis regarding the use of nuclear weapons with, I gather, no mention of the underlying, Israeli-manipulated dynamics as serial agent provocateurs, crisis creators and specialists in game theory warfare.

Appendix B features an analysis of Veterans Today, a popular website that recently featured a similar story on the use of nuclear weapons. The site is periodically portrayed as “anti-Semitic” even as the (Jewish) founder/editor routinely features disinformation advancing Israeli narratives. The repeated use of this nuclear theme is similar to repeatedly casting Russia as the problem. This is misdirection traceable to the same parties.

After a Supreme Court opinion declared George W. Bush president, Jewish neoconservatives Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz created the Office of Special Plans in the Pentagon to “fix” the post-9/11 intelligence they provided to Vice President Cheney through Lewis Libby, his (Jewish) neocon Chief of Staff. That’s how so few can leverage their small numbers—aided by crises such as 9/11—to have a far-reaching impact. Befriend to betray, displace facts with false beliefs and, whenever transparency is threatened, hide behind the toxic smear of “anti-Semitism” or the discrediting charge of “conspiracy theory.” Thus the power behind the facts of my life experience in proving the who, how and why of these agenda-advancing crises.

I was routinely drawn into venues where those profiled were pre-staging financial frauds or geopolitical manipulations. For example, in 1987 I was drawn into a transaction to sell an office building in Manhattan previously owned by the Shah of Iran.[15] The building was then controlled by Hashemi Rafsanjani as president of the Iranian Parliament who was in business with Marc Rich. Rich was working for the Mossad while also buying and selling Iranian oil during the embargo. He supplied Israel with Iranian oil and recycled a portion of the profits to Birthright Israel, a psy-ops outfit that preys on impressionable Jewish youth by taking them on expense-paid trips to Israel to discover their inner Zionist—a key means for constantly replenishing the ranks of Israel’s mission-critical sayanim corps (volunteers for Israeli operations).[16]

While working on that transaction, I met a man who was introduced to me as Pincus Green, Rich’s partner. On Bill Clinton’s last day as president in January 2001, he preemptively pardoned Rich after being lobbied by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres, Ehud Olmert (then mayor of Jerusalem), Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami, Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit and leading members of the Jewish community in the U.S. Rich was pardoned because he was a loyal soldier for Israel with Bill and Hillary Clinton performing as reliable assets. Rich then went on to sell Iraqi oil during their embargo, again supplying oil to Israel.

James Comey played a major role in investigating Bill Clinton’s part in granting Marc Rich a pardon. The Comey-led FBI investigation of an alleged Rich-related bribe provided to the Clintons proved inconclusive. See this article from Haaretz: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-1.754873. I say again for emphasis: it’s no coincidence that I was drawn into the same circles of influence where these operatives were active. In a telling comment on the cyber warfare being deployed against the U.S. (and now Qatar), former Director Comey rightly cautioned, “They will be back.”[17] The FBI concluded that Russian hackers were responsible but not the Russian government.[18] Who had the means, motive and opportunity to mount such a duplicitous operation? Who has reliably displayed a “tireless genius for crisis?” Cui bono?

Those I profiled while being stalked my entire life exhibit three shared personality traits. First, they are psychopaths and sociopaths.[19] Second is their extreme arrogance as the self-described Chosen. Third is their obsessive-compulsiveness. That combination requires them to “act out” their belief that they are in control—and have a right to be in control—even though their self-absorbed behavior risks their exposure.

I am confident that those responsible now suspect they’ve been “played” by our true national security apparatus. I believe they are being induced to believe that we view Russia as the problem when, in truth, Russia is collaborating in helping expose Israel as the common enemy operating as a serial agent provocateur with a “tireless genius for crisis”—including a crisis of just the sort now emerging in the region. Hacking Qatari media and making it appear that Doha is backing terrorism and using Russia as the fall guy was a huge mistake for them. That apparatus knows the former emir was removed due in large part to that backing. Our true national security apparatus also knows that Saudi support for madrassas remains ongoing and that Prince Bandar, former Saudi Ambassador to the U.S., aided the Muslim Brotherhood.

The True Dark State. The terms “Dark State” and “Deep State” trace their currently popular usage to Steve Bannon, Trump’s ultranationalist Strategic Adviser, due to the heightened exposure now confronting those profiled. For the same reason (i.e., misdirection), Bannon was branded an “anti-Semite” by our pro-Israeli mainstream media even though, according to Chabad Lubavitch devotee Jared Kushner, “He’s an incredible Zionist and loves Israel.”[20] The Dark State became imbedded deeply inside our government dating to 1948 when a Zionist Christian President (Harry Truman) was deceived to bestow the appearance of validity and acceptability on the true Deep State by recognizing the Zionist experiment as a legitimate state.

Though the C.I.A. is forbidden to operate inside the U.S., we’ve long allowed Israeli intelligence to do so. Despite the Israel lobby’s obvious behavior as a foreign agent (most recently its lobbying the U.S. to wage wars in Syria and Iran), it has escaped compliance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act requiring registration by agents representing the interests of foreign powers in a “political or quasi-political capacity.” I am confident that our true national security interests are working to expose those chronicled in these accounts even as those complicit continue—as with Qatar—to display their “tireless genius for crisis.”

Senator John McCain’s behavior at the Comey hearings suggests that he realizes his multi-decade role as a reliable asset is nearing exposure.[21] As linear jurisprudence adapts to ensure legal accountability for the nonlinear role played by assets and sayanim,[22] McCain’s behavior will likely soon be seen as exemplifying how this systemic treason proceeds in plain sight. His current role as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services entitles him to attend Intelligence Committee meetings as an ex officio member.

(3) How to solve this problem. I am thrilled by these latest developments. Their production of the Trump presidency is so far over-the-top that even skeptics are forced to concede that something is fundamentally amiss inside our government. What’s wrong is simple: working through an earlier asset whose presidency they produced (Harry Truman), we were induced to (a) befriend those profiled, and (b) recognize an enclave of Jewish elites and extremists as a legitimate state. These psychopaths quickly imbedded their duplicitous operations inside our government—as my life experience proves beyond any reasonable doubt.

