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Israeli Pre-staging of 9/11 & Tel Aviv’s Alliance with Beijing

On March 18, 2001, I met in Jakarta with Lt. General Arie Kumaat, head of Indonesian intelligence. Arie knew that Israeli operatives were imbedded in our intelligence agencies, in the Pentagon, and throughout our diplomatic corps. Aware of their pervasive influence in shaping our national security policy and corrupting our intelligence, he sought a back channel to President Bush when he found that Israel was attempting to bribe members of the Indonesian Parliament to push the U.S. out of the region in favor of China.

In a soundproof room built on stilts in a lake, he described how Indonesian intelligence uncovered a bribery operation channeled through a Jakarta-based nonprofit sponsored by Hungarian-American George Soros. Though Arie was scheduled to speak with George Tenet, then Director of Central Intelligence, he feared the intelligence would find its way to Tel Aviv.

Arie was also concerned that earlier that same week, India’s Minister of Defense had been removed for accepting a $25,000 bribe from an Israeli defense firm. At the same time, a bribe of the same amount by the same Israeli firm was attempted in Malaysia. We agreed that the small amounts suggested not bribes but coordinated sting operations meant to discredit senior defense officials. He described their operations as “out of theater repositioning”—the pre-staging of well-timed crises to destabilize key personnel in targeted venues at mission-critical junctures, making it easier to manipulate decision-making during an international crisis. All three Israeli operations were staged six months prior to 9/11.

We also discussed the Taliban’s destruction in Afghanistan of the two ancient Buddhas of Bamiyan (one of the statues nearly 180 feet tall) constructed during the third and fifth centuries AD along the ancient Silk Road 140 miles northwest of Kabul. That incident happened about a week prior to the sting operations. In March 2001, the Taliban were well known in the region for their strident fundamentalism and their oppression of women but were not well known elsewhere when Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar ordered the Buddhas destroyed.

I began to take more of an interest in the Taliban when Iraqi colleague Munther Ghazal asked me to accompany him to Kabul in January 2000 in response to an invitation from a senior Taliban leader. Sensing a set up, I persuaded him to decline. [See Chapter 2.] I told Arie that it appeared someone was working to raise the global profile of the Taliban as Evil Doers while also distracting attention in the lead-up to multiple bribes by the same Israeli defense firm. With that high-profile bombing, radical Islamic extremism was injected into the global field of consciousness, preparing minds worldwide for a narrative that would gain traction with the provocation of 9/11. Tellingly, the Bamiyan bombing was widely reported in U.S. media as a cultural “holocaust” when staged six months prior to 9/11.

Pre-Staging Clearly, But for What?

Arie and I thought a lot alike. While profiling those stalking me, I always looked for collateral issues due to the nonlinear nature of their operations. I quickly discovered that what I don’t know is often more useful than what I do. Reflecting on what we knew, we tried to imagine what operations were being pre-staged by these out-of-theater operations: the Israeli bribery operation, the coordinated Israeli targeting of defense ministers and the high-profile branding of a new Evil Doer.

He was concerned at the swiftness with which events can cause dramatic change. Four years earlier, a financial contagion triggered a region-wide currency crisis, collapsed asset prices and led to an explosion in debt. Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea were most affected along with Malaysia, Laos, Hong Kong and the Philippines. The entire region suffered from a loss of market demand and confidence as the 1997 “Asian flu” triggered riots in Indonesia that forced President Suharto from office in May 1998 after 30 years in power. The crisis also led to the independence of East Timor and intensified Islamic and separatist movements. If what Arie had uncovered was pre-staging to destabilize governments, how would that unfold, who was behind it and who stood to benefit?

That history also motivated his interest in the stabilizing shared prosperity model that Glenn Olds and I devised for adaptation to Indonesia as a strategy for anticipatory conflict resolution. Arie even arranged for Tommy Suharto, youngest son of former President Suharto, to fly into Indonesia to meet with me to discuss the model as a means for his family to restore their reputation. Arie did a complete work-up on me. He knew about my meetings in Poland in 1995 and Iraq in 1997. He spoke to Iraqi intelligence and to Dr. Nidhal al-Hamdani, Saddam’s nuclear physicist with whom I conferred at length. He also spoke to intelligence agencies in the U.S. the E.U. and China. He knew Glenn advised me and that Glenn had known former President George H.W. Bush since 1947.

He anticipated that Glenn could provide a back channel to President George W. Bush to warn him about Israeli operations uncovered by Indonesian intelligence. He sought a means to brief Dubya about evidence of pre-staging for a major operation that was as yet unclear. The marketing of a plausible Evil Doer was also a concern. According to Arie, the destruction of the Buddhas “lit up” intelligence agencies throughout the region. Those concerns were heightened by evidence tracing the bribery operation to financial speculator George Soros whose speculative operations helped trigger the “Asian flu.”

Henrie Kumaat and I flew to Oregon to brief Glenn so that Henrie could provide a first-person account of our meetings—for which Henrie interpreted. We drove out to Pacific City so the sound of the ocean would hinder any listening devices. Glenn, then 80, conceded he was unfamiliar with officials in the Bush II Administration. He was also not yet fully persuaded of the depth of the duplicity I had profiled for two decades. After 9/11, he acknowledged that I had been correct all along about the common source of this threat. However, soon after 9/11, those advising (and deceiving) President Bush had so isolated our Commander-in-Chief that not even his father could reach him to advise against the invasion of Iraq.

The Beijing-Tel Aviv Connection

Just after Henrie and I briefed Glenn, I called the State Department to schedule a briefing for Rick Haynes, their Indonesian specialist. At 4 a.m. on April 11, 2001, the day we had scheduled to meet, Beijing unexpectedly contacted the White House to announce the pending release of 24 U.S. service people. Ten days earlier, the day after we briefed Glenn, a Chinese military jet clipped the wing of a U.S. military surveillance plane in international airspace, killing a Chinese pilot and forcing the U.S. plane to land where its crew was taken into custody. On the evening of April 10, negotiations were still ongoing for their release.

Rick told me that the announcement of their release early that morning caught the State Department completely by surprise. With little progress in negotiations, our diplomatic team had gone home for some much needed rest. Quickly waving me through security at the entrance to the State Department, he explained that we had no intelligence indicating the reason for the sudden announcement. The only known variable was the scheduling of our meeting. Rick asked if I thought the unexpected release had anything to do with the timing of our meeting to discuss Israel’s attempted bribery of the Indonesian Parliament to undermine U.S. interests in the region in favor of China. I assured him that I had no way of knowing.

My arrival at the State Department at that time and under those circumstances presented an array of anomalies that could only be resolved with an in-depth investigation that Rick confirmed would have been undertaken but for the timing of that release by Beijing. As he explained, due to who I am and the prominence of those with whom I met in Indonesia, the State Department was prepared to put me up in a nearby hotel until these anomalies could be resolved. Those anomalies included:

• Rick said he knew that on March 20, 2000, I engaged in a three-hour inflight discussion with the U.S. Ambassador to China Joe Prueher enroute from Beijing to the U.S. Rick said that Admiral Prueher was favorably impressed with my knowledge of international affairs and my assessment of China, Indonesia and the geopolitics in the region. Ambassador Prueher also confirmed that I had the requisite personal intelligence to discuss such sensitive matters the head of Indonesian intelligence.

• I had in-depth discussions with Arie Kumaat in Jakarta the previous month (March 2001) shortly after he uncovered evidence that a purported ally (Israel) betrayed us while (a) allying with a totalitarian state (China), and (b) undermining U.S. interests in the critical Pacific region where we had earlier been induced to wage an unnecessary and unwinnable war in Vietnam.

• I had been briefed by Arie Kumaat on Israeli sting operations, suggesting an attempt by Tel Aviv to pre-stage a well-timed crisis with geopolitical implications—six months prior to 9/11.

• Arie Kumaat shared my concern that the Taliban’s destruction in March of the Buddhas of Bamiyan may well signal more than just the demolition of religious symbols by Islamic extremists.

• I had traveled to Iraq in 1997 when such travel was forbidden—yet no one from the F.B.I. or any of our intelligence agencies had contacted me about my (illegal) trip or debriefed me on my findings.

• I had traveled to Baghdad with Munther Ghazal, the closest acquaintance of Saddam Hussein then living in the U.S—yet Iraqi specialists in the State Department refused to meet with me on my return despite my offer to brief them on the intelligence I uncovered.

• I had traveled into and out of Iraq through Jordan with the assistance of King Hussein who organized my security in an effort that he personally coordinated with Saddam Hussein.

• I had in-depth discussions with a top Iraqi nuclear physicist in early 1997 and returned with indications of no WMD, an in-country offer to remove Saddam Hussein without a war and a proposal to provide U.S. firms with the bulk of the reconstruction and oil contracts.

• Middle East specialists in the State Department assured me on my return from Iraq that I should not brief them on the intelligence I gathered but must first brief Richard Haass at Brookings who did not return my three calls. On my arrival at the State Department six months prior to 9/11, he was serving as Director of Policy Planning.

• In April 1997, I had briefed Canada’s Middle East specialists and counsel to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, offering an alternative to war in Iraq as a means to remove Saddam Hussein. I was assured that a record of our meeting in Ottawa would be preserved for future reference.

