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In July 2003, Russian-Jewish oligarch and mega-thief Mikhail Khodorkovsky, CEO of Yukos Oil, attended the annual telecom conference sponsored by Allen & Co. in Sun Valley, Idaho. Allen & Co. is owned largely by two brothers.[1] One brother financed Connecticut-based Westbrook Technologies, a firm that hired me in 1993. As soon as I earned a $200,000 commission, I was fired, denied my commission and immediately introduced to Jarek Pyszczuk, a Polish national, who proposed a deal in Warsaw.[2] His proposal pre-staged a 1995 fraud for which F.B.I. agents in the Minneapolis office sought to frame me—though not until after my return from Iraq in 1997 with intelligence that could have removed Saddam Hussein without a war. [See Chapter 2, The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented.] Not until late 1995 did I confirm that Pyszczuk had ties to organized crime in Poland.

As in other venues into which I was drawn, Poland showed how far ahead of time those profiled set up their operations around me. In the same way, the U.S. was set up well in advance by those pre-staging the duplicity required to advance their “long game.” That includes setting up the phony and outright “fixed” intelligence that induced us to wage an unnecessary and unwinnable war in Iraq. Pre-staging for their operation in Poland began soon after the Los Angeles Superior Court granted my 1993 petition to take my birthfather’s surname. By taking the family name, I knew that—were I found dead—a Rockefeller toe tag on my corpse would raise red flags.

After making that decision, my friend Bill Dufty described it as a brilliant move. Bill had served as a speechwriter for Walter Reuther, legendary president of the United Auto Workers (UAW).[3] During his senior year at Wayne State University in Detroit, Reuther recruited Bill to help him create what led to founding the UAW. Later Bill and I would learn that those stalking me caused us to meet—orchestrated by operatives who hoped to use the UAW as they used the Teamsters and other labor unions that the perps corrupted.

Bill had no idea I was Mel Rockefeller when we first met. My mother then lived a few miles from his home. We met after she attended one of his talks on the benefits of organic foods.  Bill was married to actress Gloria Swanson when she died in 1983. Bill was her sixth husband and she was Bill’s second wife. He and I met in 1986 when he moved back to his family home in Birmingham, Michigan after closing out Gloria’s affairs with her children. He returned to where he was raised as a child and passed away there in June of 2002.

Bill became a good friend. He wrote Sugar Blues (1975) and, for Billie Holliday, Lady Sings the Blues (1956). He described to me what led to Billie’s heroin addiction. He said, “Mel, she would be on stage with the genius of her voice entertaining the elite in New York including all white audiences representing the top tier of Manhattan society wearing their furs and jewels. They were never able to get enough of her genius. Twenty minutes after her performances, she would walk out the stagedoor to hail a cab and, due to the color of her skin, would not be able to get one to pick her up to go home. Imagine the life she had to live as others of color were forced to live because of racism?”

I was at his home when a woman came to see him who was writing a book to discredit Bill’s account of Billie’s life in Lady Sings the Blues. Bill remained gracious as she told him that his account of Billie’s birth was a fraud. When Bill asked for proof, she handed him a copy of Billie’s birth certificate. Ever the generous host, Bill asked if she wanted her tea refreshed and inquired if she’d like anything else to eat. He then said, “Madam, are you aware that anyone of color was never issued birth certificates or allowed to file them at the courthouse until a quarter century after the date on the one you’re holding?” She looked at him with no idea who the man was whose credibility she was on a mission to destroy.

Diet and Addiction

Lady Sings the Blues was made into a 1972 movie starring Diana Ross, lead singer for The Supremes of Motown fame. Bill met Gloria at a press conference in New York when he was a recovering heroin addict. Overweight and bloated, Gloria was shocked when she saw him put three sugar cubes in his coffee. She pulled him aside after the press conference and invited him to dinner. Gloria was more like a man when she liked a man. She told him that she could see he was an addict and assured him that he wouldn’t recover unless he kicked processed foods with sugar top of the list. She went on to explain why sugar and processed foods were the foundation for most addictions and many diseases.

When Gloria and Bill married, she convinced him to write Sugar Blues by first researching the data required to show the impact of processed foods on health. She had him go to Europe where Marlene Dietrich told Gloria they would find the data in the health records of the German military. She was right. She told Gloria and Bill to begin in Belgium, France and Holland with their consumption of sugar, chocolates and rich pastries. When the Germans occupied those countries, they put the locals on peasant food and appropriated their meat, sugar, pastries and chocolates. The health records showed that the health of those under occupation improved while German soldiers showed signs of deteriorating health due to their high consumption of processed foods and sugar. This research is the key reason that Sugar Blues (released in 1975) remains in publication.

Gloria and Bill met macrobiotic pioneers Michio Kushi in France and George Ohsawa in Japan with Bill giving the eulogy at Mr. Ohsawa’s funeral.  They brought Michio back to the U.S. from France and George from Japan with Gloria the moving force behind what became the macrobiotic movement in the U.S.  Bill co-authored the English edition of You Are All Sanpaku, a seminal book on macrobiotics. Both were close friends of Japanese multi-media artist Yoko Ono and then John Lennon. John was known to give copies of Sugar Blues to his friends. When he was busted for possession of pot in the U.K., Gloria and Bill pulled strings to secure his U.S. visa. Asked by John how she was able to expedite securing his green card, Bill told me, “Mel, she looked at John and said, ‘After my affair with Joe Kennedy, I met many of his friends who owed me favors.’”

Ms. Swanson and Ms. Dietrich were very close. Concerned with the effects of aging—with both earning millions in the 20’s and 30’s—they found a doctor they had been told could show them how to improve their diets and, in turn, extend their careers. As Bill told me, they loved the doctor because both women were cheap and the doctor charged the two of them only $1.50 each per visit. Both would arrived in a chauffeur-driven Rolls dressed in their gowns and jewels. I’m not sure of the doctor’s name but he was famous for a specialty broth that healed ulcers and improved complexions.

The doctor had both of them write down everything they ate or drank for a week, save a portion of it and deliver it to his office. When they arrived for their follow-up visit, he had three fancy garbage cans with his food in one and theirs in the other two. He sat them down to a formal lunch served with the finest china. He took the lid off of his can and used a ladle to scoop out a bowl full that he heated on a hotplate. When the ladies took the lids off their cans, the contents were rancid. The doctor offered them a few ladles of his broth. Both reportedly loved his meal of lentils and food that no matter how you mixed it as left-overs was incredible. Bill told me it was brilliant how he changed both their diets overnight.

When Bill realized who I am and why we were introduced, he became a real friend and offered advice that helped me grasp the nonlinear “how” of this criminality, including the perps’ use of Hollywood to shape the national narrative. [See Chapter 8.] After an attempt on my life in New Orleans, he urged that I take the family surname to protect myself.

Bill’s dandelion soup was to kill for. He was sued by his neighbors when the “weeds” growing in his yard spread to theirs. When the case came to court, Bill gave the judge a bowl of his soup. The court then ordered his neighbors to let Bill have their weeds with the judge dining at Bill’s home several times a month and requiring that Bill provide each of his neighbors with two quarts of his soup when the “weeds” were in season. He routinely cooked dandelion soup for Ron Burd and I at his home. We miss one of our true friends.

Organized Crime, Again

I met Pyszczuk through Jacob Nowicki, his godson living in the U.S. who, in turn, I met through a French kid working on the Hollywood set of Disclosure, a 1994 erotic thriller directed by Barry Levinson and starring Michael Douglas and Demi Moore. When Jacob told me that Pyszczuk wanted to invest $1 million in the U.S. to qualify for a green card, I introduced Pyszczuk to Michael Bailey of San Diego-based Innovatech as a potential reseller of software in Poland. In September 1994, Bailey and I traveled to Poland and formed Innovatech Polska, a Warsaw-based joint stock company, 60% owned by Pyszczuk and 20% each by Bailey and I.

Thus began a sophisticated fraud that, as usual, consumed time and resources as the perps again sought to make it appear that I was the problem rather than those stalking me.[4] In November 1994, Bailey introduced me to Bob Hertz who described himself as a nephew of the founder of the Hertz rental car company. Hertz, in turn, introduced me to Jerome Corsi in a luxury suite at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Hertz paid the reported $15,000 per night tab for the top-end “fantasy suite.”