A problem remains just a problem without a practical, replicable and scalable solution. As systems analysts say, “If you’ve not yet identified the solution, you’ve not yet identified the problem.” The NewRock solution provides a bright, positive, uplifting and youth-oriented prescription to a long-festering systemic malady. In marketing parlance, the model is the “pull-through.” The “push” is proof confirming the common source of the problem—and the ability to show that, absent a course correction, the consensus model is unsustainable: fiscally, socially and ecologically. We view the problem as a systemic risk management challenge best addressed with improved design. What’s the point if the proposed solution cannot advance genuinely holistic sustainability by fostering healthy and resilient communities and nations?

In our hands, $10 million in seed capital (and granting us “benefit of the doubt”) is more valuable than $100 billion in the hands of those without the proof and knowledge that we can provide and the locale-adaptable solution we offer. When those profiled realize the funds are in place and our team can focus full-time on the solution, they will become even more reckless and transparent. With those funds, we can undertake the initial financial modeling, prepare the presentations and craft the full business plan, including the formation of a globally networked think tank that advises on policies required to adapt the model locally.

With these funds we will be able to raise the capital needed to seed the model. At the grantor’s preference, the funds sought can be structured as a senior debt note and recovered from future operations as the model is launched. We anticipate meeting after Ramadan with you in London or in Washington at the offices of #############. When we meet, we can discuss other parties we’ve identified as potential collaborators.

The emerging fact patterns suggest that the UAE has been “played” by those profiled. So has Saudi Arabia. With Saudi Vision 2030, those profiled persuaded Riyadh to “walk the plank” both financially and strategically. What’s presently envisioned as a solution worsens the systemic risks imbedded at the core of a flawed model designed into that vision. The problems facing the region cannot be solved with a pledge to buy $350 billion in arms from the U.S. That reflects a real estate developer’s version of The Art of the Deal as a way to secure for Israel what it seeks by ensuring that the U.S. arms not only Israel but also Saudi Arabia.

In classic game theory fashion, Israel foe Saudi Arabia emerged as an Israeli ally in opposition to Iran after we were deceived to invade Iraq. In hindsight, it’s clear we were induced to suspend critical thinking in the emotionally wrenching aftermath of the mass murder of 9/11. That provocation reportedly took ten years to plan and execute and required a stable nation state with intelligence operations inside the U.S. We were induced to rely on false intelligence pre-staged well prior to the crisis of 9/11. That deception was aided by those stalking me who blocked engagement with the intelligence I gathered from senior personnel in Iraq indicating what was only confirmed after the war began: Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Again, cui bono? The facts confirm that those stalking me are also responsible for this ongoing geostrategic duplicity.

Donald Trump is ill informed, arrogant and, most dangerous of all, incurious. Those traits make him dependent on advice provided by the Zionist extremists and pro-Israel ultranationalists who produced his presidency. This is their presidency, not his. When that $10 million is deposited (with a term sheet featuring performance milestones) in a new entity outside the US, those complicit in this deceit will know their exposure is only a matter of time and their behavior, in response, will become even more transparent.

Meanwhile, we will focus on solving the problem with a business model that, step-by-step, will begin to displace those responsible for creating consistently suboptimal outcomes—regardless of ideology. With these facts and analyses, transparency will follow. The source of this duplicity will become clear as the model is launched. Working parallel tracks—with education at the core—this problem can be solved on a for profit basis.By early next week, you will receive a summary of how, by combining these facts and analyses with NewRock’s systemic solution, we can create a multi-billion dollar company by the second quarter of 2018. The party we met at his home ######## told us he needed real companies, the right deals and a detailed business plan to help us secure the funding needed to scale. We feel we have identified the right partners in ######## with the right mix of companies we can use to fund our core vision and build from there. 


Appendix A

Microsoft’s NT software was developed in Israel. Notoriously vulnerable to viruses, its design created an early demand for “cyber security” personnel to advise frustrated customers. In truth, the real software was written by Digital Equipment (DEC) and stolen by Microsoft. Military installations worldwide were run on PDP-11 Mini Mainframes with Microsoft NT a rebranded version of the DEC software. My company, AlphaBase Systems, Inc., was the first to run consumer applications on the Motorola 68000 processor. The intellectual property for that chip was stolen from DEC by way of Western Digital. Prior to porting or moving our software to the Motorola 68000, we ran on the Western Digital chip used by Alpha Microsystems. When they moved to the Motorola 68000, we followed as the first firm running business applications on that processor.

When DEC co-founder Ken Olsen felt that his engineers were dragging their feet, he approached Western Digital in an attempt to speed up development of the 16-bit processor. He provided Western Digital the instruction set for the processor that would power DEC PDP-11 mini-computers. If you have both the chip and the instruction set, you can reverse engineer the software. That’s what Western Digital did in collaboration with Motorola. That reverse-engineered DEC software (in addition to outright stealing it) with their development team became Microsoft NT featuring a “back door” enabling Israeli access to software applications worldwide. Microsoft was sued and could have been broken up if those who had taken over DEC weren’t controlled by pro-Israeli interests.

Bill Lucky, the man who set me up to be murdered in 1991 in New Orleans, was advising the CEO of DEC when they settled a lawsuit that no one would have, protecting Bill Gates from what he had done. Bill changed his name from his native Hungarian. His mother was a first cousin to George Soros. Ken Olsen was Mormon (aka “the Lost Tribe of Israel”).

When I met my co-founding partner in AlphaBase, he was an accomplished hacker who wrote the operating systems for Cleveland-based Perkin-Elmer mini mainframes in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He knew who I was but we never discussed it. I met him because he was brilliant and could be used as he was. His real abilities were his expertise in hacking into any system that existed then or would exist today. Prior to us meeting, he was used to hack mainframes in the late 1970’s. Charges against him were dropped when he met me and became a party to the stalking, including a scheme that defrauded me of my equity interest in AlphaBase with the help of a (Mormon) law firm that was ostensibly representing my interests. I did not discover any of this until after a sophisticated bank fraud was perpetrated on me in 1981-82.

