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Draft of Nov. 3, 2017
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by Mel Rockefeller with Jeff Gates

During the week of October 23, 2017, I was twice contacted by the office of the Manhattan District Attorney in response to my attached email of October 16 regarding Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and my 2004 encounter with his brother, Bob Weinstein. That ‘chance’ encounter demonstrates the congruences that typify how I profiled those who have stalked me my entire life, initially to compromise my father’s prospects for the presidency. And thereafter to obstruct my ability to prove the common source of a systemic criminality that remains ongoing.

My Weinstein encounter shows how such congruences helped me confirm how this nonlinear criminality operates in plain sight yet non-transparently and, to date, with no one held responsible. With what my life experience proves, that accountability at law can now begin. I believe the Manhattan D.A. is using Harvey Weinstein’s sex crimes as the opening wedge to expose those complicit. With what my personal experience proves, the Weinstein case could lead to the impaneling of a grand jury to consider initial indictments that, in turn, would force the engagement by law enforcement that I have thus far been denied despite clear evidence of serial criminal stalking both in the U.S. and while abroad. My multi-decade experience—still ongoing—includes numerous incidents in Manhattan where the Rockefeller family has long played a prominent role.

Based on the scope of the criminal conduct that I uncovered, I am confident that the same parties who protected Harvey Weinstein from prosecution for more than 40 years also ensured that I was not engaged by law enforcement for more than 35 years. Prosecuting Weinstein while investigating the facts of my experience wherever they lead, can reinstate the rule of law.

Those I profiled my entire life (I was born in 1952) have long sought control over the Office of the President. That goal was attained with their production of asset Donald Trump. Their virtual control dates to no later than the presidency of Harry Truman, a political product of (Jewish) organized crime in Kansas City. In the post-war era, a gap was created between domestic and foreign intelligence gathering, ensuring a ‘void’ that handicapped both the C.I.A. and the F.B.I., shielding from discovery those I profiled while being stalked worldwide. I’m encouraged that the Manhattan D.A. is proceeding against Weinstein as an embodiment of Hollywood, a mainstay of those who have long manipulated the national narrative.


At age four, those I later profiled arranged my mother’s marriage to Robert King Cunningham, an employee of Rothschild operative Donald Stralem who was married to Jean Lehman of Lehman Kuhn Loeb where Jacob Schiff was a partner. In 1850, Donald’s father, Casimir Stralem from Frankfurt, founded in Manhattan a Rothschild affiliate, Hallgarten & Co. investment bankers to finance both sides in the Civil War. Those I profiled routinely pit “two sides against the middle” while profiting off the misery of both. As chronicled in the introduction to The Hidden Tax on Humanity, my Uncle David Rockefeller razed the Hallgarten headquarters a century later to build One Chase Manhattan Plaza.

When one grasps the underlying math behind this assault on humanity, it becomes apparent there are no conspiracies, only congruences. Conspiracies don’t hold together yet this criminality has been sustained across centuries, if not millennia. Understanding the math behind game theory allows one to realize how so few could work such a devastating impact on humanity. Israelis boast that they’re the world’s leading experts in game theory, including the mathematically model-able effects accompanying consensus model economics with its predictably destabilizing outcomes. Grounded in math and its accompanying algorithms, game theory is totally amoral.[1] In Jerusalem, its Nobel prize-winning game theorists can be found at the Center for Rationality. Not the Center for Morality. Or Justice. Or Humanity. All that matters with game theory is what serves their interests.

Making myself a target of those responsible allowed me to profile them while they stalked me. For more than a decade (not until 1993 did I apply to the Los Angeles Superior Court to take the family surname), they didn’t realize that I knew Nelson Rockefeller was my father, enabling me to study them without their knowledge. I knew they couldn’t kill me for fear that my corpse might end up on the doorstep of my complicit Uncle David. As a fourth-generation Rockefeller and a rightful heir to the Rockefeller Trust, I used the Trust as my insurance policy.

