Donald Trump—The Last President for Greater Israel16 min read

Donald Trump—The Last President for Greater Israel

by James M. (“Mel”) Rockefeller with Jeff Gates​  [January 3, 2017)

Those who produced the presidency of the dysfunctional George Bush to induce the U.S. to war in Iraq for Greater Israel also produced the presidency of narcissist Donald Trump. Their goal is to take us into another war in the Middle East while further weakening the U.S., eroding confidence in self-governance anddisplacing democracy with authoritarianism. The first “tell” emerged in the first week of the Trump presidency when the media was described as the opposition party.

Unknown to voters, online voter profiling was used to construct an Electoral College victory for a reality show host unaware that his self-absorbed needs are being manipulated on behalf of pro-Israeli extremists. Not until his election did the real reason for 9/11 become clear. When the 9/11 Commission sought to hold hearings on the motivation for that crime, they were stymied by pro-Israelis. The reason for that mass murder of Americans was to provoke a U.S.-led war on Islam as a successor to the Cold War.

Gaining traction for their Clash of Civilizations narrative required a presidential campaign with a platform promising to eradicate radical Islamic extremists. That agenda traces its roots to radical Jewish extremists including Trump adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner, a member of the messianic Chabad Lubavitch sect of ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jews. This strain of evangelical Judaism traces its roots to western Russia of the 1770sculminating in the Russian-Jewish oligarchs of the 1990s who financially pillaged the former Soviet Union as Moscow discarded its Marxist consensus and embraced the Washington consensus.

Roman Abramovich, then the richest man in Russia, co-sponsored the building of an $18 million Chabad Center in Aspen, Colorado, a town of 6,500. The Center opened in August 2014. Long a magnet for wealthy Jewish businessmen, Aspen became a landmark in 1950 with the founding of the Aspen Institute that recruitsup-and-coming leaders to study the Western classics as proof that the Washington consensus reflects thevalues espoused in those seminal books. Yet this consensus is known to create oligarchs everywhere it isembraced, including in Russia and the U.S. Well prior to 9/11, the Institute shut down its Islamic studiesprogram even though it had sufficient funding to remain operational.

My conception in 1951 marks when New York investment banker Donald Stralem produced the film DuckAnd Cover. Shown by mandatory attendance to more than 40 million schoolchildren nationwide, the film instructed American youth that—when they saw the flash of an atomic bomb—they should duck under their desks and cover their heads. This fear-inducing film internalized the Cold War narrative by terrifying an entire generation of impressionable post-war Baby Boomer children and their parents.

In 1956, Stralem arranged the marriage of my mother to the brother of a Rothschild operative. In effect, that marriage ensured a Rothschild presence in my life commencing when I was four years old. Six years earlier, Israel declared Jerusalem their capital, a provocation that may be revived if the Chabad extremists advising Donald Trump persuade him to treat Jerusalem as the “eternal capital of Israel” even if he does not order that the U.S. embassy physically relocate its operations from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Mental Manipulation. The creation of Israel would not have been possible without the mass murder of the Holocaust. The election of Donald Trump would not have been possible without the mass murder of 9/11. His election, requiring pro-Israeli dominance within both the Democratic and the Republican Party, marks a coming out party for Chabad Lubavitch devotees and other Zionist extremists. Their post-electioncelebration required decades of pre-staging, including the enactment of federal hate crimes legislation to silence anyone presenting facts and analyses (such as these) able to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that this extremism traces to a common source. The facts suggest that the origins of this duplicity will be found inthe bifurcation of the Babylonian Talmud in the 5th Century.

The lead-up to this presidency also required the multi-decade manipulation of consensus opinion. That influence includes decades of funding think tanks and shaping the media and pop culture environments essential to create—and internalize—the national narrative. After steadily amassing influence in the Congress and the State Department, the White House remained the sole “missing piece” required to shape U.S. foreign policy. Thus the joyous response in Tel Aviv to the Trump presidency.

His “election” traces to psychographic microtargeters who harvested online data, much of it from Facebook profiles, Google searches and Internet surveys, to craft political ads tailored to known personality types and emotional states. One firm alone (Cambridge Analytica) has amassed 4-5,000 data points on 220 million adults in the U.S. Specialists in such psy-ops claim that voter persuasion is now like “baking a cake.” Algorithm-enabled messaging can be deployed to generate voter turnout to support a candidate or persuade voters to withhold support from an opponent.

