Israeli Interests vs. U.S. National Security24 min read

Donald Trump & Bibi Netanyahu — Tel Aviv February 20119

TO:                   Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence

Gina Haspel, Director of Central Intelligence

CC:                   Christopher Wray, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

General Paul Nakasone, Director, National Security Agency

Lt. General Robert Ashley, Director, Defense Intelligence Agency

Robert Cardillo, Director, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Michael Morell, former acting Director of Central Intelligence

Robert Mueller, Special Counsel, Department of Justice

The Honorable Ilhan Omar, House of Representatives

The Honorable Rashida Tlaib, House of Representatives

The Honorable Kyrsten Sinema, U.S. Senate

The Honorable Greg Stanton, House of Representatives

The Honorable Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia

The Honorable Chuck Schumer, U.S. Senate

FROM:             James M. Rockefeller

RE:                  Israeli Interests vs. U.S. National Security

DATE:             February 4, 2019

Trump’s dismissal of the Worldwide Threat Assessment and his ridiculing of our intelligence agencies was put into motion seven decades ago. In 1948, the Joint Chiefs warned that U.S. recognition of Israel would “prejudice U.S. interests” in that critical region as Jewish elites and Zionist extremists engaged “in a continuously widening and deepening series of operations intended to secure maximum Jewish objectives” (region-wide hegemony).

I write to insist that you meet with me and investigate facts and analyses able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Israel, its lobby and its operatives are engaged in espionage, terrorism and treason.

Over decades, Israeli duplicity has undermined the fact-based rule of law and displaced the intelligence required to defend this nation. The Trump presidency is a product of this deception. A Facebook-enabled, Cambridge Analytica operation led a naive public to believe that 2016 was a legitimate presidential election. It was not; it was a psyop and Israel was its primary beneficiary. Their routine displacement of facts with false beliefs defines the strategy of those who “wage war by way of deception”— the maxim of the Israeli intelligence services.

Under the direction of the House and Senate leadership, key committees have been staffed with pro-Israel stalwarts, including recent appointees to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney. The depth of this influence is matched by its duration. In 1984, AIPAC hand-picked Dick Durbin to replace Paul Findley in the House—the first Member openly removed by the Israel lobby. Like many other assets, their lobby nurtured Durbin’s rise to become Assistant Leader to Jewish Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Democrat or Republican is irrelevant. These latest appointments shore up bipartisan support for the Israeli Right on the leading Committee in Congress concerned with U.S. foreign policy.

Israel and its lobby continue to undermine U.S. national security and subvert our democratic values under the guise of a “special relationship,” a “special friendship” and an “unbreakable bond.” Truman Secretary of State George Marshall adamantly opposed U.S. recognition as did our diplomatic corps, the Joint Chiefs and the C.I.A. Zionist Christian Harry Truman, from the Bible Belt of Missouri, ignored their advice reliant on:

  • Appeals by WWI colleague and former haberdashery partner Eddie Jacobson,
  • Fundraising concerns by the unpopular Truman’s 1948 campaign chair Clark Clifford, and
  • Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann who lied to Truman about their hegemonic designs on the region.

Fast forward to today and the expansive Israel lobby—with its 600+ Israel affinity organizations:

  • Flaunts compliance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act.
  • Lobbies us to wage wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran.
  • Exerts virtual control over both the Congress and the Presidency.

The 2010 Citizens United ruling enabled unlimited political spending by pro-Israel extremists such as multi-billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson and his Israeli wife. While key Congressional committees are staffed with pro-Israelis, anyone questioning the merits of this demonstrably duplicitous relationship is smeared as an anti-Semite. Those few Members who speak candidly about the seven-decade record of Israeli human rights abuses are attacked as anti-Semites, including Representatives Omar and Tlaib. What’s being done to these women on a daily basis is a form of terrorism that has no place in a nation devoted to freedom of speech.

From Truman to Trump. The Trump presidency was produced by this same transnational network.

  • Trump’s professional career as a purported multi-billionaire was nurtured by those who dominate casinos, popular culture (The Apprentice) and commercial real estate in midtown Manhattan.
  • His presidency was produced by online psychographic profilers Cambridge Analytica—retained by devotees of the messianic Chabad Lubavitch sect, including Jared Kushner, David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt with support from Zionist extremists such as casino magnates Sheldon and Mariam Adelson.
  • Well-placed extremist Jews are using this presidency to fracture civil society, discredit us abroad, weaken us militarily, imperil us fiscally and undermine our faith in self-governance and the rule of law.

