Mel Rockefeller Memo to Special Counsel Robert Mueller and FBI Director Christopher Wray

TO: Robert Mueller, Special Counsel CC: Christopher Wray, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation FROM: James M. (“Mel”) Rockefeller RE: Jerome Corsi – Israeli agent or asset? DATE: September 7, 2018 I write again to provide facts and analyses proving the common source of the nonlinear corruption and criminality that appear thus far to have escaped the attention of the Office…

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Hidden Tax on Humanity

Chapter 5. The Poland Connection

Draft of March 20, 2018 Word count: 8,882 Chapter 5. The Poland Connection In July 2003, Russian-Jewish oligarch and mega-thief Mikhail Khodorkovsky, CEO of Yukos Oil, attended the annual telecom conference sponsored by Allen & Co. in Sun Valley, Idaho. Allen & Co. is owned largely by two brothers.[1] One brother financed Connecticut-based Westbrook Technologies, a firm that hired me…

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