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 Introduction—Part One

As the out-of-wedlock son of Nelson Rockefeller, I knew I could not be murdered without implicating my Uncle David Rockefeller and Donald Stralem, son of the co-founder in 1850 of Rothschild affiliate Hallgarten & Co., German-Jewish investment bankers who financed both sides in the Civil War. In the 1950s, Stralem joined forces with my Uncle David. Both men played a role in the stalking that I’ve been forced to endure my entire life while being denied access to the rule of law. I believe that those who came after me murdered my father before targeting me financially in the hope that, by embedding me in an enigma and unaware of why I was being stalked, I would take my own life.[1]

Those responsible for the death of my father did not realize that I knew my true identity long before he died in January 1979. Henry Kissinger, an adviser to my father, was present when the medical examiner arrived at the scene of his death from a heart attack at age 71 in midtown Manhattan. Soon thereafter—too soon—his body was cremated without an autopsy, destroying any forensic evidence that may have detected the presence of a heart attack-inducing drug. How was a former Vice President, four-time Governor of New York and an heir to America’s most famous family fortune turned to ashes—without even a toxicological examination—less than 24 hours after his death?

Had those closest to him known what I was doing to prove the common source of a systemic, trans-generational criminality, and what was being done to stop me, my father’s real friends would have known of a motive for murder and could have insisted on isolating the true cause of death. Instead, in the rush to obscure the salacious circumstances of his death (in the company of a young female assistant), a homicide may well have been concealed.

The likelihood of murder became real to me when, on the day he died (January 26, 1979), Warren Rustand came to my home in Tucson wanting to play tennis. A former official in the Jerry Ford presidency and a Mormon (aka The Lost Tribe of Israel), I left after two sets when it became clear that he was only interested in questioning me about the name on my birth certificate to determine if I yet knew that Nelson Rockefeller was my birthfather. I knew my true parentage but hid that knowledge from him—and from those who persuaded him to question me about my father at that time and under those circumstances.[2]

Nonlinear Evidence of Foul Play

The possibility of murder came more sharply into focus two years later when I was targeted by Dr. Robert J. Birndorf in what became a sophisticated bank fraud. In 1982, he gloated as he informed me that (a) he had emptied my bank account, placing my family in severe jeopardy (I had a wife I loved and three small children), and (b) his best friend was Dr. James Whitman who became my childhood doctor at age six when Dr. Stan Condon, my family physician and an enormously positive influence on my life, was found dead of a purported cerebral hemorrhage at age 42. My quite healthy Uncle Stan was quickly embalmed before an autopsy could be performed as then required for in-home deaths in Michigan. Again any forensic evidence was quickly destroyed.

My first thought, “If this can be done to me and my family, imagine what those responsible can do to this nation and to humanity.” That fraud was pre-staged 23 years earlier with the murder of my Uncle Stan in 1958 when I was six years old. If you think that those I profiled cannot do this to you and your family, think again. Based on what was done to me with legal impunity—initially to target my father—this could be done to anyone. Social media and online profiling now make it far easier to target people, enabling a few to leverage their small numbers to wield enormous influence.

On the basis of just ten personal preferences such as Facebook “likes,” online-available data can evaluate a person better than their typical work colleague. Seventy “likes” are enough to know a person better than their close friends. With 300 data points, psychographic profilers can know a person better than their partner. With a few more—from online searches, shopping data, memberships, relationship status and such, psychometrics can know a person beyond what a person thought they knew about themselves. With Cloud-accessible Big Data and artificial intelligence, the 5,000-plus cyberwarriors of the Israeli military’s Unit 8200 can deploy a psy-op strategy with messaging micro-targeted to “fit” the profiles of millions of people. Both Facebook and Google/Alphabet claim more than 2 billion active users.[3] Amazon, which already employs hundreds of Israelis, is accelerating its hiring as it moves to Israel its market-dominant cloud services.

AI-enabled psychographic micro-targeting explains how a casino-owning reality-show host and Manhattan real estate developer became Commander-in-Chief of the world’s most powerful military. Son-in-law Jared Kushner retained the online profilers of Cambridge Analytica to target those voters in key electoral states identified as “persuade-ables.”[4] The Trump campaign spent at least $44 million from June to November 2016 while testing a reported 5.9 million versions of ads and slogans, including Build the Wall and Deep State.[5] The Facebook-enabled micro-targeting of unsuspecting voters worked, enabling those described to put a classic asset in place as “our” president..

Kushner, a devotee of Chabad Lubavitch, a messianic sect of ultra-orthodox Judaism founded in Russia (Lithuania) in the 1770s, married into the Trump family in 2009 after, I believe, Russian-Jewish oligarchs helped bail out Trump properties during the 2008 financial meltdown.[6] That’s the real Russian connection. Though Moscow meddled, Israel and its supporters engineered the appearance of a legitimate Electoral College victory.

 The Fruits of Electoral Fraud

The reward was immediate. First, Trump appointed as Ambassador to Israel Chabad Lubavitch devotee David Friedman, former bankruptcy lawyer for the Trump Organization and, importantly, a fundraiser and advocate for the most extreme among the ultra-orthodox Jewish settlers. Settlements and the status of Jerusalem have long been two of the most contentious barriers to peace. As Middle East negotiators, he appointed Chabad devotees Kushner and Jason Greenblatt, a real estate attorney for the Trump Organization.[7] As U.N. Ambassador, he chose Nikki Haley who, as the Zionist Christian Governor of South Carolina, sought to criminalize support for the boycott, divest and sanctions (BDS) campaign meant to end the Israeli occupation by Jewish settlers—financially supported by Friedman, Greenblatt and Kushner and Trump campaign donors such as casino owner Sheldon Adelson and his equally rightwing Israeli wife with a July 2018 net worth of $41 billion.

With Trump advised by ultra-orthodox Jewish-Zionists and evangelical Zionist Christians, those who produced Trump’s election victory quickly parlayed their election fraud into a presidential statement recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.[8] In a U.N. Security Council vote of December 19, 2017, the U.S. used its veto to nullify a 14-1 vote on a resolution rejecting that recognition as contrary to an agreed-to peace process. In a stinging rebuke, on December 21, 2017, the UN General Assembly then voted overwhelmingly to reject Trump’s unilateral recognition, confirming our international isolation due to our “special relationship” with the ultra-nationalist religious extremists of the Zionist state.[9]

Deferring to the wishes of his Hasidic advisers while rejecting advice from his generals and pleas from U.S. allies, Trump denounced the 2015 nuclear accord with Iran. Removing all doubt that the Israeli Right dominate this presidency, he ordered the U.S. to withdraw from the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO documented Israeli crimes against Palestinians).[10] I mention this to show the multiple motivations—tracing to a common source—for the ongoing stalking of my person by those who hope to suppress the facts of what my life experience proves is the common source of a hidden tax on humanity. Those facts also confirm their production of numerous U.S. presidencies—including Trump’s— to advance their interests and undermine ours.

 Legalized Fraud

The asset Trump revived the “supply-side” economics embraced by asset Ronald Reagan who, after his November 1980 election, pushed to enactment deficit-financed, rich-get-richer tax policies projected to forego $872 billion in tax revenue over five years at a time when the total federal debt was around $900 billion. The foreseeable result: not since the Great Depression of the 1930s has the gap been wider between the topmost one percent (who now own 40% of the nation’s wealth) and everyone else.[11]

By enacting a financial self-reinforcing feedback loop, Reagan-era policies enriched the very campaign donors whose interests Trump pursued—despite his “populist” rhetoric—when on December 22, 2017, he signed a similar version of supply-side economics projected to forfeit $1.5 trillion in tax revenue over ten years while, once again, making the already-rich far richer.[12] From 1984 to 2017, the wealth of the Forbes 400 richest Americans grew by nearly 2,000 percent while the wealth of the median household shrunk by about 20 percent.

As I will show, it’s no “coincidence” that actor Ronald Reagan knew my step-uncle Bob (see below). Reagan’s use of Biblical rhetoric (“a Shining City upon a Hill”) served as a magnet to attract pro-Israel evangelicals into government.[13] Those Christian Zionists paved the way for the Jewish Zionist-dominated administrations of Bill Clinton, evangelical George W. Bush and Barrack Obama. Induced to invade Iraq reliant of false intelligence traceable to those described, the outcome was foreseeable as, in classic game theory warfare fashion, Israel allied with the U.S.-armed Sunni royals of Saudi Arabia in their opposition to the Shia extremists of Iran (“the enemy of my enemy is my friend”).

On July 19, 2018, Israel revealed its true character when Knesset-approved legislation defined Israel as a “nation-state for the Jewish people.” Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu confirmed that the law designates Israel as “the Jewish state”—the very words that Harry Truman struck from his note of May 14, 1948 extending nation-state recognition to the Zionist experiment though only after Israel’s founders assured Truman that their enclave would not become the “racial or theocratic state” that we now know Zionists sought from the outset—further confirmed by Netanyahu’s celebratory assessment of the vote.

Thus their need for a Trump-like president (ignorant, arrogant and narcissistic) to lead the U.S. to war with Iran—for Greater Israel. Thus their manipulation of evangelical Christians who believe their messiah will reappear when the “Israelites” return to their Promised Land even if that requires a nuclear Armageddon, enabling True Believers to experience a rapture that will reunite them with their messiah in heaven. We’ll return to how this manipulation of belief and the “weaponization of identity” (Christian, Jewish, Muslim) serve as a force-multiplier to expand the influence of a manipulative and duplicitous minority to the detriment of an unsuspecting majority.

 Inducing the U.S. to Commit Suicide

Because I knew my father was Nelson Rockefeller, I knew the motive for targeting me though I did not yet grasp the geopolitical goals behind the 24/7 stalking. Knowing my true identity meant I could not be trapped in an enigma like the one that undermined the U.S. when we were induced to view Israel as an ally rather than a foreign adversary with values wholly incompatible with our own.

I was not the threat. Nor was my father. The threat was the values my family represented. My great-grandfather, John D. Rockefeller and his brother William, shaped the 20thCentury by redeploying their fortune to support education and health as the family endowed universities, medical research and other services essential to the creation of literate, healthy and resilient communities and nations. The five third-generation Rockefeller Brothers, including my father, followed in their footsteps. In China, the family name remains iconic due to grants they made anonymously for education at the turn of the 20thCentury and again in the 1970s to help China recover from the Cultural Revolution.

Had Rockefeller family values found their way into the Office of the President, the arc of U.S. history may have bent in a very different direction. Narcissist Donald Trump is only the latest in a series of pliable assets whose political careers were produced by those I profiled.[14] The transnational criminal syndicate that targeted my father and me was not stalking us, they were targeting Rockefeller family values and the values on which the U.S. was founded. Those values are rapidly being displaced—and the U.S. disgraced—due to our entangled alliance with extremists who consider themselves entitled—as Chosen—to produce presidents who will pursue their interests.

Shaping History from the Shadows

As those I profiled gained steadily more political influence, U.S. lawmakers were induced to embrace policies that systematically undermined the U.S. from within, reliant on what appeared to be our free choice. Similarly, had I killed myself, it would have appeared that the result was my free choice rather than being induced by those stalking me. Micro-macro: the same duplicitous modus operandi deployed against me personally is also being used against the U.S. geopolitically. My knowledge of my parentage meant that those stalking me could not induce me to take my own life. Because Americans lack the knowledge of how this duplicity operates, those responsible are able to induce the U.S. to commit a slow-motion national suicide by deceiving us to embrace policies contrary to our shared values and harmful to our true interests—such as the war in Iraq and the ongoing attempt to take us to war in Iran for Greater Israel.

As my life experience proves, U.S. history did not evolve naturally. We were provoked, prodded and deceived by predators we were led to believe are victims. My knowledge protected me. Americans do not yet know that this mental and emotional manipulation traces to a common source and to a tribal culture of shared values irreconcilably incompatible with ours. The Hidden Tax on Humanityanswers the question that no one has yet dared to ask: Who—precisely who—has the means, motive, opportunity and stable intelligence operations inside the U.S.able to deceive us to make choices that undermine our nation from within? The decision to invade Iraq is only the most obvious of many such choices. [See Chapter 2. “The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented.”]

