Preparing the Public for War with Iran—for Israel118 min read

by James M. Rockefeller with Jeff Gates

“What kind of democracy you believe we ought to be, and what the American people have a right to expect in the conduct of their President.” — Congressman Adam Schiff (January 22. 2020)

Since publication of the analysis below, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, an evangelical Christian, continued a personal meltdown when pressed by journalists on the rationales offered and the results achieved with the January 3rd U.S. killing in Iraq of an iconic Iranian general. On January 24, on a National Public Radio interview, Pompeo lashed out at NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly. He then summoned her to his private dining room where, while repeatedly using the “f-word”, he challenged her intelligence and further berated her. The State Department then banned an NPR reporter from Pompeo’s trip to a region where freedom of the press is, at best, challenged. The Kelly incident led Donald Trump to question why NPR exists, putting at risk the U.S. commitment to a free press. The next day, in an announcement of his Middle East Peace Plan (with Benjamin Netanyahu at his side), Trump praised Pompeo’s treatment of the NPR reporter [1] as “impressive”.[2]

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Working through asset Donald Trump, the U.S. is edging closer to a war with Iran sought by the Israeli Right with support from the Zionist Christian Right. Those responsible include Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, an evangelical Christian, who assured Israeli journalists in March 2019 that he believes it “possible” that Donald Trump was sent by God to protect Israel from Iran. A decade ago, Kansas Congressman Pompeo assured his friends and colleagues that he would not withdraw from public service until Iranian Qassim Suleimani was killed. On January 3, 2020, he was assassinated in Iraq.

By allowing personal agendas and beliefs to dictate U.S. foreign policy, Pompeo mirrors the behavior of Donald Trump who, to advance his personal political agenda, withheld Congressionally approved military aide to Ukraine.[3] U.S. national security and the future of democracy are endangered by those who operate above the law to satisfy their personal goals or act out their beliefs. That self-absorbed mindset is the greatest danger now facing democracy and the gravest threat to world peace.

Both President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu face political vulnerability and potential criminal liability. The release of damning new emails and an explosive trove of evidence released January 14 further confirm that Trump abused his presidential power, the key charge supporting his impeachment by the House and potential removal by the Senate. Reports from inside the White House confirmed that he embraced Pompeo’s plan to kill Suleimani in an effort to hold onto enough Republican support in the Senate to block his removal from office.[4]

Israeli extremists have long sought a war with Iran. So too have Christian Zionist extremists such as John Hagee, founder of Christians United for Israel.[5] Israeli leaders knew that Barack Obama had turned against their extremism and militarism and their efforts to induce the U.S. to war with Iran. Netanyahu charged that Obama’s failure to set “red lines” for Tehran denied him the “moral right” to stop an Israeli attack on Iran.[6] Obama was also angry that Netanyahu and Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer raised funds in Florida for Republican opponent Mitt Romney, a Zionist Mormon (aka from the “Lost Tribe of Israel”).

The Israeli Right feared that Obama’s reelection could put that Zionist goal beyond reach. In September 2016, pro-Israel lobbyist Patrick Clawson called for “crisis initiation” to “step up the pressure” for war with Iran.[7] Trump never had a strong party affiliation, switching to the GOP to support Romney in 2012. He came into national politics as an “empty vessel” quickly filled with anti-Obama, pro-Israel policies. Thus his opposition to “Obamacare” and the Obama-era Iran nuclear accord. His obsession with Obama reflects that of Bibi Netanyahu who realized that Obama knew of his duplicity. The 2020 Pompeo/Trump assassinations may yet provoke the reaction sought to initiate a crisis for pro-Israel extremists.[8]

My father pointed out in a 1964 speech at Harvard that those who pose the greatest threat to democracy share a “tireless genius for crisis”. Or, as my life experience proves, a genius for well-timed crisis. For those I profiled while being stalked, staged crises provide a proven means to displace both facts and critical thinking and fill that void with what others can be induced to believe is true, empowering those such as evangelical Christian Mike Pompeo and poorly informed policy makers such as Donald Trump.

Similar to the false intelligence deployed to induce a disastrous war in Iraq, both Pompeo and Trump actively deceived the public about the rationale for killing an Iranian military official in Iraq while not disclosing a failed same-day attempt to assassinate a second Iranian in Yemen.[9] When Defense Secretary Mark Esper disavowed Trump’s claim of an imminent attack on four U.S embassies, Trump tweeted “it doesn’t really matter” if the threat was imminent.[10] As the imminence rationale was discredited, deterrence became the justification. When that rationale failed, Pompeo (citing the “Iranian Example”) announced on January 13 a U.S. policy titled, The Restoration of Deterrence with a clear implication of preemptive deterrence,[11] a policy long pursued by the Israeli Right to go anywhere and kill anyone deemed a threat.

Due to this well-timed crisis, Trump’s removal from office is now constrained by the prospect of undercutting a Commander-in-Chief while another potential war in the Middle East looms due to the preemptive assassination in Baghdad of Iran’s top military official. Also killed was a senior Iraqi official who had been working alongside the U.S. to defeat ISIS. The Islamic State celebrated the deaths as an act of divine intervention benefitting jihadists as one of their primary enemies, the U.S. president, killed another while also enabling ISIS to take advantage of instability, chaos and weakened and divided enemies.

These assassinations, with advanced notice to Israel, were preplanned operations in search of a plausible pretext of an imminent threat. As former U.S. diplomat Chas Freeman points out,[12] this was a “strategy-free gambit, equivalent to beginning a game of chess with only an opening move in mind” that also risks legitimizing assassinations as a tool of U.S. foreign policy. The result makes the U.S. appear as lawless as the Israeli extremists whose decades of assassinations and deadly provocations make the U.S. appear guilty by our association with those whose behavior we now mimic.

A similar crisis emerged in post-invasion Iraq when, with our removal of a despot, brutal Islamic extremists emerged who had been contained by the brutality of Saddam Hussein. U.S. forces may now be forced to withdraw from Iraq, achieving a key strategic objective of Islamic extremists, both Sunni and Shia.

These well-timed assassinations also served the political and personal agenda of Bibi Netanyahu who faces a March 2 election after two inconclusive elections. If not reelected, he faces criminal prosecution for corruption. His first election victory in 1996 by less than one percent of the vote followed a series of terrorist attacks provoked by the Israeli killing of a Palestinian whose violence, in turn, was provoked by the brutal terms of the Israeli occupation.[13] Netanyahu’s 2020 campaign needed a well-timed crisis to portray him as best qualified to protect Israel from Iran. The U.S. assassination of Iranian and Iraqi officials provided the “messaging” he required while also associating him with Donald Trump’s savior-like status among extremists both on the Israeli Right and with Trump’s base within the Zionist Christian Right.[14]

In classic game theory warfare fashion, Iran announced in response to the assassination that it no longer feels bound by the terms of the six-party 2015 nuclear accord. Tehran’s withdrawal pre-stages a rationale that can be cited to justify an Israeli-initiated attack on Iran, igniting a war sought by Israeli extremists and welcomed by rapture-awaiting Zionist Christians in fulfillment of their apocalyptic End Times beliefs.[15] The missing piece: a casus belli such as a deadly terrorist attack that well may be in the pre-staging phase—perpetrated by any of the many Hezbollah-affiliates that often operate on their own initiative.