• To ensure that the State Department confirmed my genealogy with a family member, in 1993 I had successfully applied for a passport that named as my father my cousin Jay, then a U.S. Senator (John D. Rockefeller IV), even though I knew that Nelson, Jay’s Uncle, was my father. I was confident that neither Jay nor any member of the Rockefeller family could protest without raising an issue that the family (and the Rockefeller Trust) wished to avoid. Though filing a false application for a U.S. passport is a federal crime, no charges were brought. I call this strategy “taking position” on someone—in this case, both the family and the Trust. Let me explain.

Rockefeller Family Complicity

Glenn and I discussed my passport application strategy. When, as expected, a State Department official called to confirm that I was not listed in Jay’s State Department files as a member of his family, I told the caller to speak directly with Jay. As expected, the passport was promptly issued with no further questions. Had the State Department investigated my application, they would have found that Jay was 13 years old when I was conceived in April 1951, confirming I had knowingly committed a federal crime. Glenn and I anticipated—correctly—that nothing would be done.

He and I agreed that this strategy would determine how much the family knew about me and when they knew. He was shocked as he had long been close to four of the five third-generation Rockefeller brothers. He also knew that, after a 1991 attempt on my life in New Orleans, Jay flew into New Orleans and soon thereafter fraudulent charges lodged against me by New Orleans Parish police disappeared. Jay was then campaigning for the Democratic Party nomination for president. On August 7, 1991, he terminated his campaign, citing personal and family reasons. Glenn had known since 1973 how the circumstances of my birth were used to preclude my father’s presidency.

By April 2001, Glenn had also experienced this stalking when we traveled to Poland together in 1995 where he saw firsthand a fraud orchestrated by Jerome Corsi, financed by Cincinnati multi-billionaire Carl Lindner and enabled in Warsaw by Nicolas Rey, then serving as U.S. Ambassador to Poland. He also knew that agents in the Minneapolis office of the F.B.I. sought to frame me for that fraud—though only after my return from Baghdad in February 1997 with intelligence that could have prevented the war in Iraq.

Only after 9/11 did the strategic significance of that fraud become apparent— along with the timing of the attempt by Minneapolis F.B.I. agents to discredit me. Repeated attempts to discredit me with use of that 1995 fraud—perpetrated by them—confirms their fear of what my life experience proves.

When in 1995 a reporter for a Polish business publication sought to confirm my relationship to the family, he contacted Donal O’Brien, senior attorney for the Rockefeller Trust at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy. As published in the Warsaw Business Journal, Mr. O’Brien told reporter Sean Bobbit, “He claims to be a member of the Rockefeller family, but we believe that these claims are absolutely groundless and have no basis whatsoever.” That statement discredited me in Poland and enabled a fraud on Minnesota investors for which F.B.I. agents in Minneapolis sought to frame me.

Though Mr. O’Brien promptly responded to inquiries from an unknown foreign journalist, when Ron Burd, my counsel since 1992, sought to identify the “we” and clarify what “belief” has to do with the facts of my relationship to the family, he received no reply. In short, it became clear that the Rockefeller Trust, through a family attorney, was willing to lie knowing I am a rightful beneficiary of a Trust that does not anticipate the exclusion of out-of-wedlock children of family members. Had the F.B.I. undertaken a timely good faith investigation, the common source of this stalking could have been identified and, as the facts confirm, the pre-staging of 9/11 uncovered.

Rockefeller Trust is my Insurance

A State Department investigation would have quickly discovered that I first wrote to Jay in June 1991 (followed by his withdrawal from a presidential race) and that Ron, as my counsel, wrote to him in November 1992. This does not imply that my cousin Jay was complicit in the stalking, only that a federal investigation may well have uncovered those pre-staging a complex agent provocateur operation (9/11) that intelligence experts claim took ten years to plan and execute without detection.

An investigation would also have alerted federal authorities to complicity within the senior ranks of the Mormons (aka the Lost Tribe on Israel). Mormons remain heavily recruited by the F.B.I., the State Department and our intelligence agencies. As I mentioned in the introduction, the day that my father died in January 1979, Mormon Warren Rustand knocked on the door of my home in Tucson wanting to play tennis. I soon found that he was there at that time and under those circumstances to gauge my reaction when he asked a series of questions meant to see if I yet knew that Nelson Rockefeller was my father. I was then using my stepfather’s surname (Cunningham) given to me when I was adopted at age four. Warren knew what he was doing. I did not react.

He had served as Cabinet Secretary for President Jerry Ford and oversaw his appointments schedule when my father served as Vice President. While serving as President, Ford stayed at Rustand’s home when he visited Tucson to participate in a popular golf tournament. Twice when Ford was in town, Rustand said the former president wanted to meet me. I declined. Soon after my father’s death, Mormon Doug Skeen emerged to orchestrate serial frauds into which I was drawn as I began profiling those stalking me—without the perpetrators’ knowledge that I knew Nelson was my father.

I believe Rustand was tasked with determining if I yet knew my real identity and whether I had been “playing” them while they were stalking me. That’s why I remained silent when he began questioning me about my parentage. Mormons are known to have the world’s most complete genealogical records. Despite his questioning, I never let him know that I was fully aware of my true identity. So long as no one knew that I knew my true identity, I could profile them while they stalked me.

In time, records within the Mormon Church will determine to what extent Church officials were complicit in this serial criminal stalking. Mormon Doug Skeen moved in near me in Orange County, California and struck up a friendship. He befriended my family before helping orchestrate frauds against me that proved devastating to my family. The statute of limitations does not apply to conspiracy due to the difficulty of detection and the high social costs that such behavior can impose. My most powerful weapons in countering this systemic criminality remains the fact that those complicit know what they’ve done, including those within the State Department, the F.B.I. and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons).

Had the State Department in April 2001 undertaken a good faith investigation of my life experience, they also would have found a glaring discrepancy between how I am portrayed in my F.B.I. files and the true facts of my life, including a complete lack of any offenses whatsoever. Had State Department legal staff lodged inquiries with the Rockefeller family or the Rockefeller Trust, I am confident they would have been stonewalled. Both the family and the Trust have been complicit in the stalking required to keep me financially unable to retain those able to bring lawsuits against both. Based on evidence of family complicity—especially by my Uncle David, the family patriarch who died March 20, 2017—I knew that the Trust, in effect, was my insurance policy.

Pre-Staging 9/11

Further complicating matters for a State Department whose policies have long been shaped by Israeli interests, I had by then been advised for seven years by Glenn Olds, a friend and confidante of the President’s father since just after WWII. Glenn had also known Clinton-era Secretary of State Madeleine Albright since she was a teenager and also knew Albright’s father, Josef Korbel, who emerged as a mentor to Condoleezza Rice when she began her education at the University of Denver as a precocious 16-year old where Ms. Albright also became a major influence in her life.

When I entered the State Department for a scheduled meeting five months prior to 9/11, Condi Rice was National Security Adviser to Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush, a classic asset. The lengthy pre-staging required for 9/11 was ongoing when I arrived with evidence from an ally (Indonesia) suggesting that a well-timed crisis with global implications well might be underway orchestrated by a game theory-savvy foe—posing as an ally—staged to damage U.S. interests and benefit China.

Not until September 2016 did those long pre-staged geopolitical dynamics come plainly into view as Cambodia received civil and military aid from Beijing along with the building of a deep-water port in the Mekong region where we fought an earlier unwinnable war. Thailand announced in July 2016 that it would buy three submarines from China at a cost of $1 billion. The Philippines, acknowledging China has “military superiority in the region,” announced a pivot toward Beijing, expelled U.S. forces from the country’s southern Mindanao island and sought military equipment from China as Beijing gained dominance in the South China Sea, citing its “core interest.” How lengthy is the premeditation and the pre-staging behind these developments? Consider:

Glenn described meeting Marie Jana Korbel as a teenager with pigtails and braces when she stepped off a train arriving with her mother in Denver to join her father, Josef, an early Soviet Bloc defector and former Czech Ambassador to the U.N. who had been granted a teaching post at the University of Denver. Then serving as University Chaplain, Glenn served as the faculty emissary to welcome Korbel’s wife and daughter on their arrival. Glenn described how he held the family menorah as the teenager exited the train holding the object wrapped in silk. He knew the Korbel family well during his tenure as Chaplain (1951-54). After her December 1996 nomination as Clinton-era Secretary of State and media reports that she was Jewish, Marie Jana described discovery of her Jewish heritage as an “epiphany.” As Glenn commented, “That is simply not believable.” When Glenn began working with me in 1994, Madeleine Albright would no longer return his calls.

Branding “Our” State Department

Her tenure as Secretary of State ended ten weeks prior to my arrival at the State Department in April 2001. In September 2000, as one of her last official acts, she named the U.S. State Department building after Harry Truman, the Zionist Christian Commander-in-Chief best known abroad as the president who overruled the strenuous objections of his Secretary of State George Marshall to extend U.S. recognition as a legitimate state to an enclave of Zionist elites and extremists. On my arrival at the State Department, it was well known that, when the family of Condoleezza Rice relocated to Denver, Albright’s father emerged as her mentor and guided her into Russian studies. What remains not well known is that the Rice family moved in next door to the father of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Groomed and guided to become the first female National Security Adviser (and the second African-American), Ms. Rice focused on her specialty, U.S.-Russian relations—a probabilistic outcome. Research will identify to what extent that focus was influenced by Albright whose tenure as Secretary of State ended with the inauguration of George W. Bush on January 20, 2001, five weeks after he named Condi Rice as his National Security Adviser on December 17, 2000. What we now know is that Ms. Rice should have focused on a January 25, 2001 memo from counter-terrorism expert Richard Clarke where he made an urgent plea to convene the Principals Committee of the National Security Council to discuss the growing threat of al-Qaeda. The Clarke memo included strategies for combating al-Qaeda.