Those same parties targeted me financially for what I unknowingly uncovered while searching for the identity of my true father. In 1964, at age 12, I connected my step-uncle to those who ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in November 1963. In 1956, my mother was drawn into an arranged marriage with the brother of Stralem employee Robert King Cunningham. In effect, at age four, Donald Stralem arranged for a Rothschild agent to have unlimited access to me in the guise of my step-uncle. My “Uncle Bob” was as legitimate an uncle and family member as Israel is a legitimate state and trustworthy ally.

Kennedy was murdered five months after he sought to shut down Israel’s nuclear weapons program in June 1963. At the same time, Attorney General Robert Kennedy sought to force the Israel lobby to register as what they were then—and remain—foreign agents. Though those responsible could not kill me, my chance knowledge about that assassination became a motive for subjecting me to a lifetime of serial financial stalking that remains ongoing. When Bobby Kennedy emerged as a viable presidential candidate, his surging popularity in opposition to the Vietnam War revived the possibility of forcing the Israel lobby to register as foreign agents and forcing Israel to shutter the only nuclear weapons program in the Middle East.

Jack Kennedy was well known to my Uncle Bob who was also close to Kennedy brother-in-law Peter Lawford. While mowing grass for my step-grandmother, I answered her phone and took a lengthy message from Mr. Lawford for my Uncle Bob.[15] The possibility of Robert Kennedy presidency presented a ‘variable’ that was managed with his murder in Los Angeles on June 5, 1968, following his victory in the Democratic Party primary in the electorally critical state of California.

I’m confident that eavesdropping on the Trump campaign by our true national security apparatus overheard discussion of a deal whereby, in return for providing Trump the appearance of a legitimate Electoral College victory, he would defer to Tel Aviv in crafting U.S. policy in the Middle East. Candidate Kennedy received the same offer in the late stages of his 1960 campaign when he sought financial assistance from the Manhattan-based Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. According to JFK friend Charlie Bartlett who introduced Jack to Jackie, the future First Lady, the freshman Senator from Massachusetts was outraged that anyone would make such a proposal to the presidential nominee of a U.S. political party.[16]

The self-absorbed Trump, author of The Art of the Deal, would not have hesitated to strike such a deal regardless of the impact on our national interests. Like them, his only concern is him. This is how treason operates through assets in plain sight yet, to date, with legal impunity. The 52-member Conference knows that, by denouncing the terms of the nuclear accord with Iran on behalf of Israel, Trump undermined America’s hard-earned goodwill and credibility worldwide, tainted the U.S. military in its dealings with other nations, degraded U.S. influence globally and set the stage for us to wage another war for Greater Israel.

The Joint Chiefs anticipated this threat in 1948 when they urged that President Harry Truman not recognize the Zionist experiment as a legitimate state. They foresaw that Jewish elites, extremists and ultranationalists would draw us into serial conflicts against our national interests.[17] As my experience proves: that was their goal from the outset—to induce us to make choices contrary to our interests, including a series of decisions that damaged our national security. That’s not the work of an ally but an adversary. That’s not the behavior of a “special friend” but a sure sign of an enemy within.

Resolving the Enigma

Because I knew “Rocky” was my father, I knew Mormon Warren Rustand’s motive in peppering me with questions about my parentage. Our friendship was pre-staged a year prior to my father’s death. Warren’s proximity to those who produced the governorship of Ronald Reagan (1967-1975) and his presidency (1981-1989) illustrates how this nonlinear criminality progresses through “fields within fields…within fields” of relationships.[18] For instance, the Rustand home in Tucson Country Club Estates adjoined the home of Jim Click whose father-in-law, California car dealer Holmes Tuttle, chaired Ronald Reagan’s Kitchen Cabinet.[19] We’ll return to that “coincidence.”[20]

Warren served as Cabinet Secretary and appointments secretary for President Jerry Ford. Not until 1994 did I learn that my father told a trusted adviser about me in 1973 when Michigan Congressman Ford became an unelected Vice President enroute to becoming an unelected President—because of me, as I will explain. That adviser, Glenn Olds, sought me out in 1994 after meeting in late 1993 with President Bill Clinton and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Israel Emanuel. An ordained Methodist minister and a confidante to four presidents, two of each party, Glenn declined Clinton’s request to reorganize his Cabinet after his first two disastrous years in office. His meeting with Clinton and Emanuel persuaded him to find me 21 years after my father told him about the circumstances of my birth.

Glenn advised me from 1994 until his death in March 2006 at age 85. He played golf in Colorado with President Eisenhower in the 1950s. In the 1960s, he knew Jack Kennedy both as a friend and a Springfield College trustee when Glenn served as president of the College and JFK was the junior Senator from Massachusetts. At his death in March 2006, Glenn had been a close friend of George H.W. Bush since Glenn and his wife, Eva, double-dated with George and Barbara in 1947.[21] As a senior member of the transition team for the presidency of Richard Nixon, Glenn recruited Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. As he conceded, those hires were his three greatest regrets in a lifetime of otherwise distinguished public service.

Like many politicians (Bill Clinton, Lyndon Johnson, Jack Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt), my father had a well-known attraction to young women. When he was found dead in the company of a 25-year old aide, illicit sex quickly became the consensus opinion as the cause of death. Salacious sex has long been a cover favored by those I profiled. Bill Clinton’s sex scandal with White House intern Monica Lewinsky became public in January 1998. Glenn told me about an emerging scandal in March 1995 though not its nature. He declined Clinton’s request fearing a scandal-related impeachment charge. As he told me, he lived through the Watergate ordeal when the threat of impeachment ended the Nixon presidency. He felt that he was too old to endure another presidency-ending scandal.

Israelis knew the fear of scandal would silence Lyndon Johnson when, the night that Tel Aviv launched their provocative 1967 War, Israeli operative Mathilde Krim was “servicing” our Commander-in-Chief in the White House.[22] A former Irgun terrorist, Mathilde’s husband, Arthur, was then chairman of the finance committee for the Democrats and president of United Artists. Hollywood later rebranded Mrs. Krim as an AIDS activist working alongside actress Elizabeth Taylor. Bill Clinton awarded her the Medal of Freedom in August 2000, six weeks before (Jewish) Secretary of State Madeleine Albright named the U.S. State Department building after Harry Truman, the president best known abroad for overruling the strenuous objections of hisSecretary of State to recognize the Zionist experiment as a legitimate state—despite protests from our diplomatic corps, our intelligence community and our Joint Chiefs.

Bill Clinton’s presidential crisis emerged just when—had he paid closer attention to terrorism—the lengthy pre-staging required for 9/11 could have been uncovered. As I will show, had the facts of my life experience been investigated during that timeframe—on my return from Iraq in February 1997—those then pre-staging our reaction to that Pearl Harbor-like provocation may have been detected and that attack prevented along with the unwinnable war it provoked in response. In terms of game theory warfare, our overwrought reaction to that emotionally wrenching mass murder was probabilistic and algorithmically model-able, a subject to which we will return.

Introduction—Part Two

The Source of Duplicity

The Hidden Tax on Humanity reveals a criminal duplicity with roots in antiquity. I was born in 1952 at a time when an out-of-wedlock child was a political handicap until well into the 60s and 70s. By 1973, I confirmed what I had long suspected was my family lineage. By the late 1970s, I had shown that my business skills were on a par with my father’s, enabling me to approach him as an equal and without needing his money, the primary reason most everyone befriended him.[23] Those stalking me knew that, if I met my father, he would know I was being stalked to target him. Had we compared experiences, together we could have exposed the common source of this now globalized criminality. The facts suggest that we could have anticipated and prevented unnecessary and unwinnable wars in the Middle East in which the U.S. subsequently became embroiled.

Glenn described how my father was upset when Jerry Ford, a Congressman from my home state of Michigan, was named Vice President on the resignation of Spiro Agnew (see below).[24] When Glenn inquired, he said, “They are putting Ford in as Vice President knowing I can’t say a thing. I have a son no one knows about who was raised in Michigan who I was not aware of until he was in his teens.” As Glenn explained, my father knew that those who staged the circumstances of my birth were “rubbing his nose in it”—with him unable to say anything without being portrayed as irrationally suspicious (aka paranoid), a conspiracy theorist or an anti-Semite.

When he became Vice President to Jerry Ford in December 1974 after the resignation in disgrace of Richard Nixon, he knew his path to the presidency was blocked. His televised confirmation hearings drug on for four months while the Watergate scandal was unraveling, further associating him with the discredited Nixon. Ford, another of their political products,[25]then dropped him from the Republican presidential ticket in 1976 in favor of Senator Bob Dole of Kansas.[26] Ronald Reagan was 70 when he took the presidential oath of office in January 1981. My father would have been 73.

When he died, I was within a year of approaching him, needing nothing from him. I’m confident that those stalking me knew this. Thus my concern for the timing and circumstances of his death. Had he become President, I would have gone to him immediately. With the authority of that office, I knew he could use his executive power to assemble his own team, bypassing the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. to order a thorough investigation. But not as Vice President to Jerry Ford from Michigan, a state overrun with Mormon[27]and Jewish organized crime.[28] Glenn Olds agreed that, as Vice President, he could not help me. All I would do by going to him was hurt him politically. After his death, Warren Rustand twice told me that Ford wanted to meet me. I declined both invitations.

What Do I Know that They Fear?

Glenn told me that, by 1973, my father also knew that Rothschild manager Donald Stralem had arranged my mother’s marriage in Michigan to the brother of a Rothschild operative working for Stralem. Stralem was married to Jean Lehman Ickelheimer, grandniece of the founder of Lehman Brothers, the firm allowed to disappear into bankruptcy in 2008 in the aftermath of the subprime mortgage fraud with its global reach—in which the firm played a major role.[29]

I last saw my Uncle Bob in 1982 when I drove him to Malibu from Jean Stralem’s home in Palm Springs where I also met Robert Mondavi who confirmed that his premium brand wines (Opus One) were financed with the help of Donald Stralem due to his relationship with the Rothschilds.[30] My uncle asked that I travel from my home in Irvine to Palm Springs and then drive him back to the home of actor Robert Webber in Malibu. He wanted time alone with me to determine if I yet had any idea that Nelson Rockefeller was my true father. He even insisted that we stop the car enroute so he could look me in the eye while questioning me. That’s when I knew just how concerned those stalking me are of what they fear that I know, including their ongoing role in precluding, producing and terminatingU.S. presidencies.

If I hadn’t known that Nelson Rockefeller was my father, what was being done to me—for no apparent reason—was meant to have me commit suicide unable to resolve the enigma in which I was embedded by those stalking me. Our drive to Malibu was the only time my Uncle Bob ever asked anyone in the family for a ride anywhere. When we stopped at Webber’s home, Julie Andrews and Robert Blake came out of his house to get into their Rolls Royce convertible. My Uncle Bobby got very nervous when I struck up a conversation with them and quickly bid me goodbye.

A few weeks later, in October 1982, Dr. Robert J. Birndorf had Hewlett Packard controller Richard Lundquist sign a fraudulent Declaration of Forgery. In November, that Declaration was used to steal $41,000 from my account with the help of Security Pacific Bank, ruining my business. With the collusion of Mormon Doug Skeen, that fraud also caused me to lose my home and my family.

Uncle David Rockefeller

Glenn told me that my father also knew that, in 1973, I had just returned from visiting the home of Kenjo (“Ken”) Minato, Stralem’s Rothschild counterpart in Japan with whom my Uncle David did business. By then, I knew the game being played on me. Any remaining doubts about my family lineage were resolved when Sam Zeniya invited me to Japan in 1973 to visit Minato whose former Shogun estate adjoining the royal palace in the heart of downtown Tokyo was valued at ~$250 million in the mid-1980s. His business card is one of the few pieces of physical evidence I saved that was not stolen from my various homes by those I profiled while being stalked. [See the exhibit.]

As we toured his residence, he made certain that we walked by a framed photograph featuring my Uncle David standing alongside SONY founder, Akio Morita. StandardOil of New York was written vertically along one side of the photo with each initial letter in bold. I remained silent. Minato was the Japanese front for Rothschild operations in Japan in the post-WWII era (Stralem served on the board of Sony Pictures). On Minato’s death, the Japanese public was shocked to discover the magnitude of his personal fortune. When he traveled, he would pay to have the upstairs area of a 747 stripped and decorated in a Japanese style to accommodate him and immediate family with his staff seated in the cabin below. Fearing for his life, he knew it was far less likely that he would be killed in a plane crash if the aircraft carried other passengers.