Roy Love, our minority partner in AlphaBase, developed our ability to encrypt our software while I developed the marketing strategy that allowed us to sell into a broad-based market. I based our marketing solution on a pricing model geared to the number of “seats” or users with our encryption capacity able to enforce the terms of the contract (an early “back door”). Our marketing strategy meant we could sell 3-10 users for the PC market at a consumer-affordable competitive price while also selling the same software to mainframe and mini-mainframe users for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today Oracle sells their business applications software based on a marketing model I created in 1983.

The person behind our encryption expertise also wrote encryption codes for U.S. satellites used by the C.I.A. to transmit classified data globally.[23] Back doors ensured that Israelis had access to everything at all times with encryption coding often providing the portal. Thus the early Israeli focus on cyber security as a means to eavesdrop on information systems worldwide. We even received a call at AlphaBase from someone seeking assistance at a nuclear weapons silo. In short, there is no security. Our systems engineers were the best in the industry. That’s why they joined Steve Jobs to develop the Apple computer and what became the iPhone.

See Appendix C for how the cloud provides those profiled an enhanced means to snoop, listen, profile and manipulate on a global scale. The following page features the graphic given by Mossad operatives to Paul Sop, Gus German’s colleague, when Israel sought to recruit Paul in 2003 while he and Gus were developing amorphous storage or what became cloud computing.

There’s a lesson here for anyone willing to study the facts and analyses pivoting off my life experience. If a single 18-year old Jewish-American hacker living in Israel can without detection use the Internet to threaten 245 Jewish Community Centers in the U.S. and have those cyber attacks blamed on Americans, what does that suggest for the capacity of the 5,000 sophisticated “cyberwarriors” at the IDF’s Unit 8200? What does that suggest when Israeli intelligence sought to recruit pioneers in developing what is now the highly vulnerable cloud?

My life experience proves beyond any reasonable doubt the common source of this treachery. When reviewing these facts and the repetitive behavior patterns of those I profiled, recall the Mossad’s operating motto: “Thou shalt wage war by way of deception.” We are well into the Information Age but we still can’t figure this out? Why not?

Appendix B

Below is Jeff’s June 11 response on receipt of a May 14 article from the Veterans Today website titled, “Trump Planning To Nuke NYC To Save His Own Ass?” Veterans Today founder and editor Gordon Duff is a career-long disinformation and black-ops specialist who retired from the C.I.A. with rank equivalent to a colonel.

< ——- >

Gents —

Veterans Today founder/editor Gordon Duff lured me onto the board of editors at Veterans Today (I’m a Vietnam vet). I contributed numerous articles until I realized what he was doing — and why. After I published several serious pieces drawing on facts and analyses pivoting off Mel’s life experience, Gordon published a huge piece on UFOs — associating this work with fringe analyses, conspiracy theories, etc.

There’s lots of reasons for the title of our 2008 book, Guilt By Association. This discrediting technique is called “correspondence theory” — associate someone with non-credible reports, suspect people, salacious sex, noxious ideas (e.g., conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism), etc. It’s a psy-ops technique that traces its origins to antiquity. Thus the systemic discrediting of the U.S. due to our “special friendship” with Israeli policies — particularly within the Muslim world. Americans are largely clueless about how this works or its common source.

Gordon and I spent ten days together in Pakistan in early 2010 at the invitation of their military. It took a few days listening to him to grasp that he was an Israeli double agent. The goal was to discredit me and to create a schism between Mel and I as a way to undermine this work. He even offered me a house to occupy in Kentucky.

He candidly described himself as a psychopath. Like most, he’s charming. See below for the clinical descriptors featured on p. 21 of Guilt By Association to grasp the common traits shared by those Mel profiled. Note how those traits also aptly describe Israeli policy.

Gordon ran the knife course for U.S. Special Forces. He was recruited into the CIA while a Marine in Vietnam. He became the CIA person in Berkeley in the late 60s, then migrated to Miami with a specialty on Cuba — keeping in mind that the CIA is forbidden to operate inside the U.S. which only further confirms whose interests he was advancing. Miami has long been a center for (Jewish) organized crime and a center for money laundering, particularly for South America. The first two shows for the T.V. series, Burn Notice (about operatives in Miami) were based on his experience there.

He urged me to insert “fake news” in my analyses to make them more interesting, advising me that the readers will never know. That’s classic Israeli psy-ops — conflating fact and fiction so the reader can’t distinguish one from the other, undermining their self-confidence.

His was a “join and undermine” effort right out of the Mossad playbook. He was/is the “real deal” in a certain way. He had the head of the Mossad on his speed dial. He immediately recognized two Mossad agents who were staying in our hotel in Islamabad.

He’s whip smart, a fine/fast writer and a life-long specialist in psy-ops with a Jewish mother and a Scottish father (Duff). He’s someone with whom we cannot afford to associate. Others in the blogosphere are also onto him and avoid him.

His behavior in Pakistan discredited the person who organized the trip in the eyes of their military. He was unable to restore his reputation prior to his death two years ago. Gordon and I met with the head of the ISI (Pakistani intelligence) and provided numerous briefings where he routinely went “off script” in a way that made no sense unless the goal was what I describe above.

His cadre of contributors are a mix of conspiracy theorists and naive well-intentioned people who don’t yet realize how they undermine their credibility by appearing on the site. Duff and VT exemplify how Israeli psy-ops can proceed in plain sight—behind the veneer of analyses that appear to expose Israeli operations (including the credibility-by-association name: Veterans Today). After all, the readers will never know. Tragically, nor will the writers. Just blend fact with fiction in the VT Cuisinart and who will be the wiser…

Gordon came to Arizona to meet with Mel and I. He was no match for Mel who saw right through him. He brought with him a dysfunctional/retired Special Forces colonel who is now featured on the site. Both draw disability pensions for their PTSD.

Hope this helps you grasp our concerns about the site.

All best,


psychopathy n. A mental disorder roughly equivalent to antisocial personality disorder, but with emphasis on affective and interpersonal traits such as superficial charm, pathological lying, egocentricity, lack of remorse, and callousness that have traditionally been regarded by clinicians as characteristic of psychopaths, rather than social deviance traits such as need for stimulation, parasitic lifestyle, poor behavioural controls, impulsivity, and irresponsibility that are prototypical of antisocial personality disorder. Whether psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder share a common referent is an open question. Compare sociopathy.