As an easily profiled asset, Donald Trump is acting out his unfulfilled needs as a narcissist while advancing an agenda long pursued by Jewish elites and extremists. Thus the consistency of informed opinion:

  • “Moron” and “undisciplined, doesn’t like to read, doesn’t read briefing reports” – Rex Tillerson
  • “Idiot” and “unhinged” – General John Kelly, White House Chief of Staff (quoted by Bob Woodward)
  • “Understanding of a fifth- or sixth-grader.” – General Jim Mattis, Secretary of Defense
  • “Dishonest, immoral, shady” – General Stanley McChrystal, former U.S. commander in Iraq
  • “Dope” “with the intelligence of a kindergartner”– Lt. General H.R. McMaster, National Security Adviser
  • “Dumb as s–t” – Gary Cohn, former senior economic adviser
  • The Washington Post chronicled 7,465 lies told by Trump since taking office (average 15 per day in 2018)

It’s essential that you meet with me to discuss what was uncovered by research and analysis pivoting off my life experience profiling those stalking the out-of-wedlock son of Nelson Rockefeller. In 1964, Gov. Rockefeller described the greatest threat to democracy as those who share a “tireless genius for crisis.” My experience proves their aptitude for well-timed crisis. Emotionally wrenching crises such as 9/11 displace the critical thinking and fact-based analysis required to protect this nation from those profiled. False intelligence (e.g., Iraqi WMD) is routinely pre-staged well beforehand. All that’s now required is another body count to induce war with Iran.

Often such operations include emotional force-multipliers to ensure that critical thinking is kept at bay:

  • Seven days after 9/11, the first envelopes with weapons-grade anthrax were mailed to two U.S. Senators—spreading fear and insecurity. Similar incidents spread terror among lawmakers and their staff.
  • On October 2, 2002, random sniper attacks began around Washington, killing ten and critically wounding three over a three-week period. That well-timed crisis created widespread fear, insecurity and anxiety as Washington became a city under siege one day before debate began on Senate Resolution 46 to authorize the use of U.S. armed forces in Iraq—introduced by Senator Joe Lieberman a self-described Jewish-Zionist.

The source of the anthrax remains contentious. When the “Beltway Snipers” were apprehended, they matched the profile of typical assets who, as with many of the subsequent mass shootings, could have been easily profiled and triggered to “go off” at an opportune time, place and circumstance to advance a pre-staged narrative.

Thus my concern at the timing of the Feb. 1, 2019 apology by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam for a 1984 racist photo featuring a figure in blackface standing next to another person in a Ku Klux Klan hood. The next day he denied it was him in the photo. Surely opposition research would have found this old photo. Why did this story surface now? Is this a use of correspondence to imply that critics of Israel are racists? A clue emerged when it became clear that the reporter was formerly with Breitbart News founded by Andrew Breitbart, a staunch Zionist who also employed Steve Bannon, former Trump campaign manager, strategist and Israeli supporter.

The Israeli Narrative. For examples of this nonlinear manipulation of consensus opinion, Appendix A describes the multi-decade behavior of Israeli asset Jerome Corsi who was complicit in stalking me in 1995. As his reward, he was transformed into a best-selling author of psyop books published to advance Israel’s long game. Operating largely through assets and sayanim (see Appendix B), Israel is once again actively “preparing the mind” to agree to their next war while they divert attention, intimidate critics and signal those tactics likely to be deployed to advance their latest deception. As their operations become more apparent, they’ve increased efforts meant to shield from the public those facts required to make informed choices. For example:

