Mel Rockefeller Memo to Special Counsel Robert Mueller and FBI Director Christopher Wray7 min read

TO: Robert Mueller, Special Counsel
CC: Christopher Wray, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

FROM: James M. (“Mel”) Rockefeller

RE: Jerome Corsi – Israeli agent or asset?

DATE: September 7, 2018

I write again to provide facts and analyses proving the common source of the nonlinear corruption and criminality that appear thus far to have escaped the attention of the Office of the Special Counsel.

I applaud your subpoena of Jerome Corsi. I first encountered Corsi in 1995 when he orchestrated a fraud for which Minneapolis FBI agents sought to frame me—after I returned from Baghdad in February 1997 with:

(1) evidence of no WMD, (2) an offer from the senior-most sheikhs to remove Saddam Hussein without a war (to which Saddam reportedly agreed), and (3) an offer to provide U.S. firms with the bulk of the contracts for reconstruction and oil. Rather than engage me in good faith (federal law then prohibited my travel to Iraq), colleague Munther Ghazal and I were stalked by agents within both the FBI and the DIA, including Mossad operatives posing as FBI agents, as chronicled in the accompanying exhibits.

Jerome Corsi is the first person from whom I heard the phrase “preparing the mind” when he oversaw a fraud designed to discredit me in Poland at a time when the Knesset was predominantly Polish. That fraud was financed by Carl Lindner whose website then boasted that he was the largest non-Jewish contributor to Jewish causes in the U.S. I urge that you immediately engage the documentation provided. My life experience proves the common source of ongoing geopolitical duplicity, including the narrative-advancing role played by Corsi.

To portray Corsi as a conspiracy theorist misses the point. He is either an Israeli agent or a well-paid asset of the Jewish state. Ask him about me. Better yet, subpoena me, Munther Ghazal, Ron Burd, my attorney since 1992, and Jeff Gates, a colleague since 2002. Let us provide questions to ask Corsi. Note how, while I was in London, I outed him as a Mossad operative, per the blue-tabbed material. He knows what he did—and for whom.

His payoff for stalking me: he was made into a best-selling “author” of narrative-advancing books: Unfit for Command (the Israel lobby wanted to keep asset George W. Bush in office another four years), Atomic Iran (asset Donald Trump is preparing to deliver a sword-rattling speech on Iran at the U.N.), The Obama Nation (birthers, racism, etc.) and Why Israel Can’t Wait (is this obvious enough yet?. His latest: Killing the Deep State—another misdirection meant to ensure that no one grasps that the expansive Israel lobby is the true deep state. Its 600- plus organizations continue to evade compliance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act even as they lobbied us to wage wars against our national interests in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran—for Greater Israel.

For the (endangered) rule of law to survive their production of this latest White House asset, it is essential that you interview me on a record so that a long-deceived public can grasp how this systemic duplicity proceeds in plain sight and, to date, with legal impunity for those responsible—as my life experience proves. Because this criminality is nonlinear, it’s challenging for those trained in linear law to detect, indict and prosecute consistent with their Constitutional oath of office. Frankly, that’s no excuse, particularly based on what my life experience proves. Because this criminality works largely through assets and sayanim (Hebrew for helpers), it cleverly bypasses the mens rea required for culpability under traditional jurisprudence. My suggestion: Deal with it. An informed public will want to know: what did you know and when did you know it?

Key parts of this evidentiary trail are found in the attached chapters for The Hidden Tax on Humanity: The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented, The Indonesia Connection (note the pre-staging of 9/11) and The Poland Connection—see the blue tabs re Corsi (also on I sent you these materials (confirmed receipt March 28, 2018). The same materials were provided to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. This documentation was also provided to Attorney General John Ashcroft and to you as FBI Director, hand-delivered to your offices April 12, 2004. Note the Introduction to The Hidden Tax on Humanity and the chapters titled, The China Connection and the Iran Connection (also online).

Had I been engaged in good faith by the FBI in February 1997, the war in Iraq could have been prevented. The ongoing pre-staging for the war-catalyzing mass murder provocation of 9/11 may well have been uncovered. Why have I yet to be engaged in good faith? Why has my life experience not been investigated in depth and the facts followed wherever they may lead? Why have I never been interviewed on a public record? Cui bono?

Enclosed for your review is my memo of July 21 to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. The bulk of the exhibits were provided to you in my memo of March 26, 2018 (attached). The exhibits are largely online at Enclosed also is my memo of December 4, 2017 to my younger half-brother, Mark, along with a May 2018 memo to my older half-brother, Steven, and the latest of numerous memos to my cousin, Jay (John D. IV), dated August 13, 2018.

To secure this nation from foreign interests requires that you and Director Wray follow the facts you’ve been provided—wherever they may lead. As my life experience proves beyond any reasonable doubt, Israel and its expansive (and unregistered) lobby have long been a foreign interest that poses an existential threat to informed choice. Its “tireless genius for crisis” is well documented in the materials you were provided. My father, Nelson Rockefeller, coined that generic term in a 1964 speech at Harvard during the second of his four terms as Governor of New York. He knew who; my life experience proves the nonlinear how and the geopolitical why.

Should the Office of the Special Counsel conclude its investigation without identifying Israel and its lobby as a threat, anyone involved in this investigation will rightly be seen as giving aid and comfort to an enemy. Similarly, as my life experience confirms, should the FBI fail to interview me on a public record, its hard-earned reputation as a defender of the rule of law will be conclusively tainted, ensuring an outcome that plays directly into the hands of those systematically undermining faith in our institutions of government on behalf of foreign interests. On that point, see my July 13, 2017 memo to the four (now three) generals in the Trump administration.

As documented in materials you were provided and in numerous submissions to the FBI and the Department of Justice dating to April 12, 2004, my firsthand experience confirms complicity in federal capital crimes by agents within the FBI, DIA and CIA. Without exception, all those identified provided aid and comfort to those I profiled while being stalked by entire life as the out-of-wedlock son of Nelson Rockefeller. The consistency of the fact patterns suggests that the circumstances of my birth were staged to preemptively compromise my father’s prospects for the presidency, pre-staging a steady march to the geopolitical Right. Thus Donald Trump and his senior advisers from the ultraorthodox Chabad Lubavitch sect founded in Russia of the 1770s. My March memo documented their role in the “production” of this presidency—by and for foreign interests. Thus too the electoral role of casino owner Sheldon Adelson and his equally rightwing Israeli wife and the reported $700 million windfall they received from Trump’s deficit-financed 2017 “supply-side” tax legislation.

With transparency will come the long overdue accountability required to end this trans-generational hidden tax on humanity. The rule of law requires that culpability at law distinguish a duplicitous, extremist and sociopathic few from the broader faith community on whose shared identity those profiled have long preyed. As I did not hear from your office within ten days of your receipt of my March 26, 2018 memo, it was published on where this correspondence will also appear.

Thank you for your service to this nation.