Appendix C. The Cloud as a Psy-Ops Tool

Those who pose the greatest threat to stability, peace and national security are not radical Islamic extremists but the Israelis and pro-Israelis who produced a series of U.S. presidencies. Their latest production is so clearly unfit that the common source of this problem can now be made transparent and this duplicity addressed at its source. The remedy requires an understanding of how cyber warfare is now being waged with the assistance of social media. Note throughout the role that the cloud is poised to play in enabling the profiling and manipulation of unsuspecting peoples worldwide.[24]

To succeed with this manipulation, the Trump campaign retained Cambridge Analytica.[25] At the direction of Jared Kushner, Cambridge combined psychometric profiling with artificial intelligence to identify, micro-target and manipulate unwary voters—on behalf of a foreign government that I believe cut a deal with Trump to produce a victory in return for his support for the Israeli agenda.[26] Naïve Americans believe that this “psy-op” was an election victory in much the same way that the public is presently being induced to believe—regardless of the facts—that Russia and Qatar are the problem.

Cambridge Analytica, specialists in “election management,” boasts that it has amassed 4-5,000 data points on 220 million adult Americans. As proven by the 2016 election, Big Data can be used to make a mockery of democracy. On the basis of just ten preferences such as Facebook “likes,” online-available data can evaluate a person better than their typical work colleague. Seventy “likes” are enough to know a person better than their friends. With 300 data points, profilers can know a person better than their partner. With a few more—from online searches, shopping data, memberships, etc.—psychometrics can profile a person beyond what that person thought they knew about themselves. With cloud-accessible Big Data, the cyberwarriors of Unit 8200 can deploy a psy-ops strategy with global reach.[27]

Big Data-available data points enable micro-targeters to devise algorithms able to segment audiences (voters, consumers, etc.) so that messages can be sent online as “dark posts” seen by no one but those targeted.[28] The 2016 personality-targeting parody of an election also helps explain why asset Donald Trump has no fixed policy positions. Every message that “his” campaign crafted was driven by Big Data-informed psychometrics aligned as accurately as possible to the personality of each targeted voter.

Big Data-derived digital footprints enabled the profiling that adapted the “product” (Donald Trump) to targeted personalities. His message became whatever the psychometrics called for to solicit the target’s vote—or persuade them not to vote. As Vladimir Putin pointed out: “Trump’s team was more efficient during the election campaign.” While his opposition poured funds into broadcasting, the Trump psy-ops team was narrowcasting as they market-tested messages that were then targeted to the (profiled) mindset of those identified as “persuadeables.” Donald Trump did not do this; he doesn’t even do email.

This is another reason why I am confident that the (pro-Israel) media obsession with Russia obscures the Israeli role. Likewise for the crisis traceable to a cyber attack casting Qatar as the latest Evil Doer. Whose narrative is advanced by injecting that storyline into the public’s consciousness at this point in time? Who has a long history of displaying a “tireless genius for crisis”? Again, cui bono?

If, as the facts suggest, candidate Trump struck a deal with Tel Aviv, the 2016 election proved not the robustness of U.S. democracy but its susceptibility to psy-ops in the age of social media and Big Data. The result: those profiled placed in the Oval Office a Commander-in-Chief willing to provide a foreign government (Israel) with virtual control over U.S. foreign policy.[29] Yet this classic asset is proving to be so reckless and narcissistic that his ‘producers’ now realize he may not be reliably controllable.

His attacks on “fake news” reflect his insecurity about the legitimacy of his fake news-enabled Electoral College victory. With transparency, it will soon become apparent that fake news was deployed as a form of psy-ops weaponry to sway profiled voters in those states that the Trump campaign knew were key to the appearance of victory.[30] Rather than the ‘informed consent’ anticipated in free elections, his campaign deployed misinformation and outright deception to manipulate naïve and trusting Americans.

Though the source of this geostrategic duplicity traces to Israel, the facts suggest that the real enemy is the international Israel lobby and U.S. officials who enabled—and continue to enable—this duplicity by their support of the U.S.-Israel “special friendship” despite the hidden tax on humanity that this relationship has long enabled. With the Big Data now accessible to cyberwarriors on the cloud, this systematic profiling and manipulation is poised to operate on a genuinely global scale.

Comment. In the 1960s, my father, then serving his first of four terms as Governor of New York, realized that our institutions would fail us—as they have. He viewed transcultural education as freedom’s “last line of defense” against the duplicitous few that I have profiled for much of my life. With transparency, those responsible will no longer be able leverage their small numbers—and their exploitation of knowledge—to impose such immense costs on humanity. Nor will these serial predators be able to continue to portray themselves as victims. With transparency will come accountability.

As the NewRock model brings social media, search engines and telecom under the umbrella of user-owned entities, those complicit in enabling this fraud can be made transparent and the use of Big Data can be reserved such that, with each person’s consent, their personal data can be deployed to upgrade healthcare and incentivize behavior conducive to creating healthy and resilient communities.[31] With improved financial design, those no

[1] Kushner was introduced to Ambassador al-Otaiba in June 2016 by the Ambassador’s friend, Thomas Barrack Jr., a Lebanese-American fundraiser for Trump. Jodi Kantor, “For Kushner, Israel Policy May Be Shaped by the Personal,” The New York Times, February 11, 2017.

[2] Sayanim (singular sayan) play an essential support role. Hebrew for volunteers or helpers, sayanim are shielded from culpability under linear law by being told only enough to perform their narrow role. Though they may play an essential task in the commission of a far broader crime (e.g., treason) these volunteers could pass a polygraph test because recruiters ensure they are kept ignorant of the intended result. Similar to military reservists, sayanim are activated when their skills are required to support Israeli operations. They agree to remain “on call” for missions they believe are in the best interest of Israel. In effect, sayanim operate as a cost-effective undercover corps. When not engaged in an operation, they gather and report intelligence useful to Israel. Morris Amitay, a former executive director of the Israel lobby (AIPAC), explains: “There are a lot of guys at the working level up here [on Capitol Hill]…who happen to be Jewish, who are willing…to look at certain issues in terms of their Jewishness…These are all guys who are in a position to make the decision in these areas for those senators…You can get an awful lot done just at the staff level.”