At the first Deputies Committee meeting on Terrorism—held in April 2001—Clarke urged that the U.S. put pressure both on the Taliban and Al-Qaeda by arming the Northern Alliance and other groups in Afghanistan and, simultaneously, target Osama bin Laden. According to Clarke, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz responded, “Well, I just don’t understand why we are beginning by talking about this one man bin Laden.” Clarke replied that bin Laden and his network posed “an immediate and serious threat.” Wolfowitz turned to him and said, “You give bin Laden too much credit. He could not do all these things like the 1993 attack on New York, not without a state sponsor. Just because FBI and CIA have failed to find the linkages does not mean they don’t exist.” As Clarke later pointed out, all credible analysts agree that bin Laden had no connection to the 1993 attack. The state sponsor of 9/11 has yet to be identified.

State Department Quandary

On my arrival at the State Department, those stalking me knew that, as a U.S. envoy to the United Nations, my senior adviser (Glenn Olds) paved the way for the President’s father to succeed him as U.N. Ambassador for President Nixon. In 1971, George H.W. Bush became our Ambassador when Glenn left that post to assume the presidency of Kent State University following an on-campus shooting in May 1970 of four students during a Vietnam War protest.

Three years earlier (in 1968), Glenn devised the diplomatic strategy that helped end the war in Vietnam and normalize relations with China, the dual-track strategy for which Secretary of State Henry Kissinger took credit and received the Nobel Peace Prize. [More on that below.] Kissinger had formerly worked for my father and was recruited by Glenn for the Nixon administration—to Glenn’s great regret when he grasped the devastating impact of Kissinger’s influence on our nation.

Glenn and Dr. Dennis Lou conceived and crafted the strategy that Kissinger later pursued for the normalization of relations with China. Dennis was another of my advisers who, like Glenn, also advised my father. Dennis was a renowned Chinese scholar well known to China’s leaders and to our China specialists when I appeared at the State Department on April 11, 2001.

At Glenn’s urging, Dennis flew to Beijing in 2000 to assist me in successfully concluding negotiations with the Ministry of Education to embrace a nationwide version of the NewRock business model providing an exclusive Internet portal into China for education designed to improve the lives of 235 million schoolchildren, their families and their communities. [Chapter 4 describes how that agreed-to model was undermined by those stalking me—with a direct connection to the Israel lobby.] In combination, these factors—all pointing to the same perpetrators—made my appearance at the State Department highly problematic. Engagement risked exposure of what was then the ongoing pre-staging for 9/11, including the possibility of detecting the complicity of pro-Israelis inside the State Department, federal law enforcement and our intelligence agencies.

An in-depth investigation would have discovered how, on my return from Iraq in February 1997, agents within the Minneapolis FBI office sought to discredit me rather than engage the intelligence I sought to share with State Department regional specialists. On my arrival at the State Department six months prior to 9/11, Zacarias Moussaoui (aka the “20th hijacker”) was undergoing flight training near Minneapolis. An FBI agent there was blocked from examining the contents of Moussaoui’s computer that we now know included information that would have exposed pre-staging for 9/11.

The China-Israel Connection

Glenn was also well known as a confidante to four of the five third-generation Rockefeller brothers and had known my cousin, Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, since Jay was in his twenties. Three months prior to my meeting with Rick Haynes, Jay became Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. If, as Indonesian intelligence discovered, Tel Aviv was allied with Beijing against our interests and a mass murder provocation was then being pre-staged that would further undermine U.S. national security while advancing Israeli goals for the region, what more might be uncovered if my experience had been investigated by our intelligence agencies?

A good faith investigation consistent with protecting U.S. interests would have begun with a determination of my relationship to the family and to the Rockefeller Trust. As Rick Haynes told me, “Mel, you’re a ghost. We know you’re related to the family but there’s no evidence of tax returns and yet we know you just met with the head of Indonesian intelligence.” In terms of game theory warfare, my appearance at the State Department at that time and under those circumstances presented the perpetrators of 9/11 with a “variable” that had to be managed.

China specialists in the State Department also would have known that the previous year I successfully negotiated with the Ministry of Education an agreement to launch NewRock’s education-centric “hybrid” development model that my father first sought to launch in the 1940s while serving as Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America tasked with identifying a means to counter the popularity of communism in developing countries. Rather than allow that agreed-to transaction to proceed (and me to get paid), those stalking me took into bankruptcy a $1 billion publicly traded U.S. company. [See Chapter 4, The China Connection.]

In the lead-up to that incident, Finnish intelligence ordered a background check on me prior to Nokia’s agreed-to participation. Due to the importance of Nokia to the Finnish economy, Nokia’s board requested an inquiry that required Helsinki’s consultation with our State Department. Nokia’s Board of Directors would have records of the response to that inquiry. As I was told by a senior Nokia executive, that report confirmed I was being stalked and that I was someone with real vision. Members of the board would also recall my immediate response when this Nokia executive asked who was stalking me and why. My answer: “Israel and the assassination of President Kennedy.” Following my candid response, the Nokia board agreed to proceed with funding the model that was agreed to by China’s Ministry of Education.

The PLA Factor

Add to that perilous mix (i.e., perilous for Israel, its lobby and its supporters) another key fact revealed to me by Dr. Dennis Lou. He and his family were intimately familiar with the forces at work as Mao Zedong found the Peoples Republic of China in 1949 while the Jewish state was being formed in 1948. As Dennis related, Mao was urged by Jewish advisers to fund the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) not by the Central Committee of the Communist Party but largely by PLA stakes in commercial enterprises. Imagine if the U.S. military were funded not by Congressional appropriations subject to public oversight but by Pentagon stakes in General Dynamics, Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed.

With this arrangement, for whom does the PLA work—really? Does the PLA protect the Chinese people, as perceived? Or was it created—and its financing designed—to protect a now globalized “consensus” model answerable only to the narrow bandwidth of values favored by finance? Is PLA behavior dictated solely by the Party or is its conduct shaped by its defense of the global financial forces that govern today’s globalized consensus model?

Dennis hailed from a distinguished Chinese family. His father collaborated with Sun Yat-Sen who was influential in overthrowing the corrupt Qing dynasty. Sun Yat-Sen is considered “the father of the Republic of China” yet is also revered in the Peoples Republic of China where he is known as a “pioneer of the revolution.” He is unique in 20th Century Chinese history as being esteemed both in Taiwan and on the mainland. In the 1970s, Dennis designed the vocational training programs that helped China recover from the social and economic crisis created by Mao’s disastrous Cultural Revolution. When those with whom I was negotiating in China in 2000 saw Dr. Lou enter the room, they all stood as a gesture of respect.

Anyone with the geopolitical sophistication required to advise the State Department on U.S. strategy in dealing with China would also have known that Dennis coordinated his vocational training program with Hu Jintao when Mr. Hu was a senior provincial official. State Department China specialists would have known on my arrival in April 2001 that Mr. Hu was poised to emerge in 2002 as Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party where he served as the paramount leader in China for the next decade, 2002-2012, a role since assumed by Xi Jinpeng who has steadily brought the PLA back under control of the Central Committee.

When I arrived at the State Department, China specialists also would have known about Dennis’ trip to Beijing in 2000 to assist me. A good faith investigation would have uncovered who undermined our education-centric business model in China. That, in turn, would have led to the question of why anyone would undermine a business model designed to upgrade education, improve U.S.-China relations and provide online tools for Chinese households to see for themselves who—really—benefits from financial flows in their economy? Who benefitted from undermining an economic model that, by design, could by now have resolved many of the issues that have long plagued relations between the capitalist U.S. and communist China?

Any China expert also would have known that the Rockefeller name remains iconic in China due to a large anonymous grant given China for education by John D. and William Rockefeller from their kerosene profits at the turn of the 20th century. A second large grant, again anonymous and dedicated to education, was given by the five third-generation Rockefeller Brothers (including my father) to help China recover from the Cultural Revolution, 1966-1976. Many of those in positions of influence in China were educated with those funds, another fact well known among China special.

Managing the Blowback

Imagine for a moment the blowback in China were it discovered that the same parties stalking me in the U.S. and worldwide—including in China—undermined a “hybrid” economic model designed to upgrade education for hundreds of millions of Chinese children. Though agreed to by the Ministry of Education, those stalking me took a U.S. company into bankruptcy rather than allow a Rockefeller to continue a family tradition appreciated throughout China. And rather than allow those who assisted China’s recovery from the Cultural Revolution (such as Dennis Lou) help China make a breakthrough in education with a business model designed to benefit communities—the original rationale for communism.

Implementation would have set the stage for a shared prosperity model of online commerce versus—as in the U.S.—seeing this latest generation of technology commercialized in a way that creates a handful of multi-billionaires such as Jack Ma at Alibaba and Pony Ma at Tencent with a combined personal wealth of $106.9 billion as of July 2020. For those self-absorbed elites intent on domination—as my life experience proves—it’s far easier to influence a few oligarchs than to dominate freedom-loving people who are educated, informed and self-sufficient. To become fully human requires freedom from the ignorance, illiteracy, poverty and misinformation imposed on humanity by those I profiled while being stalked in venues worldwide.