Corsi immediately told me that he already knew my identity because “being in the anti-terrorism business, me and my partners routinely track Rockefeller family members.” Introducing himself as creator of the B’nai B’rith Mutual Fund in Israel, Corsi proposed that we establish a similar fund in Poland relying on Pyszczuk’s contacts.[5] As usual, I gave everyone benefit of the doubt while also anticipating this could be pre-staging for yet another fraud. I could have walked away. Instead I chose to proceed because the link to Poland suggested this would provide an opportunity to profile those at the core of this ancient duplicity. My intuition proved correct. Corsi was also the first person I heard use the phrase “preparing the minds” to describe what I had been profiling, including their use of cinema to manipulate the national consciousness.

I knew that (a) roughly 90 percent of the Israeli Knesset was then composed of Polish Jews, (b) the Fall of the Wall in 1989 traced its roots to Poland when the Solidarity labor union movement emerged from the Gdansk shipyards in 1980, and (c) Polish Pope John Paul II, the first non-Italian pontiff in four centuries, was then leading one of the world’s most corrupt institutions whose origins in antiquity traced back to those I was profiling. I also knew how the fall of the Berlin Wall was used to brand actor Ronald Reagan (a friend of my Uncle Bob) as a pop culture icon who brought an end to the Evil Empire, a national narrative granted worldwide credibility by those I was profiling.

In January 1995, Corsi, Piper Jaffray broker Brad Amundson,[6] Minnesota banker Randy Schwake[7] and I traveled to Poland to meet with Pyszczuk and others to discuss the founding of a mutual fund based on the B’nai B’rith model. When it was suggested that a life insurance company finance the venture, Lloyd Wander’s name was raised as a collaborator.[8] His annuity firm had recently been acquired by Cincinatti-based Great American Life Insurance Company. Wander made the introduction that enabled us to present a proposal.[9]

In February, Corsi, myself and our partners met with key executives at Great American’s offices in Cincinatti. CEO Carl Lindner’s personal bio, posted on the American Financial Group website, describes him as “the largest non-Jewish contributor to Jewish causes in the U.S.”[10] Our group stayed in The Cincinnatian whose owner (Lindner) paid for our rooms. [See photo of us taken in front of the hotel.] It didn’t take long to confirm I was again being drawn into the fields within fields of relationships that sustain transnational organized crime.

Fields Within Fields…Within Fields of Relationships

Widely known as a father figure to Michael “junk bond king” Milken,[11] Lindner also includes among his protégés Charles Keating who served as corporate counsel and executive vice president of American Financial Group. By the time Corsi and I met with Lindner’s firm, Keating had served for years as Chairman and CEO of Arizona’s Lincoln Savings & Loan,[12] financed and operated by Milken as a control fraud.[13] Lincoln emerged as the largest of 1,043 S&Ls that failed from 1986 to 1995. Lincoln’s losses alone, engineered by Lindner proteges Milken and Keating, cost taxpayers $3.4 billion.[14] By delaying the reforms required to shut down this fraud, the “Keating 5” Senators (led by John McCain), added tens of billions more to the cost of what became a $150 billion nationwide fraud.[15]

An avowed Zionist Christian, Lindner was a political opportunist. Republican Senator Bob Dole of Kansas used Lindner’s corporate jet when he campaigned for president against Democrat Bill Clinton in 1996. Lindner donated $500,000 to Clinton’s re-election effort the day after Mickey Kantor, Clinton’s top trade official, filed a complaint against the Europeans on behalf of the Lindner-controlled Chiquita Brands International, a direct descendant of United Fruit. The business practices of United Fruit are a key reason that nations throughout Central America and the Caribbean became known as ‘banana republics’ due to their oppressive mix of foreign financial interests aligned with political dictatorships. At year-end 2003, Lindner owned 7.6 percent of Chiquita and American Financial Group 30 percent.[16]

On April 4, 2004, Vice-President Cheney joined Lindner, owner of the Cincinnati Reds, for the opening day of baseball season.[17] In March 2005, Ohio resident Lindner sponsored a nationwide fundraising tour for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a classic political asset. Both his film and his political career were produced by those I profiled. Until he sired a child with his housekeeper while married to Kennedy in-law Maria Shriver, the “Governator” was contemplating a campaign for the U.S. Senate to succeed Diane Feinstein in a state whose politics the perps have long dominated.[18] On April 4, 2006, political asset George W. Bush, a Zionist Christian, joined Lindner for the opening day of baseball season where, as president, he threw the first ceremonial pitch.

Lindner-controlled firms were reportedly the single largest purchaser of Milken’s bonds.[19] Meshulam Riklis taught Milken one of his first ways to structure acquisitions using high-yield “junk” bonds. Using Rapid-American Corporation as his acquisition vehicle (in which Lindner owned a major stake), Riklis paid for the shares of a target firm with high-interest bonds payable by Rapid-American. As Rapid-American repaid the debt, the equity in the acquired firm became his and Lindner’s through their shared ownership of Rapid American[20] and was available to be leveraged again for their next acquisition. The simple self-financed logic of the leverged buyout (“LBO”) kicked into high gear after those who produced the Reagan presidency succeeded in enacting a deficit-financed “supply-side economics” tax cut in 1981. That bill’s “accelerated cost recovery” tax incentives greatly boosted the “free cash flow” that makes LBOs financially feasible, including the use of high-interest “junk” bonds pioneered by Milken at the Beverly Hills office of Drexel Burnham Lambert.[21]

In the 1970s, Lindner counsel Charles Keating and local prosecutor Simon Leis, Jr. pursued Larry Flynt and his Cincinnati-headquartered Hustler magazine as part of a nationwide anti-pornography campaign.[22] While in Cincinnati, I was told over dinner on February 9, 1995 by the President of Great American Insurance that Keating put a murder contract on Flynt after Keating’s daughter was raped and he blamed the porn king. When Lindner found out, this executive described how Lindner terminated their direct business relationship and dispatched Keating to Phoenix where, with early financial backing from Michael Milken, Lincoln Savings and Loan was used to perpetrate the nation’s largest S&L fraud.[23]

Hustler and I

Originally a bar owner in Cincinatti, Larry Flynt traveled to Phoenix, Arizona in 1968 to investigate “go-go dancing.” On his return, he opened his first “go-go club” in Dayton. By 1973, he owned eight clubs that employed 300 people. He initially published a two-page newsletter for his strip-club clientele that, by June 1974, morphed into the magazine Hustler. Circulation soared in August 1976 when he published photos of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis sunbathing nude.

Flynt underwent a religious conversion in 1977 when he met evangelist Ruth Carter Stapleton, sister of President Jimmy Carter. In 1978, on the first day of an obscenity trial in Georgia, gunshots left him paralyzed from the waist down. He renounced his conversion and relocated Hustler to Los Angeles where he moved into a Bel Air mansion once owned by movie star Errol Flynn. In 1984, my software firm, Alpha Base Systems, provided Hustler with $240,000 of computer services.

Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione sued Flynt in 1976 after Hustler published a Guccione cartoon. In 1984, televangelist Jerry Falwell sued Hustler for libel after Flynt published a Campari ad parody depicting a drunken Falwell talking about his “first time” with his mother in an outhouse. In court, Falwell was represented by Norman Ray Grutman, long-time lawyer for Guccione. In February 1988, the U.S. Supreme Court voided Falwell’s judgment against Flynt. Mike Lewis, Guccione’s nephew, emerged as another of my short-lived business colleagues when we traveled together to attend a meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

I offer this detail to illustrate how, without fail, I was drawn into their fields-within-fields of relationships and influence with tendrils always leading back to trans-generational organized crime in the U.S., Poland and worldwide as documented throughout Hidden Tax. Those relationships routinely involved hands-on operatives engaged in political corruption, pornography, prostitution, human trafficking and other means of profiting off the misery of others. As anticipated, if I stayed silent and let them believe they were leading me into their traps, I knew I could profile their operations, identify key operatives and prove how their syndicate operates in plain sight and—to date—with legal impunity.

The Poland Fraud Begins

In February 1995, Great American executive Gary Howell informed Corsi that this Lindner-controlled firm agreed to fund $100,000 for a March conference[24] in Warsaw to explore the founding of a B’nai B’rith-like mutual fund, including the drafting of a business plan.[25] In early March, Corsi and I along with our partners traveled to Poland to meet with Pyszczuk, Polish banks and government officials to prepare for a conference to showcase our proposal.[26]

While in Warsaw, Glenn Olds, Pyszczuk and I also met with Nicholas Rey, the U.S. Ambassador to Poland. When Glenn asked Ambassador Rey if he had any issues regarding my relationship to the Rockefeller family, he assured Glenn he did not. Ambassador Rey knew that Glenn had advised several third-generation Rockefeller brothers, including my father. He also knew that Glenn was in Poland at the request of my Uncle Laurance Rockefeller, a fact that Glenn did not divulge to me until later in our journey.[27]

As we left the embassy, the C.I.A. person staffing our briefing with Ambassador Rey began asking Glenn detailed questions about my activities in Poland. Glenn confronted him, inquiring if he was asking questions to help me or hurt me. As we left the embassy, Glenn pulled me aside and cautioned me that I should be prepared because he sensed the perps were going to make a move on me. He was correct. Soon after our meeting, Ambassador Rey contacted the Prime Minister of Poland and urged that Poland’s principal television network cancel an interview featuring Glenn and I.