My Rockefeller DNA was the one “constant” that I needed to identify the nonlinear threads of a criminal model designed to enable its perpetrators to evade accountability under linear jurisprudence. As my personal experience proves, that design was meant to betray our nation from within. John D. Rockefeller and his brother William helped shape the 20th Century. The seminal role that my ancestors played gave me the ability to get to the core of how those responsible for crimes against humanity evade personal responsibility under the rule of law. To grasp how they operate required that I remain silent, never letting anyone know—especially them—that I was aware that Nelson Rockefeller is my father and that I was stalking them.

Due to the geostrategic importance of the operation deployed to preclude my father’s presidency with my birth, I was routinely drawn into the senior-most nodes in the node-and-network system through which this trans-generational criminal syndicate operates. As I soon discovered, they routinely target the children and siblings of wealthy or influential families, often in their youth. That’s why I met the first cousin of Vice-President Dan Quayle and also Neil Bush, the brother of President G.W. Bush, who was drawn into a fraud at Silverado Savings & Loan in Colorado. As my experience proves, the nationwide S&L fraud of the 1980s is one of many financial mega-frauds orchestrated by the same syndicate stalking me.

That’s also why I met Annette Volstead whose family created the Woolmark label, shipping raw materials behind the Iron Curtain and using East German slave labor to make brand name clothing such as Hugo Boss. In 1985, I met Claudia von Bismarck, Annette’s roommate at Boston University and the granddaughter of German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck (1871-1890). At the same time, I also met Adnan Khashoggi’s oldest son whose arms dealer father used his personal 747 to fly Arab princes to Las Vegas where their non-Islamic conduct could later be used to compromise them.

To operate this criminal syndicate worldwide and in plain sight yet without accountability at law required the appearance of a legitimate nation state and the ability to deploy “anti-Semitism” as a weapon to silence anyone who ever got close enough to profile their nonlinear operations and expose them. To produce the perception of nation-state legitimacy required their production of the Truman presidency to recognize Israel over the objections of those who foresaw that they would deceive us to wage their wars while also undermining our true national interests. The Joint Chiefs and General George Marshall, then Secretary of State, were adamant in their opposition, anticipating that what has since happened would in fact happen, as with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

My “Uncle Bob” was a close personal friend to numerous Hollywood celebrities. His psychological payoff was being allowed to play small parts in big movies alongside the stars. He knew Ronald Reagan, a classic asset, along with Andre Previn, actress Mia Farrow’s first husband. Previn’s brother Steven was my Uncle Bob’s best friend. He was also close to Kennedy in-law Peter Lawford. For purposes of this account, it’s helpful to know that he was extremely close to Ms. Farrow whose son, Ronan, wrote The New Yorker exposé on Harvey Weinstein.

Ronan would be unaware how he was used (I believe) by our NSA who I have reason to believe took my findings post-9/11 and set up a counteroffensive to the threat that this syndicate poses both to our nation and to the broader Jewish community who are not involved. The goal, as with Harvey Weinstein, would have been to provoke a reaction, reversing the model used on our nation in order to expose them—with them unable to identify the source of this operation.

Because their operations are nonlinear, this cannot be investigated by traditional linear means. Instead the circumstances must be staged so that they make themselves transparent by their reaction. Their attempts to identify the source of this operation will, in turn, make them even more transparent. As they realize they’re losing control, they will become more frantic and their attempts to regain control will further expose their operations, including inside our intelligence, foreign policy and law enforcement agencies

Their Achilles heel is their obscene arrogance, their obsessive-compulsive nature and their need to believe that, as The Chosen, they are in control and can continue to operate above the law as they have for centuries, as I can prove by what’s been done to me with the complicity of personnel within law enforcement at the local, state and federal level. Our NSA collects and analyzes intelligence yet has zero ability to act on what they know—for a reason.

Thus, I believe, our true national security apparatus has launched a counter-offensive designed to target their well-known personality traits. Those I profiled induced us to “do it to ourselves” when we were provoked by 9/11 to wage unnecessary and unwinnable wars in Iraq in Afghanistan. In a similar fashion those complicit in staging that game theory modeled operation may expose their operatives as they scramble to reassert control that they must know is now slipping from their grasp.