Glenn agreed that my father never knew that David, the youngest of his four brothers, was behind him meeting my mother. Not until 2010 did I discover that Sam Zeniya is a member of the Mitsubishi family, one of the few industrial fortunes (zaibatsu) allowed to sustain its operations in the post-WWII era.[31] Thus the Rothschild connection. In the 1990s, my Uncle David orchestrated a fraud against Mitsubishi Estate involving its purchase of Rockefeller Center. The proceeds were used to support my many cousins.

I met Sam through J.C. Heppler with whom my mother lived when, immediately following my birth in West Virginia, she moved to Detroit, leaving me to be raised by my maternal grandparents for my first four years. J.C. and his wife, Evelyn, helped arrange my mother’s marriage to the youngest brother of the Rothschild operative (my “Uncle Bob”) who answered to Donald Stralem, son of Casimir Stralem, co-founder of Hallgarten & Co. in Manhattan in 1850. The firm operated as an affiliate of the Rothschild Frankfurt office to finance both sides in the Civil War, the Russian Revolution of 1917 and other profitable conflicts, including wars catalyzed by those my father described in a 1964 speech at Harvard University as sharing a “tireless genius for crisis.”

After my mother’s arranged marriage in 1956, my Uncle David, tasked with site selection and construction at the family-controlled Chase Manhattan Bank, took title to the Hallgarten site and constructed in New York’s financial district the landmark 60-story One Chase Manhattan Plaza. By then, my Uncle David had also personally allied with these German-Jewish bankers and, as the facts confirm, conspired in stalking me, including my “coincidental” meeting with Ken Minato.

After arranging my mother’s marriage, J.C. Heppler saw his fortunes improve dramatically when he closed a small “fender bender” auto body shop in the Detroit suburbs to open a thriving business in Arizona painting Formula One racecars for the rich and famous, including Rothschild operative Ken Minato. In 1966, MGM released the movie Grand Prix starring James Garner as a Formula One driver. Japanese character actor Toshiro Mifune played the Minato character. [See attached movie poster.] At J.C.’s request, Sam and I shared an apartment when he relocated from Tokyo to Arizona to work with J.C. learning to paint racecars. When Sam invited me to Japan and my mother objected, I knew that journey would provide key insights into the who, how and why of this stalking—as it did.

That visit confirmed for me at age 21 the role that my Uncle David played in orchestrating the circumstances of my birth to replace my father in the family business. And to compromise his presidential prospects on behalf of David’s Rothschild banking partners of Hallgarten & Co. I encountered my Uncle David’s hand at work in numerous frauds into which I was drawn by the same transnational criminal syndicate that continues to target me financially. Thus my concern at any role he may have played, even unknowingly, in my father’s death and his rushed cremation. Those concerns were heightened when I realized Henry Kissinger was present at the scene of his death.

Rockefeller Family Complicity

To identify who within the Rockefeller family knew about me, I used the State Department to confirm my genealogy with a family member. In 1994, my passport application named my cousin Jay, then U.S. Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, as my father even though I knew that Jay’s Uncle Nelson was my father. I was confident that neither Jay nor any member of the Rockefeller family could protest without raising an issue that the family (and the Rockefeller Trust) wished to avoid.

Glenn and I discussed my passport application strategy. When, as we expected, a State Department official called to inform me that I was not listed in Jay’s State Department files as a member of his family, I told the caller to speak directly with him. The passport was promptly issued with no further questions. Had the State Department investigated my application, they would have found that Jay was 13 years old when I was conceived in April 1951,[32] confirming I had knowingly committed a federal offense. Glenn and I anticipated—correctly—that nothing would be done. Though filing a false passport application is a federal crime, no charges were brought. I call this strategy “taking position” on someone—in this case, both the family and the Trust.

Glenn and I agreed that this strategy would determine how much the family knew about me and when they knew. He was shocked as he had long been a friend to four of the five third-generation Rockefeller brothers. He also knew that, after a 1991 attempt on my life in New Orleans, Jay flew into New Orleans and soon thereafter fraudulent charges lodged against me by New Orleans Parish police disappeared. Jay was then campaigning for the Democratic Party nomination for president. On August 7, 1991, he terminated his campaign, citing personal and family reasons that remain unexplained. Glenn had known since 1973 how the circumstances of my birth were used to preclude my father’s presidency. With Jay’s withdrawal in 1991, those stalking me again influenced a family member’s prospects for the presidency. Instead, we got the Bill and Hillary show.

Glenn also experienced this stalking. When we traveled to Poland in 1995, he saw firsthand a fraud orchestrated by Israeli agent Jerome Corsi,[33] financed by Cincinnati multi-billionaire Carl Lindner,[34] and enabled in Warsaw by Nicolas Rey, U.S. Ambassador to Poland.[35] [See Chapter 5. The Poland Connection.] Glenn also knew that agents in the Minneapolis office of the F.B.I. sought to frame me for this fraud—though only after my return from Baghdad in February 1997 with intelligence that could have prevented the war in Iraq. Only after 9/11 did the strategic significance of that Poland fraud become apparent—along with the timing of numerous attempts by Minneapolis F.B.I. agents to discredit me. Repeated efforts to discredit me with use of that 1995 fraud—perpetrated by those stalking me—again confirmed their fear of what my life experience proves.[36]

Complicity by the Rockefeller Trust

When in 1995 a reporter for an English language Polish business publication sought to confirm my relationship to the family, he first called Jay’s office. After Jay repeatedly declined to speak to him, he was directed to contact Donal O’Brien, an attorney for the Rockefeller Trust in the Manhattan law offices of Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy. As published in the Warsaw Business Journal, Mr. O’Brien told reporter Sean Bobbit, “He claims to be a member of the Rockefeller family, but we believe that these claims are absolutely groundless and have no basis whatsoever.” [37] That statement discredited me in Poland, undermined our proposed business (a mutual fund) and enabled a fraud on our Minnesota investors. I am confident the funds disappeared into the coffers of Polish organized crime at a time when the Israeli Knesset was dominated by Polish Jews.[38]

Though Mr. O’Brien promptly responded to inquiries from an unknown foreign journalist, when Ron Burd, my counsel since 1992, sought to identify the “we” and clarify what “belief” has to do with the fact of my relationship to the family, he received no reply. In short, it became clear that the Rockefeller Trust, through a family attorney, was willing to lie knowing I am a rightful beneficiary of a Trust that does not anticipate the exclusion of out-of-wedlock children of family members. Had the F.B.I. undertaken a good faith investigation, the common source of this stalking could have been identified and, as my experience suggests, the pre-staging of 9/11 may well have been uncovered.

A State Department investigation would have quickly discovered that I first wrote to Jay in June 1991 (followed by his withdrawal in August from a presidential race) and that Ron Burd wrote to him in November 1992. This does not imply that my cousin Jay was complicit in the stalking, only that a federal investigation may well have uncovered those pre-staging an agent provocateur operation (9/11) that intelligence experts claim took a decade to plan and execute without detection and required the presence—inside the U.S.—of a stable nation-state intelligence operation.

While in Warsaw in 1995, Glenn and I met with Ambassador Rey. When Glenn asked if he had any issues regarding my relationship to the Rockefeller family, he assured Glenn he did not. Rey knew that Glenn advised several third-generation Rockefeller brothers, including my father. He also knew that Glenn was in Poland at the request of my Uncle Laurance. In mid-March, the Warsaw Business Journal published the article claiming I was not related to the family, inferring I was a fraud and citing an unnamed source at the U.S. Embassy—as Glenn anticipated when he told me that Ambassador Rey would enable the stalking. The embassy also contacted a local television station to cancel the broadcast of a previously filmed, credibility-enhancing interview with Glenn and me.[39]

Glenn showed me a letter from Laurance wishing us well on our trip to Poland and asking that Glenn call him with a report when he “and Mel” return. In good conscience, Glenn could not give me a copy of that personal correspondence. In March 2002, I wrote to my Uncle Laurance and made it clear that I knew my true biological father—without identifying him. I also apologized for any inadvertent harm to the family and asked for his help in recovering my family that I lost after the Birndorf/Hewlett Packard fraud. Soon after I contacted Laurance, he responded not to me but to Glenn informing him that he could have “no further contact” with his friend of many decades. That response confirmed for Glenn that my Uncles David and Laurance were both complicit in this serial stalking both in the U.S. and abroad.

In May 2012, I spent a day in the San Francisco Bay area with Chris Lindstrom, David’s grandson. Jeff made the introduction after mentioning to Chris that we were working together. Chris responded that he knew about me and would like to meet. Chris described for me overhearing a heated discussion among family members about whether I should be acknowledged by the family. To further confirm the family’s knowledge, I sent materials in September 2013 to Eileen Rockefeller Growald, David’s youngest daughter. I asked her for funds and told her that, if I am not a member of the family, she should report me to the FBI for impersonating a family member in a fraudulent attempt to solicit funds. I heard nothing more. I also contacted several other members of the family. In 2013, Jeff was told by a friend of several of my cousins that they consider me “crazy.”

Frauds, Murders & Presidents

Profiting off both sides in conflicts, wars and crises that they create remains a lucrative business model for those I profiled—and serves as a key source of their hidden tax on humanity. Had my father and I met, the common origins of this ongoing criminality would have become apparent, including the role played by his brother David. At the time of my father’s death in January 1979, no one had reason to know—other than those I profiled—that our meeting well may have led to us making this criminal syndicate transparent so that those responsible could be held accountable for their serial crimes against humanity and for their treason against the U.S., the U.K. and other nations.

During World War II, my father oversaw U.S. intelligence for Latin America. That role gave him access to analytical tools that I developed on my own by profiling those stalking me—initially to target him and thereafter to impede efforts to reveal what my life experience proves.

Glenn told me that my father also knew I had been drawn into the orbit of those who produced a series of U.S. presidents and manipulated the others. Those operations date back to no later than their production of the presidency of Princeton University academic Woodrow Wilson in 1912 and his reelection in November 1916 on the platform, “He kept us out of the war.” After a series of maritime crises, we entered the war in April 1917. Thus the “coincidence” that my purported friend, Mormon Warren Rustand, was in the direct orbit of those who produced the political career of Ronald Reagan.

The Reagan presidency pre-staged the nationwide savings and loan fraud by enacting his signature policy—“supply-side economics.” With this deficit-financed stimulus, this purported “fiscal conservative” doubled the national debt while his rich-get-richer tax policies financed the widest economic divide in U.S. history, ensuring future fiscal (and social) crises as 78 million Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) age with votes but few assets.[40] Supply-siders’ generous public subsidies for the depreciation of commercial real estate (the financial source of Donald Trump’s private wealth) ensured an overheated real estate market, pre-staging the S&L crisis of the late 1980s.[41]

In practical effect, those who created “Reaganomics” (a) leveraged the nation’s tax base to cut income taxes and boost corporate “free cash flow” (the financial lifeblood of junk bonds and leveraged buyouts), and (b) borrowed to spend lavishly on the “military-industrial complex” that President Dwight Eisenhower warned about in his farewell address of January 1961. The Cold War narrative that fueled a post-WWII spending rationale is now provided by the War on Terrorism narrative as one fear-and-insecurity narrative segued seamlessly into the next.

Though a former five-star general, Ike did not grasp what my life experience proves about the common source of the duplicity behind military spending that is unnecessary but highly profitable. Not until November 1956, during the last week of his reelection campaign when Israel launched its Sinai Campaign (aka the Suez Crisis), did Eisenhower grasp the depth and duration of Israeli deceit and the virtual control its lobby wields over the Congress, a topic to which we will return.