Imagine further the impact on the “unbreakable bond” in U.S.-Israel relations had it been disclosed in April 2001 that the same parties who undermined the NewRock model in China in 2000 were then pre-staging a Pearl Harbor-like provocation in the U.S. What if an investigation had confirmed what we now know: a purported ally was then orchestrating events meant to induce the U.S. to wage two costly, unnecessary and unwinnable wars. And had long been abusing its special relationship to have us induce our allies into wars meant to squander our reserves of global goodwill earned at enormous cost in blood and treasure when we led the effort to defeat an earlier form of fascism in German, Italy and Japan.

A good faith investigation of why I was at the State Department could have proven that those stalking me were then also stalking the U.S., the U.K. and others persuaded—with false intelligence—to join the “coalition of the willing” when we invaded Iraq. As we now know, the pre-staging of a major crisis was well underway in April 2001. That crisis provoked us to wage two unnecessary and unwinnable wars financed with borrowed funds—including borrowing back U.S. purchasing power sent to Beijing consistent with the financial dynamics at the core of today’s consensus model of economics.

Paul Wolfowitz, a career-long adviser both to the Pentagon and the State Department, was sworn in as Deputy Secretary of Defense on March 2, 2001, six weeks before I appeared at the State Department with evidence that could have exposed those complicit in the deceit that took us to war. After 9/11, he assured Congress that the war could be waged for $50 billion and paid for with proceeds from the sale of Iraqi oil. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush consulted him as he launched his 2016 presidential campaign. Jeb was more interested in defending his older brother’s ill-advised war policies than defending the U.S. from those who took us to war.

The Transparency Variable

When I arrived for my State Department appointment with East Asian specialist Rick Haynes, had Beijing not announced their release of captured Americans prior to that meeting, my presence may have triggered a full-scale investigation. Because I was relaying intelligence from an ally (Indonesia) suggesting a strategic alliance between China and America’s “special friend” (Israel) designed to undermine U.S. interests in Asia and the Pacific, my presence could have alerted U.S. officials to Israeli duplicity, raising the possibility of other ongoing Israeli operations—five months prior to 9/11. My experience suggests that Tel Aviv was not only then targeting our interests in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and the Pacific but also the fiscal health essential to our national security.

It would have been impossible to evaluate the intelligence I had amassed without inquiring why I had it and, importantly, how I got it. That inquiry would have set in motion just the sort of Department of Justice-ordered investigation that I continue to request. Had the State Department insisted that Attorney General John Ashcroft assess the facts of my life experience with serial criminal stalking, that investigation could have exposed those complicit in pre-staging 9/11, including operational intelligence provided to Tel Aviv under cover of the U.S.-Israel “special relationship.”

Six days prior to my April 11th meeting at the State Department, I sent an email to Rick Haynes that proved prescient—precisely five months later:

I hope our current president gets better information, in a more timely manner, during a crisis that will begin limiting third party intervention that has for too long painted our leaders into corners they have had difficulty getting out of. That is what is being done now and no one is seeing that this is being done and by whom. If people are seeing it they are doing their jobs and afraid to speak out for fear they won’t have a job or believe they lack the credible proof to speak out. Something I understand and respect so you know that I am not casting judgment only stating the reality of government service that I know nothing about. (emphasis added)

Within two weeks of that meeting, Rick Haynes traveled to Jakarta with Bush envoy Robert Gelbard who replaced Clinton-era Ambassador Stapleton J. Roy. While in Indonesia, they met with Arie Kumaat. The meeting occurred outside the embassy. By then, Ambassador Roy had become a managing director and then Vice-Chairman of Kissinger Associates. Henry Kissinger “shows up” as problematic in more venues than anyone else identified by researching my life experience, with the possible exception of George Soros.

Shaping U.S. Foreign Policy

Recruited by my father to serve as Executive Dean with oversight of curriculum development for the State University of New York, Glenn Olds worked closely with Dennis Lou who my father appointed Chair of International Studies for the statewide S.U.N.Y. system. Together, they internationalized the curriculum in response to my father’s concern that the United Nations would be weakened, as it was.

The credibility and effectiveness of the U.N. were systematically undermined by our defense of Israel, including dozens of vetoes of initiatives seeking to hold Israel accountable for its inhumane treatment of Palestinians. My father believed that the most promising strategy for conflict resolution was trans-cultural education and technology transfer as a means to anticipate and address conflicts before they arise. That design feature remains at the core of the NewRock model. [See Chapter 12.]

He also viewed education as liberty’s “last line of defense” against those duplicitous few I uncovered while profiling those stalking me, initially in order to compromise my father and, after his death in 1979, to silence me. Why? Because those I profiled know that my life experience proves the common source of this systemic criminality. The education-centric “NewRock” business model is designed to provide a perpetual funding source for education while also ensuring that successive generations of technology are commercialized in a way that generates the genuinely shared prosperity key to maintaining the stability required for sustainable development and resilient communities.

After the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam, Oregon Senator Mark Hatfield (Glenn’s childhood friend and debate partner at Willamette College) urged that Glenn persuade my father to run for president to conclude an earlier ill-advised and unwinnable war, a subject to which we’ll return. Glenn and Dennis prepared a memo urging that my father declare his candidacy for president. The centerpiece of their proposal featured a strategy for normalizing relations with China and ending the war in Vietnam. When my father initially declined to run, he urged that Glenn share the memo with others.

Later that same day, Glenn shared the memo with Pepsi Chairman and CEO Don Kendall with whom Glenn had a pre-scheduled meeting. Impressed by the proposal, he urged that Glenn share the memo with Richard Nixon. After meeting with Nixon at the Kendall ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Glenn agreed to advise Nixon if he became president provided that Nixon agreed to end the war. As a senior member of the Nixon transition team, Glenn recruited more than 1,000 people, including Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. When he fully grasped what my life experience proves, the role he played in enabling those three men onto the world stage became his single greatest regret in an otherwise distinguished life of public service.

Immediately following Nixon’s victory in the 1968 election, Glenn met in Dubrovnik as a Nixon representative with Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan, one of Mao’s few friends outside China. After Bhutto’s election as president of Pakistan, he arranged for the U.S. Secretary of State (Glenn recruited Henry Kissinger) to meet with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai with whom Glenn knew that Bhutto had studied in Moscow. Kissinger received credit for the dual-track strategy conceived by Glenn and Dennis in response to the plea from Glenn’s friend, Mark Hatfield, to devise a strategy for my father to end that unwinnable war.

Glenn described for Jeff and I his meeting with Henry Kissinger in Manhattan at the Yale Club to discuss Kissinger’s interest in working in the Nixon Administration. Glenn recalled how, when the Harvard history professor entered the dining room, he shouted across the room to Glenn, asking in a belittling tone what he was doing working with “Tricky Dick” implying that Glenn had lost his bearings. Glenn also described how, in a later encounter in a hallway near the Oval Office of the White House, Kissinger sought Glenn’s support for his appointment as Nixon’s National Security Adviser enroute to becoming U.S. Secretary of State.

In December 1973, Kissinger shared a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in negotiating a ceasefire in January 1973 after ordering the sustained aerial bombing of North Vietnam. The other recipient, North Vietnamese counterpart Le Duc Tho, refused to accept the prize or even appear in public with Kissinger. The award to Kissinger led to the first-ever resignation in protest by two members of the Nobel committee among many informed people who still consider Kissinger a war criminal. Soon thereafter, Kissinger expanded the carpet-bombing of Laos and Cambodia. The war in Vietnam did not conclude until April 1975, six and one-half years after Nixon’s election and eight months after his resignation. He failed to keep his promise to Glenn.

The Murder of Arie Kumaat

After 9/11, I stepped up my efforts to expose those stalking me when it became clear that the same parties were also stalking the U.S. On an unsecured phone line, Henrie Kumaat informed me in early January 2002 that his father, Arie, was arranging a meeting for me to brief former Indonesian President Wahid about what I had discovered on my visit to Iraq five years earlier. Arie had spoken to Dr. Nidhal al-Hamdani, the Iraqi nuclear physicist who briefed me in early 1997 on the absence of WMD and the ability to remove Saddam without a war. [See Chapter 2, The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented.]

Because Henrie did not want to fly into the U.S. to talk about such a sensitive issue, I flew to Vancouver where we met to discuss his father’s plan for me to fly to Singapore and, from there, travel to meet President Wahid at a location that would remain undisclosed until my arrival in Singapore. Henrie began his journey to Jakarta while I flew back to Fresno to pack my bags and depart on a flight arriving in Singapore 72 hours behind Henrie.

Shortly thereafter, Henrie was driving to the airport in Jakarta with his usual security detail in a separate vehicle. Due to the importance of his family in Indonesia, he traveled with security his entire life. As he approached the airport turnoff, he received a call from the security team instructing him to pick up his father and they would rendezvous with him on the return trip. Henrie described that as a worrisome change from the strict security protocol adhered to by him and his father. As he pulled in, he could see through a large window his father saying farewell to two men. As his father entered Henri’s car, he began to choke. By the time Henrie could get him to the hospital, he was dead of a heart attack.

Henrie’s first phone call following his father’s death was to me just as I was about to leave for the airport. He apologized because he knew the importance of that meeting and told me he suspected his father was poisoned. That suspicion was confirmed by Henrie’s mother, Marie, who ordered an autopsy. She told me the autopsy results detected the presence of a drug known to induce a heart attack. The Indonesian government provided General Kumaat, age 57, a state funeral.