That credibility-enhancing interview described what we sought to accomplish and featured film footage of Glenn visiting Poland (he has Polish ancestry) in the 1960s when he advised my father. He also described his experience as U.N. Ambassador (1969-71) when the U.S. left the gold standard. He used that personal account to explain how our model would provide other means for creating market liquidity, bypassing the current central banking system. He also described his role during the Reagan presidency in helping end communism and explained how what we proposed was the next logical step to ensure that globalized financial capital fosters healthy and sustainable communities. Had our interview aired on Polish television, the perps would not have been able to gain traction for the discrediting accounts that followed—aided by the Rockefeller family.

Confirming Rockefeller Family Complicity

In mid-March, the Warsaw Business Journal published an article claiming I was not related to the Rockefeller family, inferring I was a fraud and citing an unnamed source at the U.S. Embassy—as Glenn anticipated when he sensed that Ambassador Rey would enable the stalking. That discrediting article undermined the conference and provided a plausible rationale for Lindner/Great American not to proceed with the mutual fund. That incident also led to the Minnesota investors being defrauded roughly $1 million that “disappeared” into what I am confident were the coffers of Polish organized crime.

This incident made it clear that both the Rockefeller family and the Rockefeller Trust were complicit in stalking me. As I mentioned in Chapter 3, when the reporter sought to confirm my relationship to the family, he contacted Donal O’Brien, an attorney for the Rockefeller family for 50 years at his death in September 2013.[28] As published in the Warsaw Business Journal in March 1995, O’Brien told reporter Sean Bobbit, “He claims to be a member of the Rockefeller family, but we believe that these claims are absolutely groundless and have no basis whatsoever.” When combined with Ambassador Rey’s cancellation of the interview with Glenn and I, the family succeeded in displacing the facts of my life with false beliefs to ensure I was discredited in Poland.

Though Mr. O’Brien responded to an inquiry from an unknown foreign journalist, Ron Burd, my counsel since 1992, received no reply when he asked O’Brien to identify “we” and clarify what “belief” has to do with the facts of my relationship to the family. With the publication of that exchange, it became clear that the Rockefeller family was willing to lie about my genealogy knowing that I am a beneficiary of a family fortune that does not allow for the exclusion of family members born out-of-wedlock.

Family complicity became more apparent when, in March 2002, I wrote a letter to my Uncle Laurance Rockefeller, one of Glenn’s closest friends. While in Poland, Glenn showed me a letter from Laurance wishing us well on our trip to Poland and asking that when he “and Mel” return, please call him with a report. In good conscience, Glenn could not give me a copy of that personal correspondence.

My 2002 letter made it clear that I knew my true biological father. I also apologized for any inadvertent harm to the family and asked for his help in recovering my family. Soon after I contacted Laurance, he responded not to me but to Glenn informing him that he could have “no further contact” with his friend of many decades. That response confirmed for Glenn that both my Uncle David and his brother Laurnace had long been complicit in this serial criminal stalking—still ongoing.

Confirming F.B.I. Complicity

Despite my efforts to salvage a portion of the Minnesota investors’ funds, Amundson and Bailey aided Pyszczuk in perfecting this fraud.[29] At one point, as I left our offices in Poland, a thuggish looking man entered. His car was parked just outside with several armed men awaiting his return. Years later I spotted his photo in Germany’s Stern magazine where he was identified as the head of organized crime in Poland. Each of these encounters further confirmed the transnational operations of the trans-generational criminal syndicate that my life experience can now make transparent.

On my return to the U.S., Brad Amundson accompanied several investors to meet with F.B.I. agents in an attempt to frame me for the Corsi/Lindner fraud that he enabled.[30] In August 2008—13 years later—he again sought to discredit me by contacting Boston Globe reporter Brian Mooney with a “phony Rockefeller” story. As with the Poland fraud, countering that slander consumed time and scarce resources—consistent with the “entropy” strategies that continue to delay engagement with what my life experience proves about the common source of this criminality. Mooney thanked me for not allowing Amundson to deceive him into writing a false story.

In the course of interviewing those directly involved in these events, the F.B.I. visited the office of Minnesota banker Randy Schwake. He knew that Ron and I were working hard to recover the funds and expose those who staged this fraud to discredit me and deflect attention from the facts confirming that Saddam Hussein had no WMD and could be removed without a war.

According to Randy, the F.B.I. agents had no interest other than framing me for the Corsi-Lindner fraud even though Corsi and Amundson raised the funds and possessed the requisite securities licenses.[31] Randy also described how St. Paul Mayor Norman Coleman insisted that Randy provide the names of those who attended a meeting to discuss the fraud. Randy refused. A Jewish Democrat from Brooklyn, New York, Coleman was elected the Republican Senator from Minnesota on November 5, 2002, 11 days after the death of popular Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone in an airplane crash on October 25, 2002.[32] In 2008, he lost his Senate seat to comedian Al Franken. In February 2017, Coleman was appointed chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition funded largely by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and Mariam, his equally rightwing Israeli wife.

Confirming Jerome Corsi’s Complicity

In an October 1996 meeting in my suite at the Flemings Mayfair Hotel in London, I told David Alexander, CEO of Element Books Ltd., that I believed the Mossad was behind the serial frauds and the criminal stalking I encountered in Poland, Minnesota and elsewhere. I also told him I was working on a rewrite of a book chronicling my life experience. Alexander urged me to get back in touch as soon as the rewrite was complete.[33]

On September 7, 1997 I called Glenn Olds and told him that Alexander asked permission to give a copy of my manuscript to Scotland Yard. I also told Alexander that I was in the final rewrite of my book. My comments to Glenn were deliberately false. As I felt certain the Mossad was monitoring my calls, my call to Glenn was a ‘sting operation’ designed to elicit a response if, in fact, the perps were listening. Over the years, I discovered that I was better able to grasp how their cell structure operates if I periodically planted disinformation and then watched as it worked its way through other cells, enabling me to confirm connections between cells.[34] While they were stalking me, I was also stalking them.

I knew that Corsi had approached Element Books about a public offering, a subject that arose after Corsi met Alexander and his senior partner, Michael Mann, at the annual Frankfurt book show. I met Alexander and Mann when they visited New York—at Corsi’s urging—to discuss the offering. Shortly after my call to Glenn, I received an early morning conference call from London. On the phone were an anxious Alexander and Mann concerned that Corsi had just appeared in their offices proposing to acquire their firm.

Whereas Corsi was unable to arrange the funds for their public offering when they visited New York, he appeared at their offices in London with evidence of secured funds and was prepared to proceed with the proposed acquisition. They said Corsi was particularly keen to see my manuscript as he understood they had forwarded it to Scotland Yard and he wanted to see how he was treated in the book (the U.K. is well known for its highly protective libel laws).[35] I explained that I would rather not discuss Corsi’s conduct over the phone and, the next day, sent a letter explaining the reason for my sting operation. On October 7, 1997, I received a fax response from Alexander expressing his concern that I used Element Books to run a (successful) sting operation outing Corsi as an Israeli agent.

Fields Within Fields…Within Fields, Again

During the Poland fraud, Corsi offered to introduce me to anti-terrorism expert Neil Livingstone whose “Crisis Management Inc.” business plan proposed to service the market for terrorist threats—well before 9/11.[36] Livingstone’s 1998 proposal highlighted his close ties to James Woolsey, C.I.A. Director from 1993 to 1995 during Russia’s massive privatization fraud that created a cadre of Russian-Jewish oligarchs. Woolsey merits a closer look to illustrate how I was routinely drawn into their networks of relationships.