Introduction—Part Three

Internalizing Serial Narratives

My life experience proves that 9/11 had nothing to do with terrorism. That mass murder provocation, reliant on false intelligence and financial support from unnamed Saudis, was meant to induce the U.S. to take on more debt while enabling (a) the rise of China as a global financial-colonial power, and (b) the gradual displacement of the dollar as the global reserve currency.[42]

Though my life experience proves an unbroken line of political corruption dating from no later than 1850, I am confident that—with functional engagement—this corruption will trace its roots to the bifurcation of the Talmud in Babylon of the 4th Century AD and the emergence of a sociopathic strain of “Davidic” Judaism. Its proponents consider themselves Chosen (by a god of their own choosing) and thereby entitled to operate above the rule of law. Absent a grasp of how this deception proceeds in plain sight—fueled by their own self-deceit—their hidden tax on humanity will continue to expand in both scope and scale.

In July 1950, Harry Truman was induced to insert the first U.S. troops into Vietnam just as the Red Scare was being created and the threat of nuclear war was emerging as the resource-preempting Cold War. Targeting impressionable youth, the film Duck and Cover was produced in 1951 as an “emotion management” program—ostensibly to assist Truman-era Civil Defense. Shown by mandatory attendance to schoolchildren nationwide, this 9-1/2 minute film instructed students in teacher-directed drills how, when they saw the flash of an atomic bomb, they should duck under their desks and cover their heads.[43]

Duck and Cover was a Truman administration-endorsed psy-op privately financed by Donald Stralem, the Manhattan-based Rothschild manager who for a half-century employed my “Uncle Bob.” Those I profiled specialize in manipulating people and events, typically by internalizing a narrative based on fear, insecurity and hate-mongering interspersed with periodic assassinations of those seen as problematic such as the Kennedy brothers. This Stralem-produced film helped persuade two generations of Americans to fear and hate the Soviets, the Chinese and other peoples induced to embrace the oppressive and wholly unworkable Marxist economic model on which communism was premised.

Using postmarks from correspondence sent by my Uncle Bob to his mother, I was able as a child to match his trips abroad with geopolitical events while he was there. His visits uniformly coincided with assassinations, coup d’états, insurrections, wars or similar crises, including a period he spent living on a houseboat in Tibet while the Dalai Lama fled from the invading Chinese by escaping to India where he remains.

In hindsight, this all makes sense. Warren Rustand twice sought to introduce me to former President Gerald Ford from my home state of Michigan. When Ford became an unelected president after serving as an unelected Vice President, he authorized the formation of “Plan B” as an intelligence operation operating in parallel with the CIA to provide an alternative assessment. As we now know, Plan B, overseen by Richard Pipes, badly hyped the Soviet threat, providing the false rationale for a vast increase in (deficit-financed) Pentagon spending during the presidency of asset Ronald Reagan.

In a similar fashion, with the production of the presidency of asset George W. Bush, the Office of Special Plans was established in the Pentagon (overseen by Douglas Feith and Paul Wolfowitz) to hype the threat posed by Iraq, including its non-existent weapons of mass destruction. That duplicity is a key reason I was not engaged when I returned from Iraq in February 1997 with intelligence casting doubt on what we now know was false and outright fixed intelligence meant to induce us to war.

The “election” of Donald Trump brought to the presidency a similar effort focused on hyping the threat of Iran despite its verified compliance with the terms of a nuclear accord. In each case, this geostrategic duplicity was overseen by Jewish operatives (Pipes, Feith, Wolfowitz, et.al.) and hyped with the help of dominantly Jewish-dominated media outlets and think tanks with the support of policy-makers supported by the Israel lobby. To quell criticism, organizations such as Campus Watch (overseen by Daniel Pipes, son of Richard) focus on intimidating and silencing on-campus activists critical of Israeli policy.

Consistency of Purpose

When presidential insider Glenn Olds and I compared notes, he shared two experiences that typify how those stalking me dominate U.S. politics. At the August 1968 Republican Party convention in Miami Beach, Nixon Vice-Presidential pick Spiro Agnew consulted Glenn after he was confronted by those who would wait five years—until October 1973—to remove Agnew from office by exposing his tax evasion and money laundering while Governor of Maryland. Before the campaign even began, the Vice-Presidential nominee knew that he was vulnerable to blackmail.

The second was Glenn’s experience during the Watergate scandal that forced Nixon from office in August 1974. When Glenn found evidence confirming that Henry Kissinger and Attorney General John Mitchell played key roles in Nixon’s resignation in disgrace and his replacement by Jerry Ford, he first confronted Kissinger. Glenn described how he then walked to Mitchell’s office, closed the door and, inflamed with rage, went over his desk, pinned him to the floor and was choking him by the neck when an inner voice calmed him and he let Mitchell go. Glenn said he then stood up, told the Attorney General that he wasn’t worth it and left his office. He never again spoke to either man.[44]

According to Glenn, my father also knew that my largest client at the time was William Seidman, Chief Financial Officer for Tucson-based Phelps Dodge. Seidman served as domestic policy adviser to President Jerry Ford and previously as finance director for George Romney, Michigan’s Mormon Governor.[45] In 1985, those who produced the Reagan presidency (similar to casting a movie albeit with a longer timeframe) appointed Seidman chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (F.D.I.C.), the oversight agency for federally insured savings and loans.

n the aftermath of a national-scale S&L fraud—enabled by legislation championed by Mormon Senator Jake Garn of Utah, then chairman of the Senate Banking Committee,[46] President George H.W. Bush, former Vice President to Reagan, appointed Seidman chairman of the Resolution Trust Corporation where he oversaw the sale at knockdown prices of more than $400 billion in distressed S&L assets.[47] The “tireless genius” behind that well-timed crisis enabled Chicagoan Sam “The Grave Dancer” Zell to emerge as the nation’s foremost owner of residential real estate. Those stalking me routinely drew me into networks where those I was profiling were pre-staging or perpetrating large-scale financial frauds or massive geopolitical manipulations such as the war in Iraq.[48]

Chicago has long been a major node in this transnational criminal network. Chicagoan Jules Stein founded Music Corporation of America (MCA). With the help of labor consigliere Sydney Korshak and Cleveland native Lew Wasserman, MCA dominated pop culture in the early days of television and the film studios. A “special exemption” granted MCA by Screen Actors Guild President Ronald Reagan, aided their ability to acquire Universal Studios. It’s no coincidence that Barrack Obama’s presidency was produced from the University of Chicago where he taught Constitutional law. Campaign contributor Penny Pritzker emerged as his Commerce Secretary, a role reserved for the top fundraiser. Both her grandfather and her great-grandfather were attorneys for the Chicago Outfit.

Confirming those who groomed Obama for the job, former Chicago Congressman Abner Mikva described him as “our first Jewish president.”[49] I’ve reason to believe that, when Obama realized he was an asset, he set in motion a strategy that is now helping make transparent those I profiled. The “Chicago” economic model also found an intellectual home at the University of Chicago, a major recipient of Rockefeller support. Now more widely known as the “neoliberal” model and the “Washington consensus,” this widely shared mindset remains the dominant legislation-shaping paradigm despite its known failings and, as we shall see, its foreseeable dysfunctional results.[50]

The Clintons, Donald Trump and Culpability

Those who groomed the self-absorbed Donald Trump for a presidential campaign knew that the election of either him or Hillary Clinton would mark a major victory for Israel’s long-term goals.[51] The Clinton presidency first saw pro-Israelis brought into the epicenter of political power. Glenn realized this in late-1993 when the former Arkansas Governor asked him to reorganize his Cabinet. That meeting motivated Glenn to locate me and help me expose this systemic corruption. Their production of the Trump presidency poses a major setback for those I profiled. By overplaying their hand in putting in the Oval Office such a clearly unfit and erratic personality, their manipulation can now be turned on them as the common source of this trans-generational duplicity becomes apparent and their operatives transparent.

A Trump presidency reinforces the narrative that government is corrupt, further undermining public confidence already at an all-time low, and further damaging democracy as a credible political model. The war in Iraq weakened trust in the U.S. The 2008 global financial crisis, initiated in the U.S., made a bad situation worse. The U.S. appears reckless, corrupt, incompetent, imperialist and, under the leadership of asset Donald Trump, a threat to peace, stability and democratic values. After watching us squander our future and wage unnecessary wars reliant on false intelligence, China’s 300 million-plus middle class have grown comfortable with their top-down authoritarian governance.[52] How does one compute the cost of that hidden tax?

As my life experience proves, the emergence of China as a global superpower under authoritarian rule did not “just happen.” [See Chapter 4. The China Connection for dynamics that predate the founding of the Peoples Republic.] In 2000, I negotiated the implementation of an agreed-to internet business model with an initial reach of 235 million Chinese schoolchildren, their families and their communities. Nokia agreed to invest $250 million. By bridging the public-private divide, that shared prosperity hybrid business model—by design—bypassed the dysfunctions at the heart of both anti-capitalist communism and Washington consensus capitalism. To preclude its success, a $1 billion U.S. company was taken into bankruptcy by those stalking me.[53]

Rather than enabling the internet industry to create a few multi-billionaires, both here and in China, information technology could have been commercialized in a way that fosters healthy, resilient and self-sufficient communities. The market capitalization of Chinese internet company Tencent Holdings topped $530 billion on November 20, 2017, larger than Facebook’s $528 billion. Just eight companies (three of them Chinese) saw an increase of $1.4 trillion in market capitalization in 2017.[54] An ascendant China now features a “communist” consensus (aka “socialism with Chinese characteristics”) that has more billionaires (647) than the “capitalist” U.S. (565). Just three Americans (Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg) have more wealth than 160 million of their fellow Americans.

It’s no wonder that 40 percent of Americans reported in an October 2016 Washington Post poll that they had “lost faith” in democracy. Fewer than one in three young Americans said it’s essential to live in a democracy while one in six believe it to be a “good” or “very good” thing to have the military rule.[55] As my life experience proves, this too did not “just happen.” The widespread perception of a failed system can be changed though not without offering a practical means for transforming how—and for whom—that system produces wealth (aka wellbeing).

With that change will come a shift in how we are seen as a nation. And how we see ourselves as a people. For far too long, we’ve allowed ourselves to be made over in the self-absorbed image of those who see themselves as Chosen. Reagan’s “Shining City upon a Hill” implies a nation of people who enjoy equal rights under the law.How is it possible that I could be denied access my entire life to the rule of law, the very foundation of democracy? Who—precisely who—could wield such systemic influence at the local, state and federal level? If this can be done to me, don’t think for a moment it cannot be done to you. If what you see documented can be done to one American, it can be done to many—both here and worldwide.

Pre-Staging Presidents

As with other political productions, the Trump presidency was pre-staged over a lengthy period. Yet any misstep, any slur, any scandal, any rash decision—no matter how clearly a reflection of his narcissism—can be portrayed as a flaw in democracy. Those I profiled deceive and defraud by exploiting the openness and the protections provided democratic society.[56] My life experience offers a roadmap to remedy this systemic corruption based on facts that prove how corrupt few leveraged their impact through a combination of (a) lawful means (often empowered by policies they produced), and (b) profiled assets placed in government behind the appearance of free elections and informed consent—as with Trump. That distinction makes all the difference in grasping how, by deceit, U.S. democracy was hollowed out to become a parody of itself and a peril to others—due to those I profiled.

The most visible assets, such as Donald Trump, lack the culpable state of mind (mens rea in linear law) to connect them to the crime. Murder and manslaughter are very different offenses; there’s a death in either case. Donald Trump is not intentionally committing treason; he’s just ‘acting out’ his unfulfilled, self-absorbed needs. Though a useful fool, he’s not a felon under the current linear standards of jurisprudence. Within an acceptable range of probabilities, such assets can be expected to behave consistent with their profiled needs—for recognition, influence, money, sex and such. That’s why those I profiled so often weaponize sex as a means to exert power over others.[57]

After Glenn and I had been working together for several years, he asked me two questions prior to leaving for a meeting that included, among others, former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Maurice Strong who convened the first Earth Summit in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro.[58] In preparation for their meeting, Glenn asked, “Mel, did the Jewish elite have a hand in the Holocaust and did Bill Clinton commit treason when he loaded up his Cabinet with Jews?”[59] I responded:

Glenn, without the Holocaust, could Truman have recognized the Jewish state over the strong objections of his Secretary of State George Marshall and our Joint Chiefs who warned Truman that what has since happened in the region would, in fact, happen and is now a matter of record? I’m sorry but this is how bad this really is—and worse. As for Bill Clinton, he could never betray our nation. He has betrayed himself every day he gets up and puts his pants on. The man has never had a real sense of who he is—only what he needs to be for people to like him.

