Chapter 1. Gaslighting America33 min read

Gaslighting—an elaborate and insidious technique of deception and psychological manipulation. — Encyclopedia Britannica

In 1973, I confirmed that I am a Rockefeller. I was 21.

That’s when I traveled to Tokyo and met Kenjo Minato, the Japanese face on my Uncle David Rockefeller’s Asia/Pacific operations in the post-WWII era. ‘Ken’ Minato began to amass his fortune when General Douglas McArthur oversaw the U.S. occupation in 1945. I was a guest in Minato’s home adjoining the Imperial Palace, a former Shogun estate in Tokyo valued at more than $250 million in the mid-1980s.

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During my stay, he sought to determine if I knew I am the out-of-wedlock son of Nelson Rockefeller, one of David’s four older brothers. I remained silent. That experience confirmed both my identity and my Uncle David’s role in a lifetime of nonstop criminal stalking that remains ongoing. I was then stocking shelves at a Bashas’ grocery for $6/hour to afford in-state tuition for Arizona State University.

Not until 1993 did I apply to the Los Angeles Superior Court to take my father’s surname, providing legal notice both to my Uncle David and my cousin Jay, John D. Rockefeller IV. I knew they could not object because the court was ready to order a DNA test at U.C.L.A. Medical Center. In 1973, only those stalking me knew my true identity.

Over the years, David’s role became more apparent. The circumstances of my 1952 birth preemptively compromised the presidential prospects of his older brother, Nelson, of whom he was jealous.

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Sam Zeniya — Arizona 1973

My host for that trip was Osama (Sam) Zeniya who I first met in Arizona in 1973. Not until 1987 did I confirm he was a Mitsubishi family member. Sam knew my true identity. Minato was Sam’s uncle. The business card of my Uncle’s Japanese partner features his Tokyo address, “Minato Ku”. My Uncle David is the reason I was drawn there, using Minato to determine if I knew my relationship to the family.

A half-century later, a long-deceived public continues to be ‘gaslighted’ by (a) denying my relationship to the family, and (b) avoiding what my life experience proves is the common source of an ongoing duplicity that has imposed trillions in hidden costs on a naïve and trusting public.

Despite the fact that I’m being stalked due to my genealogy, Rockefeller family members avoid and disparage me. My two half-brothers, Mark and Steven, declined to engage. My eldest half-brother, Michael, disappeared in New Guinea in 1961. A family member conceded the Rockefeller trustees know my identity and family members argue over recognizing me. Family counsel was complicit in stalking me. Aware of the scale of their financial exposure and the potential disgrace that family members face, their conduct to date is consistent with their behavior my entire life. That conduct includes the role of my Uncle David in stalking his older brother, Nelson, including David’s likely role in staging the circumstances of my birth.

Sam Zeniya arranged for my stay in his uncle’s home. Only after Minato’s death did the public realize that he was Japan’s richest person. His pharmaceutical firm obscured his role as the Japanese face on Rothschild operations. In collaboration with my Uncle David and the Mitsubishi family, they acquired vast tracts of Japanese real estate for cents on the dollar. This profitable partnership followed Harry Truman ordering the first-ever use of atomic weapons in August 1945 following a six-month U.S. campaign—unrivaled in terms of human slaughter—that fire-bombed civilian areas in 67 Japanese cities, killing at least 300,000, injuring more than 400,000 and leaving nine million homeless.

I met Sam through J.C. Heppler. My mother lived with J.C. and his wife, Evelyn, when she moved to Detroit after my birth in West Virginia, leaving me to be raised my first four years by my maternal grandparents. The Hepplers expedited my mother’s marriage to the brother of Robert King Cunningham.

My “Uncle Bobby” answered to Donald Stralem whose father, Casimir, co-founded Hallgarten & Co. investment bankers in 1850. A U.S. affiliate of the Rothschild’s Frankfurt operations, their Manhattan office helped finance both sides in the Civil War, the Russian Revolution of 1917 and other profitable conflicts catalyzed by those my father described in a 1964 speech as sharing a “tireless genius for crisis”.

