Hidden Tax on Humanity

The Iran Connection

Draft of June 3, 2017 Word count: 5,279 By Mel Rockefeller with Jeff Gates In 1986, Barry Weingart shut me out of Alpha Base Systems, the software firm that he and I co-founded along with South African Julien Bentel. Barry knew who I was. When I sued him for my equity interest, Michigan attorney Robert Kuhr was retained as counsel…

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Guilt by Association

Chapter 2. John McCain and Organized Crime in Arizona

Ten thousand Jews are selling booze without the law’s permission To fill the needs of a million Swedes who voted Prohibition. —Elliott Wadsworth The trans-generational influence of organized crime on the U.S. presidency will be chronicled in the forthcoming Criminal State series. Guilt by Association focuses primarily on the organized crime lineage that positioned the current candidates for the White…

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