Chapter 7. A Primer on Duplicity39 min read

Draft of August 11, 2017

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To grasp how duplicity works in plain sight requires understanding how deceit proceeds from the inside out. That requires a few clarifying words about terminology. From the outset, the founders of Israel saw themselves entitled—as Chosen—to operate above the law and expand the Land of Israel to its God-given borders, an extensive realm that includes much of the resource-rich Middle East.

Few in numbers but skilled at leveraging their influence, those I profiled excel at the intelligence wars and the psychological operations (psy-ops) that separate victor from vanquished. There lies the perils of an entangled alliance with those who believe—Truly Believe—it is their God-given right to manipulate beliefs, including the beliefs of those of the Jewish faith by targeting their Jewish identity. Such identity politics also ensures support from Mormons who believe—Truly Believe—that they are members of the Lost Tribe of Israel. Support for Israel also relies on Christians who Truly Believe their messiah will not return until the “Israelites” return to their Promised Land.

This combination of manipulated beliefs, sophisticated psy-ops and lengthy pre-staging makes this form of warfare particularly perilous to an open society offering freedom of speech, press, assembly and religion. Those freedoms provide both a dependable cover and the protection of law. In effect, democracy offers the freedom to undermine our freedoms, the greatest hidden tax of all.[1]

The motto of the Mossad, Israel’s foreign operations directorate, is “by way of deception shalt thou wage war.” Known for its global reach, Tel Aviv trains and deploys a cadre of specialists in psy-ops, assassinations, undercover operations and the staging of well-timed crises. Formed in 1949, two years before I was conceived, the Mossad is one of many Israeli agencies tasked with leveraging the impact of their modest numbers using agents, assets and sayanim.


Agents possess the mental state that connects their mind to a crime. Intent distinguishes premeditated murder from a lesser crime such as manslaughter—there’s a death in either case. In traditional linear law, intent sets the boundary of culpability based on the actor’s state of mind. Culpable agents operate with what the law calls “extreme malice” or an “evil mind.” During the Cold War, Israeli super-spy Jonathan Pollard stole more than one million pages of secret U.S. intelligence on Soviet arms shipments, Pakistani nuclear weapons, Libyan air defense systems and other sensitive data that Tel Aviv deployed against our interests and has yet to return. Negating vast outlays invested in U.S. national security, it’s believed that much of the material was passed on to Moscow in exchange for allowing Russians to relocate to Israel.

Russian émigrés, many of them not Jewish, form a key part of the electoral base for Israel’s rightwing Likud Party led by Benjamin Netanyahu.[2] Those most familiar with the hidden tax that Pollard imposed on the U.S. recommended his execution for treason. Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger urged the death penalty. In sharp contrast, Israelis named a town square and a residential building after him. Prior to his release on November 20, 2015, Netanyahu urged that Israelis cancel their celebrations for fear of reminding Americans of the costs imposed by this entangled alliance.

As part of the 1998 Wye River Summit in Maryland convened to settle the Israeli occupation of Palestine, Bill Clinton agreed to release Pollard until informed by C.I.A. Director George Tenet that his release would trigger mass resignations by intelligence agents aware of the damage Israel inflicted on the U.S. Still unknown is how many U.S. agents and assets died due to this Israeli spy.

Not until 12 years after Pollard’s conviction did Tel Aviv admit he was on their payroll—when he was also granted Israeli citizenship. Even while imprisoned, his iconic status continued to serve an espionage purpose. Ten days prior to 9/11, Israel announced a $1 million grant to their super-spy, signaling other operatives that Zionists take care of their own.[3] With oversight by just a few Mossad katsas (case officers) and agents, complex operations can proceed in plain sight—yet non-transparently—staffed largely by pre-staged assets and an expansive corps of sayanim.


Assets are those profiled in sufficient depth that—within an acceptable range of probabilities—they can be relied upon to behave consistent with their personality profile. Under traditional linear jurisprudence, assets lack the state of mind (mens rea) for criminal culpability because they lack the requisite conscious intent to commit a crime. Their pliable personalities ensure they can be induced to contribute to an operation by targeting their known needs and interests, typically for recognition, influence, money, sex, drugs or, the most powerful drugs of all—religion and ideology.

Put a profiled asset in a pre-staged time, place and circumstance (such as a presidency) and psy-ops specialists can be confident that—within an acceptable range of probabilities—an asset will behave consistent with their profile. Bill Clinton behaved as expected when White House intern Monica Lewinsky was put near him. His probabilistically reliable behavior could then later be used to launch a well-timed presidential crisis (an impeachment charge in December 1998) that diverted his attention from the emerging terrorist threat as the provocation of 9/11 was being pre-staged.