 The U.S. has long prided itself on leading by its example as a “Shining City upon a Hill.” Our seven-decade ill-advised alliance with Israel has proven devastating to our standing globally while undermining the credibility of the U.N. whose headquarters buildings were constructed on land acquired—at my father’s urging—with funds provided by my grandfather. As I will show, allowing those I profiled to operate within the U.S.—without registering as foreign agents—allowed them to turn us against one another while also turning other peoples against us. Those known worldwide for waging war “by way of deception” (the motto of the Israeli intelligence services)[60] induced naïve and trusting Americans to welcome, protect and finance them. The status of this entangled alliance must be revisited if we hope to protect our values, recover our standing, restore our national security and again reside in a nation governed by facts and the rule of law versus what Americans can be induced to believe.

 The Costs of an Entangled Alliance

Because my life experience proves how this criminal syndicate operates, it became essential—to them—that my father and I not join forces to expose their trans-generational operations, including how they routinely produce and manipulate lawmakers while targeting the children and siblings of influential and well-to-do families.[61] Because the perpetrators knew they could not kill me without my DNA tracing back to the role played by my Uncle David and his alliance with Donald Stralem, it was less risky to kill my father than me.

The globalization of this systemic criminality continues to advance through a fraudulently obtained alliance—dating to 1948—meant to deceive us to wage their wars while undermining our interests, abandoning our values and associating us with authoritarianism and ultra-nationalism. The post-9/11 “Bush Doctrine” provides an example of how, like Israel, U.S. leaders now consider it our right to go anywhere and kill anyone we believe threatens our interests.[62] Each terrorist attack reinforces the rationality and even the desirability of a strategy that induces us to act as though we too are Chosen and entitled to operate above the law. Thus Donald Trump’s stance claiming that the U.S.—acting on behalf of Israel—can unilaterally jettison an Iran nuclear accord negotiated in an alliance with theUnited Kingdom, Russia, France, China, Germany and the European Union.

The latest unwinnable wars we were deceived to wage include not only the war in Iraq that triggered the rise of ISIS but also the nation’s longest-ever war in Afghanistan (“the graveyard of empires”). When induced to wage an earlier unwinnable war in Vietnam (also reliant on false intelligence), a modern global superpower was defeated using the same small-scale guerilla tactics that three times defeated the Mongol Empire seven centuries earlier. How could that well-known historical fact be unknown to Harvard historian Henry Kissinger when he advised Richard Nixon that our national interests were served by taking us even deeper into the unwinnable war? How easy it is to forget that asset Harry Truman was the first U.S. president to commit the U.S. to that foreseeable quagmire.

The ill-advised Vietnam War marks when Americans began to lose faith in their government. As confidence in government declined, those profiled steadily gained influence, cynicism grew and citizen disengagement became the norm, further empowering those I profiled while being stalked.

Globalized Organized Crime

Serial ill-advised wars trace to the same lineage that produced the presidency of Harry Truman in order to take (Jewish) organized crime to global scale behind the façade of a Jewish homeland. This trans-generational syndicate operates with legal impunity enabled by the virtual control that their lobby exerts over the U.S. Congress. Their goal—achieved with the Trump presidency—includes control of the Office of the President with its power over U.S. foreign policy and command of our military. Recalling my father’s warning in 1964 about the dangers posed to democracy by those who share a “tireless genius for crisis,” I felt honor bound in June 2017 to remind the four generals advising Commander-in-Chief Trump that their Constitutional oath obliges them to protect the Office of the President from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Presidents come and go; their duty is to protect the office, not its occupant.[63]

As pop culture transformed asset Harry Truman into a political icon, Americans were induced to forget that his political career was produced by Kansas City’s Pendergast political machine overseen by the (Jewish-dominated) National Crime Syndicate that placed him in the Senate in 1934 where his colleagues ridiculed this Zionist Christian as “the Senator from Pendergast.”[64] Truman’s Senate mentor was South Carolina Senator James Byrnes, a political product of Bernard Baruch.

It should come as no surprise that Roy Cohn, Trump attorney and adviser, represented organized crime figures Tony Salerno, Carmine Galante and John Gotti. Cohn served as counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s during an earlier fear-mongering campaign (“the Red Scare”) that served as a key rationale for the Cold War. That war-mongering narrative was refreshed in 1964 with the Goldwater-Miller presidential campaign that, in turn, pre-staged the Reagan presidency in 1980.

How might the world be different had “Rocky” lived to become president rather than Reagan? My father knew who was discrediting the U.S. abroad while weakening us at home by inducing us to wage unnecessary and unwinnable wars and assume unfathomable debt. Financial weakness remains the greatest threat to our national security. The psychological impact of our foreseeable loss in Vietnam was heightened by a series of high profile assassinations—John F. Kennedy in 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. in April 1968 followed two months later by the murder of Robert Kennedy.

Faith in government plummeted—aided by pop culture. Bill Dufty, my friend in Detroit in the 1970s, knew Roy Cohn.[65] Bill was wired into Hollywood. Married to actress Gloria Swanson at her death in 1983, he explained how the McCarthy Hearings had little to do with communism and everything to do with blacklisting from Hollywood those who would not cooperate with using the film industry to promote the agenda-advancing narratives of those Bill knew I was profiling.[66] My Uncle Bob was rewarded with small roles in movies as a psychological payoff for his cooperation in stalking me since I was four years old. Hollywood’s narrative-advancing role continues in plain sight.

Six months after the release in December 1991 of JFK, a Kennedy assassination conspiracy film, 70 percent of Americans believed that their own government murdered their popular young president.[67] Not until 2011 was it publicly acknowledged that JFK executive producer Arnon Milchan, born in Israel, was a Mossad specialist in psychological operations. While the U.S. was working to end apartheid in South Africa, Milchan was organizing positive media coverage for the apartheid regime and providing nuclear triggers to Pretoria on behalf of Tel Aviv. Milchan remains unindicted.

Conceding the Source of Systemic Deceit

Americans’ confidence in democracy will not recover until those responsible for this nonlinear systemic duplicity are made transparent and held accountable at law—a key purpose of The Hidden Tax on Humanity series. Those I profiled face an existential threat not from Iran but from an informed populace. When a long-deceived global public grasps the magnitude of this hidden tax on humanity, they will demand accountability for serial financial mega-frauds, massive geopolitical manipulations and ongoing crimes against humanity. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz testified that the war in Iraq would cost $50 billion and would be recovered from the sale of Iraqi oil. That war is on track to cost more than $6 trillion, including $4 trillion in interest paid through 2053.[68] The opportunity costs are far higher.

That’s just the financial cost, only to the U.S. and only for that one war. One unquantifiable cost is the impact on other countries as the worldwide refugee population soared to record highs and immigration flows fractured cultures throughout Europe ensuring the emerged of a renewed nationalism. As Glenn Olds told me, my father recognized the fragility of our democratic institutions. He anticipated they would fail us, as they have under a nonstop assault by those with a “tireless genius for crisis.”

As Governor of New York, he saw education as liberty’s “last line of defense” against these duplicitous few. That’s why he tasked Glenn with internationalizing the curriculum of the (then) 64-campus State University of New York (S.U.N.Y.). That’s also why education lies at the center of the “NewRock” business model as a means to counter the globalization of today’s dumbed-down and disconnected “Washington consensus.”

Glenn agreed that, had my father and I compared our life experiences, we would have confirmed the common source of this systemic criminality and ongoing treason. Fearing exposure, this enemy within possessed the means, motive and opportunity to silence him much as they have silenced others. Those I profiled have a long history of poisoning problematic people, as my life experience proves. [See Chapter 3. The Indonesia Connection.] That’s why, as his son, I demand a good faith in-depth investigation into his cause of death informed by confirmed facts now able to prove who stalked me to get to him.

I knew early on that this systemic treachery is not a problem that can be solved with money—even if I had access to the entirety of my family’s sizeable fortune. I never wanted to be a Rockefeller. I was a self-made multi-millionaire by age 30. All I wanted was to ensure that what was done to me, my family and this nation could Never Again be done to anyone—anywhere.

My personal life is beyond the scope of The Hidden Tax on Humanity. After a lifetime devoted to identifying the source of this systemic criminality and decades of profiling how it succeeded, I’ve earned my privacy and mean to protect it even if that requires the use of deadly force. I’ve been denied the protection of law my entire life despite the knowledge of ongoing crimes against me. The hidden tax imposed on me has been horrific and remains ongoing. Their denial of equal protection of the law required the complicity of officials at the local, state and federal level. Based on what my life experience proves, I am confident that no jury of my peers would convict me should I lash back at those who have stalked me for more than 66 years.

The goal of The Hidden Tax on Humanity series is to share enough of my life experience that those complicit in this systemic criminality can be exposed and held accountable at law. Also, I mean to ensure that long-deceived Americans know that—had my life experience been timely engaged in good faith by those responsible for law enforcement and national security—the war in Iraq could have been prevented and their War on Terrorism ended before it began.

As Glenn Olds constantly reminded me, “You can’t fight with fire or defeat hate with hate. You must build a better model that also exposes the arsonists.” With the NewRock model, that outcome is now within reach, a subject to which we turn in Chapter 12.


  • Postcard from J.C. Hepper (1969)
  • Business card for Kenjo (Ken) Minato (1973)
  • Osama (Sam) Zeniya at Saguaro Lake in Arizona (1973)
  • Movie poster for Grand Prix (1966)
1969 - JC Heppler 300 dpi - 1
                           J.C. Helper, Mario Andretti & Andy Granatelli at 1969 Indianapolis 500

J.C. and Evelyn Heppler became close friends with my mother when she moved to Detroit following my birth in Princeton, West Virginia. At the time the Hepplers owned a body shop. After my mother married Bill Cunningham in 1956, the Hepplers moved to Arizona. In 1969 I received the above postcard from J.C. Heppler. In 1973, I moved to Arizona and met Osomo (Sam) Zeniya whose mother was the daughter of the founder of Mitsubishi Motors and whose father ran Zeniya Motors (I learned about his family lineage well after the fact).

During the fall of 1973 I traveled to Japan at Sam’s request and stayed at Kenjo Minato’s home. Since 1969, I had looked for the connections between these people (Arizona 1969) such as Hepplers. How did the Hepplers with Kentucky coal mining family roots and a body shop in Detroit, go from there to painting Formula One racecars for the rich and famous?

Mr. Minato was the reason I went to Japan. Years later I confirmed that Minato fronted Rothschild interests in Japan post-WWII. Knowledgeable people in Japan are aware of Mr. Minato. When I went to Mr. Minato’s home with Sam, on the desk in the den was a framed photograph of my Uncle David Rockefeller and Akio Morita, founder of SONY. Hand-written and signed by Mr. Morita on the side of the picture appeared the words Standard Oil of New York (or SONY). I ignored the photograph, never mentioned it and watched Mr. Minato’s reaction as he sought to determine if I yet knew my father’s identity. During that trip, I formalized what brought me to where I am today.

The postcard features J.C. standing with Andy Granatelli and Mario Andretti on the infield of the Indy Speedway after Mario won the 1969 Indy 500. That pointer, the photo of J.C. with the other pawns, revealed the header to the file that allowed me to formulate how to work through the obvious assets of those responsible for controlling the lives of others like a chess player controls pawns on a chessboard – only in this case control over people and decades, if not centuries, of people believing they had real choice when they were nothing but virtual pawns to this madness.

                                                                                               Sam Zeniya at Saguaro Lake, Arizona (1973)


                                                                                                    Grand Prix, released December 1966

[1] My Uncle David died March 20, 2017 at age 101 before his role could be revealed.

[2]The Mormon Church is reputed to maintain the world’s most complete genealogical records.