From Truman to Trump. Similar to casting a movie, the presidency of Harry Truman was produced to grant the appearance of legitimacy to an enclave of Jewish elites and Khazar descendants who trace their origins to Eastern Europe and Kiev (aka “the Jerusalem of the Steppes”). As Russian President Vladimir Putin conceded in July 2013 at Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, the first Soviet government “was 80-85 percent Jewish.” That event was presided over by Berel Lazar the Chief Rabbi of Russia, a Chabad devotee of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson who dispatched Rabbi Lazar to Russia in 1991 just as the Jewish oligarchs commenced their massive financial fraud.

Fast-forward to 2016 and we find that those who made this immature and malleable asset “our” Commander-in-Chief again represent the interests of Jewish elites and extremists. As with the Truman presidency, those responsible for the Trump presidency represent transnational and trans-generational organized crime with Trump’s business success traceable to three key sectors long dominated by those identified: casinos, popular culture (e.g., The Apprentice) and commercial real estate in Manhattan.

Their methods, dating to antiquity, have been adapted for the Information Age by those who “wage war by way of deception”—the motto of the Israeli intelligence services. Deception created the perception of a legitimate election in 2016 much as deceit was used in 1948 to create the perception of a legitimate Jewish state in the resource-rich Middle East. To globalize this fraud on humanity required a U.S. leader with an authoritarian personality supported by a cadre of like-minded advisers such as Trump strategist Steve Bannon who, just seven days into the Trump presidency, announced a war on media, a traditional first step to consolidate political power by displacing facts and informed consent (i.e., democracy).

Historical context. Consensus opinion has long been manipulated by those I profiled while being stalked my entire life. The ‘modern’ component of this treachery began with Immanuel Kant and the 18th Century philosophy that, when a critical mass of believers agree, consensus beliefs should be viewed as factual. In2017, we have a U.S. president who routinely displays an inability to deal with facts—for example, as he insists that millions of (nonexistent) illegal voters cost him the popular vote. The displacement of facts with false beliefs (e.g., Iraqi WMD) is a form of “psy-ops” weaponry repeatedly deployed with geostrategic success by the (predominantly Jewish) extremists chronicled in these accounts.

Thus the public was assured by a pro-Israel media that Trump campaign strategist Steve Bannon is an anti-Semite when, in fact, he’s a pro-Zionist extremist. Had Donald Trump’s core of nationalist/alt-right voters known the facts, would they have supported him? Had they known his candidacy was not America First but Israel First, would they have rallied to his side?

Facebook and Google enabled the online profiling and micro-targeting of ‘persuade-able’ voters. When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that this social media platform would censor fake news, in truth he signaled the intention to censor facts—like these—able to prove the common source of this Facebook-enabled fraud on the electorate. Social media is only the latest and most effective tool available for displacing informed consent in plain sight.

The media emphasis on Russian interference in U.S. elections is misdirection—with no mainstream media outlet reporting on Israeli interference. Instead, the focus is on foreign meddling from Moscow while Tel Aviv redirects U.S. foreign policy from within the Trump White House. How are Americans to know that agent provocateurs within the radical Zionist community have long provoked the violence now branded as radical Islamic extremism? Known among national security analysts as “reflexive control,” the facts and analysespivoting off my life experience prove how Jewish elites and extremists manipulate outcomes with what my birthfather Nelson Rockefeller described in 1964 as a “tireless genius for crisis.”

Those supportive of Jared Kushner as Trump’s trusted adviser on the Middle East insist that Palestinians are incapable of governing themselves. Yet the ultra-orthodox Kushner was still a Harvard student and President of Chabad House when Israel’s rightwing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon destroyed the infrastructure essential for Palestinian civil society—police stations, water works, sewage plants, hospitals, etc. Tel Aviv professes an interest in making peace if only they had a partner for peace—while Zionist extremists continue to build the Jewish settlements meant to preclude a peaceful two-state solution.