Christian Zionist presidents from Democrat Harry Truman to Republican George W. Bush served as pliable advocates for pro-Israeli policies. The consistency of conduct determines whether or not someone is a reliable asset. John F. Kennedy did not perform as expected. Though drawn into an affair with Judith Campbell Exeter, who was also dating Chicago Mafia don Sam Giancana, that alone was not enough to have him turn over to the Israelis U.S. policy in the Middle East—though they tried.

The Kennedy brothers shared a little-known insight into the confidence with which Israel wields political influence across party lines. In the closing weeks of JFK’s 1960 presidential campaign, candidate Kennedy traveled to Manhattan to seek financial support from Jewish leaders at the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. On his return to Washington, he called his friend Charlie Bartlett who introduced Jack to Jackie. As Bartlett explained to Jeff, Kennedy was livid after he was assured that the funds he sought were available but only if he turned over to them the formulation of U.S. policy in the Middle East. With his brother Bobby his chief campaign strategist, that experience doubtless came to mind when, as president, JFK confirmed that this enclave—while portraying itself a U.S. ally—repeatedly lied to him about its ongoing development of nuclear weapons.

With his murder in November 1963, the “weapon-ization of sex” continued when his successor, Lyndon Johnson, struck up an affair with Mathilde Krim. The night that Israel launched its Six Day War on June 5, 1967, LBJ was having an affair in the White House with this “former” Irgun operative. Three days later, our Commander-in-Chief was persuaded to cover up a deadly Israeli attack on a U.S. intelligence ship. Their assault on the U.S.S. Liberty killed 34 Americans and wounded 174.[4]

With the exception of Harry Truman, Arizona Senator John McCain has proven to be the most reliable asset for this trans-generational criminal syndicate. The Republican Party 2008 presidential nominee, his political career was produced by organized crime confident he would behave consistent with his profile—as he did.[5] After 9/11, McCain and Senator Joe Lieberman emerged as the two primary salesmen for the false intelligence that induced us to wage an unwinnable war in Iraq. With the retirement of “independent” Joe Lieberman, a self-described Jewish Zionist, Christian Zionist Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina joined forces with John McCain in an attempt—at the behest of the Israel lobby—to take us to war in Syria while also opposing a nuclear accord meant to preclude a war with Iran.


Sayanim (singular sayan) play an essential support role. Hebrew for volunteers or helpers, sayanim are shielded from criminal culpability by being told by their recruiter only enough information to perform their assigned role. Though they may assist with tasks essential to the commission of a capital crime (such as 9/11), these volunteers could pass a polygraph test because their recruiters ensure that sayanim are unaware of the intended outcome—they’re just doing their part to help Israel. Akin to military reservists, sayanim are activated when their skills are required to support Israeli operations. They agree to remain “on call” for missions they believe are in the best interest of the Jewish state. In effect, sayanim operate as a cost-effective undercover corps.

By manipulating their identity as Jews, sayanim can commit treason without the requisite state of mind (mens rea) required for culpability under traditional linear jurisprudence. When not actively engaged in an operation, sayanim gather and report intelligence useful to Israel’s long game. Their assistance may be logistical, medical or any mission-related task. Sayanim routinely staff legislative bodies worldwide. Morris Amitay, former executive director of AIPAC, explains:

“There are a lot of guys at the working level up here [on Capitol Hill]…who happen to be Jewish, who are willing…to look at certain issues in terms of their Jewishness…These are all guys who are in a position to make the decision in these areas for those senators…You can get an awful lot done just at the staff level.”[6]

According to Elliott Abrams, senior adviser for “global democracy strategy” to President George W. Bush, Jewish law “does indeed separate Jews from their fellow citizens and bind them to each other.” Jews, he explains, “are in a permanent covenant with God and with the land of Israel and its people….Their commitment will not weaken if the Israeli government pursues unpopular policies.”[7] Much as an anti-Semite should be scorned, Abrams argues, so should any Jew who breaks with that “covenantal community with obligations to God.” There lies the faith-based duty that binds a sayanim corps willing to sacrifice our national security on the altar of their covenant. As Abrams explains:

Outside the land of Israel, there can be no doubt that Jews, faithful to the covenant between God and Abraham, are to stand apart from the nation in which they live. It is the very nature of being Jewish to be apart—except in Israel—from the rest of the population.

