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Timeline 1850-2017

Draft of June 3, 2017
Word count: 39,295

by Mel Rockefeller with Jeff Gates

Introduction. This timeline and the referenced exhibits show that the 9/11 attacks had nothing to do with terrorism and everything to do with provoking us to wage unnecessary and unwinnable wars meant to weaken the U.S. while enabling China to emerge as the world’s global colonial financial power. The Trump presidency was produced by those I profiled over a lifetime of serial criminal stalking by the same parties who put this man-child in office as “our” Commander-in-Chief. Unfit for office, hyper-reactive and narcissistic, he is a perfect asset of those profiled below.

As my life experience proves, those who placed him in office share what my father, Nelson Rockefeller, described in 1964 as a “tireless genius for crisis.” When reviewing these facts, ask yourself who has the means, motive and opportunity to create the nonlinear incidents required (a) to stalk me over more than six decades, and (b) to shape the national narrative such that we segued seamlessly from the Cold War to The Clash of Civilizations? If those profiled can stage my conception in 1951 to compromise the prospects for my father’s presidency, do you think they cannot produce this presidency? [See pages 55-56 for an overview of how a television pitchman emerged as “our” president.]

The repetitiveness of the fact patterns reflected in the serial stalking of my person proves both multi-decade premeditation and the trans-generational presence of what the law describes as an evil mind. The Trump presidency further confirms the deeply imbedded influence of those who have stalked me since birth as the out-of-wedlock son of Nelson Rockefeller—four-term Governor of New York, Vice-President and heir to one of America’s iconic family fortunes. This draft timeline chronicled selected incidents proving the non-stop stalking and pointing to its geostrategic purpose.

That stalking remains ongoing, including a March 2017 incident where California authorities threatened to impose a tax lien for the 1996 tax year—21 years ago. The same ruse was deployed when I returned from Baghdad in 1997 with intelligence confirming that Iraq had no WMD and Saddam Hussein could be removed without a war. That’s when I was threatened with a federal tax lien for the 1987 tax year. The consistency and timing of these stalking incidents confirm that those I profiled long ago imbedded their operations inside government at the local, state and federal level.

Let me be clear. What you see here shows how war is being waged on the U.S. by an enemy that induced us to believe they are a friend and an ally. My greatest weapon is the fact that those identified know what they’ve done—not just to me but also to the U.S. and other nations. The same duplicitous modus operandi deployed against me personally has also been used to undermine the U.S. geopolitically. You may not care what was done to me. You’d best care what’s been done to our national security and what could be done to you.

Staffing the Trump administration with son-in-law Jared Kushner and other devotees of the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic sect known as Chabad Lubavitch and with Zionist Christians such as U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley continues a strategy that dates from the Reagan era. That approach was fine-tuned by those who produced the presidency of Zionist Christian George W. Bush. His campaign targeted evangelical Christians as a voting bloc. With his election in 2000, those profiled placed (predominantly Jewish) neoconservatives in the narrow part of the intelligence funnel—Douglas Feith at the Pentagon’s intelligence-fixing Office of Special Plans, Paul Wolfowitz as Deputy Defense Secretary, Lewis (“Scooter”) Libby as Chief of Staff to Vice-President Dick Cheney, Richard Perle as chair of the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee and the list goes on.

These materials distinguish the moderate Jewish community from the elites and extremists who have long preyed on Jewish identity—those Albert Einstein and 27 other prominent Jews described in 1948 as Jewish “fascists.” Jewish novelist Hannah Arendt courageously called them “Jewish Nazis.” Likewise the need to separate those complicit Mormons from the broader Mormon community whose Zionist beliefs (as the “Lost Tribe of Israel”) are manipulated by those chronicled in this account.

Without the mass murder of the Holocaust, there would be no Israel. Similarly, without the mass murder of 9/11, there would have been no invasion of Iraq—for Greater Israel. This timeline provides a portal into the repetitive fact patterns that confirm the common source of a “hidden tax on humanity” that traces to an “unbreakable bond” with the Zionist experiment we know as Israel.

George Washington cautioned us in 1789 to avoid “entangled alliances” particularly where—as with the Jewish state—there’s a “passionate attachment.” My experience with a lifetime of serial stalking proves the common source of serial capital crimes, including treason, ongoing behind the veneer of Washington’s “special relationship” with Tel Aviv that was first sanctioned by President Harry Truman. The political career of this Zionist Christian Democrat, in turn, was produced by (Jewish) organized crime in Kansas City.[1]

Manipulation of Identity

That passionate attachment traces directly to those duplicitous few who have long preyed on identity—faith-based, national, racial, sexual, etc. When those who created the Soviet Union (80-85% Jewish according to a June 2013 speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin) discovered in the 1920s that class identity failed to generate the requisite passionate attachment to reliably manipulate behavior, they formed the Frankfurt School of the 1930s from which identity politics arose.

I return below to the historical origins of this deceit in a timeline chronicling a lifetime of criminal stalking traceable to a common source. This stalking continued 24/7 whether I was in the U.S. or abroad. To grasp how far to the political right we’ve moved as a nation, one need only contemplate where a “Rockefeller Republican” would fit along the current political spectrum. My father clearly would not be welcome in today’s Republican Party and would be well to the political “left” of hawkish Democrat Hillary Clinton, long a reliable supporter of the Israeli Right. In a 1964 speech at Harvard, he described this enemy as those sharing a “tireless genius for crisis.” My life experience confirms who, how and why. Due to those I profiled, a classic “asset” now serves as “our” Commander-in-Chief.

The Hidden Tax on Humanity website ( features several draft chapters for a forthcoming book by that title. In 1951, Donald Stralem financed production of the film Duck and Cover shown by mandatory attendance to 40 million schoolchildren, exposing them to the fear of an atomic attack. As an “emotion management” tool, that film internalized the fear and insecurity required to gain geopolitical traction for the Cold War narrative of MAD (mutually assured destruction). In the U.S. alone, that four-decade conflict-of-opposites (1948-1989) consumed ~$25 trillion in resources (in 2017 dollars).

As a nation, we were then induced to segued seamlessly from the Cold War to The Clash of Civilizations, a conflict-of-opposites first devised by Princeton Professor and Zionist Bernard Lewis and then branded around a book authored by Harvard Professor Samuel Huntington. Prior to its publication in 1996, 100 NGOs were pre-staged to promote that narrative, seeding another fear-inducing consensus. With the provocation of 9/11, insecurity again became the national narrative. Donald Stralem is the Rothschild manager who arranged my mother’s marriage to the brother of Rothschild operative Robert King Cunningham, ensuring that my step-uncle had ready access to my home—and to me—commencing when I was four years old. At 12 years old, I walked in on a family argument that linked my “Uncle Bobby” to those who orchestrated the assassination of President Kennedy.

But for the murder of JFK, he would have ended an earlier unwinnable war in Vietnam. Successor Lyndon Johnson was another classic asset. LBJ was being “serviced” in the White House by former Israeli Irgun operative Mathilde Krim when the Israelis launched a long-planned, region-wide provocation—a 1967 Land Grab since marketed as the heroic Six-Day War. Are we to believe that Nixon-era National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger, a Harvard history professor, did not know that the Vietnamese used guerrilla warfare tactics to defeat three times a Mongol superpower—seven centuries earlier? Are we to believe that the timing of the Johnson/Krim affair in the White House was coincidental? The duration and sophistication of their premeditation confirms the presence of a trans-generational “evil mind.”

The timeline shows why I am so confident that, with the help of researchers, we can prove that this war-mongering duplicity dates to antiquity though, for now, I trace this treachery to 1850 when Casimir Stralem co-founded Hallgarten and Company investment bankers in Manhattan to finance both sides in the Civil War. At the direction of my Uncle David Rockefeller, One Chase Manhattan Plaza was constructed on the former Hallgarten site. But first, below are a few pages suggesting that the “natural evolution” of history was, in fact, shaped by those I first began to profile while a child—initially in order to discover the identity of my true biological father.

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A Century of Manipulated History—In Brief

1850 – Hallgarten & Company—German-Jewish investment bankers opened offices in Manhattan led by co-founding partner Casimir Stralem.

1862-65 – Hallgarten & Company financed both the Union and the Confederacy in the Civil War. Cincinnati-based Solomon Loeb made his first fortune selling trousers to the Union Army capitalizing what became New York-based Kuhn, Loeb & Company that in 1977 became Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb. In 1875, Jacob Shiff joined Kuhn, Loeb & Company and married the daughter of Solomon Loeb.

1870 – Standard Oil Company was founded in Cleveland, Ohio by my great-grandfathers John D. and William Rockefeller.

1904 – Jacob Schiff raised $200 million in debt that enabled Japan to defeat Russia. In terms of raw economic power (as a percentage of GDP), that would be equivalent to raising $125 billion in 2017. Schiff distributed 3,000 pounds of Russian revolutionary pamphlets to 50,000 Russians held by Japan as POWs.

 1910 – Bernard Baruch began producing the political career of James Byrnes with his election to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1910 and the U.S. Senate in 1930 where he served as a mentor to Harry Truman when Truman was placed in the Senate in 1935. Byrnes was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Roosevelt in 1941. For years later, he became Truman’s Secretary of State where he played a major role in the Potsdam Conference that ceded much of Eastern Europe and Iran to the Soviet sphere of influence. Byrnes had little formal education (he did not graduate from high school). Born in 1870, Baruch was a native of South Carolina where his wife’s grandfather served as the rabbi of Charleston when this southern port was the third largest city in the U.S. due to trade in cotton, rice and slaves.

[See 1945 for Byrnes’ dismissal of my father, Nelson Rockefeller, as Assistant. Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs, ending the prospect for a “hybrid” economic development model as a means to counter the appeal of communism in developing countries.]

 1912 – Henry Morgenthau chaired the campaign finance committee for the election of President Woodrow Wilson.

 1913 – Paul Warburg advised on creation of the U.S. Federal Reserve while brother Felix Warburg advised on creation of the U.S. income tax system, including the nonprofit sector.[2] Henry Morgenthau, Jr. moved in next door to Franklin D. Roosevelt to emerge as his Treasury Secretary during WWII and, post-war, co-chaired with Milwaukee native Golda Meir the first U.S. bond drive for the Zionist experiment (aka Israel).

 1914 – Morgenthau, Sr. arranged for Jacob Schiff to raise $50,000 to rescue settlements in Palestine that had been supported since 1894 by French financier Baron Edmond de Rothschild. Absent this Morgenthau-Schiff alliance: “Palestinian Jewry almost certainly would have perished.”[3]

 1916 – Morgenthau, Sr. chaired the finance committee for Woodrow Wilson’s successful 1916 presidential campaign. Wilson prevailed with the election slogan, “He kept us out of the war.”

 1917 – On April 6, the U.S. entered the war. Jacob Schiff, a Warburg and a Rothschild funded Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky (né Lev Davidovich Bronstein) to launch the Bolshevik Revolution. With the murder of the Czar and his family, there was no turning back from what became the U.S.S.R. President Wilson led the U.S. to war in Europe and appointed commodity trader Bernard Baruch to head the War Industries Board.

 1919 – Three delegations of Jewish elites accompanied President Wilson to the Paris Peace Conference. Onerous reparation terms imposed humiliating and inflation-inducing conditions on Germany that provoked in response an extreme nationalism leading to the emergence of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis). The U.S.-based Council on Foreign Relations was founded at the Majestic Hotel in Paris.

 1922 – Identified as a pliable asset by organized crime in Kansas City after the failure of his Truman & Jacobson haberdashery, Zionist Christian Harry Truman soon became an administrative judge overseeing the award of public works contracts on which Kansas City’s Pendergast political machine relied for its funding.

 1928 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt became Governor of New York. Adviser Sam Rosenman moved into the governor’s residence where he became known as “the power behind the throne.”

1929 – The first conclave of the National Crime Syndicate was convened in Atlantic City.

 1930 – On January 1, Lula Armour and two partners sold parcels of land in Welch, West Virginia to Standard Oil of New Jersey for $45,000. In November, James Byrnes was elected a U.S. Senator from South Carolina. Eugene Meyer was appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve (1930-35).

1931 – A “Jews only” conclave of the National Crime Syndicate was convened in the Franconia Hotel in Manhattan where the U.S. was divided into 24 territories with Murder, Inc. formed for enforcement. Italians and Sicilians were thereafter featured as the public face of organized crime—with help from Hollywood.

 1932 – In November, Roosevelt was elected president; Sam Rosenman became a key insider shaping both the New Deal and U.S. foreign policy as events led to Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entering WWII.

 1934 – Harry Truman was placed in the Senate where Senator James Byrnes became his mentor.

 1941 – Following a November meeting that FDR convened with senior advisers to discuss war with Japan, Secretary of War Henry Stimson wrote in his diary of November 25th: “The question was how we should maneuver them into the position of firing the first shot without allowing too much danger to ourselves.” The leaked text of a “Victory Program” added to a series of provocations that included freezing Japanese assets, imposing an oil embargo on Japan and dispatching U.S.-flagged fuel tankers to transit the Sea of Japan. After the “unprovoked and dastardly attack” on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Congress declared war and FDR appointed Bernard Baruch special adviser to the Office of War Mobilization where Baruch protégé James Byrnes implemented his ideas as the FDR-appointed head of both the Office of Economic Stabilization and the Office of War Mobilization.

 1942 – As part of the Manhattan Project, the town of Oak Ridge, Tennessee was established by the Army Corps of Engineers as a venue for developing government-sponsored nuclear technology. Knoxville-based Glazer Steel became a contractor. [See below for the role played in this serial stalking by Guilford and Diane Glazer in the 1980s and 1990s.]

 1944 – After an ailing FDR accepted an invitation to recuperate in secret for two weeks at Hobcow Barony, a Bernard Baruch estate on the South Carolina coast, the war-time president emerged a month later noticeably sicker. At the July Democratic Party convention in Chicago, Harry Truman emerged as the party’s Vice-Presidential nominee, displacing Byrnes when FDR delegated that decision to labor organizer Sidney Hillman with close ties to (Jewish) organized crime and to Murder, Inc. The choice of Truman ensured that a Zionist Christian would succeed the ailing FDR when the Roosevelt/Truman presidential ticket prevailed in the November election.

 1945 – Byrnes accompanied a frail FDR took Byrnes to the “Big Three” Yalta Conference in February (Roosevelt, Stalin an Churchill) where Byrnes favored Soviet plans. Byrnes’ extensive notes remain the most complete record of the Conference.

FDR’s death on April 12 began the (unelected) Truman presidency. Truman and FDR reportedly had met just twice. Byrnes briefed Truman on the Manhattan Project. On July 3, Truman appointed Byrnes as his Secretary of State. On July 16, the first atomic bomb was detonated. Truman, Byrnes, Rosenman and Benjamin Cohen attended the Potsdam Conference (July 17-25) where Truman ceded Eastern Europe to the Soviets. Clark Clifford emerged at Potsdam as Navy counsel to Rosenman. Truman was unschooled in foreign affairs; he and Byrnes relied on the advice of Rosenman and Cohen. On Truman’s command, the U.S. dropped a 15-megaton atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6th and a 20-megaton bomb on Nagasaki three days later.

August 23 — Byrnes sought Nelson Rockefeller’s resignation as Assistant Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs, ending prospects for a bottom-up/hybrid development model conceived by my father to optimize the best features of both private enterprise and the nonprofit sector. He had been tasked by FDR with developing an alternative to the attractiveness of communism in developing nations.

December – Byrnes represented Truman at the Moscow Conference with Russian Foreign Minister Vyachaslav Molotov and U.K. Foreign Minister Anthony Eden where, in effect, Iran and the Baltic states became part of Soviet post-war spheres of influence. Byrnes’ failure to inform Truman about the status of Iran created a rift that led to their estrangement. [See online “The Iran Connection” chronicling my interactions with those pre-staging the present situation in Iran with war in Syria the portal to war in Iran.]

1946 – Truman appointed Eugene Meyer as first (interim) president of the World Bank Group. Meyer-hired staff institutionalized today’s top-down, exclusive development model in the Bank/IMF and in the State Department’s U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), inverting Nelson Rockefeller’s bottom-up, inclusive model designed to bridge the public/private divide. As owner of The Washington Post (acquired in bankruptcy in 1933), Meyer helped brand as the “Washington Consensus” today’s globally dominant top-down and exclusive model with its sharp divide between public and private—where most corruption is found.

Truman appointed Bernard Baruch as U.S. representative to the U.N. Atomic Energy Commission. The Baruch Plan for international control of atomic weapons so favored the U.S. (and so alienated the Soviets), that the envisioned peaceful oversight of this new technology became impossible. The Baruch Plan helped set in motion the costly and highly profitable Cold War with its MAD strategy (mutually assured destruction). [Note below the recurring framing of outcomes that ensure subsequent crises and catalyze future conflicts.]

1947 – The National Security Act reorganized the nation’s foreign policy, military and intelligence operations and created a wall between domestic and foreign intelligence operatives. The reorganization was overseen by Clark Clifford as White House counsel to Truman. The resulting “gap” between foreign and domestic intelligence-gathering would later be exploited to pre-stage and launch the attacks of September 11, 2001.

The production of the Reagan presidency in 1980 dates from when MCA founder Jules Stein of Chicago, Lew Wasserman from Cleveland and Chicago labor consigliore Sydney Korshak installed Reagan as president of the Screen Actors Guild in 1947. Reagan soon granted MCA a special exception allowing its production company to also represent the talent. That ruling enabled MCA/Universal to dominate pop culture. My Uncle Bobby was close to Reagan and others in Hollywood, including actor Robert Mitchum.

1948 – Zionist Chaim Weizman recruited Eddie Jacobson, Truman’s post-WWI partner in Kansas City’s Truman & Jacobson haberdashery, to lobby Truman to recognize as a legitimate state a Rothschild-supported Zionist enclave in Palestine. Recognition was opposed by Truman’s senior advisers, including Secretary of State George Marshall, the C.I.A. and the bulk of the U.S. diplomatic corps. As interim chairman of Truman’s 1948 presidential campaign, Clark Clifford prevailed cautioning that, absent recognition of the Jewish state, pledged campaign funds would not be forthcoming from Zionists (largely in New York).

Henry Morgenthau, Jr. and Milwaukee native Golda Meir launched the first Israel bond drive in the U.S. In a December 1948 letter to the editor of The New York Times, Albert Einstein and 27 other prominent Jews described Israel’s Irgun-derived government (predecessor to today’s Likud Party) as terrorists, racists and fascists who seek a “Leader State,” comparing them to the Nazis of WWII. Jewish novelist Hannah Arendt called them “Jewish Nazis.”

1949 – Israel established the Mossad as the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations. Its motto: “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.”[4] In August, the Soviets detonated their first nuclear bomb—based on U.S.- and French-derived technology.

1950 – Truman began the Korean War. Senator Joseph McCarthy began his search for communists. The Chicago-originated Aspen Institute was founded and began teaching up-and-coming leaders (political, business, military, diplomatic, academic) that the “Chicago model” embodies the core principles of Western civilization. The model morphed into neoliberalism and then the globally embraced Washington consensus.

L.A. mobster Mickey Cohen sponsored a fundraiser for Richard Nixon’s Senate race where he promised to raise $75,000 ($738,000 in 2017 dollars). For the event in Hollywood’s historic Knickerbocker Hotel, 250 people were bussed in from what Cohen described as “the gambling fraternity.” As he conceded, “there wasn’t a legitimate person in the room.” When he passed the hat for Nixon and came up short of the announced goal, he locked the doors and assured attendees, “nobody’s going home until this quota is met.” Nixon extended his thanks to those assembled and departed on his way to become a Senator and then vice-president to Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952 and then ran for president against John F. Kennedy in 1960.[5]

Serial Criminal Stalking—1951 to 2017

1951 – In March, the Mossad Directorate for Overseas Operations was founded. I was conceived in April 1951 in West Virginia while Nelson Rockefeller was there on family business.

From the 1920s to the 1950s there were numerous sales of land to and from Lula Armour and third parties, including Standard Oil Company of New Jersey founded by John D. and William Rockefeller. She was a well-known schoolteacher who taught for many years and had one child, William Marvin Armour, III. From outward appearances, she had significant assets. It is unknown whether she had an interest in The Dor Company to which she sold two lots in 1938 for $100 after selling a parcel to Standard Oil of New Jersey in 1930 for $45,000. On October 31, 1952, The Dor Company signed a 15-year lease with Esso Standard Oil Company (for the same parcels that Lula Armour sold to The Dor Company in 1938) for $2,850/month.

Standard Oil and other Rockefeller-controlled entities were doing business in Welch, West Virginia in the early 1950s and would have known about Lula Armour and William Marvin Armour, III who had run as a Republican for the House of Delegates. Those facts provided David Rockefeller the opportunity to ensure that his older brother Nelson met my mother while he was in Welch in 1951. She was a beautiful young woman whose father had risen to become a supervisor in a coal mine before having his family put out on the street after he was diagnosed with black lung two years before my mother was introduced to my father. Nine months later, William Marvin Armour, III was the person named as “father” on my birth certificate.

Duck and Cover was released as an “emotion management” component of Truman-era Civil Defense. Shown by mandatory attendance to 40 million schoolchildren nationwide, this 9-1/2 minute film instructed students in teacher-directed drills on how, when they saw the flash of an atomic bomb, they should duck under their desks and cover their heads. Hallgarten & Co. partner Donald Stralem provided $350,000 for production costs ($3.2 million in 2017), helping internalize the fear and insecurity required to imbed and sustain the Cold War narrative in the minds of Baby Boomer children and their parents.[6] [See below for Mr. Stralem.]

1952 – I was born in January.[7]

1953 – Truman’s presidency ended with record low approval ratings (22%) after creating numerous “crisis-on-cue venues” worldwide, including Israel/Palestine, North/South Korea, North/South Vietnam, Kashmir (Pakistan/India), China/Taiwan and East/West Berlin. Those venues thereafter became available for staging well-timed crises and served as proxies for advancing the Cold War conflict-of-opposites narrative (communism vs. capitalism) as a prologue to its 1990s successor, The Clash of Civilizations (Islam vs. the West).

1954 – Israel staged bombings of American and British facilities in Egypt and sought to blame them on radical Islamic extremists in an attempt to destabilize the regime of President Gamal Abdel Nasser.[8]

1956 – My mother, Joyce Romans, married William J. Cunningham, the brother of Rothschild operative Robert King Cunningham who worked for Donald Stralem, son of Hallgarten and Company co-founder Casimir Stralem. Donald Stralem was married in 1928 to Jean Lehman Ickelheimer from the family that founded Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb. Donald died in 1976 and Jean in 1994.

In November, during the last week of President Eisenhower’s reelection campaign, Israel, Great Britain and France launched the “Suez Crisis” or what Israel called their “Sinai Campaign.” [See 2012, below.]

1958 – On April 5, Stanley Condon (my family doctor and my stepfather’s brother-in-law) was found dead of what was diagnosed as a cerebral hemorrhage at age 42. Soon thereafter, Dr. James Whitman purchased his medical practice and became my family physician. Dr. Whitman was the best friend of Dr. Robert J. Birndorf who would emerge in 1981 to perpetrate the first fraud on me. Birndorf smiled when describing for me 23 years later what a “coincidence” it was that he and Whitman were such close friends. Both had worked for Eli Broad in Michigan, the first of several “coincidental” encounters with those close to Broad.

1960 – The original Hallgarten & Company building was razed to build the 64-story One Chase Manhattan Plaza that opened in 1961 as headquarters of Chase Manhattan Bank where my uncle David Rockefeller served as chairman and chief executive, 1969-1980. John F. Kennedy won the Democratic primary in West Virginia when Chicago Mafia don Sam Giancana and the United Mine Workers arranged for bars statewide to play a campaign jingle provided by Frank Sinatra based on the popular tune, High Hopes. When JFK sought campaign funds from the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, he was assured of support provided he turned over to them U.S. policy in the Middle East. [Source: JFK friend Charlie Bartlett who introduced Jack Kennedy to Jackie.]

1963 – On June 15 President Kennedy sent a cable to U.S. Ambassador Walworth Barbour with instructions to deliver it the next day to Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. That cable increased the pressure on Israel to shut down its nuclear weapons program, insisting that “Israel’s purposes” must “be clear to the world beyond reasonable doubt.” Ben-Gurion viewed JFK’s policy as a threat to the very survival of Israel. Deploying an “entropy strategy,” Ben-Gurion resigned before the cable could be physically delivered. By the time a functioning Israeli government was in place, the Kennedy problem had been handled. Not since Eisenhower’s insistent message to Ben-Gurion in 1956 during Israel’s Sinai Campaign (aka the Suez Crisis) had a U.S. president spoken so bluntly to an Israeli Prime Minister.

During this same time frame, Attorney General Robert Kennedy and Arkansas Senator J. William Fulbright, chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations, pressed the American Zionist Council to register as foreign agents. Those two existential threats to Zionist goals ended with the murder of John F. Kennedy in November while he visiting Dallas, Texas. With Lyndon Johnson as president, the American Zionist Council morphed into the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Now the nation’s most influential lobby, AIPAC remains unregistered as a foreign agent. No U.S. president has dared since speak so bluntly.

1964 – Israel’s Dimona reactor went critical in early 1964. At age 12, I walked in on a heated argument between my Rothschild agent step-uncle (Robert King Cunningham) and my step-grandmother Cunningham that connected my “Uncle Bobby” and those behind him to the murder of President Kennedy. [See below.] My step-grandfather, a master carver, provided two of his prize pieces to the White House for First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. My “Uncle Bobby” had just smashed the frames holding letters of thanks from Mrs. Kennedy and was screaming about taking pot to the Kennedy brothers at Peter Lawford’s beach house along with the girls he procured. When he saw me, he froze. I confirmed his role as a hands-on Rothschild operative by matching postmarks and dates from correspondence he sent home with the crises that occurred in those venues while he was there (assassinations, coup d’états, etc.).

1965 – I experienced the first of eight murders of people close to me or relatives of those close to me, including an aunt and a 15-year old niece. Most of the deaths were made to appear as either suicides or drug overdoses. The exception was the 1965 death of Dennis Kiss, a close childhood friend who was delivering my paper route when he was run over by a gravel truck. For hours everyone thought I was the victim because he was wearing my newspaper delivery bag that day with my name written on it.

1967 – The night that the long-planned Six-Day War began, former Irgun operative Mathilde Krim was servicing President Lyndon Johnson during a sleepover in the White House. Husband Arthur Krim, president of United Artists, then chaired the Finance Committee for the Democratic Party led by Johnson. Arthur Krim had earlier acquired property near the LBJ Ranch in Texas, enabling Mathilde to pursue an affair with Johnson. When Johnson covered up a June 8 Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty that killed 35 Americans and wounded 174, a U.S. President signaled there was no limit to what Zionists could do to Americans and not be held accountable provided the White House could be staffed with a series of pliable assets.

In the lead-up to Israel’s provocative expansion of land under its control as part of its “preemptive” war, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison began an attention-diverting Kennedy assassination conspiracy trial featuring as the defendant Clay Shaw, a New Orleans antique dealer and colleague of my Uncle Bobby who also dealt in antiques. In the lead-up to that high profile show trial, Lawrence Zeiger, a courier for (Jewish) organized crime, transported two packets of $5,000 each from stock swindler Louis Wolfson to Garrison to hire Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorists as “researchers.” Zeiger was thereafter branded as talk show host Larry King with a high profile show on CNN. [See 1991.]

1968 – With his opposition to the war in Vietnam, Robert Kennedy surged in the presidential primaries. Had RFK become president, the U.S. would be a very different nation if, as anticipated, he had followed in his brother’s footsteps and (a) required that the expansive Israel lobby register as foreign agents (Senator Fulbright remained a popular Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations), and (b) forced Israel to shut down its nuclear weapons program. On the day that he won the California primary, he was murdered in Los Angeles. The gunman was Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan.

1969 – I received a postcard featuring—in the infield of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway—Indy 500 winner Mario Andretti, Arizona-based sponsor Andy Granatelli, and J.C. Heppler who painted Andretti’s car. My mother lived with J.C. Heppler and his wife Evelyn when, following my birth, she relocated to Michigan, leaving me with my maternal grandparents for the first four years of my life. The Hepplers introduced her to the man who became my stepfather upon my adoption in 1956 when I was relocated from West Virginia to Lake St. Clair Shores, a Detroit suburb in Macomb County, Michigan. By 1969, Mr. Heppler was painting Formula One racecars for the rich and famous in Cave Creek, Arizona, including cars owned by Japanese multi-billionaire Kenjo Minato, a Rothschild operative who I met in Tokyo in 1973. In 1966, MGM released the movie Grand Prix featuring actor James Garner as a Formula One driver; the Minato character was portrayed by Japanese character actor Toshiro Mifune.