[3]Figures from first quarter of 2018. Roughly one billion hours of YouTube material is watched globally every day. Screening without censoring online content provides both Facebook and Alphabet (the parent company of Google and YouTube) an opportunity, through their algorithms, to determine what you see. The repeal of “net neutrality” enables more subtle censorship through blocking, throttling and paid prioritization. Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet, conceded that its search algorithms will be programmed to “detect malicious, misleading and incorrect information and essentially have you not see it.” Will that apply to the facts and analyses you are reading here? The ‘choice architecture’ designed into algorithms is poised to mimic the ‘active measures’ deployed by foreign adversaries to manufacture consensus. Matthew Wisner, “Google’s Eric Schmidt Responds to Verizon, AT&T Pulling Ads From YouTube,” Fox Business, March 23, 2017. Google’s system of “de-ranking” and “de-prioritization” is poised to be the censorship of the future. My life experience suggests that these innovations are being used not to inform and communicate but to profile, silence and manipulate. Alex Hern, “Google plans to ‘de-rank’ Russia Today and Sputnik to combat misinformation,” The Guardian, November 21, 2017. “What I saw from the inside was a company that prioritized data collection from its users over protecting them from abuse.” Sandy Parakilas, “Facebook Won’t Protect Your Privacy,” The New York Times, November 20, 2017.

[4]Psychological microtargeting identifies different personality styles (32 in the methodology deployed by Cambridge Analytica) that enable the segmentation of voter groups when targeting ad messages and crafting contact scripts to ensure that the messaging matches the style.

[5]This combination of self-profiling and micro-targeting dates to no later than the ‘tear sheets’ included in magazines such as Seventeen and T.V. Guide owned by Triangle Publications controlled by Walter Annenberg, son of Moses (“Mo”) Annenberg, a former Chicago mobster and innovator of the racing wire service that served as the financial backbone for the National Crime Syndicate. Owner of the influential Philadelphia Inquirer, Walter Annenberg was “Ronnie’s best friend for 50 years” according to First Lady Nancy Reagan.

[6]For Secretary of Commerce, Donald Trump appointed Wilbur Ross, former head of Rothschild Inc.’s bankruptcy advisory business. In the early 1990s, Ross led the bailout of Trump’s Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, a venue best known in organized crime as the site chosen for the first meeting of the National Crime Syndicate in 1929. Two years later, a Jews-only conclave at the Franconia Hotel in Manhattan divided the U.S. into 24 territories and formed Murder, Inc. for enforcement. Donald Trump’s commercial success traces to three domains in which (Jewish) organized crime has long been dominant: casinos, pop culture (The Apprentice) and commercial real estate in midtown Manhattan.

[7]Three days prior to the November 2016 election, Greenblat, Jared Kushner and his wife, Ivanka (“Yael” is her post-conversion Jewish name), traveled to the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn to pray at the gravesite of Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. The Rebbe is considered a messiah among the Chabad faithful.

[8]Confirming how our unconditional support for Israel, regardless of its behavior, has isolated us within the international community, a December 19, 2017 U.N. Security Council resolution calling for the withdrawal of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was backed by every member but the U.S. which used its veto. As seasoned diplomats know, no one cares about where the embassy is located, the important issue is the recognition as a key step to creating “facts on the ground” that Israelis can deploy to support their claim to legitimacy. Thus the importance in 1948 that President Harry Truman could be induced/deceived to recognize as a legitimate state an enclave of Zionist elites and extremists.

[9]Despite Trump’s threat to cut U.S. funding to countries that declined to support U.S. recognition, only nine nations, including the U.S. and Israel, voted against the U.N. resolution: Togo, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands, Guatemala and Honduras. Thirty-five countries abstained; another 21 delegations were absent. Peter Beaumont, “UN votes resoundingly to reject Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as capital,” The Guardian, December 21, 2017. John Brennan, former Director of Central Intelligence, tweeted,“Trump Admin threat to retaliate against nations that exercise sovereign right in UN to oppose US position on Jerusalem is beyond outrageous. Shows Donald Trump expects blind loyalty and subservience from everyone—qualities usually found in narcissistic, vengeful autocrats.” Chris Baynes, “Donald Trump shows ‘qualities usually found in narcissistic, vengeful autocrats,’ says former CIA Director.” Independent, December 22, 2017

[10]When news analysts claim that, with such decisions, Trump is playing to his “political base,” they neglect to point out that this base is largely comprised of Friedman, Greenblatt and Kushner plus pro-Israel campaign contributors such as multi-billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson and his equally rightwing Israeli wife. Donald Trump is not a stupid man; he knows that, without the Kushner-managed electoral fraud perpetrated on the U.S. public with the help of Cambridge Analytica, Americans are not stupid enough to have elected him. This is not to suggest that the pro-Israel Hillary Clinton would have been any better though she would not have been so foolish as to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel despite her campaign pledge to do so (she made the same pledge in her 2000 race for the U. S. Senate).

[11]Research by Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman (National Bureau of Economic Research). Cited in “The Tax Bill That Inequality Created,” The New York Times, December 17, 2017.

[12]When Reagan-era tax policies were enacted in 1981, the federal debt totaled ~$900 billion. When Trump signed into law his supply-side tax policies, the federal debt was $20.2 trillion (Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis).

[13]“A City upon a Hill” is a phrase from the parable of Salt and Light in Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. In Matthew 5:14, he tells his listeners, “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” President-elect Kennedy used the phrase in January 1961: “…I have been guided by the standard John Winthrop set before his shipmates on the flagship Arbella three hundred and thirty-one years ago, as they, too, faced the task of building a new government on a perilous frontier. We must always consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill—the eyes of all people are upon us. Today the eyes of all people are truly upon us—and our governments, in every branch, at every level, national, state and local, must be as a city upon a hill—constructed and inhabited by men aware of their great trust and their great responsibilities….For of those to whom much is given, much is required.”

[14]An asset is a person profiled in sufficient depth such that, when placed in a position of influence (e.g., the presidency or the U.S. Congress), the asset will behave consistent with his or her profile—within an acceptable range of probabilities. Outcomes are not certain but probabilistic, lending themselves well to algorithmic modeling. Variables lend themselves well to manipulation with well-timed crises.

[15]For an example of how Hollywood plays a role in advancing Israeli goals, see the dramatic role played by Peter Lawford in Exodus, released over the 1960 Christmas holidays following Kennedy’s election in November. Ed Gottlieb, a New York public relations specialist, commissioned this Leon Uris novel after Israel angered President Dwight D. Eisenhower with its land-grabbing Sinai Campaign (aka the Suez Crisis) during the last week of his 1956 reelection campaign. See “American Intifada: Shaking Off Six Decades of Deceit,” Foreign Policy Journal, August 8, 2009.

[16]Conversation between Bartlett and colleague Jeff Gates at the urging of former Congressman Paul Findley of Illinois, the first Member of Congress openly removed by the Israel lobby (in 1982). Dick Durbin, Findley’s successor, was handpicked by the Israel lobby. Elected to the Senate in 1996, Durbin now serves as Assistant Democratic Leader in the Senate. New York’s (Jewish) Senator Chuck Schumer holds the post of Democratic Leader. Both major U.S. political parties have long been compromised by those chronicled in this account.

[17]In late 1947, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) wrote that “A decision to partition Palestine, if the decision were supported by the United States, would prejudice United States strategic interests in the Near and Middle East” to the point that “United States influence in the area would be curtailed to that which could be maintained by military force.” On March 31, 1948, the JCS released “Force Requirements for Palestine.” In that paper, they predicted that “the Zionist strategy will seek to involve [the United States] in a continuously widening and deepening series of operations intended to secure maximum Jewish objectives.” Mark Perry, “Petraeus wasn’t the first,” Foreign Policy,April 2, 2010. See also Alison Weir, Against Our Better Judgment(If America Knew, 2014).

[18]See Chapter 7. A Primer on Duplicity.

[19]This informal group of advisers funded this washed-up B-list actor while he gave speeches around California for six months as pre-staging to produce his political career as Governor of California and launch his presidential bid.

[20]I call these nonlinear intersects “congruences.” For example, see “Harvey & Bob Weinstein and the Role of Congruences” on wwwhiddentaxonhumanity.com.

[21]Glenn was then a teacher’s assistant in philosophy at Yale University and George a student.

[22]Lyndon Johnson was “elected” to the Senate in 1948 with a clearly fraudulent 87-vote margin in the Democratic Party primary (200 votes appeared on the voter registry in alphabetical order). Under legal challenge, the margin of victory for “Landside Lyndon” was preserved by Abe Fortas who Johnson first met in the late 1930s when LBJ was a young Congressman and Fortas a New Deal lawyer. The night before Israel launched their provocative June 1967 land grab, Fortas and John Loeb (of Lehman, Kuhn, Loeb) hosted LBJ and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara for dinner at Fortas’ home to confirm that neither man knew Israel would launch its assault within hours. Johnson returned to the White House—and to Mathilde Krim. This weaponization of sex also ensured that, when Israelis attacked the U.S.S. Liberty on June 8, killing 34 American servicemen and wounding 174, LBJ could be relied on to order a cover-up, in part to conceal a scandal involving salacious sex that was pre-staged long before Israel launched its “defensive” war.

[23]At his death, I was close to proving that residing in me was the same marketing ability that enabled John D. and William Rockefeller to amass the family fortune. By then, I was designing a product launch for Lever Brothers that saved the firm tens of millions of dollars (more than $100 million in current dollars) with a strategy that never occurred to the in-house experts with their graduate degrees from the best schools. Due to the constant storm in my head from figuring out why I was being stalked and identifying by whom, I was constantly on academic probation. To ensure I could not be seen as troubled or needy, I knew that I must prove myself before approaching my father.

[24]Known statewide as a popular football player for the University of Michigan, Ford’s intelligence was a comedic topic throughout his presidency. Former President Lyndon Johnson said, “Jerry Ford is so dumb he can’t fart and chew gum at the same time.”

[25]With the resignation of Richard Nixon, Commander-in-Chief Ford was induced to sanction “Team B” as a (pro-Israeli) source of intelligence to supplement intelligence provided by the C.I.A. Led by Richard Pipes, Team B helped boost defense spending by fabricating what we now knowwas misleading intelligence about the military strength of the Soviet Union. Son Daniel Pipes leads Campus Watch focused on silencing on-campus criticism of Israeli policies, often by smearing critics with the toxic charge of anti-Semitism. Jews critical of Israeli policy are cast as “self-hating.” During the G.W. Bush Administration, a similar intelligence-fixing “Plan B” operation was run inside the Pentagon through the Office of Special Plans with oversight by (Jewish) neoconservative Douglas Feith overseen by (Jewish) neocon Paul Wolfowitz as Deputy Secretary of Defense. The false intelligence was funneled to the White House through Lewis (“Scooter”) Libby, the (Jewish) Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney.

[26]Riding on Reagan’s electoral coattails, the Senate became majority Republican and Bob Dole took over the chairmanship of the tax-writing Committee on Finance from Louisiana Democrat Russell Long who had served as chairman since 1965. Dole championed the Reagan era deficit-financed, rich-get-richer “supply-side” economic policies that the Trump administration revived. At a time when the total federal debt was ~$900 billion, the Dole-led Committee approved a tax bill projected to cost $872 billion in foregone revenue (aka “tax expenditures”) over a five-year period. The Trump era supply-side tax bill enacted in December 2017 is projected to forego $1.5 trillion in revenue over ten years. Reagan was elected in the throes of two major crises of the Jimmy Carter presidency: stagflation and the Iran hostage crisis. [For the well-timed Iran crisis, see Chapter 6. The Iran Connection.]