  • January 3, 2019—The first legislation advanced in the new Congress was an anti-BDS bill (boycott, divestiture, sanction), meant to silence critics of Israeli policy while signaling other nations that Israel’s agenda remains our national priority.
  • January 13, 2019—On Fareed Zakaria’s GPS, Martin Indyk confirmed that Zionist Christians would be mobilized to block any attempt to settle the Israeli occupation: “I doubt that evangelicals are going to be very supportive of a plan should it require any kind of territorial concession from the Israelis.”
  • January 29, 2019—the launch of Democratic Majority for Israel was announced with a photo featuring Senator Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi standing shoulder-to-shoulder for Israel.
  • January 30, 2019—White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times and I think that he wanted Donald Trump to become president.” This narrative of The Chosen plays well with True Believers in Jewish supremacy within the Zionist Christian Right, including Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Israel will spare no expense to ensure that their latest asset remains in place as Commander-in-Chief. Thus the Michael Cohen payoffs to cover-up his affairs, protecting support from evangelical Christians. The perils this nation faces are due to the reluctance of our 17 intelligence agencies to expose Israeli intelligence operations inside our government. Per my personal experience chronicled on, that includes complicit personnel in the FBI and the DIA. Your failure to engage the facts leaves those identified to:

  • Staff the National Security Council with pro-Israelis such as John Bolton.
  • Load up key Congressional Committees with pro-Israelis (e.g., appointing staunch pro-Israelis to the Foreign Relations Committee: Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney).
  • Provide security clearances to clearly compromised personnel such as Jared Kushner.
  • Give top priority to anti-BDS legislation meant to intimidate and silence critics of Israeli policy.
  • Provide the Trump campaign with unlimited access to campaign funds ($130 million since 2016).
  • Provide tax cuts that disproportionately benefit pro-Israelis (e.g., the Adelson’s $700 million windfall).

Those who produced

this presidency moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, disavowed the Iran nuclear accord, halted the peace process, expanded Israeli settlements, cut aid to Palestinian refugees, closed the Palestine Liberation Organization office and appointed Israeli stalwart John Bolton as “our” National Security Adviser. The Israel lobby, with seven decades of single-issue advocacy, now exerts indirect control over the Congress and the presidency—including the world’s most powerful military. The Joint Chiefs warned us in 1948.

By steadily moving pro-Israel legislators into positions of influence (e.g., Chuck Schumer in the Senate; Eliot Engel as chairman of House Foreign Affairs), the Israel lobby enables Zionist Jews to exercise the disproportionate power they’ve long worked to achieve—and to which they feel rightly entitled as The Chosen.

I refer you to the facts, research and analyses published on the NewRock website: The Hidden Tax on Humanity www.hiddentaxonhumanity.comReview my memo of September 7, 2018 to Messrs. Mueller and Wray sent two days after the subpoena of Israeli asset Jerome Corsi. Because I was/am being stalked by the same parties who produced serial presidencies, I was routinely drawn into the “fields within fields” of relationships through which their trans-generational operation proceeds. Thus my encounter with Chuck Schumer in the 1990s where he was allied with Rabbi Marvin Hier who emerged in 2017 to officiate at the Trump inaugural. When their lobby placed Dick Durbin in the House 37 years ago, AIPAC’s Tom Dine bragged about it.

The U.S.-Israel special relationship internalized a pro-Israel bias such that their narrow interests take precedence over our national interests. Critics are smeared as anti-Semites or self-censor for fear of attack. Seven decades of single-issue advocacy enabled the Israel lobby to imbed its interests in our national narrative—to our detriment. Their decades of deception undermined informed consent in the U.S. and discredited the democracy practiced in Israel. The systematic suppression of any criticism directed at Israel is now being locked into law by Trump’s appointment of record numbers of appellate court judges. A partial survey:

  • ADL-sought hate crimes legislation conflates criticism of Israeli policy with hate-mongering.
  • Campus Watch closely monitors colleges and universities to suppress criticism of Israel.
  • The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance seeks uniform standards of forbidden speech.
  • The U.K.-based Campaign Against Anti-Semitism seeks to silence, discredit and bankrupt critics.
  • Anti-BDS policies are now at work in more than 20 of the 50 states.
  • A Senate bill introduced January 3, 2019 encourages state and local governments to oppose BDS.
  • The House voted 411-1 on January 14, 2019 to require that Trump appoint an anti-Semitism envoy.
    • This position, created in 2004 over the objections of the State Department, conflates criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism, implying that critics of Israeli policy are complicit in hate crimes.

None of this is new. Philip Zelikow, Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, opposed hearings on the motivation for the mass murder provocation of 9/11 that induced us to war in Iraq, a nation that played no role in that crime. Compliance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act would constrain 600-plus Israel affinity organizations posing as domestic operations while lobbying us to wage wars for Greater Israel.