After my mother’s arranged marriage in 1956, my Uncle David, in charge of site selection and construction of the headquarters for the family-controlled Chase Manhattan Bank, built the landmark 60-story One Chase Manhattan Plaza on the former site of the Hallgarten headquarters. By the 1960s, David had partnered with these German-Jewish bankers and, as my life experience confirms, joined them in stalking me, including staging my meeting Sam’s Uncle Kenjo.

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After arranging my mother’s marriage, J.C. Heppler saw his fortunes improve dramatically. He closed a modest auto repair shop in Detroit and opened a thriving business in Cave Creek, Arizona painting Formula One racecars for the rich and famous, including Kenjo Minato. In 1966, MGM studios released Grand Prix starring James Garner as a Formula One driver. Japanese character actor Toshiro Mifune played the Minato character. In 1969, J.C. sent me a postcard featuring himself at the Indianapolis 500 with winner Mario Andretti and promoter Andy Granatelli. I was then 17 and living in the suburbs of Detroit (aka Motor City). As soon as I turned 21, I moved to Arizona.

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J.C. Heppler, Mario Andretti, Andy Granatelli (1969)

At J.C.’s request, Sam and I shared an apartment when he moved from Tokyo to Arizona, ostensibly to learn how to paint racecars. When Sam invited me to Japan and my mother objected, I knew that trip would provide key insights into the who, how and why of my stalking.

By the time I left Michigan in 1973, I had experienced seven murders of close friends and relatives. Most were staged to appear as suicides or drug overdoses. My mother cleaned up after two of them: the murder of a sister in Florida and a 15-year-old niece in Arizona. I believe those murders warned her not to reveal my biological father or those who staged my conception would kill more friends and relatives.

Serial Well-Timed Crises

Those responsible targeted me for what I unknowingly uncovered while searching for the identity of my father. In 1964, at age 12, I walked in on a heated family argument that connected my Uncle Bob to those who orchestrated the November 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In 1956, when I was four years old, Donald Stralem arranged for a Rothschild agent (my step-uncle Bobby) to have unlimited access to me as a member of my extended family.

Kennedy was murdered five months after he sought to shut down Israel’s nuclear weapons program in June 1963. At the same time, Attorney General Robert Kennedy sought to force the American Zionist Council to register as what the expansive Israel lobby was then and remains—foreign agents (since renamed AIPAC). Though those responsible could not kill me—knowing my murder would implicate my Uncle David—my chance knowledge about the role of my Uncle Bobby and Donald Stralem in the killing of JFK became a motive for subjecting me to a lifetime of criminal stalking that remains ongoing.

In 1968, when Bobby Kennedy emerged as a viable presidential candidate, his surging political popularity opposing the Vietnam War revived the possibility of the Israel lobby being forced to register as foreign agents and Zionists having to shutter the only nuclear weapons program in the volatile Middle East.

Jack Kennedy was well known to my Uncle Bobby who was also close to Kennedy brother-in-law Peter Lawford and numerous other Hollywood stars. My mother had a photo of JFK and my uncle in the White House swimming pool. While mowing grass for my step-grandmother, I answered her phone and took a lengthy message from Lawford for my Uncle Bob who provided the pot and the girls for the Kennedy brothers at Lawford’s Malibu beach house.

In terms of the ‘probabilistic’ math that drives game theory warfare, the possibility of another Kennedy presidency presented a ‘variable’ that was managed with the murder of RFK in Los Angeles on June 5, 1968, following his victory in the Democratic Party presidential primary in the electorally critical state of California. That murder also reinforced the narrative of victimized Israelis when Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan was convicted as the sole assassin who killed a Kennedy on the one-year anniversary of Israel’s Six-Day War. The marketing of that war as “defensive” was gaslighting by those who had planned and pre-staged that provocative land grab since no later than 1951.

Nonlinear Operations

As an anomaly in my life, I knew my Uncle Bobby was key to how I would identify my father. After steaming stamps off foreign correspondence sent to his mother (my step-grandmother), I researched those locales where he stayed for extended periods—Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Europe, Without exception, a crisis was ongoing while he was there: an insurrection, a revolution, a coup d’état, an assassination, an expulsion. When I inquired, he said that he worked both for Donald Stralem and the U.S. military though the work he described for the military was allegedly a WWII documentary that lasted for years.

