Mel Rockefeller Memo to Special Counsel Robert Mueller13 min read

TO: Robert Mueller, Special Counsel

CC: Christopher Wray, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

FROM: James M. (“Mel”) Rockefeller

RE: The diGenova/Toensing Complicity

DATE: March 26, 2018

The Chabad Lubavitch nutcases who created the Trump presidency were hoping to use Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing to fire you. When I saw he had been hired, I sent him the attached email. That’s when he withdrew, citing a conflict that his firm would have vetted prior to him accepting the position.

Knowing that Ms. Toensing served as chief counsel to the Senate Intelligence Commitee, I spoke with her in 2004 about representing me in the matters described in the accompanying compilation. Though cordial, she was palpably nervous. When colleague Jeff Gates called to follow-up, he received a call back but not from Ms. Toensing. Instead he received a threatening call from Mr. diGenova who made it clear that he was never again to speak to his wife. Mr. diGenova didn’t dare call me because then, as now, that put him in direct contact with someone who can prove ongoing systemic criminality with diGenova and his wife aiding and abetting capital crimes. The so-called “deep state” is those who produced the Trump presidency to take us into yet another war—for Greater Israel.

They knew that, had you been fired, that would have provided probable cause to investigate what my life experience proves is the common source of ongoing criminality, including treason. Should you fail to engage me consistent with the facts of what my life experience proves, you and those advising you will be aiding and abetting treason. Mr. diGenova and Ms. Toensing stepped back from their engagement as Trump counsel because they were told to do so—after I sent my email. The White House’s claim of a conflict is misdirection.

Your remit requires that you pursue the enclosed evidentiary trail, expose the common source of a long-running form of systemic criminality and restore the rule of law—a right others take for granted that I have been denied while being serially criminally stalked. The facts prove beyond any reasonable doubt aiding and abetting by agents within the FBI in numerous venues both in the U.S. and abroad. In the interest of keeping this short, let me only point out that the “Russia collusion” is not that difficult to grasp.

The Russian Jews who produced the presidency of Russian President Boris Yeltsin financially pillaged the former Soviet Union in the 1990s through a series of systemic frauds, including the loan-for-shares gambit that created the Russian-Jewish oligarchs who have since largely moved their stolen fortunes to Israel, the U.K. and the U.S. The beneficiaries of that fraud bailed out Donald Trump in the 1990s and again in 2008. In 2009 he married off his daughter Ivanka to a Chabad devotee and Ivanka converted to this extremist sect.

The enclosed draft chapters from The Hidden Tax on Humanity confirm that this same transnational Jewish syndicate also pre-staged what became an unnecessary and unwinnable war in Iraq—for Greater Israel. Their operatives fixed the intelligence that induced us to war. Their next target for regime change is Iran. Thus Kushner’s attempt to secure a back channel to Moscow, hoping to persuade Moscow to disavow its support for the P5+1 nuclear accord. When that failed, we saw a nerve agent poisoning in the U.K. Similar to the 2006 Litvinenko polonium-210 poisoning in the U.K (that shattered the Quartet), this crisis is likewise being used to fracture geopolitical relationships—enrolling the U.K., the U.S., France and Germany in disavowing the Iran accord. All that will then be required is a narrative-advancing crisis that plausibly traces to Hezbollah or another Iran-related proxy. If those advising you do not yet grasp the nonlinear nature of this modus operandi, you must address that deficiency in analysis. Today a protest was held in Parliamentary Square against U.K. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn based on his failure to criticize an anti-Semitic mural six years ago. Why now?

The ultra-orthodox Hasidic sect of Chabad Lubavitch Jews who produced the Trump presidency traces its origins to Russia of the 1770s. Their ability to leverage their small numbers to wreak vast damage can be proven provided you follow the evidentiary trail in the accompanying materials. Keep in mind that, in the aftermath of the nationwide fraud perpetrated on Russia, some 12.5 million men disappeared—akin to a holocaust—due to suicide, alcoholism, a failing healthcare system and self-destructive behavior. Those profiled are psychopaths. The Hidden Tax on Humanity chronicles the costs imposed on the U.S. and other nations. Those costs total in the tens of trillions of dollars. The opportunity costs are even greater.