What Abrams describes is not dual loyalty. The covenant he describes mandates a singular loyalty—ensuring a propensity to treason by any Jew living outside the “land of Israel” who shares this belief. What sayanim are not told by their katsas (case officers) is that an Israeli operation in the U.S. may endanger not only the U.S. and even Israel but also the broader Jewish community when linked to extremism, terrorism, organized crime, espionage and treason. As Viktor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad katsa, reports in his 1990 exposé, By Way of Deception:

…the Mossad does not seem to care how devastating it could be to the status of the Jewish people in the Diaspora if it was known. The answer you get if you ask is: “So what’s the worst that could happen to those Jews? They’d all come to Israel. Great![8]

Zionist Manipulation of Jewish Identity

As Abrams confirms, Zionists have long preyed on Jewish identity. In the minds of the Diaspora, the “defensive” Six-Day War reactivated the insecurity—as Jews—associated with the Holocaust. In combination, those two fear-inducing crises reinforced an internal Diaspora based on:

  • Nationalism—a shared emotional bond as a dispersed form of nationalism (the Diaspora) bound to Israel those Jews who may never set foot there. With the Six-Day War, the state of Israel became the “Land of Israel” without defined borders and with a promise to expand a Jewish “homeland” as settlers are encouraged to occupy steadily more territory.
  • Insecurity—a shared sense of vulnerability and victimhood as Jews worldwide defend themselves against anti-Semites. When Israeli policies come under attack, media campaigns claim another outbreak of anti-Semitism, reactivating the victim narrative, rallying the sayanim corps and reminding Jews of their allegiance first and foremost to this covenant and to Israel.[9]

Bound by a shared anxiety and the allure of a “promised land” offering refuge through a “right of return,” Israel emerged in 1948 as a shared mental state also available as a physical “homeland” for anyone the Jewish state deems “Jewish.” In combination, the Holocaust and the Six Day War made Zionism a geopolitical possibility. Without the Holocaust, Truman’s recognition of Zionism as a legitimate state would have proven impossible. Absent the June 1967 war, moderate Jews would have continued their opposition to a Jewish state as a barrier to assimilation.

By marketing the Zionists’ Six Day War as “defensive” (versus a long-planned aggresive land grab), moderate American Jews in the 1960s faced a moral quandary. They could behave as “good Jews” and support the Zionist agenda. Or they could support a civil rights agenda. If civil rights were sought for American blacks, then why not for Palestinians? Which course they chose depended on the intensity of their internalized identity—as Jews. Unable to resolve that quandary, the U.S. civil rights movement lost many of its Jewish activists.

Birthright Israel targets impressionable young Jews by offering free trips to Israel to discover their inner Zionist, returning as easily recruited sayanim. Three of the top funders of Birthright Israel are casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and his Israeli wife, hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer and Michael Steinhardt, son of a jewel fence for Arnold Rothstein, the head of organized crime before Meyer Lansky emerged as Chairman of the National Crime Syndicate in the 1920s. To date, more than 500,000 Jewish youth between the ages of 18 and 26 have taken 10-day, all expense-paid trips “to strengthen their Jewish identity” and make them feel “closer to Israel.” By keeping that covenant alive, Birthright Israel—funded with tax-deductible charitable contributions—steadily replenishes the sayanim corps required to staff Israeli operations worldwide.

Culpability vs. Guilt

As federal and state grand juries are impaneled to identify and indict those involved in this trans-generational operation, how many sayanim should we expect to find? No one yet knows. Former Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky conceded in 1990 that the Mossad had 7,000 sayanim on which it could rely in London alone.[10] If this volunteer corps is divided by London’s 1990 population of 6.8 million, sayanim then represented one-tenth of one percent of the population of that capital city.

If the capital of the United States is, say, four times more important to Israel’s geopolitical goals than the capital of the United Kingdom, that suggests at least four times more sayanim per capita in Washington, D.C. Based on my experience with corrupt F.B.I. agents in numerous offices both in the U.S. and abroad, an extensive cadre of sayanim populates the F.B.I. where Mormons (Lost Tribe of Israel) are routinely recruited. The State Department and the C.I.A. also hire heavily among Mormons for operations that for decades have been heavily staffed by pro-Israelis. It came as no surprise to find that 2016 Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio was raised a Mormon in Las Vegas from age 8 to 13 before relocating to Miami where he was mentored by Norman Braman, a billionaire auto dealer and Israel supporter who groomed Rubio for political office in Florida.

On April 22, 2008, federal authorities arrested Ben-Ami Kadish who, like Jonathan Pollard, took classified documents home for Israeli agents to photograph in his basement.[11] The contact for Kadish was Josef Yagur, the same Israeli embassy “scientific attaché” that handled Pollard. Though the documents were stolen between 1979 and 1985, contacts between Kadish and Yagur were still ongoing in 2008. Kadish says he acted out of his belief that he was helping Israel.[12]

The Pollard affair revealed a decades-old Israel Defense Ministry unit that fulfilled intelligence and equipment-gathering missions for Israel’s nuclear reactor at Dimona. That operation also served as a “theft contractor” for the Israeli security industry.[13] Kadish confessed to giving Israel 50-100 documents about nuclear weapons, fighter jets and air defense missiles from the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey (“Home of American Firepower”).[14] He was first employed there in October 1963.