A month after Arie’s funeral, she met me at her home in the Hague, ten minutes from Leiden University. I met with two of her closest advisers and Henrie to confirm Arie was murdered and how they got to him. She flew in Dr. Henry Lee from the U.S. to perform the autopsy. She knew the Lee family from Taiwan. Henrie’s mother and her father were the real power in Indonesia. Marie’s father was Chinese and served as the army general under Sukarno who was key to stopping China from taking the North Archipelagos in their last wave at the end of WWII.

Another Well-Timed Death

That was the second well-timed Kumaat family crisis that blocked me from providing time-critical intelligence to those with line authority for U.S. national security. Again I was stopped from providing intelligence that could have prevented the war in Iraq. [See Chapter 2.] The first crisis arose when Henrie and his mother visited the U.S. to have dinner in Detroit with my mother and me. Henrie’s maternal grandfather had been on a life support system for a year when he suddenly died just prior to our long-scheduled dinner. With that well-timed crisis, Marie cancelled our dinner and returned immediately to Indonesia.

As she told me, those who “pulled the plug” on her father did not want her to have dinner with my mother, enabling them to compare notes. Reflecting the prestige and power of Henrie’s maternal grandfather, Arie was removed as intelligence chief within hours of the death of Arie’s father-in-law who, like Arie, was given a state funeral. Marie’s family controlled Sulawesi. They were Christian and a minority in the nation with the world’s largest Islamic population. Her home today (her father’s) is located next door to the Presidential Palace and is far nicer. She teaches history at Jakarta’s Harvard and remains a friend today along with her son, Henrie.

Another fact further confirms how my life experience proves that this trans-generational duplicity traces to a common source. In 1975, at the 70th birthday party for my step-grandmother, a cocktail party was hosted by Jean Lehman Stralem in her Park Avenue townhouse in Manhattan. Lehman’s great-uncle founded the Wall Street firm that became Lehman Brothers. Her husband, Donald, managed Rothschild affairs in the U.S. and, for more than a half-century, employed Robert King Cunningham, the brother of the man to whom my mother’s marriage was arranged when I was four years old. In effect, that marriage granted a Rothschild operative access to my home under the guise of a family member. [See the Introduction.]

Following the cocktail party, the dinner was hosted in the Manhattan penthouse owned by the New York wife of Indonesian President Sukarno, one of his three wives. Had that dinner not been disrupted by a well-timed crisis, our discussions would have further confirmed the transnational and trans-generational pre-staging of geopolitical manipulations—including serial wars—by those stalking me and my family while also undermining the national security of nations worldwide—with the U.S. top of the list. My life experience proves how those stalking me “wage war by way of deception,” the operating motto of the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence service.

Global Manipulation

Arie, a Christian, served as governor of Bali for 14 years before his appointment as intelligence chief in the Wahid government. His appointment came after Indonesia and other nations in the region identified the 1997 “Asian flu” as the work of currency speculators led by George Soros. In 1998, Indonesia suffered its worst recession since 1963 with a 13.6 percent decline in GDP followed by only 0.3 percent growth in 1999. Within the region as a whole, capital investment slowed as economic power in the region began its steady migration toward China.

Anyone who thinks that those identified would not use crises to plunge the U.S. economy (and the West) into a depression need only consider what has been done elsewhere. I see those crises as akin to a practice lap by a racecar driver. If this problem is not acknowledged and its source addressed, the worse is yet to come. Further research will identify the financial positions held by George Soros as those well-timed financial crises deflected attention from the then ongoing financial pillaging of Russia where Soros also played a role behind the cover of his Open Society operations.

In a revealing development, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, one of the wealthiest of Russia’s (predominantly Jewish) oligarchs, funded an Open Society operation in Moscow. In Ukraine, Soros-funded Open Society efforts joined forces with the National Democratic Institute chaired by Madeleine Albright and its Republican counterpart, the International Republican Institute, chaired since 1993 by asset John McCain. Both organizations are taxpayer-financed through the National Endowment for Democracy and coordinated within the State Department.

Khodorkovsky used the mid-90s loans-for-shares fraud to acquire 45 percent of Yukos with 11.5 billion barrels of proven oil reserves for less than three cents per barrel. Two years later, Yukos was listed on the Moscow stock exchange at a value of $7 billion. By 2004 its value topped $34 billion. He was jailed for tax fraud after announcing his intention to parlay a portion of his $16 billion personal fortune into a campaign to become president of Russia. With Jewish oligarchs dominant in banking, media and other key industries, he was well positioned to succeed in parlaying a fraudulently acquired fortune into the presidency of Russia with its vast natural resources, including the world’s second largest reserves of natural gas—exceeded only by Iran—with whom the Israel lobby insists we must commence a war.

The Russian Connection

The financial pillaging of Russia proceeded behind the cover of the “Washington” consensus. To create the appearance of legitimacy, credibility-by-association was provided by a (predominantly Jewish) “Harvard Advisory Team” handpicked by Lawrence Summers, Clinton’s Treasury Undersecretary for International Affairs, and approved by Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin after asset Bill Clinton replaced his first-term Cabinet with a largely Jewish second-term team in key positions such as the Treasury (Robert Rubin) and the State Department (Madeleine Albright).

In 1995, I met with Anatoly Sobchak who was then serving as mayor of St. Petersburg (1991-96). His deputy was Vladimir Putin whose deputy was Dmitry Medvedev. Over several days of discussions, he described how the asset stripping of Russia was part of a long game strategy meant to transfer power to China. Russia, he said, was by then too weak to counter the global forces that had been unleashed though he urged that I watch for the next crisis to emerge in the Pacific Rim as those responsible for the pillaging of Russia meant for China to emerge as the next world power.

Because an Evil Doer is featured in every narrative, he expected Russia would be cast in that role. Thus I was not surprised when, in the summer of 1997, the “Asian flu” emerged as the next well-timed financial crisis. Nor does it come as a surprise that those who induced us to war in Iraq and Afghanistan are now casting Russia as a meddler and Vladimir Putin as the latest Evil Doer. As usual our pro-Israel media provides no substantive coverage of Israeli influence.

In February 2000, soon after his friend Vladimir Putin became Prime Minister of Russia, Anatoly died suddenly of a heart attack during a trip in support of Putin’s presidential campaign. A criminal investigation of his death was opened in May 2000. When two of his aides also had heart attacks simultaneously, poisoning became a probability. Further research will determine whether the same heart attack-inducing poison was used on both Arie and Anatoly.

As these facts are engaged by lawful authorities, I will insist on opening an inquiry into the true cause of my father’s death. In January 1979 when the medical examiner arrived on the scene, Henry Kissinger was there along with Happy Rockefeller, his second wife. Kissinger reportedly persuaded her to waive the autopsy requirement. “Rocky” was quickly cremated while an account of salacious sex dominated the headlines and any possible evidence of foul play was destroyed.

Fields Within Fields…Within Fields of Relationships

How did I meet Henrie Kumaat? Just as one would expect given Their transnational cell structure and their 24-7 coverage of me. In 2000, I met in Florida with Alexis Mendelbaum, an ex-spouse of a Rothschild. Our meeting focused on Hawa Communications, Inc. due to their interest in acquiring a firm in which a business partner had invested. At my request, Canadian computer pioneer Gus German also attended. When Gus reviewed the technology behind what Mendelbaum proposed, he urged that she not proceed because the technology she was touting was incapable of performing as promised. On my return flight to Los Angeles from Florida, Henrie was assigned the adjoining seat. Those “chance” meetings with Henrie continued, including two more such airport meetings.

At that same meeting, Gus and I were introduced to Tom Lehman who, when he walked into the room, immediately performed a split on the floor. He then stood up and announced he was suing Nicholas Rockefeller for “welching on a deal.” He also claimed he was “good friends” with the Malaysian Minister of Finance. Three years earlier, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad accused George Soros of undermining the economies of Southeast Asian countries and described currency speculation as “villainous acts of sabotage.” The Minister of Finance, Lehman’s childhood friend from a Swiss boarding school, made widely reported remarks that discredited his boss, Prime Minister Mahathir whose remarks, in turn, were ridiculed by Madeleine Albright and Stuart Eizenstat, Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs.

That experience heightened Arie’s concerns when Indonesian intelligence identified a George Soros nonprofit as the intermediary for an Israel-orchestrated bribe directed at members of the Indonesian parliament. Rick Haynes voiced similar concerns about three coordinated Israeli operations as possible pre-staging for regime change. He asked whether I thought the strategic objective of what Arie and I discussed was meant to secure current governments or replace them with people more to the perpetrators’ liking.

Though the outcome was unclear, Arie and I agreed that the operations uncovered to date were meant to put in place the perpetrators own people. A crisis in a major Muslim nation would serve as a force-multiplier to weaken other Muslim nations as a means to pre-stage regime change elsewhere, assisted by the promotion of an anti-Islam narrative—The Clash of Civilizations.

Arie shared my concern that the “long game” involved control over the world’s reserves of hydrocarbons as a means to control the transition to renewable energy. With Indonesia and Malaysia in a long-running territorial dispute over the oil rich islands of Ambalat, any operation designed to discredit either the Malaysian Defense Minister or the Indonesian Parliament could work to the benefit of those with a “tireless genius for crisis.” While the Asian financial crisis swept the region, George Soros was collaborating with Vladimir Potanin, a Russian-Jewish oligarch, in an asset-stripping transaction resembling those Soros criticized as evidence of Russia’s robber-baron capitalism.