The “dispensationalist” mindset shared by fundamentalists within evangelical Christianity risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy when, as now, it risks triggering another disastrous war in a volatile region where a key actor (Israel) possesses an arsenal of nuclear weapons. And where, as now, a U.S Commander-in-Chief must please the Christian Right to improve his troubled prospects for reelection in November.

Who Benefits? When Qassim Suleimani landed in Baghdad on the morning of his death, he was reportedly seeking to stabilize relations between Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia, the crux of so much strife in the region and beyond. As Iraq’s caretaker Prime Minister explained to the Iraqi Parliament, “I was supposed to meet him in the morning the day he was killed, he came to deliver a message from Iran in response to the message we had delivered from the Saudis to Iran.” Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi also revealed that Trump had called him to ask that he mediate after protestors stormed the U.S. embassy on January 31 and reportedly called again to thank him for his help when the protestors dispersed the next day.

The fact that he arrived on a commercial flight suggests he was expected as an envoy. U.S. intelligence would have had this information. Given Pompeo’s personal interests and his faith-based agenda, informing Donald Trump was a different matter. Israeli intelligence also would have known but likewise had multiple motivations to remain silent. Is it possible that General Suleimani was lured to his death shortly after Trump hung up from thanking Prime Minister Abdul-Mahdi?

Donald Trump faces the same challenge as George W. Bush in relying on filtered intelligence—as documented in the 2018 film, Vice. A key difference: Trump routinely ignores intelligence and analysis, relying instead on gut instinct and his favorite T.V. commentators. That mindset—when combined with his known lack of curiosity—ensures his vulnerability to manipulation by those who national security analysts describe as “the people in between”. I studied such operatives while being stalked my entire life as the son of Nelson Rockefeller, four-time Governor of New York and Vice President to Gerald Ford.

Those I profiled routinely lie, deflect, deceive, provoke and displace facts with manipulated beliefs—as with our belief in Iraqi WMD. One year after 9/11, 69% of Americans surveyed in a September 2002 Washington Post/ABC poll believed that Saddam Hussein was involved in those attacks despite the fact that he detested Islamic extremists and routinely gave orders to kill them. Those I identified also undermine faith in the facts. Thus the role of Devin Nunes who, as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, (a) lobbied Trump to name Committee Member Mike Pompeo as Director of Central Intelligence, (b) ensured the appointment of aide Derek Harvey to the National Security Council, and (c) assured that aide Kashyap (“Kash”) Patel was appointed to the NSC’s counter-terrorism team.[16]

February 2018 saw release of the “Nunes memo” alleging an FBI conspiracy against Trump. That fact-displacing memo fueled the “deep state” conspiracy theory cited by Trump to justify disparaging or ignoring intelligence while creating a trusted back channel to feed Trump more disinformation.[17]

The consistency of the behavior patterns I profiled over decades points to ongoing pre-staging of a fact-displacing, fear-and-insecurity narrative meant to induce the U.S. to wage another disastrous war—for the Israeli Right. A flurry of anti-Semitic attacks deflects attention and deters investigators fearful of being smeared as anti-Semites should they inquire about the role of the Israeli Right in catalyzing serial crises that impose steadily increasing costs on the U.S., undermine stability worldwide and hamper our ability to focus on genuine threats—such as the crisis of climate change and the time-critical need to transition to a sensible economic model.

The U.N. recognized climate change as “the defining issue of our time” yet we may allow those described to induce us into waging yet another wasteful war against our true interests. That’s insanity on steroids. The problem resides in the duplicitous U.S.-Israel relationship dating to more than seven decades ago. Below is a partial chronicle of the ongoing step-by-step pre-staging for the next war:

May 18, 2018—Trump abandoned the 2015 Iran nuclear accord negotiated by the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and the EU (P5+1) and re-imposed sanctions on Iran, a form of non-military warfare. No one, including Tel Aviv, claimed Tehran was in noncompliance. That decision delighted the Israeli Right, alienated other signatories, isolated the U.S. and removed any remaining doubt about the war-with-Iran influence wielded by pro-Israelis inside our government.[18]

The preamble to the agreement reads: “Iran reaffirms that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop or acquire any nuclear weapons.” The terms of the agreement assured compliance verified by periodic international inspections for 15 years. With Iran’s withdrawal in response to the assassinations, the “breakout period” required to develop weapons was reduced to an estimated five months. That possibility can—and likely will—be cited to justify an attack on Iran. The sizeable nuclear arsenal available for use by Zionist extremists remains largely unmentioned.

September 2018—Netanyahu flew to London to meet with U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

February 5, 2019—Trump appointed an envoy to combat anti-Semitism.

March 21-22, 2019—While visiting Israel, our evangelical End Times Secretary of State Mike Pompeo assured reporters he believes it “possible” that Trump was sent by God to protect Israel from Iran.

April 8, 2019—The Trump administration designated the Islamic Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, the first time the U.S. has so designated the military forces of another nation.

April 22, 2019—The Trump administration canceled sanction waivers for Iran’s remaining oil customers, further curbing revenues, triggering inflation and crippling their economy—a form of warfare.

May 7, 2019—Pompeo canceled a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and flew to Baghdad reliant on Israeli intelligence that Americans are at risk due to rising tensions with Iran. Netanyahu: “The first subject that I will raise is Iran, the second subject is Iran, and so is the third, and many more.” The intelligence turned out not to be actionable (Israel’s Channel 12 confirmed Israel was the source). That high-profile trip “messaged” that plans were underway to proceed against Iran.

Reports following the January 7, 2020 Iranian missile attack on a U.S airbase in Iraq identified Zionist Christian Pompeo as the principal architect in the Trump administration for war with Iran. As a former CIA Director, he knew how to bypass legitimate intelligence channels. An investigation should examine all communications between Netanyahu and Pompeo. The facts suggest they were planning no later than this May 7, 2019 meeting to assassinate an Iranian official in January 2020. Trump and Pompeo then fabricated intelligence to suggest an attack was imminent.

June 12, 2019—Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived in Tehran for a two-day diplomatic mission aimed at cooling tensions. The day before, the Trump administration criticized Tehran for breaching the nuclear deal that Trump abandoned 13 months earlier.