Such nonlinear evidence enabled me to confirm my identity, including the 1968 Republican Party nominating convention in Miami Beach. My mother, a Democrat in a working-class neighborhood of Democrats, watched on TV as Nelson Rockefeller gave a speech, saying under her breath, “He could put his shoes under my bed.” As a genetic heir to my family’s famous intuition, I knew that comment was related to my father. By then I also realized I was being stalked though not yet by whom or why. Now I can answer both questions with facts gathered over a lifetime of interacting with those responsible.

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With Uncle Bobby well connected in Hollywood, I became a pop culture fan at an early age and saw Gaslight, a 1944 film starring Ingrid Bergman. She received a Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of a wife driven to near insanity by a deceitful husband who manipulated her to doubt the reliability of her perceptions and memories. As my life experience proves, the U.S. and other nations have been gaslighted by the same parties who targeted me as Nelson’s son.

In January 1979, the same day my father was found dead in Manhattan, Warren Rustand appeared at my home in Tucson asking me to play tennis. It quickly became clear that he’d been tasked with finding out if I believed that the man named on my birth certificate (Armour) was my true father. I quit after two sets. Warren was Mormon (aka the Lost Tribe of Israel). Mormons are a U.S.-originated cult composed of 6.5 million Americans and 16 million worldwide. Their gaslighting of one another within a bizarre belief system makes them an easily manipulated adjunct of the Israel lobby. Numerous Mormons stalked me.

Rustand served as appointments secretary in the Ford White House. His next-door neighbor in Tucson Country Club estates was Jim Click whose father-in-law was Holmes Tuttle, chairman of Ronald Reagan’s informal Kitchen Cabinet. Tuttle bought the house in Sacramento where the Reagans lived while he was Governor and later acquired the Bel Air estate where he and Nancy retired after his presidency.

Rustand twice told me that Gerry Ford wanted to meet me. I declined. My Uncle Bobby served with Reagan during WWII making films for the Signal Corps. When the war was over, Sydney Korshak, consigliore for the Chicago Outfit of the National Crime Syndicate, ensured that Reagan became President of the Screen Actors Guild in 1947. That high-profile position pre-staged the name-recognition required to produce his statewide and then national political career.

During the Ford presidency, Plan B was commissioned as an alternative intelligence assessment. When CIA Director Bill Colby objected, he was removed in November 1975 at the insistence of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. George H.W. Bush was appointed as his replacement. Overseen by Richard Pipes, Plan B’s exaggeration of the Soviet threat pre-staged the deficit-financed binge of Reagan-era “window of vulnerability” military spending. As head of Campus Watch, son Daniel Pipes oversees a nationwide program that silences criticism of Israel and encourages students to report critical professors.

In 1973, my father told his adviser, Glenn Olds, about me when Congressman Gerald Ford—from my home state of Michigan—became an unelected Vice President enroute to becoming an unelected President for whom my father served as an unelected Vice President. That orchestrated presidential succession in the post-Nixon, Watergate-scandal era ensured that my father would never become president. Putting Bob Dole as Vice President on the 1976 GOP ticket helped ensure the election of Jimmy Carter. A Zionist Christian Democrat, Carter began in earnest the staffing of government with pro-Israel evangelical Christians. Meanwhile those pre-staging the Reagan presidency built his political brand around an oft-used Biblical reference to “a shining city on the hill” taken from Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount.

Corruption of Thought

Glenn sought me out in 1994 after declining Bill Clinton’s request to help reorganize his Cabinet. An ordained Methodist minister and confidante to four presidents, two of each party, Glenn confirmed that my father knew I had travelled to Japan in 1973. He also told Glenn he wondered why I had not approached him for help. As I told Glenn, unless he became president with the executive authority to override the systemic corruption my life experience proves, I knew that turning to him for help would only harm him. I also understood that the systemic deceit I uncovered is not a problem money can solve.

Kissinger: A Biography: Isaacson, Walter: 9780743286978: Books George H.W. Bush Criticizes Rumsfeld, Cheney in New Biography | Fortune

George H.W. Bush succeeded Glenn as Nixon’s U.N. envoy when Glenn assumed the presidency of Kent State University after the on-campus shooting of Vietnam War protestors in 1971. Glenn recruited 1,000-plus people for Nixon, including Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger. Glenn told me that enabling those men to gain a global voice was the greatest mistake of his life. He first met G.H.W. Bush at Yale in 1947. They and their wives remained life-long friends. Glenn died in March 2006.