Asset Stripping in Plain Sight

In collaboration with Anatoly Chubais, Potanin had earlier drafted the terms of the “loans for shares” fraud that enabled the (dominantly Jewish) oligarchs to strip Russia of its most valuable industrial and natural resource assets. Chubais was Russia’s “privatization czar” and a top (Jewish) adviser to President Boris Yeltsin, another classic asset placed in office to lend that nation-scale fraud a veneer of legitimacy. In what privatization advocates described as a “clean break” with the communist past, the oligarchs transferred much of Russia’s state-owned wealth into private hands and then plowed tens of millions of dollars into Yeltsin’s 1996 campaign for reelection (including free air time on oligarch-controlled media outlets) in order to hold onto their wealth long enough to make it appear as private versus stolen property.

As the “Asian flu” emerged in July 1997, initially in Indonesia and Thailand, Soros and Potanin won a July 1997 privatization auction for 25 percent of telecom giant Svyazinvest when Soros invested $980 million in cash. Meanwhile, speculative activities by Soros and others adversely affected people across the region, leading Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir to describe the effects as “the height of international criminality.”

Soros also emerged in an alliance with Vladimir Potanin as an investor in Norlisk Nickel, the world’s top nickel producer and another of the national assets obtained by oligarchs through a corrupt privatization process widely described as mafia-ization and “grab-afication” (prikhvatizatsiya).
While investing alongside Russia’s (dominantly Jewish) oligarchs in rigged privatizations, a Soros public relations campaign branded him a democracy-touting Open Society critic of the transactions from which he was then profiting. Rather than promoting democracy, Soros was actively undermining it. Disillusioned Russians soon began referring to democracy as “shitocracy” (dermokratizatsiya).

Wealth accumulation for Soros became self-financing as he recycled a portion of his profits into Open Society organizations that functioned as intelligence-gathering operations promoting regime change as pre-staging for more asset-stripping under the guise of consensus model privatization and democracy. Two days after Hillary Clinton became the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for president, Soros re-emerged on the world financial stage to announce that, after a long hiatus, he would deploy the assets in his $30 billion Soros Fund Management to profit from economic and political turmoil. In 2016, Soros became a major contributor to rhe political action committee pf asset Hillary Clinton.

The Rothschild Connection, Again

In 1971, Gus German co-founded GEAC after he and two classmates at Waterloo University – Jim Mitchell and Robert Zarnke – designed WATFOR and WATBOL plus the executable code for the IBM 360/370. Their collaboration in the mid-1960s transformed computing from punch cards and magnetic tapes into what we now know as hard disc drives. Jim Mitchell went on to pioneer JAVA systems design for Sun Microsystems.

Gus lives in Kitchener, Ontario. The adjoining towns of Waterloo and Kitchener (called “Berlin” until WWI) emerged as Canada’s Silicon Valley. Waterloo/Kitchener is also home to Seagram’s, the original source of the Bronfman family’s Prohibition-era bootlegging fortune used to fund the World Jewish Congress that was active in Russia during the privatization fraud.

As a child, I was raised in the Detroit suburb of St. Clair Shores in Macomb County. During Prohibition, the county was dominated by Jewish organized crime, including the notoriously violent Purple Gang led by brothers Abe and Ray Bernstein. Macomb County offered the shortest bootlegging route between the Bronfman distilleries and Michigan markets. Due to the trans-generational criminal lineage of those stalking me, many of my childhood friends were descendants of mobsters from the Prohibition-era that capitalized organized crime in America.

I met Gus because the same operatives stalking his brilliant mind were also stalking me. As I anticipated, those complicit would draw me into their senior-most nodes in their transnational network provided they did not realize I knew my true identity. Gus was defrauded of his considerable GEAC fortune as part of a forgery operation. That fraud featured Donald Segretti who, as part of a Nixon-era “dirty tricks” strategy during the 1968 presidential campaign, forged a letter on the stationery of Democratic presidential candidate Edmund Muskie alleging that Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson, also a presidential aspirant, sired an illegitimate child with a 17-year old. Another Segretti forgery involved Muskie letters accusing presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey of sexual misconduct. Those discrediting distractions—creating well-timed mini-crises for Democratic candidates—helped put Republican Richard Nixon in the White House.

In the post-Watergate era, Segretti served four months of a six-month misdemeanor conviction. He resurfaced in 2000 to co-chair the Orange Country, California presidential campaign for asset John McCain. I mention this here because I had very few coincidental encounters. These fields-within-fields of relationships, including how I met Henrie Kumaat and then his father, reflect congruences—a concept debated for decades by mathematicians and an everyday reality for me as I profiled Their nonlinear operations in real time.

When Jeff and I visited Gus at his home in 2003, Gus and colleague Paul Sop were developing amorphous storage, now known as cloud computing. I knew that Paul, like Gus, had also been defrauded of his stake in a company he founded. Paul confirmed that fact when Jeff walked over to his home for a discussion and Paul gave him the “IT Security” graphic in the exhibits. Paul explained that the Mossad, then attempting to recruit him, gave him this 2002 chart to show the dominance in Canada of Israeli firms offering security systems for information technology. Paul said the Israelis expected him to return the chart but instead he gave it to us. The chart confirms the dominance by Israeli firms of IT security in Canada.

As a co-founder of Alpha Base Systems, we offered what was at the time the best business applications software, as confirmed for Jeff by Gerry Lockhart, the top technician at U.S. West then in charge of ensuring a seamless transition from analog to digital switching as the Internet came online. That’s when I detected the Israelis attempting to insert their operations in the nation’s nationwide switching systems. When Jeff asked Gerry what Alpha Base would have become had I not withdrawn Alpha Base from that contract, without hesitation Gerry answered, “Oracle.” I was defrauded of my equity interest in Alpha Base Systems by co-founder Barry Weingart with the assistance of attorneys in a (Mormon) law firm.

Gus became a good friend. When he understood who I am and what I’m doing, he told me that, if I am who I claim to be, my life experience (in systems-speak) would become the “one file that cannot be closed” and will, in time, “crash the system.” I remain confident that Gus was correct.

• Photo in Jakarta with Arie Kumaat and others
• Photo in Oregon with Glenn Olds and Henrie Kumaat
• Painting of Lt. General Kumaat in uniform
• Photo of Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid
• Taller Buddha of Bamiyan before and after destruction
• Photo with Anatoly Sobchak, Mayor of St. Petersburg, and Dr. Vladimir Zelman
• Photo of Warren Rustand
• Photo of Doug Skeen
• Ford/Dole Campaign button 1976
• Photo of Donald Segretti
• Photo of John McCain
• Photo of Open Society logo
• Photo of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and George Soros
• Photo in Waterloo of Gus German & colleagues at GEAC (1960s)
• IT Security graphic featuring Canadian and Israeli firms (2002)
• Photo of Madeleine Albright
• Photo of Condoleezza Rice
• Photo of Richard Haass
• Photo of Zacarias Moussaoui
• Photo of David Rockefeller

2001 Henrie Glenn and Mel 400 dpi

Henrie Kumaat, Dr. Glenn Olds and Mel Rockefeller (Oregon March 2001)

During a meeting in Jakarta in March 2001, Indonesian Intelligence Chief Arie Kumaat explained to Mr. Rockefeller that he was seeking a back channel to inform President George Bush that Israel was attempting to push the US out of the region in favor of China by using a multi-billion dollar bribe fronted by a George Soros-founded NGO to influence the Indonesian Parliament. Lt. General Kumaat had a meeting scheduled with George Tenet, Director of Central Intelligence, but he was concerned that the intelligence would be misused by middlemen and that President Bush would not receive the correct assessment. Arie Kumaat’s son, Henrie, traveled to Oregon with Mr. Rockefeller to brief Dr. Olds and explain what his father had requested. Henrie served as an interpreter for the meetings in Jakarta. In 1971, Dr. Olds recruited President Bush’s father, George Herbert Walker Bush, to succeed him as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations under President Richard Nixon.

500GB SSD:Users:jeffgates:Desktop:Hidden Tax Photos:Arie Kumaat.jpg 500GB SSD:Users:jeffgates:Desktop:Wahid.jpeg

Arie Kumaat Abdurrahman Wahid

500GB SSD:Users:jeffgates:Desktop:Taller_Buddha_of_Bamiyan_before_and_after_destruction.jpg

Taller Buddha of Bamiyan before and after destruction

1995 Mel Zelman & Sobchak 300 dpi

Dr. Vladimir Zelman, Mayor Anatoly Sobchak of St. Petersburg and Mel Rockefeller

(Beverly Hills 1995)

After Dr. Zelman saved the life of Armand Hammer on the operating table in Moscow, Dr. Hammer brought Dr. Zelman to the U.S. with a six-month stay at a Rothschild estate on the Mediterranean while awaiting a visa. Dr. Zelman was Dr. Hammer’s personal physician for the last 22 years of his life. Dr. Zelman pioneered lowering the body temperature for complex surgeries to preserve brain function and, in part, is the reason people now wake up with functioning brains after open-heart surgery. Dr. Zelman became Director of Neuroanesthesia at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine.

