Donald Trump—Weapon of Mass Destruction6 min read

Donald Trump—Weapon of Mass Destruction
13th March 2017

by James M. (“Mel”) Rockefeller with Jeff Gates

The terror attack on 9/11 launched what enabled an enemy within to have our nation unknowingly abandon rationality and forsake our core values. Those behind 9/11 knew that President George Bush would not invade Iraq and remove Saddam without the body count they secured on 9/11. Their tireless genius for crisis led both to the creation of the Jewish state and to the Trump presidency. Israeli interests have never been aligned with U.S. interests as proven by their relentless pursuit of wars in the region while brutally occupying Muslim lands taken 50 years ago in a war that they initiated.

The facts and analyses on our website, Hidden Tax on Humanity, explain the how, confirm why and prove who is behind what is now the greatest threat to our nation’s future—Donald Trump. Those behind him becoming Commander-in-Chief of the world’s strongest military engineered a presidential race featuring the two most disliked and least trusted candidates in our nation’s history. The 2016 election capped a steady six-decade drift to the political right, mirroring Israel’s ongoing march to rightwing extremism.

While campaigning, Donald Trump repeatedly accused the other side of fixing the outcome of the election. Meanwhile, those behind his Electoral College victory gleaned online data from likely voters and, without their knowledge, deployed the psychographic microtargeting of Cambridge Analytica to secure for Trump the office of POTUS, making him the real weapon of mass destruction.

To restore stable healthy communities requires that we restore the accountability of our leaders to their constituents in the U.S. The first step mandates compliance with the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Those now seen as our special friend and ally have fomented Muslim hatred toward us for 69 years. Framing the enemy as ‘radical Islamic extremists’ disregards the motivation for their animosity. The Trump preference for bellicose language (“fight fire with fire”) and belligerent statements (“Iran is playing with fire”) risk igniting another war in the Middle East that undermines our interests on behalf of Greater Israel. With each step he has taken so far, the U.S. more closely resembles Israel. For example:

  • His behavior (as with the travel ban) makes us appear arbitrary, inhumane and mean-spirited.
  • A senior advisory corps composed of Likud-supportive pro-Israelis (Bannon, Kushner, Friedman, Greenblatt, Cohen, al.) ensures support for more provocative behavior contrary to U.S. interests—annexation of West Bank lands, disavowing the Iran accord, moving the U.S. embassy, etc.
  • His stated willingness to go anywhere and kill anyone viewed as a threat mirrors a post-Entebbe Israeli doctrine subsequently embraced by Presidents Bush and Obama.
  • With Trump Education Secretary, Zionist Christian Betsy DeVos, viewing schools as a means to “advance God’s Kingdom,” the U.S. will trend toward a more secular state (like Israel) while reinforcing the war-mongering neoconservative narrative: The Clash of Civilizations.
  • With traditional Wall Street interests filling key positions (Mnuchin, Cohn, Schwarzman), the destabilizing, oligarch-creating “Washington consensus” is poised to expand in scope and scale.
  • With disrespect for an independent judiciary (a “so-called judge”), democracy will lose favor abroad, continuing its loss of legitimacy by our defense of Israel’s lawless behavior with vetoes in the U.N.

With his criticism of “the lying media,” Donald Trump is correct but for the wrong reasons. Our (pro-Israel) mainstream media could long ago have educated Americans about the common source of the duplicity that began with Zionists lying to Harry Truman to gain U.S. recognition of Israel in 1948. That deceit continued nonstop to the creation by (pro-Israel) neocons of the false intelligence that induced us to wage an unnecessary war in Iraq for Greater Israel—setting in motion the emergence of ISIL/ISIS and the ‘election’ of Donald Trump—to preclude an essential course correction. His conduct is precisely what pro-Israeli elites and extremists expected of him. He is just ‘acting out’ The Donald.

From Problem to Solution. We have a plan that circumvents what cannot be fixed within the current consensus framework, either politically or financially. Our plan provides a real hedge to emerging financial and political uncertainties. Donald Trump is a classic asset. His presidency was produced by those we can prove have long been complicit in staging crises to advance their non-transparent goals. The origins of this duplicity trace to antiquity; modernity brought the means to deceive at scale by those known to “wage war by way of deception” (the operating credo of the Israeli intelligence services).

The duplicitous skill sets deployed by these agent provocateurs are well known abroad though the common source of this treachery remains largely unknown to Americans, shielded behind the charge of anti-Semitism. Because such ‘reflexive control’ is nontransparent and nonlinear, it remains little understood by those deceived, including the broader Jewish community whose identities have been manipulated to support policies contrary to their true interests. With the facts and analyses that we now have, the source of this mental and emotional manipulation can be identified, their modus operandi documented and a corrective course explained, embraced, seeded and scaled.

If in February 2015, another attack on the U.S. could have been plausibly blamed on Iran, the attempt by the Israel lobby and Benjamin Netanyahu to scuttle the Iran nuclear accord with a March 3, 2015 address to a joint meeting of Congress may have succeeded and we might now be at war with Iran. For pro-Israelis to accrue more control no longer requires a body count (e.g., the mass murder of 3,000 on 9/11). All that’s required is a constant drumbeat of fear and insecurity, the role played by Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s loyalty runs only to himself and his unfulfilled needs. At age 70, his easily manipulated behavior will not change, as seen in his childish tweet tirades, including even a defense of his daughter’s clothing line. He will never be accountable to anyone but himself. His arrogance, self-aggrandizement, lack of knowledge, poor judgment, reactivity, vindictiveness, stubbornness and thoughtlessness—when combined with his history as a serial sexual predator—qualified him as a perfect asset—i.e., someone profiled in sufficient depth that those who produced his presidency are confident he will behave consistent with his profile. His performance to date has remained reliably consistent.

In short, there is zero ability to defuse the true Weapon of Mass Destruction that threatens our nation, our future and world peace. However, we can prove how we got to this point in our nation’s history. We are allying with partners who share our concerns and value the vision of a future focused on restoring political, social and financial accountability by seeding bottom-up economic development designed to provide a steady improvement in the management of risk at every level of community.

Our business model of stakeholder-inclusive “accountable capitalism” provides the tools for those disenfranchised by the globally dominant Washington consensus model of exclusion to make choices that will produce meaningful results and responsible interaction at every level of engagement.