This site documents the common source of an ongoing criminality that has long imposed a hidden tax on humanity. Most recently, that tax includes the cost of unnecessary and preventable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Next could be the cost of a war with Russia, a nuclear incident by North Korea or any of a dozen other pre-staged crises that could be triggered when those identified realize they may be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

The facts and analyses pivot off the life experience of James M. (“Mel”) Rockefeller. Since the January 1979 death of Nelson Rockefeller, his biological father, Mel has dedicated more than three decades to profiling those identified. Proven here is an ancient nonlinear form of criminality that, until now, has enabled the perpetrators to avoid detection, exposure and personal responsibility under traditional linear law.

The initial content includes draft chapters for a forthcoming book titled The Hidden Tax on Humanity along with several chapters from Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War released in the U.S. just prior to the 2008 presidential election.

This site provides:

  • Tools to see for yourself the “how” of this trans-generational duplicity.
  • Proof confirming its common source and its origins—tracing to antiquity.
  • Real-time analyses showing how this deceit remains ongoing.
  • Evidence of complicity within politics, law enforcement and national security.
  • An ongoing tally chronicling the cost of this hidden tax.
  • Means for monetizing behavior to counter this systemic corruption.

Those profiled proceed with no concern for their impact on others. The costs imposed by this psychopathy are now global. Those identified operate in plain sight by imbedding their operations in consensus opinion and inside governments with the U.S. top of the list. Through their marketing of serial conflicts-of-opposites, the perpetrators profit off the misery of both sides while manipulating national narratives to accrue influence, wealth, power and geopolitical advantage.

Keep a close eye on this site to discover:

  • How an elite and extremist few leverage their small numbers to great effect.
  • How the Cold War conflict-of-opposites segued into The Clash of Civilizations.
  • How false narratives are created such as the War on Terrorism and Black Lives Matter.
  • How communist China surpassed the capitalist U.S. in its population of billionaires.
  • How Russia was financially pillaged by the same syndicate that created the Soviet Union.
  • How this transnational criminal syndicate produced serial U.S. presidencies.

Book order forms appear below. This work seeks donors to assist with this education and mobilization effort. As the site is built out, visitors will have access to:

  • A searchable database naming those officials to whom these facts were provided.
  • Evidence confirming who knew what and when they knew it.
  • A database identifying those approached for assistance with this work.
  • Commentaries retrieved from a disappeared website—criminalstate.com.
  • A solutions section that includes your suggestions of how to solve this problem.

Please alert your networks. With a critical mass of support, this criminality can be stopped.