The opening in 2014 of the Chabad Center in Aspen culminates 64 years of hosting in Aspen the best minds,preparing them to ignore who is in fact the true enemy within. Originating out of Chicago, the AspenInstitute championed the “Chicago model” that morphed into “neoliberalism” to become the globally dominant “Washington consensus.” The decade-long planning of the Chabad Center progressed alongside the pre-staging of the Trump presidency with his closest advisers in the Trump Organization ultra-orthodox Chabad Lubavitch devotees, including bankruptcy attorney David Friedman, now U.S. Ambassador to Israel, and Jason Greenblatt, his chief international negotiator.

By Way of Deception.  The Zionist experiment in Palestine was founded as—and remains—a fraud:

In 1935, Zionist Christian Harry Truman was placed in the Senate by the (predominantly Jewish) National Crime Syndicate operating through the Pendergast political machine in Kansas City.
In 1945, Nelson Rockefeller was removed as Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America when he proposed a “hybrid” economic development model designed to counter the appeal of communism in the developing world. Secretary of State James Byrnes, a product of Bernard Baruch’s political machine in South Carolina, demanded his resignation.
In 1946, Eugene Meyer was appointed first interim president of the World Bank. His handpicked team insisted on the globalization of a top-down, oligarch-creating “consensus” model branded as the “Washington” consensus (Meyer bought The Washington Post in bankruptcy in 1933).
In 1948, Zionist Chaim Weizmann assured Harry Truman that Jewish settlers would take no more land. Now we know that’s what they intended from the outset—as the Joint Chiefs warned.
Shimon Peres bragged about how he deceived serial U.S. presidents while Israel secured the components to build an arsenal of nuclear weapons for use by Zionist extremists.
In 1956, President Eisenhower was outraged when Israel launched its Sinai Campaign (aka the Suez Crisis) during the last week of his reelection campaign. As he told adviser Glenn Olds, he realized he had been “made a liar” when Zionists assured him they would take no more land and then used his credibility to placate Arab leaders and counter General George Marshall’s adamant opposition (as Truman’s Secretary of State) to recognizing this extremist enclave as a legitimate state.
In 1962-63, they blocked President Kennedy’s efforts to shut down their nuclear weapons program and efforts by Bill Fulbright and RFK to force the Zionist lobby to register as foreign agents. My life experience provides strong circumstantial evidence that they orchestrated the murder of JFK.
Prior to their 1967 Land Grab, Zionists pre-staged Lyndon Johnson’s affair with Irgun operative Mathilde Krim, wife of Democratic Party finance chairman Arthur Krim, ensuring she was “servicing” our Commander-in-Chief in the White House the night that Zionists launched their provocative war. When LBJ covered-up the Israeli killing of 34 Americans (and the wounding of 174) aboard the U.S.S. Liberty, Tel Aviv knew they could murder Americans with impunity.
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon assured us that, if only Saddam Hussein were removed, Israel would make peace with the Palestinians.
A network of predominantly Jewish neoconservatives deceived us to wage an unwinnable war in Iraq and—as my life experience proves—an unnecessary war designed to ignite ISIL and lend plausibility to The Clashof Civilizations as a successor to the Cold War as a fear-induced national narrative.
Now they’ve made a two-state solution impossible and extremist members of Israel’s rightwing governing coalition seek to grant legal title to privately owned Palestinian lands occupied by Jewish settlers while Chabad Lubavitch advisers urge Trump to support annexation of the West Bank, disavow the nuclearaccord with Iran and relocate the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

At every turn, Israeli behavior was designed to provoke hatred for the U.S. and the West while deceiving us to advance a Greater Israel agenda that George Marshall and the Joint Chiefs foresaw when they urged that Truman withhold U.S. recognition. The Zionist goal from the outset was to seed a perceived Clash between Islam and the West as a means to advance their goals—while deceiving the U.S. for seven decades. They alwayssought a One State solution. All else was lies.

By endorsing torture (“fight fire with fire”) and by signing an executive order banning immigrants from seven Muslim nations, Donald Trump made it appear that Americans see Islam as the problem. That stance reinforces the plausibility of The Clash narrative and provides a rationale for more terrorist attacks against the U.S. and the West to further a centuriesold Jewish quest for global power from the shadows.