During Prohibition (1920-1933), Macomb County served as a bootlegging center dominated by the Purple Gang of (Jewish) organized crime importing liquor from the Bronfman distilleries in Ontario, Canada. From their profits, the Bronfmans founded the World Jewish Congress. The WJC remains an influential force in geopolitics. In the 1990s, the WJC played a role in the asset stripping, financial pillaging and (predominantly Jewish) oligarch-ization that typified Russia during the corrupt Boris Yeltsin era of the 1990s (see below).

1973 – I moved to Arizona where I became friends with Osama (“Sam”) Zeniya, later found to be an heir to the Mitsubishi fortune. Sam was then working for J.C. Heppler learning to paint racecars. Over my mother’s strenuous objections, I accepted Sam’s invitation to visit Japan where I met Kenjo Minato, Donald Stralem’s counterpart in Japan. I visited his home adjoining the royal palace in Tokyo. His single-family residence was valued at ~$250 million in the late-1980s. In an attempt to determine if I yet knew my true identity, Mr. Minato showed me a photo featuring my uncle David Rockefeller and Sony founder Akio Morita. Standard Oil of New York was written vertically along one side of the photo with the initial letter of each word featured in bold. I remained silent. [The exhibits include a photocopy of J.C. Heppler’s 1969 postcard, Ken Minato’s business card from 1973 and a promotional poster for the 1966 movie Grand Prix.]

1974 – I met William Armour and confirmed he was not my father. For my Grandmother Cunningham’s 70th birthday, the daughter of Indonesian President Sukarno hosted a cocktail party in her 5th Avenue penthouse. Jean Stralem and Sukarno’s New York wife co-hosted her birthday party at the Stralem’s Park Avenue townhouse.

1975 – William Armour died. I married Nancy Jolley. When we had marital problems, I visited Kathy Garvin in Michigan. Soon thereafter, Kathy died abruptly on March 4, 1976 after a three-day flu. The cause of death was described on her death certificate as “metabolic acidosis—etiology undetermined.”

1976 – My first son was born. In the fall, my aunt Nancy Mounjoy, a registered nurse, told me over dinner in a restaurant that William Armour was not my father and assured me that, when I returned for her wedding in early 1977, we would discuss my true parentage. In the pre-dawn hours of February 2, 1977, she was found dead allegedly of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to her heart fired from a rusty gun.

1977 – I went to work for Lever Brothers and moved to Tucson where I met a circle of influential Mormons, including Warren Rustand.

1978 –Rustand invited me to a golf tournament to meet President Gerald Ford who he said wanted to meet me. I declined. My Uncle, John D. Rockefeller III, died in a freak car accident on a winding road near the family estate in Pocantico, New York.

1979 –Nelson Rockefeller died January 26th. When the medical examiner arrived to take the body for an autopsy to determine the cause of death, Henry Kissinger was on the premises and reportedly persuaded family members that an autopsy would not be necessary. Following news of my father’s death, Mormon Warren Rustand contacted me. When I accepted his invitations to play tennis, he sought to determine if I yet knew my true identity as Nelson’s son as he repeatedly asked me about the name on my birth certificate. I noted the timing and did not reveal that I knew the real identity of my biological father.

Rustand served as appointments secretary and Cabinet Secretary for President Gerald Ford. With the resignation of Vice-President Spiro Agnew, formerly a corrupt Governor of Maryland, Ford was named Vice-President rather than my father.[9] Following the resignation of Richard Nixon (in a scandal that began with a clumsy cash contribution to the Nixon campaign by political sophisticate Armand Hammer), an unelected Vice-President became an unelected President and my father became Vice-President to a former Congressman from my home state—in effect precluding my father’s presidency.

In 1973, when my father first informed Dr. Glenn Olds about me (see below for Dr. Olds), he knew that his appointment as Vice-President to a Michigan Congressman was meant to rub his nose in the fact that those identified in this account exerted such control both over him and over the Office of the President. Though my father was outraged (according to Dr. Olds), had he reacted, he knew he would have been portrayed as irrationally suspicious (aka paranoid) and not credible. I had the same experience on the other side of the ‘void’ that separated us. I allowed myself to be drawn into that void to secure the proof I now have of how those I profiled stalked humanity—thus far with impunity.

Warren Rustand’s home in Tucson Country Club Estates adjoined the home of Jim Click, son-in-law of Holmes Tuttle, chairman of the Kitchen Cabinet that produced the California governorship of Ronald Reagan as pre-staging for the policies later pursued by the Reagan presidency. I knew that these networks were somehow connected to those who set up my father and mother (and were stalking me) but I then lacked the proof to say anything. I chose to remain silent while I continued to profile those stalking me.

Evidencing the concentric focus of those stalking me and others, sixteen years after my father’s death I met Dr. Vladimir Zelman in 1995 (see below) who served as Armand Hammer’s personal physician for the last 22 years of his life. In a taped White House conversation, Reverend Billy Graham was heard agreeing with Nixon in 1972, “the Jews control the media.” Though Nixon and others believed in a common (Jewish/Zionist) source behind the duplicity that accounts for many of the nation’s problems, he lacked the proof that I amassed by studying those stalking me, initially to compromise my father’s political prospects and affect the Rockefeller family. Remarks like Nixon’s could be portrayed as “anti-Semitic” without the proof I now have in order to segregate those genuinely responsible from those of the Jewish (and Mormon) faith whose beliefs were manipulated to sustain this deceit in plain sight.

1979 – Lever Brothers relocated me to Irvine, California where I joined the Mormon First Ward and met Robert Gibson, Doug Skeen and Sloan Smith, Skeen’s business partner. I also met computer pioneer Gus German (cofounder of from Kitchener, Ontario, home of the Bronfman—owned Seagram Company.

I met computer genius Gus German because the same parties stalking me were also stalking the most brilliant minds. Among his many achievements, Gus and his mathematically gifted colleagues at Waterloo University, the Silicon Valley of Canada, took computing from punch cards and reel tapes to hard disk drives. His grasp of the Chinese Remainder Theorem enabled him to develop RAID (redundant array of independent disks). With the help of researchers, I am confident we’ll find that the math and the algorithms on which those I profiled rely includes their grasp of the Chinese Remainder Theorem as a means to anticipate outcomes and wield influence over lengthy periods of time. [An algorithm is a formula for solving a problem in a sequential fashion, with each step depending on the outcome of the previous one.]

Gus was defrauded of a sizeable personal fortune with the aid of Donald Segretti, a veteran of the Richard Nixon era of political dirty tricks. His work on amorphous storage and use of the Chinese Remainder Theorem led to the development of cloud computing. The Mossad sought to recruit his colleague Paul Sop at a time (2002) when Israeli firms dominated security systems for information technology in Canada. [See accompanying 2002 IT security chart given to Paul by Mossad recruiters.]

1979-80 – After assets Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were placed in office, policies were enacted that merged faith and finance as the “Washington consensus” became what Mrs. Thatcher described as “TINA” (There Is No Alternative). In the lead-up to the “Fall of the Wall” in 1989 and the establishment of World Bank-advised privatization programs in ~92 countries, this consensus mindset ensured that oligarchies became the global norm based on the TINA policies of the post-Marx era—enabled by legislation and privatization policies embraced at the insistence of the World Bank/IMF. With the benefit of hindsight, it’s clear that “conservatives” Thatcher and Reagan did more harm to communities globally than any leaders in modern times.

Note: Those who produced the presidency of Donald Trump propose to replicate the deficit-financed, rich-get-richer “supply side” tax policies of the Reagan era while British Prime Minister Theresa May seeks to brand herself in the image of Margaret Thatcher.[10] The Trump administration is also committed to another defense buildup similar to the Reagan era.

Russian President Boris Yeltsin, a known alcoholic and a classic asset, was placed in office in 1991 to enable a nationwide financial fraud under the guise of privatization and the transition to a consensus-modeled “free market” economy. Eight of the resulting nine richest oligarchs qualified for a right of return to Israel (89% in a nation, like the U.S., that is 1.4 percent Jewish). Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev inherited this state of affairs. A Harvard Advisory Team handpicked by Treasury Under Secretary Larry Summers (working for Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin) deployed the credibility of Harvard University to lend this nation-scale fraud the appearance of legitimacy and a veneer of legality. Those who produced Yeltsin’s re-election enabled those oligarchs to hold onto their wealth long enough to make their stolen public assets appear private.[11] During this transition (pre-staged no later than 1904), 12.5 million Russian men “disappeared” due to suicide, alcoholism, a failing healthcare system and destructive behavior.

1980 – My 15-year old cousin, Cindy Curtis, was found dead on New Year’s Day with a shot to the head from a .357 Magnum. Her death was ruled a suicide. I was one of the last people to speak with her the night before when she had happily agreed to babysit my infant daughter.

1981-82 – I started a Daxon Computers franchise offering medical billing services and sold software to Arthur Bunzel, Arnold Barton and Anaheim Eye Medical Group whose administrator, Gerard Dubuc, said he had served in military intelligence with Ben Johnson, founder of Advanced Data Products (ADP), and Ross Perot in a West German data processing center. I later met Perot who I believe knew my true identity. Perot amassed much of his personal fortune at EDS (Electronic Data Systems) by providing services to SAVAK, the secret police, domestic security and intelligence service for the Shah of Iran.

I was introduced to Dr. Robert T. Birndorf who was interested in purchasing a Daxon billing system. He was then a physician for the Los Angeles/Anaheim Rams football team and, I later found, a specialist in workman’s compensation frauds. He attended high school, college and medical school with Dr. James Whitman who was the best man in Birndorf’s wedding. Whitman became my family doctor in 1958 soon after the death of my uncle, Dr. Stan Condon, allegedly of a cerebral hemorrhage at age 42. Contrary to state law for in-home deaths, no autopsy was performed. In November, Dr. Birndorf and I signed an agreement. In December, he invited me and my wife to watch the Rams play the Atlanta Falcons.

When he overbooked his suite, he had me sit in the suite of Rams’ owner Georgia Frontiere. The guests in Dr. Birndorf’s suite included Berry Gordy, Jr., John Rockwell, Dr. Birndorf’s wife and several others. The guests in Georgia Frontiere’s suite included Gabe Kaplan, comedian Richard Pryor and Chip Rosenbloom. During the second half, Dr. Birndorf screamed at me for innocently telling Chip Rosenbloom that Dr. Birndorf smoked. Birndorf demanded that my wife and I leave the stadium.

I met with Dr. Birndorf at his home in Hombly Hills, California to salvage the relationship and the sale. He lived on South Mapleton Drive in Holmby Hills directly across from the Playboy mansion. The outdoor scenes for Mommie Dearest were filmed in his backyard. When I pled with him there to end a fraud poised to shatter my young family when he emptied my personal bank account, he responded, “We’re going to do the same thing to you that we did to John DeLorean.” He also told me that Rams’ owner Carroll Rosenbloom, deceased husband of Georgia Frontiere, was murdered for betting against the Rams. He had not, as reported, died in an accidental drowning off the coast of Florida. He assured me that’s what happens to people who “screw their friends.” He agreed to purchase the Daxon system.

I saw my Uncle Bob for the last time when I drove him to Malibu from Jean Stralem’s home in Palm Springs where I also met Robert Mondavi who confirmed that his premium brand wines were financed with the help of Donald Stralem.[12] My uncle asked that I drive from my home in Irvine to Palm Springs and then drive him back to the home of actor Robert Webber in Malibu. He wanted time alone with me to determine if I had any idea that Nelson Rockefeller was my true father. He even insisted that we stop so he could look me in the eye while questioning me. That’s when I knew for certain just how afraid those stalking me are of what I know.

If I hadn’t known that Nelson Rockefeller was my father, what was being done to me—for no apparent reason—was meant to get me to kill myself unable to solve the enigma in which I was embedded. This was the only time my uncle ever asked anyone in the family for a ride anywhere. When we stopped at Webber’s home, Julie Andrews and Robert Blake came out of his house to get into their Rolls Royce convertible. When I struck up a conversation with them, my Uncle Bobby got very nervous.

A few weeks later, in October 1982, Dr. Birndorf got Hewlett Packard controller Richard Lundquist to sign a fraudulent Declaration of Forgery. In November, he used that Declaration to steal $41,000 from my account with the complicity of Hewlett Packard and a collaborator at Security Pacific Bank, ruining my business. With the collusion of Mormon Doug Skeen, that fraud also caused me to lose my home and led to my divorce.[13]

1982 – I relocated my family (my ex-wife and three young children) to Utah near the family estate where they would be safe and looked after by my in-laws whose families, as prominent Mormons, helped found the cities of Orem and Provo. Because my children were Nelson Rockefeller’s grandchildren, I feared that the perpetrators would target my ex-wife to provoke me. That fear proved well founded. [See below.]

I co-founded AlphaBase Systems, a business applications software firm, with Barry Weingart from Cleveland and Julien Bentel from a South African Jewish family. The Mormon law firm of Ure & Peterson prepared the incorporation documents and knew that all three of us were equity owners. Barry introduced me to Jason Barzilay, a former colonel in the Israeli Defense Forces (see below). My ex-wife’s home was broken into and the only missing items were items of a personal nature that I had given her. Shortly thereafter, she was introduced to Mormon Bob Rankin.

1984 – The Salvation Army signed a large computer contract with Alpha Micro that made AlphaBase a multi-million dollar company. Through AlphaBase, I met Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt, Wayne Rogers, Allen Slotnick, Charles Burkeman and numerous others associated with pornography and drugs. Barry Weingart described for me how he bought drugs from the Cleveland Police.

I encountered Katherine Hapka at U.S. West, the former Bell system telecom firm charged with oversight both of the federal court divestiture order for AT&T and the system-wide transition from analog to digital switching. Hapka friend Bernie Ebbers co-founded WorldCom and received a preferential allocation of shares when Hapka founded Rhythmns NetConnections, the first stock used in the Enron fraud. When interviewed by a colleague, Jerry Lockhart, U.S. West senior specialist in the technical security of switches and services for the Bell Operating Companies, described AlphaBase Systems as the best available business applications software. When asked what AlphaBase would have become had it not in 1986 pulled out of a $5 million dollar contract to move AlphaBase software to the Unix operating system, Lockhart replied, “Oracle.” Lockhart also described how Israelis were seeking to imbed their listening operations in the nation’s telephone switching apparatus.

Convicted in March 2005 of an $11 billion accounting fraud that cost investors as much as $100 billion, Ebbers is serving a 25-year sentence in a federal penitentiary in Louisiana.

1986-1987 – After I secured a $5 million AlphaBase contract from U.S. West/AT&T (with $200 million in anticipated contracts), my ex-wife was drawn to Knoxville, Tennessee where she was emotionally raped by Mormon Bob Rankin who also mentally abused my children. What was done to her was a scene straight out of The Godfather that caused Sonny to rush to his sister’s aid. I believe that those responsible for what was done to my ex-wife wanted me to fly to Knoxville and kill the man responsible. When my then 10-year old son phoned and told me there was a problem with his mother, I knew what was happening before she got on the phone and collapsed while screaming. During that time, she was isolated from her family and became dependent on Rankin while I was systematically being stripped of my remaining assets. The intent of the Birndorf/HP/Security Pacific fraud was to let me know what was intentionally being done to my family in order to provoke me to react and either kill myself or rush to Knoxville to kill Rankin, exposing me to the risk of being killed.

Faced with financial pressure on all sides, I settled the Hewlett Packard lawsuit for pennies on the dollar and purchased a seven-year annuity that I knew no one could touch in order to provide my ex-wife and children a monthly guaranteed tax-free income while I determined who was stalking me and why, expose those responsible and then return to my wife, our children and our life together. At the time, I had no idea of the depth and duration of the systemic corruption and criminality that I can now prove. I believe that Guilford Glazer (who I would not meet until 1995) oversaw the stalking of my ex-wife and Bob Rankin’s abuse of both her and my children.

After I avoided an attempt on my life in New Orleans in June 1991, contact with my children was terminated when Rankin disconnected the phone. I had spoken to them the day before I was set up to be murdered with the complicity of corrupt New Orleans cops. Following my release from jail, Rankin married my ex-wife and moved my family back to Utah where he founded a capital-intensive steel fabrication business with (the facts suggest) the assistance of Guilford Glazer of Knoxville- and New Orleans-based Glazer Steel.

Glazer Steel was a contractor for the Oak Ridge nuclear facility and also a Vietnam War defense contractor. I first met Glazer in 1995 in Beverly Hills. On Christmas Day 1996, he phoned to taunt me by asking me the source of anti-Semitism to which I responded, “your own community.” Soon after the first research compilations began circulating that confirmed the common source of this serial criminal stalking (and identified Glazer’s role), Glazer sold his interest in Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, California, the nation’s second largest mall, for $442 million in May 2003. Glazer was a primary funder of Russian émigrés to Israel, building the electoral strength of extremists on the Israeli Right, including the ongoing political dominance of the Likud (formerly Irgun) Party led by rightwing Prime Ministers Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Glazer’s association with Oak Ridge is consistent with revelations that Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan operated as a Mossad agent and provided components for nuclear weaponry to South Africa’s apartheid government. Glazer’s pro-Israeli conduct is also consistent with (a) the likelihood that he played a role in helping Israel obtain nuclear-related technology from Oak Ridge, and (b) the murder of President John F. Kennedy five months after he pressured Israel to terminate its nuclear weapons program while his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, sought to force Israel lobby compliance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act.[14]

My Uncle Bobby (Robert King Cunningham) had many relationships in Hollywood. Prior to me walking into a heated Kennedy-related argument in 1964 between him and my step-grandmother, I answered the phone when Kennedy brother-in-law Peter Lawford called looking for my Uncle Bobby. At his request, I wrote down a series of phone numbers where he could be reached. Actor John Cassavetes also often called looking for him. My Uncle Bobby’s friendship with Ronald Reagan suggests a relationship consistent with how those stalking me achieved dominance in media, popular culture and politics to produce numerous presidents profiled to help advance a series of war-catalyzing narratives, including their latest, The Clash of Civilizations.

1982-1991 – I was subjected to a series of financial frauds as the perpetrators drew me into numerous business transactions that were pre-staged to fail. Until 1994, this serial stalking was overseen by Mormon-Zionist Doug Skeen and then by former C.I.A. employee Carol Barr from the Rocha clan of Portugese Sephardic Jews who settled the Sacramento Delta. While being drawn into the “fields within fields…within fields” of relationships through which this trans-generational criminal syndicate operates,[15] I was brought into contact with those pre-staging the $150 billion-plus Savings and Loan fraud of the 1980s, the “dotcom crash” of 2000 (a financial “pump-and-dump” fraud perpetrated with inflated appraisals), and the Enron fraud (revealed in 2001).

My hypothesis was simple: who I met and what was done to me would lead me to the center of those behind this systemic criminality provided I could stay with them without them becoming aware that I was profiling them while they were stalking me. I assumed (correctly) that they could not risk a separate team to cover me and, over time, would draw me to the core of their covert operations if I could get back up and keep going after each fraud was perpetrated on me. I knew they couldn’t murder me outright as my corpse would lead back to the role played by my Uncle David Rockefeller. Thus their efforts to discredit me, provoke me and keep me broke became my portal into the heart of their psy-ops as I documented the “how” of their duplicity.

Because I was drawn to the core of their operations, I routinely met children and siblings of other wealthy and/or politically influential families who were also being stalked. Those I met included Neil Bush (brother of President G.W. Bush), the son of Dan Quayle (Vice-President to George H.W. Bush), the granddaughter of German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and others, including the eldest son of Adnan Khashoggi, the billionaire Saudi arms dealer who helped discredit the Reagan presidency with the Iran-Contra scandal in which Israel played a central role.

Among the many frauds to which I was subjected was a 1987 offer to sell an office building at 650 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan formerly owned by the Shah of Iran. Stock swindler Ivan Boesky, a criminal accomplice of “junk bond king” Michael Milken, occupied the top two floors. Hashemi Rafsanjani, president of the Iranian Parliament, put the building up for sale as trustee of properties acquired with $34 billion (of a reported $51 billion) stolen from Iran by the Shah that was returned to the Iranian people. I located a buyer in return for an agreed-to commission of one-third of any amount over the asking price of $240 million. The sole mortgage was a $60 million note held by Chase Manhattan Bank chaired by my Uncle David, 1969-80.

When I found a buyer for $350 million, the funds to purchase were agreed to be provided by a Japanese insurance company (Sumitomo Bank opened an escrow account with the purchase funds deposited), a Rothschild office in Tokyo and American Express with the approval of CEO Jim Robinson. Negotiations included a meeting with a man who identified himself as Pincus Green, partner of Iran oil-trader Marc Rich.[16] When I assured operatives that I would use my commission to expose those stalking me, the title to the building became “clouded” and the agreed-to sale did not close, depriving me of a ~$35 million commission.


On his last day as president, asset Bill Clinton preemptively pardoned both Rich and Green after being lobbied by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and the head of the Mossad and being presented by Denise Rich with a gold-plated saxophone. The same party (Robert Kuhr) who brought me into the deal to sell 650 Park Avenue also had me negotiate the sale of a South African oil refinery to Shell of South Africa. That deal also disappeared when the parties realized I would use the proceeds to expose those behind this serial stalking. [See online “The Iran Connection.”]

1986 — I met with Mary Castaneda of the IRS Criminal Investigations Division (CID) in Los Angeles and offered evidence sufficient for the IRS to commence tax evasion proceedings against Barry Weingart, my partner in AlphaBase, who was then defrauding me of my 28% equity stake in the company. I knew that Ms. Castaneda had the highest security for a CID case officer following Pablo Escobar reportedly putting out an open multi-million dollar contract for her murder. Her investigation led to the arrest and conviction of Escobar’s highest grossing cocaine dealer, the man portrayed by actor Johnny Depp in the 2001 movie Blow.

By meeting with her, I knew that even if the information I gave her later disappeared, the perpetrators could not disappear the record of our meeting regarding AlphaBase. That’s why I sought a meeting with her. I offered Ms. Castaneda an IRS lien on my equity interest in AlphaBase until a meeting could be arranged with the IRS team then auditing my company. I was fingerprinted, photographed and added to a secure database before we were allowed to meet. Ms. Castaneda found $500,000 in an account (of which I was not aware) that Barry Weingart was using to embezzle funds and evade taxes. No one ever contacted me despite Ms. Castaneda’s assurance that the audit team would do so. To perfect the fraud depriving me of my equity in AlphaBase, the IRS audit team and Weingart’s tax attorney made more than $300,000 in income paid to me disappear from the official records while I was pursued for income taxes on $7,500 that I was never paid.

A good faith investigation will determine if the IRS finding of tax evasion by Weingart was pursued or made to disappear by government insiders in return for the role Weingart played in defrauding me. As part of his payoff, Barry was put into a stock deal for that made him millions and today provides the mapping for traffic globally. Those stalking me were routinely well rewarded. The payoff for Mormon Doug Skeen was a co-founding stake in Valutech, a business applications software firm positioned to become a cash management and payments processing firm handling over $1 billion per day in health insurance claims (a key employee developed the Federal Reserve “lock box” system). Valutech has since become ClearCycle. Skeen walked away with a fortune for his role in helping strip me of all my assets, 1982-1993. My Uncle Bobby’s psychological payoff was bit parts in movies such as The Vikings and Spartacus starring Kirk Douglas.[17]

In February, the Mossad launched Operation Trojan a fake broadcasting operation in Tripoli meant to make it appear that the Libyan leader was transmitting terrorist instructions to his embassies worldwide. The Israeli goal: to induce asset Ronald Reagan to order a U.S. attack on Tripoli and Benghazi. That induced attack pre-staged regime change in Libya and created a provocation certain to seed the hatred of Americans seen in the September 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. With Israeli confidence boosted by its success in simultaneously deceiving, endangering and discrediting its ally, Iraq and Saddam Hussein became their next target. According to the assessment of a senior Mossad operative—five years before the first Gulf War and 15 years before 9/11: “After the bombing of Libya, our friend Qadhafi is sure to stay out of the picture for some time. Iraq and Saddam Hussein are the next target. We’re starting now to build him up as the big villain. It will take some time, but in the end, there’s no doubt that it’ll work.”[18]

1991 – During my January 1997 meetings in Baghdad, Dr. Al-Hadithi, senior counselor to Saddam Hussein, agreed that the Israelis were behind the Emir of Kuwait’s war-catalyzing demand for the “repayment” of oil proceeds that Kuwait transferred to Iraq after, by agreement, Kuwait sold slant-drilled oil drawn from Iraqi reserves. Dr. Al-Hadithi confirmed that Saddam knew the Israelis had deceived him when he agreed to Kuwait’s sale of Iraqi oil to fund Iraq’s war against Iran while bypassing OPEC quotas. Saddam also suspected that Tel Aviv was behind the Emir’s demand for “repayment,” triggering Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait and, in response, the first Gulf War (Desert Storm), pre-staging the regime change war set in motion by 9/11. [See “The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented” on]

1989-1992 – Robert Kuhr continued to introduce me into deals that were meant to go nowhere. He introduced me to Tom Polakitus through whom I met Dick Tosland with whom I initiated a deal to acquire Burbank Towers that was then owned by Steve Geiger and Kumiguy Gumi of KG Development whose former partner was Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. Through this network, I met Claudia Von Bismarck whose mother sold Khashoggi a bull fighting estate in Spain. I also met Khashoggi’s son, Mohammed.

I was then drawn into a deal to acquire Torrance Pacific, a building for which I located a buyer for $15 million. One day after the offer for the property was tendered, the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) took over American Savings and Loan and the agreed-to acquisition was stymied. As usual, there was a Jewish/Mormon connection. George Romney, Michigan’s Mormon Governor and father of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, befriended my girlfriend Kathy Garvin and asked her about me at a Michigan National Bank Christmas party in the 1970s. I had never met Romney and he had no reason to know about me other than knowing that I was Nelson’s son.[19]

RTC Chairman William Seidman, Governor Romney’s statewide finance director, led the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) during the savings and loan crisis of the late 1980s. That crisis was pre-staged during the Reagan era with legislation sponsored by Jake Garn, a Mormon Senator from Utah and chairman of the Senate Banking Committee. Seidman re-emerged to chair the Resolution Trust Corporation during the Bush I administration as those foreclosed S&L assets were sold out of receivership at fire sale prices. Many of the properties were acquired by Chicago’s Sam “Grave Dancer” Zell and other operatives into whose networks I was drawn. Those networks included David Bonderman who then become the founder of Texas Pacific Group, one of the foremost private equity firms.[20]

Under Seidman’s chairmanship, the RTC seized American Savings, an S&L in Torrance, California owned by Texan Robert Bass on the same day that I scheduled a closing for the sale of a $15 million commercial building with my client’s $8 million deposit held in that S&L. When I called Seidman’s office. his receptionist told me that Warren Rustand had just walked into Seidman’s office. Neither Seidman nor Rustand would take my call. David Bonderman then called me from Robert Bass’s plane and laughed at my predicament, assuring me that he didn’t care if my sale didn’t close because Bass, as owner of the S&L, got paid either way under the government-backed program for insuring S&L deposits. I later discovered that the building sold for $5.1 million with the F.D.I.C. (and taxpayers) forced to pick up the difference. In 2007, Bonderman joined the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans.

As the U.S. saw an unelected Vice President become an unelected President, Seidman became an economic adviser to President Gerald Ford. With the resignation of Spiro Agnew, Arizona Mormon Warren Rustand came aboard as gatekeeper (appointments secretary) when Ford was appointed Vice President and then president following Nixon’s resignation (see below). Soon after the end of the Ford administration, Arizona-based Phelps Dodge emerged as my largest account at Lever Brothers. At the time, Seidman served as chief financial officer at Phelps Dodge.

1987-1992 – I pursued a lawsuit to recover my equity interest in AlphaBase Systems.

In 1991, AlphaBase dealer Bill Lucky asked that I come to New Orleans to help with his computer business.[21] While there I avoided an attempt on my life when corrupt New Orleans police officers arrested me on false charges and assured me that I would not leave the jail alive. Though I was issued four fraudulent citations, including reckless operation of a motor vehicle, I was not charged with the only violation of which I was guilty—driving with an expired out of state license. I faked a seizure so that I would be sent to the infirmary where a sympathetic nurse agreed to contact my mother who, I believe, contacted my cousin, Senator John D. (“Jay”) Rockefeller IV, who was then seeking the Democratic Party nomination for president. Shortly after that call to my mother, a judge ordered my release. Jay later flew to New Orleans where he disappeared for several hours and the charges against me were dropped. On August 7, 1991, he announced his withdrawal from the presidential primaries citing “personal family reasons.”

In 1992, I met Ron Burd who was then working for the Law Offices of Mormon Steven Smith who was representing me. When Ron uncovered evidence that one or more of my attorneys (or third parties) were undermining my case and deleting documents proving my ownership interest in AlphaBase, he left the firm and has since represented me.