Nonlinear Communication & Coordination

As I profiled those stalking me, their operatives would routinely communicate with each other in a cryptic manner, often with smug references to others with whom I had interacted (or would later interact) as their way of reassuring each other that they controlled me. There was a real fear by many of the assets I encountered who knew my father was Nelson Rockefeller. Had I reacted to what was done to me or had I said anything—anything at all—I would have appeared crazy and portrayed as schizophrenic or as someone “hearing voices” and experiencing a psychotic break with reality. That’s their model. Similarly, by our reaction to the provocation of 9/11, we now appear irrational.

They made sure that I knew I was being stalked. Meanwhile they believed that I had no idea who I was, hoping to induce a suicide or have me locked up as crazy based on my reactions. I led them to believe that I did not know why I was being stalked. Had I not known that Nelson was my father, they would have trapped me in an enigma so unbearable that I may well have taken my own life. That’s the outcome I believe they sought with their 24/7 stalking. They could not kill me outright but they could induce me to kill myself. In much the same manner, they induced our leaders to betray our nation by inducing them to believe that those at the core of this treason are friends rather than an enemy obscured under cover of the US/Israel “special relationship.”

Though I knew who was responsible, I remained silent, telling no one that I knew my true identity while I studied the data, searched for repetitive behavior patterns and profiled the interlocking relationships into which I was drawn as I sought to understand the all-important who, how and why. With the use of Ronan Farrow to break the Weinstein story, it appears that the tide may now be reversing. It’s my hope that our true national security apparatus is signaling those responsible that this nonlinear corruption is being exposed. If I am correct, imagine if you’re part of a criminal syndicate that has long escaped accountability only to find that you were being profiled for years and are now risk indictment. What would you do?

If this analysis proves correct (versus wishful thinking on my part), you would expect to see an overwrought reaction by those being made transparent. As if on cue, Harvey Weinstein announced on October 30th (see Appendix B) that he embroiled himself in this sex scandal to “change the world.” His self-absorbed savior complex (and martyrdom) mirrors the narcissism of those I profiled while being stalked in venues worldwide. His behavior also reflects their need to believe that they remain in control and to act out that control. Just as they sought to provoke me to react so that I would appear crazy, Weinstein’s messianic reaction makes him appear insane.

Looking back, Harvey’s beliefs are as insane as our leaders when they believed the assurances of Zionist elites and extremists that they would never seek more land than that granted to them in 1948. We now know that’s what they intended from the outset. He’s not crazy; he’s just as deluded as other Zionists who believe they will never be held accountable under any law but their own as The Chosen. If his reaction is a harbinger of what’s to come, watch for more ‘crazy’ behavior by those complicit in ongoing crimes, including deceiving the U.S. to wage unnecessary and unwinnable wars—for Greater Israel.

Glenn Olds advised my father (1945-1979) and advised me from 1994 until his death in 2006. A trusted confidante to four presidents, Glenn informed me that all my phone calls were monitored. After working with me for a decade, he assured me that our true national security apparatus fully agrees with my nonlinear analysis with them able to see the common thread of those responsible who came after me. Yet he also said it may take a decade or more to devise a strategy to expose those complicit, requiring that the international community move on Israel before we could do likewise.

Based on the congruences involving Ronan Farrow as the journalist who broke the Weinstein story, the timing of his article and Harvey’s messianic reaction, I’m hopeful this is how our legitimate national security agencies are signaling this syndicate that they will be held accountable under the law. If I’m correct, rest assured that those responsible are seeing it as well—with their reactions exposing them as responsible, including those complicit inside our government.

If Glenn is correct about the monitoring of my calls, the NSA should have a record in 2004 when I phoned Jeff Gates and my counsel, Ron Burd, and told them that I overheard Bob Weinstein planning to use his knowledge of his brother’s sex crimes to extort from him a vice-chairman position in the company they were creating, later known as the Weinstein Company. That call may have been what our national security agencies needed to secure a line authority law enforcement agency (the Manhattan D.A.) to engage me, not corrupted by those responsible. The third person I called works in Beverly Hills and knew firsthand about Harvey preying on Gwyneth Paltrow to ruin her relationship with Brad Pitt who would not submit to Weinstein’s sexual advances (he preyed on both men and women). That friend was directly involved with Paltrow trying to speak with Pitt to explain herself but Mr. Pitt refused to engage.