Based on what my life experience confirms is the common source of systemic and ongoing gaslighting, I am confident my father was murdered. Henry Kissinger, an adviser to my father, was present when the medical examiner arrived at the scene of his death from a heart attack at age 70 in midtown Manhattan. Soon thereafter his body was cremated, destroying any forensic evidence that may have detected the presence of a heart attack-inducing drug. How was a former Vice President, four-time Governor of New York and an heir to America’s most famous family fortune turned to ashes less than 24 hours after his death—apparently without even a toxicological examination?

Had those closest to him known what I was doing to prove the common source of a systemic criminality—and what today is still being done to stop me—my father’s friends would have known of a motive for murder and could have insisted on confirming his cause of death. Instead, in the rush to obscure the circumstances of his death in the company of a young female assistant, a homicide may well have been concealed. Allegations of salacious sex are routinely weaponized by those I studied while being criminally stalked. Though my father and I never met, I was planning to approach him when I learned of his death and was then targeted the same day of his death by a member of the Lost Tribe of Israel.

As U.N envoy for Nixon, Glenn Olds gave a speech in Geneva soon after the U.S. announced in August 1971 that it would abandon the post-WWII Bretton Woods monetary policy linking the dollar to gold. Glenn explained that, in the coming Age of Transparency, capitalism would need to change because people would be able to see who is stealing from whom. That caused a stir. He also explained that the “currencies” of the 21st century would need to be secured not solely with debt, as now, but with the capital essential to healthy and sustainable communities.

Those currencies are clean water, nutritious food and access to affordable energy, healthcare and education. By the time Glenn stepped off the dais, an audience member had Nixon on the phone cautioning Glenn not to stir things up. Why? He had mentioned a forbidden topic of geopolitics: what is monetized, how and for whom. Glenn helped me devise what we call the hybrid “NewRock” business model for bringing to market next-generation technologies while aligning interests bottom-up focused on the creation of genuine wealth (wellbeing) that serves community versus the few.

The Common Source of Deceit

The facts confirm trans-generational Jewish organized crime as a primary source of the systemic gaslighting I profiled while being serially stalked my entire life. Gaslighting as a form of warfare is reflected in the motto of the Mossad, the preeminent Israeli agency for intelligence-gathering and covert operations: “By way of deception, thou shalt do war”. Deceit, murder and well-timed crises are commonly deployed weaponry along with lengthy pre-staging to create a desired outcome.

Report: secret group captured Israeli Mossad officers in Lebanon – Middle East Monitor

In 1958, my physician Stan Condon (my uncle by marriage), died of a purported cerebral hemorrhage at age 42. I was six years old. In 1981, I was subjected to a sophisticated bank fraud. The perpetrator, Dr. Robert J. Birndorf, gloated as he informed me: (a) he had emptied my bank account, placing my young family in severe jeopardy (I had a wife I loved and three small children), and (b) his best friend became my childhood doctor at age six when my healthy Uncle Stan was found dead.

As a bank officer explained to me, that flagrant fraud was a clear violation of state and federal law with severe penalties for anyone complicit. Yet no one with lawful authority would engage. When he grasped the brazenness of the crime, he asked, “Who are you?” Had I not known that I’m the son of Nelson Rockefeller, I may well have taken my own life unable to resolve the enigma of “Why me?” Here’s how Encyclopedia Britannica describes the impact on those gaslighted:

Its effect is to gradually undermine the victim’s confidence in his ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, or reality from appearance, thereby rendering him pathologically dependent in his thinking or feelings on the gaslighter.

That’s also a fair description of the duplicity at the core of the U.S.-Israel “special relationship” with its “unbreakable bond”. As Encyclopedia Britannica describes gaslighting:

The phenomenon is…a form of narcissistic abuse whereby the extreme narcissist attempts to satisfy his pathological need for constant affirmation and esteem by converting vulnerable people into intellectual and emotional slaves whom he paradoxically despises for their victimhood.