Mayor Sobchak became a mentor to Vladimir Putin who served as his Deputy Mayor with Dmitry Medvedev the deputy to Putin. Mayor Sobchak and Dr. Zelman met while attending medical school together. As Jews, they were later imprisoned in Siberia by Josef Stalin who died before he could carry out his plan to kill all Russian Jews. Dr. Sobchak fled Russia due to Yuri Lushkov, the corrupt mayor of Moscow, when Dr. Sobchak refused to support the corruption that affected the most vulnerable in Russia. Mr. Lushkov was removed as mayor in September 2010 after Dmitry Medvedev took over from Mr. Putin in 2008 as President of Russia with Mr. Putin helping protect Mr. Medvedev.

500GB SSD:Users:jeffgates:Desktop:Khodorkovsky & Soros.jpeg 500GB SSD:Users:jeffgates:Desktop:Open Society logo.png

Mikhail Khodorkovsky George Soros

500GB SSD:Users:jeffgates:Desktop:Unknown-1.jpeg 500GB SSD:Users:jeffgates:Desktop:Condi Rice.jpeg 500GB SSD:Users:jeffgates:Desktop:Richard Haass.jpg

Madeleine Albright Condoleezza Rice Richard Haass


500GB SSD:Users:jeffgates:Desktop:Segretti.jpeg 500GB SSD:Users:jeffgates:Desktop:John McCain.jpeg

Donald Segretti John McCain

500GB SSD:Users:jeffgates:Desktop:Warren Rustand.jpg 500GB SSD:Users:jeffgates:Desktop:Ford-Dole button 1976.jpeg

Warren Rustand Doug Skeen

500GB SSD:Users:jeffgates:Desktop:Zacarias Moussaoui.jpeg 500GB SSD:Users:jeffgates:Desktop:David Rockefeller.jpeg