Kadish’s handler at the Israeli embassy was in touch by phone and email as recently as April 20, 2008 when he instructed Kadish to lie to U.S. investigators. Kadish claims he took nothing in payment except small gifts and an infrequent meal—suggesting he was a typical sayan. The Pollard-Kadish espionage case, covering 45 years of treason (1963-2008), illustrates the challenge facing national security when confronted with how to identify and indict those complicit in a multi-decade operation involving agents, assets and sayanim as well as those operating under cover of the diplomatic immunity granted a purported ally.

Treason Without Accountability

As with their Lavon Affair in 1954,[15] their Sinai Campaign in 1956, their land grab in 1967, spy operations such as Pollard and Kadish, and other conduct damaging to U.S. interests, no one should expect cooperation from Israel in identifying those who pose this danger to national security even though Tel Aviv could readily reveal their networks of sayanim. Similarly, their lobby could divulge how Israel ranks the cooperation anticipated from key assets and sayanim within the Congress, the military, the judiciary and the Executive Branch. To reveal how that force-multiplier has long been wielded inside the U.S. and other nations would confirm that even the founding of the Jewish state was a fraud not only on the U.S. but also on the broader Jewish community and on humanity.

Even their “heroic” Six-Day War was a fraud on those whose identity as Jews was manipulated. White House counsel Harry McPherson arrived in Tel Aviv the night before Israel began that war. In A Political Education, he describes a meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban the first day of the war before conferring with Israel’s chief of military intelligence. In response to repeated versions of the same question, “Did the Egyptians attack?,” McPherson and U.S. Ambassador Walworth (“Wally”) Barbour received only evasive answers.[16] As air raid sirens began to wail in the background, McPherson recalls:

Barbour suggested that we might continue the discussion in the underground bunker. The general studied his watch. “No, that won’t be necessary. We can stay here.” Barbour and I looked at each other. If it wasn’t necessary, the Egyptian air force had been destroyed. That could only have happened so quickly if it had been surprised on the ground. We did not need to ask for confirmation, but left at once to cable the news to Washington.[17]

Israel was neither under attack nor under threat of attack as Israeli commanders later conceded. Air raid sirens were props in the stagecraft of waging war by way of deception. Perceptions were stage-managed to make both foreign observers and naive Israelis believe that the Jewish state was endangered while Tel Aviv annexed land it still occupies a half-century later.

Preying on the fear and insecurity of the broader Jewish community, including its global diaspora, Tel Aviv succeeded in inducing even anti-Zionist Jews to support its rightwing agenda. Israeli politician and military leaders have since conceded that planning for this “defensive” war had been underway since 1951.[18] From the perspective of game theory warfare, Tel Aviv’s land grab ensured a perpetual provocation calculated to outrage their neighboring Muslims while directing hatred at the U.S. for arming, defending and funding Israeli extremists regardless of the hidden tax that their conduct has long imposed on humanity.

Fields within fields…within fields

From 1968-1972, Julius Stulman edited and published a series of books featuring essays by pioneers in psychology, including Abraham Maslow and Ervin Laszlo. These essays explain how Israeli operations proceed through fields of relationships that stretch across time and distance. Similar to a Venn diagram of overlapping circles of influence, this description offers a means to visualize how relationship-based influence can be sustained openly yet non-transparently, requiring only modest coordination around shared goals and identities regardless of political affiliation.[19]

Mr. Stulman presented this multi-volume set to Glenn Olds when he served as U.N. Ambassador (1969-1971). Glenn gave them to me. Stulman’s analytical framework provides a template for identifying how Israeli operations can succeed from the shadows while influence is wielded through “fields within fields…within fields” of relationships. To grasp how this influence could remain stable across time, I began my search for the math and the physics that I knew had to underlie an influence that has remained stable across generations. Conspiracies fall apart and cartels collapse yet this duplicity remains intact. So how was this corruption sustained in plain sight? [See Chapter 9.]

Nonlinear relationships are proven to have indirect yet direct influence on what otherwise appears unrelated—what quantum physicists call “spooky action at a distance.” This helps explain how unrelated—yet related—occurrences can produce outcomes distant in space and time, obscuring the source. I am confident that this “modern” discovery has long informed the operations of those profiled—for centuries. The only modern component of this ancient duplicity is the use of technology such as mass media and pop culture to deceive at scale, often by displacing facts with manipulated beliefs. Social media further amplifies the capacity to deceive, often behind the veneer of an undisclosed bias.[20]

Glenn described how Stulman offered him $1 million in cash for a face-to-face meeting with the Shah of Iran who Glenn knew well due to his relationship with Harry Morrison of Morrison-Knudsen. Stulman, like Philip Klutznick, served as president of B’nai B’rith (“children of the covenant”) founded in Manhattan in 1843. Morrison Knudsen then had the prime reconstruction contracts for Iran.  Mr. Morrison and his wife, Velma, were close friends of Glenn and Eva Olds.