Raised in a Zionist family in Israel, former Israeli Gilad Atzmon explains the issue is not Jewishness but Choseness. Islam has its version of self-absorption and psychopathy: ISIS members truly believe they had a God-given right to burn alive a caged Jordanian pilot. The Christian Right has their version. The January 6, 2021 invasion of the U.S. Capitol put white Christian nationalism on display featuring guns and gallows as a mob of True Believers combed the Capitol for anyone they believed was a traitor.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres bragged about deceiving four U.S. presidents while transforming the Zionist enclave into a nuclear-armed presence in the resource-rich Middle East. President Kennedy knew the risk of nuclear proliferation and sought to stop it. The Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs warned the Christian-Zionist Truman in 1948 that U.S. recognition of an enclave of Jewish elites and Zionist extremists as a sovereign state would “prejudice U.S. interests” by engaging us “in a continuously widening and deepening series of operations intended to secure maximum Jewish objectives.”

When I realized that Birndorf’s 1981 bank fraud was pre-staged with a murder in 1958, I grasped the depth of the systemic criminality I’ve since devoted my life to profiling. If this could be done to me and my family, it could be done to others, including entire nations being gaslighted by the same parties. That realization at age 29 presented me with a choice. I could reveal my true identity and collect a huge financial settlement. Or I could remain silent, pretend I didn’t know and dedicate my life to protecting my family and defending this nation and democracy against a systemic duplicity whose source I could not then prove—and now can.

Birndorf was mainline Jewish organized crime in Los Angeles. His home was directly across from the Playboy mansion in upscale Holmby Hills. The home next door is where Birndorf and the brother of Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner ran an agency for aspiring Playmates as L.A.’s highest-paid prostitutes. In 2019, the two properties were sold and the structures were razed. The acreage alone was sold for $30 million to a Chinese investor.

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Birndorf’s $20 million home provided the backyard setting for Mommie Dearest, a 1981 film starring Faye Dunaway as abusive mother Joan Crawford. When I appealed to him there to call off a fraud poised to shatter my family by emptying my bank account, he replied, “We’re going to do the same thing to you that we did to John DeLorean.”[1] Birndorf specialized in workman’s compensation fraud while serving as a team physician for the Los Angeles Rams football team.

Unaware of the duration, scope and scale of this corruption, I believed I could engage law enforcement, secure indictments for those complicit and return to my family in 2-3 years. It’s now been 40 years. The gaslighting continues with legal impunity and I have yet to see any semblance of functional engagement by law enforcement at the local, state or federal level.

Take it Personally

I never needed nor wanted to be a Rockefeller. If those I profiled had left me alone, I would have lived out my life as Mel Cunningham, the surname given me on my adoption at age four. Genetically blessed with a Rockefeller intuition and business know-how, I was a self-made multi-millionaire by age 30.

Canadian Computer genius Gus German helped me co-found my software company, AlphaBase Systems, Inc. Gerry Lockhart, an executive at U.S. West and an AlphaBase client during AT&T’s ‘Baby Bell’ transition from analog to digital switching, confirmed that AlphaBase then offered the best business applications software. When I saw those profiled targeting my ex-wife, I pulled the firm out of that lucrative contract and took steps to draw them away from her.

But for those described, cloud computing would have been launched following Gus and I meeting with senior Nokia executive Kaisa Kautto-Koivula in Mountainview, California in October 1999. Someone broke into Gus’s home while we were together. By then, he had known me for two decades and realized I was being stalked. When he confirmed that nothing was taken despite an array of expensive electronics, he knew the break-in was a signal to keep his distance from me.

That well-timed crisis was a typical psyop staged by those stalking me. The target was not Gus but our relationship and what we were preparing to do in collaboration with Kaisa. She was head of Nokia Ventures with $14 billion in funds searching for investments focused on what remains our work today—monetizing knowledge to seed a sustainable economy bottom-up.

Nokia Logo - Design and History of Nokia Logo

Kaisa had Nokia’s authorization to finance what we were planning. After Gus was targeted, instead I sold the hybrid “NewRock” model to China in March 2000. With Nokia’s backing, the Ministry of Education agreed to a game-changing business model designed to set the standard for e-commerce by deploying new technology to provide a perpetual funding source for education and vocational training. The initial market was exclusive Internet access to 235 million schoolchildren, their families and communities. Rather than allow that agreed-to transaction to close, those profiled took a publicly traded U.S. firm into bankruptcy.