June 13, 2019— The day after Abe’s arrival, a Japanese-owned oil tanker was set ablaze in the Gulf of Oman. Despite the suspicious timing, the U.S. blamed the incident on Iran. Tehran denied responsibility. Videos showed Iranians removing mines. Critics questioned whether this was an attempt to stage a Gulf of Tonkin incident to induce the U.S to wage another disastrous war in the region. Trump humiliated the Japanese leader while in Iran, tweeting, “They are not ready, and neither are we.

June 20, 2019—Iran shot down a U.S. drone it claimed was on a spy mission over its sovereign territory. The U.S. said the drone was in international air space. In response, Trump claimed that he ordered strikes on Iran, then claimed that he canceled the attacks ten minutes prior to his alleged order to strike.

July 4, 2020—At the request of the U.S., the U.K. military seized an Iranian tanker, alleging Tehran was shipping oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions. Iran accused the U.K. of acting on behalf of the U.S. A court in Gibraltar authorized detention of the ship for an additional 14 days.

July 19, 2019—Two weeks later, Iran took into custody a UAE-owned, U.K.-flagged oil tanker, releasing it September 27.

July 28, 2019—The U.S. shot down an Iranian drone for flying too close to a U.S. warship in the Strait of Hormuz.

Sept. 14, 2019—Saudi Arabia took no action in response to an attack on its oil facilities by a swarm of 17 missiles that briefly disabled half its production. Trump said the U.S. is “locked and loaded” to attack Iran.

After the U.S. was deceived to invade Shia-dominant Iraq, ensuring a closer alliance with Shia-dominant Iran, Israel allied with its former sworn enemies—the U.S.-armed, anti-Iran Sunni oil monarchies of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. When Washington declined to respond to this attack on Saudi oil assets, Riyadh began diplomatic overtures to Tehran through Iraqi channels, lending credibility to reports that Suleimani was acting as an envoy to mediate friction between Iran and Saudi Arabia when he arrived at Baghdad International Airport the morning he was assassinated. Regardless whether this account is correct, whose interests were advanced when talks were shut down, diplomacy undermined and tensions heightened? The UAE also had talks underway with Iran.

November 15, 2019—Trump extended clemency to SEAL Eddie Gallagher after his court martial for war crimes. That presidential intervention discredited the U.S. military, undermined its good order and discipline and undercut the confidence of U.S. troops in their Commander-in-Chief.[19] Cui bono?

November 19, 2019—Netanyahu thanked Trump for Mike Pompeo’s November 18 decision repudiating a State Department legal opinion that West Bank settlements were illegal under international law, a decision certain to provoke Palestinians and delight of 600,000 Jewish settlers while removing any possibility of the agreed-to “two-state solution” to a seven-decade conflict..

December 1, 2019—Netanyahu and Trump spoke by phone about the threat of Iran.

December 2, 2019—Citing security concerns, the U.K. denied Netanyahu’s request to meet with Mike Pompeo in London on the sidelines of a NATO summit. He reportedly also planned to discuss Iran with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and France’s President Emmanuel Macron, as well as other leaders (Merkel and Macron reportedly rebuffed inquiries about meeting with Netanyahu).

December 4, 2019—Pompeo met with Netanyahu in Lisbon where they again “messaged” the threat of Iran. Bloomberg Newsreported: “Netanyahu Joins Pompeo in Lisbon to Decry Iranian Aggression.”

December 4, 2019—Nationwide news accounts reported, “Trump may send 14,000 troops to the Middle East as the Iran threat grows.” The Pentagon denied the report even as that messaging grained traction. The Wall Street Journal reported that announcement, including “dozens more ships”, was in response to a threat posed by Tehran following warnings by Israel.

The profile given this report suggests the pre-staging of a war-with-Iran agenda in search of a crisis as its rationale. Pre-staging was also signaled when U.S. media outlets began featuring photos of the little-known Suleimani. Such “messaging” suggests a “prepare the minds” operation was underway well before the January 3 assassination. On New Year’s Day 2020, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned Suleimani, “This was media and political preparation for his assassination.”

See The Indonesia Connection for the high-profile branding of Islamic extremists six months prior to the war-catalyzing provocation of 9/11. See also The Poland Connection for my interaction with Israeli operative Jerome Corsi who described the agenda-advancing role of “preparing the mind”.

December 9, 2019—Five days later, a rocket attack in Baghdad wounded members of Iraq’s U.S.-trained Counterterrorism Service. The U.S. blamed Iran-backed militias in Iraq.

December 11, 2019—The Trump White House issued an Executive Order on anti-Semitism likely to chill on-campus debate about the influence of the Jewish state, countering the potential (as with the Vietnam War) that campus demonstrations may catalyze opposition to the Israeli role in inducing the U.S. to war. Jared Kushner published a same-day op-ed in The New York Times: “Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.”

December 13, 2019—Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “messaged” that any rocket attack carried out by Iran or its proxies in Iraq that harm Americans “will be answered by a decisive U.S. response.”

December 27, 2019—More than 30 rockets were fired at an Iraqi base that hosts U.S. forces, killing an American interpreter in Kirkuk. The U.S. blamed Iran-backed Iraqi militia Kataib Hezbollah (KH).

December 29, 2019—retaliatory U.S. airstrikes on five remote KH bases in Iraq and Syria killed a reported 25 people and wounded at least 50. To preserve Iraqi sovereignty, Iraq’s caretaker Prime Minister announced that the Iraqi government will reconsider its relationship with the U.S. military.

December 29, 2019—Pompeo, Defense Secretary Mark Esper[20] and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley flew to Palm Beach and convened a high-profile press briefing on rising tensions with Iran.

December 30, 2019—Iraq began an official three days of mourning for those killed in U.S. airstrikes. The Iraqi prime minister confirmed he had insisted that U.S. forces not proceed with those airstrikes.

December 31-January 1—Kataib Hezbollah and others stormed the U.S. embassy compound in Baghdad reminiscent of the storming in 1979 of the U.S. embassy in Tehran  and the U.S. consulate in Benghazi in June 2012 (see below). Televised images of that (game theory foreseeable) crisis reportedly provoked Trump who then gave final approval to the assassinations planned by Pompeo  and Netanyahu.

January 2, 2020— Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced the U.S. will take pre-emptive action to protect U.S. forces and defend American lives (“The game has changed.”). Netanyahu remained silent.

January 3, 2020—Drone airstrikes in Iraq killed Iran’s senior military official along with two senior Iraqi military officials and seven others. Pentagon messaging claimed, “General Qassim Suleimani was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region.” Key advisers on whom Trump reportedly relied: Zionist Christians Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo along with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who, two days later, “accidentally” described Israel as a “nuclear power”.