Glenn distanced himself from Stulman after his offer to deposit $1 million anywhere in the world tax-free. In 1995, Glenn had me contact his son, Stephen Stulman, for funding to see what he would do. At the time, Stephen had cornered the market for lumber stripped out of Russia during the corrupt Yeltsin era with the timber converted to lumber in sawmills in Vladivostok. He also owned property that his father left him, including the most expensive piece of real estate on the Hudson River across from the United Nations where, as founder of the New York Lumber Exchange, Julius (and later his son) accepted delivery of lumber imported from around the world.

Glenn urged that I contact many of his former Jewish friends so that we could calibrate their responses. This enabled Glenn to confirm that I was correct about the common source of this corruption and how far back in time it went. In 1964, Glenn persuaded my father not to use the term “Zionists” in a speech at Harvard where he instead described our enemy as “Communists” with a “tireless genius for crisis.” Glenn feared that candor would destroy him as he lacked the proof I have since assembled by profiling those stalking me—initially to target him.

Glenn joined my father in his suspicions that they were also behind the disappearance of my half-brother, Michael, in New Guinea while on an anthropological mission. That death provided another reason Glenn was able to persuade him not to identify the enemy as Zionists even though the founders of the communist Soviet Union were 80-85% Jewish, as Vladimir Putin conceded in June 2013. The loss of Michael in 1961, followed by the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, motivated his speech at Harvard a year later. Glenn said my father was devastated by Michael’s loss.

The loss of his favorite son also ensured he was not as focused as he otherwise would have been on the White House. A social liberal and an economic conservative “Rockefeller Republican” with presidential authority is the last person they wanted in the White House, particularly a Commander-in-Chief with real insights into how to resolve—by design—the conflict between capitalism and communism. They also knew that, as president, he shared the concerns of Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy about Zionist influence. In terms of game theory warfare, my father’s presidency posed a major “variable” that had to be managed.

Sustaining Fear and Insecurity

As a second-term Governor of New York, he followed closely the May 1963 Senate hearings led by Arkansas Senator Bill Fulbright into the covert activities of foreign agents on U.S. soil. Fulbright focused on the American Zionist Council and the laundering of U.S. appropriations for Israel to the Council to fund its lobbying, including for more appropriations to fund its lobbying.

While Fulbright and Attorney General Robert Kennedy insisted on Israeli compliance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, President Kennedy pressed Tel Aviv to shut down its nuclear weapons program at their Dimona nuclear facility in the Negev Desert. When he met Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion in New York in 1961, JFK pressed for regular inspections at Dimona. He then announced before the U.N. General Assembly on September 25, 1961 an intention to rid the world of nuclear weapons. By then, the C.I.A. had briefed him on Israel’s clandestine weapons program. Former President Eisenhower briefed the young president on the duplicity he encountered when dealing with Tel Aviv and Kennedy certainly would have shared with Ike his shock at the brazen bribe by the Israel lobby during his presidential campaign.

In a steadily more insistent series of letters to Ben-Gurion, Kennedy pressed the Israeli leader for regular inspections of Dimona. Meanwhile he began a secret correspondence with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. Since declassified, those 21 letters confirm an understanding by Khrushchev to work toward “general and complete disarmament and, consequently, to the delivering of the peoples from the threat of war.” With that goal in mind, on August 5, 1963, the first limited nuclear test ban treaty was signed prohibiting nuclear weapon testing in the atmosphere, outer space and underwater.

Kennedy’s last letter to Ben-Gurion, dated June 15, 1963, provoked Ben-Gurion’s resignation the next day before JFK’s letter could be physically delivered (commencing a classic “entropy strategy”). Kennedy sent a follow-up on July 5, 1963 to successor Levi Eshkol. He knew that Eisenhower was forced to resort to a televised appeal to the U.S. public when Congressional leaders, compromised by the Zionist lobby, would not help him force Tel Aviv to end its Sinai Campaign (aka the Suez Crisis) launched during the last week of Ike’s 1956 reelection campaign. Thus, three weeks after JFK’s letter to Eshkol showed no progress on inspections, he too resorted to a nationwide broadcast on July 26, 1963 to argue for a limited test ban treaty.

The Enemy Within

In a 25-minute address to the nation from the White House, he cited the “risk of new nuclear powers,” and appealed for public support because, “This treaty is for all of us.” With an implied reference to the Zionist lobby, he continued, “It is particularly for our children and our grandchildren, and they have no lobby here in Washington.” My father would have been aware of these dynamics. During World War II, he oversaw U.S. intelligence operations for Latin America.