The stalking was often shocking in its savagery.[22] For example, the May 1992 abduction, rape and brutal murder of 10-year old Deanna Seifert in Michigan was directly related to this nonlinear serial criminal stalking. Deanna was the same age as my daughter and a niece by marriage of my cousin Connie Condon.[23] Had she been immediate family, I might have been able to expose the cover-up and the framing of an innocent man convicted of a murder that was meant to provoke me to react by making statements that would make me appear irrationally suspicious (aka paranoid). Deanna was one of at least eight deaths of people close to me that trace to this stalking, including an aunt in Florida and a 15-year-old niece in Arizona. Deanna was abducted during a slumber party at a friend’s home by a perpetrator who had to step over four other sleeping girls to take her, confirming it was a targeted abduction.

The same day Deanna was abducted, an operative approached me in my gym in Fresno and asked, “How is your family?” He then turned and quickly walked away. That evening I phoned my cousin Connie and asked how the family was doing. She told me that Deanna had been abducted. I replied that she would not be found alive. I didn’t tell her the reason though I knew it was because those stalking me would murder her to let me know what they could do to my daughter hoping I would rush to Utah to get help to protect her. I had not seen my children since contact with them was terminated following the 1991 attempt on my life in New Orleans. It was later discovered that local authorities in Utah had in their records a profile that identified me as a lethal threat to my family. Had I rushed to Utah to protect them, it’s likely I would have been killed by Utah law enforcement (largely Mormon) with the case quickly closed, citing the rationale that I was a threat.

On the morning of July 13, 1992, perpetrators openly confronted me in a manner that signaled something was seriously wrong. In response, I telephoned the Carter Center in Atlanta and told the woman who answered that I had specific information regarding the assassination of President Kennedy. My intent was to create a record in the event that anything happened to me that day. Ron Burd later learned that Deanna’s body had been found at 7:00 a.m. that same morning in a wire-mesh scrap metal bin located not far from where she was abducted. I knew that the timing of her body being found was related to the confrontation in Los Angeles that same day by those responsible for her murder.

The objective was to provoke me to contact authorities for help with my reaction making me appear irrationally suspicious (paranoid). When discovered, Deanna’s body was in an advanced state of decomposition. It was evident her corpse had not been in the bin very long but had been stored elsewhere and moved to that location to be found that day. The consistency of the fact patterns—over decades—confirm that those responsible for using murder as a means to stalk me were members of (Jewish and Mormon) organized crime and Israeli loyalists. The motivation behind this incident helps explains why a 10-year-old child was abducted, raped by three men and bludgeoned to death to provoke a reaction.[24] Any reaction on my part would have made me appear “crazy” had I sought to explain this nonlinear criminality

On a macro-scale, when the U.S. was provoked to react by the mass murder of 3,000 people on 9/11, the motive was to induce a reaction leading to the invasion of Iraq—making the U.S. appear crazy. The Office of the President was then occupied by Christian Zionist George W. Bush who was deceived with false intelligence provided by those he was induced to trust (predominantly Jewish neoconservatives). My lengthy experience confirms that the same murderous means repeatedly deployed to provoke me to react were deployed—by the same parties—to wage war on the U.S. and other nations—from within. The consistency of the perpetrators’ agent provocateur behavior when serially stalking me is consistent with how the U.S. was provoked to wage serial wars on behalf of the same parties.

Both Ron Burd and I contacted 60 Minutes, provided them detailed documentation of the ongoing stalking and, given the national security implications, urged that they investigate. Ron again contacted 60 Minutes in June 1993. Had this high profile CBS television show investigated this one incident, the lengthy pre-staging (then ongoing) for the mass murder of 9/11 may well have been uncovered.

In 1991, Princeton Professor Bernard Lewis published “The Roots of Muslim Rage” in the September 1990 issue of Atlantic Monthly. An avid Zionist and supporter of the Israeli Right, the Lewis thesis informed what became Harvard Professor Samuel Huntington’s premise titled The Clash of Civilizations. While leading a 1992 Harvard research project on U.S. foreign policy, Fareed Zakaria was appointed managing editor of Foreign Affairs, ensuring he emerged as a media star at age 28 as head of that flagship publication for the influential Council on Foreign Relations—founded in Paris in 1919 as the WWII-catalyzing terms of the Treaty of Versailles brought WWI to a close. When Zakaria was recruited, my Uncle David and A.I.G Chairman/CEO Maurice (“Hank”) Greenberg were Directors and patrons of the Council and financial supporters. The pre-staging of that war-catalyzing narrative dates to no later than when Zakaria studied at Harvard under the direction of Professors Samuel Huntington and Stanley Hoffman.

The Clash thesis first surfaced with that title under Huntington’s name in a 1992 lecture at the American Enterprise Institute, the neoconservative think tank that later played a key role in selling the war in Iraq. Zakaria featured Huntington’s Clash lecture in the Summer 1993 issue of Foreign Affairs. To transform a conflict-of-opposites thesis into a national narrative required the release in 1996 of the book-length Clash accompanied by a public relations campaign as more than 100 non-governmental organizations helped sell what soon became an internalized consensus (mindset) that conflicts catalyzed by cultural and religious identities would be the next national security threat. The result was Cold War-level outlays for defense, intelligence ($70-$100 billion/year) and internal security ($42 billion in 2016) through the newly established Department of Homeland Security.[25] [See parallel narrative-advancing developments in 1997, below.]

1993 – On April 9, the Los Angeles Superior Court granted my petition to take my father’s surname. My Uncle David and my cousin Jay were served with legal notice. When the judge asked if there was any objection from members of the Rockefeller family or if their counsel were present, no objection was heard. Had there been an objection, the court was prepared to order a DNA test at UCLA. I knew the family could not object as I put family members in the position where they could not later deny knowledge of my relationship. My identity has since been confirmed by national security agencies in numerous countries, including Iraq, Indonesia, China, Finland, Belgium, the U.K., Algeria, Canada and others. Had the information in my FBI files and the intelligence in my CIA files been made available to local, state and federal law enforcement (mine were sealed by the CIA citing the need to protect “sources and methods”), trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives wasted on wars in the Middle East could have been saved.

In the course of profiling those stalking me, I encountered operatives on numerous occasions associated with my Uncle David Rockefeller, confirming his complicity in the stalking. I realized is involvement in 1973 when I met Kenjo Minato in his home in Tokyo (see above). As a legal heir to the Rockefeller Trust, I never let those stalking me know that I was simultaneously stalking them—knowing they would need to have me found dead from causes that would not lead back to my Uncle David. I used my ties to the family and to the Trust as my insurance policy while I profiled my uncle and the Jewish bankers with whom he partnered (I believe in the 1950s)—in order to prove beyond a reasonable doubt how this was done to our nation and other nations—and by whom.

In August, Ron Burd phoned Mary Castaneda at the IRS Criminal Investigation Division in Los Angeles to confirm the substance of my meeting with her in 1987. Upon answering the phone, she immediately demanded to know who was calling. Ron gave her my name and social security number and explained that the purpose of the call was to confirm my meeting with her in 1987. He followed up that call with a meeting on August 20. He also sent several follow-up letters confirming what transpired. In summary, following her meeting with me in 1987, she had turned over my file to someone else and was no longer involved.

1994 – To further perfect my legal position with my father’s family, I applied to the State Department for a passport naming Senator Rockefeller as my father on the application. By naming my cousin Jay as my father, I knew that if Jay did not object, that would confirm the complicity both of him and my uncle David. If he did object, I would have legal cause to perfect why he and David ignored my legal notice in 1993 when I applied to the L.A. Superior Court to take my father’s surname. As with Ms. Castaneda, I created an official record that could not later be denied as I laid the foundation to begin moving backwards on all parties involved in this stalking.

As anticipated, a State Department official called to inform me that my name did not appear on Senator Rockefeller’s list of children. After I told the official to call Jay and speak with him directly, the passport was promptly issued. With each of these tactical moves, I put Rockefeller family members in the position of being unable later to claim they were unaware of this relationship. My strategy provided, by their conduct, proof of their complicity in the stalking. Federal law considers it a crime to submit a fraudulent passport application or to travel with a fraudulently obtained passport.

Murder me and I win. Arrest me for a felony requiring proof beyond a reasonable doubt and I win. I knew precisely how to “play” those I was profiling. A war like this is won before the first shot is fired. As the NewRock solution begins to scale and I serve papers on the Rockefeller Trust and family, no one will be able to question my motives or imply that I needed anything from any of them. The values behind each of our names are what creates real wealth – not money.

I operated the same with business deals that included, for example, Bill Gates acquiring a company because of a business model I devised for Steve Collins at Collins Computing in Mission Viejo, California. That model was the reason Microsoft made the acquisition. No one realized what I was doing or why while I created an evidentiary trail that can now prove beyond any reasonable doubt who is responsible for this serial criminal stalking with direct bearing on national security..

In December I met Dr. Glenn Olds who had been an adviser to my father since they first met at the founding conference of the U.N. in San Francisco in 1945. My father was then 37 and Glenn 24. At my father’s urging, the headquarters buildings of the U.N. were built on land acquired with funds donated by my grandfather. An adviser to four presidents (two of each party), Glenn served as my senior adviser from 1994 until his death in March 2006. He provided a range of insights based on his experience:

  •  In 1947, while serving as a teacher’s assistant in philosophy at Yale University, Glenn met George H.W. Bush who was then a student. Glenn and Eva Olds double-dated with George and Barbara and remained life-long friends. Born and raised in Oregon, Glenn’s debate partner at Willamette College was Mark Hatfield who was elected to the U.S. Senate in November 1966.
  • After the January/February 1968 Tet Offensive inflicted record casualties on U.S. forces in Vietnam, Senator Hatfield contacted Glenn who was then serving as Executive Dean of S.U.N.Y. for my father who was Governor of New York. Senator Hatfield asked that Glenn encourage my father to run for president in 1968 on a platform proposing an end to the war in Vietnam and the normalization of relations with China. The paper written by Glenn and Dr. Dennis Lou provided a practical strategy to achieve both objectives. When my father realized that education would be democracy’s last line of defense against these duplicitous few, he recruited Dr. Lou as International Dean for the S.U.N.Y system.


  • Though “Rocky” initially declined to run in early 1968, he urged that Glenn share the paper with others. Through Pepsi Chairman Don Kendall, he was introduced to Richard Nixon who proposed to embrace that strategy. President Nixon persuaded Glenn to help him identify qualified personnel to staff his first administration—for which Glenn recruited more than 1,000 people, including Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney—his greatest regret in a life of otherwise distinguished public service.[26]


  • Immediately following the November 1968 election, Glenn and Eva Olds flew to Dubrovnik to meet with Pakistani politician Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who Glenn knew had studied in Moscow with Chou En- Lai, the first premier of the People’s Republic of China. No one knew how to reach Chairman Mao as he never left China. This back channel to Mao through Chou En Lai was used during the Nixon presidency to normalize U.S. relations with China.[27]


  • On Glenn’s recommendation to Nixon, G.H.W. Bush succeeded Glenn as U.N. Ambassador in 1971 when Glenn left that post to assume the presidency of Kent State University following the death in May of four students shot on campus by Ohio National Guard troops during a protest against the war in Vietnam. While serving as U.N. Ambassador for economic and social affairs, Glenn collaborated with University of Chicago economist Milton Friedman when the U.S. was advised to leave the post-WWII Bretton Woods System and abandon the gold standard in August 1971. With the appointment of G.H.W. Bush, the position of U.N. envoy consolidated all diplomatic duties in a single office.[28]


  • In 1951, while serving as Chaplain at the University of Denver, Glenn met a young teen (Marie Jana Korbel) when she joined her father at the University. On the appointment by Bill Clinton of the adult Marie Jana as Secretary of State, Madeline Albright claimed an “epiphany” that she was Jewish. Dr. Olds knew the family well. His assessment: “That is simply not believable.” In 2000, Albright named the State Department building after Zionist Christian Harry Truman, the president best known abroad for overruling his Secretary of State (General George Marshall) to recognize as a legitimate state a militant enclave of elite and extremist Jewish Zionists.

When the father of 13-year old Condoleezza Rice relocated his family to Denver in 1967, they moved in next door to the father of Benjamin Netanyahu. At the University of Denver, Josef Korbel emerged as the mentor to Ms. Rice in Russian studies along with his daughter Madeleine Albright. During the pre-staging of the war-catalyzing provocation of 9/11, Ms. Rice was appointed National Security Adviser to President George W. Bush in January 2001 and Secretary of State in January 2005. In May 2008, the Graduate School of International Studies at the University of Denver was renamed after Professor Korbel.

  • Though Glenn recruited Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger, none of them would return his calls after he began advising me. Nor would Madeleine Albright.
  • An ordained Methodist minister at age 19, Glenn met with Albert Einstein at the request of my father when concerns were raised that Dr. Einstein was receiving daily visits from a young girl (the Rockefellers were major benefactors of Princeton University). Dr. Einstein explained to Glenn that his time with the girl (teaching her “sums”) provided him a focus on reality and a welcome respite from his demanding intellectual work, plus he enjoyed her fresh-baked cookies.

From early 2003 onwards, a colleague prepared numerous compilations of facts and in-depth analyses pivoting off my life experience. Those materials factually chronicled how this systemic nonlinear corruption operates in plain sight yet non-transparently and, to date, with legal impunity. When in 2005 Dr. Olds grasped the gravity of what can now be proven based on my life experience, he flew to Houston to brief former president G.H.W. Bush. He reportedly informed the former president that if his son (then President G.W. Bush) failed to engage the facts that could be proven based on my firsthand experience as I profiled those stalking me, his son could be charged with treason—either before or after he left office.

According to Glenn’s report of their meeting, Condi Rice by then grasped this modus operandi and would thereafter (i.e., following Glenn’s briefing) displace Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in influence and then Vice-President Dick Cheney—as she did. Robert Gates, Rumsfeld’s successor as Defense Secretary, had previously served as Director of Central Intelligence during the G.H.W. Bush administration. The retention of Gates as Defense Secretary by Democrat Barack Obama suggested the ongoing need—as proven by my experience—for operational continuity to address the systemic threat to national security posed by this trans-generational and transnational criminal operation.

In late 1993, Bill Clinton asked that Dr. Olds advise him on reorganizing his Cabinet after his first two disastrous years in office, including the failure of a healthcare reform initiative led by Hillary Clinton and political strategist Rahm Emanuel.[29] Dr. Olds declined Clinton’s request. Following a 1993 discussion with Clinton and White House Chief of Staff Emanuel, Dr. Olds began his search to find me. We first met in January 1994. Dr. Olds devoted much of the last 12 years of his life to advising me on how to learn from past mistakes in order to craft a real solution to address this systemic criminality. That advice is reflected in the NewRock business model.

Dr. Olds anticipated a presidential initiative that would, in time, force pro-Israelis to register as foreign agents, shutting down those who induced the U.S. to fight their wars while hollowing out the U.S. economy and refusing to comply with international law, making the U.S. appear guilty by association. He expected the result would be an Israeli withdrawal to the Green Line based on the 1949 armistice, ending the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and the U.N. designation of Jerusalem as an international city available for all faiths that consider the city a sacred site.

He anticipated that Barack Obama would become the first Black president after interacting with Bill Clinton and Rahm Emanuel (who served as director of the finance committee for Clinton’s 1992 election) and listening to their comments about Obama in the early 1990s when he was a community organizer in Chicago.[30] After seeing Obama’s keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention in Boston, Dr. Olds was convinced he would become the next president.[31]

Not long before Dr. Olds’ death, he conceded that (Jewish) organized crime was too deeply imbedded in U.S. politics for Americans to solve this problem without the assistance of other nations. He advised me that when I saw other governments coalescing around opposition to Israel—as we now see—I would know the decision has already been made to address this systemic problem at its source. He also cautioned that it may take years to resolve without endangering the broader Jewish community.

Thus these materials also chronicle apparent cooperation between Presidents Obama and Putin as the international community works toward a common solution to a shared problem with Israel and its supporters identified as the true source of terrorism and the primary threat to world peace. The consistency of the fact patterns—over decades—confirms that transparency is the true “existential threat” to Israel as people worldwide grasp the costs (a hidden tax) that the Zionist enclave and its organized crime operatives have long imposed on humanity. My files provide the proof. I used my anonymity to amass the evidence required to secure what neither my father nor money could have accomplished.

1995 – I met Russian Anatoly Sobchak, Mayor of St. Petersburg, and Dr. Vladimir Zelman who served as Armand Hammer’s personal physician for the last 22 years of his life. [See photo.] Dr. Zelman explained how he saved Hammer’s life on a Moscow operating table with a brain-chilling technique he developed. While awaiting his U.S. visa, Dr. Zelman resided for six months in a Rothschild estate in Italy. Dr. Zelman currently serves as Director of Neuroanesthesia at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine in Los Angeles. Mr. Sobchak served as a mentor to Vladimir Putin, then Deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg, with Dmity Medvedev serving as Putin’s deputy.[32]

Armand Hammer, Vladimir Lenin’s favorite U.S. businessman, became the primary political sponsor of Tennessee Senator Al Gore, Senior who aided Hammer in accessing Libyan oil for Occidental Petroleum, the principal source of Hammer’s fortune. Hammer was the guest of Senator Al Gore, Junior for the 1981 Reagan inaugural. Hammer’s partnership with Gore Senior in a cattle operation in Tennessee provided lobbyists a means to influence Gore by buying premium-priced beef. Gore’s loss to George W. Bush in the disputed 2000 election put a dysfunctional Zionist Christian in the Office of the President nine months prior to the 9/11 provocation.[33]

A fraud was staged in Poland orchestrated by Israeli psyops operative Jerome Corsi (author of Unfit for Command, Atomic Iran, Minutemen, The Obama Nation, Why Israel Can’t Wait, and financed by American Financial Group controlled by Cincinnati-based Carl Lindner, a major funder of lawmakers of both parties, including Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole, Democrat Bill Clinton and Republican House Speaker and Zionist Christian Newt Gingrich.[34] Lindner formerly served as chairman of Chiquita Brands, the successor to United Fruit whose corrupt and brutal business practices fueled violence, instability and anti-American sentiment throughout Central America and the Caribbean.

Lloyd Wander made introductions to Lindner’s Great American Financial Group. Wander’s annuity firm, acquired by Lindner, was used to commence the litigation that led to the repeal (during the Robert Rubin era as Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary) the last vestiges of Glass-Steagall investor protections enacted in 1933. Lindner, a Zionist Christian, boasts on his company website that he is the nation’s “largest non-Jewish contributor to Jewish causes.” Charles Keating served as counsel to Lindner until dispatched to Arizona where, at the direction of Michael Milken, Lincoln S&L was used to perpetrate a vast “control fraud” as part of the $150 billion-plus nationwide savings and loan fraud.[35] I was repeatedly drawn into the networks of those pre-staging and then perpetrating that fraud as a “warm up” for the Enron fraud, the dotcom crash and the subprime mortgage fraud with its global impact. [See online “The Poland Connection” for Corsi’s ongoing role as a psyops specialist for Israel.]

November 4 – Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by Yigal Amir, a far-right opponent of the Oslo peace process. His murder was preceded by numerous Likud Party rallies in which Rabin was compared to a Nazi. Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu denied inciting hatred at those rallies. With the murder of Rabin, Netanyahu became Prime Minister in June 1997.

1997 – I traveled to Iraq with Munther Ghazal who was then the closest person to Saddam Hussein living in the U.S. I met with Dr. Nidhal Al-Hamdani, a nuclear physicist and head of a large industrial division that included Iraq’s nuclear program pre-Gulf War. After meeting with others in the regime, I returned to the U.S. with (a) intelligence that Iraq had no nuclear WMD, (b) a credible in-country offer to remove Saddam without a war—proposed and backed by Iraq’s senior sheikhs, and (c) an offer to award U.S. companies with the bulk of the reconstruction and oil contracts. Regional specialists at the State Department declined to meet with me, insisting instead that I confer with Richard Haass at the Brookings Institution, a think tank in Washington, D.C.

When Haass did not return my calls, I traveled to Ottawa in April where I briefed counsel to Prime Minister Chretien and specialists on Iraq in the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs. Following the production in November 2000 of the presidency of asset George W. Bush, Haass was appointed State Department Director of Policy Planning for the first two war-planning years of the Bush administration. He was then appointed president of the Council on Foreign Relations where he remains. My uncle David Rockefeller was then serving as honorary chairman of the Council with A.I.G. Chairman Hank Greenberg honorary vice-chairman.

In May, my counsel Ron Burd, Gus German and I were invited to dinner at the home of Fred and Charlene Gorbet. I had previously met Mrs. Gorbet at a healthcare conference. As Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr. Gorbet had just returned from meetings in Washington with Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin and Larry Summers who sought to persuade him to follow the same deregulatory path taken by those with oversight of the financial sector in the U.S. I helped persuade him to resist that advice, enabling Canadian banks and credit unions to better insulate themselves from the pre-staging for what became in 2008 the subprime mortgage fraud that triggered the Great Recession, affecting economies worldwide.

Mr. Gorbet bristled when I pointed out the common (Jewish) identity of those urging that Mr. Gorbet take this deregulatory route. Citing his Jewish identity, he slammed his hand on the dinner table, reminded me that I was a guest in his home, and told me he was offended. His wife, son and daughter-in-law disagreed and persuaded him to apologize. His family told him to listen to the facts I was presenting. By the time our dinner concluded, Mr. Gorbet was taking notes that helped guide Canada’s course to resist that advice.

Canadian banks were far less affected by the 2008 subprime fraud and emerged instead ranked among the world’s soundest banks. As I was leaving, I explained to Mr. Gorbet that those who partnered with my Uncle David to orchestrate serial mega-frauds were manipulating his Jewish identity to his own detriment. I reminded him that critical thinking demands never allowing bias to cloud one’s judgment. My Uncle David used the Rockefeller name (and the trust accompanying the name) to deflect criticism while his (Jewish) partners used anti-Semitism—just as Mr. Gorbet had when I confronted him with the shared identity of senior operatives in pre-staging what became the subprime mortgage fraud that cost the U.S. an estimated $58 trillion.[36]


After my return from Iraq in February 1997, FBI agents in the Minneapolis office (a) sought to frame me for the 1995 Lindner-financed, Corsi-orchestrated fraud, (b) tried to suborn perjury to support their false version of the fraud, and (c) directed Fresno FBI agents to contact third parties (e.g., Fresno surgeon John Burnett) in an attempt to discredit me and keep me under financial duress. Zacarias Moussaoui, the “20th hijacker,” trained in Minneapolis where an FBI agent was blocked by legal constraints dating to 1947 (see above) from examining his computer that contained 9/11-related information. Had that agent been allowed access to the data on that computer, the pre-staging of 9/11 could have been discovered. Moussaoui was spotted in San Diego before he relocated to the Minneapolis area where he received his pilot training.


The consistency of the facts proven by my life experience confirm how trillions in taxpayer dollars were wasted on unnecessary wars and record-breaking debt while agents within the FBI ensured that no one either interviewed me or assisted me. Other than Israel and its agents, assets and sayanim (volunteers),[37] who has the means, motive and opportunity to operate so effectively over such a lengthy span of time inside the U.S. government at the local, state and federal level? The US/Israeli relationship is found at the core the nation’s financial challenges with my files able to prove how this was done, by whom and why. Again, my greatest weapon is the fact that those responsible know what they have done—and know that my life experience proves it.


On my return to the U.S. from Iraq in February 1997, IRS agents sought back taxes allegedly due since 1987. On June 24, 1997, IRS agents canceled a meeting when counsel Ron Burd pulled out an audio recorder and was told to reschedule the meeting and provide prior notice that the meeting would be recorded. Despite attempts to reschedule, my file was transferred from one person to another and IRS representatives never agreed to another meeting and instead the matter went directly to collection. Not since that incident has the IRS sought to engage me. The consistency of the complicity demonstrated by IRS personnel in this serial criminal stalking confirms that the IRS (a branch of the U.S. Treasury) has long been used as an enforcement arm of (Jewish) organized crime. Those using tax authorities to stalk me risk undermining the voluntary nature of our income tax system when informed citizens lose confidence in that system.


This experience is consistent with the ongoing refusal of those with line authority to meet with me on a record. I am confident that’s because those profiled know that anyone who meets with me will have an obligation to follow the facts wherever they lead. Those complicit in this stalking also know that, if they lie on a record, they could be liable for a federal criminal offense. FBI agents are acutely sensitive to that liability issue; thus the consistency of their refusal to meet with me on a record.


The status of the tax liens has been preserved, providing me legal recourse to sue the U.S. Treasury when this evidentiary trail exposes the role played by the IRS in defrauding me of my interest in AlphaBase—on behalf of parties to be determined. That’s why I sought out Ms. Castaneda in 1987 with me believing that my father’s identity is irrelevant to being granted due process and engagement with the facts consistent with equal protection under the rule of law. I never saw my parentage as relevant to just administration of the law.


1999 – On November 4, two men identifying themselves as FBI agents visited the office of my ex-wife in Salt Lake City. They informed her that I was making threats against government officials and asked how to contact me. The FBI had my address but never contacted me about the alleged threats. My ex-wife got my eldest son on the speakerphone and he demanded to know why they were there. When he insisted that they show their business cards and their FBI identification (as required), the men refused and instead quickly left the building. My repeated attempts proved unsuccessful to confirm through the Salt Lake City office of the FBI (Agent A. Robert Walsh) that those men were genuine FBI agents.


2000 – In March 2000, Iraqi-American Munther Ghazal was invited to discuss a potential oil deal with a senior leader of the Taliban. That trip to Kabul would have pre-staged him being identified post-9/11 as the alleged (and still missing) “high-level contact” between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda—despite the well-known fact that the secular Saddam detested Islamic extremists. I told Munther he was out of his mind to consider going to Afghanistan and insisted he write a letter that Ron Burd helped him draft declining to meet and stating why. Sensing it was a set-up that we needed to avoid, he followed my advice.


Munther met with a Special Agent of the FBI who flew in from Washington to inform him that Mossad agents posing as FBI agents had contacted him. The agent insisted that Munther contact him whenever he was contacted by anyone purporting to be an FBI agent. I contacted the FBI liaison office in Washington who confirmed that the procedure encountered by my ex-wife in Salt Lake City was “highly unusual” and that the FBI had confirmed that the men who visited Mr. Ghazal were not true FBI agents. That office also indicated that those incidents influenced a decision that led to the FBI changing their agents’ credentials.


After months of waiting for a functional response, the FBI still would not confirm who visited my ex-wife’s office. Knowing the incident was meant to provoke a response, I spoke to FBI official A. Robert Walsh in the Salt Lake City office and assured him that if anyone purporting to be an FBI agent went near my ex-wife or my eldest son in Washington, D.C. and I was not first incarcerated, I would find the alleged agent and kill him. Following this confrontation, no more FBI agents harassed my ex-wife or son. I made it clear that the FBI was to deal with me and stay away from my family or I would come after them.


I knew that FBI knew where to find me. The incident with my ex-wife and son was so clearly a stalking incident that I felt obliged to draw a line in he sand for those serially stalking me. I have every confidence that this attempt to protect my family has since been taken out of context to make it appear that I am a threat—versus those stalking me. And versus those (likely) foreign agents posing as U.S. federal agents to stalk me under the color of lawful authority.


Though the FBI would not release the entirety of my files under a Freedom of Information/Privacy Act request, I was assured by a source that my FBI file describes me as a “shooter.” This is consistent with an FBI report from the Berlin FBI office (included in the few pages that the FBI provided under my FOI/PA request) claiming that I sought to “extort” FBI agents. In fact, what I assured them was that I would do my best to expose their role—still ongoing—in aiding and abetting serial capital crimes, including treason. That key point was redacted. The facts suggest that the Berlin office of the FBI orchestrated much of this stalking from 1995 forward.


In September 2000, following my call the day before (warning the FBI in Salt Lake City—after months of no response—to stay far away from my wife and son), Senior Special Agent Brian J. Korbs of the Secret Service knocked on the door of my home in Fresno. When I answered, Agent Korbs asked to interview me. When I asked why, he said I was making threats to kill people but he would not identity who I had allegedly threatened. Then two armed Fresno Police officers appeared who were waiting around the corner.


Agent Korbs then asked, “How long have you been passing yourself off as a Rockefeller?” In response, I handed my passport to the two Fresno Police officers, challenged Agent Korbs to contact the State Department (he declined) and asked how long the State Department had been in the business of issuing fraudulent documents. I then said, “I could not control how my real person was appropriated following my birth. Since serving papers on Jay and David Rockefeller, I have been in complete control of my real person. If you open your mouth again to say I’m not who I say I am, then you are here in an attempt to discredit me in front of these two police officers—begging the question why?”