[27]Like Mormon Warren Rustand, George Romney knew my true identity. That became clear when Michigan’s Mormon Governor and father of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, asked my girlfriend Kathy Garvin about me at a Michigan National Bank Christmas party in the 1970s. I had never met Romney and he had no reason to know about me other than knowing that I was Nelson Rockefeller’s son. When I relocated from Michigan to Arizona in 1973, I moved into the same apartment complex into which Andy Smith then moved. A beautiful blond woman, Andy was Merv Griffin’s “beard” who accompanied this (Jewish) Hollywood mogul when he wished to appear heterosexual. Soon after I moved in, Andy moved into an adjoining apartment. The grandson of Parry Thomas also moved in. Known as the “Mormon Banker to Vegas,” Thomas was an early financial backer of (and mentor to) Nevada casino owner Steve Wynn (born Weinberg), the son of a hoodlum from upstate New York. As my life experience proves, Arizona is overrun with Mormon organized crime dating back to 1857 when President Buchanan dispatched federal troops to Utah. Mormons fled north through Idaho and into Alberta, Canada, and south into Mexico. That’s why George Romney was born in Mexico. Merv Griffin and Nancy Davis Reagan were best friends who shared a July 6 birthday. According to the former First Lady, Walter Annenberg, son of Chicago (Jewish) mobster Moses Annenberg, was “Ronnie’s best friend for 50 years.” The Annenberg family laundered their proceeds from organized crime with their purchase of The Philadelphia Inquirer and the founding in 1947 of Triangle Publications whose flagship publications (Daily Racing Form, T.V. Guide, Seventeen, et.al.) pioneered today’s personality profiling and micro-targeting in the era of print publications with tear-out surveys for readers to fill in and return. In 1998, the firm was merged into Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. Leonore Annenberg, Walter’s wife, was raised as a child by her uncle, Harry Cohn, the syndicate-financed owner of Columbia Pictures. Previously married to Beldon Katleman, owner of El Rancho Vegas Casino, Leonore then married mobster Lewis Rosenstiel who spent the Prohibition era smuggling liquor from the U.K., Europe and Canada into Cincinnati, Carl Lindner’s center of operations. [See Chapter 5. The Poland Connection.] Leonore left Rosenstiel to marry Walter. Walter and “Lee” were close friends of Chicago consigliere Sidney Korshak and his wife, Bernice (“Bee”) Korshak. Lee served as White House Chief of Protocol during the Reagan presidency until her lavish spending at taxpayer expense led to her dismissal. Annenberg served as U.S. Ambassador to the U.K. in both the Nixon and Reagan administrations. Korshak arranged for Reagan to serve as president of the Screen Actors Guild, providing him a public profile and a marketable brand that was used to produce the political career of this classic asset.

[28]On January 10, 2013, I provided Michigan Senator Carl Levin with a summary of what I knew about the organized crime origins of his political career, including his chairmanship of the Senate Committee on Armed Services—led in 2017 by Senator John McCain whose political career was produced by the Arizona component of this same Jewish and Mormon criminal syndicate. On March 7, 2013, Senator Levin announced he would not seek reelection. The fact that Mormons are heavily recruited into the Federal Bureau of Investigation helps explain why so many F.B.I. agents have proven problematic as I sought to have these facts and analyses engaged by federal law enforcement.

[29]Donald Stralem was married to Jean Ickelheimer (1908–1994), a philanthropist and art collector owning works by Picasso, Matisse, Degas and Renoir. She was a grandniece of banker Philip Lehman. The sale of her collection put Alfred Tubman in prison in 2002 for price fixing while head of Sotheby’s auction house. Another partner of note was Arthur Zankle, the philanthropist for whom Zankle Hall at Carnegie Hall is named, who was a general partner of Hallgarten & Company from 1953 until 1965. Donald Stralem died in 1976 and his widow in 1994.

[30]Robert Mondavi entered into a joint venture with Baron Philippe de Rothschild of Château Mouton Rothschild to create Opus One Winery. See www.opusonewinery.com.

[31] zaibatsu was a conglomerate of largely family-owned firms involved in multiple industries with interlocking ownership. The big four were Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Sumitomo and Yasuda. Each zaibatsu could leverage its economic power into political power, a key force behind Japanese expansion. After WWII, many of these zaibatsu were partially or completely broken up while a remnant of this system continued, typically centered around a bank that owns a controlling interest or shares in multiple companies and finances those companies and their business interests.

[32]Founded in December 1949, the Mossad was reorganized in March 1951 and made a part of the Prime Minister’s office, reporting directly to Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. The Mossad’s motto: “By way of deception thou shalt make war.” The agency’s job, its website explains, is to “collect information, analyze intelligence and perform special covert operations beyond [Israel’s] borders.”

[33]Then working as an Israeli agent, Corsi was rewarded by being made into a New York Times best-selling author as he produced a series of psy-ops books published to advance narratives helpful to Israel, including the John Kerry-bashing Unfit for Command(2004), Atomic Iran(2005), The Obama Nation(2008) and Why Israel Can’t Wait(2009).

[34]The website of Lindner’s Cincinnati conglomerate described him as “the largest non-Jewish contributor to Jewish causes in the U.S.” The Lindner-controlled American Financial Group funded my trip to Poland on the Corsi-proposed premise of establishing a mutual fund modeled on a fund that Corsi purportedly designed for B’nai B’rith. The entire Corsi-proposed venture was a fraud. An article on the fraud published April 23, 1996 in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune was thereafter routinely distributed by those who continue to stalk me, often using that “fake news” article to disparage me as a means to preclude engagement with facts confirming the common source of this systemic criminality.

[35]As with numerous others complicit in this transnational stalking, Ambassador Rey returned to the U.S. to join a firm with close ties to Henry Kissinger. Former vice-chairman of the $240 million Polish-American Enterprise Fund, Rey became a principal in Intellibridge chaired by David Rothkopf, a former managing director of Kissinger Associates.

[36]At the time, Glenn (of Polish descent) was also in Poland on a mission for Laurance Rockefeller who asked that Glenn help organize in Krakow the first such conference since the fall of the Berlin Wall—hosted by Jagiellonian University. On his return to the U.S., Glenn wrote Secretary of State Albright expressing his concerns about Ambassador Rey. He received no reply. After he began working with me in 1994, she would no longer return his calls though she had known him since she was a teen. In 1951, while Chaplain at the University of Denver, Glenn served as University emissary to welcome Marie Jana Korbel and her mother when they arrived at the train station in Denver. Glenn described how the teenager, in pigtails and braces, handed him the silk-wrapped family menorah to hold as she exited onto the train platform. As a Czech-Jewish defector from the Soviet Union, her father, Josef Korbel, was provided a university appointment. On the appointment in December 1995 by Bill Clinton of the adult Marie Jana as Secretary of State, Madeline Albright claimed an “epiphany” that she was Jewish. Dr. Olds knew the family well. His assessment (spoken in a very slow cadence): “That is simply not believable.”

[37]Sean Bobbit, “Doubts surround alleged Rockefeller heir’s fund,” Warsaw Business Journal, March 17, 1995.

[38]At one point, as I left our offices in Poland, a thuggish looking man entered. Parked just outside was his car with several armed men awaiting his return. Years later I spotted his photo in Germany’s Stern magazine where he was identified as the head of organized crime in Poland.

[39]Glenn, of Polish descent, had enormous credibility in Poland because one of his ancestors was considered a national hero. While Glenn was serving as president of Springfield College, my father dispatched him to Warsaw University to give a speech at the height of the Cold War. My father was a great believer that you must talk to your enemies or you create an opportunity for others to interfere. Glenn told me he was initially shocked when the audience stamped their feet, not realizing it was a form of applause.

[40]That outcome was foreseeable as documented in Chapter 6. “Money, Democracy and the Great Divide”, from Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War(2008)—online at www.hiddentaxonhumanity.com.

[41]Instead of “writing off” (deducting from taxable income) the cost of a commercial building over, say, the 45 years of its useful life, Reaganomics allowed recovery of its cost over 15 years with much of that expense deductible in the first few years with an “accelerated cost recovery system” (ACRS). Roughly $160-$180 billion of the projected $872 billion in foregone tax revenue (aka “tax expenditure”) was due to ACRS. Enacted into law in 1981, this public subsidy served as a primary financing source for Donald Trump to accumulate his private real estate wealth reliant on deficit-financed tax expenditures. That tax legislation also marked when depreciation morphed from metrics that are physical (i.e., when an asset wears out or becomes obsolete) to metrics that are totally financial (cost recovery).

[42]See “The China Connection” for the role played by Jewish advisers to Mao during the formative stages of the People’s Republic of China.

[43]For Stralem’s production of Duck and Cover, see: http://www.conelrad.com/duckandcover/cover.php?turtle=01a

[44]After Nixon lost the 1960 presidential race to Kennedy and the 1962 governor’s race to Pat Brown in California (father of current Governor Jerry Brown), he moved to Manhattan where the (predominantly Jewish) Mudge Rose et.al.law firm was renamed Nixon, Mudge, Rose, Guthrie, Alexander & Mitchell. John Mitchell was a partner and Leonard Garment a rising junior partner. Bob Haldeman was brought in from the Los Angeles office of the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency to rebrand Nixon (“He’s tan. He’s fit. He’s rested.”). Len Garment became White House counsel and John Mitchell was appointed Attorney General. In 1987, I was drawn into a transaction involving the sale of a Manhattan office building previously owned by the Shah of Iran’s educational trust. The first mortgage was held by Chase Manhattan, my Uncle David’s bank. The top two floors were occupied by arbitrageur Ivan Boesky, the co-conspirator of Michael “Junk Bond King” Milken. As part of the negotiations, I met a man who introduced himself as Pincus Green, partner of Marc Rich who Bill Clinton preemptively pardoned for Rich’s illegal trading of oil with Iran. In representing Rich, Garment was joined by Mudge Rose alumnus Lewis “Scooter” Libby who was then working in the Pentagon office of Paul Wolfowitz in the G.H.W. Bush administration. As Deputy Secretary of Defense in the G.W. Bush administration, Wolfowitz allied with Libby, then serving as Chief of Staff to Vice-President Cheney, in providing the false intelligence on which President G.W. Bush relied when ordering the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 following the provocation of 9/11.Clinton granted that pardon to Rich after he was lobbied by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister Shimon Peres and the head of the Mossad who, the facts suggest, was then providing the intelligence essential to the war-catalyzing provocation now known as 9/11. Rich reportedly shared with the Mossad a portion of his illicit proceeds to fund their black-ops. [See Chapter 6. The Iran Connection.]

[45]In 1968, Romney and my father were the moderate presidential candidates for a Republican Party that, with prodding from those who produced the political career of Ronald Reagan, continued its shift to the political right that began with the nomination of Barry Goldwater in 1964. Bill Miller, Goldwater’s Vice Presidential running mate, was a partner in the same Buffalo, New York law firm as Robert Knoll who pre-staged the first fraud perpetrated on me when Knoll’s childhood friend, Ken Varshay, purchased with Knoll’s backing one of only two Daxon computer franchises sold. When I bought the other one, that purchase pre-staged the 1981/82 Birndorf/Hewlett Packard fraud after Dr. Robert J. Birndorf bought a medical billing system.In 1964, the GOP nominated the Arizona Senator to oppose Lyndon Johnson in the November presidential election, one year after the November 1963 Kennedy assassination. Knoll represented Buffalo’s Jacobs clan, a (Jewish) criminal syndicate family known as “the Godfather of Sports” for its control of concessions in sports facilities nationwide. He also represented waste management, scrap metal and landfill operations nationwide, many of them dating from the era of Meyer Lansky, the so-called “Chairman” of the National Crime Syndicate. The 1964 loss by the weak Goldwater-Miller ticket set in motion the “Reagan Revolution” when five southern states (and Arizona) supported the GOP candidate in a race-based campaign in the early days of the civil rights era. Johnson’s election pre-staged a shift in voting patterns in the Deep South from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party (e.g., Goldwater received 87% of the popular vote in Mississippi). Johnson’s popular vote margin was second only to the Nixon-Agnew margin in 1972 over a similarly weak ticket led by George McGovern and Kennedy in-law Sargent Shriver who replaced Missouri Senator Tom Eagleton when it was revealed that he was subjected to electric shock therapy as a treatment for depression. Both the Goldwater-Miller and the McGovern-Shriver presidential tickets were token opposition. In 1964, those profiled wanted asset Lyndon Johnson in the White House to expand the unwinnable war in Vietnam as they pre-staged their June 1967 land grab (aka the Six Day War) as a region-wide provocation planned since 1951 according to an Israeli general. Nixon’s reelection in 1972 ensured that those who produced his presidency (advised by Nixon National Security Adviser and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger) could extend and expand the unwinnable war in Vietnam. [For the origins of “their” China policy, see Chapter 4. The China Connection.] David Knoll was disbarred shortly after helping Efraim Zeda, an Iranian Jew, flee the U.S. during the Reagan-era Iran-Contra hearings to prevent him from testifying. [See Chapter 6. The Iran Connection.]