Absent intelligence indicating an imminent attack, those killings provided Iran a casus belli by assassinating on sovereign Iraqi soil an Iranian official equivalent to killing a Secretary of Defense or Vice President. The last time the U.S killed a major military leader in a foreign nation was 1943 during WWII when U.S. forces shot down a plane carrying Japanese Marshall Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto who, after the U.S. imposition of economic sanctions and a crippling oil embargo on Japan (a form of non-military warfare), proposed the surprise December 7, 1941 attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor.[21]

Jan. 3, 2020—Replacing Trump negotiator Jason Greenblatt, Avi Berkowitz was dispatched to Israel to discuss a peace plan crafted by Trump senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner. Conspicuous by its absence was any proposal to advance a two-state solution, an omission certain to insult and likely provoke the Palestinians.[22] Berkowitz assisted Kushner in managing the 2016 Cambridge Analytica psy-op that “elected” Donald Trump and granted him the perceived authority of Commander-in-Chief of the world’s most powerful military with virtually unlimited power to wage war—for Israel.

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A Closer Look at Lengthy Pre-Staging. Let’s take a step back to review the depth and duration of this latest pretense for war:

In 2014, Cambridge Analytica was retained to orchestrate the Facebook-enabled psy-op used to “elect” to the U.S. Senate Tom Cotton from Arkansas. Six days after a March 3, 2015 Netanyahu speech to Congress sought to undermine ongoing six-party nuclear negotiations with Iran, Cotton released an open letter to the Iranian leader signed by 47 Republican Senators stating that any Obama-negotiated accord could be reversed by the Senate or the next president “with the stroke of a pen”.[23] That letter signaled the Israel lobby to support the GOP candidate most vigorously opposed to the Iran accord and signaled outspoken candidates of assured support from the Israel lobby. The Trump campaign targeted that voting bloc along with rapture-seeking Zionists of the evangelical Christian Right.[24]

The role played by the Israeli Right, its leadership and its expansive lobby (600-plus organizations in the U.S. alone) was apparent but went largely unmentioned by a predominantly pro-Israel mainstream media. Media outlets also failed to report on how forcefully and consistently Netanyahu pressed the U.S. for war with Iran. Trump’s election gave Bibi what Zionist extremists sought: disavowal of the Iran nuclear accord (despite Iranian compliance), recognition of Jerusalem as the “eternal capital” of the Jewish state, an end to the two-state solution and funding for Palestinian refugees, a U.S. grant of legitimacy to West Bank settlements and the Israeli occupation of Syria’s Golan Heights, etc. Those who attended the May 2018 dedication of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalemconfirm how few were required to achieve these goals.

Those skeptical that a 37-year old freshman Senator would take this step on his own initiative had good reason to worry. President Obama ordered the NSA to monitor Netanyahu and his aides when they and the Israel lobby sought to undermine the Iran accord meant to prevent a war that Obama knew was being sought by Zionist extremists. Cotton was overheard conferring with Netanyahu while his campaign received more than $2 million from pro-Israeli groups and individuals. At that time, no single incident was enough to indict anyone for espionage or treason.

The influence of Robert Mercer was apparent in his donation of more than $1 million to the Club for Growth Action, a Super PAC (political action committee) that backed Cotton. The Emergency Committee for Israel, led by neoconservative William Kristol, invested $960,250 in last-minute ads. With Robert Kagan, Kristol co-founded in 1997 the Project for a New American Century to lobby for regime change in Iraq—for Israel. Another $250,000 was invested in Cotton by Paul Singer, a New York hedge fund billionaire and supporter of sayanim-recruiters Birthright Israel (along with Sheldon Adelson and his equally rightwing Israeli wife). Seth Klarman, a Boston-based pro-Israel billionaire, contributed $100,000. Victoria Nuland, Kagan’s wife, was active in inducing regime change in Ukraine. She became known internationally with release of the transcript of her February 2014 phone call in which this U.S. diplomat, contrary to U.S. policy, proclaimed, “F—k the EU.” [All EU member states support the Israel-opposed International Criminal Court.]

At least $825,000 was invested in Cotton’s pro-Israel politics by a political action committee led by former Bush-era U.N. Ambassador and pro-Israel neocon John Bolton, an outspoken promoter of regime change in Iran. The Bolton PAC was financed largely by Mercer and daughter Rebekah and by Irving and Cherna Moskowitz of Miami who were best known for funding settlements meant to create a Jewish majority in Arab neighborhoods. Robert Mercer was the primary owner of Cambridge Analytica where Steve Bannon served as Vice-President, then Trump campaign manager and, after 2016, White House strategist.

Advised by proponents of the Israeli Right, Bolton appeared on Trump’s short list for Secretary of State; Cotton was short-listed for Secretary of Defense. After 520 days as National Security Adviser, Trump fired Bolton on September 10, 2019. Bolton praised the Trump-ordered assassination of General Suleimani and voiced hope on Fox News that his death was the “first step to regime change in Tehran”.

Staffing a Trump Presidency. Trump was clearly surprised when he won an Electoral College victory. Those who produced his presidency were not. As his administration was formed, Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer was among the most frequent visitors to Trump Tower. An American who forfeited his U.S. citizenship to serve as Israel’s Ambassador, Dermer had long been a Netanyahu confidante for whom he orchestrated his March 3, 2015 Iran-bashing speech to a joint meeting of Congress and ensured that the Israeli leader received more standing ovations than President Obama during his January 20 State of the Union address. Dermer made those arrangements without consulting either the White House or the State Department, further angering Obama who knew that the Israeli Right sought another war in the region.

Meanwhile, Jared Kushner, a devotee of the ultra-Zionist Chabad Lubavitch sect of messianic Judaism, sought a back channel to the Kremlin—likely to lobby Moscow to disavow the Iran nuclear accord, making it appear less obvious that the presidency of his father-in-law was “produced” in large part to do the bidding of the Israeli Right. Loyal to an extremist branch of Hasidic Judaism founded in Lithuania in 1775, Chabad followers include convert Ivanka Trump and senior advisers in the Trump Organization.

Trump bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman, appointed Ambassador to Israel, has long raised funds for Jewish settlements in “Judea and Samaria” (aka the West Bank). Trump Organization attorney Jason Greenblatt was appointed international negotiator (Trump was involved in at least 3,500 legal actions).[25] Three days prior to the November 2016 election, Greenblatt accompanied Jared and Ivanka to Brooklyn to pray at the Crown Heights gravesite of Rabbi Menahem Mendel Schneerson. The Lubavitcher Rabbi, who died in 1994, is considered a messiah in Chabad circles. Trump’s personal fortune traces to sectors dominated by those profiled: casinos, pop culture (The Apprentice) and commercial real estate in mid-town Manhattan.