The law firm that helped stalk me in Beijing in 2000 (Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, is the same firm that in 1963 targeted Robert Kennedy and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bill Fulbright, ending their effort to ensure that the Israel lobby complied with the Foreign Agents Registration Act. At the same time, President Kennedy pressured Tel Aviv to shut down a nuclear weapons program that Israel denied existed. Had those two initiatives succeeded, we would live in a different nation and a very different world.

How Deep the Corruption?

All this is easily discoverable if federal law enforcement and U.S. intelligence agencies were not compromised and corrupted by the same parties I profiled. Finnish Intelligence completed a work-up on me for Nokia’s CEO and Board that Kaisa confirmed was coordinated with our C.I.A.:

Mel, due to the importance of Nokia to the Finnish economy, the board ordered a background check on you. Based on your family name and the circumstances of your life that you shared with us, we had Finnish intelligence do a complete work-up on you for review by our CEO and board. China is very important to our future. In summary, the report said to back you and that you had real vision. One section stated that you were being actively stalked by a foreign government. When our CEO Jorma Ollila asked that they explain this section, they declined and told him that portion was classified. Ollila and two of our senior board members wanted me to ask you what this is about.” I looked directly at her and said, “Israel is the government. Their motive is the assassination of President Kennedy that I unknowingly connected myself to while looking for my father.” Without saying a word, she stood up and left. When she returned, she gave me a big hug and explained:

Mel, I had to walk out without saying a word to you, ensuring I conveyed your precise words and facial reaction to those who requested that I ask you those questions. I told them and they all agreed with me that we must back you. We know you’re being stalked and if it is who you believe it is and their motive is that they are the true murderers of President Kennedy, we all agree you were willing to walk away not flinching when asked a question that you never stopped to reflect on before responding. The board concluded that, with that much at stake, for you to answer in that way meant your response was likely true. We want to do business with you and don’t care if you’re correct as to who and why in the classified report.

Nokia then committed $150 million for the buildout and an additional $100 million as needed. When Kaisa lost her security detail, she asked that we not contact her again until our national security apparatus engaged. We’ve respected her wishes. That was more than 18 years ago and still no engagement.

Why did I meet world-class computer pioneer Gus German in 1979? Because the same parties stalking the son of Nelson Rockefeller were also stalking the world’s most brilliant minds. When Gus and I met with Nokia in 1999 to found what later became the Cloud (then known as ‘amorphous storage’ developed by Gus using the Chinese Remainder Theorem), those stalking me knew what was at stake.

Hugh Williams, Gus German, and Bob Zarnke with the printed answer to the Archimedes Cattle Problem

What was done to get Gus to walk away from working with me in 1999 was done by the same parties in 2012 who used State Department personnel to caution my Algerian partners not to move forward with me. In that case, Israeli influence undermined an agreed-to hybrid model designed to accelerate the transition to microgrid clean energy while, as in China, providing an ongoing funding source for education and vocational training. By now, that model could have begun to address the climate crisis at the scale required. I’ll let others compute the cost of this hidden tax on humanity.

Hugh Williams, Gus German, and Bob Zarnke (June 1965) at Waterloo University with proof they had solved the 2000-year old “Archimedes Cattle Problem”. Later that summer, this undergraduate team as well as Richard Shirley and Jim Mitchell wrote the first WATFOR compiler program.

Espionage in Plain Sight

After an attempt on my life by New Orleans police in 1991 and my cousin Jay’s withdrawal from an expected presidential race after he was contacted about me, I sought to determine what those stalking me knew. When it became apparent that AlphaBase Systems was on the verge of enormous success, it became clear that my ex-wife was being targeted. To protect her, I did what I call “take a dive” to discredit myself and make it appear that I was no longer a threat to those I was profiling.

In 1992, I returned to the L.A. area with my Armani suits in the trunk of my car and slept in the back seat every night in the same spot near Broad Beach in Malibu. I ate lunch every day at A Votre Santé on San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood and worked out and showered at Bally’s Gym on Bundy at the same time every day. I was baiting these obsessive-compulsive psychopaths to confirm what I needed from them before successfully petitioning the L.A. Superior Court for my father’s surname in April 1993.

