Those profiled on this site, while predominantly Jewish, prey on Jewish identity to induce members of the broader Jewish community to act against their true interests—and against our national interests. Guilt By Association documents the key role played by assets and sayanim (Hebrew for volunteers or helpers). This site chronicles a form of trans-generational deception and criminality, including treason. Operating in a nonlinear fashion, this duplicity proceeds in plain sight yet, to date, with legal impunity under linear jurisprudence. Restoration of the rule of law requires that the legal process adapts in order to investigate, indict and prosecute those complicit.


This is not a “people” doing this but a psychopathic/sociopathic minority within a broader faith tradition whose values they do not share. The challenge lies in enabling people to grasp for themselves how so few could leverage their small numbers to inflict such vast damage. That includes making it appear that the broader community is guilty by association. The beliefs of evangelical/Zionist Christians and Mormons (aka the Lost Tribe of Israel) are manipulated by the same parties. Mormons are routinely recruited into federal law enforcement (e.g., the FBI) and our intelligence agencies, a key reason we have such a systemic problem inside critical agencies of government.


This site does not tolerate hate-mongering. Any comments that promote hate or intolerance will be removed. Our goal is education. Those profiled have for too long manipulated thought and emotion with no accountability. With transparency will come accountability under the rule of law.