Staff firings by Trump include two of four generals (one quit and the fourth retired) and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon-Mobil, derived from Standard Oil, founded by my great-grandfather. Successor Mike Pompeo took office with four qualifications: (1) he’s an evangelical Zionist Christian, (2) he had forged a close relationship with Bibi Netanyahu, (3) he avoided the “Never Trump” movement, and (4) as a Congressman, he was an outspoken critic of how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton handled the June 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.[26] Pompeo’s weak character and ineptness were on display when he (a) outsourced U.S. policy in Ukraine to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, (b) remained silent when Trump threatened U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, and (c) undermined and demoralized our diplomatic corps worldwide by failing to protect her from Giuliani and Trump.

When Pompeo complained that European allies “haven’t been as helpful as I wished that they could be,” he revealed a profound lack of understanding. Europeans know the source of the systemic corruption inside our government.[27] My life experience proves that this corruption permeates government at the federal, state and local level. Just prior to his death in 2006 at age 85, Dr. Glenn Olds, an adviser to both my father (1945-1979) and myself (1994-2006), informed me that European governments agreed that, based on what I can prove, this corruption has become far too systemic for the U.S. to remedy without the help of other governments. A confidante to four presidents (two of each party), Glenn advised that, when we see other governments pushing back against Israel, we’ll know that these facts and analyses have been engaged and steps are being taken to hold those profiled accountable.

The Pompeo-marketed Benghazi incident further confirms the strategic duplicity deployed by the militaristic Israeli Right when pre-staging crises that advance their goals while undermining ours. For example: On April 14, 1986, 160 U.S., British and German aircraft dropped sixty tons of bombs on Libya, killing 40 civilians in Tripoli and Benghazi, pre-staging the June 2012 anti-American reaction in Benghazi.

The immediate provocation: an April 5, 1986 terrorist attack on Berlin’s La Belle Discotheque killed two U.S. servicemen. The pre-staging: in mid-February, the Mossad launched Operation Trojan, a bogus broadcasting operation in Tripoli designed to make it appear that Libyan leadership was transmitting terrorist instructions to their embassies worldwide. Though the phony transmissions failed to deceive French or Spanish intelligence—who warned this was a Mossad operation—U.S. intelligence was reassured when authenticity was confirmed by Israel, our “special friend” and purported ally. Since its founding, the Mossad motto has been, “By way of deception, thou shalt make war”.

Pre-staging 9/11. With Mossad operatives tied into terrorist organizations throughout Europe able to trigger profiled assets, it was only a matter of time before Americans would become a target. In terms of the algorithm-derived math underlying game theory warfare, such a terrorist incident was probabilistic. With President Reagan (like Trump) proposing a “red line” to retaliate against any nation shown to endanger Americans, the orchestration was complete. Ronald Reagan, another classic asset, was a friend of my step-uncle Robert King Cunningham dating from their service together in the Signal Corps during WWII.

An introduction to The Hidden Tax on Humanity and an online timeline summarize this personal history. Donald Stralem, a Manhattan-based manager of Rothschild interests in the U.S., arranged the 1956 marriage of my mother to the brother of Stralem employee Robert King Cunningham. In 1951, Stralem produced Duck and Cover starring an animated Bert the Turtle and a seven year-old Mia Farrow. Shown by mandatory attendance to 40 million U.S. schoolchildren, that film internalized the fear and insecurity that eased a seamless transition from WWII to the Cold War.

The timeline dates the modern-day component of this geopolitical duplicity to no later than 1850 when Donald’s father, Casimir, co-founded in Manhattan an investment banking firm (Hallgarten & Company) that financed both sides in America’s Civil War. My premise was simple: I knew early on that who I met and what was done to me would lead me to the core of their model provided I could get close enough before they realized I was profiling them while they were stalking me. That premise proved correct, as documented online in The Hidden Tax on Humanity.

On April 9, 2003, the Los Angeles Superior Court granted my petition to take my birthfather’s surname. My Uncle David and cousin Jay (Senator John D. Rockefeller IV) were served legal notice. When the judge asked if there was any objection from members of the Rockefeller family or their counsel, no objection was heard. Had there been an objection, the court was prepared to order a DNA test at UCLA Medical Center.

Launched in Libya 15 years prior to the provocation of 9/11, Mossad operatives conceded Operation Trojan was pre-staging for inducing the U.S. to invade Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein: “After the bombing of Libya, our friend Qadhafi is sure to stay out of the picture for some time. Iraq and Saddam Hussein are the next target. We’re starting now to build him up as the big villain. It will take some time, but in the end, there’s no doubt that it’ll work.”[28]

That Israeli bravado proved correct, aided by (a) a provocative Pearl Harbor-like crisis (9/11), (b) media-aided marketing of fear-inducing false intelligence fixed around the goals of Zionist extremists,[29] and (c) Congressional testimony by Netanyahu in favor of the U.S invasion of Iraq, assuring U.S. lawmakers, “There is no question whatsoever that Saddam is seeking, is working toward, is advancing toward the development of nuclear weapons.”

Asset Condi Rice also advanced the narrative with her perceived authority as National Security Adviser to Zionist Christian George Bush. Her fear and insecurity-inducing imagery that hyped the phony threat of Iraqi WMD included: “We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.”[30]

The 1986 attack on Tripoli and Benghazi by U.S.-led coalition forces (Operation El Dorado) suspended negotiations for the release of hostages in Lebanon (similar to how U.S. operations against ISIS have been suspended) and ensured, in response, the retaliatory execution of American University of Beirut librarian Peter Kilburn, held captive for 16 months. That foreseeablereaction to an Israel-orchestrated provocation (a classic game theory warfare operation) raised the global profile of “radical Islamic extremists” as a plausible threat to the U.S. and the EU and pre-staged the plausibility both of the pre-9/11 narrative, The Clash of Civilizations, and the post-9/11 messaging of Islamo-fascism.[31]

 General Wesley Clark, former NATO Commander, recalls how, ten days following 9/11, he visited the Pentagon where, after seeing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, he spoke to a general on staff of the Joint Chiefs who told him that, to his surprise, the U.S. was going to war with Iraq. A few weeks later, the same general told Clark he had just received a memo describing how our military was going to be used “to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing off, Iran.”[32]

As my life experience proves, the true enemies of democracy and the fact-based rule of law are the duplicitous few I profiled while I was being criminally stalked. Had the facts of my life experience been investigated in good faith, the common source of this systemic corruption would have been apparent. The justice denied me is similar to the justice that Senate Leader Mitch McConnell denied the American people when he denied access to the facts required to assess whether Donald Trump should be removed from office. How could those stalking me be brought to justice unless the facts were followed to their conclusion? How could Senators—when denied access to the facts—hold Donald Trump accountable?