Linear jurisprudence will need to adapt to investigate this nonlinear criminality and deceit in order to convene grand juries and begin to indict key operatives—agents, assets and sayanim (Hebrew for volunteers). If I get to the public with these facts and analyses before the Office of the Special Counsel shows progress in addressing this criminality, an informed and outraged public may well resort to their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves in the knowledge that federal law enforcement has failed them. Worse, as my life experience proves, FBI (and DIA) agents were used to stalk my person—as documented in the enclosures.

The most recent massacre in Florida was allowed to happen by the same parties responsible for the chemical weapons attack in London. Trump being elected (I will not give this moron the respect of calling him President) and Kushner promptly seeking a secure back channel to Moscow to have Putin walk away from the Iran accord has a single thread—Israel. I’ve watched these extremists repeatedly regroup, routinely using murder and mayhem to misdirect with John Bolton, Trump’s new National Security adviser, wanting wars on multiple fronts—for Israel.

Those responsible are fully aware of what an informed and long-betrayed American public will do when they have the proof of what has been done. Those complicit believe that getting the guns will save them. It won’t. Nor will it save anyone who touched a letter with my name on it if they failed to act as demanded by a nation governed by the rule of law. Had I been functionally engaged in February 1997 on my return from Iraq, there would not have been a mass murder on 9/11 to advance their Zionist cause as Chosen. I will meet with MP Jeremy Corbyn to explain why now the attack on him for remarks he made in 2012.

The clock is ticking. The American public knows that something is fundamentally amiss in our system of governance. My life experience proves that the problem traces to an enemy within that my father, Nelson Rockefeller, described in a 1964 speech at Harvard as sharing a “tireless genius for crisis.” Moscow meddled but Tel Aviv, the Israel lobby and members of an extremist sect (derived from Russia) are the problem. Trump is a classic asset acting out his easily profiled personality dysfunctions. As an arrogant and self-absorbed youth, he would have been spotted, profiled and groomed for this position. His personal wealth derives from sectors dominated by those profiled: casinos, pop culture and commercial real estate in midtown Manhattan. His is not the first presidency produced by those chronicled.

When an informed public grasps for how long they’ve been deceived and defrauded by a duplicitous few within the broader Jewish community, they will rightly seek accountability. I urge you (and Christopher Wray) in the strongest possible terms to ensure that you proceed consistent with your Constitutional oath of office, engage these facts (and me) and ensure that the rule of law is quickly deployed to address this matter.

Because of who I am, I was routinely drawn into venues where (Jewish) organized crime was pre-staging massive geopolitical manipulations (e.g., the war in Iraq) or massive financial frauds, including the S&L fraud, the dotcom pump-and-dump, the Enron fraud (that’s how I interacted with Rhythmns Net Connections founder Katherine Hapka, a key operative in the Enron fraud and a friend of WorldCom’s Bernie Ebbers) and the subprime mortgage fraud that triggered the global crisis of the Great Recession. See the timeline on

Engage me functionally and with extreme respect or arrest me before I get to the public or you will see these facts used to turn our military and an armed public on a government that enabled this treason, using their Second Amendment rights to purge this extremism from our borders. Ignoring me will cost the lives of anyone who touched a file with my name when the battlefield is leveled and I secure the help denied by those who hijacked our government. It was NOT Putin. Bibi Netanyahu will not get his war with Iran.

The appendix provides a brief explanation of links to online facts and analyses posted on Hard copy of much of that evidence is included in this compilation. Please call with any questions or contact colleague Jeff Gates at 928-978-4568 (PST).


  • Email to Trump “Deep State” Attorney Joe diGenova
  • Introduction to The Hidden Tax on Humanity
  • The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented
  • The Indonesia Connection
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  • The Poland Connection
  • The Iran Connection
  • Memo of February 26, 2018 to Amal & George Clooney
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  • Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War (tabbed & highlighted)


Cultural Warfare. The civil strife now sweeping Europe was foreseeable provided (a) a dysfunctional Zionist Christian (G.W. Bush) could be placed in the White House, and (b) he could be induced with false intelligence to invade Iraq in response to the mass murder provocation of 9/11. See: The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented and Weaponry Deployed in Israeli-Style Warfare: Fracture to Consolidate and Consolidate to Fracture — and Correspondence

Systemic Duplicity. I co-founded AlphaBase Systems, a business applications software firm that, according to Gerry Lockhart, then the top IT executive at U.S. West, could have become Oracle during the switchover from analog to digital but for me withdrawing when I determined that Israelis were imbedding their operations inside our nationwide IT system. See The Indonesia Connection (last paragraph). Oracle was founded with an initial major contract from the C.I.A.