In July 2004, Woolsey and Livingstone were profiled in a Los Angeles Times expose describing how advocates of the war in Iraq were profiting from wartime reconstruction.[37] While neocons Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and other Pentagon war-planners were launching the war, Woolsey was dispatched to Europe to make the (false) case for WMD as the rationale. He was also the primary salesman for the (false) intelligence claiming that an Iraqi intelligence officer met in Prague in 2000 with 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta. As a former Director of Central Intelligence, Woolsey remains an oft-featured commentator, particularly on CNN, a key narrative-advancing media outlet. [See Chapter 8, The People in Between.]

In the 1970s, London-based Iraqi Ahmad Chalabi was pre-staged by Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and other neocon war-planners for the senior position he later held in Iraq as Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Iraq’s oil portfolio. Senator Joe Lieberman and asset John McCain first sponsored his visits to the U.S. in 1991, a decade prior to 9/11. When Chalabi was ejected from the interim government in Baghdad, Woolsey rushed to the White House to plead Chalabi’s case, accompanied by Richard Perle and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, one of Carl Lindner’s most favored legislators.

A member of both the C.I.A. advisory board and the U.S. Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee (chaired by Perle on 9/11), Woolsey was a founding member of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq and now chairs the Israel-centric Foundation for Defense of Democracies.[38] Post-invasion, he claimed “second thoughts about the war” while serving as head of GlobalOptions, a firm that provides contacts and consulting services to companies seeking business in Iraq.[39] Woolsey’s pro-Israel, war profiteering profile is typical of those with whom I interacted—and those operating one degree off those I profiled while being stalked. That’s why the career of U.S. Ambassador Nicholas Rey also merits a closer look.

Former vice-chairman of the $240 million U.S.-funded Polish-American Enterprise Fund, he then became a principal in Intellibridge, chaired by David Rothkopf, former managing director of Kissinger Associates. I learned from hard experience that Kissinger’s presence is a sure sign that those I profiled are nearby. In advertising their security services on the Intellibridge website, Rey (since deceased) and Rothkopf offer the on-call assistance of authorities and advisers “available to you and your employees anywhere, anytime.”

Their Israel-centric “on-call” advisory corps includes: Stephen Solarz, former chair of the House Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific and a signer of the Project for a New American Century’s 1998 letter to President Clinton urging regime change in Iraq; Morton Abramowitz, former assistant secretary of state for intelligence and research, 1985-89; John Deutch, former CIA Director (1995-1996) who succeeded Woolsey in enabling Russia’s loan-for-shares fraud; and Al From, founding president of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC).[40] The DLC was led by asset Bill Clinton prior to his 1992 presidential campaign and then by Senator Joe Lieberman, the chief salesman (along with Senator John McCain) of the false intelligence that induced us to war.

Confirming Complicity Within the F.B.I., Again

In December 1997, Ron Burd sent an inch-thick report documenting the Minnesota Investor Poland Fraud to F.B.I. agent Peter Cunningham in the Minneapolis office. In May 1998, Ron and I met with F.B.I. agents Cunningham and Ragus. Consistent with Randy Schwake’s experience, the agents showed no interest in the facts. Instead, they only sought to fix blame on Ron and me. Documentation was also given to Coleen Rowley, counsel for the Minneapolis office. When it became clear that this blame-shifting strategy was gaining no traction, Agent Cunningham directed the Fresno office of the F.B.I. to contact Ron’s primary client and slander me. Ostensibly the call was to ask for my address but that was the first question Cunningham had asked when he interviewed us in his office. Ron then contacted Rowley but his efforts were rebuffed.

When a Fresno F.B.I. agent called Ron’s primary client, a prominent Fresno physician, the agent implied I was not credible,[41] a discrediting technique experienced in dozens of venues. That slanderous comment by an F.B.I. agent—acting under color of lawful authority—offers a classic example of how corrupted authority can displace faith in one’s own judgment. Soon after that call, the physician stopped inviting Burd into their regular golf games. The response to that F.B.I. provocation helped marginalize Ron, both socially and financially, increasing pressure on both of us. As can be proven by the consistency of this stalking over decades, that outcome was anticipated and premeditated.

We were even contacted by a man in Minnesota who an F.B.I. agent called by mistake because he had the same surname as someone who knew me. The man tracked us down to report that an F.B.I. agent was attempting to suborn from him false testimony about me. An (honest) F.B.I. agent called Minnesota investor Tom McCrady to alert him that Clinton Attorney General Janet Reno flew into Minneapolis and returned to Washington with my file. F.B.I. counsel Coleen Rowley reportedly reprimanded the agent for alerting Tom—who told me. At the time, everyone involved—including the F.B.I. agent—thought that Reno’s involvement signaled a breakthrough in the case. Yet nothing was done then—or since.

Instead, Congressional hearings on the 9/11 terrorist attack praised Rowley as a whistle-blower for her testimony that F.B.I. Director Robert Mueller failed to follow-up on her August 2001 memo about 9/11 plotter Zacarias Moussaoui (aka “the 20th hijacker”) who was then taking flight training for 747 aircraft near Minneapolis. No menton was made of the failure of Rowley’s office to follow-up when informed in 1998 that Jerome Corsi had been positively identified as an Israeli agent. Nor was mention made of how a thorough investigation of my 1997 experience in Iraq could have led to identifying the cells in Minneapolis that were then pre-staging the local scene for Moussaoui. In December 2002, Time Warner executives featured Rowley and two other whistleblowers as Person of the Year on the cover of the year-end issue of Time magazine.[42] In July 2005, Rowley announced her (failed) candidacy for Congress.[43]

Meanwhile, repeated attempts by Ron and I to catalyze an investigation by federal and state law enforcement, dating from my July 1992 letter to Senator Joe Biden (then chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee), met with responses typified by Mark Cullers, Assistant U.S. Attorney in Fresno. Rather than investigate and follow the facts wherever they lead, in August 1993 he assured Ron: “If powerful people in government want someone killed it will get done. The fact that he has lived this long undermines his story.” Had I been dead, apparently my credibility would have been rock solid. Cullers’ response suggests that the fact I’m still alive continues to undermine my credibility.

Jerome Corsi—His Payoff

Corsi continued to perform as an Israeli agent. In return for his role in stalking me, he was made into a best-selling author of a series of books written to advance Israel’s long-term agenda. Those books include Unfit for Command—Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry (2004). This book was published to help undermine the presidential campaign of Senator John Kerry and keep George W. Bush in office following the disputed 2000 presidential when the Supreme Court ruled Bush the victor. Those who produced the Bush presidency wanted this dysfunctional Christian Zionist in office to take the U.S. to war in reaction to the provocation of 9/11 reliant on intelligence fixed around Tel Aviv’s agenda. The U.S. invaded a nation that played no role in 9/11 as pre-staging to reignite an ancient Shia/Sunni conflict that allied Israel with the Sunni-dominant Gulf States against Shia-dominant Iran.

As part of a long-term “preparing the minds” agenda, in 2005, he published Atomic Iran: How The Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians. That was followed in 2008 by The Obama Nation—Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality that both played to the nation’s racist sentiments and pre-staged the election eight years later of rightwing candidate Donald Trump whose presidency was produced by a cadre of extremist pro-Israelis from the messianic Hasidic Chabad Lubavitch sect. Reverting to the Iran theme, in 2009 he published Why Israel Can’t Wait – The Coming War Between Israel and Iran followed in 2018 by Killing the Deep State—The Fight to Save Donald Trump’s Presidency (2018) to divert attention from the fact that Israel is the Deep State

Seizing the Opportunity

While in Poland, I saw an opening to break away from those who set me up there by closing a deal able to seed NewRock’s relational business model. [See Chapter 12.] An article in Warsaw Business Journal reported that Amoco (formerly Standard Oil of Indiana) was investing $150 million in Poland. I flew from Gdynia to Warsaw and took the train to Poznan for a trade show where I walked into their booth and asked for the President of Amoco knowing he was speaking at the venue. I gave him my name and, without giving him time to ask if I was related to the family, pulled out pen and paper and asked that he re-consider how the company structures their $150 million investment.

I drew three circles labeled Northern, Central and Southern Poland. I then said, “Sir, consider partnering with community with the $150 million you’re investing. Poles are savers with a great deal of money to invest. Poland remains high-risk based on the corruption as it transitions from communism to a market economy. If you will consider partnering with the pension funds, I can arrange the meetings. You put up half the capital with the pension funds holding the mortgages on gas stations that you build—committing $50 million to each of the three regions.

The pension funds will own a negotiated portion of what we model with them, with a percentage of future profits recycled to fund education after the initial capital is repaid and your stations are free of debt. Polish consumers will be paying a return to themselves when they fuel their vehicles while also supporting their children’s education. What better way to create loyal customers than to make them part owners? The details we can work out.”  He agreed to meet with the rest of my team to review.