With the Fresno officers present, I said to Agent Korbs, “Sir, you protect the President and the Vice President and investigate counterfeiting. Who specifically have I threatened that you have jurisdiction to be standing here wishing to speak with me and, if I am not mistaken, if what you’re doing were real there would be another federal agent with you and not two Fresno Police officers.” I also challenged why a Secret Service agent was in my home rather than an FBI agent, particularly as the local FBI office was less than a mile from my home. Agent Korbs backed down and one of the officers said, “Call the State Department and prove what he is saying is not true or you will treat this man with the respect he is due in his own home.”


Agent Korbs also asked what I thought I was accomplishing by sending letters to people who did not read them. I assured him I didn’t care if they read them, only that I had proof they were received because the recipients had a duty to act on the facts they were provided and each letter for which I received no response helps prove the depth of the corruption. At one point during the interview, Agent Korbs stated there was much more to this than meets the eye. I replied that he was correct with the two police officers laughing at Agent Korbs and agreeing with me.


I invited Agent Korbs into my home knowing he was there to discredit me in front of Fresno Police officers on behalf of the FBI who never accounted for who contacted my wife and son with a false story and in a way that was calculated to create issues for them with their co-workers—knowing that would upset me. I discredited this federal agent in front of local police who apologized for bothering me. A month later, I discovered that Agent Korbs lied to me by saying he had traveled from Sacramento to meet with me when, in fact, he was in Fresno in charge of the security detail for Senator Joe Lieberman who was campaigning in California as Al Gore’s (Jewish Zionist) Vice-Presidential running mate.


In summary—in September 2000, a federal agent was dispatched to my home in an attempt to preemptively discredit me—one year prior to the mass murder provocation of 9/11—with me in possession of intelligence confirming that Iraq had no WMD and Saddam Hussein could be removed without a war. Who would have the motivation to discredit me? Who would benefit? This explains why no one will interview me on a record. And why attempts to discredit me remain ongoing, including recurring attempts to provoke—as with the March 2017 tax lien from the Franchise Tax Board of California for the 1996 tax year.


Had this stalking incident been investigated as all matters related to me should have been, Senator Lieberman would have been questioned to determine why his lead Secret Service Agent was sent to my home with two Fresno Police officers on behalf of the FBI who would not account for their agents being used to harass my ex-wife at her business in Salt Lake City and my son in Washington, D.C.


I never faulted the agents deployed to do the hands-on stalking. I fault those officials who—even nos have yet to functionally engage the facts consistent with the evidence-based rule of law on which all of us rely to protect our freedom. In practical effect, I’ve been denied access to the equal protection of the law my entire life even though my firsthand experience proves the duration of the premeditation that induced us to wage serial wars that were unnecessary and unwinnable. And even though my experience confirms the lengthy pre-staging by the same parties for what became the subprime mortgage fraud as, the fact patterns suggest, pre-staging for an even more dramatic debt-induced crisis with a global reach.


1997-2000 — I collaborated with Dr. John Sibert, Vice President and Chief Operating Office of the California State University Institute. Dr. Sibert was responsible for commercializing technology developed on 23 CSU campuses. Seeking to separate Dr. Sibert from me—and from the business model that Dr. Olds and I designed for China—A.I.G. offered to cover the risk to principal on a “fund of funds” that would enable Global Financial Group to raise $1.4 billion to launch technology companies. When this separation succeeded, the promised A.I.G. coverage was not forthcoming. Neither Dr. Sibert nor Dr. Olds could see in real time what was being done to stop me from proving the common source of this criminality.[38] The same fraud perpetrated on Dr. Sibert by A.I.G. in 2000 was perpetrated on global financial markets by A.I.G. in 2008.[39] Dr. Sibert, a two-term mayor of Malibu, California, declined an offer to serve on the California Coastal Commission. He’s prepared to assist in launching NewRock’s business model solution.


In January and again in March 2000, I traveled to China to launch an education-centric business model that would have provided Youthstream Media Networks the exclusive Internet portal into China for education with an initial reach of 235 million schoolchildren and their families. I held a 30 percent interest in the joint venture. Nokia had committed $150 million and was prepared to commit another $100 million. In an interview with a colleague, Youthstream President Ben Bassi valued the venture (agreed to by the Ministry of Education) at $300 million. Rather than allow the agreed-to strategy to succeed (and me to get paid), Youthstream Chairman Harlan Peltz took a publicly traded company into bankruptcy. As Mr. Peltz explained to me (just prior to my departure for Beijing with Ben Bassi), he had been a close friend since childhood of Sandy Berger who was then serving as National Security Advisor during the second presidential term of asset Bill Clinton (1997-2001).[40]


Harlan Peltz is the son of Nelson Peltz whose 1986 leveraged buyout of National Can was one of the first large debt-financed transactions utilizing high-yield (“junk”) bonds provided by Michael Milken from the Beverly Hills offices of Drexel Burnham Lambert.


Had our agreed-to education-centric model for Internet commerce in China not been undermined by those identified, its application would have generated far more value than Alibaba’s market value of $231 billion on its initial public offering and the model would have captured the bulk of that value for community—and for education. [See “The China Connection” on]


That approach would also have served as a proof-of-concept for the economic development model that NewRock will now launch in the MENA region and Latin America. Had this bottom-up/hybrid model (based on my father’s model for Latin America dating to the post-WWII era) been launched in China in 2000, its operations would have made transparent the ongoing consensus model-enabled oligarch-ization of China. The Rockefeller name remains one of the most respected in China based on an anonymous gift to China at the turn of the 20th century by John D. and William Rockefeller that helped educate many of China’s professionals and engineers over the past century.


Chinese, Americans and others would also now be aware that, at the urging of (Jewish) advisers to Mao Zedong, funding for the People’s Liberation Army was provided separately from the Central Committee of the Communist Party, pre-staging in 1949 the PLA being incentivized to protect the interests of today’s “consensus” model and global capital markets (a key source of their funding) versus the interests of the Chinese people.[41] Dr. Dennis Lou provided me this geostrategic insight based on his father’s close friendship with Sun Yat-Sen an iconic figure both in Taiwan and China where he’s known as a “pioneer of the revolution.


Nelson Rockefeller realized in the 1960s that education would be our last line of defense against those I subsequently profiled. Thus the education-centric structure of NewRock’s hybrid business model designed to partner with universities, research centers and tech transfer centers worldwide. This component dates to that earlier Rockefeller family gift to China followed by a similar gift made in the 1970s by the third-generation Rockefeller Brothers (including my father) to help China recover from the disastrous effects of the Cultural Revolution (1996-1976).[42] Dr. Lou played a key role in devising the vocational training programs that assisted China in that recovery working with Hu Jintao, then a senior provincial official, who from 2002 to 2012 served as Secretary General of Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, China’s paramount leader.


In August 2000, President Bill Clinton awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mathilde Krim, a former Irgun operative. After her well-timed affair with Lyndon Johnson enabled the June 1967 provocation now known as the Six-Day War, she was recast as an HIV/AIDS activist. With the assistance of her husband, then president of United Artists, she collaborated with Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson (who died of AIDS) and other Hollywood stars to seek a cure. Further research will identify who orchestrated Bill Clinton’s well-timed affair with Monica Lewinsky, pre-staging the distraction of defending an impeachment charge during the pre-staging of the provocation of 9/11. Bill Clinton also initiated trade agreements that accelerated the oligarch-ization of Latin America, catalyzing the economic forces that ensured an immigration crisis in the U.S.


2001 – In March, I traveled to Indonesia at the invitation of their intelligence chief, Lt. General Arie Kumaat, who had uncovered an Israeli bribe to Indonesian parliamentarians (channeled through a George Soros-sponsored NGO) meant to push the U.S. out of the region in favor of China. Lt. General Kumaat sought a back channel to former President G.H.W. Bush (through my adviser Glenn Olds) in an attempt to reach President George W. Bush. General Kumaat was concerned that, if he briefed his counterpart in the C.I.A., he could not be sure if that intelligence would be conveyed to Tel Aviv proving that, pre-9/11, Israel was attempting to push the U.S. out of the Pacific theatre in favor of China.


Lt. General Kumaat also saw indications that Israel was pre-staging an international operation with bribe-related attempts (by an Israeli defense firm) to discredit Defense Ministers in India (where they succeeded) and Malaysia where they were stopped as Tel Aviv focused on weakening the U.S. in the region pre-9/11. He was also concerned about the March 2001 bombing of the ancient Buddhas at Bamiyan in Afghanistan. Six months prior to 9/11, that high profile event globally branded the previously obscure Taliban as the requisite Islamic Evil Doers with an incident widely described in U.S. media as a “cultural holocaust” while the Us vs. Them narrative of The Clash of Civilizations conflict-of-opposites was being marketed in the U.S. and abroad.


April 10 – At 5 a.m., the same day I was scheduled to meet at the State Department with Indonesian specialist Rick Haynes, Beijing unexpectedly announced the pending release of 24 U.S. service people. On April 1, a Chinese military jet had clipped the wing of a U.S. military surveillance plane in international airspace, forcing it to land in China where its crew was taken into custody. Negotiations were still ongoing for their release. As soon as I gave my name at the State Department sign-in desk, I was rushed through security in front of 20 other people with Mr. Haynes there to speak with me before we went upstairs to meet.


He asked if the surprise announcement of the release had anything to do with the timing of our meeting to discuss an attempt by Israel, a purported ally, to favor China while imperiling U.S. interests in the region. The call that President Bush received just hours prior to my arrival was not expected and came as a surprise both to the State Department and to our intelligence agencies. I responded that I had no way of knowing and assured him that I never speculate without facts to support my findings or statements. Five days earlier—five months prior to 9/11—I sent an email that described Glenn Olds’ lengthy relationship with former President G.H.W. Bush and cautioned Mr. Haynes:


I hope his son, our President, gets better information, in a more timely manner, during a crisis that will begin limiting third party intervention that has for too long painted our leaders into corners they have had difficulty getting out of. That is what is being done now and no one is seeing this is being done and by whom.


September 15 — four days after the provocation of 9/11, San Diego FBI Special Agent Stephen Butler interviewed Munther Ghazal. No FBI agent would speak to me about the intelligence with which I returned from Baghdad (Iraq had no nuclear WMD, Saddam could be removed without a war, etc.). Agent Butler paid rent and cashed checks for the two San Diego-based terrorists who flew a jet into the World Trade Center.


On the same day that the FBI interviewed Mr. Ghazal (September 15, 2001), Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz argued in a principal’s meeting at Camp David that the U.S. should invade Iraq even though Osama bin Laden was thought to be in Afghanistan. During subsequent Senate confirmation hearings for C.I.A. Director Michael Hayden, it was acknowledged that 9/11 may have been prevented had those two San Diego operatives been identified. It was also acknowledged that the sophisticated pre-staging for 9/11 required the presence of stable nation state intelligence operating in the U.S. for at least a decade.


Agent Butler had two questions for Mr. Ghazal: (1) “Who did it?” To which he replied: “Israeli intelligence and Saudi money.” and (2) “Are you providing support, directly or indirectly, for James M. Rockefeller?” To which he replied: “Ask Mr. Rockefeller. You have his number and that is not an appropriate question to ask me.” Mr. Ghazal knew Agent Butler’s question was a directive not to advance me any funds to help expose and stop those who were behind 9/11 because the parties responsible for that mass murder provocation were the same parties who had been serially stalking me—and serially provoking me—for nearly two decades and the same parties responsible for the systemic intelligence failures that enabled 9/11.


To date, no one from the FBI has been willing to meet with me to discuss these matters. When FBI Agent David Williams from the Phoenix FBI office took a March 30, 2010 statement from me on matters related to a 1995 Poland fraud orchestrated by Jerome Corsi (for which FBI agents in the Minneapolis office sought to frame me), he cautioned me that the interview would be terminated if I sought to offer testimony beyond that limited topic, forbidding any mention of an FBI agent who paid rent for hijackers who helped perpetrate a provocation to war by killing 3,000 people on 9/11.


The stalking of Mr. Ghazal continued by D.I.A. agents and by Mossad operatives posing as FBI agents. Post-9/11, he was threatened with loss of his (then pending) U.S. citizenship if he continued our relationship. When he brought his family out of Iraq to the U.S. after the first Gulf War in 1991, a State Department representative met them at the Jordanian border with U.S. passports for him and his family. He declined a U.S. passport for himself at that time due to an agreement with Saddam Hussein that, if he kept his Iraqi passport, Iraqi law would protect his substantial financial interests.


Mr. Ghazal should long ago have been interviewed with me present to describe the details of our 1997 trip to Iraq and the stalking incidents to which he and his family were subjected on his return—both by U.S. officials and by Israeli agents posing as U.S. officials.


After 9/11, when no one with line authority in the U.S. would speak with me, I traveled to Europe in mid-October 2001. When Jack Straw, Foreign Secretary in the Blair government, would not meet with me, I traveled to Brussels where senior aides to EU President Guy Verhofstadt were briefed (Mr. Verhofstadt was also then Prime Minister of Belgium). That briefing influenced Mr. Verhofstadt’s decision to force the U.S. back into the U.N. following a January 2002 meeting in Spain, 15 months prior to the U.S.-led invasion of March 2003.[43] The invasion began six weeks after Secretary of State Colin Powell was induced by those he trusted to offer false testimony to the U.N. Security Council claiming that Iraq had mobile biological weapons laboratories. I wrote to Secretary Powell that same day describing how he had been deceived and by whom.


On 9/11, A.I.G.’s ~$700 billion portfolio was 93% invested in bonds. That investment allocation (dramatically different from the other three major reinsurance companies) ensured that the firm benefitted from a dramatic post-9/11 decline in the value of equities and a corresponding rise in the value of bonds as markets shifted into more secure investments and A.I.G.’s portfolio gained ~$40 billion in value. Henry Kissinger was then chairman of A.I.G.’s international advisory board. Hank Greenberg then served as Chairman and C.E.O.


Had I been engaged in good faith on my return from Baghdad in early 1997, the evidence suggests that the pre-staging for 9/11 may well have been detected. Functional engagement could have prevented the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the subsequent destruction of that country and the vast cost in lost and damaged lives. The long-term financial cost to the U.S. alone could top $6 trillion, including $4 billion in interest paid through 2053 on funds borrowed to wage an unnecessary war.[44] The ability to prove who deceived coalition nations by inducing them to wage an unwinnable war will become goodwill associated with the NewRock solution and will create a brand that could not be purchased at any price. [See “The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented” on]


Only in retrospect could I see the narrative-advancing relevance of the June 2001 release of Swordfish, a film produced by Joel Silver featuring Hollywood star John Travolta as a professional killer who would “go anywhere and kill anyone” considered a threat. That philosophy reflected the Benjamin Netanyahu/Ariel Sharon Doctrine that, post-9/11, became the Bush Doctrine as the U.S. was induced to behave in a similarly lawless fashion—discrediting both the U.S. and democracy due to this entangled alliance with the Jewish state.


2002 – Lt. General Arie Kumaat agreed to set a meeting for me to brief former Indonesian President Wahid. I knew that meeting would lead to a briefing for Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir as I sought to alert leaders of dominantly Muslim nations about whose interests were being served by inducing the U.S. to invade Iraq reliant on false intelligence to advance an undisclosed agenda for Greater Israel. Shortly after agreeing to schedule my meeting and provide security for the Wahid meeting (through my face-to-face meeting in Vancouver with his son, Henrie Kumaat), Arie Kumaat died of a heart attack in January. A family autopsy discovered the poison used to induce a heart attack. Lt. General Kumaat was given a state funeral. [See online “The Indonesia Connection.”]


Zionist media mogul Haim Saban contributed $7 million to the cost of a new building for the Democratic National Committee. He also founded the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. as a successor to a Brookings policy center previously led by Richard Haass. In a New Yorker profile, Saban identified three ways to influence politics: donate to political parties, establish think tanks and control media outlets. In 2003, he acquired control of Germany’s second largest media conglomerate (ProSiebenSat1) to bring Angela Merkel to office in 2005. Why? Because (according to Saban investment banker and Clinton adviser Steve Ratner): “Germany is important to Israel.”[45] In 2007, Saban and his partners acquired Univision servicing U.S. Hispanics, America’s fastest growing voting bloc. Chancellor Merkel has been a reliable defender of the Israeli Right.


March – McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform became law, increasing the amount of funds that could be raised by AIPAC-affiliated “bundlers” of campaign contributions.[46] That legislation also set a precedent for a 2010 Supreme Court decision (Citizens United) that removed limits on personal and corporate campaign spending provided only that outlays are not “coordinated” with a campaign. The 2012 presidential campaign season saw Israeli-American Sheldon Adelson invest an estimated $150 million to boost the presidential prospects of Zionist Christian Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, a Zionist Mormon (from “the Lost Tribe of Israel”) anticipating that a Romney victory would lead this Mormon lay bishop to take the U.S. to war with Iran—for Greater Israel. [47]


An owner of casino interests in Las Vegas and China (Macao) with an April 2017 personal wealth estimated by Forbes at $32 billion, Adelson publishes a free newspaper in Israel (Israel Hayom) supporting the rightwing Likud Party of Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu. During the 2012 presidential campaign, he urged that Romney: (a) abandon Israel-Palestine peace talks as a “waste of time,” (b) move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv (granting de facto U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the “eternal capital of the Jewish people”), and (c) pardon Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard—who arguably did more damage to U.S. national security than any foreign agent during the Cold War.


Adelson and his equally rightwing Israeli wife provided at least $35 million directly to the Donald Trump campaign. What remains unknown is how much they gave in “dark money” to efforts supportive of the campaign but not directly related, including support for the data analytics that weaponized social media profiling in order to covertly manipulate and amplify fear and insecurity on an individual and a mass level.[48] For the Trump inauguration—for which the Adelsons donated $5 million, the Adelsons were provided aisle seats at the swearing-in ceremony such that they were the first people Trump saw on entering the platform to take the presidential oath of office.[49]


2003 – In January I was visited by Secret Service Agents Richard Sierze and Rob Holman in response to an email I sent to Governor Jeb Bush in an attempt to stop his brother from ordering an invasion of Iraq. My goal was to have the Secret Service arrest and arraign me before a U.S. District Court Magistrate so that the facts in my possession regarding Iraq would be engaged before the U.S. was induced to war in Iraq on what I knew was false intelligence alleging Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Based on the intelligence I obtained in Iraq in early 1997, the email said that if President George W. Bush failed to ensure I was interviewed prior to invading Iraq, I would do my best to see that he and his Cabinet were put against a wall and shot.


Dr. Olds agreed with this strategy and was prepared to support it. If I could succeed in getting myself arrested, he agreed to appear for the arraignment and cite his friendship of 56 years with George H.W. Bush. We agreed that I lacked standing to sue in federal court. But if I could get the Secret Service to arrest me, the record created could result in a charge of treason against those responsible for criminally obstructing anyone meeting with me on the record. I told Agents Sierze and Holman that if they wanted to protect the President, they should arrest me and take me before a Federal Magistrate with Dr. Olds prepared to appear in court wherever I was taken. As I told the agents, “The President cannot do his job unless you do yours. So please arrest me and get me in front of a judge.”


Soon thereafter, a Secret Service Agent who identified himself as “Agent Zimmerman” called and taunted me with a phrase often used by those stalking me: “You brought this on yourself.” I reported the incident to Agent Sierze and never again heard from Agent Zimmerman. Based on what is now known about the false intelligence deployed to induce the U.S. to wage an unnecessary war in Iraq, Agent Sierze should be asked if he now wishes he had arrested me and taken me before a U.S. Magistrate who would have been obliged to engage in a timely fashion the facts that I could have presented with Glenn Olds vouching for my credibility to counter a concerted campaign by FBI agents to discredit me. When Agent Sierze contacted me two years later; I told him that he did his job to the best of his ability and I could never fault him for his service to our nation.


I knew California officials were complicit in stalking me, hoping I could be provoked to discredit myself by “going off.” That’s why, in January 2003, I wrote a “threatening” letter to California Attorney General Bill Lockyer after the Medical Board of California filed spurious charges against a Fresno physician in an attempt to revoke his medical license requiring that he mount an expensive and time-consuming defense. Those targeting him knew he was my primary source of financial support as I sought to stop what became the March 2003 invasion of Iraq.


I knew that Attorney General Lockyer would not engage me despite my “threat” for the same reason that my December 2002 “threat” to kill Henry Kissinger (after he was named chairman of the 9/11 Commission) would not be engaged because that would have led to a DNA test confirming my genealogy and proving the common source of those who for more than five decades criminally stalked the son of Nelson Rockefeller with legal impunity.[50] Attorney General Lockyer knew that my firsthand experience profiling those stalking me could prove the common source of systemic criminality and treason both in California and nationwide. Had he engaged me in good faith, this systemic criminality could have been uncovered and stopped simply by following the facts wherever they lead.


I also knew that those stalking me—using the law to do so—knew who my father is. When I made “threats,” I knew that those with line authority would never arrest me because my work makes transparent those who wield virtual control inside government at the local, state and federal level—as proven by the facts I can prove have yet to be functionally engaged on a record. My Uncle David and his Jewish partners knew that, if I was arrested, any criminal proceeding would require that I be DNA profiled in order for the prosecution to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt that I was not, in fact, the son of Nelson Rockefeller. In effect, I turned back on those responsible the game being played both on me and on our nation (including our naïve faith in the rule of law) in order to prove the depth of the corruption and control that permeates what remains of our democracy due to the corrosive and systematically corruptive influence of the US/Israel relationship.

The Fresno physician continues to be targeted because he advanced funds to help me stop those doing this to our nation. Others who have assisted me have also been targeted. That criminality remains ongoing with legal impunity. For example, Ron Burd, my attorney since 1992, has been systemically targeted and denied due process of law because of the financial and legal assistance he has provided me since he determined in 1992 that my attorneys were undermining my litigation to recover $5 million of my self-made wealth.


A Scottsdale, Arizona developer, a friend since 1973, lost more than $12 million in two frauds perpetrated 20 years apart involving the same (Jewish) attorney Steve Herman aided by a Mormon law firm whose senior partner, Leo Beus, is a close adviser and first cousin of Orange County resident Doug Skeen who helped orchestrate the first frauds perpetrated on me in California in the early 1980s. Beus law partner Neil Wake aided the attorney used to defraud my developer friend. Since March 2004, Wake has served as a U.S. District Court Judge in Arizona appointed by asset George W. Bush, filling a seat vacated by Paul G. Rosenblatt appointed to the court in 1984 by asset Ronald Reagan.


Following a mid-February 2003 meeting in Tucson with Dr. Glenn Olds and others, I drove directly to the home of Munther Ghazal in the San Diego area. While I was enroute (a 400-mile trip), Defense Intelligence Agency personnel contacted Mr. Ghazal. He was scheduled to attend the meeting in Tucson but canceled when, nine days prior to the meeting, a relative was murdered. The victim, 19-year old Patrick Hammara, was a student at UC San Diego. The U.S.-led invasion of Iraq began five weeks later. Mr. Ghazal was taken to a military facility for questioning by D.I.A. agents until after the invasion, ensuring that he and I could not engage anyone to stop those inside our government who were deceiving us to wage their wars in the Middle East—for Greater Israel.


August 20 – Mark Cullers, Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Fresno office, informed my attorney Ron Burd: “If powerful people in government want someone killed, it gets done. The fact that Mr. Rockefeller has lived this long undermines his story. If you cannot show he is a Rockefeller, with 9/11 we simply do not have the time and money to undertake an investigation.” Apparently my credibility requires my death.


2004 – April 12, a colleague hand-delivered copies of a 152-page compilation of facts and analyses to key offices in Washington, D.C. As a courtesy, the first copy was signed for in the Senate office of my cousin, Senator Jay Rockefeller, who served as senior Democrat and then chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence while this nation waged an unnecessary and unwinnable war—reliant on false intelligence. Addressed to National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, the memo was signed for in more than 25 offices with line responsibility for federal law enforcement and national security—including Secretary of State Colin Powell, FBI Director Robert Mueller, Zionist Chistian Attorney General John Ashcroft and the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Executive Director Philip Zelikow of the 9/11 Commission.


A copy was also hand-delivered to the Russian embassy and numerous analyses were thereafter emailed to Middle East specialist Elmir Tagirov. Though the 9/11 Commission interviewed more than 1,200 people, no one contacted me. The motivation for 9/11 (“violent disagreement with U.S. foreign policy favoring Israel”) was relegated to a brief mention on page 147 of the Commission’s lengthy report. Chairman Tom Kean and Vice-Chairman Lee Hamilton later reported that when they sought to hold hearings on the motivation for 9/11, they met strong opposition from pro-Israeli members of the Commission.


April 30 – In response to that April 12 memo, Florida Governor Jeb Bush wrote to me on April 30 and thanked me for “information regarding national security matters.” He also offered to be of assistance, acknowledged that he forwarded the materials to former President G.H.W. Bush and provided his father’s office address in Houston for future correspondence. On the first anniversary of that letter, he called Glenn Olds in Oregon for a lengthy discussion. Numerous analyses were sent to the former president at that office


August – An attempt to discredit me was staged by Fresno Detective Dean Williamson when I was lured to Fresno City Hall along with my attorney Ron Burd based on the promise of a good faith investigation. Instead, Williamson ordered an involuntary 72-hour psychiatric incarceration, a repeat of a 1986 incarceration staged to undermine my case against those who defrauded me of my equity interest as a co-founder of AlphaBase Systems, a business applications software firm. Rather than engage problematic facts that confirmed complicity in their stalking by local, state and federal officials, Fresno Police used the law in an attempt to portray me as the problem.[51] This behavior remains ongoing.


When the Fresno Police collaborated in incarcerating me under the provisions of §5150 of the state’s Welfare and Institutions Code, I anticipated what they would do in an attempt to provoke a reaction meant to make me appear mentally unfit and not credible. Instead I shut down completely until I met with Dr. Aleksandr Vydro.[52] As required by California law, the day following my incarceration I was interviewed by a psychiatrist to determine if I would be released. When Dr. Vydro spoke with me, he had reports from staff who kept asking me why I was in the facility as I clearly did not belong there. While reviewing the materials used to incarcerate me, he asked, “Did you threaten to kill Henry Kissinger?”  I looked at him and said,


“Yes I did! He resigned his appointment to the 9/11 Commission right after this real threat was served on Dubya so I didn’t have to shoot the bastard knowing his role in what led to 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq.[53] My adviser (Glenn Olds) recruited him to work for Nixon and was aware of my real threat to remove him as Chairman of the 9/11 Commission. I wasn’t threatening to kill him. I would have. The §5150 form cites the requirement of an ‘imminent threat to myself or a third party.’ My letter to Dubya was written in December 2002. What do you have in the file that is imminent?”


Dr. Vydro then handed me the §5150 form circling the box that must be checked before a §5150-authorized 72-hour psychiatric incarceration can proceed in order to confirm that any firearms in the possession of a party being evaluated are first secured. The box had not been checked and my registered handgun was at home. Dr. Vydro told me that key omission meant that the Fresno police set me up. They lured Ron Burd and me to City Hall on the pretense of their functional engagement with the facts they were provided. Yet it was all a ruse staged solely to have me believe that local authorities were going to follow the facts wherever they lead. As Dr. Vydro immediately grasped, it was an elaborately staged deception designed, I believe, to provoke me to react such that I would discredit myself in response to that provocation.


There were no metal detectors at City Hall. Had I brought my handgun to the meeting (i.e., the firearm that, by law, they were required to confiscate) and had I reacted violently to this ruse, I could have become the victim of a “justifiable homicide.” My firearm was not the issue. The issue was the criminally obstructed intelligence I had gathered, including the intelligence with which I returned from Iraq in February 1997 that could have (a) removed Saddam Hussein without a war, and (b) proven the rationale for murdering 3,000 people on 9/11.


Dr. Vydro also confirmed that those who ordered my incarceration had not provided him—as the evaluating physician—the April 2004 letter to me from Governor Bush even though it was directly relevant to why I was incarcerated. Dr. Vydro quickly understood that—if he failed to immediately authorize my release—he would not only put his medical license at risk, he also could be seen as aiding a criminal conspiracy meant to discredit or silence me in collusion with those Fresno officials who staged my incarceration.


Nor had he been provided the December 2001 letter to me from Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt who wrote to thank me when, post-9/11, I traveled to Brussels to brief senior EU staff (he was then also serving as President of the EU) on who was behind 9/11 and how U.S. intelligence was being manipulated to make our decision-makers believe that Iraq posed a threat. It was his resistance that pushed the U.S. back into the U.N. Security Council. Fresno authorities deleted that letter from my file.