Until the 1967 War, moderate Jews opposed the militarism and terrorism that Zionist zealots deployed to drive Palestinians from their ancestral lands. In a December 1948 letter to The New York Times, Albert Einstein and 27 other prominent Jews were candid in their appraisal: “This is the unmistakable stamp of a Fascist party for whom terrorism (against Jews, Arabs, and British alike), and misrepresentation are means, and a ‘Leader State’ is the goal.” (emphasis added) Jewish novelist and political theorist Hannah Arendt was even more courageous and candid, describing Zionist extremists of that post-Holocaust era as “Jewish Nazis.”

The Jewish elites and Zionist extremists who founded the Jewish state remain its dominant force. Bibi Netanyahu, its present-day face, is fully intent on inducing the U.S. to wage another disastrous war—for Israel. As we now know, the “Six-Day War” of 1967, marketed as defensive, was a provocative land grab that an Israeli general later conceded had been planned since 1951. Designed to manipulate Jewish identity and prey on the fear and insecurity of the broader Jewish community, that aggression succeeded in its goal of enlisting broad-based Jewish support for the goals of Zionist extremists while silencing any Jewish dissenter fearful of being portrayed as a “self-hating Jew”.[33]

Research and analysis pivoting off my life experience profiling those complicit confirmed that those I identified, while albeit predominantly “Jewish”, are only nominally Jewish in the sense that they share none of the values of the broader Jewish community on whose identity they have long preyed. When class identity failed to gain traction a century ago, identity politics emerged from the Frankfurt School. The ability to manipulate behavior based on a perception of shared identity remains an oft-deployed weapon in the psy-ops arsenal of those adept at hate-mongering. Thus the routine use of race (Black Lives Matter), nationality (e.g., white nationalism), ethnicity, gender, etc.

Leader State. Though Donald Trump is marketed as a solution to systemic corruption (“drain the swamp”), he’s symptomatic of a far deeper problem: the systematic displacement of facts with beliefs to satisfy an extremist few who ignore facts to satisfy theirpersonal beliefs. America’s emergence as a Leader State is being driven by those such as Attorney General Bill Barr who embrace the Unitary Executive Theory that, in practical effect, would grant unlimited power to a classic asset whose presidency was the 2016 product of a Facebook-enabled psy-op. The manipulation of presidential elections (ongoing in 2020)[34] put U.S. war powers in the hands of an impulsive and insecure man-child and clinical narcissist.[35]

A former Cambridge Analytica executive (see The Great Hack) concedes that online profiling and voter manipulation is now a global phenomenon, making a mockery of free elections while undermining faith in self-governance. Load up the courts with True Believers in the unbridled power of the Unitary Executive—a judicial nomination process ongoing at a rapid pace under Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell—and watch as the democracy’s separation of powers atrophy, representative government is displaced and political power without accountability (aka tyranny) emerges as a real possibility.

Donald Trump is not the issue; the problem is a product of the U.S.-Israel relationship that has long enabled anti-democratic trends that are now becoming apparent. Nor is the issue Jewishness but “Chosen-ness”—a psychosis (a break from external reality) common to zealots of many faiths, including extremists within the Zionist Christian community. This systemic (and internalized) corruption includes a transnational, well-capitalized lobby that remains unregistered as foreign agents. Their influence is aided by a 2010 Supreme Court decision (Citizens United) that allows unlimited financial support for political candidates. This mental disorder is not limited to Christians and Jews. Muslim adherents of ISIS consider themselves Chosen and thereby entitled to decapitate people and destroy cultural artifacts. “Chosen” Buddhists in Myanmar are now murdering each other.

The Hidden Tax. Those I profiled while being criminally stalked know that well-timed crises also distract a long-deceived public from grasping the source and magnitude of this hidden tax on humanity. With the benefit of hindsight, history will view Trump as a “useful idiot” placed in office to discredit democracy and undermine the fact-based rule of law. A self-described “very stable genius”, his arrogance and ignorance shattered our post-WWII security apparatus, alienated our allies, stymied our fight against ISIS, emboldened our enemies and destabilized a nation (Iraq) on whose stability we invested trillions while squandering countless lives in an unnecessary and disastrous war that could have been prevented had those with line responsibility engaged me in good faith on my return from Baghdad in February 1997.

My life experience proves beyond any reasonable doubt that this deceit traces to a common source. The repetitive behavior patterns—over decades—confirm the present-day outcome was intentional and by design, including the production of serial ‘plausible’ enemies by those adept at creating serial crises. Today’s Iran-the-Evil-Doer narrative was pre-staged no later than when White House speechwriter David Frum inserted the phrase “Axis of Evil” (linking North Korea, Iran and Iraq) into the January 2002 State of the Union address by Zionist Christian President George W. Bush. As shown below, oil-rich Iran was targeted long ago by those I profiled.

Those responsible know transparency will lead to accountability. That’s why, I believe, what we now see emerging is the “last gasp” of these duplicitous few as they act out their “tireless genius for crisis”. Those I profiled while being stalked and denied access to the rule of law see themselves as rightly entitled (as “Chosen”) to operate above the laws of man. Similar to Trump, their arrogance will be their undoing as proof of their “genius” becomes undeniable and its costs widely known. That’s what I now see emerging, informed by a lifetime of profiling those responsible.

Who would have the means, motivation and opportunity to use the circumstances of my out-of-wedlock birth to preemptively compromise my father’s prospects for the U.S. presidency? Where would a moderate “Rockefeller Republican” fit along today’s rightward-trending political spectrum? Clearly, he would be well to the “left” of hawkish Democrat Hillary Clinton. Who benefits from our two-decade long immersion in costly, unnecessary and unwinnable wars in a region that accounts for four percent of the world population? My father believed we should talk to our adversaries. Who benefits when we do not? Yet Trump barred Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif from entering the U.S. to address the United Nations.[36]

Because those stalking me are also stalking the U.S. and, importantly, our core values, I was routinely drawn into “fields within fields” of relationships pre-staged by those I dedicated much of my life to profiling. That firsthand experience confirmed that this ongoing geostrategic duplicity derives from a common source. A few examples will help illustrate—based on my Iran-related interactions.