Your oath of office mandates that you engage me in good faith and investigate the facts of what my life experience proves. And do so in a timely fashion. Should you fail to do so, you are providing aid and comfort to an enemy operating under cover of a trusted ally. There can be no more perilous form of espionage.

As a resident of Arizona, I sought to engage Senators McCain, Kyl and Flake—to no avail. Likewise Arizona Governor Napolitano who I first contacted in December 2005. Neither she nor Attorney General Terry Goddard would meet to discuss a detailed submission of facts and analyses. Nor would my Representative Kyrsten Sinema meet with me. She is now my Senator. She’s copied along with my Representative, Greg Stanton. The depth of the corruption is suggested by the fact that they will not speak with me. Why is Kyrsten Sinema only one of five Members quoted in support of the newly formed Democratic Majority for Israel?

Follow the money: identify the source of the $130 million contributed to Trump’s campaign. Trace the funds for the inaugural. Rest assured the same source(s) retained Cambridge Analytica to (a) put Tom Cotton in the Senate in 2014, (b) fracture the U.K. with the passage of Brexit in 2015, (c) bring Ted Cruz from obscurity to prominence in 2016, and (d) gain asset Trump just enough votes to prevail in the Electoral College.

Why are you not able to address this problem? Do intelligence officials not yet grasp the repetitive behavior patterns of those who hijacked both political parties and dominated media to undermine faith in democracy? Why will no one call out the common source of deception? Are you protecting our security or your jobs? Did our elected leaders allow Israel’s unregistered lobby to grow so powerful and all-pervasive that self-censorship is easier than facing the risk of being smeared as an anti-Semite—regardless of the facts? When faced with a crisis, this asset/president will turn to what Israel wants and rely on their intelligence. One Senator even testified that he would trust Israeli intelligence over ours. Any failure to timely engage is tantamount to treason.

The repetitive fact patterns provide leverage to my life experience. Was I an “anti-Semite” when, at age four, they arranged for my mother to marry the brother of Rothschild operative Robert King Cunningham? When my “Uncle Bob” was provided legal access to me—even before I began grade school—was I a Jew-hater and a Holocaust denier? What did I ever do to them? Review the timeline on

Anyone who doubts that Donald Trump is a political product of Jewish organized crime need only compare his behavior with Roy Cohn, his trusted adviser and counsel. Known for representing senior figures in organized crime, Cohn tutored Trump on his mobster-like behavior, including a willingness to lie shamelessly, never admit a mistake and, if anyone strikes out, hit back twice as hard. It should come as no surprise if we find that Trump intimidated witnesses or directed his counsel to lie to Congress. When you see the asset Trump, what you see is an easily profiled narcissist mimicking mobster Roy Cohn, his Jewish mentor.

Due to a lack of knowledge, no one has been able—until now—to prove beyond any reasonable doubt the common source of repetitive patterns of deception, corruption and trans-generational criminality. What will be the reaction when Americans grasp how long they’ve been defrauded? Armed with the knowledge of how cyber weaponry was deployed against them by a purported ally, an oft-deceived U.S. public can begin to restore the rule of law and remove from office those who championed Israel’s agenda. Or accepted their support. Their operations systematically undermined the very infrastructure of democracy, including faith in our institutions. Restoration of the rule of law requires indictments, prosecutions and, as appropriate, executions.

During my father’s second of four terms as Governor of New York, he saw that education would be liberty’s “last line of defense” against those I’ve profiled much of my life (I am now 67). I offer our services to help you grasp the nonlinear nature of this warfare being waged on us by those proud of their expertise in deception and fraud. My life experience proves the all-important “how” by which a duplicitous and extremist few leveraged their treachery to impose a hidden tax on humanity. The Joint Chiefs cautioned us 71 years ago to beware of their “continuously widening and deepening series of operations.” We should have listened. It’s not too late.

I urge that you meet with us as soon as possible—ideally before those profiled stage another crisis. Working through this latest presidential asset, those described are well positioned to provoke the next crisis required to induce us to war in Iran or another venue in the region. With this memo, you no longer have the shield of plausible deniability for failing to expose and address this source of ongoing espionage, terrorism and treason.