When I noticed Dr. Vydro’s Russian name, I asked him where, during the Stalin era, Soviet officials sent people they could neither murder nor politically deal with. Dr. Vydro replied, “They sent them to people like me and locked them up in a psychiatric facility. But Mel, this is America, not Russia.” He then ordered my release leaving the evaluating physician assigned to my case knowing that a §5150 incarceration had been deployed by the Fresno Police in a failed attempt to discredit me on behalf of those behind the mass murder of 9/11 as an agent provocateur operation meant to induce the U.S. to wage a war for Greater Israel.[54]


I knew at the time that, had I been arrested and prosecuted for my threat to Dr. Kissinger, the evidence I would have provided the media for publication on a pre-trial public record could have prevented George W. Bush from ordering the invasion of Iraq. Prior to leaving the facility, I asked Dr. Vydro if I could attend the staff barbecue to which I’d been invited. I swam laps in the pool with everyone watching me wondering what was going on and why the Fresno Police ordered me locked up in a psychiatric facility.


When a colleague later contacted Fresno Congressman George Radanovich, his staff laughed at the mention of my name, implying I was a nutcase. In September 2013, Mr. Radanovich announced he was contemplating a race for Governor of California on a campaign platform proposing to address “social pathologies.” Damon Nelson, legislative assistant to Mr. Radanovich, now serves as senior adviser to Congressman Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.


As another indication of premeditation by those complicit in this stalking incident, it was just prior to this incident that my eldest son was interviewed to work for the law firm of Wiley, Rein and Fielding. Had he been induced to testify against me when I was incarcerated, the ‘associative’ credibility granted him—because he worked with former White House counsel Fred Fielding—could have made my temporary incarceration permanent. His brief tenure with the firm (and the fact that Mr. Fielding was a member of the 9/11 Commission) further supports the conclusion that my son was hired not for his legal skills but for the potential role he could play in (unwittingly) aiding the stalking (and discrediting) of his father. The sequencing of these events again confirms the lengthy premeditation required to orchestrate the nonlinear intersects required to displace the facts of my life experience with false beliefs.


2005 – I relocated to Miami/South Beach to draw out those stalking me following Florida Governor Jeb Bush contacting me in April 2004 and offering his assistance. On April 20, 2005, an attempt was made to force my car into a bridge abutment on the MacArthur Causeway. That was just one of many stalking incidents I encountered in a venue long dominated by those profiled. Those incidents were chronicled in real time and will form part of the record further confirming the extent to which this systemic corruption is imbedded at the local, state and federal level with that influence all tracing to a common source.


July – Enroute from Florida to reside in Arizona, I stopped in Austin, Texas to meet with Dr. John S. Butler, Executive Director of IC2 Institute. A friend of G.W. Bush since 1971, Dr. Butler’s father helped found numerous Black colleges and was close to Prescott Bush who chaired the United Negro College Fund in 1951. In 1971, when Dr. Butler’s brother died, he met George W. Bush when the Bush family attended the funeral. At Dr. Butler’s invitation, I accompanied him to a meeting with UT-Austin Law School Dean Bill Powers who wrote the definitive report on the Enron fraud. [Dean Powers served as President of UT-Austin, 2006-2015.]


Convened to discuss bringing Enron out of bankruptcy and to set the agenda for an upcoming conference on corporate governance, I assured those assembled that, absent a fundamental change in the dominant economic model, a larger financial fraud yet to come would dwarf all previous frauds. Dean Powers was intrigued to learn that I was familiar with Katherine Hapka as he knew that her company (Rhythmns NetConnections) played a central role in the Enron fraud aided by an inflated valuation provided by CitiGroup telecom analyst Jack Grubman.[55] Because I had been pulled into the circles of those pre-staging the S&L crisis, the dotcom crash and the Enron fraud—and had seen how A.I.G. targeted Dr. John Sibert in 2000—I was confident another major financial fraud was then (July 2005) being pre-staged by the same operatives in (Jewish) organized crime with a major role again likely to be played by the Hank Greenberg-led A.I.G.—as it was.


Glenn Olds informed me that appropriate parties in the U.S. Government had confirmed my analyses and were in full agreement that Israel and its supporters were the source of transnational corruption by Jewish organized crime dating back at least as far as those who produced the Truman presidency. Those same parties (a) fired my father, (b) inverted his bottom-up model to the top-down Washington Consensus that destabilized our nation (and others), and (c) crafted the National Security Act of 1947 that created an exploitable “gap” between domestic and foreign intelligence, enabling the pre-staging of the 9/11 provocation to proceed undetected.


Dr. Olds told me that he anticipated Barack Obama would become the first Black president of the U.S. as a political product of organized crime in Chicago. That opinion was based on his interactions with Obama before he became a U.S. Senator and with President Bill Clinton in 1992-94 when Clinton requested Glenn’s assistance re-organizing his cabinet. Though Obama was a professor of constitutional law, the question for Glenn was whether that background would prepare him to counter those (predominantly Jewish supporters) who produced his political career.[56]


He advised me that, when I saw other nations beginning to push back against Israel and its lobby, I would know that the decision had already been made—i.e., that Israel and radical Jewish extremists had been confirmed as the true source of terrorism and that steps were ongoing globally to shut down their operations. Walking out of his home following our discussion, I pressed him on why he felt that—if Obama became president and secured a second term—he would turn on his handlers. He smiled and, with his wife of 62 years Eva at his side, said, “Mel, I met his wife Michelle and got to know her eight years ago. She is his Eva and has the man’s back.”[57] Eva was a remarkable person.


Had I been engaged in good faith and had an investigation followed the facts wherever they lead, that engagement could have saved the U.S. a substantial portion of today’s ~$20 trillion in U.S. government debt. This fiscally debilitating—and globally discrediting—outcome is traceable to those who proved unwilling to perform their duty consistent with their constitutional oath to follow the facts rather than operate on the basis of what they believe to be true. Those false beliefs include the notion that Israel is a friend and an ally rather than an enemy within—as my life experience proves beyond a reasonable doubt.


July – A colleague and I took up residence in a small house in remote Gila County, Arizona offered by former C.I.A. employee Carol Barr who induced me to relocate there with a promise of free housing and an assurance of a paid consulting assignment. When she sued my colleague for rent, I countersued and retained Payson, Arizona attorney John Franklin. When Mr. Franklin, a seventh generation Mormon and former Deputy Gila County Attorney, was found to be complicit in the stalking, a disbarment proceeding proved successful though only after consuming time and energy and draining my financial resources. Much of what I previously had in reserve was depleted trying to stop the invasion of Iraq knowing days after 9/11 that a “regime change” war long sought by Israel would emerge in response to that murderous provocation.


Despite numerous requests, attempts at engagement in Arizona by local and state law enforcement proved unproductive. In December 2005, a three-volume evidentiary trail was provided to Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard. Janet Napolitano was then Governor of Arizona. Neither would functionally engage the facts.[58] In January 2009, Ms. Napolitano was appointed Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to succeed Michael Chertoff.[59]


August 19 – A CIA response to a Freedom of Information/Privacy Act request declined to release any documents concerning me, citing an “Executive order in the interest of national defense or foreign policy” and “an obligation to protect from exposure intelligence sources and methods.” The response acknowledged the surname given me at birth (Armour), the surname I was given on my adoption in 1956 (Cunningham) and my true family surname (Rockefeller).[60]


2006 – A State Department response to a Freedom of Information/Privacy Act request filed by my attorney Ron Burd cited “requests for assistance during his 1997 visit to Iraq, his offers to meet with US officials to discuss peaceful regime change in Iraq, his meeting with Canadian officials in 1997-98 on the same subject, and his passport application listing Senator Rockefeller as his father.” The State Department thereafter provided no further information other than this February 1 promise to respond.


Having documented the complicity of my Uncle David and my cousin Jay Rockefeller in this serial criminal stalking, I corrected State Department records with an application for a new passport confirming that Nelson Rockefeller is my father. Jay will be unable to explain his conduct after my first contact in 1991 when, after I requested his assistance, he ended his presidential campaign in August citing “personal family reasons.” A colleague and I also engaged several other Rockefeller family members. None have responded in a functional fashion. David Rockefeller died March 20, 2017.


2008 – A book was rushed into print prior to the November presidential election confirming that both John McCain and Barack Obama were political products of the same transnational network of (Jewish) organized crime that produced the presidencies of G.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, Woodrow Wilson, Titled Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War, I was identified only as “John Doe.” As anticipated, the book received no media coverage and no distribution. It’s also known as “the McCain book” with three chapters chronicling the production of his political career as a reliable and pliable asset of trans-generational (Jewish/Mormon) organized crime.


Lehman Brothers was allowed to disappear in bankruptcy as the most egregious marketer of the collateralized debt obligations deployed at the core of the A.I.G.-enabled subprime fraud. Donald Stralem’s wife, Jean Lehman Ickelheimer, was a member of the family that founded the firm where Jacob Schiff became a partner. [See 1904 and 1917.]


In 2008, Bill Townsend contacted me after not speaking to me since the agreement we negotiated in China was undermined in 2000 by taking the company (Youthstream Media Networks) into bankruptcy. When we spoke, Bill was earning ~$500,000 per year. When we met, Bill said:


Mel, did you know that Youthstream was taken into bankruptcy to keep you from getting paid? I lost $32 million. I ran into Bruce Resnick, our former CFO for Youthstream, in Beverly Hills a few weeks ago and asked why he sold all his stock the day we were able to confirm that the MOU was real that you and Ben (Youthstream President Ben Bassi) secured from the Ministry of Education. Bruce walked out with $20 million that day and resigned. What he told me is why I’m here. He told me that he walked into the conference room and heard those who controlled our stock discussing how not to pay you because they could not allow you to get paid or the deal to go forward with you involved.


When Bruce heard them say, “If we can’t get around him, we will take the company into bankruptcy,” Bruce walked out, sold his stock and resigned. Bruce is Jewish and all of the major shareholders who controlled our stock were Jewish with Rupert Murdoch the only exception. Bruce said, “I wasn’t part of the inner circle of Jews doing this and knew it was time to leave.” When I asked if Ben Bassi knew, he said that he did and took a seven-figure payment not to tell me, knowing if he had that I would have gone to the SEC with you. Did you know any of this? And, if you did, why didn’t you tell me?


I looked at Bill and said: “Bill, if I had told you, would you have believed me?” He smiled, said “no” and then asked what’s next, saying, “I’m on board to finish what we started in China.” Five months later, Bill was fired from the (Jewish-controlled) firm where he worked as he began assisting in the development of what has led this work to where it is today with his loyalty to me coming at a real cost to him. [See online photos in Beijing featuring Bill, Ben Bassi and I with the Deputy Minister of Education in “The China Connection” on]


2008-2010 – numerous attempts were made to engage those with line responsibility for law enforcement and national security. Instead of good faith engagement, the criminal stalking under cover of law continued with the confirmed complicity of officials at the local, state and federal level.


2010 – October – I attended the annual policymakers conference of the National Center for U.S. Arab Relations led by Dr. John Duke Anthony. Unknown to Dr. Anthony, attendee Jamel Darradji, a former Algerian diplomat, sat down at my table. I later accepted his invitation to attend a December conference in Algiers for entrepreneurs. When the person that Mr. Darradji wanted me to meet was delayed by an ice storm in Europe, I instead met a senior person in the security sector of the Algerian government to whom I described the NewRock model and with whom I formed a close personal relationship.


While in Algiers, Mr. Darradji reported that Seif al-Islam Ghaddafi wanted to meet with me in Libya with full diplomatic protocol. I accepted the invitation and then declined sensing that the meeting was a set-up. Two years earlier, a colleague in London had offered a meeting with Seif. However, that meeting was canceled by Seif and instead he visited the U.K. estate of Nathan Rothschild V along with former MP Peter Mandelson, a leading Zionist in the U.K. Parliament, and Russian-Jewish oligarch Oleg Deripaska who at age 40 (after marrying into the family of Russian President Boris Yeltsin) had amassed $40 billion in personal wealth.


After my departure from Algiers, Mr. Darradji and those for whom he was working, sought to discredit me by portraying me as a “phony Rockefeller.” I again detected the influence of my Uncle David when I found that the person whose trip was delayed by an ice storm in Europe had been close to my Uncle David since the mid-1960s having worked for him at Chase Manhattan Bank as his personal aide who traveled with him.


2011 – I was approached by Tom Napolitano whose family had a long relationship with the Rockefeller family. He proposed a collaboration to which I agreed in order to identify those behind him. Consistent with the conduct of other operatives used to stalk me, Mr. Napolitano sought to undermine relationships with key personnel, including funders whose confidence in me he sought to undermine.


After he assured me of $1 million in funding and failed to deliver, I terminated working with him four weeks prior to meeting with General Electric to close agreed-to funding. By then, I had been able to confirm he was working on behalf of Bill Clinton and the organized crime interests that produced the political careers of Bill and Hillary Clinton. In the course of this relationship, he and I met with senior executives at CH2M HILL who agreed to serve as primary contractor on the build-out of a “micro-grid/micro-city” development strategy that remains a component of the NewRock model for accelerating the transition to widely accessible and affordable clean energy. Having worked closely for years with GE, executives at CH2M Hill were able to arrange for GE to advance $10 million along with a commitment of $300 million in vendor funding in anticipation of future contracts as part of the build-out of the model, with an initial $1 million payment.


During a May 2012 closing dinner in Washington, D.C., GE executive Jon Freedman arrived drunk and insulted my guest, Dr. John Duke Anthony. Had I allowed Napolitano to attend the dinner, the deal would have closed with all parties walking into the Mintz Levin law firm the following day to formalize the details—with Napolitano and those behind him securing control over my life’s work.[61] The dinner meeting included CH2M HILL Executive Vice President John Hanula. Though Mr. Freedman and Mr. Hanula are friends (Mr. Hanula routinely stayed at his home in D.C.), a week later Mr. Freedman went over the heads of both Mr. Hanula and CH2M HILL executive Rick Abelson to complain to senior CH2H HILL executives and the Board that I am an “anti-Semite.” Mr. Freedman approached those executives while I was meeting with Chris Lindstrom in San Francisco. Chris is David Rockefeller’s grandson and my second cousin.


Mr. Freedman cited as evidence my June 2010 op-ed in Arab News published after a Zionist operative stalked White House correspondent Helen Thomas when Ms. Thomas—elderly, frail and recovering from surgery—was leaving a White House function. By then, Ms. Thomas had been well briefed by a colleague on my experience with the same Zionist network that she encountered inside ten successive presidencies that she covered—from John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama. Mr. Freedman had agreed to the GE funding. After he staged this incident over dinner, that funding was not forthcoming. The financial component of this serial criminal stalking remains ongoing.


Ari Fleischer, Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, led a campaign to discredit Ms. Thomas as an anti-Semite, including a coordinated movement to rescind her awards for journalism and the journalism scholarships granted in her name. Prior to his death in 2006, Glenn Olds wrote a sealed letter to the board of CH2M HILL asking that the letter remain unopened until I approached them with a business deal and someone sought to portray me as anti-Semitic. In practical effect, that letter was Glenn’s way of protecting me from those stalking me even after his death. He knew they would again attempt to portray me as something I am not.


CH2M HILL executives Rick Abelson and John Hanula met with me and colleague Bill Townsend a week later with Rick saying, “I’m Jewish. Mel, we want to work with you. You have to clean this up.” I looked at Rick and said, “So what you’re Jewish—cite facts with proof that I’m anti-Semitic or a racist.” Rick apologized and later that evening introduced Bill Townsend and I to his son Alex Abelson whose self-financing education model (that he created while a student attending UC Riverside) was later cited by President Obama as a pay-it-forward solution to the student loan crisis and was then pending adoption at two major universities. Pay-it-forward higher education and vocational training is a key part of NewRock’s education-centric business model.


2012 – By June, Algerian security realized that the attempt to discredit me in December 2010 traced to those complicit in this stalking, including my Uncle David. On my return to Algiers in July/August 2012, I formed relationships with parties with the authority to approve the NewRock proposal, including a commitment in principle to set aside a portion of their oil and gas reserves to capitalize a Sustainable Development Bank. The outcome was designed to hasten the transition to a bottom-up, stakeholder-inclusive renewable energy economy, re-launching my father’s hybrid development model with global partners while also leaving the hydrocarbons in the ground.


September – materials were provided to General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, with evidence sufficient to confirm that Israel is an enemy of the U.S. U.S. Attorney Preet Brahara was copied, following up on a June 8 submission to Mr. Brahara as senior federal law enforcement official for the Southern District of New York with jurisdiction over my Uncle David. Only later did I realize that Mr. Brahara previously served as counsel to New York Senator Chuck Schumer, one of the most problematic Members of Congress. Schumer presently serves as minority (Democratic Party) leader of the Senate.


September 24 — employees of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (founded as the research arm of AIPAC), conceded that if Mitt Romney was not elected, 2013 could be the worst year for U.S.-Israeli relations since 1957. That’s when President Eisenhower realized that the founders of Israel “made a liar of me” in 1948 when Zionists induced him to reassure Arab leaders that their Jewish neighbors would not seek more land—though it’s now known that was the Zionists’ goal from the outset. General Eisenhower’s support helped overcome the objections of General George Marshall, then serving as Truman’s Secretary of State, who strenuously opposed extending U.S. recognition of this enclave. President Eisenhower conveyed that comment to Glenn Olds while they were playing golf in Colorado where Ike was vacationing. Glenn was then serving as Chaplain at the University of Denver.


When Israel launched its Sinai Campaign during the last week of Eisenhower’s 1956 reelection campaign (aka the Suez Crisis), Ike knew he had been lied to as IDF troops (including Ariel Sharon) parachuted into the Sinai and refused to leave. French and British forces soon withdrew. Not the Israelis. Ike requested help from the Congressional leadership. When they declined, he confirmed the lobby’s virtual control of the Congress six decades ago and turned instead to a nationally televised appeal to the American people.[62] The lobby’s next war-catalyzing provocation became clear when WINEP’s Patrick Clawson candidly called for “crisis initiation” and a false-flag incident to “step up the pressure” for a U.S. war with Iran.[63]


December 31 – I sent a memo to former Senator Chuck Hagel, then Obama Administration nominee for Secretary of Defense. The memo chronicled decades of ongoing serial criminal stalking including evidence that, with good faith engagement, the war in Iraq could have been prevented. Senator Hagel served in the Senate with my cousin Jay to whom I expect he turned to confirm my identity and my attempts to engage Jay when he served as chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence while this nation was waging an unnecessary war. On January 11, 2013, Senator Rockefeller announced he would not seek reelection. An Israel skeptic, Secretary Hagel served in that position only two years (February 2013-February 2015).


2013 – January 10, I sent a memo to Michigan Senator Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, charging him with complicity in undermining U.S. national security, including a 2003 stalking incident in Michigan in which he was personally involved. On March 7, 2013, Senator Levin announced that he would not seek reelection. Though I am a constituent, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, a Mormon, would not agree to meet with me despite his membership on the Senate Committees on Foreign Relations and the Judiciary. He urged that I hire a lawyer.[64]


This conduct is consistent with the systemic corruption that typifies Arizona politics, epitomized by the production by organized crime of the political career of asset John McCain[65] and evidenced also by:

  • In December 2005, I provided a three-volume evidentiary trail to Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard and Governor Janet Napolitano. Neither would engage the facts in a functional fashion.
  • The materials were also provided to John Lewis FBI/Phoenix Special Agent in Charge. Despite numerous requests, I was unable to secure a meeting with anyone in the Phoenix FBI office.[66]
  • In April 2011, I briefed the staff of Congressman David Schweikert who succeeded to Senator Jeff Flake’s seat in the House. Despite providing a briefing and extensive written documentation for his staff, Mr. Schweikert would not extend me the courtesy of a meeting even though I was a constituent.[67]
  • In January 2017, I contacted Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema and provided documentation to her staff.[68] Though I am a constituent, Ms. Sinema would not extend me the courtesy of a meeting.


April 15 – Reports confirmed that the FBI had repeatedly interviewed the key Chechen perpetrator of the Boston Marathon bombing. That incident suggested the triggering of known terrorists to create a well-timed crisis meant to make President Obama appear weak on terrorism while also pre-staging the perception of Russian President Vladimir Putin as operating against our national security interests.


June 9 – In a scripted interview in Hong Kong with Guardian blogger Glenn Greenwald, former NSA employee Edward Snowden released materials damaging to U.S. national security and fled to Russia. Like James Byrnes, Snowden was marginally educated, making him easy to manipulate when he was assigned to what was reportedly the only NSA contractor site lacking the auditing system to track the materials he stole. Uncertainty about the scope of the intelligence taken compounded the damage to national security.


June 25 – President Vladimir Putin chose Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center to announce that the first Soviet government “was 80-85 percent Jewish.”


August 31 – Resisting an Israeli attempt to rush the U.S. to war in Syria based on “red line” language he was induced to speak when describing Syrian chemical weapons, President Obama reversed course and announced from the White House Rose Garden that instead he would seek a Congressional war resolution, putting Members on record for a war sought by none but the staunchest pro-Israelis. When he then agreed to collaborate with President Putin on a plan to secure Syrian chemical weapons, the Israel lobby found its activities exposed as foreign agents as it lobbied for war in Syria. With each change of course by President Obama, Israeli operations became more transparent as it became clear that Israel and its lobby were (then) losing their virtual control over the Office of the President and U.S. foreign policy.


September 23 – A book proposal was provided to key parties with line responsibility for national security. The proposal chronicled complicity between my Uncle David Rockefeller and German-Jewish bankers dating from no later than my conception in 1951. The proposal also described how Presidents Obama and Putin appear to be collaborating to expose those complicit in this criminality inside numerous governments.


As with the message that Dr. Olds conveyed to former President G.H.W. Bush in 2005 (regarding his son’s liability for treason if he failed to engage these facts), President Obama, a constitutional lawyer, knew he was obliged to execute the duties of his office consistent with the facts provided—or, like George W. Bush, face a potential charge of treason if he cannot prove to the public that he was doing his best to address the common source of this criminality while also protecting the broader Jewish community. Fast-forward to 2016 and it makes sense that the Obama administration would listen in on Trump campaign operatives due to the pro-Israeli bias that became apparent early on in the campaign and is now evident inside the White House.


September 29 – A supplement to the book proposal was provided to key parties after a September 21 attack on an Israeli-owned shopping center in Nairobi. The attack identified Somalis as perpetrators while news accounts highlighted Minneapolis as home to the largest Somali population in the U.S. The supplement chronicled how murder and mayhem are standard operating procedure for those who stage well-timed crises, often by triggering pre-staged assets to commit high-profile violent acts at strategically opportune moments to induce fear and insecurity and advance a narrative.


October 1 – A copy of the book proposal and a supplement were provided to Eileen Rockefeller, the youngest daughter of my Uncle David, and to his grandson Chris Lindstrom, including an article from Haaretz chronicling the pro-Jewish views of President Woodrow Wilson. I had previously provided detailed analyses to David’s son, Richard. With each of these contacts, I was constructively eliminating any defenses that Rockefeller family members may offer for their lack of engagement. By soliciting $350,000 from Eileen, I knew she would later need to explain why she didn’t report me to law enforcement for fraud (impersonating a member of the family) if she was not aware that I am her first cousin.


October 10 – I provided a memo to President Obama and to Congressional leaders urging that the president “end the extortion” of the U.S. by forcing the Israel lobby to register as foreign agents. The White House confirmed receipt on October 18. Recipients included House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the lobby’s most senior operative in the Congress. For example:


May 24, 2011 — a Cantor-sponsored address by Benjamin Netanyahu to a Joint Session of Congress was staged to ensure that the Prime Minister of Israel received more standing ovations (29) than the President of the U.S. received during his January 2011 State of the Union address.


October 16 – eBay founder Pierre Omidyar conceded that he had committed funds to an online media startup proposed by Glenn Greenwald. Expressing a concern about “press freedom” and the need to promote “independent journalists,” Mr. Omidyar described his commitment as “an initial $250 million.” It’s unknown whether this e-commerce billionaire is aware that Snowden’s theft caused more damage to U.S. national security than the 360 square feet of classified files stolen by Israeli super-spy Jonathan Pollard—who Greenwald argued should be released. As with Pollard and Israel, Snowden and Greenwald have not divulged what was stolen, making the theft even more troubling to those attempting to recover from this massive breach in national security.


The facts suggest that Snowden was placed in that position to steal files that would enable the Israel lobby to determine how much is known about their operations inside the U.S. and other governments.


October 23 – Secretary of State Kerry held a seven-hour meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, including four hours of one-on-one discussions with no staff. With informed U.S. officials (Obama, Kerry, Hagel, Dempsey, etc.) obliged by law to discharge their constitutional oath consistent with the facts, that meeting may have been called to inform the Israeli leader of a shift in the U.S.-Israel “special relationship.” As Mr. Netanyahu and the Israel lobby mounted a political and public relations offensive to derail negotiations with Iran, President Obama and Secretary Kerry sought to maintain momentum as they countered the lobby’s initiatives in real time. [See January 2014, below, for the Israeli response.]


October 27 – Netanyahu halted distribution of a “loyalty” poll distributed to U.S. Jews by Israeli-American Haim Saban. The poll asked whether, in case of a crisis between the U.S. and Israel, the allegiance of Jewish-Americans would lie with Israel or the U.S.


October 28 – News accounts confirmed that President Obama was not informed about National Security Agency eavesdropping on foreign leaders (reportedly 35 leaders), a revelation contained in NSA materials stolen by Edward Snowden. The Greenwald-enabled timing of the Snowden-related NSA revelations suggest a concerted effort to weaken President Obama’s political standing both at home and abroad (including among his political base known to be skeptical about the need for surveillance efforts) as, it appears, he launched an initiative to counter Israeli operatives as an enemy operating inside governments worldwide.


In the Nixon-Kennedy presidential debate in 1960, Vice-President Richard Nixon was seen perspiring while Senator Kennedy described the perils of a nonexistent “missile gap” with Soviet missiles portrayed as a threat to U.S. national security. As the presidential nominee of a major political party, Kennedy was provided classified briefings and knew his claim was false. He also knew that Vice-President Nixon would be unable to counter his false claim. Much as Nixon was forced to remain silent about what Kennedy was doing, President Obama had to remain silent about what is really at work behind the NSA leaks and tapping the phones of other leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel whose election was due, in substantial part, to support from Zionist Haim Saban and the transnational Israel lobby.


Evidence that leaders worldwide may now grasp the common source of the problem is seen in how the leadership of Germany and other nations (whose privacy President Obama was accused of violating) closed ranks to support him with a unanimity not seen in decades—in order to forge a nuclear accord with Iran. At the same time, the European Union moved to shut down the building of Israeli settlements, providing collateral support for President Obama internationally. Meanwhile, domestically, members of the U.S. Congress continued to aid the Israel lobby along with the usual support provided by pro-Israeli media outlets and think tanks.[69]


October 28 – A memo was circulated titled “Scaling the NewRock Development Model.” The more rapidly the NewRock model is implemented and begins to scale, the less susceptible MENA region nations will be to global pricing of their natural resources as a commodity. They will also be less susceptible to instability as their revenue sources are diversified, their investments are less subject to financial market manipulation, and their governments are better able to maintain the fiscal balance required to fulfill promises made in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.


November – As negotiations proceeded with Iran and between Israel and Palestine, it seemed that President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry sought to negotiate a path to region-wide compliance with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty as a means to bring about a nuclear weapons-free Middle East. The logical result would have included shutting down Israel’s nuclear weapons program, realizing John F. Kennedy’s goal before he was murdered in November 1963.


With evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Israel is (a) an enemy within and (b) a global threat to peace—and by holding steady on the negotiating course with Iran, the Israel lobby was induced to openly oppose negotiations with Tehran, a clear foreign policy issue pursued on behalf of a foreign nation. By its own actions, the expansive Israel lobby made the Kennedy-era case for requiring foreign agent registration.


The Israeli Right has created a steadily widening divide within the Jewish community in the U.S. Whereas previously Israel enjoyed support from the traditionally liberal Democratic Party, its steady shift to the political and militant right has steadily eroded its unquestioning support except among Zionist Christians of both parties and within the most conservative right wing of the Republican Party. The lobby’s unflinching support for official Israeli policy ensured an erosion in AIPAC’s credibility and influence and its loss of support among moderate, liberal and secular Jews.


November 24 – In response to an interim agreement with Iran reached in Geneva, the Israel lobby took to the airwaves to denounce it. Congressman Eliot Engel called it “disappointing,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor described it as “dangerous,” Congressman Peter King called it a “serious strategic mistake” and Senator Chuck Schumer described it as “disproportional” (parroting Bibi Netanyahu’s terminology) and threatened to seek new sanctions against Iran in the lobby-dominated Congress. Michigan Republican Mike Rogers, then the pro-Israeli Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and now a CNN commentator, said the agreement “rewarded very bad and dangerous behavior.”