Profiling from the Inside. In 1987, I was drawn into a transaction involving the sale of 650 Fifth Avenue, a Manhattan office building acquired with a portion of the reported $51 billion stolen from Iran by the Shah. The intermediary was Hashemi Rafsanjani, then president of the Iranian Parliament and later Chairman of its powerful Expediency Council. His well-known corruption earned him the title, “Mr. Five Percent”. I also communicated with Hermoz Moin, the Shah’s banker. See The Iran Connection. During the Carter presidency, my Uncle David Rockefeller played a key role in gaining the Shah admittance to the U.S., falsely citing a medical issue that could only be treated in the U.S.[37] The Shah’s absence triggered the 1979 hostage crisis that helped put asset Ronald Reagan in the White House, a friend since WWII of my step-Uncle Bob (Robert King Cunningham).

The top two floors of 650 Fifth Avenue were occupied by arbitrageur Ivan Boesky, corrupt partner of “junk bond king” Michael Milken. Their prosecution by U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani provided him the public profile to emerge as “America’s Mayor” in the aftermath of 9/11. Giuliani-led negotiations allowed Milken and his family to retain hundreds of millions of dollars (now $2 billion according to Forbes).

Bernie Kerik, New York City Police Commissioner under Giuliani, was forced to resign as the first director of what became the Department of Homeland Security when his ties to organized crime became too obvious.[38] The consistency of the fact patterns confirm it’s no coincidence that Roy Cohn, counsel to organized crime figures in New York, mentored New Yorker Donald Trump. To understand Trump’s gangster mentality, mob boss demeanor and arrogant behavior, see the 2019 film, Where’s My Roy Cohn?[39]  Cohn’s motto, embraced by Trump: Deflect and distract, never give in, never admit fault, lie and attack. Trump adds to that toxic mix a steady stream of insults and attempts to intimidate.

With financing confirmed for the 650 Fifth Avenue building, a meeting to close the sale included Pincus Green, partner to Marc Rich best known for (a) selling Iranian oil to Israel during an Iran embargo,[40] (b) sharing the profits with Israeli intelligence, and (c) receiving a pardon from Bill Clinton on his last day as president after lobbying by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami, Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert and former Director of Mossad, Shabtai Shavit.[41] The property title became “clouded” when I assured those assembled for a closing that I would use my $35 million commission to identify and expose those stalking me. When that agreed-to deal then collapsed, I continued my profiling.

In 2004, Dr. Glenn Olds, my senior adviser, asked if I knew at the time the magnitude of the criminality I was uncovering by allowing myself to be drawn into venues they staged while I remained vulnerable.[42] At Glenn’s home, as we watched first-term U.S. Senator Barack Obama give his speech at the 2004 Democratic Party Convention in Boston, he was certain that Obama would be elected president in 2008. Glenn had studied the research confirming how (Jewish) organized crime holds this corruption intact. [43]He told me that, based on his meeting with Michelle Obama (like Glenn’s wife, Eva, a stabilizing force), he believed that Obama would turn on the Israelis provided he could win a second term.

The Iran Connection. I was also asked to find a buyer for an 18% interest held by the Iranian government in a refinery in South Africa. That stake was originally acquired by the Shah’s father in August 1941 when the Soviets and the British, fearing he would ally with the Germans, forced him into exile in South Africa with its apartheid social structure and an economy dominated by Jewish Zionists. I’m confident future research will find that those I profiled began targeting oil-rich Iran no later than the Shah’s exile.

Bernard Baruch began producing the political career of James Byrnes with his election to the House of Representatives in 1910 and the Senate in 1930 where he served as a mentor to Zionist Christian Harry Truman when he was placed in the Senate in January 1935 by the Pendergast component of organized crime in Kansas City. Byrnes was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Roosevelt in 1941. Four years later, he became Truman’s Secretary of State and played a major role in the Potsdam Conference that ceded much of Eastern Europe and Iran to the Soviet sphere of influence. Byrnes had little formal education (he did not graduate from high school). Born in 1870, Baruch was a native of South Carolina where his wife’s grandfather served as the Rabbi of Charleston when this southern port was the third largest U.S. city due to trade in cotton, rice and slaves. A commodities trader and financier, Woodrow Wilson named him Chair of the War Industries Board.

Note in The Iran Connection that I was also drawn into the network of those who, following the assassination of President Kennedy in November 1963, pre-staged the 1964 election to ensure the presidency of Lyndon Johnson. His presidency, in turn, ensured that (a) the U.S. would continue to wage a disastrous and unwinnable war in Vietnam (that Kennedy proposed to end), and (b) a pro-Israel president would support the Zionists’ provocative land grab of June 1967, since marketed as the defensive and “heroic” Six-Day War.[44]

Confirming the lengthy pre-staging of that region-wide provocation and the frequent use of illicit sex to target and compromise profiled policymakers, former Irgun operative Mathilde Krim was “servicing” our Commander-in-Chief (LBJ) in the White House the night that Israel began their aggressive land grab. Husband Arthur Krim, then president of United Artists, chaired the finance committee for the Democratic Party led by the man ‘servicing” his wife. The night before the invasion began, LBJ had dinner at the home of Abe Fortas who successfully defended Johnson when an election fraud in the 1948 Texas primary for the Democratic Partyput LBJ in the Senate where he quickly rose to Majority Leader in 1955. As President, LBJ named Fortas to the Supreme Court in 1965 and sought to appoint him Chief Justice.[45]

In 1964, when I was 12 years old, I walked in on a heated argument between my step-grandmother and step-uncle that unknowingly connected me to those who ordered the assassination of President Kennedy. I continue to believe that chance encounter remains a key reason why I have been stalked nonstop. That stalking remains ongoing. [See Appendix B and the online timeline.]

In Jakarta in March 2001, six months prior to the mass murder provocation of 9/11, Indonesia intelligence chief Arie Kumaat shared with me his concerns that (a) an Israeli operation had been uncovered that sought to bribe the Indonesian Parliament to push the U.S. out of the region in favor of China, (b) an Israeli defense firm had staged sting operations to destabilize key Ministries of Defense in pursuit of a (then unknown) global operation, and (c) the Taliban’s widely reported bombing in Afghanistan of the ancient Buddhas of Bamiyan on the ancient Silk Road appeared timed to support an operation that (we later found) proved useful in branding “Islamic extremists” as solely responsible for what, six months later, became 9/11.[46]

In January 2002, Arie Kumaat was murdered (poisoned) within days of agreeing to set meetings for me to brief leaders of Muslim nations on what I knew was false Iraqi WMD intelligence then being deployed to deceive us to wage an unnecessary and disastrous war in Iraq—for the Israeli Right. In January 1997, I met in Baghdad with Iraqi nuclear physicist Dr. Nadhal Al-Hamdani who oversaw Iraq’s nuclear-related industrial complex prior to the Israeli destruction in June 1981 of their under-construction nuclear complex at Osirak. She explained that Saddam was a brutal despot but he was no fool. He knew that, if he sought to develop nuclear weapons, the Mossad would tell the U.S. and his reign would be terminated.