With the murder of Kennedy four months later, Lyndon Johnson moved into the White House. With Shimon Peres leading Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons operation, Zionists acquired their first bomb around 1967. Advised by Henry Kissinger, LBJ successor Richard Nixon not only failed to press Tel Aviv for inspections, he gave in to lobbying by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir in 1969 for a U.S. policy of “strategic ambiguity” that enabled Tel Aviv to wield the threat of nuclear weapons without having to acknowledge their possession. Acknowledgment would have subjected Dimona to inspections under the 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that went into effect in 1970. Kissinger, raised in an Orthodox Jewish family in Germany, was by then well known worldwide for his advocacy of “limited nuclear war.”

Consistent with the narrative-enabling role long played by The New York Times,[21] physicist Edward Teller, a key figure in the Manhattan project, was assigned to review Kissinger’s 1957 book. He lavished praise on the Harvard historian’s Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy. Like Kissinger, a European Jewish émigré, Teller suffered no moral qualms as a principal theoretician behind thermonuclear weaponry. As a campaigner for the use of such weapons, his and Kissinger’s high-profile advocacy played a key role in the fear-induced construction of fallout shelters along with massive outlays on nuclear weaponry in a costly (and highly profitable) game theory warfare standoff now known as MAD (mutual assured destruction). Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 classic, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb satrized this blend of sociopathy and narcissism seen in the personalities of both Teller and Kissinger.

When Glenn Olds fully got his mind around what can be proven by my life experience, he conceded his great remorse in enabling Kissinger to serve as National Security Adviser and then Secretary of State for Richard Nixon and his successor, Gerald Ford. As a senior member of the Nixon transition team following his election in 1968, Glenn recruited a man whose record confirms that he consistently worked against our true national interests while discrediting the U.S. worldwide: For example, Henry Kissinger:

(1) Prolonged the Vietnam War for five pointless years;

(2) Ordered the bombing of Cambodia and Laos, catalyzing the instability that brought to power the Khmer Rouge who killed some three million people;

(3) Advanced policies that led to numerous genocides—in Cambodia, East Timor, Bangladesh;

(4) Persuaded Nixon to wiretap staffers and journalists, helping end his own presidency;

(5) Urged that Nixon expose Pentagon consultant Daniel Ellsberg whose release of the Pentagon Papers further undermined faith in government;

(6) Encouraged Pakistan to use political Islam to destabilize Afghanistan, pre-staging the narrative of radical Islamic extremism;

(7) Pre-staged their arms-for-petrodollars dependency with Saudi Arabia and pre-revolutionary Iran;

(8) Supported civil wars in Africa that entrenched white supremacy and left millions dead;

(9) Backed coups and death squads by right-wingers throughout Latin America (e.g., Chile); and

(10) Empowered neocons such as Dick Cheney (who Glenn also recruited) and Paul Wolfowitz who undermined U.S. national security and discredited the U.S. worldwide.[22]

Neocon Narratives

Fast-forward to the Reagan presidency and we find another missed opportunity for nuclear disarmament with (Jewish) neocon Richard Perle taking credit. Known as “The Prince of Darkness,” Perle was a key enabler of the intelligence that deceived us to invade Iraq during the Bush II presidency. In the midst of the 1986 strategic arms limitation talks in Reykjavik, President Reagan and Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev were on the verge of overruling their advisers and reaching an agreement to eliminate all nuclear weapons. Reagan sought an exception to allow U.S. development of a missile defense program known as the Strategic Defense Initiative (aka “Star Wars”). Gorbachev sought to limit the program to laboratory work for ten years. Had Reagan agreed to that proviso (later confirmed as posing no threat to the development of SDI), nuclear weapons might by now be eliminated, including those controlled by Israeli extremists.

At the time, Perle was serving as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs. In a subsequent interview, he boasted that Reagan sought his advice on Gorbachev’s laboratory-only offer. Perle advised that the proviso would limit the effectiveness of the Star Wars program. Reagan declined the offer, the talks ended, and reduction rather than elimination remained the focus. In terms of game theory warfare, that outcome ensured that the ‘leakage’ of nuclear weapons of mass destruction could be cited as a plausible rationale to invade the Middle East after 9/11. The elimination of nuclear arsenals by the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. would have pressured Israel to shutter its ‘ambiguous’ program.