On my return to Gydnia, the parties used to set me up in Poland were visibly upset that I met with the president of a major oil company without including them. I reminded them who I am and told them I was speaking to an executive of a company that traced its roots to my great-grandfather, to his commitment to shareholders and to our family’s values. That’s when the perps moved on me to perfect their fraud in Poland.

The Polish Pope

When the crisis in Poland was triggered with the help of Rockefeller family counsel, I was contacted by Jan Paluch. Glenn and I met with Jan several times and he joined us for dinner. He enjoyed a close relationship with Polish intelligence, with the head of Poland’s Central Bank and with Finance Minister Leszek Balcerowicz. He asked that I come see him in Krakow as soon as I could. I flew to Krakow the next day. We had initially planned to meet after he conferred with Pope John Paul II. However, after he heard about what was done to me with the complicity of both the U.S. Ambassador and the Rockefeller family, he called to offer his assistance.

Glenn had already left Poland but sent to me by DHL courier a copy of a declassified report about Jan. The heavily redacted report said that Jan had provided Steven Spielberg with security in Krakow while he directed the 1993 filming of the Holocaust film, Schindler’s List. Jan was also the only person outside the Vatican to publish the Pope’s writings. Jan’s older brother had grown up as the closest friend to the Krakow priest who became John Paul II when John Paul I died after 34 days in office. Jan was 12 years younger than the Pope.

The paper sent by Glenn also described how the Polish Pope, President Reagan and Richard Allen, Reagan’s Catholic national security advisor (according to Glenn, the most dangerous man I would ever meet should I meet him) used Jan to smuggle cash into Poland to finance Solidarity and the Gdansk shipyard movement that precipitated the Fall of the Wall, a narrative-advancing event to which we will return. Operating as the Pope’s eyes and ears on the ground in Poland, Jan risked execution had he been caught smuggling U.S. dollars into Poland for Solidarity.

I brought with me a book written in Polish that Jan published for John Paul II describing how a revelation from the Virgin Mary told him that the Berlin Wall would fall. I asked him, “Jan, you published this book for the Pope knowing it’s a lie. You are a good guy. How could you do this?” He looked at me in shock as I pulled out the report featuring his name and the details that Glenn wanted me to have available to show him. I knew he was an asset, as is Spielberg. I went to Jan for help and told him what I had confirmed at the time, including why elite and extremist Jews were stalking me due to an inadvertent childhood encounter with my step-uncle that connected those behind him to the murder of John F. Kennedy, our first Catholic president. Jan was initially shocked.

Corrupted Authority

When I showed him the report detailing his role as bagman for the Gdansk shipyard uprising, he looked it over and quickly left the room, leaving me in his office with its 23-foot ceilings and its 18-foot windows and doors. He was gone for a half hour. When he returned, he asked me to travel with him to Rome to see John Paul II who wanted to confer with me for a half-day in his Vatican apartment. Jan assured me that the pontiff only received heads of state for 15 minutes. As I explained:

Jan, in a very short period of time I have made a real friend. You take me to see the Pope and you may never get invited back. The first thing I will discuss with him will be the Church’s indefensible position on women’s reproductive rights. Then I’ll explain how the Church’s manipulation of fiction and myth for centuries deceived people by preying on the faithful’s need to believe. I will then raise the issue of sexual abuse of children.

I then pulled out two porn magazines, one gay and the other straight and said,

These two magazines are more credible then the book you published for the Pope. Behind the Vatican’s corrupted authority lies a fascist form of Judaism that in the 5th Century caused the Talmud to be bifurcated so they could rationalize using the bloodline of David to create both Islam and Christianity, including orchestrating both the rise and fall of the Roman Empire to stage using the modern nation state and the U.S. as their proxy to manipulate peoples worldwide.

After I explain that, I doubt you will want to be my friend and your friendship right now is more important to me than the Pope’s corrupted authority and the corrupted authority of others like him who I mean to identify and discredit. I like you. But if you take me to see him, you will never get invited back and I don’t use people. When I’m done he will not be happy knowing you brought me to see him.

Jan agreed and instead gave me a three-day, all expense paid trip to Berlin and tried his best to help remedy what was done to shut me down in Poland. His follow-up letter (see below) acknowledges my relationship with Adam and Hanna Tyszkiewicz (Count and Countess) whose ancestral estate (prior to communism) comprised much of Poland and Lithuania. Not until December 1995 did I discover that Brad Amundson made false statements about me to Hanna, causing a serious problem in my relationship with them.

Advancing the Reagan Myth

In 1982, President Reagan flew to Rome to meet with Pope John Paul II. In their June 6th meeting, the American President and the Polish Pontiff—both former actors—agreed to a secret alliance in support of Polish Solidarity and its leader, Lech Walesa, an activist shipyard electrician in Gdansk. As the Vatican meeting began, the Israelis began their invasion of Lebanon following an intense artillery bombardment aided the U.S. Navy’s Sixth Fleet. Assured by Secretary of State Alexander Haig that the Israelis would advance “only” 25 miles into Lebanon, Reagan dismissed the news as a nuisance and continued his “historic” meeting.

That U.S.-Vatican alliance helped shape events that led in 1989 to the Fall of the Wall, pre-staging the financial pillaging of the former Soviet Union under the guise of the need for a rapid transition to the consensus model—with the bulk of the resulting Russian oligrachs qualifying for a “right of return” (to Israel). The first Polish pope, born Karol Józef Wojtyła, has since been canonnized and is now known as Saint John Paul the Great. A secular version of sainthood is underway with a movement to name something after asset Ronald Reagan in each of the 50 states, including Reagan National Airport serving the nation’s capital.

That Israeli attack on Lebanon pre-staged an Israeli-enabled massacre in refugee camps at Sabra and Shatila when Ariel Sharon allowed Christian Phalangists to slaughter an estimated 1,300 Muslims. Many of the young men were castrated; others were scalped and a Christian cross carved on their chests while Sharon-led Israeli troops ensured no one could escape the slaughter.

These back-to-back crises, including this classic agent provocateur operation (deemed a genocide by the U.N.), were cited in an October 2004 recording by Osama bin Laden when explaining what motivated his role in the mass murder of 9/11 as a reaction to Israel killing 17,000-plus Lebanese while Americans—due to this entangled alliance—were widely portrayed as complicit: “The events that affected my soul in a direct way started in 1982 when America permitted the Israelis to invade Lebanon and the American Sixth Fleet helped them in that.”

Ariel Sharon (aka “The Butcher of Beirut”) was reprimanded and removed as Defense Minister only to reemerge as Prime Minister in March 2001 during the pre-staging for 9/11, including his leading an armed march to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in September 2000, igniting the Second Intifada one year prior to 9/11.


  • Photo with Jerome Corsi, in front of The Cincinnatian (1995)
  • Photo in Krakow with Glenn Olds, Jerome Corsi, (1995)
  • Photos in Poland (1995)
  • Photos featuring narrative-advancing books by Jerome Corsi:
  • Unfit for Command—Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry (2004)
  • Atomic Iran: How The Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians (2005)
  • The Obama Nation—Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality (2008)
  • Why Israel Can’t Wait – The Coming War Between Israel and Iran (2009)
  • Killing the Deep State—The Fight to Save Donald Trump’s Presidency (2018)
  • Photo of Jerome Corsi (2016)
  • Cover of Pope John Paull II’s book re visitation from Mary
  • Photo of John Paul II (1995)
  • Letter from Jan Paluch (March 20, 1995)
  • Photo of Adam and Hanna Tyszkiewicz
  • Time magazine cover of Dec. 30, 2002 w/ Coleen Rowley
  • Photo of Carl Lindner (Great American Park)
  • Photo of Charles Keating
  • Photo of Michael Milken
  • Photo of the Keating Five
  • Cover of Lady Sings the Blues (1956)
  • Cover of You Are All Sanpaku (1965)
  • Cover of Sugar Blues (1975)


1995 Photo Brad Corsi Mel and Ron

In front of The Cincinnatian, a hotel owned by Carl Lindner (1995). Left to right:

  • Ron Burd – Counsel to me since 1992.
  • Brad Amundson – Minneapolis-based broker for Piper Jaffray who raised funds for us to pursue business opportunities in Poland.
  • Jerome Corsi – Israeli asset/agent from whom I first heard the phrase “prepare the minds.” Corsi has since become the best-selling author of a series of prepare-the-minds books, including Unfit for Command (2004), Atomic Iran (2005), Minutemen (suggesting in July 2006 a Hezbollah terrorist attack in the U.S.), The Obama Nation (2008),
  • Mel Rockefeller.