The True Existential Threat

If this congruences analysis is correct, only myself and a few others would grasp why Mia Farrow’s son would be the person to expose this criminality by those few (overwhelmingly Jewish) who routinely cover for each other, particularly in Hollywood where Harvey has been a known menace since the 70s. Other Jews who routinely covered for him now feign their lack of knowledge. His ability to rely on that coverage is what makes him being outed all the more troublesome to those I profiled. His bizarre change-the-world comment reflects his (and their) desperation that their trans-generational duplicity is now being exposed along with a shared (tribal?) psychopathy that is far worse than the worst ISIS terrorists.

As my life experience proves, those I profiled are the true terrorists. As skilled agent provocateurs, they routinely operate through well-timed crises, anticipating reactions and reactions to reactions, per the algorithmically model-able “probabilistic” math underlying game theory warfare. For decades, I was one of the few people who knew I was being criminally stalked. I remained silent about my father’s identity until a 1991 attempt on my life in New Orleans. When I saw Mia Farrow’s son break the story on Harvey at the same time that other facts were lining up collateral to what was then happening in Washington, I became confident that our true national security apparatus may now be orchestrating what we now see happening with the Weinstein case.

I’m hopeful this is only the very tip of the law enforcement iceberg. On a micro level, Harvey believes that he’ll be seen as doing good versus evil based on him being totally self-absorbed. Similarly, as Chosen, how could They do any wrong on a macro level—a sure symptom of a shared psychopathy. Israel has consistently been portrayed as a true friend and not a duplicitous enemy within. However my life experience proves that those profiled are the most sophisticated enemy this nation has ever encountered. Yet, even now, our leaders continue to treat them (and their lobby) as an ally and a friend, providing them funding, diplomatic cover in the U.N. and even ensuring they maintain a “qualitative edge” in the latest armaments, aircraft and munitions, including a nuclear arsenal.

Like Donald Trump and other narcissists, they believe their own lies. After centuries of never having their control threatened, I am confident we will soon begin to see a systemic meltdown the closer we get to closing out my life’s work. As the Weinstein case emerged, Israel disappeared from the news. Likewise for the Iran accord. In June, I sent a memo to the four generals in the Trump administration (Kelly, Mattis, Dunford and McMaster) reminding them that their constitutional oath requires that they protect the Office of the President, not a particular occupant. And particularly not an occupant produced by those I profiled who comprise the core of trans-generational organized crime.

Due to the success of this syndicate in imbedding its operations inside government at the federal, state and local level (as my experience proves), Glenn Olds also advised that we would know when this is beginning to turn when we see other governments turn against Israel. Other nations realize the U.S. is far too corrupted by these duplicitous few for us to solve this problem on our own. That’s why I am also encouraged to see Europeans turn against Tel Aviv, including their united front on preserving the Iran nuclear accord.

The true existential threat to Israel is not Iran but the facts and analyses on which this work is based. The true threat to humanity is neither Iran nor North Korea but a nuclear-armed Israel controlled by those predisposed to act out their psychopathy when they realize that, like sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, accountability is looming for their crimes against humanity. Those I profiled know that my life experience proves their culpability. Will we see a nuclear Masada when these messianic sociopaths are exposed and, like Harvey Weinstein, deploy their nuclear arsenal to “change the world”? Could they really be that self-absorbed and psychopathic? All the evidence points to a resounding “Yes!”

With the facts and analyses pivoting off my personal experience, this ancient form of deceit, criminality and depravity can be addressed at its common source while protecting the broader faith community on whose faith-based identity these sociopaths have long preyed. That community includes both naïve Jews and Zionist Christians who truly believe their messiah will not reappear until the Israelites return to the Promised Land. With the Weinstein case now being pursued by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., the son of a former Secretary of State, a good faith investigation mandates that I be DNA profiled to confirm my genealogy for purposes of trial. When a court begins to examine any part of my life experience, the entirety of what my experience proves becomes relevant.

