Email From Mel Rockefeller to Trump “Deep State” Attorney Joe diGenova4 min read

Email From Mel Rockefeller to Trump “Deep State” Attorney Joe diGenova

March 20, 2018

Mr. diGenova –

First, I wish to thank your wife, Victoria Toensing, for taking the time to speak with me twice in the fall of 2004 following my receipt of a letter from Florida Governor Jeb Bush citing National Security matters. As she served as chief counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, I knew that she would have keen insights into the rationale for the Governor’s engagement after his receipt of a memo chronicling how those stalking the son of Nelson Rockefeller fixed the intelligence that induced us to war in Iraq. The same parties have long worked to undermine our nation.

I contacted your wife to seek her representation. That was followed by an attempt to discredit me by subjecting me to a 72-hour psychiatric incarceration in Fresno. I was immediately released the next morning when the examining psychiatrist realized that he was being manipulated to aid in the stalking that remains ongoing 24/7 in 2018. With your representation of Donald Trump and your comments on the Deep State, I am now confident that those stalking me were behind that incarceration and the threatening phone call you made to colleague Jeff Gates, former counsel to the Senate Committee on Finance, when he called your wife’s office to follow-up my request for representation. She could have returned his call. Instead, you did.

With your representation of Donald Trump, the facts are now coming clearly into focus. Rather than threaten Mr. Gates, you could have called me and threatened me. I now see that the reason you did not was quite simple.

We now know from a whistleblower in Cambridge Analytica that the phrases spoken in 2016 by Donald Trump (Deep State, drain the swamp, build the wall, etc.) were being market-tested in 2014 by the psychographic profilers at Cambridge Analytica. Those behind the phrases scripted in 2014—before (easily profiled) asset Donald Trump may have known himself that he would run for president in 2016—were the same parties who had you call Mr. Gates and threaten him if he ever again contacted your wife.

Your recent use of Deep State and other phrases put into the mouth of Donald Trump makes you the wing-nut to the nutcase Trump.

Though your wife was cordial when she and I spoke, she was also palpably nervous for reasons that only since have become apparent. After your threatening call to Mr. Gates, I wondered why a man with your professional background and standing would resort to behaving like a schoolyard bully. Why not call me rather than Mr. Gates? Fourteen years later, the reason for your (and her) behavior came clearly into focus when the facts confirmed that Donald Trump is a political product of the true Deep State: Israel. Donald Trump was profiled as a reliable and pliable asset and his presidency produced by the same parties that used the circumstances of my birth to compromise my father’s prospects for the presidency. In effect, both you and your new client are working for the messianic Hasidic nutcases of Chabad Lubavitch whose roots trace to Russia of the 1770s.

I will ensure that a copy of this evidentiary trail is provided to Special Counsel Robert Mueller confirming that you and your wife played enabling roles in the geostrategic duplicity that enabled Israel, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, to squander our blood and treasure on an unnecessary and unwinnable war on behalf of Greater Israel. Let me be clear on this. The facts confirm that, by you enabling the stalking of my person, you aided and abetted treason at a time when this nation was at war.  As you know, culpability at law requires only proof that you acted in a manner consistent with the objectives of those behind the serial criminal stalking of my person.

I have been profiling those complicit in this systemic criminality my entire life. I look forward to seeing you exposed for your role in ongoing treason that includes production of the Trump presidency to advance the interests of a foreign nation. My life experience proves that this treason dates to no later than 1850 with the founding in Manhattan of Hallgarten & Co. to finance both sides in the Civil War.  One Chase Plaza sits on the original Hallgarten site acquired by my late Uncle David soon after Robert King Cunningham was put in my home to stalk me, beginning at age four. My “Uncle Bob” worked for Donald Stralem, son of Casimir, who co-founded Hallgarten as a U.S. front for the Rothschild’s founding bank then in the Hesse Region of Germany, today Frankfurt Mein.

For a partial chronicle of the facts proving the scope, scale, depth and duration of the criminality that you and your wife enabled, see The timeline posted there will now be updated with my outreach to your wife seeking her representation followed by your threatening call not to me but to Mr. Gates. I look forward to you calling me and threatening me as you did Mr. Gates. You and I know that won’t happen because bullies like you and Trump are truly pathetic cowards.

Best personal regards

Mel Rockefeller