[3] [This note also appears in the June 5 memo to Defense Secretary Jack Mattis.] For example, Jared’s father, Charles, contributed $1.5 million to the election of Jim McGreevey as Governor of New Jersey and sponsored a work visa for Golan Cipel, an Israeli national and likely Mossad operative. Gov. McGreevey appointed Kushner to the board of the Port Authority and named Cipel, his gay lover, an adviser on homeland security. Those Kushner-enabled decisions pre-staged a sex scandal that ended McGreevy’s governorship, enabling the rise of Trump ally Chris Christie as governor. Sex-related espionage is standard operating procedure among those I profiled as seen in the Monica Lewinsky “salacious sex” scandal that distracted Bill Clinton during the pre-staging of 9/11. Like Clinton, an easily profiled rake, Lyndon Johnson was targeted by “former” Irgun operative Mathilde Krim and her husband, Arthur Krim, who was then president of United Artists and chair of the finance committee for the Democrats. That well-timed affair ensured that an Israeli operative was “servicing” a U.S. Commander-in-Chief in the White House the night that Israel launched its 1967 war. We now know that provocative land grab had been planned since 1951 according to an Israeli Air Force General.

[4] For example, during the first war-planning term of the G.W. Bush presidency, Abrams served as senior director of Near East and North African Affairs for the National Security Council, with responsibility for Iraq and Iran. Prior to Condi Rice’s first trip to Israel as Secretary of State, Abrams conferred with Dov Weisglass, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s top adviser, to set the agenda for the Rice-Sharon meetings. Abrams participated in the November 2004 Oval Office meeting with Bush and Natan Sharansky, Israeli minister for Jerusalem and diaspora affairs whose relationship dates to the mid-1970s when Sharansky worked closely with neoconservative Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson (aka “the Senator from Boeing”) who employed Abrams, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith. The “Jackson-Vanik amendment” to a trade bill mandated the Soviet release of Ashkenazi Jews as a condition for U.S. grain shipments. Those émigrés form the electoral base of the rightwing Likud party. During Rice’s August 2006 travels in the Middle East, Abrams maintained direct contact throughout with Vice President Cheney’s office. Billing himself an unapologetic “gladiator” in the cause of freedom, Abrams was convicted of lying to Congress about Ronald Reagan’s role in the Iran-Contra arms trade in which Tel Aviv served as the primary weapons broker. A Zionist opposed to assimilation, he argues in Faith or Fear: How Jews Can Survive in a Christian America that Jews “are to stand apart from the nation in which they live.” He insists that this mindset implies no “disloyalty” to the United States while also arguing that Jews “are in a permanent covenant with God and with the land of Israel and its people.”

[5] See the 2016 Alex Gibney documentary, Zero Days.

[6] Richard Behar, “Inside Israel’s Secret Startup Machine,” Forbes, May 11, 2016.

[7] Promis software was originally written in COBOL for use on mainframe computers; later a version was developed to run on 16 bit mini-computers such as the DEC PDP-11.

[8] Another “tell” became apparent when Russian mega-thief Miklhail Khodorkovsky, CEO of Yukos Oil, modeled his Open Russia foundation after Open Society operations and included Nathan Rothschild as a member of the board.

[9] China proved its “rise” as a potential military opponent and an Information Age superpower with a January 2007 demonstration of its ability to destroy a surveillance satellite. Beijing gained that military capability with the help of sophisticated gyroscopic technology provided by Loral, then led by CEO Bernard Schwartz, Bill Clinton’s largest political contributor. During that timeframe, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) boasted that advisory board member Stephen Bryen served for eight years as a Reagan-era Deputy Under Secretary of Defense where he founded the Defense Technology Security Administration and served as its first director. He then served on the Government Security Committee of Space Systems/Loral. Loral shareholders (i.e., not Schwartz or Breyer) were ordered to pay a $20 million fine for undermining U.S. national security. Pension plans are key holders of Loral shares.

[10] “Former” Israeli Defense Forces colonels Jason Barzilay and Daniel Platzker bragged to me about their role in creating the political career of Gray Davis, initially as an Assemblyman from West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. As Governor, Davis sponsored their proposed legislation ensuring that no insurance company could operate in California without first settling pending Holocaust claims. That law ensured the payment of billions of dollars by European firms ostensibly to assist impoverished Holocaust survivors—who remained impoverished. [See California Insurance Code §790.15.]

[11] Presently, Barzilay “serves as an Executive Director at Dragon Ventures Management, a HK registered company offering complete solutions for Israeli companies wishing to establish a presence in Greater China.” See LinkedIn bio: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-barzilay-406b3738/?ppe=1

[12] This agreement either enhanced Israel’s access to our intelligence on them or enhanced our capacity to detect their operations inside our intelligence, defense and law enforcement agencies.

[13] In the first paragraph of Trump’s first address to the nation, his (Jewish) speechwriter Steve Miller inserted a comment about America’s need to address anti-Semitism. He cited in support of that national priority hundreds of phone threats to Jewish schools and community centers. Only later was it discovered that 245 of those calls were made by an 18-year old Jewish-American living in Israel. Isabel Kershner, Adam Goldman, Alan Blinder and Richard Perez-Peña, “Teenager in Israel Is Arrested in Threats to U.S. Jewish Centers,” The New York Times, March 24, 2017. “US files charges against teen accused of JCC bomb threats,” The Times of Israel, April 22, 2017. https://darknetmarkets.co/israeli-teenager-arrested-on-bomb-threats-in-us-made-millions-on-darknet/

[14] On September 15, 2015, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Adallom, an Israeli firm that developed security technology for remote servers, including those running Microsoft’s or Google’s cloud services. Its software can monitor user activity. Unknown is whether, as with Promis software, a designed-in “back door” enables ongoing snooping. Mossad recruiters provided Paul Sop with a 2002 graphic illustrating the dominance of Israeli firms in IT Security. That graphic is featured in Appendix A and also appears on page 191 of Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (2008)—also known as “the McCain book” with three chapters chronicling how his political career was produced by (Jewish) organized crime in Arizona, the state to which I was drawn in 1973.