With Ronan Farrow’s involvement, that congruences lead directly back to the use of his mother as an asset by those who arranged the marriage of my mother to the brother of Robert King Cunningham, the employee of a senior Rothschild operative whose roots in the U.S. date back to 1850. In effect, that marriage also arranged for a Rothschild operative to have access to my home beginning at age four under the guise of a family relationship that also made my mother an unwitting asset of those responsible. Based on what my experience proves about the common source of this trans-generational criminality, imagine trying to smear me with the toxic charge of “anti-Semitism.” Those responsible made assets of those in my home and in the home of assets like Ms. Farrow who was unaware how she was used. In much the same way, those I profiled made assets of the U.S. when, in good faith, naïve Americans, aided by a presidency that they produced, allowed this syndicate to imbed its operations here. Even now, their expansive lobby remains unregistered as a foreign agent despite openly lobbying our lawmakers to go to war in Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Iran.

I am confident that those complicit know they will soon have nowhere to hide. The anticipated resignations from Congress have already begun, including Carl Levin from my home state of Michigan, Utah’s Mormon Congressman Jason Chaffetz and Arizona Senator Jeff Flake who refused to engage facts and analyses provided by a constituent (me) able to prove an ongoing threat to U.S. national security. Instead my Mormon Senator told me to hire a lawyer. Each of these men faces criminal culpability as does asset John McCain. Guilt By Association, also known as “the McCain book”, includes three chapters chronicling the production and management of this Senator’s political career by (Jewish and Mormon) organized crime in Arizona.

The 2014 election of Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton marks the first victory engineered with the help of AI-enabled online psychographic micro-targeting of voters devised by Cambridge Analytica. He’s another Israeli asset. If this systemic corruption is not exposed and addressed at its common source, he could be appointed C.I.A. Director should asset Donald Trump move pro-Israel C.I.A. Director Mike Pompeo to the State Department with the resignation of Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon-Mobil, a firm founded by my great-grandfather John D. and his brother William Rockefeller.

I mention this last point to re-confirm what I trust is obvious to those who study these materials: this evidentiary trail exposes those who have long manipulated the course of history. The depth and duration of this systemic criminality is further proven by the fact that I have yet to be interviewed on a record by those with line responsibility either for law enforcement or national security.


Appendix A

Text of email of October 16, 2017

Megan –

I spoke with Daniel Hemel today regarding his story on Weinstein Company board members. He gave me your email and recommended that I share with you what we discussed.

2003/2004 — I was staying at the Standard Hotel on Sunset in L.A. where I was having breakfast on their pool deck. Seated to my right approximately 15-20 feet away was a man speaking very loudly who had his cell phone plugged into the wall socket. With no regard for who was listening, he described how he was going to use what he knew about his brother’s sexual encounters (he used the word “criminal” a number of times) as he discussed young men as well as women, and how he was going to use that knowledge to expose the person he was talking about if he didn’t make him co-chair of a new company that was then being formed.

I asked the waiter to request that the hotel manager move the man away from my table so I could eat my breakfast and not be forced to listen to his repeated threats of extortion and descriptions of sex crimes. After he moved, hotel staff identified the man as Bob Weinstein. His language was as disgusting as the subject matter with the man having zero regard that anyone might be listening to him. Whoever he was speaking to, he was focused on using what he knew as a means to be named co-chair and being treated by his brother (who he kept referring to as the perpetrator of the sex crimes) as more than his lackey who cleaned up his messes, implying that those messes involved his brother’s serial sex crimes.

I called the office of New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. this morning. He is calling me back. I will recommend that they interview Bob Weinstein who has denied any knowledge of his brother’s sexual exploits. As I told the DA’s office, “Get him on tape lying to you and you can charge him with lying to your investigators.” When I returned home from L.A., I phoned Jeff Gates who works with me and Ron Burd, my counsel, to tell them about my breakfast and having to listen to this scum ball talk about extorting his brother to get what he wanted.