The Israel-Saudi alliance became apparent when Prime Minister Netanyahu portrayed the accord as a “historic mistake” while Riyadh announced it was “unhappy at the prospect of a deal with Iran.” Meanwhile those pro-Israelis most clearly complicit in inducing the U.S. to war in Iraq such as Frank Gaffney (President of the Center for Security Policy) took to the airwaves to charge that President Obama was “lying” to the public and to promote—as with Iraq—“regime change” in Iran.[70]


Confirming that the pending agreement was shared with those aware of the common source of the problem, former national security advisers Brent Scowcroft and Zbigniew Brzezinski praised the Obama Administration for striking an interim agreement while U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague described it as “good for the whole world.” U.N. General Secretary Ban Ki-moon urged governments to “do everything possible to build on this encouraging start.”


The most encouraging news became clear when it was revealed that the Obama administration had been negotiating with Tehran for more than six months—without telling Tel Aviv. Just as Indonesian Intelligence Chief Arie Kumaat bypassed an Israel lobby-dominated U.S. State Department by seeking in 2001 a back channel to President G.W. Bush, President Obama approached Iran through Oman, bypassing the State Department’s pro-Israeli staff while leaving both Israelis and Saudis in the dark.


President Obama also let it be known that Netanyahu was not consulted until after the deal was finalized, ensuring the Israeli leader knew that Tel Aviv and its lobby had been excluded. Not only did that signal a pending reconsideration of the U.S.-Israel “special relationship,” it indicated an end to trusting Israel as a loyal ally and (potentially) an end to its ability to deploy our military to wage its wars for Greater Israel.


Flustered, desperate and with nowhere to turn, pro-Israelis began to accuse Iran of the same deceptive behavior with which the lobby has long manipulated the U.S. Just as a “charm offensive” was launched to induce American leaders to trust Israeli intentions in 1948, Tehran was accused of similarly deceitful behavior. Just as Israel defrauded U.S. leaders from its very inception, Iran is now accused of defrauding the international community.


Conditioned to trust Israeli leaders despite their routine duplicity, U.S. leaders were induced to believe assurances that rhe Jewish state would not seek land beyond the agreed-to 1949 borders. Then the U.S. was assured that the 1967 war would be the extent of their seizures of land. Then we were assured that their expansion through settlements would be shut down. With the consistency of this deceit now chronicled over more than a century—well prior to the founding of Israel—governments worldwide can begin to shut down trans-generational organized crime at its geopolitical epicenter—as proven by my life experience.


November 25 – President Obama appeared as a special guest at a fundraising event at the Los Angeles home of Haim Saban organized by Steve Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the primary fundraising arm for House Democrats. The emerging dynamics suggested that his appearance reflected the adage, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”


December 1 — With the threat of Iran losing its credibility, CNN’s White House-associative “State of the Union” program turned the national narrative back to domestic threats and the war on terrorism. Host Cindy Crowley featured Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Diane Feinstein warning, “There are more groups than ever and there is huge malevolence out there….there are new bombs—very big bombs….(that) can get through magnetometers (and onto planes).” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers reinforced that fear, warning: “The threat level has never been more diverse than it is today. The more efforts (extremists) try, the more perfect you have to be in trying to stop something.”


While Feinstein warned that terrorists are becoming “more determined” than ever, Rogers warned that terrorist attacks could become “smaller and more frequent.” Rogers then linked this threat to the Obama Administration, charging they had “screwed up” a peace deal with Syria while Feinstein cautioned that Syria had become a “lightning rod for fighters all over the world.” Similar to the 9/11 Commission downplaying the motivation for 9/11, the chairs of the two Congressional intelligence committees described hatred of Americans as “displaced aggression”—with no mention of why extremists are motivated to murder Americans. Yet again, no mention was made of Israeli agent provocateur operations.


Feinstein referred to a September 2010 terrorist incident where a bomb built into a printer cartridge downed a UPS cargo plane in Dubai. Acting on a tip from Saudi intelligence, additional cartridges were detected in Yemen. That threat became a persuasive sales point for full-body airport scanners sold to the U.S. government—with high-profile marketing provided by scanner spokesman Michael Chertoff, former Secretary of Homeland Security during the second George W. Bush Administration (2005-2009). Chertoff’s marketing failed to mention that passenger body-scanners left cargo planes intact as a clear gap in airport security while he reportedly pocketed a personal fortune in body-scanner stock.


The consistency of the fact patterns suggests that the lobby retains its influence inside government at the local, state and federal level. The “Sunday talk shows” continue to confirm their ongoing capacity to sustain fear by creating threats (or their perception) while profiting from the insecurity—Israeli firms emerged post-9/11 as major providers of security-related services, equipment and consulting services worldwide.


December 2 – Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina and Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts proposed a House Resolution calling for the release of 28 redacted pages of a classified post-9/11 report that could identify who assisted the hijackers. The candor came from former Senator Bob Graham of Florida who co-chaired the Congressional Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001—in which the redacted pages appear. In a sworn affidavit, he shared his concerns: “I am convinced that there was a direct line between at least some of the terrorists who carried out the September 11th attacks and the government of Saudi Arabia.” In an interview with The Daily Beast, he conceded what my personal experience confirms: “San Diego was ground zero in terms of the connections between the terrorists and the Saudi government.”


Senator Graham went on to say he was “stunned that the intelligence community would feel that it was a threat to national security for the American people to know who had made 9/11 financially possible.”


December 20 — At the traditional year-end presidential press conference, President Obama was asked about an Iran sanctions bill introduced the previous day by New York Senator Chuck Schumer and other reliable assets of the Israel lobby, including John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. In addition to tougher sanctions, the bill would oblige the U.S. to support Israel should Tel Aviv attack Iran.[71]


In practical effect, one false flag operation plausibly traceable to Iran-backed Hezbollah or Iran-allied Syria and the lobby will have the rationale it seeks to induce the U.S. into another war (as with Iraq) that is unnecessary, unwinnable and financed with borrowed money. In effect, much of the Congress is already subservient to the Israel lobby. For example:


  • March 5, 2013 – California Senator Barbara Boxer of California proposed a U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership authorizing: (a) additions to Israeli stockpiles of U.S. munitions, (b) the transfer to Israel of surplus U.S. military equipment, (c) exemptions for Israel to controls on U.S. exports, and (d) cooperation with Israel on homeland security and cyber security.


  • June 15, 2013 – Legislation approved by the House of Representatives included an amendment to a Pentagon funding bill by Illinois Congressman Pete Roskam requiring that the U.S. take “all necessary steps” to “remove existential threats to [Israel’s] security and defend its vital interests” and mandating that the president report every 90 days on how the policy is being implemented.


August 31 — President Barack Obama stepped into the White House Rose Garden to announce he would not lead the U.S. to war in Syria. When he refused to be rushed into another war in the Middle East for Greater Israel, I believe he revealed the first visible traces of an operation, ten years in the planning, designed to hold accountable those who induce us to wage wars against our true interests.


December 19 — AIPAC again revealed its role as a foreign agent proclaiming in a Tweet: “The new Senate bill defines parameters for a final agreement with Iran.” By mid-January 2014, the lobby had confirmed its dominance in the Senate by enlisting the support of 59 Senators for an Iran sanctions bill opposed by U.S negotiators, including 16 Democrats who endorsed the bill over the objections of the leader of their party (Barack Obama) who described the bill as “dangerous.”


In effect, these bills sought to make both the president and the Congress accountable to Israel and its lobby rather than to the American people. In an unprecedented (and short-lived) counter to the Israel lobby, on December 19 (the same day an Iran sanctions bill was introduced), ten Committee chairs of the U.S. Senate wrote to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid cautioning him that enactment of the sanctions bill would jeopardize U.S. diplomacy.[72]


Year-End Psy-Ops


Meanwhile, Israel stepped up the pace of its latest agent provocateur strategy with sniper attacks and targeted killings of Palestinians, more settlements, air strikes, the doubling of fuel prices for Palestinians, the flooding of Gaza with Israeli sewage, etc. Though unable (as yet) to trigger a third intifada, by December 27 Israelis had incited sufficient outrage that Israeli Defense Minister Ya’alon could claim: “We don’t have a partner on the Palestinian side for a two-state solution.” Dismissing a U.S.-proposed “framework agreement,” he argued that U.S.-proposed security arrangements would turn the West Bank into “Hamastan.”


At the same time, Bibi Netanyahu reshuffled his coalition government to form a War Cabinet featuring the Israeli Right’s most extreme hawks. To guarantee no disruption in Israel-Palestine hostilities, he retained experienced negotiator Dore Gold, a like-minded right winger able to ensure that peace talks would never reach a final agreement. He then insisted that “the key to peace” is the recognition of Israel as a “Jewish state” knowing, in effect, that would require Palestinians to agree to second-class status for the 1.6 million Arabs residing in Israel and preclude any possibility of a right of return for displaced Palestinians.


The next day he claimed, “There’s growing doubt in Israel that the Palestinians are committed to peace,” citing their “unabated incitement.” I call that a “quantum reciprocal” as the Netanyahu-led government acted out the very behavior of which it accused the Palestinians: incitement, uncommitted to peace, etc. Similarly, Netanyahu’s Defense Minister accused John Kerry of being “obsessive” and “messianic”—the very traits for which the Israeli Right is notorious.


2014 – On January 2, as John Kerry flew to Tel Aviv to continue peace talks, his tenth visit to the region, an Israeli official announced that no bids for new settlements would be announced until (just after) his departure. That stance repeated their March 2010 affront when the Israeli Interior Ministry announced 1,600 new housing units just as Vice President Joe Biden arrived. By then, this modus operandi was expected with Kerry and Obama aware that Israel’s ability to sustain their brutal occupation of Palestine is key to Zionists sustaining that conflict as a catalyst for provoking terrorism in the region and worldwide.


Though news accounts confirmed that both the U.S. and the U.K. have been snooping on Netanyahu’s communications, leading him to lodge a protest, neither nation offered even the hint of an apology. Israel and its lobby are now uncertain how long their calls have been monitored or how many of its operatives and political candidates have been identified for arrest, indictment and prosecution.


January 5 – Pope Francis announced a forthcoming visit to Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. The next day, Secretary Kerry departed for a meeting at the Vatican absent the framework agreement that Netanyahu undermined by declaring that Israel would cede neither Hebron nor Beit El, areas where Zionist extremists intend to build more settlements.[73] Confirming the Israeli commitment to incitement, Tel Aviv waited just four days after Kerry’s departure before announcing (a) plans to build another 1,400 housing units in the settlements, and (b) a rejection of any mention of Jerusalem in the proposed framework agreement.


Three days later, a pro-Israeli think tank announced, “Al-Qaeda sees the Golan Heights as a staging ground for attacks on Israel.” That alleged threat was broadcast just after Kerry announced that security for the adjoining Jordan Valley would be provided by a combination of high-tech surveillance and international security forces. As those complicit realize that their manipulations and their “tireless genius for crisis” are becoming steadily more transparent, their portrayal of the NSA’s “bulk metadata” program grew more strident and their portrayal of NSA thief Edward Snowden more heroic.


January 17 – The injection of fear and insecurity into the nation’s consciousness, first on display with the Donald Stralem-produced 1951 film, Duck and Cover, found a counterpart in a record-breaking rash of school shootings nationwide that led to mandatory school lockdown drills. A New York Times headline of January 17 captured the fear-inducing effect: “In Age of School Shootings, Lockdown Is the New Duck-and-Cover.”


On the same day, Haaretz announced plans by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein to make a film supporting gun control, an issue featuring strong support within the lobby and among those who know the outrage certain to accompany widespread knowledge of facts confirming the common source of this deceit. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced he would commit $50 million to gun control.


January 19 – two days after the terms of the interim agreement with Iran were announced, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers appeared on Meet the Press to suggest that Russia was behind the Snowden theft. The pro-Israel Rogers claimed a credible source for a charge calculated to undermine the cooperation between Presidents Putin and Obama essential to manage the transition to normalized relations with Iran while also making transparent the common source of this geostrategic duplicity.


Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates released his memoir titled Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War, featuring his candid appraisal of Netanyahu: “I was offended by his glibness and his criticism of U.S. policy—not to mention his arrogance and outlandish ambition—and I told national security adviser Brent Scowcroft that Bibi ought not be allowed back on White House grounds.” [Scowcroft served as National Security Adviser during the presidency of George H.W. Bush.]


A Politico analysis cited the controversy over Bill Clinton’s preemptive pardon of Marc Rich and Pincus Green as ample precedent for why Obama will not pardon Snowden. FBI Director James Comey was adamant that anyone seeking a pardon must first return to the U.S. and become subject to the jurisdiction of the court.


January 20 – Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomed Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Israel where he was invited to address the Knesset. An evangelical Zionist-Christian similar to President George W. Bush in his belief that Israel is “a manifestation of justice,” Harper’s speech deployed “correspondence theory” to suggest “anti-Zionism is the new face of anti-Semitism.” Accompanying Harper on his trip were 21 rabbis, 56 representatives of Zionist lobbying groups and private Jewish schools and 10 representatives of Zionist-Christian groups supportive of right wing Likud policies.[74]


The 2014 Crisis in Ukraine


As the normalization of relations with Iran showed signs of succeeding, a crisis emerged in Kiev (aka the “Jerusalem of the Steppes”) when, in November 2013, the Ukraine cabinet of Moscow-backed President Yanukovych abandoned an agreement on closer trade ties with the EU conditioned on the embrace of consensus-model “austerity” measures likely to destabilize a struggling economy. Instead, he pursued closer cooperation with Russia and a $15 billion offer of assistance.


By early December, the “Orange Revolution” that put President Yevtushenko in office in 2004 was mobilized and back in the streets. By then, the non-governmental organizations that catalyzed those earlier “Arab Spring” movements had 65 projects operating in Ukraine.[75] By mid-February, protests turned violent, catalyzed by unidentified snipers opening fire on both protestors and police.


As soon as Yanukovych agreed to surrender many of the powers of his office, pull back the police and hold early elections, government offices were overrun, forcing him to flee to Russia. With the success of this regime change, the U.S. and the E.U. recognized the replacement government as legitimate and provided emergency financial assistance. With that, a media-heralded schism (or its appearance) emerged between Obama and Putin, key parties required to normalize relations with Iran and expose Israeli treachery.


March 2014 – By mid-March, asset John McCain, describing President Obama as “weak,” began advocating regime change in Russia.[76] Confirming the political influence for which the lobby is feared, McCain’s assault was coordinated with joint letters to President Obama from 83 U.S. Senators and 395 Members of the House urging a hard line in negotiations with Iran. Both letters included “core principles” parroting AIPAC-provided talking points—again confirming the national security necessity that the expansive Israeli lobby be required to register as foreign agents.


During this same timeframe, Israeli defense minister Moshe Ya’alon attacked President Obama personally, claiming his “image in the world is feebleness” and “shows weakness.”[77] He then ridiculed U.S. leadership charging, “When it comes to negotiating in a Persian bazaar, the Iranians were better.” Suggesting the potential for another agent provocateur operation on U.S. soil, he cautioned that in our negotiations with Iran, America is opening itself to more terror attacks “and the United States will suffer.”


As tensions increased in Ukraine and Crimea, Moscow’s envoy to the Iranian talks said that Russia considers “reunification” with Crimea far more important than containing Iran’s nuclear program. Firing back at Tel Aviv in the same news cycle, the White House twice insisted on a public apology from Ya’alon for his verbal assaults. President Obama then sent an open letter to the Iranian people congratulating them on a religious holiday while mentioning none of the “core principles” proposed by the Israel lobby and pressed on Obama by 478 of the 535 Members of the House and Senate, confirming the lobby’s virtual control of Congress.


The jury is still out on whether the well-timed crisis in Ukraine was catalyzed as an attempt to splinter an Obama-Putin partnership that avoided wars in Syria and Iran by agreeing to dismantle Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles and improve relations with Iran. If this partnership has been in the planning stages for as long as Glenn Olds suggested (since 2004), ongoing developments may reflect a game theory-informed strategy designed to make transparent those who have long deployed well-timed crises to advance a nontransparent agenda against the true interests of Americans, Russians and the world at large.


These dynamics are consistent with the agenda of those with a “tireless genius” for deploying well-timed crises as a means to induce major powers to squabble and squander their “blood and treasure.” Meanwhile China continues, step-by-step, to emerge as the global colonial financial power governed by a fast-emerging oligarchy that maintains control through an internal totalitarianism enabled by their embrace of the financial and trade dynamics imbedded in the U.S.-discrediting “Washington” consensus.


The facts suggest that Israel, its agents, assets and sayanim are being closely monitored by an outraged international community aware of its serial agent provocateur operations and infuriated at its incessant undermining of efforts to end a brutal 69-year occupation of Palestine as a handy crisis-on-cue venue that can be activated when needed to portray these serial predators as serial victims.


2015 — January 20 — President Obama gave his annual State of the Union address in which he promised to veto any additional sanctions that the Congress may propose on Iran while talks on a peaceful resolution are underway. Well prior to his speech, two top-ranking U.S. legislators covertly invited a foreign head of state to address a Joint Session in support of an attempt by the Israel lobby to override his veto of more sanctions on Iran that, in the President’s words, would “all but guarantee that diplomacy fails.”


January 21 — House Speaker John Boehner announced that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had agreed to address a Joint Session on “the grave threats radical Islam and Iran pose to our security and our way of life…. Let’s send a clear message to the White House and the world about our commitment to Israel and our allies.” In effect, this speech was designed to persuade Americans that President Obama cannot be trusted and that Americans need an Israeli leader to tell us the truth about how best to defend America’s interests.

March 3 – A two-minute standing ovation granted Netanyahu’s speech to the Congress in opposition to President Obama’s pending nuclear accord with Iran again confirmed the virtual control that the Israel Lobby exerts over the Congress and was then poised to wield over the Office of the President.


Whose Homeland Is Being Secured?


My life experience proves that every community in our nation will remain at risk so long as Israeli extremists can deploy murder and mayhem to generate sympathy for a cause rooted in the myth of The Chosen. Unquestioning support comes from the Zionist Christian Right blinded by their belief that Israel can do no wrong and that the U.S./Israel “special relationship” is real rather than a front for fraud, thievery, extortion, blackmail, hate-mongering and treason. This relationship must be shut down to remove the incentive to deploy our blood and treasure abroad to pursue goals inconsistent with our values and contrary to our true interests.


The fault lies not with the perpetrators but with those officials who enable this systemic criminality by their refusal to engage these facts and follow the evidence wherever it may lead.


As with the deployment of officials in California to serially stalk me (the Franchise Tax Board, the abuse of a mental health statute to twice imprison me, etc.), more misuse of law can be expected. With Israel now being challenged by the international community, desperation is setting in. Thus far, few Americans are aware of what my experience can prove: Israel has long been spying on the U.S. and stealing our best technologies, including sensitive defense technologies transferred to China. As my life experience proves, we were induced to invade Iraq not to protect our interests but to undermine our interests.


Similarly, Homeland Security was established not to protect us from radical Islamic extremists but to protect—from outraged Americans—those doing this to America. When a naïve, trusting and long-deceived U.S. public grasps that this duplicity traces to a common source, they will insist on severing an alliance that puts the self-absorbed interests of Jewish elites and extremists ahead of those interests—and values—critical to American families and their communities. Proof positive that Homeland Security was created to protect those responsible: to date no one has interviewed me on a record that would result in holding those responsible accountable. Vast taxpayer funds have been spent—and crippling debt incurred—not to protect but to betray Americans. That’s why, with each mass murder, pro-Israelis lead the call for gun control.


This conduct traces not to the broader Jewish community but to extremists skilled at leveraging their small numbers to wield enormous influence. Their ranks are augmented by their capacity to manipulate Jewish identity so that unwitting members of that faith tradition can be deceived to support policies contrary to their values, to their personal interests and to our national interests. In an attempt to protect the broader Jewish community while also informing a long-deceived electorate during a presidential election year, I reached out to numerous people active in the political realm, including:


April 24 – I wrote to Bernie Sanders urging use of these facts to distinguish himself as an opponent of the war in Iraq by revealing the source of the duplicity that took us to war for Greater Israel. Having experienced on numerous occasions the corruption surrounding the Clintons, I did not contact Hillary’s campaign.


April 30 – I arranged for George Prescott Bush to receive a package for his father, Jeb, suggesting that his campaign would be strengthened if former President George W. Bush conceded he was mistaken about the war in Iraq and identified those who fixed the intelligence that shaped his decision.


July 18 – I wrote to President Barack Obama and copied FBI Director James Comey cautioning them that their “lack of functional engagement continues to embolden those complicit.” Commenting on the enthusiasm that greeted Netanyahu’s March 3, 2015 address to Congress: “The two-minute standing ovation granted Netanyahu (described as a fascist by Ehud Barak and Isaac Herzog) confirms the virtual control that The Lobby exerts over the Congress and is poised to wield over the office you now hold.”


Future research will determine whether functional engagement was then ongoing behind the scenes. It is my fondest hope that these two men have been staging circumstances so that those complicit expose their operations—as I believe they did with their production of the Trump presidency.


July 21-23 – I twice contacted the Trump campaign urging that the campaign deploy the facts provided to reveal to the public the source of the deception that led us into a disastrous war in Iraq for Greater Israel.


With Trump’s Electoral College victory, I began to alert incoming members of his Cabinet to the long-term goals of those who produced his presidency. For example:


December 13 – I cautioned Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, Trump nominee for Ambassador to China, that those who produced this presidency intend to use Branstad’s three-decade friendship with Xi Jinping to draw the U.S. into the next war in the Middle East for Greater Israel.


December 20 – I wrote to Rex Tillerson, CEO of a firm founded by my great-grandfathers John D. and William Rockefeller. I explained how those who produced this presidency intend to use him and his Exxon-Mobil relationships to advance Israeli interests while further undermining U.S. interests.


February 23 – I wrote to Generals Mattis, Kelly and McMaster to urge that they engage the facts of what can be proven by my life experience, including the fact that radical Islamic extremists do not have the stable nation state intelligence inside our nation required to orchestrate crises such as 9/11 that gained plausibility for The Clash of Civilizations as a war-mongering national narrative.







The Trump Phenomenon


February 28, 2017 — In the first paragraph of Trump’s first speech to the Congress, he mentioned the need to combat anti-Semitism due to roughly 100 threats phoned in to Jewish community centers. Not until March 24 was it discovered that an Israeli-American teenager in Israel was responsible for the bulk of those calls.[78]


Those stalking me rightly fear that my life experience connects them to the murder of John F. Kennedy. That assassination, in turn, enabled Lyndon Johnson’s escalation of an unwinnable war in Vietnam. Donald Trump may yet follow in those footsteps in the Middle East or Asia. That foreseeable tragedy in Southeast Asia led to a steady decline in national confidence and, over decades, fueled sentiments that led to the emergence of (a) nationalist Steve Bannon, a publishing protégé of Zionist extremist Andrew Breitbart, (b) Jared Kushner, a Chabad Lubavitch devotee and Trump adviser, and (c) an Electoral College victory by an easily profiled asset.


Donald Trump’s arrogance and narcissism ensured that he could be relied upon to act out his dysfunctions while delegating U.S. foreign policy to a son-in-law with an ultra-Orthodox Hasidic worldview. Three days prior to the election, Kushner, Trump’s daughter Ivanka and Trump Organization counsel Jason Greenblatt visited the grave of Chabad Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, considered a messiah by many of his followers. Greenblatt, also active in this extremist sect, now serves as Trump’s chief adviser on international negotiations while Trump bankruptcy lawyer, David Friedman, another Chabad Lubavitch devotee and long-time supporter of Israeli settlements, serves as “our” Ambassador to Israel.


Unfit for the job, hyper-reactive and responsible only to the unfulfilled needs of a self-absorbed ego, “our” Commander-in-Chief has largely delegated running his presidency to those who produced it. His personal history confirms that he’s both a classic asset and a made man with a personal fortune that traces to sectors dominated by those I profiled: casinos, pop culture and commercial real estate in Manhattan. When confronted with an enemy that specializes in the creation of crises—often multiple crises at the same time—his easily profiled, hyper-reactive temperament suggests a high probability that he will overreact.

Dona;d Trump knows his election was illegitimate. Not only was his presidency secured by social media-enabled psycho-graphic targeting, the campaign rhetoric spoken by this empty vessel was steadily adapted to reflect a targeted electorate’s profiled (and manipulated) fears and insecurities. His was not even a campaign. It was an emotion manipulation operation with a strategic focus on identifying and targeting malleable voters in those swing states required for an Electoral College victory. Thus the campaign’s covert weaponization of social media profiling while his arrogance assured he will not consult those with relevant experience.

The No Policy President. The campaign’s algorithm-driven, AI-enabled messaging identified and amplified fear and insecurity on an individual and a mass level, using the persona of a d T.V. pitchman as a vehicle for advancing goals sought by those I spent much of my life profiling. The use of Big Data derived from technological platforms such as Facebook and Google meant he wasn’t selling policies, he was pitching market-tested emotions and concerns identified by programs that sniff out online identified preference, proclivities, beliefs and biases. Artificial intelligence adapted his pitch to match and intensify profiled concerns. That’s why he has no well thought-out proposals and readily abandons or adopts positions.

As the public is distracted by the daily drama of a reactive and petulant president, those who produced his presidency are repealing protections from a globally destabilizing “Washington consensus” whose origins trace to those profiled. At the core of the “Trump transformation” lies Steve Miller, a 31-year old (Jewish) policy adviser, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a 30-year old (Jewish) senior NSC adviser for intelligence programs, and Jared Kushner, a 36-year old member of a messianic Hasidic sect. Kushner confirmed that strategic adviser Steve Bannon shares the same worldview: “He’s an incredible Zionist and loves Israel.” Media reports falsely portrayed Bannon as an anti-Semite, obscuring the role of those who interfered with our elections.

Based on what can now be proven about the common (Israeli) source of so many of our national problems, I am confident that candidate Trump attacked the competency of our intelligence agencies at the behest of those who know what the Israel lobby has done to this nation—and know that my life experience can prove it.

The problems we now face did not emerge in a vacuum. Thus my concern that Jared Kushner has been named to head an Office of American Innovation charged with “transforming” the bureaucracy that those I profiled have long used to steal and defraud with impunity. In the transition to a more privatized economy, those identified will imbed their corruption in a more robust private sector “governed” by a consensus mindset certain to vest more wealth, income and influence in the hands of a few. Trump’s embrace of Reagan-era “supply side” economics suggests that projected fiscal “savings” (largely from cuts in healthcare coverage) will find their way into the pockets of the nation’s most well-to-do.[79] As with the Reagan-era, more debt will be incurred to finance an acceleration in the concentration of wealth and income, undermining both democracy and markets while putting our national security further at risk.[80]

As my life experience can prove, much of this systemic criminality and political corruption traces to the Chicago Outfit and the laundering of illicit funds into the narrative-manipulating film studios and into California real estate, including their acquisition of properties that Japanese-Americans were forced to abandon after the (induced) provocation of Pearl Harbor. The only thing “new” component of these repetitive behavior patterns is the technology available to deceive and emotionally manipulate on a grand scale. A naïve and trusting global public will soon grasp how those I profiled routinely “produce” presidencies—particularly in the U.S.

My step-uncle was close to asset Ronald Reagan—whose Screen Actors Guild presidency, governorship of California and two-term presidency were produced by those I profiled. This same syndicate produced the Trump presidency. As confirmed by the experience of Glenn Olds who advised four presidents, the same parties who produced the Nixon presidency also produced the scandal that ended it, paving the way for an unelected Vice President from my home state of Michigan to become an unelected President.

My father informed Glenn Olds about me in 1973 when, with the resignation of Vice President Spiro Agnew, Gerald Ford became an unelected Vice President. When, with the resignation of Richard Nixon, Ford became an unelected president, he authorized the Richard Pipes-run “Plan B” operation that hyped the Soviet threat. The success of that Pipes “psy-op” provided a precedent for the Douglas Feith-run Office of Special Plans, a Pentagon-based intelligence-fixing operation overseen by Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz during the presidency of Zionist Christian George W. Bush whose administration also was produced by those profiled—as a means to take us to war in the Middle East for Greater Israel in response to the mass murder provocation of 9/11.

The repertoire of those profiled is repetitive and quite limited featuring a long-term focus on undermining faith in our institutions of self-governance, including our intelligence agencies. Their production of the Trump presidency is so far over-the-top that the common source of this long-running criminality—including ongoing treason—can now be exposed and those responsible held accountable at law. Thus their incentive to mobilize the Franchise Tax Board to serve me with a March 10, 2017 tax lien for the 1996 tax year. If the common source of this deceit is not quickly made transparent, intelligence will again be fixed to induce us to wage another war against our interests—for Greater Israel.