Zacarias Moussaoui David Rockefeller

  1. In 1976, Atlanta lawyer Stuart Eizenstat recruited Richard Holbrooke to brief presidential candidate Jimmy Carter on foreign policy. After his election, President Carter appointed Holbrooke Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs (1977-81), including oversight of Indonesia. With Ronald Reagan’s 1980 election, Holbrooke was succeeded in that position by (Jewish) neocon Paul Wolfowitz (1982-86) who then served three years as U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia (1986-89). After he specialized in arms control for presidents Nixon and Ford (1973-77), Jimmy Carter appointed Wolfowitz Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Regional Programs (1977-80). Reagan then named him Director of Policy Planning for the State Department (1981-82). For G.H.W. Bush, he served as Defense Secretary Dick Cheney’s Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (1989-93). As Deputy Secretary of Defense during the planning for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, his online Pentagon bio explained how his planning for the first Gulf War of 1991 “prevented Iraq from opening a second front with Israel.” During the Clinton era, he served as Dean of the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University, with campuses in Washington, Nanjing and Bologna. He received a doctorate in political science from the University of Chicago in 1972 where he studied with strategist Albert Wohlstetter, Zionist “Dean” of the neoconservative movement in the U.S. From 1981 to 1987, (Jewish) neocon Richard Perle served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for international security policy. In July 2001, George W. Bush appointed Perle chairman of the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee, civilian advisers to the Pentagon. As exemplified by Wolfowitz, the multi-decade “Zion-ization” of U.S. national security policy progressed in plain sight regardless of political party. To grasp how this duplicity works, it’s essential to realize how few people are required. See Chapter 8, “The People in Between.”
  2. The follow-on effects fueled an economic slowdown in economies worldwide that drove the price of oil close to $11 per barrel in 1998, triggering a consolidation in the oil industry and ensuring a financial crisis in Russia. When the Yeltsin government could not repay its loans from oligarch-controlled banks, the shares in oil companies offered as collateral were put up for sale in rigged auctions that accelerated the decade-long oligarch-ization of Russia. That asset stripping began roughly seven decades after the bulk of productive assets were appropriated—consistent with the widely marketed Marxist consensus—in the name of the Russia people. Thereafter, state-owned enterprises became the beneficiaries of successive waves of technologies. That value-added component, drawing on a common stock of knowledge, was transferred to the oligarchs. Eight of the top nine qualified for Israeli citizenship.
  3. In 2002, Tommy Suharto was convicted of ordering the assassination of Syafiuddin Kartasasmita, a Supreme Court Judge of the Republic of Indonesia.
  4. See Chapter 5, The Poland Connection.
  5. See Chapter 4 “The China Connection.”
  6. Working as an Israeli agent, Corsi was rewarded by being made into a New York Times best-selling author as he produced a series of psy-ops books published to advance narratives helpful to Israel’s long game, including Unfit for Command (2004), Atomic Iran (2005), The Obama Nation (2008) and Why Israel Can’t Wait (2009).
  7. The web site of Lindner’s Cincinnati conglomerate describes him as “the largest non-Jewish contributor to Jewish causes in the U.S.” The Lindner-controlled American Financial Group funded my trip to Poland on the Corsi-proposed premise of establishing a mutual fund modeled on a fund that Corsi purportedly designed for B’nai B’rith. The entire Corsi-proposed venture was a sophisticated fraud. An article on the fraud published in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune was thereafter routinely distributed by those who continue to stalk me, often using that discrediting article as a means to preclude engagement with facts confirming the common source of this criminality.
  8. As with numerous others complicit in this transnational stalking, Ambassador Rey returned to the U.S. to work in an operation with close ties to Henry Kissinger. Ambassador Rey, former vice-chairman of the $240 million Polish-American Enterprise Fund, became a principal in Intellibridge, chaired by David Rothkopf, a former managing director of Kissinger Associates.
  9. At the time, Glenn (of Polish descent) was also in Poland on a mission for Laurance Rockefeller, an assignment unknown to me until later. Laurance asked that Glenn help organize the first technology transfer conference (post-fall of the Berlin Wall) in Krakow hosted by Jagiellonian University. On his return to the U.S., Glenn wrote Secretary of State Albright expressing his concerns about Ambassador Rey. He received no reply. After he began working with me in 1994, she would no longer return his calls. After I wrote a letter to Laurance in March 2002, he informed Glenn that he was breaking off all contact despite their decades of friendship. That response confirmed for Glenn that Laurance was also complicit in this stalking.
  10. Known in national security parlance as “the people in between,” Mormons have routinely been well positioned to shape the information flow to presidents, ensuring another layer of pro-Israeli influence in decision-making while also having access to strategic intelligence. During the presidency of Richard Nixon, Jon Huntsman, Sr. served as a special assistant and staff secretary to the president, a role similar to duties handled by Warren Rustand in the successor Ford administration. During the Reagan presidency, Roger Porter served as director of the White House Office of Policy Planning, returning to a similar role in the G.H.W. Bush presidency as Assistant for Economic and Domestic Policy from 1989-1993. Son Rob Porter served as senior adviser to Donald Trump until he was forced out in February 2018 due to issues of spousal abuse.
  11. In the course of his research, Jeff Gates spoke with Oscar McConkie, Jr., chairman of the Kirton McConkie law firm in Salt Lake City and counsel to the Church of Latter Day Saints. Years earlier, I had spoken to McConkie with Glenn Olds listening to our conversation. When Jeff called to ask about that conversation and inquire about other matters, Mr. McConkie denied ever speaking to anyone with the name Rockefeller. Based on the frequency with which I was stalked by Mormons, I am confident future research will confirm that this criminality traces to the upper echelons of the LDS.
  12. “Philippines pivot to China adds chill to US relations,” Financial Times, September 15, 2016, p. 3.
  13. Three of Madeleine Albright’s grandparents, a paternal aunt and a first cousin reportedly died in Auschwitz.
  14. Neocon Paul Wolfowitz played a key role in enabling the Israeli Right to realize their dream of deceiving the U.S. and other allies to wage Israel’s wars in the region while ensuring that no one discovered he was working not for the U.S. but for the Jewish state. In deceiving the U.S., he played a role similar to Haganah veteran Shimon Peres who, soon after leading the Israeli mission at the U.N., was put in charge of realizing the Zionist dream of attaining nuclear weapons. Peres later wrote: “From the outset, I resolved to keep my role entirely out of the public lime-light…. For this reason, my name was never included in any formal committee created in the area of atomic energy. That did not, however, prevent me from effectively running the entire program on behalf of Ben Gurion, nor did it impair in any way my authority.” Avner Cohen, Israel and the Bomb (Columbia University Press, 1998).
  15. As Governor of New York, my father hired Dennis Lou as International Dean of the statewide SUNY system to advise Glenn as Executive Dean in revamping the curriculum to better prepare students for a globalized culture and economy. My father also admired Dr. Lou’s 1951 Ph.D. thesis documenting how the cultural artifacts of South American peoples confirmed that ancient Chinese mariners circumnavigated the globe centuries before Christ. As a self-taught archeologist fascinated by Mayan and Aztec cultures, my father brought Dennis to New York where he retired from the SUNY faculty in Binghamton. Dennis died in 2012.
  16. More on that in Chapter 5, the Poland Connection. In summary, agents in the FBI office in Minneapolis sought in 1997 (after my return from Iraq) to frame me for a fraud orchestrated in 1995 by Israeli agent Jerome Corsi and financed by Cincinnati multi-billionaire Carl Lindner.
  17. Before the Monica Lewinsky scandal became public, embroiling Bill Clinton in a well-timed presidential crisis, Minnesota Senator Rudy Boschwitz published an ad featuring a photograph taken from behind Clinton standing at a dais in front of an audience. The ad was titled, “Why Has Bill Clinton Turned His Back on Israel?” Monica Lewinsky was air-brushed out of the front row of what later became an iconic photograph featuring her looking up at him adoringly. We now know that the Mossad was monitoring their phone sex. If we’d had access to the resources required to document this criminal syndicate’s operatives, we could have proven why I was drawn to Minnesota and why Zacarias Moussaoui trained there. Mobster “Kid Cann” (aka Isador Blumenfeld) was the notorious head of (Jewish) organized crime in Minneapolis, confirming early on the presence of a major node in this transnational network dating to no later than the 1920s. He retired to Miami Beach where he and National Crime Syndicate “chairman” Meyer Lansky collaborated. Miami remains a major node in this network. From May 2011 until July 2016, Miami Beach Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz chaired the Democratic National Committee. She was forced to resign when it was discovered that she was using the DNC to favor the presidential campaign of Israel loyalist Hillary Clinton over Israel skeptic Bernie Sanders. Jewish mobster Moses Annenberg fled to Miami from Chicago to seek the protection of Meyer Lansky when he was caught double-crossing a partner and a contract was put on his life. “Mo” then relocated to Philadelphia where he and his son, Walter, used their organized crime proceeds to “go legit.” Walter emerged as the principal owner of Triangle Publications, publisher of T.V. Guide, Seventeen and other publications. As publisher of the Philadelphia Inquirer, he became an influential voice in Republican politics after his father “plead out” by accepting a lengthy federal sentence for tax evasion in return for keeping his son out of the penitentiary. According to First Lady Nancy Reagan, Walter was “Ronnie’s best friend for 50 years.”
  18. The post-WWII period saw the creation of a sharp divide between foreign and domestic intelligence-gathering when Clark Clifford oversaw for President Harry Truman the reorganization of our military, diplomatic and intelligence services. That designed-in divide ensured a nontransparent “gap” exploited by those who operated undetected while engaged in the sophisticated and lengthy pre-staging required for 9/11.
  19. Jay served in West Virginia as a VISTA volunteer (Volunteers in Service to America), a domestic version of the Peace Corps in which Glenn played a role in the formation. Jay served as Governor of West Virginia, 1977-1985 and served as a U.S. Senator 1985-2015.
  20. See Chapter 4 for a description of the circumstances leading up to that inquiry. See also Chapter 9 for an explanation of “congruences” and the emergence in July 2011 in neighboring Norway of mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik who was diagnosed as having narcissistic personality disorder, a trait common to those I profiled while being stalked. The Jerusalem Post described Breivik as “pro-Israel” and strongly opposed to Islam, and asserts that his anti-Muslim manifesto reflected an “extreme screed of Islamophobia” and “far-right Zionism.”
  21. “The two Ma tycoons, Pony and Jack, become first Chinese to make Forbes list of world’s 20 richest,” Enoch Yiu, South China Morning Post, March 7, 2018.
  22. On April 12, 2004, Jeff hand-delivered to Attorney General John Ashcroft a lengthy memo featuring many of the facts and analyses in The Hidden Tax on Humanity. The memo, signed for on behalf of Ashcroft at the Department of Justice, was addressed to National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice. I received no response. An outspoken Zionist Christian, Ashcroft’s ability to deal with facts may have been handicapped by the same internalized bias that affected Colin Powell (see Chapter 2): “[Attorney General John] Ashcroft was born to a gentile family in a predominantly Jewish Chicago neighborhood. His mother served as a Shabbos goy (i.e., a non-Jew who works for Jews on the Jewish Sabbath) turning ovens on and off as needed. Ashcroft’s father even took a mezuzah (a Jewish religious symbol) with the family when they moved from Chicago to Springfield, Missouri, where he kept it affixed to his doorpost until his death, in 1995. Ashcroft, I’d wager, knows more about Judaism than half the Jewish members of the Senate.” Notebook, The New Republic, January 29, 2001.
  23. Born in Nanjing, China to missionary parents, Stapleton Roy, a specialist in Soviet affairs, served as U.S. Ambassador to China (1991-95) and Indonesia (1996-99). Also a U.S. Ambassador to Singapore (1984-86), Roy retired from the foreign service in 2001 after serving as Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research. In February 1999, the Habibie government granted Louisiana-based Freeport McMoRan approval to (roughly) double production at its Grassberg copper, silver and gold operation in Irian Jaya (Indonesia) where reserves are valued at $40 billion. Research will determine whether Freeport was then a Kissinger Associates client?
  24. Glenn Olds also realized that monetization techniques were required whereby currencies could be created and secured by those forms of capital essential to the long-term sustainable health of communities, including health care, education and agriculture plus clean air, water and energy.
  25. My father announced his candidacy April 30, 1968 and won the Massachusetts primary. With conservatives firmly in control of the party following the nomination of Barry Goldwater in 1964, Nixon won the nomination on the first ballot by 692 votes to 277 for my father and 182 for Ronald Reagan.
  26. Throughout the Nixon Administration, Glenn provided periodic confidential briefings to Nixon on the best thinkers of that era. That project ultimately involved interviews and ongoing contact with 1800 people. Authors’ personal conversations with Glenn Olds, February 2003-March 2006. In March 1969, Nixon appointed Glenn U.N. Ambassador for economic and social affairs.
  27. Glenn surmised that the notorious 18-minute gap in the secret recordings that President Nixon made in the Oval Office (revealed during the Watergate impeachment hearings) captured Nixon’s sensitive discussions that day with Bhutto where, in return for the Pakistani leader’s help with the opening of China, Nixon agreed to embrace a foreign policy that favored Pakistan over long-favored India, a political affront to America’s loyal ally Great Britain. Glenn reports he confirmed Bhutto was in the Oval Office that day and those conversations were missing on Nixon’s recordings for that day. Personal conversation with Glenn Olds.
  28. Arie Kumaat was retained as intelligence chief for six months when President Wahid was replaced by Megawati Sukarnoputri. His appointment ended abruptly with the death of Henrie’s maternal grandfather.
  29. Dr. Henry C. Lee was born in China as the 11th of 13 children. He fled to Taiwan with his family at the end of the Chinese Civil War. In 1972, he came to the U.S. to study forensic science and take a Ph.D. in biochemistry. Lee worked on the Jon Benét Ramsey case, the O.J. Simpson case and the Laci Peterson case. He also consulted on the murder of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster and worked on the D.C. sniper shootings that terrorized Washington, D.C. in the lead-up to the Senate vote on a resolution to invade Iraq. Mr. Lee remains a highly respected forensic expert and founder of the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science.
  30. Contemporaneous reports claimed that Khodorkovsky transferred control over Yukos shares to the U.K.-based Lord Jacob Rothschild. “Yukos share rights transferred,” BBC News, November 11, 2003 (online); Catherine Belton, “Kremlin Tempers Attach on Yukos, The Moscow Times, November 3, 2003.
  31. See Chapter 5 (“The Presidency and Russian Organized Crime”) in Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (2008).
  32. In June and July 2001, my partners sent numerous documents to Kerry Zinn, counsel for the Securities and Exchange Commission, who was then investigating Hawa. I also arranged for Gus German to give a deposition to the S.E.C. confirming Mendelbaum’s fraudulent claims. Had the deposition of Gus German been taken, his allegations of fraud could have opened an investigation into the broader national security issues that I continued to bring to the attention of federal officials with line responsibility for federal law enforcement and national security. Instead, the S.E.C. halted the stock offering without further engaging either of us. S.E.C. correspondence acknowledged an interest in setting a time for Gus German’s deposition. Mendelbaum was a principal shareholder in Hawa Communications, Inc. and reportedly listed Mel as its chairman though he had nothing to do with the firm. On March 15, 2001, the S.E.C. halted a $6 million scheme in West Palm Beach, Florida when Justice Daniel T.K. Hurley of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida entered an emergency order to halt an ongoing, fraudulent sale of unregistered securities issued by Hawa Corporation (Hawa), Hawa Communications, Inc. (HawaCom), and Hawa Med, Inc. (HawaMed).
  33. Six years later, on October 16, 2003 at the 2003 Organization of the Islamic Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Prime Minister Mahathir was even more critical: “The Europeans killed six million Jews out of 12 million. But today the Jews rule this world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.” He then added, “We are up against a people who think. They survived 2,000 years of pogroms not by hitting back, but by thinking. They invented and successfully promoted Socialism, Communism, human rights and democracy so that persecuting them would appear to be wrong, so they may enjoy equal rights with others. With these they have now gained control of the most powerful countries and they, this tiny community, have become a world power. We cannot fight them through brawn alone. We must use our brains also. Of late because of their power and their apparent success they have become arrogant. And arrogant people, like angry people will make mistakes, will forget to think. They are already beginning to make mistakes. And they will make more mistakes. There may be windows of opportunity for us now and in the future. We must seize these opportunities.”
  34. As one of the originators of data compression, Gus also played a key role in the development of RAID (redundant array of inexpensive devices or drives) that enabled fault-tolerant information storage and backup. After acquiring Informer, Inc. from Andy Wystrach, the brother-in-law of my former boss at Lever Brothers in the 1970s, Gus combined RAID with Informer’s 7-inch screen terminal to provide bank tellers with online access to real-time information, initially for Canada Permanent Trust. I met Gus in 1978 through Wystrach. For the history of GEAC and the role of Gus German at the University of Waterloo, see and
  35. As my father was considering a presidential bid, Donald Segretti was launching a series of high-profile “dirty tricks” that flooded the airwaves with false reports of children sired out of wedlock by presidential candidates.
  36. Barry Weingart died September 17, 2016.