Never Again. The perpetrator of the latest school shooting was known to the F.B.I., repeating a well-established pattern (see memo to Amal & George Clooney). Victims of that shooting (in one of the most Jewish enclaves in the U.S.) were induced to title an anti-gun movement “Never Again” as they raised money from Hollywood elites, including the Clooneys who gave $500,000 plus $1 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an Israeli front. When I sought to engage Mr. Clooney in 2012, his (Jewish) agent laughed at me. I contacted his attorney wife, Amal Clooney, and am setting a meeting in London. See: Could This Be The Truth Behind the Mass Murder in Parkland, Florida?

The Russian Connection. Kushner is a devotee of Chabad Lubavitch, a messianic, Hasidic sect founded in Russia of the 1770s. Trump appointed two other Chabad devotees to key positions, including his bankruptcy attorney David Friedman as envoy to Israel and real estate attorney Jason Greenblatt as the nation’s chief international negotiator. The facts suggest that Russian-Jewish oligarchs financially bailed out Donald Trump in the 1990s and again in 2008. In June 2013, Vladimir Putin conceded that 80-85 percent of the original founders of the Soviet Union were Jewish. Trump’s most trusted advisers (Kushner, his daughter and speechwriter Steven Miller) are Jewish (Ivanka Trump is a Chabad convert).

Timing is everything. The timing of the nerve gas attack in the U.K. suggests an attempt to induce the U.K., France and Germany to rescind support for the Iran nuclear accord. The White House staffing ensured that Trump would replace his national security team (as he did by replacing General H.R. McMaster with John Bolton). This development enabled the Israel lobby to persuade an isolated, ill-informed and politically vulnerable Commander-in-Chief to save his presidency by starting a war with Iran—for Israel. Russia had no incentive to attack a former Russian spy on U.K. soil. Nor to use chemical weapons on children in Syria. See Protecting the U.S. from the True Extremists

Game Theory Warfare. Those profiled advance an agenda by shaping the narrative, often by displacing facts with manipulated beliefs (e.g., Iraqi WMD). The stability of this duplicity meant there must be an underlying math. See: Game Theory and the Mass Murder of 9/11

War in Iraq. I was drawn into venues where those profiled were pre-staging geopolitical manipulations or massive financial frauds. See: The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented, The Poland Connection and The Iran Connection

U.S. Foreign Policy. Israel has long undermined U.S. interests while favoring China and exerting virtual control over U.S. foreign policy. See my experience in The Indonesia Connection.

Timing is key when advancing a narrative. Israeli agent Jerome Corsi stalked me in 1995 (see The Poland Connection). Corsi just released Killing the Deep State—The Fight to Save Donald Trump’s Presidency. He also published Unfit for Command attacking Senator John Kerry to keep asset George W. Bush in office for Israel. See also Corsi’s pro-Israel best-sellers Atomic Iran, Why Israel Can’t Wait—The Coming War Between Israel and Iran and The Obama Nation.

Pitting Two Sides Against the Middle. Those profiled routinely pit two sides against one another while visiting misery on both. This analysis anticipated a conflict between Black Lives Matter and white power advocates four months prior to the event in Charlottesville, Virginia. See: Protecting the U.S. From the True Extremists and Lessons Learned from the Crisis in Charlottesville

Media as Propaganda. U.S. media has long been Jewish/Zionist-controlled. On March 20, a top commentator on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News resigned, calling it a “mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration.” This mirrors the behavior of a CFO who in 2000 sold his shares in YouthStream Media Networks after hearing the board—comprised of Murdoch and four Jewish directors—agree to shut down the firm to ensure that (a) I did not get paid, and (b) an Internet model agreed to by China did not proceed. As the CFO later explained, he is Jewish but not part of the Jewish elite stalking me. See: The China Connection There was no SEC investigation.