There will be a day of reckoning when a long-deceived American public grasps the costs imposed on them by this ill-advised relationship. Accountability is now only a matter of time, including for those who fail to engage these facts in good faith and follow the evidence wherever it may lead. Time is of the essence.

Please contact me at the number above or colleague Jeff Gates in California on 928-978-4568. Thank you.

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DCI Gina Haspel
DNI Dan Coats

Appendix A — Preparing the Mind

On September 5, 2018, Jerome Corsi was subpoenaed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in conjunction with the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Two days later, I wrote to Mr. Mueller and FBI Director Christopher Wray documenting Corsi’s multi-decade role in Israeli manipulation of consensus opinion and ongoing treason. If Mueller and Wray pull on this one string, this entire ball of trans-generational deceit will come unwound. See online Memo to Special Counsel Robert

I met Jerry Corsi in 1995 in a fantasy suite in Las Vegas rented by the nephew of the founder of the Hertz rental company, a fervent supporter of the Israeli Right. Corsi explained that he had recently returned from Israel where he founded two mutual funds for B’nai B’rith. He urged that we collaborate on founding a similar fund in Poland. For a chronicle of how I profiled them while they stalked me, see online The Poland Connection.

In return for perpetrating a fraud for which he sought to frame the son of Nelson Rockefeller, Corsi was transformed into a New York Times best-selling author of books published to promote narratives helpful to advance Israeli goals. Corsi is the first person I heard use the phrase “preparing the mind” to displace facts with manipulated beliefs. His publishing career as a psyop specialist remains ongoing, including:

Unfit for Command—Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry(2004). Tel Aviv wanted to keep Zionist Christian asset George W. Bush in office another four years.

Atomic Iran—How the Terrorist Regime Bought the Bomb and American Politicians (2005). Published as Israel sought to gain traction in consensus opinion (preparing the mind) for a U.S.-led war with Iran.

Minutemen—The Battle to Secure America’s Borders (2006) written with Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minuteman Project. This release pre-staged one of the market-tested slogans (“Build the Wall”) for their2016 Trump presidential campaign. The book also prepared the public’s mind to accept as true the Trump administration’s 2019 fear-and-insecurity narrative claiming that Islamic terrorists are entering the U.S. through Mexico. Stephen Miller, Trump’s Jewish immigration adviser, also induced Trump to cite as precedent Israel’s wall.

The Obama Nation—Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality (2008).A race-baiting account that helped gain traction (prepare the mind) for the emergence of white nationalism and the nationalist right. See: Lessons Learned from the Crisis in Charlottesville.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has long been an Israeli cover, using “correspondence” to equate criticism of Israeli policy with anti-Semitism and anti-Semitism with racism.

Why Israel Can’t WaitThe Coming War Between Israel and Iran(2009) helped “prepare the mind” for war with Iran should an attack plausibly be linked to Iran-backed Hezbollah. The pre-staging of the next war requires a sustained media campaign to portray faraway Tehran as a threat to the U.S. and its leaders as the next plausible Evil Doer. Is this emerging narrative beginning to sound familiar?

Where’s the Birth Certificate—The Case that Barack Obama is not Qualified to Be President(2011). The “birther” issue became Donald Trump’s signature issue when pre-staging his candidacy while also serving as a ‘dog whistle’ to attract the support of racists and white nationalists.

Killing the Deep State—The Fight to Save the Trump Presidency(March 2018). Published to prepare the public’s mind to accept conspiracy theories about an unidentified (and unidentifiable) anti-democratic influence inside government while ignoring the systemic influence of Israel and the power of its all-pervasive lobby.

In a January 26, 2019 interview on MSNBC following the indictment of Corsi colleague Roger Stone, Corsi described how, while working on terrorism on contract to the State Department, he was “trained by some of the best psychiatrists in the world.” When it was suggested that he was lying about his role in the WikiLeaks release of emails helpful to the Trump campaign, he offered the intent-is-determinative rationale that protects assets, “I must intend to tell you something I know to be false and intend to deceive you.”