Dr. Nidhal Al-Hamndani (physicist) in her office in Iraq in 1997. Dr. Al Hamdani ran Saddam’s industrial complex pre-Gulf War with 40,000 employees answering to her. I took the photo when she answered the phone and greeted Saddam Hussein in Arabic, “Saddam”.

Evil Doer Pre-Staging. Iranian General Suleimani is not the originating Evil Doer in this latest war-mongering narrative. The true evil-doers (as my experience proves) are those who orchestrated the circumstances in Iran that led to his emergence—consistent with game theory warfare, an area in which Israelis boast they are world leaders. My experience proves how, by deploying serial well-timed crises, a few extremists leverage their small numbers to wield power and influence worldwide, aided by manipulating the U.S. (and using our military) as their naïve and trusting “special friend”.[47]

Similarly, the interests of the Israeli Right were at work when, four days after 9/11, an FBI Special Agent appeared at the home of an Iraqi colleague near San Diego to inquire if he was funding me. Why? We had returned from Baghdad in February 1997 with (a) evidence of no WMD, (b) an offer by senior Iraqi sheiks to remove Saddam without a war (he reportedly agreed), and (c) an offer to provide U.S. firms with $160 billion in contracts for reconstruction and oil. Why did the FBI appear then?

That same day (September 15, 2001), Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, a well-placed neocon in the Bush administration, argued in a principal’s meeting at Camp David that, in response to 9/11, the U.S should invade Iraq, a nation that played no role in that provocation. That same FBI agent paid rent and cashed checks for the two San Diego-based terrorists who flew planes into the World Trade Center buildings.

Eighteen months prior to that mass murder, my Iraqi-American colleague was invited to meet with Taliban leader Mohammed Omar. Sensing a set-up by those stalking me, I persuaded him not to go. Had he traveled to Kabul, he would have become the alleged (and still missing) “high level contact” between Saddam Hussein and Islamic extremists, and I would have been portrayed as guilty by association.

As the Israelis know (unknown to most Americans), Saddam Hussein detested Islamic extremists and routinely killed them. Portraying him as a plausible Evil Doer threat to the U.S. dates to no later than the 1986 Mossad Operation Trojan in Libya. The success of the pre-9/11 psy-op messaging is proven by the fact that, post-invasion of Iraq, almost 70% of Americans believed that Saddam Hussein played a role in 9/11. The displacement of facts with false beliefs lies at the core of the geostrategic duplicity that endangers democracies and undermines the rule of law worldwide.

The Second Intifada (Palestinian uprising—literally, a “shaking off”) dates from September 2000 when Likud Prime Minister Ariel Sharon led an armed march to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. When, after a year of calm, suicide bombings recommenced following that provocation, Sharon and Netanyahu observed that only when Americans “feel our pain” would we understand their plight. Both men mentioned a weighted body count of 4,500 to 5,000 Americans lost to terrorism—the initial estimate of those who died a year later in the twin towers of New York City’s World Trade Center.[48]

Agent Provocateurs and Game Theory Practitioners. Extremists on the Israeli Right were short-term beneficiaries of the highly symbolic assassination of an Iranian military official certain to “ignite the street” in both Iran and Iraq as throngs of outraged mourners shouted, “Death to America”.[49] Meanwhile, Bibi Netanyahu polished his image as the Great Defender of the Jewish people—regardless of the impact on the U.S. as Israel’s “special friend”. Peace and stability are not what Zionist extremists seek; that would only undermine their victim narrative and undercut their expansionist goals. Plus, with stability would come the in-depth analyses able to prove the common source of serial well-timed crises, including the war-catalyzing mass murder provocation of 9/11.

Despite seven decades of nonstop deceit, Israel continues to exploit its “unbreakable bond” with the U.S. kept intact by an expansive lobby that continues to evade registration as foreign agents. If Donald Trump is not re-elected, the Israeli Right knows the concessions he granted could be reversed, including restoration of the Iran nuclear accord and a revival of the two-state solution. Stability will also shine light on the steadily rising costs of this oft-exploited relationship. That includes evidence confirming the corrupt source of the vast wealth amassed by the (predominantly Jewish) oligarchs who financially stripped Russia during the 1990s, a multi-decade fraud that began more than a century ago, orchestrated by the same trans-generational criminal syndicate I profiled while being stalked. [See Appendix A.]

China is the clear long-term beneficiary of this duplicity. As the U.S is again being induced to squander its blood and treasure in the Middle East, 300 million-plus members of China’s fast-growing middle class increasingly see authoritarian “socialism with Chinese characteristics” as superior to a democracy under siege from within that continues its drift toward a militarized autocracy while allowing its “special relationship” with Zionist extremists to draw our military into serial wars that undermine U.S. interests.

The long-term objective of those profiled, I believe, includes destabilization of the entire Middle East as a means to gain more influence over global financial markets as they gain virtual control over markets for oil and gas. Based on who I am and the role my paternal ancestors played in creating those markets, I am confident those described are targeting nations with large proven reserves of oil and gas.

With Iran-Contra operative Elliott Abrams dispatched as special U.S. envoy to Venezuela, home to the world’s largest proven reserves of oil, no one should be surprised if any progress toward stability proves illusory.[50] Though the transition to alternative means of monetization (such as cybercurrencies) is beyond the scope of this analysis, nor should anyone be surprised that the Basel-based Bank of International Settlements lodged objections to the Mark Zuckerberg-led proposal for the alternative Libra currency.

Key components of a systemic solution must include an acknowledgment that naïve and trusting Americans (including many Jewish-Americans) have been deceived, defrauded and manipulated by a trusted ally. That treachery remains ongoing. Corrective components include:

A requirement that the Israel lobby comply with the Foreign Agents Registration Act. [U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer made the case January 16 when he cited the dangerous role of “foreign influence” in U.S. elections.]

Reinstatement of the Iran nuclear accord and lengthening its term to 25 years.

Re-designation of U.S. offices in Tel Aviv as the U.S Embassy in Israel; reopen the Consulate General in Jerusalem as a conduit to Palestinian leaders; transform Consulate offices into a facility to coordinate aid to Palestinians and recover Palestinian properties within the 1948 borders.

Restoration of the two-state solution as our core diplomatic initiative for Middle East peace along with renewed support for Palestinian refugees and a conversion of the former Consulate offices to house Palestine TV’s offices shut down in November 2019.

Convene hearings in the House and Senate to openly debate the pros and cons of the “unbreakable bond” that sustains the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Commission an appraisal of the financial costs of this special relationship, both direct and indirect, since U.S. President Harry Truman extended nation-state recognition in May 1948.

Convene hearings to consider shifting this relationship from the U.S to China, a government with which, the f