The four people pictured were principals in Standard Investments International, Inc. We accompanied representatives from American Annuity Group, Inc. to Poland to explore the founding of a mutual fund similar to B’nai B’rith mutual funds that Corsi established in Israel. Through responsible for bringing the parties together, Corsi sought to undermine my credibility while in Poland. Hotel owner Carl Lindner, CEO of American Financial Group, Inc., provided the rooms for our stay in Cincinnati. The firm’s website describes Mr. Lindner as “the largest non-Jewish contributor to Jewish causes in the U.S.”

1995 Photo Randy Mel Marek and Corsi

Poland (1995). Left to right:

  • Randy Schwake, a banker to Minnesota farmers from whom FBI agents in the Minneapolis office sought to obtain testimony framing me for a fraud.
  • Mel Rockefeller.
  • Marek Lis, a Polish partner who was defrauded by the same syndicate.
  • Jerome Corsi who I outed as a Mossad asset/agent in a 1997 sting operation in London. Corsi and Piper Jaffray broker Brad Ahmundson were integral to a fraud that took Minnesota investors for $1 million that the FBI refused to properly investigate. Instead, agents sought to portray me as responsible. Corsi is named as the author of several best-selling Israeli psy-ops books, including Unfit for Command (2004), Atomic Iran (2005), Minutemen (2006), The Obama Nation (2008).

Unfit for Command Corsi Atomic Iran Image result for Killing the Deep State Corsi - Why Israel Can't Wait The Obama Nation


‘Atomic Iran’ pre-sales
through the roof
150,000 order copy of Jerome Corsi expose on nuke-happy mullahs
Posted: March 1, 2005
12:05 p.m. Eastern

SPECIAL OFFER: For a limited time, you may order “Atomic Iran” from WND’s online store at a steep discount – below Amazon’s price!

© 2005

WND Books’ latest title, “Atomic Iran,” by best-selling author Jerome Corsi, has pre-sold an unprecedented 150,000 copies three weeks before its official release.

Subtitled “How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians,” the book is the work of the man whose No. 1 best seller, “Unfit for Command,” rocked both publishing and political circles last fall.

In the book, scheduled for release March 22, Corsi exposes the truth behind Tehran’s desire to produce a nuclear bomb and connects the dots between pro-Iranian fund-raisers within the United States and American politicians.

“This is clearly the biggest title in WND Books’ short but amazing history,” said Joseph Farah, founder of the publishing imprint. “We have several major best sellers, including some that have topped the New York Times list, but we have never before had a book that has pre-sold this number of copies. And ‘Atomic Iran’ by Jerome Corsi did it weeks before release. It’s truly amazing – a testimony to the fact that this is the right book at the right time.”

Also documented in “Atomic Iran” are the Iranian regime’s financing of terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, what would happen if a nuclear device were to detonate in New York City, and what Corsi calls the “arrogant intelligence practices” of the federal government.

As WorldNetDaily reported, Corsi’s blockbuster is already making waves in the U.S. Iranian-American activist Hassan Nemazee, a figure Corsi criticizes in the book, has threatened the author with a $10 million defamation lawsuit.

Corsi says he plans to take up residence in Boston this spring as the first step of a plan to challenge Sen. John Kerry for his Senate seat in 2008.