April 7, 2017—On the 78th day of his presidency, Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump ordered an attack on Syria, embracing a strategy that Tel Aviv had been unable to persuade Barack Obama to follow during his eight years as President. An attack was ordered on a Syrian airbase one day after the 100th anniversary of the date that Commander-in-Chief Woodrow Wilson (“He kept us out of the war”) led the U.S. into World War I.

What triggered Trump was a chemical gas attack on a Syrian town that killed 72 people, including 20 children. Unclear is why Syrian President Bashar al-Assad targeted children with chemical weapons knowing that may well be the only provocation able to provoke a response from a U.S. President who repeatedly promised to keep us out of Syria. While the details remain unclear, the outcome is consistent with the strategic goals of those who have long sought to draw us into Syria as a step toward war with Iran—for Greater Israel.

Cui bono? Who benefits? While senior military officers (such as Secretary of Defense Mattis) seek to limit the U.S. purpose to taking a hardline against the use of chemical weapons, the emergence of a crisis in the Middle East—while China’s President Xi Jinping was in the U.S. on his first meeting with Trump—suggests the influence of those who deploy well-timed crises to advance a nontransparent agenda.

Countering Systemic Corruption – By Design


My experience confirms that the recurring threat of well-timed crises traces to the enabling role played by the Israel lobby and the U.S.-Israel “special relationship.” Our focus at NewRock is on the solution—following the counsel of my senior adviser, Glenn Olds: “You cannot defeat hate with hate nor fight fire with fire. Focus on the solution; build a better model and expose the arsonists.”


With confirmed facts grounded in decades of personal experience, the question is whether these facts will reach a long-deceived public before those with line responsibility for law enforcement and national security engage these facts—consistent with their Constitutional oath—and expose the common source of this trans-generational duplicity. The threat is one that my father articulated in 1964 and I confirmed over a lifetime of personal experience: those who pose the greatest threat share a tireless genius for well-timed crisis.


Often those crises are set in motion with long-planned provocations such that a pre-staged reaction emerges in the foreground while the agent provocateur fades into the background. Micro-macro: the same modus operandi deployed against me personally has also been deployed against the U.S. geopolitically—per the provocation of 9/11. That emotionally wrenching mass murder displaced critical thinking, reasoned analysis and a commonsense response. With their production of an easily profiled, highly dysfunctional Zionist Christian President, their pre-staged and fixed intelligence could be deployed—in the wake of a mass murder on U.S. soil—to evoke the reaction sought by those seeking regime change in the region—for Greater Israel.


The Israel lobby’s success in enacting federal hate crimes legislation means we now have a protected class of citizens that one criticizes at one’s own peril.[81] To criticize Israeli policy or document the common source of the systemic criminality to which I’ve been subjected exposes me to the risk of being smeared as an anti-Semite and subjected to federal prosecution. While my life experience is unique, it is also illustrative of how the facts required to protect the rule of law can be displaced by those masterful at displacing facts with manipulated beliefs—as with the belief in Iraqi WMD. Or the belief that the facts of my life experience reflect anti-Semitism when those I profiled placed an operative in my home when I was four years old.


What was done to me (and to my father) mirrors what was done to our nation and to numerous other nations. I have long known what was being done to me, to our leaders and to the American public—and by whom. To prove how required that I stay close to those responsible while amassing an evidentiary trail that proves beyond any reasonable doubt the common source of this deceit. With functional engagement, that proof will provide the “push” for change as the NewRock solution provides the market-driven “pull through” for a solution designed to scale while also, step-by-step, displacing those my father identified in 1964 and those I’ve profiled since, soon after his death, I was subjected to the first in a series of frauds.


Absent a systemic solution designed to address systemic dysfunctions at the core of today’s finance-fixated economic model, the dynamics of the “Washington” consensus are on-track to see China continue to strengthen its role as a global colonial financial power. As a naive public grasps how long ago these money-myopic forces were put in play—and their common source—they will rightly want to know why their leaders allowed this to happen. As these facts become known, the accountability required to restore the rule of law will become apparent. In a transparent world, this duplicity will become easier to see along with its source and a grasp of how this fraud progresses in plain sight.


Suggestive of the micro-macro nature of this treachery and what can be proven by my life experience, I close this draft timeline (it will continue to expand as more details are added) with two experiences that emerged just days prior to my departure for the Middle East.


April 3 – I was notified by Synchrony Bank that my Chevron credit card account was closed due to inactivity and suspicious activity. I did not open the letter until April 10 followed by my call to inquire why the letter was sent since I had notified them of a lost card in 2016. The card issued in its place I was told was a “new account” meaning the initial date of service was 2016 even though the date embossed on the card was correctly noted as 2001. That key change in my bank record implied that I had been a customer for only one year versus 16 years. Why now? That change had a negative impact on my FICO score due to having too short a credit history. That “small” change, in turn, lowered the credit line available on another card and reduced my access to funds just days before I departed for the Middle East to close out my life’s work.


When I inquired why the letter was sent, I was transferred to the head of fraud oversight for Synchrony. When Mr. Moore returned my call. He said, “Mr. Rockefeller, there is no fraud. We spoke two years ago when our processing center sent you a new card with the entire account information imprinted on the face of the envelope despite having a paper around the face. Upon further investigation, we found that your card was the only one of millions sent like this.” He then instructed me to write corporate asking them to investigate the information in my account.


In summary, he had no authority to inquire why their internal controls inserted information into my account that is contrary to the facts. An “inexplicable” change—done within the bank’s internal system—is consistent with the sophisticated stalking to which I’ve routinely been subjected. As usual, it was done in such a way that raising the issue can be “spun” to make it appear that I am the problem as an “irrationally suspicious” (paranoid) customer who was just inadvertently subjected to a clerical error.


March 29 – I was notified by my healthcare provider that I had stopped taking Atorvastatin, a medication prescribed for my heart condition (I had open heart surgery in July 2014). I did not open the letter until April 10. The letter said that, with my condition (I have a prosthetic heart valve), I am at risk of a stroke or a heart attack. I called my healthcare provider and informed the party that my records are inaccurate.


Despite having full coverage for my prescriptions, the pharmacy stopped filing my prescription even with my current information on file. Further, my cardiologist moved and the prescription was terminated without providing me notice. Why was this “inexplicable” change done within my healthcare provider’s internal system? Why now? With this false information on file, if I am given a beverage during my upcoming meetings in London or the Middle East and “inexplicably” suffer a stroke or a heart attack, I will have “done it to myself” by choosing not to refill my heart medication. Again, this is consistent with the sophisticated stalking that routinely involves parties altering my records to portray me contrary to the real facts.


My records include many incidents reflecting the role played by parties who deploy subtle methods that can have a major impact in shaping a storyline contrary to the real facts. In another case, a party in Miami sought to force my car into a bridge abutment on the MacArthur Causeway. In the same timeframe, a charge appeared on a credit card that I had not yet used in the area. The charge was made at a parking meter across the street from an apartment shared by two young men I had helped. I had never parked my car there and I later confirmed with my bank that the charge had not been “swiped” but was typed in on a terminal at the Miami Parking Authority. Who would have the means, motive and opportunity to do that?


Why this “inexplicable” change—done within the bank’s internal system? Why then? Had I been killed, it would have appeared that I stayed with those two young men the night before. As with the accounts of salacious sex that obscured the cause of my father’s death in January 1979, that false $4 charge on a parking meter could have made it appear that I was having salacious sex—as a storyline pre-staged to obscure my murder.  Their duplicitous, fact-displacing modus operandi is consistent. Salacious sex is a favorite. For example, a private investigator in Texas contacted a colleague’s ex-wife (who had custody of their child) to tell her that I was a sexual predator. Again, who has the means, motive and opportunity to engage in such serial stalking over my entire life? Cui bono?


When I am functionally engaged and the facts are followed wherever they may lead, I will open my files (when the FBI and the CIA open theirs) to prove the consistency with which those I profiled displace facts with manipulated beliefs (e.g., Iraqi WMD). Micro-macro: the identical tools of deceit routinely deployed against me have repeatedly been used against this nation and other nations. Those who wage war by way of deception created the U.S.-Israel relationship to impose a hidden tax on humanity by inducing us to wage their wars—for Greater Israel. Those complicit know what they’ve done. And they know that the facts of my life experience prove it.


< ——- >




  • 1969 postcard with J.C. Heppler, Mario Andretti and Andy Granatelli at the “Indy 500.”.
  • Business card of Ken (Kenjo) Minato given to me by Mr. Minato in Tokyo in 1973.
  • 1995 Photo of Anatoly Sobchak, Vladimir Zelman and myself in Beverly Hills.
  • 2000 Photo of Ben Bassi, me and others in Beijing with the Deputy Minister of Education.
  • March 2001 photo of Indonesian Intelligence Chief Arie Kumaat, his family and me in Jakarta
  • March 2001 photo of Henrie Kumaat, Dr. Glenn Olds and me in Oregon.
  • December 19, 2001 letter to me from Belgium Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt.
  • April 30, 2004 letter to me from Florida Governor Jeb Bush.
  • August 19, 2006 C.I.A. response to Freedom of Information/Privacy Act request.
  • April 15, 1997 response from Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs
  • Photo of physicist Dr. Nidhal Al-Hamdani taken in her office when Saddam Hussein called
  • Photo of Munther Ghazal and me touring Babylon (vacated that day on Saddam’s order)
  • 2002 Chart indicating dominance of Israeli firms in IT security in Canada
  • June 17, 2010 op-ed in defense of White House correspondent Helen Thomas


< ——- >


Description of Exhibits


  • 1969 Postcard featuring J.C. Heppler, Mario Andretti and Andy Granatelli at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. My mother lived with J.C. Heppler and his wife when she first relocated to Detroit after my birth in January 1952. Mr. Heppler moved to Arizona where he painted Formula One racecars, including for Japanese billionaire Kenjo Minato. It was through J.C. that I met Osama Zeniya who invited me to Japan in 1973 just as Spiro Agnew resigned as Vice President and Michigan Congressman Gerald Ford (vs. my father) succeeded him in that office.


  • Business card of Ken (Kenjo) Minato given to me in Tokyo in 1973. Though I was raised in a lower middleclass household in a suburb of Detroit (Lake St. Clair Shores), I was invited to stay at the home of what I later discovered was one of Japan’s few multi-billionaires. He sought to determine if I yet knew that Nelson Rockefeller was my father. He had a photo of my Uncle David prominently displayed in his home.


  • 1995 Photo of Anatoly Sobchak, Dr. Vladmir Zelman and myself in Beverly Hills. As Mayor of St. Petersburg, the deputy of Anatoly Sobchak was Vladimir Putin whose deputy was Dmitry Medvedev. After using a brain-chilling procedure to save the life of Armand Hammer on a Moscow operating table, Dr. Zelman spent six months in a Rothschild estate in Italy while awaiting his U.S. visa to join the medical faculty at the University of Southern California where he remains.


  • 2000 Photo of me with Ben Bassi in Beijing with Deputy Minister of Education. Rather than allow me to get paid (I had a contractual one-third stake in a venture initially valued at $300 million by Youthstream President Ben Bassi), the firm was taken into bankruptcy. Bill Townsend lost $32 million. Nokia offered to acquire the firm for the then fair market value in order to proceed with the model agreed to by the Ministry of Education. Nokia had committed an initial $150 million with another $100 million when we met agreed-to benchmarks. When Nokia would only proceed with their proposed purchase of the company provided my contract was honored, the company was taken into bankruptcy. Harlan Peltz was then chairman. This photo depicts when I was presented the book that was taken from my apartment in Fresno and then returned.


  • March 2001 photo of Indonesian Intelligence Chief Arie Kumaat, his family and I in Jakarta. Lt. General Kumaat sought my help in seeking a back channel to President G.W. Bush when he uncovered Israeli plans to bribe the Indonesian Parliament in order to push the U.S. out of the Pacific region in favor of China. Because Mr. Kumaat did not trust our pro-Israeli diplomatic channels, he hoped that my senior adviser, Dr. Glenn Olds, could identify a back channel.


  • March 2001 photo of Henrie Kumaat, Dr. Glenn Olds and I in Oregon. Henrie and I flew to Oregon so that Henrie could brief Dr. Olds on our meetings. Dr. Olds was unable to identify a back channel to G.W. Bush. After the provocation of 9/11, I sought to alert Islamic leaders Wahid of Indonesia and Mahathir of Malaysia that the intelligence on which U.S. leaders were relying to invade Iraq was fixed around preset Israeli goals. General Kumaat was poisoned soon after he agreed to schedule a meeting for me to brief former Indonesian President Wahid. He was given a state funeral.


  • December 19, 2001 letter to me from Belgium Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt. When no one in my government would speak with me about 9/11-relevant intelligence that I gathered while in Baghdad in 1997, I traveled to Brussels and briefed senior EU officials. That briefing helped persuade EU President Guy Verhofstadt to force the U.S. back into the U.N. before commencing the invasion of Iraq. The invasion began soon after Secretary of State Colin Powell was induced to offer false testimony to the U.N. Security Council alleging Iraq’s possession of mobile biological weapons factories. I wrote General Powell that same day to confirm how he had been deceived and by whom.


  • April 30, 2004 letter to me from Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Received in response to my submission to him of a memo dated April 12, 2004 chronicling my experience profiling trans-generational organized crime. Addressed to National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, the memo provided adequate facts and analyses to trigger an investigation of my experience profiling those who used the provocation of 9/11 to induce us to war in the Middle East for Greater Israel. The memo was hand-delivered to numerous offices in both the Executive and Legislative branch in Washington. Citing the “national security matters” addressed in the materials, at the Governor’s urging, many subsequent analyses were sent to the Houston offices of former President George H.W. Bush.


  • August 19, 2006 C.I.A. response to Freedom of Information/Privacy Act request. States that my records are sealed by “Executive order (of the president) in the interest of national defense or foreign policy” and “to protect from disclosure intelligence sources and methods.”


  • April 15, 1997 Response from Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs. When on one in my government would meet with me to discuss the intelligence I had amassed when in Iraq, I travelled to Ottawa and briefed senior personnel in their Department of Foreign Affairs, including counsel to President Chretien. I was assured that a record of that briefing would be preserved.


  • Photo of Dr. Nidhal Al-Hamdani taken in her office when Saddam Hussein called. Trained as a nuclear physicist, she had oversight of a large industrial division that included Iraq’s nuclear program. She confirmed that Saddam had mothballed Iraq’s nuclear weapons program. She briefed me on the steps that the senior sheikhs had recently taken to signal Saddam that his time in office was over and that he would be stepping down. Thus my alarm and concern that, rather than being functionally engaged on my return with a means to remove Saddam without a war, FBI agents in the Minneapolis office sought to discredit me and tried to frame me for a fraud committed by others.


  • Photo of Munther Ghazal and I touring Babylon (vacated that day on Saddam’s order). Guards ensured I could not take photos that featured an adjoining palace Saddam built anticipating its proximity would help protect the palace from foreign shelling for fear of damaging an world heritage site. When FBI/DIA (and Mossad) agents later sought to intimidate Munther Ghazal, they showed him photos taken of us at Babylon though, to our knowledge, there was no one else there at the time.


  • 2002 chart indicating dominance of Israeli firms in IT security in Canada. This chart was used by Mossad operatives as they sought to recruit Canadian Paul Sop, a colleague of Gus German. Rather than return it to them, he gave it to a colleague. This chart also appears in Guilt By Association (2008).


  • June 17, 2010 op-ed in defense of White House correspondent Helen Thomas. In May 2012, General Electric executive Jon Freedman sought to use this op-ed (written in defense of my friend) as a means to portray me as an “anti-Semite” in an attempt to discredit me with senior executives at CH2M HILL. Elderly, frail and ailing, Ms. Thomas was stalked on the White House lawn by a rabbi who then (successfully) used her recorded reaction to remove her as “Dean” of the White House correspondents. Ms. Thomas reports that she encountered this Zionist phenomenon in the ten presidencies she covered from John F. Kennedy to Barack Obama.















1969 Postcard of J.C. Heppler, Mario Andretti and Andy Granatelli

J.C. and Evelyn Heppler became close friends with my mother when she moved to Detroit following my birth in Princeton, West Virginia. At the time the Hepplers owned a body shop. After my mother married Bill Cunningham in 1956, the Hepplers moved to Arizona. In 1969 I received the above postcard from J.C. Heppler. In 1973, I moved to Arizona and met Osamo (Sam) Zeniya whose mother was the daughter of the founder of Mitsubishi Motors and whose father ran Zeniya Motors (I learned about his family lineage well after the fact).

During the fall of 1973 I traveled to Japan at Sam’s request and stayed at Kenjo Minato’s home. Since 1969, I had looked for the connections between these people (Arizona 1969) such as Hepplers. How did the Hepplers with Kentucky coal mining family roots and a body shop in Detroit, go from there to painting Formula One racecars for the rich and famous?

Mr. Minato was the reason I went to Japan. Years later I confirmed that Minato fronted Rothschild interests in Japan post-WWII. Knowledgeable people in Japan are aware of Mr. Minato. When I went to Mr. Minato’s home with Sam, on the desk in the den was a framed photograph of my Uncle David Rockefeller and Akio Morita, founder of SONY. Hand-written and signed by Mr. Morita on the side of the picture appeared the words Standard Oil of New York (or SONY). I ignored the photograph, never mentioned it and watched Mr. Minato’s reaction as he sought to determine if I yet knew my father’s identity. During that trip I formalized what brought me to where I am today.

The postcard features J.C. standing with Andy Granatelli and Mario Andretti on the infield of the Indy Speedway after Mario won the 1969 Indy 500. That pointer, the photo of J.C. with the other pawns, revealed the header to the file that allowed me to formulate how to work through the obvious assets of those responsible for controlling the lives of others like a chess player controls pawns on a chessboard – only in this case control over people and decades, if not centuries, of people believing they had real choice when they were nothing but virtual pawns to this madness.
















Dr. Zelman, Mayor Sobchak of St. Petersburg and Mel Rockefeller (Beverly Hills 1995)

After Dr. Zelman saved Dr. Hammer’s life on the operating table in Moscow, Dr. Hammer brought Dr. Zelman to the US. Dr. Zelman was Dr. Hammer’s personal physician for the last 22 years of his life. Dr. Zelman pioneered lowering the body temperature for complex surgeries to preserve brain function and, in part, is the reason people now wake up with functioning brains after open-heart surgery. As Mayor of St. Petersburg, Mayor Sobchak became a mentor to Vladimir Putin who was then his deputy mayor. Mayor Sobchak and Dr. Zelman were imprisoned in Siberia. Josef Stalin died before he could carry out his plan to murder of all the Russian Jews.













Henrie Kumaat, Dr. Glenn Olds and Mel Rockefeller (Oregon March 2001)


During a meeting in Jakarta in March 2001, Indonesian Intelligence Chief Arie Kumaat explained to me that he was seeking a back channel to inform President George Bush that Israel was attempting to push the US out of the region in favor of China by using a multi-billion dollar bribe fronted by a George Soros-founded NGO to influence the Indonesian Parliament. Lt. General Kumaat had a meeting scheduled with George Tenet, Director of Central Intelligence, but he was concerned that the intelligence would be misused by middlemen and that President Bush would not receive the correct assessment. Arie Kumaat’s son, Henrie, traveled to Oregon with me to brief Dr. Glenn Olds and explain what his father had requested. Henrie served as an interpreter for the meetings in Jakarta. In 1971, Dr. Olds recruited President Bush’s father, George Herbert Walker Bush, to succeed him as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations under President Richard Nixon.























Munther Ghazal and I touring Babylon (1997)






Helen Thomas — a casualty of Zionist duplicity

Published: Jun 17, 2010

Zionist operatives ambushed veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas, a friend and a great American. When they won, America lost.

When reviewing the unedited video of her “interview,” what you see is a rabbi rephrasing her answers to a question about Israel. Her response: “They should get the hell out of Palestine.“ The United Nations long ago endorsed that stance.

It was not Thomas but the rabbi that offended the Jewish community. Language cited as “anti-Semitic” came not from her but from responses that the rabbi restated as leading questions. She simply spoke the truth: Jewish settlers should leave the occupied territories and, as she rightly said: “go home.”

The rabbi, an operative for the Anti-Defamation League, knew what he was doing when he ensnared this frail and distinguished 89-year-old journalist. The ADL and other Zionist strategists have long sought her removal from this influential position.

This operation was carried out as part of Jewish Heritage Week, a first in White House history. Nothing was said about the perils to which America has long been subjected due to its entangled alliance with the Jewish state.

The campaign to force Thomas’ removal was led by former Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer. Recall that Fleischer is the Zionist insider who repeatedly insisted that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

How did those seeking recognition for their “Jewishness” repay the trust of a nation and its people? Zionist operatives targeted the only reporter who challenged Israel’s nuclear weapons program. By bushwhacking her on the White House lawn, Zionists reconfirmed that they are, in fact, in control.

No one dared mention how Zionist Heritage has ravaged America from within. Or how Zionism was aided by a series of pathetic presidents and advisers offering their unflinching support for an increasingly unstable Israeli leadership.

The Tel Aviv Two-Step

In the same news cycle when the current White House press secretary portrayed Thomas’ remarks as “reprehensible,” nothing was said about the Turkish-American teenager shot in the head when Israeli forces boarded a Gaza relief flotilla. As “our” media fixated on Ms. Thomas, the public’s attention was diverted from that murder.

What is reprehensible is this: no US journalist has shown the courage to challenge a US president on Israel. When President Barack Obama gave his first news conference, it was Helen Thomas who asked which country in the Middle East has nuclear weapons. Rather than reply, he did the Tel Aviv Two-Step and avoided her question.

That’s a key reason an ADL operative targeted her. The strategic objective: to serve notice that NO ONE can pose honest questions about the many perils that the US-Israel “special relationship” poses to the security of the US and other nations.

Why Now?

When the latest “terrorist incident” fizzled in Times Square, the UN was then advancing an agenda pursued by President John F. Kennedy in the 1960s: a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction. In a historic UN vote, even the US agreed — over Israeli objections — to make the Middle East a Nuclear Free Zone.

That treaty would mandate that Israel dismantle its nuclear arsenal. An idealistic young US president was vigorously pursuing that goal when his life was brought to an abrupt end. As the first woman to serve as a White House correspondent, Helen Thomas knew Kennedy as the first of ten presidents she covered over five decades.

This history was well known to those who brought her truth-seeking career to an abrupt end. That’s why she was ambushed. She was the last mainstream American journalist who dared question a US president about Israel’s nuclear weapons.

Had Zionists not removed her, they knew she would have asked President Obama: “When is the US going to pressure its ally to give up a nuclear arsenal estimated to be in excess 200 nuclear warheads?”

Zionists won this round. No remaining White House correspondent is likely to ask the hard questions about Israel’s impact on America’s national security interests. ADL operatives, acting on behalf of a foreign government, made sure of it.

Meanwhile, Obama’s love fest with the Jewish state continues while Zionist policies persist in undermining America’s credibility and endangering US troops abroad.

Today’s White House resident resembles previous occupants in his inability to say no to Zionist demands. By his silence, he enabled an agent of a foreign government to silence one of America’s most trusted voices covering the White House.

Helen Thomas knows the scope and scale of Zionist operations inside the US. She saw it firsthand through ten presidencies from both major US political parties.

By silencing this voice of truth, Israel’s goals were advanced. Now the American public can once again be denied the facts they require to make informed choices.

— An international businessman, Mr. Rockefeller resides in Arizona

[1] The production of Truman’s career is chronicled in Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (2008).

[2] A majority of the ~$46 trillion in funds under management in the U.S. is held by tax-free entities, largely pension plans. By 2020, funds under management worldwide are projected to top $102 trillion. The annual tax subsidies (“tax expenditures”) provided in the U.S. for plans of deferred compensation exceed $1.2 trillion. Estimates of Federal Tax Expenditures for Fiscal Years 2016-2020, U.S. Congress Joint Committee on Taxation, January 17, 2017.

[3] Howard M. Sachar, A History of the Jews in America (New York: Alfred Knoft, 1991), p. 250.

[4] Translation by former Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky in his 1991 book, By Way of Deception. Others suggest the translation: “By way of clandestine strategy thou shalt do war.” Or “By way of sage advice thou shalt do war.”

[5] National Crime Syndicate operative Mickey Cohen was Bugsy Siegel’s replacement in Los Angeles. Cohen became known as “the celebrity gangster” for his hobnobbing with Hollywood celebrities produced by studios the syndicate funded in substantial part with laundered organized crime funds transferred to California from Chicago. Chicago Outfit operatives from that era include lawyer Nicholas Pritzker whose great-granddaughter, Penny, emerged as the top fund-raiser in the course of producing the political career of Barack Obama who appointed her as Secretary of Commerce. In the pop culture version of the Siegel saga, the starring role of Bugsy in the 1991 film by that name was played by Warren Beatty, brother of actress Shirley MacLaine, the only female member of the Rat Pack. Ben Kingsley portrayed Meyer Lansky, chairman of the National Crime Syndicate and Harvey Keitel played Cohen. Actress Annette Benning, Beatty’s wife, played Bugsy girl friend Virginia Hill. A 2013 remake, titled Gangster Squad, starred Sean Penn as Cohen. Murder, Inc. killed Siegel June 20, 1947 when he was caught for a second time skimming the casino skim. Phoenix mobster Gus Greenbaum relocated from Phoenix to take over Bugsy’s operations in Las Vegas while Mickey Cohen took over his operation in Los Angeles. Kemper Marley took over Greenbaum’s role in Phoenix. Marley had hired Eugene and Jim Hensley just prior to WWII. When federal liquor law violations were discovered, the brothers reportedly took the heat for Marley in 1948. When Jim Hensley and Marley were charged in 1953, they were successfully defended by William Rehnquist who asset Ronald Reagan nominated as Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court in June 1986. In 1955, Jim Hensley became the owner of a statewide Anheuser-Busch distributorship, a virtual license to print money. By 2017, the firm had grown to the nation’s fifth largest beer distributorship valued at more than $200 million. The 1976 car bombing of Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles is widely believed to be the work of Marley who was upset at the transparency Bolles gave syndicate operations in Arizona. After suffering the loss of three limbs from the explosion, Bolles lived for 11 days during which he mentioned the name of his killer, the word “mafia” and “Emprise”—the corporate name of the Jacobs crime family of Buffalo, New York known for operating concessions at sports facilities nationwide. Hensley’s daughter Cindy, then 24, was introduced to a former Vietnam-era prisoner of war with an electable resume who was then serving as U.S. Navy liaison to the Senate. Though 17 years her senior and married, John McCain bedded the Hensley daughter and soon moved to Arizona where he was put on the Hensley payroll as a publicist for the beer distributor and then placed in Congress in 1982, four years before the anticipated Senate retirement of Republican Party “maverick” Barry Goldwater (né Goldwasser). Bill Miller, Goldwater’s Vice-Presidential running mate in his 1964 presidential campaign (losing to asset Lyndon Johnson), was an attorney in the New York firm that represented Jacobs family interests. Robert Kuhr, also an attorney in that firm, induced me into several business deals that were pre-staged to fail. See online, for example, “The Iran Connection.”

[6] See

[7] Following my adoption at age four, I was given the surname of my stepfather, Cunningham. In 1993 I petitioned the Los Angeles Superior Court to take the surname of my birth father and served notice on Rockefeller family members. When the court granted my petition, that set the stage for FBI agents and other third parties to discredit me by purposefully misconstruing these facts to suggest that I had used “aliases” (i.e., Armour and Cunningham).

[8] “The Lavon Affair, a failed Israeli covert operation directed against Egypt in 1954, triggered a chain of events that have had profound consequences for power relationships in the Middle East; the affair’s effects still reverberate today. Those events included a public trial and conviction of eight Egyptian Jews who carried out the covert operation, two of whom were subsequently executed; a retaliatory military incursion by Israel into Gaza that killed 39 Egyptians; a subsequent Egyptian—Soviet arms deal that angered American and British leaders, who then withdrew previously pledged support for the building of the Aswan Dam; the announced nationalization of the Suez Canal by Nasser in retaliation for the withdrawn support; and the subsequent failed invasion of Egypt by Israel, France, and Britain in an attempt to topple Nasser. In the wake of that failed invasion, France expanded and accelerated its ongoing nuclear cooperation with Israel, which eventually enabled the Jewish state to build nuclear weapons.” Leonard Weiss, “The Lavon Affair: How a false-flag operation led to war and the Israeli bomb,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, published online November 27, 2015.

[9] As the resident ethicist at the 1968 Republican nominating convention in Miami Beach, Dr. Glenn Olds, an ordained Methodist minister, later described for me how Agnew sought his advice when he was confronted by those who would not force his resignation until five years later (October 10, 1973) based on a bribe that Agnew took while a public official in Maryland.