[46]Enacted December 1982, the Garn-St. Germaine Depository Institutions Act of 1982 gave expanded powers to federally chartered S&Ls, enabling them to diversify their activities to increase their profits. Major provisions included: elimination of deposit interest rate ceilings; elimination of the previous statutory limit on loan to value ratios; and expansion of the asset powers of federal S&Ls by permitting up to 40% of assets in commercial mortgages, up to 30% of assets in consumer loans, up to 10% of assets in commercial loans, and up to 10% in commercial leases. The result divorced thrifts from the communities they were originally created to serve. Charles Keating, architect of the infamous Lincoln Savings & Loan fraud, formerly served as counsel to Carl Lindner who financed the 1995 fraud perpetrate on me by Israeli agent Jerome Corsi, as described in Chapter 5. “The Poland Connection.” After Jimmy Carter defeated Jerry Ford for the presidency in November 1976, Stuart Eizenstat succeeded William Seidman as chief White House adviser to Ford for domestic policy. Carter’s failed domestic policy (“stagflation”) helped elect Ronald Reagan whose reform of the thrift industry was championed by Senator Garn, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, 1981-87. Garn named Danny Wall chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board in July 1987. A principal craftsman of the Garn-sponsored legislation, Wall had served for 11 years on Garn’s staff.

[47]I recall a 1992 Oval Office interview with President George H.W. Bush and his look of shock and revulsion when quizzed about an alleged affair in the 1960s and a reference was made to the Aga Khan. That televised exchange suggests that the elder Bush was set up for that discrediting interview no later than 1968. My Uncle Bob told me that he met Bush in 1968-69 at Ongar, Donald Stralem’s horseracing estate outside Dublin.In 1943, Ongar Stud was a thoroughbred horse farm acquired by the Aga Khan. Prince Aly Kahn, the Aga Kahn’s playboy son, took charge of Ongar and a neighboring stud farm where a series of thoroughbred racehorses and broodmares were raised on its 166 acres. In July 1966, six years after Prince Aly’s death in a motor accident outside Paris, the Aga Kahn sold the estate to Stralem. My Uncle Bob described for me gala affairs at Ongar featuring pianist Andre Previn. Their staging of this affair (salacious sex) likely played a role in pre-staging the $150 billion S&L fraud during the Reagan-Bush presidency (1981-1993). G.H.W. Bush was disliked by the Israelis after he realized, as C.I.A. Director, that the Mossad (to whom we had subcontracted much of our Iran-related intelligence) was lying to us. He further infuriated the Israel lobby when, as president, in March 1992 he rejected a loan guarantee for Israel because its terms enabled them to continue building settlements in the occupied territories. I am confident that those who wanted Bush removed helped persuade Ross Perot to mount a vote-splitting presidential race that helped put asset Bill Clinton in the Oval Office.

[48]Those networks included David Bonderman who became the founder of Texas Pacific Group, one of the premier private equity firms. Under Seidman’s chairmanship, the RTC seized American Savings, an S&L in Torrance, California owned by Texan Robert Bass, on the same day that I scheduled a closing for the sale of a $15 million commercial building with my client’s $8 million deposit held in that S&L. When I called Seidman’s office, his receptionist told me that Warren Rustand had just walked into his office. Neither Seidman nor Rustand would take my call. David Bonderman then called me from Robert Bass’s plane and laughed at my predicament, assuring me that he didn’t care if my sale didn’t close because Bass, as owner of the S&L, got paid either way under the government-backed program for insuring S&L deposits. I later discovered that the building sold for $5.1 million with the F.D.I.C. (and taxpayers) forced to absorb the difference. In 2007, Bonderman joined the Forbes 400list of richest Americans.

[49]DuringBarack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, Mikva explained, “When this all is over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish president.” Quoted in Suzi Parker, “Bill Clinton, ‘America’s first Jewish president,’” The Washington Post,February 2, 2012.

[50]Since 1950, the Chicago-originated Aspen Institute has convened seminars worldwide, encouraging lawmakers and emerging leaders to vest their faith in the “Washington consensus” as embodying the core values of Western civilization. Similar to those who earlier induced faith in Marxism despite its dysfunctional effects, this successor consensus likewise generates foreseeable outcomes, including the concentration of both wealth and income, a primary reason the Marxist mindset gained traction in more than 90 countries. A key beneficiary of the financial pillaging of Russia during the 1990s, Russian Roman Abramovich applied a portion of his fraud-derived wealth to help construct an $18 million Chabad Lubavitch center in Aspen, an upscale Jewish-dominated community of 6,500. The center opened in August 2014.

[51]It’s difficult to overstate the impact of pop culture (including gossip columnists) in creating the name recognition required for successful political campaigns in an impressionistic media environment dominated by sound bites. See Marc Fisher, “How Liz Smith invented Donald Trump,” The Washington Post, November 13, 2017.

[52]A similar skepticism about U.S.-style democracy now prevails in Russia following a 1990’s restructuring (perestroika) policy that, reliant on (predominantly Jewish) advisers, created a small cadre of (predominantly Jewish) oligarchs. A Levada Center poll found in 2016 that, while two-thirds of Russians agreed that Russia needs democracy, only 13 percent thought that Western countries were an example to be followed. Cited in Sara Miller Llana, “One family’s divergent view of the Bolshevik revolution tells a tale of Russia’s complicated past—and present,” The Christian Science Monitor, November 5, 2017. For an overview of this nation-scale fraud, see Chapter 5 (“The Presidency and Russian Organized Crime”) in Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War(2008). Also posted on www.hiddentaxonhumanity.com.

[53]My experience in China confirmed that the Israel lobby must be required to register as foreign agents. Attorney Simon Rifkind led the opposition to foreign agent registration for the American Zionist Council when Attorney General Robert Kennedy and Senate Foreign Relations Chairman J. William Fulbright sought, with the support of President Kennedy, its compliance with the Foreign Agent Registration Act, 1962-63. The same law firm (Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton and Garrison) was complicit in undermining an agreed-to deal in China that would have created a demonstration model, bypassing the “Washington consensus” while showing how to foster healthy and resilient communities. With the assassination of President Kennedy and the beginning of the Lyndon Johnson administration, the Council morphed into the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee. AIPAC remains unregistered despite lobbying us to wage wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran. After giving more than $10 million to AIPAC, Trump supporter Sheldon Adelson founded a more hardline rightwing organization, the Israeli American Council. Adelson and his Israeli wife, Mariam, were provided seating at the Trump inaugural such that they were the first people he saw as he stepped onto the platform to take his presidential oath of office. See:


[54]The eight companies are Facebook Inc., Apple, Amazon.com Inc., Netflix Inc., Alphabet Inc., Baidu Inc., Alibaba Group Holding and Tencent. Riva Gold, “Tech Rally Goes Global, Powering Major Stock Indexes to Fresh Records,” The Wall Street Journal, November 21, 2017.

[55]Yascha Mounk, “Yes, American Democracy Could Break Down,” Politico, October 22, 2016.

[56]Thus the reported $32 billion in support that hedge fund manager George Soros provided to the Open Society, including an $18 billion grant in October 2017. Thus too the establishment of an Open Russia by Russian mega-thief Mikhail Khodorkovsky with a board that included Henry Kissinger and Jacob Rothschild. In mid-2017, its activities were banned in Russia. In December 2017, its website was blocked.

[57]See Chapter 7 “A Primer in Duplicity” for a description of agents, assets and sayanim (Hebrew for volunteers or helpers). Guilt By Association is also known as “the McCain book” featuring three chapters chronicling the production of his political career as a classic asset. McCain and Senator Joseph Lieberman emerged as the primary salesmen for the false intelligence that led us to war in Iraq.

[58]In 2005, Mr. Strong acknowledged in a letter to Glenn that Glenn served as his mentor and thanked him profusely.

[59]The most influential appointees in Bill Clinton’s second-term Cabinet included Robert Rubin as Secretary of the Treasury, Lawrence Summers as Rubin’s Deputy (and then Secretary) and Madeleine Albright as Secretary of State.

[60]See Victor Ostrovsky, The Other Side of Deception (New York: HarperCollins, 1994), pp. 113-117. See also Victor Ostrovsky with Claire Hoy, By Way of Deception—The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer (1990).

[61]That’s why I met the first cousin of Vice-President Dan Quayle and also Neil Bush, brother of President G.W. Bush, who was drawn into a fraud at Silverado Savings & Loan in Colorado. As my experience suggests, the nationwide S&L fraud of the 1980s is one of many financial mega-frauds orchestrated by the same criminal syndicate stalking me. That’s also why I met Annette Volstead whose family created the Woolmark label, shipping raw materials behind the Iron Curtain and using East German slave labor to make brand name clothing such as Hugo Boss. Those profiled routinely create the “spread” and then profit from it (in this case, low cost labor behind the Iron Curtain). In 1985, I met Claudia von Bismarck, the granddaughter of German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck (1871-1890). Claudia was Annette’s roommate at Boston University. At the same time, I also met the eldest son of Adnan Khashoggi, the Saudi arms dealer who used his personal 747 to fly Arab princes to Las Vegas where evidence of their non-Islamic conduct (including salacious sex) could be used to compromise them. In 2015, Emad Khashoggi, nephew of the late billionaire arms dealer, sold a $300 million chateau in Louveciennes, France, to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Nicholas Kulish and Michael Forsythe, “Another Splurge for a Saudi Reformer,” The New York Times, December 17, 2017, p. 1.

[62]After terrorists killed 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics, Israel launched an assassination campaign against suspected operatives that included the July 1973 murder in Norway of an innocent Moroccan waiter. The intended target was killed in Beirut in January 1979 with a remote-control car bomb that killed four passersby and injured 18 others.

[63]See on www.hiddentaxonhumanity.com“Mel Rockefeller’s Memo to Four Generals in the Trump Administration.” June 5, 2017.

[64]The National Crime Syndicate was founded at a conclave convened in Atlantic City in 1929 where the Pendergast operation was represented by Tom Lazio. With the narrative-advancing help of Hollywood, syndicate operations were branded by popular culture as Italian and Sicilian.

[65]See Chapter 5. The Poland Connection.

[66]In November 1947, some 80 studio executives, producers and lawyers met in New York at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and established the Hollywood blacklist. Mendel Silberberg, an entertainment attorney, presided and drafted the “Waldorf Statement”. Glenn Frankel, “When American Democracy Failed,” Politico, November 20, 2017.

[67]Director Oliver Stone was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Director for his role in this psy-ops film. Milchan was not exposed as an Israeli operative until the publication in 2011 of Confidential: The Life of a Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon Arnon Milchan. Authors Justin Gelman and Meir Doron portrayed Milchan as a heroic James Bond-like character. I was drawn to New Orleans in 1991 where the New Orleans segments ofJFKwere being filmed. The plot revolved around the purported role played in Kennedy’s death by New Orleans antiques dealer Clay Shaw who was a friend and business colleague of my step-uncle, Robert King Cunningham. When Israeli asset Bill Lucky invited me to New Orleans, I knew I would be subjected to a stalking operation. I knew Bill’s wife was gravely ill and that personal need would provide the leverage to make his cooperation “probabilistic.” After my release, Bill took me to a Dillard’s Department Store in New Orleans to buy some new clothes. In 1992, I was living in a hostel in San Pedro, California preparing for my trial against Barry Weingart, my (Jewish) partner from Cleveland who defrauded me of my equity stake in AlphaBase Systems, a business applications software firm that we co-founded. Barry knew who I was. Each night, I found on my pillow a receipt from Dillard’s dated the same week I was arrested in New Orleans in 1991. The sophisticated coordination required for this nonstop psychological stalking is typical of the enigma in which those stalking me believe they had me trapped. Had I not known my true identity, I’m confident I would have either killed myself or one of the operatives complicit in stalking me. As a nation, this “special relationship” has the American public embedded in a similar enigma as we are induced to look outward for an enemy when the true foe is an enemy within.

[68]From March 2013 TheCosts of War Project by the WatsonInstitute for International Studies at Brown University drawn from actual expenditures by the U.S. Treasury and future commitments. A $1.7 trillion figure includes war expenses plus an additional $490 billion in benefits owed to war veterans. An extra $4 trillion factors in interest paid through 2053.