To John McCain, from Mel Rockefeller RE: Your Apology to the American People6 min read

TO: John McCain
FROM: James M. (“Mel”) Rockefeller
RE: Your Apology to the American People
DATE: June 15, 2018

Though I am sorry for your illness, your condition suggests that you have a limited amount of time to apologize for your role in inducing this nation to wage unnecessary and unwinnable wars in the Middle East on behalf of foreign interests. I write to suggest that you invite George W . Bush to stand alongside you as both of you concede to a long-deceived global public that Israel and its lobby were the real reason we invaded Iraq.

Colleague Jeff Gates and I will be there to observe and to ask questions based on my experience in Arizona commencing in 1973, per the enclosed Introduction to The Hidden Tax on Humanity. Absent a sincere and unreserved apology, both of you are destined to go down in history as traitors to this nation—as my life experience proves beyond any reasonable doubt.

With Special Counsel Robert Mueller now turning his attention to the role that Israel played in producing the presidency of asset Donald Trump, you have only a very limited time to leave a legacy of which your family can be proud. In 2004, Dr. Glenn Olds told me that we would know the tide has turned against Israel when other nations push back against us. A confidante to my father and an adviser to four presidents (including G.H.W. Bush, a friend for 59 years), my father told Glenn about me in 1973 when the Vice Presidency was given to asset Gerald Ford who twice asked to meet with me in Arizona. I declined.

I was drawn to Arizona in 1973 by the same criminal syndicate that produced your political career confident you would perform as a classic asset during your tenure in Congress—as you did. The enclosed book, Guilt By Association (aka the “McCain book”), chronicles that fact. I am identified as John Doe.

Though I am a constituent able to prove the common source of ongoing treason, you declined to meet with me. Nor would John Kyl, Jeff Flake, David Schweikert, Krysten Sinema, Doug Ducey or Janet Napolitano who was presented a 3-volume compilation of evidence in December 2005. By her refusal to engage those facts, she proved herself an ideal candidate to enable this criminality as Secretary of Homeland Security.

If you and G.W. Bush engage me in good faith, this systemic corruption can be made transparent, its key operatives held accountable and pending wars for Greater Israel prevented. Should you ignore these facts or should staff keep them from you, the evidence will confirm you are a pathetic traitor of the most despicable sort who chose to defend a phony reputation rather than defend this nation from an enemy that you enabled.

This systemic criminality can be remedied provided you publicly concede that this ongoing duplicity traces to a common source and operates largely through assets such as Dubya and you. Acknowledge that key point and you may yet die with some semblance of dignity and honor.

I look forward to hearing from you ASAP.


See my enclosed April 2016 memo to Prescott Bush, Jeb’s son. Had Jeb not defended his brother’s indefensible decision to order the invasion of Iraq, and had Dubya identified by whom he was deceived to order that invasion, Jeb might well now be president rather than asset Donald Trump.

The circumstances of my birth in 1952 were used to preemptively compromise my father’s prospects for the presidency. Two years after his death in January 1979, those complicit actively began to stalk me as I profiled them, as documented in the enclosures and in the materials published on

See enclosed “The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented” and “The Indonesia Connection” and review other draft chapters posted on As summarized in my 2015 submission to the Chilcot Inquiry, the transnational Israel lobby has also thoroughly compromised British lawmakers.

Review my June 2017 memo to generals in the Trump Administration reminding them of their constitutional duty to protect the Office of the President from an asset placed in that office by those profiled. See “Donald Trump—The Last President for Greater Israel” and “The Israel Lobby Is Taking Us to War—Again.”

Tel Aviv’s alliance with Riyadh and the cultural fracturing of Europe were purposeful and geostrategic as chronicled in “Israeli-style Warfare—Fracture to Consolidate and Consolidate to Fracture.”

Per the enclosed April 2017 memo to Governor Ducey, I direct your attention (below) to key Arizona-related facts and analyses that require good faith engagement consistent with the evidence-based rule of law—access to which has been denied me at the local, state and federal level. The reason for that lack of functional engagement will become apparent as you grasp the repetitive behavior patterns and their common source. See:

  • Arizona residents Leo Beus and Neil Wake – Guilt By Association p. 216; timeline pp. 10-15, 33.
  • Arizona resident Warren Rustand – Guilt By Association pp. 45, 215; timeline pp. 9, 16.
  • Arizona resident Carol Barr – timeline pp. 13, 17.
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  • Former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard – timeline pp. 37-38, 41.
  • Former Arizona Attorney General Chief Agent Tina McMillion – timeline p. 38.
  • Arizona Congressman David Schweikert (and aides Kevin Knight and Ryan White) – timeline p. 41.
  • Arizona Member of Congress Kyrsten Sinema (and aide Michelle Davidson) – timeline p. 41.
  • Arizona Senator Jeff Flake – timeline p. 41.
  • Former Arizona Senator Jon Kyl — Guilt By Association p. 2-3, 8, 25, 28 185, 204-205.
  • Senator John McCain – see table of contents in Guilt By Association (aka “the McCain book”). See:o GusGreenbaum–GuiltByAssociationpp.22-23,29-30,34.o KemperMarley–GuiltByAssociationpp.23-24.
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  • Phoenix FBI Agent David Williams – timeline p. 30. [To discuss: FBI Special Agent John Lewis.]
  • Arizona resident and Scottsdale developer Ron Burke – p. 37. A friend since 1973, Mr. Burke wasdefrauded in two incidents 20 years apart involving the same Arizona resident (a Jewish attorney).The Phoenix office of the FBI repeatedly declined to engage these facts. Agents in that office were complicit in serial attempts to discredit me with members of the Arizona Congressional delegation.


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