As anticipated, two operatives entered the restaurant and sat down with me while I was having lunch. Both were 6’ 2” (they have a thing for tall guys) and wearing suits far too expensive for normal goons. They said, “We know where you sleep every night. No one will ever believe you. Everyone believes you’re nuts. We have a small hose we will leave next to your car with some pills to put you to sleep. When you go out to your spot in Malibu tonight, put the hose in the tailpipe, roll up the window and go to sleep. You will never prove what you’re after and you’re a walking corpse.”

I looked at them and said, “Gentleman, thank you. Before you showed up, I had begun to think I was nuts. The fact that you’re here now telling me this means you’re not sure I will never be believed or become a threat to your handlers who can’t kill me for reasons well above your pay grade—who are overpaying you as evidenced by your suits—or you wouldn’t be here telling me this. My soup is getting cold. I’m going to ask Ted Shamansky, the manager, to call the police. Is there anything else you’d like to share with me?” They got up and tripped over themselves running out of the restaurant. Ted and his wife have a business down the street today and can be interviewed.

Despite the facts, there has yet to be any good faith engagement by local, state or federal law enforcement. Nor by any of our 18 intelligence agencies. Not because this account is false or I’m a phony Rockefeller but because it’s true—all of it. Anyone who says otherwise has been gaslighted.

How old is gaslighting? For how long have beliefs been deployed to influence human behavior? Who benefitted when the U.S. was gaslighted to invade Iraq using phony intelligence about weapons of mass destruction? Post-invasion, 69% of Americans polled believed that Saddam Hussein played a role in 9/11. In fact, he was well known to detest Islamic extremists and routinely had them killed.

Hardcover Confidential : The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon - Arnon Milchan Book

After the 1991 release of the film JFK, 70% of Americans believed that their own government murdered their young president. We outed JFK producer Arnon Milchan as a Mossad psyop specialist in a book published in 2010. While the U.S. was attempting to end apartheid in South Africa, he was advising Pretoria on international media relations and selling them nuclear triggers. In 2011, two public relations flaks published Confidential romanticizing Milchan as a James Bond-like hero.

For those determined to rely on the fact-based rule of law to preserve our freedom, there is no greater threat to democracy than those gaslighting the U.S. and deceiving us to endanger ourselves and others.

The Shared Lineage of Those Complicit

Because of who I am, I was routinely drawn into the “fields within fields” of relationships through which this transgenerational syndicate operates in the U.S. and worldwide. As a preview of the following chapters, let me describe two operations that typify the costly hidden tax imposed by their duplicity.

  1. Pre-Staging War in Iraq. In March 2000, Iraqi colleague Munther Ghazal asked that I accompany him to Kabul to meet with the head of the Taliban. I sensed an Israeli set-up. Had he not listened to me, he would have become the still-missing “link” between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein—despite the fact that Saddam was well known to detest Islamic extremists and routinely had them killed.

A person sitting at a table Description automatically generated with low confidence

I conferred at length with Dr. Nidal Al-Hamdani, a nuclear physicist. We first met in her offices. Dr. Al-Hamdani ran Saddam’s industrial complex pre-Gulf War with 40,000 employees answering to her. I took her photo when she answered the phone and greeted Saddam Hussein in Arabic. Saddam arranged for Munther and I to tour Babylon though the site had been closed to civilians for two years.

We returned from Baghdad in February 1997 with evidence of no nuclear WMD, an offer by Iraq’s senior sheikhs to remove Saddam without a war (he agreed), and a proposal to provide U.S. firms with the bulk of $160 billion in contracts for reconstruction and oil. On my return, rather than engage me in good faith, I was stalked, including by agents in the Minneapolis and San Diego offices of the FBI.

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Munther Ghazal & Mel Rockefeller at Babylon, 2001.

Four days after 9/11, during a principals’ meeting at Camp David, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz argued for the U.S. invasion of Iraq even though Osama bin Laden was believed to be in Afghanistan. On that same day, San Diego FBI Special Agent Stephen Butler came to the home of Munther Ghazal to ask two questions: (1) “Who did it?” He replied: “Israeli intelligence and Saudi money.” (2) “Are you providing support for James M. Rockefeller?” He replied: “Ask Mr. Rockefeller. You have his number and that is not an appropriate question to ask me.” No one interviewed me. A second FBI agent accompanied Butler and a third person whose Israeli accent Munther recognized.