After I reported this to my colleagues, Mr. Gates sent me a 2005 article announcing the founding of Weinstein Company with Bob Weinstein named as co-chair—the subject of his conversation with a party to be identified that I encountered—with Bob Weinstein identified by hotel staff as the man discussing extorting his brother while I am trying to eat my breakfast.

The Standard Hotel will have a record of my stay. Bob Weinstein’s presence can be ascertained through his hotel charges. It was my understanding that he was a hotel guest. The waiter told me that both he and Harvey had rooms there with one of them having a home nearby in the Hollywood Hills. I expect staff will recall asking the party to move to the far side of the pool deck after I complained, informing him there had been complaints about his conversation.

If the dates of this conversation are proven to have been before (or while) either Bob or Harvey solicited funds from investors for their company, both have bigger problems than their complicity in serial sex crimes. With that conversation, Bob indicted himself as a co-conspirator using what he knew for pure financial gain even if his brother was the key perpetrator. What I overheard was evidence of both extortion and a fraud on their investors for failure to disclose this liability.

The men’s names that Bob used (he didn’t cite any of the women by name) were Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. He never used Harvey’s name but was laughing menacingly about Affleck and Damon, stating, “Without their cute asses, they never would have gotten their Oscars for Good Will Hunting.” I reviewed a tape of their Oscar acceptance speech and recall film footage taken during the after parties with Damon looking at Affleck’s butt and stating something to the effect who had the better butt, lending credibility to what I heard Bob Weinstein say on the phone regarding their Oscars. The statement by Mr. Damon was very odd after receiving an Oscar unless it was the price the two paid for Harvey ensuring they won. Harvey was seated next to them on their right in the front row at the 1997 Oscar presentation ceremony.

Harvey’s sexual exploits were not about sex, They were all about acting out his power over others, an abuse of power that I find obscene. This isn’t about sex but about two brothers and their thirst for power and influence with acts against men, especially younger men, the ultimate in power for someone as pathetic as Harvey Weinstein. No young man that he assaulted is going to come forward for obvious reasons. But listening to Bob describing his brother that morning, it was clear that Harvey assaulted both young men and women in his lust for power. It was also clear that both men were defrauding their investors and their board by failing to reveal a known pattern of sexual assault and harassment by Harvey (reportedly extending back to 1984) aided by his brother who openly described his complicity in the cover-ups.

The issue with Ms Paltrow, the mark was Brad Pitt.  Harvey succeeded in derailing their marriage with his issue with Brad Pitt escaping his reach before becoming a star going after Ms Paltrow knowing what he would do when he learned of their meeting and outcome.  I know someone who was directly involved in the aftermath of what Mr. Weinstein did to Ms Paltrow. Again his actions were targeting Brad Pitt using someone he knew he loved and wanted to marry.  Two very sick human beings – both he and his brother Bob.

Best personal regards,

Mel Rockefeller

Appendix B

From Page Six, October 30, 2017

Talk about a messiah complex.

Disgraced Harvey Weinstein’s been telling what friends he has left that there’s a bigger reason he’s embroiled in his ever-widening sexual harassment scandal: to “change the world,” sources tell Page

“Harvey believes he is a savior,” a Hollywood insider says.

The source adds that the pervy former Weinstein Co. and Miramax macher has been telling confidantes “that he was born to take the fall for his behavior in order to ‘change the world.’ He is resigned to his punishment — as a martyr for social change.”

A rep for Weinstein commented, “That’s absurd.”

More than 80 women so far have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment, assault and rape — and the list kept growing this week.

Italian actress/director Asia Argento, who claimed in Ronan Farrow’s explosive New Yorker piece that she was raped by Weinstein, tweeted a list of alleged victims on Saturday, saying, “This is the list of all the 82 women who were sexually assaulted/raped/molested by #HarveyWeinstein. We, the victims, have compiled this list.”

But more accusers emerged Monday in yet another New York Times piece alleging Weinstein’s behavior goes back to the ’70s.

His rep has repeatedly said in a statement that “any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein.”

[1] See Chapters 1 and 6 of Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (2008).