The Appearance of Elections

U.S. elections routinely lend the appearance of legitimacy to presidents who, in fact, are “produced” by those adept at profiling pliable personalities and creating candidates whose campaigns they finance and whose unfulfilled needs they manipulate. Seldom has that been more obvious than when George W. Bush was placed in the presidency to lead us to war in Iraq in reaction to 9/11. “Dubya” was out to prove to his father that he was “the man” while never recovering from his alcohol and drug addiction with cocaine his drug of choice. One of Jeff’s friends from New Orleans called seeking his advice because reporters were calling to confirm he had often snorted cocaine with Dubya.

Dubya never went through rehab but instead forced America to go through it with him. His lack of recovery, combined with his evangelical, Born Again, Zionist Christian beliefs, signaled he would turn to a “higher power” (vs. deal with the facts) when responding to (a) the emotional impact of 9/11, and (b) the intelligence he was provided—by those he was induced to trust—“fixed” around regime change in Iraq and Iran as part of Israel’s long game. Few people realize the depth, sophistication and duration of the pre-staging.

While Governor of Texas, he traveled to Israel where General Ariel Sharon flew him to the Mount of Olives. Stepping out of an Israel Defense Forces helicopter onto “the Promised Land,” Dubya reacted emotionally (i.e., as profiled) and, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Sharon, recited aloud several stanzas from Amazing Grace, a gospel song that includes the classic line used in Alcoholics Anonymous: “and saved a wretch like me.” As President, he thereafter routinely described how the U.S. and Israel would always stand “shoulder-to-shoulder.”

The strategic manipulation of that personal bond became apparent in April 2004 when Prime Minister Sharon visited the White House and persuaded President Bush—citing “facts on the ground”—to grant U.S. approval to Palestinian land taken by Israeli settlers. That announcement catalyzed another round of terrorist attacks and—in classic agent provocateur fashion—ensured more hatred of Americans in the Muslim world and more violence against our troops. Seeing this coming, we rushed to completion a 154-page compilation of facts and analyses—like those you see here—that Jeff hand-delivered to 25 key offices around Washington just two days prior to the Bush-Sharon meeting on April 14, 2004. Three copies were hand-delivered to the 9/11 Commission for Chairman Tom Kean, Vice-Chairman Lee Hamilton and Executive Director Philip Zelikow. Though the Commission interviewed more than 1,200 witnesses, no one contacted me.

This systemic corruption worsened as the U.S. headed into the 2016 presidential election with no limit on spending in support of a candidate so long as the support is not “coordinated” with the campaign. Suffice it to say that Birthright Israel supporters such as hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson were prepared to invest whatever it takes to produce a pliable Republican Party asset as our next Commander-in-Chief, anticipating he will lead us into the next unwinnable war for Israel. Meanwhile George Soros and Israel First media mogul Haim Saban [See Chapter 8.] and other Israeli Firsters prepared to invest whatever it takes to elect a pliable and reliable Democratic Party asset. Whichever party won, America was certain to lose.[23]

The Noble Lie

While confirming my identity as a Rockefeller, I found the modern-day roots of this duplicity in the Hesse region of Germany. Those identified include Leo Strauss, intellectual father of the dominantly Jewish neoconservatives who “fixed” the intelligence required to take us to war in Iraq. Strauss was active in creating the “pagan fascism” that preceded creation of the National Socialist German Workers Party. The Nazi face of fascism arose in reaction to the humiliating reparations debt imposed on Germans by the post-WWI Treaty of Versailles—made worse by the Great Depression.

That debt-induced crisis provoked an intolerant nationalism, racism and extremism that found its 2016 counterpart in real estate developer and pop culture entrepreneur Donald Trump. His presidential candidacy energized disgruntled voters as the Great Recession morphed into the 2016 presidential race. As technology continued its labor-saving assault on employment, a scantly reported suicide epidemic emerge among Baby Boomers in their mid-50s who, as the psychologists put it, “lost the narrative of their lives.” A 2015 U.S. study by economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton found an alarming increase in midlife mortality since the 1990s, driven largely by “deaths of despair” involving suicide, alcohol and drugs.

The unseen force behind these trends—eight decades apart—is the unseen hand of those who embrace Plato’s concept that the wise must conceal their motives from an ignorant public that may otherwise seek reprisals for their deceit. Known as the “Noble Lie,” that worldview guides those who—as Chosen—share a belief in duplicity as a necessary evil to advance the greater good—as they see it. Leo Strauss (1899-1973) served as their inspiration at the University of Chicago as a professor from 1949 to 1969—where he mentored many of our most effective neocons.

A believer in hidden meanings in ancient texts, Strauss taught the art of using geostrategic deception to induce conflicts that advance a hidden agenda. As my father later observed, their “tireless genius for crisis” explains how a war on democracy is being waged in plain sight. A genuinely open society aspires to achieve order without oppression and freedom without license. For those I profiled, openness offers an opportunity to deceive. As Chosen, the Noble Lie grants neocons the license to induce wars that threaten freedom as we are induce to opt for security. Meanwhile our freedoms (of speech, press, religion, assembly) are used to market a new form of oppression justified by the need to protect us from their latest conflict-of-opposites. That’s why their Patriot Act was ready for enactment so soon after 9/11.

