Tel Aviv’s Takeover of the Republican Party6 min read

To calibrate how far to the political right the GOP has moved, imagine where a “Rockefeller Republican” would fit on today’s political spectrum. My father, Nelson Rockefeller, was a firm believer in creating the conditions for healthy and resilient communities, states and nations. The family history reflects that commitment with the bulk of its fortune dedicated to the support of education and healthcare. He would not be welcome in the GOP and would be well “left” of the hawkish Hillary Clinton in a party corrupted by the insistent demands of the same special interests.

How did this happen and when did it start? It began with those who produced the Senate career and then the presidency of Zionist Christian Harry Truman. This Bible Belt haberdasher recognized the Zionist experiment as a legitimate state despite strong objections from his Secretary of State George Marshall, our diplomatic corps and the fledgling C.I.A. The Joint Chiefs foresaw in 1948 that we would be induced by this entangled alliance to wage wars contrary to our true national interests.

Zionists know that the manipulation of American politics is all about the money and the math. I’ll return to the money. The math is what’s now at stake due to the Supreme Court agreeing to rule on a case with enormous ramifications for those who took control of the Republican Party and marginalized the Democratic Party. By agreeing on June 19 to consider what constitutes unlawful redistricting, the Court may rein in the ability of a majority party (largely Republicans nationwide) to gerrymander Congressional Districts on a clearly partisan basis.

The outcome may determine whether the Israeli Right can continue its control of the Republican Party. The court could decide that gerrymandering is a political issue and not justiciable (actionable by the Court), scoring a huge victory for the Israel lobby. That outcome would also increase the likelihood that Tel Aviv—whose interests are now allied with Riyadh—will succeed in its campaign to take us to war in Syria and Iran for Greater Israel. That decision by the Court would also further gridlock Congress as safely partisan seats become even more entrenched.

Even if the Court agrees to hear the case, the Justices may find they cannot identify workable standards to determine the specific point at which gerrymandering crosses the constitutional line by denying every citizen an equal right to freely choose their representatives. In the case to be heard, the federal court in Wisconsin concluded that the state’s GOP-led redistricting had both an intent and an effect that was discriminatory and that the state—led by rightwing, pro-Israel Republican Governor Scott Walker—lacked any legitimate reason for drawing the districts as it did.

If the Court agrees that nonpartisan standards can be set, the hold that the Israeli Right now exerts over the Republican Party will be at risk, possibly by the midterm elections of 2018 and certainly by 2020. That outcome, in turn, could weaken the control that the militaristic Israel lobby displayed in persuading Republicans to provide the arms, munitions and diplomatic support to fight Israel’s wars, including the war in Iraq. Gerrymandering is all about the math and about maintaining majority support for Israeli goals regardless of the costs to the U.S. in both blood and treasure—and in terms of squandering America’s moral authority earned at enormous expense in World War II.

The Trump presidency was ‘produced’ by the same pro-Israelis who now seek to take us to war in Iran. To win a majority in the Electoral College, those complicit deployed online psychographic profiling and the AI-enabled microtargeting of persuadable voters in the key states required for a GOP victory. The 2016 presidential outcome was not an election; it was a sophisticated psy-ops devised, orchestrated and funded by supporters of the Israeli Right led by Jared Kushner, a devotee of the messianic, ultraorthodox Hasidic sect known as Chabad Lubavitch. His devotion is shared by Trump bankruptcy attorney David Friedman (now U.S. Ambassador to Israel) and Trump Organization attorney Jason Greenblatt, now Trump’s chief international negotiator.

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Despite Tel Aviv’s 2016 electoral success, Donald Trump is not proving to be the reliable asset that the Israeli Right envisioned. That became apparent when he jettisoned his promise to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and certified that Iran was complying with the terms of a nuclear deal that he promised to abandon. His pro-Israel advisers succeeded in inducing him to claim that Syria used chemical weapons despite the lack of evidence. His military advisers even let him play at being Commander-in-Chief by firing 59 missiles into a largely inoperative Syrian airfield.

His cadre of Jewish advisers also persuaded him to open his first address to the Congress by citing a need to combat anti-Semitism even though we now know it was an 18-year old Israeli-American who phoned in threats to 245 Jewish community centers in the U.S. His narcicissm is so profound and his unfitness for office so apparent that even Israel loyalists now call for his removal.

That became clear when The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin—a staunch Obama critic after he turned against Israel in his second term—focused her ‘Right Turn’ column on Trump’s impeachment or resignation. Most telling was not the candor about her desire to end his presidency but her description of what the Israeli Right has long had in mind: the systematic discrediting of U.S. democracy—as exemplified by the Trump presidency. From the perspective of hardcore Zionists, his removal serves to increase the public’s cynicism and its distrust of government and of public institutions that must be destroyed for Zionists to dominate the U.S. The GOP made it easy.

When Democrat Harry Truman, a political product of Jewish organized crime in Kansas City, was induced to extend nation-state recognition to this enclave of elites and extremists, he also allowed them inside our government where they remain—regardless of party. Those identified on the Hidden Tax on Humanity website have every reason to see the U.S. maintain a fractious and dysfunctional Congress. If the Supreme Court rules against the Tel Aviv-dominated GOP and insists on a balanced approach to redistricting, the Zionist lobby will double-down on the minority Democrats who long have been strongly pro-Israel but reluctant to support their brazen militarism.

That brings me back from the math to the money. The Supreme Court’s January 2010 opinion in Citizens United cleared the way for corporations and unions to spend as much as they want to convince people to support or oppose a candidate provided the spending is not coordinated with a campaign. Citing free speech, the Court, in effect, gave the green light for the Israeli Far Right to invest as much as it wants on U.S. elections. Thus the 2016 role of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and his equally rightwing Israeli wife who, in return, were given prime seating at the Trump inaugural. See The New York Times Inaugural Seating Chart:

The outcome is far from certain in the most important case of the Court’s next term. Regardless of the ruling in the Wisconsin redistricting case (Gill v. Whitford), Tel Aviv’s lobby will continue to advance an agenda contrary to our values and harmful to our national interests. The Joint Chiefs were correct when they urged in 1948 that Truman withhold recognition. This ill-advised alliance has been disastrous for the U.S. The consistency of our experience confirms that was its purpose from the outset.