Gallery image of this property

Baghdad Hotel

Munther hails from a prominent Iraqi family of Christian Chaldeans whose family built the Baghdad Hotel, the first 5-star hotel in the Middle East. Over a series of post-911 luncheons on Coronado Island, he accurately described for us the dynamics that the U.S. would unleash if we invaded Iraq. Based on what’s been done to him and his family in the U.S. under color of lawful authority (a family member murdered, his pregnant daughter terrorized, etc.), he should have been interviewed years ago. Why has that not happened? Because it would prove the depth, duration and source of ongoing systemic corruption, including within the FBI. On my return from Baghdad (travel to Iraq was then illegal for Americans), regional specialists at the State Department refused to meet with me, creating a record. Blocked by corruption in the U.S., I travelled to Ottawa and created a record with the Canadians.

  1. A group of people sitting around a table with food Description automatically generated with medium confidencePre-Staging 911. In March 2001, Lt. General Arie Kumaat, head of Indonesia intelligence, briefed me in Jakarta on Israeli pre-staging for an out-of-theater operation that had not yet been identified. Their actions included an attempted bribe of the Indonesian legislature to push the U.S. out of the region in favor of China—what we now see in the South China Sea. Aware of how Israeli interests are deeply imbedded inside the U.S. government, Arie hoped that Glenn Olds’ relationship with George H.W. Bush would enable this time-critical intelligence to reach President George W. Bush.

2001 Henrie Glenn and Mel 400 dpi

Henrie Kumaat, Dr. Glenn Olds and Mel Rockefeller near Dr. Olds’ ancestral homestead in Oregon, March 2001

In January 2002, Arie was murdered (poisoned) just after proposing to set meetings for me to brief leaders of Muslim nations on the Iraqi WMD intelligence I knew was false in 1997—that U.S. officials were deceived to believe. I wrote to Secretary of State Colin Powell the same February 5, 2003 day that he was induced to gaslight the U.N. Security Council with false Iraq WMD intelligence. I described for him who deceived him, how and why.

Those I profiled subscribe to Plato’s Noble Lie, a moral rationalization that the wise must conceal their intent from an “ignorant public” (aka gaslighting) that may otherwise seek reprisals. Those described share a belief in deceit as a necessary evil to advance the greater good—as they see it. Donald Stralem’s origins trace to the same Hesse region of Germany from which Nobel Lie philosopher Leo Strauss emerged to mentor neoconservatives who gaslighted the U.S. to wage an unwinnable, debt-financed war in Iraq—and then produced the Republican Party of Donald Trump.

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The same gaslighting that was used to produce the Trump presidency also gaslighted us to invade Iraq. Those I profiled have long profited off selling wars, often aided by well-timed crises. Donald Stralem produced the film Duck & Cover in 1951. Shown by mandatory attendance to schoolchildren nationwide, that film taught kids how to duck under their desks and cover their heads when they saw the bright flash of an atomic bomb.

Featuring an animated, child-friendly Bert the Turtle and a six year-old Mia Farrow, that film terrorized an entire generation and eased a seamless segue from the slaughter of WWII to the profitable Cold War with its fear- and hatred-inducing MAD deterrence strategy (mutual assured destruction). The economic cost of Cold War spending to the U.S. alone topped $35 trillion in 2021 dollars (Brookings).

Secretary of State Colin Powell testifying before the U.N. Security Council, February 5, 2003. Those profiled weaponized his global celebrity and his credibility as a U.S. Army General.

Internalization of the profitable Cold War narrative dates to no later than 1951, the year I was conceived and the Mossad became fully operational. Portrayed as an “emotion management” component of Harry Truman’s Civil Defense strategy, this nine-minute film targeted impressionable youth as authority figures (teachers) instructed them in surprise duck-and-cover drills.

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Should you doubt the truth of these matters, ask yourself this: “Why does a ‘phony Rockefeller’ have the business card of David Rockefeller’s Japanese partner in 1973, two decades before the Los Angeles Superior Court granted my petition to take the surname of my father, Nelson Rockefeller?”

  1. A former senior executive with General Motors, John DeLorean was illegally entrapped in a cocaine trafficking scheme allegedly devised to finance his failing DeLorean Motor Company (featuring a gullwing design). That FBI sting operation used career criminal James Hoffman who sought leniency on a pending drug trafficking charge.