Email of March 31, 2018 to U.K. Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and UK anti-Semite campaigners10 min read

I write to assist your work at UK Media Watch combatting anti-Semitism in the U.K., an effort I whole-heartedly support. You’ll find an in-depth analysis of anti-Semitism in the book below. Your readers will want to know about it as the facts and analyses it provides offer a powerful means to expose and counter anti-Semitism at a time-critical juncture in the U.K., the U.S. and worldwide. I am an American writing this while in London.

Guilt By Association includes the attached materials explaining the “Internal Diaspora”, the New Anti-Semitism and the use of agentsassets and sayanim when waging war. And, importantly, when inducing others to wage wars against their true interests, as with the war in Iraq and ongoing attempts to induce the U.S. to commence a war with Iran by unregistered foreign agents.

Several chapters from that book are posted here and on along with numerous draft chapters for the next in a series of books titled The Hidden Tax on Humanity. That series confirms the nonlinear nature of ongoing treason both in the U.K. and the U.S. That treason includes the routine use of the charge of anti-Semitism to preclude sustained engagement with the facts and analysis required to protect the broad-based Jewish community from those who deploy anti-Semitism as a means to obscure their treason.

You’ll also find on the site numerous topical analyses proving how duplicity proceeds in plain sight. And how facts are displaced with manipulated beliefs, as with Iraqi WMD. [See attached submission to the Chilcot Inquiry.] And the use of agents and assets to imbed in the public’s consciousness agenda-advancing narratives—in plain sight, often with the manipulation of media. Psy-op publications routinely make it onto best-seller lists, as with the narrative-enabling books published by Jerome Corsi (see here).

Much of the feedback on these facts and analyses comes from the broad-based Jewish community grateful that we’ve demonstrated with this work the care, professionalism and love required to distinguish that broader community from the hate-mongers, war-mongers and duplicitous few chronicled in these accounts.

A former U.S. Secretary of Defense coined a useful phrase (“the people in between”) to describe the most challenging combatants when waging today’s unconventional warfare, largely though the use of deception. This article on the exploitation of thought and emotion chronicles the top five “in between” domains where such combatants operate: media, popular culture, politics, think tanks and education. Pop culture has long played a key narrative-advancing role in information warfare, often displacing facts with faith, an ancient modus operandi exemplified by this December 1960 release.

Combating anti-Semitism is largely an education challenge requiring proof of how an extremist and manipulative few prey on Jewish identity while also making the broader community appear…guilty by association. It’s difficult to imagine a greater peril to that community.’

We are confident that anti-Semitism can be addressed by engaging organizations such as yours to join forces in documenting the all important “how” of the duplicity detailed in the materials found in the book and online. Happily the modus operandi of those profiled is limited and repetitive so once one grasps the how, the who becomes apparent and transparent as those profiled routinely prey on the beliefs of others.

Our goal is to prove beyond any reasonable doubt the how, the who and the why behind this nonlinear manipulation of thought and emotion so that a naive and trusting public — including the broader Jewish community — can protect themselves from those who, if not quickly exposed and held accountable at law, will continue to impose a hidden tax on humanity. The cost of that tax clearly exceeds tens of trillions of dollars (the war in Iraq alone is on track to exceed $6 trillion). The cost in foregone possibilities far exceeds the financial outlays. No one can compute the costs in human suffering and the impact on our habitat. Thus the title, The Hidden Tax on Humanity.

The who that presently pose the greatest danger to the Jewish community are those extremists who placed this latest asset in the White House to take the U.S. into yet another war against our interests. As documented in The War In Iraq Could Have Been Prevented and The Indonesia Connection, that “tax” was avoidable had those with line authority for law enforcement and national security engaged in a timely fashion the facts they were presented. Note what was done instead of following the facts wherever they may lead.

Our website remains under-construction. We had an earlier site, Criminal State, that “disappeared.” The site featured a series of analyses, including documentation of a silencing campaign launched against (Jewish) UC Santa Barbara Professor Bill Robinson. Though widely published, all of those articles seem to have also disappeared from online media sites except this account featured on a small Marin County site. I urge that you feature Bill’s book We Will Not Be Silenced. He’s media savvy and has firsthand experience dealing with those complicit in this treason — who remain at large.

Silencing campaigns are reliably a sign of the treason chronicled in these accounts. Plus the internalization of fear and insecurity. That includes targeting schoolchildren at an early age, as with those who funded the production of Duck & Cover, a 1951 animated film shown by mandatory attendance to U.S. schoolchildren by authority figures (teachers). You may have noticed how we segued seamlessly from the Cold War narrative to The Clash of Civilizations without missing a fiscal beat. The U.S. just agreed to legislation ensuring a single-year $1.5 trillion deficit, including some $700 billion for the military and another $44 billion for Homeland Security. Much of this cost can also be included as we tally the magnitude of this hidden tax.