[15] Arbitrageur Ivan Boesky, an accomplice of convicted stock swindler Michael Milken, occupied the top two floors.

[16] Many adjuncts of the Israel lobby operate as tax-qualified charitable organizations able to operate tax-free while also qualifying donations for tax deductions despite the fact that their operations undermine U.S. national security.

[17] Peter Baker and David E. Sanger, “Trump-Comey Feud Eclipses a Warning on Russia: ‘They Will Be Back,’” The New York Times, June 10, 2017.

[18] Patrick Wintour, “Russian hackers to blame for sparking Qatar crisis, FBI inquiry finds,” The Guardian, June 7, 2017.

[19] psychopathy n. A mental disorder roughly equivalent to antisocial personality disorder, but with emphasis on affective and interpersonal traits such as superficial charm, pathological lying, egocentricity, lack of remorse, and callousness that have traditionally been regarded by clinicians as characteristic of psychopaths, rather than social deviance traits such as need for stimulation, parasitic lifestyle, poor behavioral controls, impulsivity, and irresponsibility that are prototypical of antisocial personality disorder. Whether psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder share a common referent is an open question. Compare sociopathy. psychopath n. A person with psychopathy. psychopathic adj. [From Greek psyche mind + pathos suffering]

[20] “Exclusive Interview: How Jared Kushner Won Trump the White House,” Forbes, November 22, 2016.

[21] McCain’s questioning appeared to confuse the closed FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server with the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign. See Daniel Victor, “What Was Behind Those Befuddling McCain Questions?,” The New York Times, June 8, 2017.

[22] In linear law, intent is determinative in ascribing culpability. Murder and manslaughter are very different crimes; there’s a death in either case. Assets are acting out their unfulfilled needs and desires. Sayanim are protected from liability under traditional law by being told by their recruiters only enough to perform their tasks, insulating them from the mens rea (state of mind) required to ascribe culpability under linear jurisprudence.

[23] Minority partner Roy Love told me that he knew Christopher Boyce whose personal story of cyber espionage was portrayed in the 1985 film, The Falcon and the Snowman. While working at TRW, Boyce intercepted a message indicating a CIA plot to undermine the Australian government of Gough Whitlam because he wanted to close U.S. bases in Australia and withdraw U.S. troops from Vietnam. Disturbed by that information, Boyce gave satellite encryption codes to his friend Andrew Daulton Lee who sold them to the Soviets by delivering the codes to the Russian embassy in Mexico City. Boyce was paroled in September 2002 after serving 25 years. Since Whitlam’s removal in 1975 (he sought a more “even-handed” approach to Israel), Australia has grown steadily more responsive to policies sought by Israel.

[24] These facts and analyses were included in a June 5, 2016 memo provided to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, General Joseph F. Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Lt. General H.R. McMaster, National Security Adviser. The memo was copied to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Vladimir Putin.

[25] Cambridge Analytica received $100,000 from the Trump campaign in July 2016, $250,000 in August and $5 million in September. Hannes Grassegger & Mikael Krogerus, “The Data That Turned the World Upside Down,” Motherboard, January 27, 2017.

[26] John F. Kennedy declined a similar “deal” in the late stages of his struggling 1960 campaign when he sought financial assistance from the Manhattan-based Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. The Conference offered to provide the support he sought provided, as president, he would turn over to them the formulation of U.S. policy in the Middle East. The Conference has long been a coordinator of Israeli political operations globally. According to Charlie Bartlett who introduced Jack Kennedy to Jackie, the future First Lady, JFK was outraged that such a proposal was offered to the presidential nominee of a U.S. political party. The self-absorbed Donald Trump would not have hesitated to agree to such a deal to serve his narcissism regardless of the impact on our national interests

[27] See Tom Krazit, “Amazon Web Services AI exec: How cloud computing is driving artificial intelligence breakthroughs,” Geekwire, June 13, 2017. https://www.geekwire.com/2017/amazon-web-services-ai-chief-cloud-computing-driving-artificial-intelligence-breakthroughs/

[28] http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/20/opinion/the-secret-agenda-of-a-facebook-quiz.html?_r=0

[29] Evidence of that control is the fact that Lt. General Michael Flynn, fired as Trump’s National Security Adviser, faces potential liabilities for his work on behalf of Turkey while failing to comply with the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Meanwhile those working to take us to war on behalf of Israel escape the registration requirement. The issue has seldom been raised since John F. Kennedy, Attorney General Robert Kennedy and Senator J. William Fulbright, chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations, sought to force FARA compliance on the Zionist Organization of America in 1962-63. At the same time, President Kennedy sought to shut down the Zionists’ nuclear weapons program. Those initiatives ended with the Kennedy’s murder in November 1963. The murder of Robert Kennedy on June 6, 1968 ensured that those initiatives would not be revived. The Zionist Organization of America morphed into the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)/ Tel Aviv continues to expand the Jewish state’s arsenal of nuclear weapons.

[30] The Electoral College margin of victory was 79,646 votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Trump won those states by 0.2, 0.7 and 0.8 percentage points, respectively.

[31] For example, with a single-payer healthcare system, genetic markers become a form of knowledge (an asset) to inform healthcare rather than, as now, a liability that can be used to exclude those with preexisting conditions.


TO:                 ############################

FROM:            James M. (“Mel”) Rockefeller

RE:                  Meeting Request to discuss Qatari Security

DATE:             August 5, 2017

I write with evidence confirming that the crisis confronting Qatar was staged by those my father Nelson Rockefeller described in 1964 as sharing a “tireless genius for crisis.” I’ve been profiling those complicit for more than 35 years. The consistency of their deceit is now apparent along with their motive. Below is a description of how, working through a U.S. presidency that they produced (documented at pp. 8-9 of my attached June 5th memo to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis), these duplicitous few are again undermining U.S. national security by creating a crisis within the GCC. Qatar is collateral damage.