[10] For an analysis of “Reaganomics” and its foreseeable impact on deficits and the accelerated concentration of wealth and income, see Chapter 6 (“Money, Democracy and the Great Divide”) in Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (2008). Also posted on

[11] For an overview of this national-scale fraud, see Chapter 5 (“The Presidency and Russian Organized Crime,”) in Guilt By AssociationHow Deception and Self Deceit Took America to War (2008).

[12] Robert Mondavi entered into a joint venture with Baron Philippe de Rothschild of Château Mouton Rothschild to create Opus One Winery,

[13] I paid Whitney Clayton (of Clayton & Call) $10,000 to file suit against HP and Birndorf but he never did. In 2002, Whitney’s son dated my daughter though no one told me at the time.

[14] A 1992 poll conducted after the December 1991 release of the Milchan-produced movie, JFK, found that 71% of Americans believed that their own government killed their popular young president. As proven by my experience, the displacement of facts with manipulated beliefs has long been a modus operandi deployed by those profiled.

[15] Julius Stulman, president of B’nai B’rith, sponsored the publication of a book series that helped explain the relationship-based nature of this operation titled Fields Within Fields…Within Fields. [New York: World Institute Council, 1968-72]. Mr. Stulman gave copies of this series to Dr. Glenn Olds who provided them to me.

[16] Further confirming the “fields within fields…with fields” of relationships into which I was drawn—and through which this trans-generational nonlinear corruption is sustained—Marc Rich was trading oil through Hashemi Rafsanjani and would later trade oil with Iraq during the corrupt Oil-for-Food program overseen by the United Nations. [See online The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented on]

[17] Kirk Douglas, father of Michael, was one of Sidney Korshak’s closest Hollywood friends. At the urging of Kirk and Ann Douglas, the Korshaks acquired a six-bedroom residence in Palm Springs adjoining the Douglases. The Korshaks were staying at the Sinatra estate when they were shown a house they bought and thereafter rented to Hollywood friends such as talk-show host Johnny Carson. In 1965, Kirk Douglas (born Issur Danielovitch Demsky) was honored as Man of the Year by the Beverly Hills chapter of B’nai B’rith. Korshak served as honorary chairman of the event. In 1993, I met operative Jarek Pyszczuk through Jacob Nowicki, his godson living in the U.S. who, in turn, I met through a French kid working on the Hollywood set of Disclosure, a 1994 erotic thriller directed by Barry Levinson and starring Michael Douglas and actress Demi Moore.

[18] Quoted in Victor Ostrovsky, The Other Side of Deception (New York: HarperCollins, 1994), pp. 113-117. Ostrovsky is a former Mossad katsa (case officer).

[19] When I relocated from Michigan to Arizona, I met my wife-to-be through Mormon networks in the same apartment complex into which Andy Smith moved. A beautiful blond woman, Andy was Merv Griffin’s “beard” who accompanied this (Jewish) Hollywood mogul when he wished to appear heterosexual. Soon after I moved in, Andy moved into an adjoining apartment. The grandson of Parry Thomas also moved in. Known as the “Mormon Banker to Vegas,” Parry was an early financial backer of (and mentor to) Nevada casino owner Steve Wynn (born Weinberg), the son of a small-time hoodlum from upstate New York. Merv Griffin and Nancy Davis Reagan were best friends. According to the former First Lady, Walter Annenberg, son of (Jewish mobster) Moses Annenberg, was “Ronnie’s best friend for 50 years.” The family purchased The Philadelphia Inquirer and created Triangle Publications whose flagship publications (T.V. Guide, Seventeen, pioneered profiling in the era of print publications with tear sheets for readers to fill in and return. Leonore Annenberg, Walter’s wife, was raised as a child by her uncle, Harry Cohn, the syndicate-financed owner of Columbia Pictures. Previously married to Beldon Katleman, owner of El Rancho Vegas Casino, Leonore then married mobster Lewis Rosenstiel who spent the Prohibition era bootlegging liquor from the U.K., Europe, and Canada via Saint Pierre and then, by truck, directly into Cincinnati, Carl Lindner’s center of operations. Leonore left Rosenstiel to marry Walter. Walter and “Lee” were close friends of consigliore Sidney Korshak and his wife, Bernice (“Bee”) Korshak. Lee served as White House Chief of Protocol during the Reagan presidency.

[20] On November 21, 2005, Texas Pacific and three private equity groups announced a $4.9 billion sale of Texas Genco, a Houston-based electricity company acquired in 2004 for $900 million. Their $4 billion profit traces its origins to Enron’s pressure for Texas to deregulate and peg electricity prices to natural gas prices. When Enron collapsed, so did the prices of energy firms such as Texas Genco. Because Genco fuels some of its plants with coal and nuclear power, its financial value later surged, assisted by a fourfold surge in natural gas prices since deregulation in 2002. Electricity prices in Houston rose 86% following deregulation. Simon Romero, “The Deal That Even Awed Them In Houston,” The New York Times, November 23, 2005, p. C1. On February 26, 2007, Texas Pacific Group and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts were in advanced talks to acquire TXU, one of the largest US power companies, in a $44.5 billion leveraged buyout. James Politi, “TXU set to back $45bn deal,” Financial Times, February 26, 2007, p. 1. Texas Pacific Group participated in $101 billion in announced deals in 2006. In March 2007, Doug Lowenstein, head of the newly formed Private Equity Council, began to speak out in support of the ten top private equity firms that make up its membership.

[21] Bill told me that his mother was a second cousin of George Soros. See “The Indonesia Connection” posted on

[22] In September 1966, Valerie Percy, one of the daughters of Bell & Howell President Charles H. Percy (then campaigning for the U.S. Senate), was murdered in a crime that remains unsolved. While asleep in her family home west of Chicago, she was repeatedly bludgeoned and stabbed more than a dozen times. On April 1, 1967, John D. (“Jay”) Rockefeller IV married Valerie’s twin sister, Sharon. In 1984, Jay was elected to the U.S. Senate. In 1984, Senator Percy lost his bid for reelection to Chicago journalist Paul Simon in a campaign endorsed by the expansive Israel lobby (including AIPAC). Senator Percy, then the popular Republican chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (with a popular Republican President in the White House), pressed for a resolution of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Political consultants David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel assisted the Israel lobby in their defeat of Percy for which Tom Dine, head of AIPAC’s Chicago office, took credit: “All the Jews in America, from coast to coast, gathered to oust Percy. And the American politicians—those who hold public positions now and those who aspire to—got the message.”

[23] Connie was the daughter of my Uncle Stan Condon whose death at age 42 (when I was age six) is chronicled above.

[24] Andrew James Trombley is serving a 40-60 year prison sentence for a murder he did not commit.

[25] The term “homeland” did not appear in common use in the U.S. until after the 9/11 attacks. The term echoes the “fatherland” of Nazi Germany, the ”motherland” of Russia and the Jewish homeland (a “national home for the Jewish people”) referenced in the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 2017.

[26] In December 1973, Henry Kissinger shared a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in negotiating a ceasefire in January 1973 after ordering a sustained aerial bombing campaign of North Vietnam. The other named recipient, North Vietnamese counterpart Le Duc Tho, refused to accept the prize with Kissinger. The award to Kissinger led to the first-ever resignation in protest of two members of the prize committee. Though a trusted adviser to Democrat Lyndon Johnson, Kissinger reportedly aided Nixon’s election in 1968 by revealing to the Nixon campaign ongoing Johnson administration negotiations to end the Vietnam War in 1968. Nixon election operatives reportedly urged that South Vietnamese leaders delay peace negotiations in the anticipation of more favorable terms under a Nixon/Republican presidency. The war was not formally brought to an end until April 1975.

[27] A German-Jewish history professor at Harvard University, Kissinger would later also be credited with normalizing U.S.-China relations.

[28] This consolidation was undertaken at Dr. Olds’ urging due to the conduct of Chicagoan Philip Klutznick who earlier held the rank of U.S. envoy to the U.N. but who, according to Glenn, spent most of his time pursuing issues favored by Israel.

[29] Dr. Olds informed me of Clinton’s request during our travels together in Poland in 1995. In December 1994, Goldman Sachs Co-Chairman Robert Rubin succeeded former U.S. Senator Lloyd Bentsen as Treasury Secretary. In January 1997, Madeleine Albright succeeded Warren Christopher as Secretary of State. Dr. Olds knew about the Monica Lewinsky scandal long before it was made public in January 1998 by the Drudge Report, a publishing effort produced in collaboration with Andrew Breitbart. Future research will identify who recruited Ms. Lewinsky as a White House intern and put her in close proximity to Bill Clinton with his known sexual proclivities.

[30] Dr. Glenn Olds had been in Chicago raising funds for the World Federalists where he came to know Sheila Johnson, the wife of Robert Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television. Dr. Olds hoped that she would succeed him as Chairman of the World Federalists.

[31] Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod met Barack Obama in 1992 through Bettylu Saltzman, the daughter of Philip Klutznick, former president of B’nai B’rith and the World Jewish Congress and a co-founder of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations—key components of the Israel lobby. He held the rank of U.N. Ambassador. Saltzman reportedly told Axelrod in 1992 that Barack Obama would become the first Black president of the U.S. Chicagoan Abner Mikva, former Illinois Congressman and Clinton-era White House counsel, captured the Israel lobby’s confidence in Barack Obama when Mikva described him as “our first Jewish president.”

[32] Doubts about the circumstances surrounding the reason for Sobchak’s heart attack death in February 2000 were raised when two bodyguards were thereafter treated for symptoms of poisoning. The consistency of the fact patterns suggest a need to test for the presence of poisons as a cause of death for numerous people with whom I interacted.

[33] Karenna Gore, Al Gore Jr.’s daughter, married Andrew Schiff, great-great-grandson of Jacob Schiff. [See above for 1904 and 1917.] The father-in-law of Karenna Schiff is a managing director of Lehman, Kuhn, Loeb & Co. “Drew” Schiff’s aunt Dorothy, the deceased granddaughter of Jacob Schiff, owned the New York Post from 1939 until November 1976 when she sold it to Australian Rupert Murdoch for ~$50 million. Dr. Drew Schiff works as a managing director of a George Soros-backed investment fund (Perseus-Soros BioPharmaceutical Fund), specialists in making $10 million to $50 million investments in the biotech area. The Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission was established during the Clinton era to advise on a variety of reform-related issues (Chernomyrdin was then Prime Minister). When confronted with an intelligence agency dossier evidencing Chernomyrdin’s well-known corruption, Vice President Gore scrawled a barnyard epithet across the file. Meanwhile, the CIA reported that a $1 million fee was required just to gain entry to Chernomyrdin’s office.

[34] I met Corsi through Bob Hertz, reportedly the nephew of the founder of the rental car company. Corsi immediately assured me that he knew all about my family as a former intelligence operative who tracked the Rockefeller family. He sought to involve me in an anti-terrorism firm founded by Neil Livingston who, in turn, touted his relationship with former Director of Intelligence James Woolsey. In the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq, Woolsey marketed the false intelligence alleging an Iraqi intelligence operative met in Prague with Mohammed Atta, a leader in the 9/11 attacks. Corsi proposed the founding of a mutual fund in Poland based on a model he had implemented for B’nai B’rith. Nicholas Rey, then U.S. Ambassador to Poland, proved complicit in the stalking. On his return to the U.S., he joined Intellibridge co-founded by Michael Rothkopf, former managing director of Kissinger Associates.

[35] According to the president of American Financial Group, Linder counsel Charles Keating was dispatched to Arizona after Lindner discovered that Keating put a murder contract on Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler magazine. Keating’s daughter had been raped and her father, an anti-pornography crusader, reportedly blamed Flynt.

[36] A September 2013 report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas estimated that the costs imposed on Americans by this fraud could total $58 trillion, including $16 trillion in loss of household wealth, $14 trillion in the loss of workplace security and as much as $28 trillion in lost output—plus another $8.1 trillion in lost output for global GDP for a total of $64.1 trillion.

[37] For a description of these terms, see the Introduction to Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (2008) also posted on

[38] Confirming the influence wielded by those profiled over one of the nation’s preeminent university systems, CSUI was then closed even though it had a reported $20 million in contracts, its seed funding had been repaid to the CSU Board of Trustees, and the Institute had $2 million in the bank. The rationale for its closure: CSUI was a financial drain on CSU. With its closure, Dr. Sibert left academia and took a position in the financial sector.

[39] The facts now known about A.I.G. suggest that the $1.4 billion offer of fund-related insurance (to cover investor risk) was fraudulent. A.I.G. later revealed their fraudulent practices when the firm helped manipulate global financial markets in such a way that the perpetrators, in effect, used the U.S. Treasury as their private bank—much as Israel has used the blood and treasure of the U.S. to advance its fraudulent agenda. A.I.G. played a pivotal role in the financial engineering that perpetrated the subprime crisis of 2008. That crisis led to a $700 billion government bailout of the financial sector through the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) signed into law by President George W. Bush in October 2008. With Hank Greenberg serving as Chairman and C.E.O., A.I.G. wrote insurance (and collected premiums) to underwrite investor risks associated with the securitization of bundled debt backed with subprime mortgages, student loans, auto loans, and credit card debt (aka collateralized debt obligations). When it was discovered that A.I.G. had set aside no reserves to cover those risks (despite paying out billions of dollars in dividends from the premiums collected), the resulting financial turmoil triggered a global crisis leading to a $180 billion government bailout for A.I.G. The TARP bailout paid banks 100 cents on the dollar despite their willingness to accept a lower amount. Confirming the scope and depth of the fraud, senior executives in bailed-out firms were neither required by the TARP legislation to refund their salaries nor forfeit any of their equity-related compensation.

[40] During our pre-departure meeting with Mr. Peltz, he offered to get Sandy Berger on the phone. I declined. Mr. Berger pled guilty in April 2005 to an October 2003 incident when he removed and destroyed original documents detailing what President Clinton did and did not know about emerging terrorist threats prior to leaving office. Mr. Berger reviewed the materials as the designated Clinton Administration representative to the national commission investigating the 9/11 attacks. National Archive officials confirm they cannot know for certain what documents he destroyed. Mr. Berger was represented by Lanny Breuer who President Obama appointed head of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice in January 2009. Prior to his March 1, 2013 departure, Mr. Breuer alleged that the lack of prosecution for wide-ranging Wall Street fraud was due to a lack of evidence sufficient to meet the evidentiary standard of beyond a reasonable doubt required for criminal culpability. Echoing the views of Attorney General Holder, he also conceded a reluctance to prosecute large banks for fear that an indictment, in Mr. Holder’s words, “will have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy.” The New York Times, March 12, 2013.

[41] Imagine, for example, if the U.S. Department of Defense was funded not with Congressional appropriations but by the Pentagon’s stake in corporations such as General Dynamics, Boeing and General Electric.

[42] See “The China Connection” posted on

[43] A photo taken after the principals emerged from their meeting in Spain confirmed what happened. The photo showed Prime Minister Verhofstadt standing to the right of President Bush when the host (the president of Spain as the new President of the EU) should have been standing to his immediate right. Why Mr. Verhofstadt was placed there in the photo confirmed that he won the day, forcing the U.S. back into the U.N. based on what Dr. Olds and I provided him.

[44] From March 2013 The Costs of War Project by the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University drawn from actual expenditures by the U.S. Treasury and future commitments. The figure $1.7 trillion includes war expenses and an additional $490 billion in benefits owed to war veterans. An extra $4 trillion factors in interest paid through 2053.

[45] Following his presidency, Bill Clinton was retained by Saban to sell advertising on ProSiebenSat1.

[46] The Israel lobby now exerts virtual control over the U.S. Congress. The lobby screens candidates and focuses its campaign funding on those who pass a litmus test of support for the Israeli Right. By assisting pro-Israelis in gaining seniority in the Congress, numerous key committees are now dominated by those beholding to the lobby. With less than 10% of Congressional seats typically competitive in any election cycle, the lobby has been able, over the past seven decades, to ensure its dominance. In the 2000 election cycle, 42% of the largest political donors were Jewish. By gathering/bundling campaign contributions outside a Congressional District (or state), the lobby, in practical effect, repealed locale-attuned representative government in favor of what is in the interest of Israel rather than the United States as reflected in the 50 states and nationwide Congressional districts. “Pro-Israel policy groups such as AIPAC work with unlimited funding to divert U.S. policy in the region (Middle East).” Jack Straw, Member of Parliament and former Foreign Secretary of the British Labor Party.

[47] “The United States should drop a nuclear bomb on Iran to spur the country to end its nuclear program.” Speech by Sheldon Adelson at Yeshiva University, October 22, 2013.

[48] See Nathan Guttman, “How Sheldon Adelson’s Bet on Trump Made Him 2016 Election’s Biggest Winner.” Forward, January 9, 2017.

[49] See New York Times seating chart online at

[50] I knew that, with my DNA, those complicit in law enforcement either had to (a) acknowledge I was the son of Nelson Rockefeller and follow the facts wherever they lead, or (b) attempt to discredit me. Numerous attempts (still ongoing) have been made to portray me as a “phony Rockefeller” including a 2010 attempt in North Africa with evidence tracing back to complicity in this criminal stalking by my Uncle David Rockefeller.

[51] The pre-staging appears to have begun in May when I contacted the Fresno Police because a book I was given in Beijing had been taken from my home. The same book had been given to former President George H.W. Bush shortly before my visit to Beijing in 2000. [See accompanying photos.] After I asked that an incident report be filed, the book was returned. Rather than simply take the requested incident report, a Fresno police officer (Barrios) began a line of questioning about my mental health such that anyone in the vicinity could hear his accusatory questions—am I taking medications, have I been institutionalized, am I seeing a psychiatrist, etc.

[52] One month after I was incarcerated by the Fresno Police on the premise of offering me assistance with this serial criminal stalking (only to be stalked by those offering the assistance), my counsel Ron Burd contacted Fresno Detective Williamson to inquire if he was now prepared to offer the assistance he promised that, in reality, was a pre-staged provocation meant to make me “go off” so that I could be discredited by my reaction. Williamson responded that he had read the submitted materials and did not see anything “he could file on.” The next day, California Highway Patrolman Pete Day drove 2-1/2 hours from Sacramento and came to my home unannounced. I was not there. When Ron Burd phoned Officer Day (who left his card) to ask what he wanted, Day replied that he was sent to “look [Mel] in the eye” and “see if he was a threat to public officials.” This CHP officer, reportedly dispatched from the Office of the Governor (then asset Arnold Schwarzenegger), had no known background in psychology or psychiatry. He was a specialist in telecom and Internet security, two areas in which I had recently requested official assistance. By showing up unannounced at my door with those relevant skill sets yet with a stated intent to psychologically “evaluate” me confirmed yet another staged provocation again deploying a government official—operating under the color of lawful authority—in the hope that, by my “irrational” reaction, I would discredit myself.

[53] I also knew the role that Henry Kissinger played in setting up events that led to the resignation in disgrace of President Richard Nixon. Glenn Olds, a special adviser to Nixon, described for me how he confronted Kissinger in the White House Situation Room with written proof of his betrayal of Nixon before Glenn confronted Attorney General John Mitchell who was also complicit. Though Glenn could not share with me the proof as it was classified information, he remained upset about it more than two decades later and told me that he never again spoke to either man.

[54] Dr. Vydro and I also discussed how trust is the most essential ingredient in treating mental conditions. He agreed that misuse of the mental health system is everyone’s greatest fear, knowing the risk that anyone could be labeled a ‘dissident’ (as in the U.S.S.R.) and incarcerated for an indefinite period. By using a §5150 incarceration to criminally stalk me, those doing so undermined the trust essential to treating people who may hesitate to seek needed assistance.

[55] Working for CitiGroup CEO/Chairman Sandy Weill, Grubman served as a key telecom valuation operative in numerous “pump and dump” frauds that became the 2000 “dotcom crash.” With repeal of the last remnants of Glass-Steagall investor protections pending enactment into law, Clinton-era Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin joined Mr. Weill as CitiGroup co-chairman in 1999. He was succeeded at Treasury by Lawrence Summers who, as Undersecretary of the Treasury for International Affairs, had previously aided the financial pillaging of Russia by handpicking the (predominantly Jewish) Harvard Advisory Team that enabled a nationwide financial fraud overseen by Anatoly Chubais, the (Jewish) “privatization czar” advising asset Boris Yeltsin. Rubin presently serves as co-chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations; David Rubenstein serves as Vice-Chairman and Richard Haass as president.

[56] The top three fundraisers for his 2008 presidential campaign were the Pritzker family, George Soros and the Crown family (originally “Krinsky” from the Pale of Settlement and major stockholders in General Dynamics, key beneficiaries of government spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and on homeland security). Penny Pritzker was appointed as Secretary of Commerce. Both her grandfather and great-grandfather served as attorneys for organized crime.

[57] Dr. Olds met Michelle Obama through Sheila Johnson who he was attempting to recruit to succeed him as Chairman of the World Federalist Society.

[58] Rather than engage the extensive facts presented in December 2005, officials in Arizona directed that Tina McMillion, head of the Governor’s special investigations unit, contact me. She urged that I speak to the sheriff of Gila County, an area long dominated by Mormons. Ms. Napolitano proved her loyalty to Israeli interests by ensuring that no one engaged these facts despite clear evidence of ongoing crimes in Arizona, including treason while this nation is at war. Based on the role played by Governor Napolitano in obstructing matters related to me, her appointment as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security came as no surprise. She aided an obstruction of justice that began no later than on my return from Baghdad in February 1997. Her failure to engage the facts made her an ideal candidate to succeed Michael Chertoff in that post.

[59] Mr. Chertoff is descended from a long line of rabbis. On September 30, 2013, Ms. Napolitano succeeded Mark Yudof as President of the University of California. Wife Judith Yudof is past international president of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism with a membership that includes more than 750 conservative synagogues. As my experience confirms, the statewide University of California system has long been corrupted by those profiled in these materials.

[60] My birth certificate reveals the name of the man in West Virginia (Bill Marvin Armour) who was used by my uncle David and his Jewish partners to set up my father when he traveled to the state on business. All files were sealed relating to my birthfather and my adoption by my stepfather.

[61] Mintz Levin clients include the Anti-Defamation League. The firm touts its specialty in technology transfer.

[62] See David Makovsky for a candid description of that well-timed election-season crisis [at 29:25—31:00]. Israel’s brutal Operation Cast Lead involved similar election-year timing. That campaign was launched and concluded during political ‘down time’ scheduled for two days after Christmas 2008 and concluding two days before the January 2009 presidential inaugural. That well-timed provocation killed an estimated 1,400 Palestinians, including more than 350 deaths of people under age 18.

[63] See:

[64] All Congressional correspondence will be posted on

[65] The production of asset John McCain’s political career is chronicled in Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (2008)—aka “the McCain book.” The introduction and several chapters are posted on

[66] Additional materials were sent to Special Agent John Lewis on May 12, 2005, May 24, 2005 and June 19, 2006. All materials were directed to his attention at the Phoenix office of the FBI.

[67] Functional engagement proved impossible despite several good faith briefings that a colleague provided to District Director Kevin Knight who gave the impression that the Phoenix office of the FBI provided information that discredited me. Messrs. Schweikert and Knight should be interviewed by the national office of the FBI to determine their reasons for not engaging constituent issues with direct relevance to national security and federal law enforcement. Phoenix FBI agents should be interviewed to identify what information they provided to those inquiring about me.

[68] The documentation was provided to Michelle Davidson.

[69] Media complicity is epitomized by CNN Anchor Wolf Blitzer who served for 17 years as Washington correspondent for Jerusalem Post (1973-1990) and as an editor for Near East Report founded by Isaiah Kenen—a registered foreign agent and the founder of AIPAC. Blitzer first emerged on the U.S. media scene in 1989 with publication of Territory of Lies, a sympathetic account of Israeli master-spy Jonathan Pollard. Since August 2005, CNN (marketed as “the most trusted name in news”) has featured Blitzer broadcasting from a White House-associative studio set branded as the credibility-enhancing “Situation Room.” As the sole U.S. network not in pro-Israeli hands in the lead-up to 9/11, the role of CNN founder and Israel skeptic Ted Turner was displaced with an October 1996 CNN merger with Time Warner followed by his removal by CEO Gerald Levin as head of cable networks and a Levin-engineered January 2001 acquisition by AOL. Turner conceded in a November 2013 interview that the bursting of the dotcom bubble cost him 90% of an estimated $10 billion in AOL/Time Warner wealth as the slow motion shifting of CNN’s control coincided with the dotcom financial “pump and dump.” In April 2009, I wrote to Ted Turner seeking a meeting to explain how his network was being used to undermine our national security. A colleague also spoke to him directly. Neither efforts resulted in a functional response.

[70] In December, Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal, former head of Saudi intelligence, parroted Israel’s analysis, citing President Obama’s “retreat” from his “red line” comments on the use of chemical weapons in Syria and calling for regime change.


[71] The bill provides: “if the Government of Israel is compelled to take military action in legitimate self-defense against Iran’s nuclear weapon program, the United States Government should stand with Israel and provide, in accordance with the law of the United States and the constitutional responsibility of Congress to authorize the use of military force, diplomatic, military, and economic support to the Government of Israel in its defense of its territory, people, and existence;”

[72] The Committee chair signers included Carl Levin (Armed Services), Diane Feinstein (Intelligence), Barbara Boxer (Environment and Public Works) and Ron Wyden (Energy and Natural Resources).

[73] David Friedman, former Trump Organization bankruptcy counsel, has long been a financial supporter of the Beit El settlement—to which the Trump Foundation has also contributed. Trump appointed this Chabad Lubavitch devotee as U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

[74] Canadian media was long dominated by pro-Israelis Conrad Black and Izzy Asper (both since deceased) and remains in the hands of their pro-Israel successors.

[75] George Soros-funded Open Society efforts joined forces in Ukraine with the National Democratic Institute (NDI), a U.S. government funded operation chaired by Madeleine Albright, former Clinton Administration Secretary of State. Also active in the Ukraine was NDI’s Republican counterpart, the International Republican Institute—chaired since 1993 by asset John McCain. Both organizations have been taxpayer-financed since 1983 through a neoconservative-favored project known as the National Endowment for Democracy led since its founding by Carl Gershman controlling more than $100 million per year in U.S. taxpayer-funded disbursements under the umbrella of “promoting democracy.” Endowment activities are coordinated with the State Department’s U.S. Agency for International Development. This same (predominantly Jewish) neocon network catalyzed the crisis in Ukraine led by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland who was famously recorded in February 2014 saying “f—k the EU.” Nuland is the wife of neocon Robert Kagan, a key promoter of regime change in Iraq as co-founder of the Project for a New American Century.

[76] “The United States must look beyond Mr. Putin. His regime may appear imposing, but it is rotting inside. His Russia is not a great power on par with America. It is a gas station run by a corrupt, autocratic regime. And eventually, Russians will come for Mr. Putin in the same way and for the same reasons that Ukrainians came for Viktor F. Yanukovych.” John McCain, “Obama Made America Look Weak,” New York Times, March 15, 2014.

[77] This approach to discrediting President Obama is consistent with earlier attempts to attack his “credibility” with claims that Syrian President Bashar Assad had crossed a “red line” with a 2013 chemical gas attack (sarin) that he denied and whose origins remain in dispute. Provoking a U.S.-led war with Syria would have served as a strategic blow against Iran and pre-staged a war with Iran, a strategic (game theory) likelihood if catalyzed with an agent provocateur operation.

[78] “Teenager in Israel is Arrested in Threats to U.S. Jewish Centers,” The New York Times, March 24, 2017.

[79] Riding on Reagan’s electoral coattails in November 1980, the Senate became majority Republican and Kansas Republican Bob Dole took over chairmanship of the tax-writing Committee on Finance from Louisiana Democrat Russell Long. Dole championed the deficit-financed, rich-get-richer “supply side” economic polices that the Trump administration proposes to revive. At a time when the total federal debt was ~$900 billion, the Dole-led Committee approved a tax bill projected to cost $872 billion in foregone revenue (aka “tax expenditures”) over a five-year period. Robert Lighthizer, chief tax counsel for Bob Dole during the Reagan era, now serves as U.S. Trade Representative for Donald Trump. Reagan was elected in the throes of two major crises of the Jimmy Carter era: stagflation and the Iran hostage crisis.

[80] The barebones proposal offered by Trump advisers Gary Cohn and Steven Mnuchin, both former Goldman Sachs bankers, are expected to add “about $7 trillion in debt over the first 10 years and nearly $21 trillion by 2036.” New York Times editorial of April 26, 2017.

[81] For example, while campaigning in Florida in October 2004, President George W. Bush announced that he had signed into law a bill requiring the State Department to monitor anti-Semitism and rate countries annually on their treatment of Jews. In December 2016, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina introduced the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.”