The “we” in this account includes colleague Mel Rockefeller. His conception in 1951 helped compromise his birthfather’s prospects for the presidency as chronicled in the timeline where you’ll also see the key role played in this treason—still ongoing—by the producer of Duck & Cover.

Today’s equivalent appears to be the serial school massacres in the U.S., typically involving a shooter well known to local and federal law enforcement. The fact that the home of the Parkland, Florida shooter had been visited 39 times and he was repeatedly on the radar of the FBI in a state with a statute (the Baker law) providing for preventive detention raises questions that could usefully be answered if we hope to end the carnage—immediately branded as a Never Again movement.

I was in Washington on 24 March where Miley Cyrus, represented by Mitchell Gossett, performed an inspiring version of The Climb holding a Never Again sign during a performance that was the central pop culture event of the March for Our Lives demonstration that drew an estimated 800,000 to Washington and was televised nationwide.

The research supporting these materials is based on Mel’s firsthand experience profiling those who stalked him his entire life as summarized in the Introduction (linked above). He welcomes engagement by those who would seek to dispute what his life experience proves re the common source of this ongoing treason and the danger it poses to the broader Jewish community.

While in the UK, Mel and I have been closely watching the anti-Semitism narrative dominating UK media coverage, both print and broadcast. We are encouraged by these developments as we’ve long been committed to countering anti-Semitism with facts showing the repetitive behavior patterns of those Mel profiled while being stalked his entire life. That experience remains ongoing while in the UK. As the adage goes, the higher up the tree the baboon climbs, the more his rear end shows. Those profiled are highly exposed.

What we now see emerging by watching UK media is so far over-the-top that we’re confident those most problematic are making themselves apparent, ensuring that accountability at law is only a matter of time. The identical phenomenon is at work in U.S. media.

We’re hopeful that our site will stay intact as a companion form of Media Watch and that it proves useful to you and those copied in realizing the goals we share in combating the scourge of anti-Semitism. We will keep a close eye on your site as we work to expose those responsible for this media-enabled treason. I trust you will do the same as knowledge is power. People simply do not know the who, how and why that we’re now able to prove, largely with facts and analyses pivoting off Mel’s life experience.

Each faith tradition has its extremists. Certainly that’s the case for the evangelical right in the U.S., including the Christian-Zionists. But for an undisclosed bias in media (thus the need for Media Watch), those identified could not have succeeded with the hate-mongering and ongoing war-mongering at the heart of this long-running treason. The who includes those Jewish novelist Hannah Arendt courageously described in 1948 as “Jewish Nazis” and those Albert Einstein described as “fascists” who seek a “Leader State” even as their self-absorption now endangers the entire world.

The common mental state shared by those profiled is captured in the clinical descriptors for psychopathy: superficial charm, pathological lying, egocentricity, lack of remorse, and callousness. The introduction to Guilt By Association provides an overview of the modus operandi deployed by the psychopaths and sociopaths whose behavior poses a life-threatening danger to the broader Jewish community.

I’ve copied the general mailbox of Labour Friends of Israel, the Jewish Leadership  Council, the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Jewish Voice for Labour, the Jewish Labour Committee, Jewish News and The Jewish Chronicle along with the offices of Jeremy Corbyn, Lord Levy, Stephen Moore (the Parliamentary Chairman of Conservative Friends of Israel), and shadow attorney general Baroness Shami Chakrabarti under whose remit this ongoing treason falls. As knowledge obliges, we are hopeful that all those copied will engage these facts and analyses consistent with their oath or office and with their moral obligation to protect the broader Jewish community from those whose psychopathy has long endangered that community.

As we are unfamiliar with the staffing on this issue, I ask that you forward this email to the appropriate parties in those offices and to others who are sincerely seeking to address this troubling issue. I ask that you kindly copy me so that we can be more effective with this education effort as we work together to expose those who have repeatedly put the Jewish community at peril. Also attached is a June 2017 to the four generals advising Donald Trump (soon to be three).

Mel Rockefeller is copied. Based on what his life experience proves re the common source of this ongoing treason and crimes against humanity, we are optimistic that those responsible can now be identified, indicted and prosecuted consistent with the rule of law. As you will see, he’s been denied access to the rule of law due to those profiled. The law is meant to protect everyone, including those members of the Jewish community who are as yet unaware of the recurring source of anti-Semitism. Thus, again, the key role of education, confirmed facts and factual analysis.

When fully apprised of the facts (vs. what people have been induced to believe is true), we are confident that a global hue and cry will go forth proclaiming Enough is Enough. Those on whom this hidden tax has long been imposed will insist that those complicit in this geo-strategic duplicity are indicted and prosecuted for treason and for the systemic criminality detailed in these materials—aided and abetted by a complicit media.

Never has Never Again been a more relevant rallying cry. Those copied who do not engage consistent with the facts are, by their choice not to engage, aiding and abetting capital crimes.

We look forward to collaborating with you. Thank you for your service.


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How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War


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