Pope John Paul II


Carl Lindner Michael Milken

Charles Keating

The Keating Five

You Are All Sanpaku Adam and Hanna Tyszkiewicz

Adam and Hanna Tyszkiewicz

  1. Brother Herb Allen served as a mentor to Harlan Peltz, a key figure in orchestrating the fraud in China as described in Chapter 4, The China Connection.
  2. Sean Donegan at Westbrook both hired and fired me. Allen & Company founder Herbert Allen is a close friend of the Peltz family (see Chapter 4 for my experience with Harlan Peltz and YouthStream Media Networks). Specialists in media properties, Allen & Company brokered the Disney-Capital Cities/ABC merger (using Drexel/Milken junk bonds) and Seagram’s $5.7 billion purchase of 80 percent of MCA from Matsushita in a transaction led by Edgar Bronfman, Jr. The Bronfmans have long been key funders of the World Jewish Congress that was active in Russia during the nationwide privatization fraud of the mid-90s. Allen & Company also markets itself as the premier investment banking firm servicing show business. See pp. ## for a description of my interactions with Broadway producer Leonard Key.
  3. Bill also served as an assistant to the editor of The New York Post owned by Dorothy Schiff (granddaughter of Jacob Schiff) from 1939 until its sale to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp in 1976.
  4. Once the firm was formed, Pyszczuk delayed transferring the agreed-to funds, eventually claiming he could not wire funds out of Poland unless they were used to purchase software. When Innovatech sent Pyszczuk invoices totaling $600,000, he claimed that the funds had been invested in a coal and sugar deal in Belarus through Innovatech Polska. Further details are posted on
  5. Corsi continued to specialize in “distributing insurance and securities products and services through financial institutions.” See He also bragged about his extensive inside knowledge of the impact of organized crime on the financial services industry. He co-authored Shootout in Cleveland. See Masotti, Louis H. and Jerome R. Corsi, Shootout in Cleveland: black Militants and the Police: July 23, 1968 (New York: Frederick A. Praeger, 1969).
  6. I first met Amundson in 1987 [CK date] when I rented an apartment from him in Minneapolis. When I again contacted him in 1994-5, he told me that he owned an interest in a Polish company and wanted to be involved in what I was doing in Poland.
  7. Amundson introduced me to Randy Schwake who was then president of a small bank in Claremont, Minnesota.
  8. See Chapter 4 for a description of Wander’s role in catalyzing the repeal of investor protections from the 1930s, with that repeal enabling the subprime mortgage crisis.
  9. Following what counsel Ron Burd and I now call the Minnesota-Investor Poland Fraud, I remained in touch with Wander who was an integral part of a Polish insurance company that I sought to establish in 1996 with Fresno-based physician Maciej Kopacz and several partners. While finalizing details of an arrangement whereby Wander agreed to relocate to Warsaw, Kopacz terminated the deal. In 2000, Wander became involved with AquaTreat International, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, and IMR Corporation, an Oklahoma entity that claimed ownership of proprietary water treatment products (Clearwater). Wander and the principals of those entities proposed that I raise $2 million to purchase international rights to their proprietary products. After several months of effort, I discovered that (a) the products were not proprietary, (b) Wander had a previously undisclosed financial interest in one of the entities, and (c) Wander was fully aware of the misrepresentations.
  10. A friend and political supporter of Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich, Lindner gave $55,000 in 1994 to Gingrich’s GOPAC (GOP political action committee) just before he became Speaker of the House. I was told that Gingrich flew to Cincinatti for lunch on Lindner’s jet the same day that he was sworn in as Speaker of the House. An active member of the Baptist Church, Lindner was a major benefactor of Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, a school founded by Carl H. Lindner III.
  11. Along with insurance firms owned by Saul Steinberg and Meshulam Riklis, Lindner’s American Financial Group was an early investor in Drexel Burnham Lambert’s high-yield (“junk”) securities. See James B. Stewart, Den of Thieves (New York: Touchstone, 1991). Riklis was reportedly Milken’s first customer at Drexel. Riklis’s Rapid-American Corp. became an acquisition vehicle for Lerner Shops, Playtex and RKO movie theaters. [CK: was RKO acquired directly from Joe Kennedy?]. Riklis acquired Lewis Rosenstiel’s shares in Schenley Industries in 1967. By investing in Penn Central bonds, Milken reportedly followed in the steps of Salim “Cy” Lewis who during the 1940s made a personal fortune by investing in the bonds of bankrupt railroads.
  12. [CK: clarify Irvine-headquartered? Was Arizona the operatonal HQ? Why? Check Keating titles.]
  13. The corporate tax deduction allowed interest payments (then denied for dividend payments) could make even high-interest debt less expensive than paying non-deductible dividends. Like Riklis, Linder was another of Milken’s first customers, dating to circa 1974. Lindner acquired Cincinnati’s Provident Bank in 1966 after a business career that began with his ownership of a chain of milk stores known as United Dairy Farmers run by his brother Robert. Armand Hammer also became one of Milken’s most important clients. Hammer and Lindner were principals in Charter Oil, the vehicle used to discredit Billy Carter by associating him with Libyan leader Moamer al Qadhafi at a time when President Carter was identified with human rights. By his own estimate, Lindner presides over business assets worth more than $14 billion. In 2009, Forbes estimated his personal wealth at $1.75 billion. He died in October 2011 at age 92.
  14. To fend off investigators, Keating hired Alan Greenspan, soon to be chairman of the Federal Reserve, whose report insisted that Lincoln’s depositors faced “no foreseeable risk” and praised its “seasoned and expert” management. Accountabilty was further delayed (and costs to taxpayers further increased) when he recruited five Senators—all recipients of campaign contributions traceable proceeds of his fraud—who lobbied the bank board to relax its rules and slow its investigation. Known as “the Keating Five,” their intervention incrased the cost to taxpayers by tens of billiions of dollars. Keating died in April 2014.
  15. Alan Cranston (Democrat of California), Dennis DeConcini (Democrat of Arizona), John Glenn (Democrat of Ohio), John McCain (Republican of Arizona), and Donald W. Riegle, Jr. (Democrat of Michigan) were accused of improperly intervening in 1987 on behalf of Charles H. Keating, Jr.
  16. Chiquita filed a protest with the World Trade Organization when the European Union agreed to allow 80 former colonies to import their bananas duty-free. Chiquita won their banana dispute, setting a WTO precedent that the financial interests of a single firm can override preferential trade treatment offered developing economies, including those countries composing the former British Commonwealth. The same cells of perpetrators who discredited the U.S. in Latin America are active in discrediting the U.S. in the Middle East and throughout the Muslim world. [CK: See Lederer, The Ugly American for a similar phenomenon that preceded the U.S. waging war in Southeast Asia.]
  17. Lindner purchased the Cincinnati Reds baseball team for $182.5 million in 1999.
  18. Carla Marinucci, “Schwarzenegger for Senate?” Politico, March 9, 2017.
  19. Both Milken and Lindner invested heavily in bonds of the Penn Central railroad. See the Introduction regarding the role of Jacob Schiff in the early sale of bonds to finance U.S. railroads and the recycling of those profits into financing the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 and the Russian Revolution of 1917.
  20. “What Riklis had done was acquire one company and then use its assets to acquire the next…in ever larger circles,” according to Predator’s Ball, Connie Bruck’s 1988 expose, Riklis acquired the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas built in 1955 by the “Chicago Outfit” then headed by Mafia don Sam Giancana. Nevada’s Riviera is not to be confused with the Riviera Havana, owned by Meyer Lansky who offered $1 million for anyone who would kill Fidel Castro after the Cuban leader expropriated properties controlled by the Chairman of the National Crime Syndicate.
  21. “Banana Republic” and “Ugly American” are terms that stem directly from the corrupting influence of United Fruit and the way that its business practices discredited the U.S. United Brands conceded in 1978 that it had paid $2.5 million to Abraham Bennaton Ramos, former Honduran Minister of the Economy, in return for a reduction in the banana export tax. With William Casey then head of the SEC and Stanley Sporkin general counsel, the firm was fined $15,000 and the case closed. Under Lindner’s leadership, United Fruit’s purchase of 40 percent of Rapid-American Corporation provided majority owner Riklis with resources to purchase for Ariel Sharon his ranch in the Negev Desert. An Eastern European Jew who served with the Israeli Haganah, Riklis tutored Michael Milken, then a young bond broker, and was reportedly Milken’s first customer at Drexel Burnham Lambert.
  22. Simon Leis was an ultra-conservative Catholic prosecutor. The pursuit of Flynt was led by Citizens for Decency Through Law, founded by Charles Keating with help from the Cincinnati Enquirer, run by his brother Bill Keating as CEO and publisher, 1974-1992. (Lindner was then a part owner). [CK: current ownership]
  23. [CK: date that Milken funded Lincoln S&L; deal terms; confirm Keating’s titles]
  24. U.S. speakers at the conference included Michael Lipper of Lipper Analytical, Inc., Joseph Demmler of Bankers Trust Company, and Richard Ayotte, of American Brokerage Consultants, Inc.
  25. It quickly became clear that Corsi intended to create problems. On February 16, he called me to report that he had received a call from a Polish collaborator who quizzed him on my relationship with my father. I immediately contacted that person who reported it was Jerome Corsi who had raised the issue, to her great surprise. I then contacted Corsi who called her a liar.
  26. Janusz Quandt, the President of BPH, then the largest bank in Poland and a potential supporter who expressed interest in the mutual fund, was fired from his job one week before our scheduled March 6, 1995 meetings. While in Krakow, Glenn informed me that he had been asked by President Clinton to assist him in reorganizing his Cabinet but had declined because he felt that he was too elderly to endure “another Watergate” (he knew about the Monica Lewinsky scandal three years before it became public in January 1998).
  27. At the time, Glenn (of Polish descent) was also in Poland on a mission for Laurance Rockefeller who asked that he organize a technology transfer program at Jagiellonian University, the first such conference since the fall of the Berlin Wall. In our discussions, Glenn portrayed Ambassador Rey quite harshly. He sensed that Rey was going to create a problem, as he did. On his return to the U.S., Glenn wrote Secretary of State Albright expressing his concerns about Ambassador Rey. Secretary Albright did not respond.
  28. John Schwartz, Donal O’Brien, Audobon Leader, Dies at 79, The New York Times, September 10, 2013.
  29. On June 30, 1995 in preparation for a meeting the following day to discuss recovery of the investors’ funds, counsel Ron Burd and I met with Randy Schwake. We explained what had happened in Poland, what questions to ask Pyszczuk at a meeting the following day, and proposed a plan to protect the investors’ remaining funds in Poland while also keeping Pyszczuk in the jurisdiction of the Minnesota courts (by taking his passport). Unknown to us, that evening Schwake met with Amundson and Pyszczuk. On July 1, 1995, Ron and I met with Amundson, Schwake and Pyszczuk in an attempt to salvage the investors’ funds. That evening Michael Bailey arrived in Minneapolis and, over dinner with Amundson, sought to convince Schwake that I was manic-depressive and schizophrenic. Schwake confirmed this account in an interview with Jeff in Schwake’s offices at Agmotion in St. Paul on July 16, 2004.