Clues to the neocon agenda are found in the language that emerged to protect us from The Clash of Civilizations. The Department of “Homeland” Security echoes the fatherland of Germany’s Weimar Republic, the motherland of Soviet Russia and the Jewish homeland of Israel—marketed as a refuge from a fascism that they created. Until the mass murder provocation of 9/11, homeland was foreign to the everyday language of Americans. Key to its internalization was creation of a consensus fear triggered by an attack marketed as solely the work of radical Islamic extremists—with no mention of the role of agent provocateurs. That omission was part of the Noble Lie to advance the goals of Greater Israel.

In the lead-up both to the Cold War and its profitable sequel, the War on Terrorism, hate-mongering required inducing insecurity, fear and loathing around a renewed nationalism. The radicalization of Islam drew on Saudi support for madrassas teaching the hate-mongering of an intolerant Wahhabi Islam. The result eased a seamless segue from the ideological clash of the Cold War to the cultural Clash of Civilizations, a narrative that traces its origins to Zionist academic Bernard Lewis. [See Chapter 8.]

Both the royals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Chosen of the Land of Israel are strangers to lands they occupy. Both invest heavily in sustaining a false narrative meant to persuade the public otherwise. With fast emerging transparency, both the House of David and the House of Saud are poised to lose—and lose big—even as they now collaborate on broadening the scope of conflicts and crises in the Middle East and beyond. General Wesley Clark described a Pentagon memo listing neocon goals after the provocation of 9/11 served as the pretense to invade Iraq. Those goals include the invasion of seven countries in five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.

As my life experience can prove, what we think of as “history” that emerged naturally and even organically did not, in fact, “just happen.” Evidence to support that claim appears throughout The Hidden Tax on Humanity, including facts confirming that this latest war could have been prevented had I been engaged in good faith by those within my government who had a sworn obligation to do so. The Hidden Tax on Humanity website features proof of those I contacted seeking assistance in the hope that concerned citizens can grasp how this systemic criminality was enabled and by whom.

The refusal to functionally engage these facts remains ongoing two decades after my return from Baghdad with proof of an alternative route to regime change in Iraq without today’s costly—and highly profitable—War on Terrorism.

Imbedding a Narrative

Those complicit in this Noble Lie have long operated in the U.S. and worldwide through an “academic advocacy model” comprised of universities, activist scholars, think tanks, foundations, lobbyists, politicians and donors whose efforts create an “academic framework” able to shape perceptions and promote Zionist interests over the long term. That’s why Israel’s image is an issue of strategic importance to its long game. And why critics of Israeli policy must be defamed, discredited and silenced, often by smearing them as anti-Semites, Jew-haters and Holocaust deniers. With the facts and analyses amassed by profiling those stalking me, that smokescreen will soon be seen for what it is: psy-ops weaponry deployed by those waging war by way of deception.

The non-transparency of Israel’s sayanim operation requires that U.S. national security be insulated from those unable to adhere to their constitutional oath to defend the United States versus their covenant with the Land of Israel. To portray as anti-Semites those seeking to protect us from this systemic deceit is part of the Noble Lie. Such changes only serve to obstruct the investigations required to identify those who induced us to war on behalf of these elites and extremists.

Much of this systemic duplicity is now imbedded in law after first being internalized in a widely shared mindset rooted in academia, think tanks and policymaking. The goals sought by those profiled now proceed in plain sight through globalization of a common worldview that grants not just deference but outright dominance to the forces of finance—regardless of the ruinous impact on civil society, fiscal foresight and even the environment on which all life depends. Recurring and mathematically model-able financial meltdowns serve as a powerful form of weaponry in an arsenal of deceit designed to ensure instability and recurring crises. This did not “just happen.”


  • Photo of Jonathan Pollard
  • Photo of John McCain with Joe Lieberman
  • Photo of Sheldon Adelson and his Israeli wife
  • Photo of Marco Rubio with Norman Bramer
  • Photo of Leo Strauss at University of Chicago
  • Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman
  • Photo of President John F. Kennedy & Senator J. William Fulbright (1963)
  • Photo of John F. Kennedy and Charles Bartlett.
  • Photo of Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy

Jonathan Pollard John McCain & Joe Lieberman

Sheldon & Mariam Adelson


President John F. Kennedy & Senator J. William Fulbright

Dwight D. Eisenhower & John F. Kennedy

Marco Rubio & Norman Bramer


Leo Strauss

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