The Mattis memo and other materials appear on www.hiddentaxonhumanity.com, including the following analyses (also enclosed as exhibits):

  • Israelis and Saudis are Pre-Staging Their Next War (July 24, 2017)
  • Tel Aviv’s Takeover of the Republican Party (July 26, 2017)

To begin, please note the common denominator in this line-up of personnel in key positions to influence both U.S. national security and the prospects for war or peace in the Middle East:

  • Jared Kushner, Trump’s most trusted adviser, is a 36-year old devotee of Chabad Lubavitch, a messianic Hasidic sect that traces its origins to Russia of the 1770s. Yael (né Ivanka) is a convert.
  • Steve Miller, a 31-year old self-described “practicing Jew”, is Trump’s senior policy adviser and speechwriter. Miller shapes U.S. foreign policy for a president with a known aversion to reading.
  • Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a 31-year old outspoken Jewish advocate for regime change in Iran, served as Senior Director for Intelligence Programs for the National Security Council (he was removed August 2nd).
  • Steve Bannon, Trump’s strategic adviser as described by Jared Kushner: “All I know about Steve is my experience working with him. He’s an incredible Zionist and loves Israel.”[1]

I urge that you familiarize yourself with the enclosed materials and note throughout the duration of the duplicity and its common source. Consistent with Doha’s analysis of this crisis, consider:

Crisis #1. Trump’s (predominantly Jewish) circle of trusted advisers is orchestrating a volatile crisis within the Gulf Cooperation Council set in motion by:

  • A planning meeting at the home of Jared Kushner with (now) Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Sultan (“MbS”). Reflecting the outcome of classic game theory warfare, dominantly Sunni GCC members allied with Israel after the 9/11 crisis induced the U.S. to invade Iraq reliant on false intelligence fixed around Israel’s long-term goals for this resource-rich region.
  • Though Kushner, Miller, Cohen-Watnick, Bannon & Co. planned the trip to Riyadh, the leaders of Muslim nations who attended Trump’s May 21st speech lacked the facts required to understand that:
    • The Trump presidency is a political product of the (Jewish) elites and extremists profiled in my June 5th memo to Defense Secretary Mattis.[2]
    • Planning for the Trump visit to Riyadh traces to the same ultraorthodox Hasidic adviser (Kushner) who retained Cambridge Analytica to deploy AI-enabled micro-targeting of psychometric-identified voters in key electoral states to “win” the 2016 election (see pp. 8-9 of my memo to General Mattis).
    • Trump’s May 21st speech to Muslim leaders was written by (Jewish) adviser Steve Miller.
    • The intelligence provided Trump was vetted by (Jewish) adviser Ezra Cohen-Watnick.
    • These (Jewish) advisers urged a critique of Iran-friendly Qatar with no mention of Saudi support for madrassas and notwithstanding the geostrategic importance of the U.S. air base in Qatar.
    • Trump was placed in the White House to lend an appearance of legitimacy to policies designed to ensure U.S. support for a geopolitical strategy long pursued by the Israeli Right and its lobby.
  • The ingredients for catalyzing the next well-timed crisis are now coming into view:
    • Influenced by this Trump team, a Saudi-led “proposal” presented to Doha was meant not for mediation but for humiliation as demands were made on Qatari leaders that were impossible to meet without forfeiting sovereignty. The goal was not a settlement but another crisis in the region.
    • Tehran remains Tel Aviv’s target. By announcing a $110 billion arms sale to Riyadh,[3] Trump’s pro-Israeli advisers could exult that, with Iran a common enemy, “the enemy of my enemy is my (well-armed) friend” even as Saudis continue their support of radical Islamic extremism.
    • With Qatar sharing a natural gas field with Iran, Trump’s unqualified praise for Riyadh and his unqualified censure of Doha set the stage for escalation of a region-wide crisis.
    • Fifteen days after Trump’s speech, Israel announced an agreement with Cyprus, Greece and Italy to build its EastMed natural gas pipeline to Europe from the Leviathan field off the coast of Haifa with 500-620 billion cubic meters of reserves worth an estimated $100-$150 billion at current prices.[4] Tel Aviv signaled its resolve by dispatching Israeli troops to Cyprus.
    • Those who produced this presidency relied on Trump’s known proclivity for acting impulsively and his reliance on analyses provided by a few trusted (largely Jewish) advisers.
  • Trump’s visit to the “three great religions” was about one thing: Israel. Pope Francis was scarcely civil, announcing “protocol” in a stage whisper as he entered their meeting room, making fun of Trump’s weight and presenting him a copy of his encyclicals on climate change and the family.

Crisis #2. Pre-staging for the next crisis became clear with a June 26th report from the White House citing “potential preparations” for a chemical weapons attack by Syria. Crafted by Trump’s (predominantly Jewish) advisers, the statement said that if President Bashar al Assad “conducts another (sic) mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price.” This language all but ensured a false flag chemical weapons attack plausibly traceable to Assad and/or Iran. Trump was induced to announce this war-catalyzing “red line” by the same (predominantly Jewish) advisers that planned his trip to Saudi Arabia, the Vatican and Israel.

Two days after an alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack on April 4th (three days after the EastMed oil pipeline was announced), Trump ordered the firing of 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian air base despite the lack of hard evidence that Syria had used chemical weapons.[5] On the verge of preserving his presidency (Trump had already announced that the removal of Assad was no longer a priority), President Assad had no motive to provoke foreign intervention and Moscow would be far more upset than anyone in the West.