  30. Over the next three years, Ron Burd and I invested significant time and resources in an attempt to recover the funds, including reporting Pyszczuk to Polish authorities. Each time we believed action might be taken, Amundson undermined our efforts, leading tus to surmise that Amundson, a registered broker with Piper Jaffrey, was actively complicit in the fraud. We were also told that Piper Jaffrey waited six months to suspend his license and then quickly restored it. We were also told that in June 1995 Pyszczuk placed in the records of the Polish company an entry indicating that Ron was paid $100,000, staging my counsel for criminal and civil charges. From a concerned insider, we also received a copy of a crude cut-and-paste forgery featuring my signature that made it appear I had confessed to a sex crime in Poland.
  31. Corsi specialized in “distributing insurance and securities products and services through financial institutions.” See (now a “parked domain”). He boasted about his extensive inside knowledge of the impact of organized crime on the financial services industry, a claim consistent with the fact that our trip to Poland was financially sponsored by a firm controlled by Carl Lindner.
  32. Just as the Oil-for-Food scandal in Iraq emerged right on cue (i.e., just as the credibility of the U.N. was most needed to assist with the transition in Iraq), a U.N. scandal involving Secretary General Kofi Annan was again back in the news (and in the public consciousness) right on cue just when the credibility of the U.N. leadership was needed to assist with possible sanctions on Iran. The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, in its November 15, 2004 hearings, estimated that the Saddam Hussein government made at least $21.3 billion on illicit oil trades, twice the previous estimates and 12.5 times the amount identified by former Federal Reserve Chair Paul Volcker. Subcommittee Chair Norman Coleman said (a) he doubted that fraud of this scale could have gone undetected by Secretary General Kofi Annan, and (b) the scale of the fraud created a “dark stain” over the U.N. that raised questions whether the U.N. could put in place and monitor sanctions anywhere—implying the futility of U.N. sanctions in lieu of a preemptive attack on Iran by Israel or the U.S. Judith Miller, “Panel Pegs Illicit Earnings at $21.3 Billion,” The New York Times, November 16, 2004, p. A11. [An archive search confirms that Miller is the national journalist whose reporting most frequently cited the false and flawed intelligence leading up to the war in Iraq.] Michigan Senator Senator Carl Levin, ranking minority member on the subcommittee, said that both the Clinton and Bush Administrations had “winked at” Saddam Hussein’s illicit trade with Jordan and Turkey because their political support was vital. Before his election as Mayor of St. Paul in 1993 (as a Democrat), Republican Senator Coleman served 17 years in the Minnesota Attorney General’s office. Coleman’s assignment as chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Investigations is a position once held by Harry Truman. Further discrediting the U.N. during this sensitive period, Dore Gold, former Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. (1997-99), released Tower of Babble: How the United Nations Has Fueled Global Chaos, a sequel to his 2003 book supporting the war in Iraq and its expansion to encompass Greater Israel: Hatred’s Kingdom: How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism. In the fall of 2003, Jeff and I traveled to Michigan as part of his research and to look for business opportunities to fund this work. Just as we began a meeting with Doug Martz, senior water-quality specialist in St. Clair Shores (my childhood home), Martz received a 35-minute phone call from Carl Levin who, Martz told us, had not initiated a call to him in more than three years. When we again contacted Martz, he had received a contract from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, undermining his interest in working with us. Levin joined the Senate Armed Services Committee after his election in 1978 and remained there until his retirment in January 2015. On January 11, 2013, I wrote an 11-page memo to Levin chronicling how his political career was produced by (Jewish) organized crime. On March 7, 2013, he announced that he would not seek reelection. Minneapolis was one of the early nodes in the national network of Jewish organized crime. Isadore Blumenfeld (a.k.a Kid Cann) was among the most notorious of the Jewish gangsters from the 1920s to the 1970s. Brian P Rubin, “The Forgotten Crime Boss: Kidd Cann, the Original Teflon Don, Reigned Over Minneapolis,” City Pages, April 22, 2015.
  33. In 1996, at the urging of Canadian Charlene Gorbet, I contacted the Financial Times employee charged with organizing a FT-sponsored health conference for developing economies under the auspices of that Pearson PLC publication. I urged that the organizer invite as a speaker Dr. Glenn Olds who worked closely with the Nixon White House when the U.S. abandoned the gold standard. Working together, Glenn and I devised several sustainable means for financing and monetizing healthcare both in developing countries and in fiscally constrained environments worldwide, financial innovations of considerable interest to Ms. Gorbet, a specialist in healthcare. When a Pearson agent called me at the Flemings Mayfair Hotel, a professional colleague overheard the agent’s comments as she reportedly mocked, belittled and laughed at me. In the course of that conversation, this FT employee informed me that she had contacted the office of Senator Rockefeller. Yet at no time had I mentioned my relationship to any member of the Rockefeller family. When I inquired why she called Senator Rockefeller’s office, she responded, “You know”—and again laughed. This type of psychological targeting (still ongoing) often involves belittling or demeaning behavior such as that just described.
  34. For example, I knew Glenn Olds who knew B’nai B’rith stalwart Julius Stulman. Yet when I met Corsi, founder of Israel’s B’nai B’rith mutual fund, Corsi had never met Stulman. Stulman sponsored the publication of a series of books that help explain the ‘quantum’ nature of this field-of-consciousness phenomenon titled Fields Within Fields…Within Fields. [New York: World Institute Council, 1968-72] Confirming that Corsi meant to use every opportunity to discredit me, he asked that I arrange an introduction to Stulman. I agreed and told Corsi that Stulman wanted Glenn to call him before they spoke with me. I then received a copy of a fax sent by Corsi to Stulman’s New York Lumber Exchange stating that he was sending information on the B’nai B’rith mutual fund pursuant to Stulman’s conversation with me As I had not yet discussed that matter with Stulman (as Corsi knew), that contact could only damage my credibility—as Corsi knew.
  35. Corsi’s New Jersey-based firm maintains an address a half-hour north of Palm Beach, Florida: The – Lifestar, 1200 Town Center Dr. #502, Jupiter, Florida 33458.
  36. I gave this information to to the F.B.I. in 1998. [
  37. Walter F. Roche and Ken Silverstein, “Adocates of War Now Profit from Iraq’s Reconstruction,” Los Angeles Times, July 14, 2004, p. A1.
  38. From 2001 to 2004, its top donors included Edgar M. and Charles Bronfman, Michael Steinhardt, the Abramson Family Foundation and Home Depot founder Bernard Marcus.
  39. Woolsey offers a classic example of how treason can proceed in plain sight. A member of the Project for a New American Century promoting the removal of Saddam Hussein, he appeared on television within hours of 9/11 suggesting Iraqi complicity. He also charged Iraqi compicity in the 1995 bombing of Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City and the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. A foreign policy adviser to asset John MccCain, he contends that most Muslim social organizations are fronts for violent jihadists. In 2004, Woolsey emerged as a founding member and co-chair of “CPD III,” the newly reformed Committee on the Present Danger, where Senators Joe Lieberman (a Jewish Zionist) and Jon Kyl (a Zionist Christian) served as honorary chairs. The stated purpose of CPD III: to win “the global war against terrorism.” A review of the CPD’s website-featured members reveals much about the undisclosed motives of this organization. The first CPD was founded in 1950 when its members helped fuel the Cold War conflict-of-opposites. CPD II reemerged in 1976 to promote the present danger of the nonexistent ‘missile gap’ and the false ‘window of vulnerability’ that led to massive deficit-financed Pentagon spending during the Reagan era. When Richard Perle first came to Washington in 1969, he worked for a neocon think tank (“The Committee to Maintain a Prudent Defense Policy”) before Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson offered him a staff position on the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. During the four decades of the Cold War (1948-1989), U.S. taxpayers invested an estimated $25 trillion (##update) in defense spending (in 2017 dollars). The member list of CPD III offers a veritable “Who’s Who” of pro-Israeli agents and assets, including Kenneth Adelman (Director of Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, 1983-87), Peter Brookes (Director, Asian Studies Center, Heritage Foundation), Eliot Cohen (Paul Nitze School, Johns Hopkins University), Frank Gaffney (Founder, Center for Security Policy), Newt Gingrich (Speaker of the House, 1995-99), Michael Horowitz (Hudson Institute), Ed Meese (Attorney General, 1985-88, when the Department of Justice obtained the PROMIS software used to compromise national security), Laurie Mylroie (American Enterprise Institute who blamed Saddam Hussein for the Oklahoma City bombing), Danielle Pletka (American Enterprise Institute and a regular pro-war commentator on CNN), Norman Podhoretz (Editor, Commentary), Stephen Solarz (former pro-Israeli member of the House, 1975-93), Ben Wattenberg (American Enterprise Institute), CPD members portray the latest present danger as “Islamic terrorism,” “Radical Islamists,” “Islamic fanatics,” “militant Islam,” “fanatical Jihadists,” and “Islamofascism” – the phrase most often used by President G.W. Bush to describe the enemy. Insistent on keeping the focus off Israel, Donald Trump insists on using the term “radical Islamic extremists.” CPD members often draw analogies to the threat of Stalin and Hitler, the dangers of communism and fascism, and the horror of the Holocaust. Unhappy that Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard was being forced to serve the full 25-year term of his sentence, Woolsey claimed that “anti-Semitism played a role in the continued detention of Pollard” (who reportedly did more damage to our national security than anyone in U.S. history).
  40. The second-listed manager at Intellibridge is Admiral Steven Smith who (July 1996 – July 1998) served as the senior military officer assigned to Walt Slocombe, then Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, a post previously held by Paul Wolfowitz in the G.H.W. Bush presidency. The Democratic Leadership Council was formed in the aftermath of Minnesota Senator Walter Mondale’s weak performance in the 1984 presidential campaign. Bill Clinton stepped down as president of the DLC’s “centrist” Democrats to run for president in 1992. Joe Lieberman stepped down to run as Vice President with presidential contender Al Gore in 2000.
  41. Ron has been meticulous about documenting such events. This incident was documented in July 1998 correspondence that he sent to Nina Collins of the F.B.I. Fresno office. Consistent with the profile, he received no response. The account was also confirmed in Jeff’s interview with this physician in Fresno.
  42. December 30, 2002 issue of Time magazine.
  43. See Chapters 2 and 5 re Moussaoui, San Diego F.B.I. agent Stephen Butler and my Iraqi colleague, Munther Ghazal, who was harassed by Butler. Butler reportedly paid rent and cashed checks for two of the 9/11 terrorists. Mr. Ghazal reports that Butler told him Mossaoui lived in San Diego before relocating to Minneapolis. Butler is the F.B.I. agent who interrogated Ghazal four days after 9/11, asking if he was funding me. That was the same day Paul Wolfowitz argued in a principals’ meeting at Camp David that the U.S. should invade Iraq even though Osama bin Laden was known to be in Afghanistan.