Systemic Deceit. By inverting my father’s bottom-up hybrid economic development model to a top-down model that retains a sharp divide between public and private, “our” consensus enabled massive corruption, guaranteed worldwide oligarch-ization, undermined both democracies and markets, and discredited the U.S. as we became branded with this dysfunctional and destabilizing model. For example:

“Communist” China now has more billionaires than the “capitalist” U.S. (594 vs. 535).
“Our” consensus is on track to create 11 trillionaires within two generations (Credit Suisse).
“Our” Treasury-sponsored advisory team (handpicked by Larry Summers and Robert Rubin) and “our” State Department (led by Madeleine Albright) enabled the financial pillaging of Russia. Eight of the nine richest oligarchs who benefitted from that mega-fraud, including Chabad supporter Roman Abramovich, qualify for Israeli citizenship in a nation, like the U.S., that is 1.4% Jewish.
That nation-scale fraud was pre-staged over eight decades by those who created the (unworkable) Marxist model and financed the revolution that created the authoritarian U.S.S.R. With a Chabad-advised asset occupying the Oval Office, the Israel lobby dominating the Congress and Trump able to appoint members of the Supreme Court, Zionist extremists can now put an end to democracy.

A naive U.S. electorate was induced to “elect” a president who has promised to revive Thatcher/Reagan-era supply-side policies that financed the greatest gap between rich and poor since the Great Depression. Those policies also ensured the meteoric rise in government debt, threatening a fragile global financial system susceptible to frauds and crises that have a global impact. Though Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May implied a “special relationship” similar to the Reagan era, Thatcher remains best known for her rallying cry of TINAThere Is No Alternative to today’s globally dominant Washington consensus model despite the fact that its destabilizing results are fully foreseeable.

Not only does “our” consensus model not work, it never could have worked—except to do what it will continue to do absent a practical business strategy for seeding a replacement. Thus the time-critical need to ensure (a) ongoing exposure—both historical and real time—of the common source of this ongoing deception, and (b) the seeding of a business model solution. Because those complicit overreached by producing such an obviousasset as president, both goals are now within reach. With support, this work can begin to restore the national security of the U.S. and other nations while also recovering the fact-based rule of law, advancing a positive solution and holding those responsible accountable.

Diagnosis to Prescription. This proof was gathered over a lifetime as I interacted for more than 35 years with those responsible knowing that, had I approached my father for funding, those I was profiling would have known that I was stalking them as they stalked me. Absent the proof I secured, we would not now be able to seed a solution to stop those doing this. Or, more accurately, to expose and counter those who induced us to do this to ourselves through their manipulation of consensus opinion, their hate mongering andtheir tireless genius for well-timed crises.

I survived this serial criminal stalking by not responding to what was done to provoke a reaction that would have caused me to become like them—and like those staffing the Trump White House. The identical techniques deployed against me at the personal level (including the use of well-timed personal crises) were also used at the geopolitical level against the U.S. and other nations. The self-obsessed Donald Trump provides the ideal persona for taking this duplicity to global scale.

Unlike Donald Trump who is advised by a duplicitous few, our solution will counter this “enemy within” with facts and with proof of how this was done, by whom and why. That includes proof of how U.S. interests wereundermined from within by those who manipulated our compassion and trust to hide in plain sight while deflecting criticism with charges of anti-Semitism.

Rather than deceit and the staging of well-timed crises to manipulate behavior, our only weapons are the factsof what can now be proven and a business model designed to incentivize behavior that promotes healthy and resilient communities, per the accompanying overview.

The rule of law cannot be restored with hate and brute force. Nor can an internalized consensus be displacedexcept with education, improved design and demonstrations of how an inclusive and locale-attuned businessmodel can out-compete today’s top-down consensus. A systemic solution for a systemic malady of this scale requires both an evidence-based diagnosis and a practical prescription able, step-by-step, to displace those described. NewRock is proceeding on three parallel tracks:

1. Facts and analyses provide the “push” for reform by confirming the common source of this systemic corruption and—should a course correction be delayed—show where today’s consensus economicmodel leads—fiscally, socially, geopolitically, militarily and ecologically.
2. NewRock’s hybrid business model, designed for bottom-up stakeholder inclusion, provides the “pull through” (in advertising terms) with advocacy for—and demonstrations of—a practical, positive and uplifting alternative that can be implemented on a step-by-step basis.
3. NewRock will also counsel those of substantial means on how to approach the management of their wealth with a holistic perspective that includes systemic risk management over multiple generations—tailored to individual/family needs and attuned to emergent dynamics.

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