Rather than argue with a president who reads little, lacks any relevant history or knowledge, has no sense of strategy and is clearly incurious about the region and its complex dynamics, U.S. military leaders provided Trump the least-bad option so that this man-child asset could appear presidential as he ordered an expensive fireworks display that only further confirmed how easily his impetuous personality can be manipulated by his pro-Israel advisers. Rather than inform a naïve public that Donald Trump is an Israeli asset placed in office to start a war with Iran for Tel Aviv, a complicit media lionized him. Appearing on CNN, media asset Fareed Zakaria described that attack as marking when “Donald Trump became president of the United States.”[6]

The geostrategic goals of those complicit remain unchanged since the U.S. was induced in 1948 to recognize this enclave of elites and extremists as a legitimate state. At each stage of this treason, serial well-timed crises made it appear that the U.S. did this to itself. We did not. We were provoked and deceived to go to war in Iraq by those who now seek to take us to war in Syria and Iran—for Israel. That goal is the geostrategic rationale for staging the crisis in Qatar with the aid of the easily manipulated Mohammad bin Sultan. This corrosive impact on U.S. and global security has long been enabled by the failure of the U.S. to require that the expansive Israel lobby comply with the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Crisis-on-Cue. Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain are now poised to “do it to themselves” (as is Qatar) by the same parties that induced our embrace of the “Washington consensus” economic model. That widely shared mindset continues to incur record-level debt while concentrating wealth and income at an accelerating pace—undermining both democracies and markets while also exposing royal families to the regime change sought by those in Tel Aviv who now pretend to befriend them—much as Israel pretended to befriend the U.S. in the post-WWII era. The Saudis are on course to create the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, potentially topping $2 trillion in assets under management. The Emirates have hundreds of billions at risk in funds guided by the same flawed consensus paradigm. Likewise for the Qatar Investment Authority.

The worldwide financial-ization of assets amplifies the potential impact of a financial downturn triggered by a financial fraud (as with the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis) or another crisis staged by those with a “tireless genius for crisis”—such as a war with Iran, a cyber attack or financial turmoil triggered by a crisis traceable to an over-indebted major economy such as China. This systemic propensity for instability and crisis poses a regional threat to royal families and sets the stage for regime change.

MbS enhanced the prospect of that outcome with his impulse purchase in January 2016 of a €500 million, 440-foot yacht from a Russian oligarch who, in return for being overpaid ~€200 million for the Serena, the world’s third largest luxury yacht, vacated the vessel that same day. That self-absorbed behavior increased the likelihood of an outcome that advances the regime change goals of those profiled in my June 5th memo to Defense Secretary Mattis. With his impetuous attack on Qatar, the brash young Saudi leader now finds himself unable to retreat without losing face just as he deposed his cousin to emerge as Crown Prince.

Game Theory Warfare. The research pivoting off my life experience suggests that those advising MbS, including two people with whom he met on his visit to the U.S. (Jared Kushner and Mark Zuckerberg), helped induce him to take ill-advised steps that, in terms of game theory warfare, were destined to create the destabilizing dynamics that we now see emerging.

Those skilled at this geostrategic duplicity are profiled in the accompanying exhibits. Add to that list those with line authority in the U.S. who declined to engage in good faith the facts of my life experience and follow those facts wherever they lead (see the exhibits). An informed public will soon realize who aided and abetted this ongoing treason. To restate the warning in my June 5, 2017 memo to the four generals in the Trump Cabinet:

Until exposed and held accountable at law, those profiled will continue to manipulate this nation to expend our blood and treasure in the pursuit of outcomes inconsistent with our values and contrary to our true interests. Until this entangled alliance can be untangled, it’s essential that each of you—as military professionals subject to a constitutional oath of office—protect U.S. interests from those who produced this presidency.

To accelerate the completion of this essential task, I offered my assistance to these four generals and to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who previously led a firm (ExxonMobil) founded by my great-grandfathers.

I write to offer my advice and counsel to Qatar. I suggest we meet at the earliest possible opportunity to discuss not only these diagnostics but also a practical prescription designed, over time, to displace those profiled by seeding the NewRock business model summarized in the accompanying one-page overview.

When I return to the U.S. on August 8, I will contact your office in the hope and expectation that we can meet at your earliest convenience. In the interim, please call with any questions.

[1] Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to Trump, also played a hand in crafting Trump’s national security strategy. In February 2017, Congressman Trent Franks called Gorka “the staunchest friend of Israel and the Jewish people.”

[2] To mention only a few, those influences include Trump Organization attorney Jason Greenblatt, a Chabad Lubavitch devotee and now Trump’s senior adviser on international relations; Trump Organization bankruptcy attorney David Friedman, a long-time fundraiser for Israeli settlements in the occupied territories and now U.S. Ambassador to Israel; personal attorney Michal Cohen, since embroiled in scandal; and casino mogul and major Trump campaign contributor Sheldon Adelson, owner of the most-read newspaper in Israel (supportive of rightwing Israeli politicians and policies) along with Miriam Adelson, his equally rightwing Israeli wife.

[3] As usual, the Trump hype obscures the reality. In total, six proposed sales to the Saudis are valued at about $23.7 billion with the bulk of them agreed-to under a previous president. “Five of the six notifications were announced during the Obama administration, some as far back as 2013.” Elizabeth McLaughlin and Conor Finnegan, “The truth about President Trump’s $110 billion Saudi arms deal,” ABC News, June 6, 2017.      

[4] Eran Azran, “The Biggest-ever Infrastructure Project in Israel Gets Under Way,” Haaretz, February 27, 2017.

[5] See Seymour Hersh, “Trump’s Red Line,” Welt am Sonntag, June 25, 2017.

[6] The pre-staging of the war-catalyzing Clash of Civilizations narrative dates to no later than when CNN’s Fareed Zakaria studied at Harvard under Samuel Huntington and Stanley Hoffman. Princeton Professor Bernard Lewis published “The Roots of Muslim Rage” in the September 1990 issue of The Atlantic Monthly. An avid Zionist and supporter of the Israeli Right, the Lewis thesis informed what became Prof. Huntington’s Clash. While leading a 1992 Harvard research project on U.S. foreign policy, Zakaria was appointed managing editor of Foreign Affairs, ensuring he emerged as a media star at age 28 as head of the flagship publication for the influential Council on Foreign Relations. My Uncle David and A.I.G Chairman/CEO Maurice (“Hank”) Greenberg were then Directors of the Council and key financial supporters. The Clash thesis first surfaced under Huntington’s name in a 1992 lecture at the American Enterprise Institute, the neoconservative think tank that later played such a key role in selling the war in Iraq. Zakaria featured that lecture in the Summer 1993 issue of Foreign Affairs. To transform a thesis into a national narrative required the release in 1996 of a book-length Clash accompanied by a public relations and marketing campaign as more than 100 non-governmental organizations helped sell what soon became an internalized national security consensus proclaiming that cultural and religious identities would emerge as the primary and, with 9/11, plausible conflict-of-opposites in the post-Cold War era.