Appendix B — The Production and Pre-Staging of Assets

Condoleeza Rice. Consider the probability that, on her relocation to Denver when she was a teenager, her father moved in next door to the father of Benjamin Netanyahu. Ms. Rice was mentored by Czech-Jewish defector Josef Korbel whose daughter, Marie Jana, emerged in 1996 as Bill Clinton’s second-term Secretary of State. The Korbels, both father and daughter, mentored Condi such that she emerged in the fall of 2000 as National Security Adviser just as George Bush was being deceived to order an invasion of Iraq in pursuit of a regime change long sought by Israel. Rice was induced to provide the verbal imagery supportive of the fear-inducing Iraqi WMD narrative:“We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.” Trained as a specialist in Russia, she could be expected to focus on Russian issues rather than terrorism.

Madeleine Albright. Glenn Olds described meeting Marie Jana Korbel as a teenager with pigtails and braces as she stepped off a train when she arrived in Denver with her mother to join her father, an early Soviet Bloc defector who was granted a teaching post at the University of Denver. Then serving as University Chaplain, Glenn was the emissary to welcome Korbel’s wife and daughter. Glenn described how he held the family menorah as the teen exited the train holding the object wrapped in silk. He knew the Korbel family well during his tenure (1951-54). After her December 1996 nomination as Secretary of State and reports that she was Jewish, Marie Jana described discovery of her Jewish heritage as an “epiphany.” As Glenn commented, “That is simply not believable.” After Glenn began working with me in 1994, Mrs. Albright would no longer return his calls.

Colin Powell. Who induced General Powell to offer false testimony to the U.N. Security Council re Iraqi WMD? Who wrote his speech? I wrote to him that same day to explain who deceived him, how and why. Born in Harlem and raised in Brooklyn, Powell’s mother served as a Shabbos Goy performing routine tasks for ultraorthodox Jews on their sabbath. The Powell family reportedly maintained a mezuzah on the entryway to their home. Did that personal history pre-dispose him to trust those who provided false intelligence on which our Secretary of State was induced to rely? See How Israel Wages War on the U.S.—By Way of Deception

Tom Cotton. In 2014, Cambridge Analytica was retained to manage a psyop designed to “elect” to the U.S. Senate Tom Cotton from Arkansas. Six days after Netanyahu’s March 3, 2015 speech to Congress, Cotton sought to undermine ongoing negotiations with Iran by releasing a letter to the Iranian leader signed by 47 Republican Senators stating that any Obama-negotiated nuclear accord could be undone by the Senate or the next president. The role played by Israel and its lobby was apparent but nontransparent and went largely unmentioned by a pro-Israel mainstream media. Those skeptical that a 37-year old freshman Senator would take this step on his own initiative had good reason to worry. Calls to Cotton were overheard when President Obama ordered the NSA to monitor Benjamin Netanyahu and his aides as they and the Israel lobby sought to scuttle the Iran nuclear accord meant to prevent a war with Iran long sought by supporters of Greater Israel.

Cotton’s campaign received more than $2 million from pro-Israel groups and individuals. No single incident was enough to indict anyone for espionage or treason. The influence of Robert Mercer was apparent in the contribution of more than $1 million to the Club for Growth Action, a Super PAC that backed Cotton. The Emergency Committee for Israel, led by (Jewish) neoconservative William Kristol, invested $960,250 in last-minute ads supporting Cotton’s campaign. Kristol is co-founder in 1997 with Jewish colleague Robert Kagan of the Project for a New American Century to lobby for regime change in Iraq. Paul Singer, a (Jewish) New York hedge fund billionaire and supporter of Birthright Israel(along with Sheldon Adelson), invested $250,000 in producing Cotton’s pro-Israel political career. Seth Klarman, a Boston-based pro-Israel billionaire, contributed $100,000. Victoria Nuland, Kagan’s wife, played a key role in catalyzing regime change in Ukraine.

John Bolton. At least $825,000 was invested in Cotton by a political action committee run by former Bush-era U.N. Ambassador and neocon John Bolton, a reliable advocate for policies favoring Israel. The Bolton PAC was financed largely by Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah and by Irving and Cherna Moskowitz of Miami who for years supported settlements meant to create a Jewish majority in Arab neighborhoods. Bolton appeared on Trump’s short list for Secretary of State; Cotton was an early Trump favorite for Secretary of Defense. Bolton now serves as National Security Adviser. His anti-Iran rhetoric foreshadows a well-timed crisis that can plausibly point to Tehran to justify a war. See online Protecting the U.S. From the True Extremists.