PrefaceJohn McCain, Jeb Bush, Barack Obama,

Control of the Oval Office is the goal of the criminality chronicled in this account. Those identified are bipartisan in their politics, systemic in the scope and scale of their corruption and ruthless in the execution of their geopolitical goals. Unlike criminal syndicates identified in the past, this operation has sustained itself over generations through an extremist ideology that organizes its activities across time and distance.

I claim no unique qualifications to write this book save one: In November 2002 I met a person who will be identified in future books in the Criminal State series. He was attending a conference in London at which I was a speaker. I had published two books endorsed by well-known people, one of whom is related to this person who, for the moment, I will call John Doe.

From 1980-1987, I served as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance working with Russell Long of Louisiana. The Senator’s father, Huey Long, was Governor of Louisiana (1928-32) and U.S. Senator until 1935 when he was assassinated at age 42 while preparing to mount a presidential campaign. His son, then 16, was elected to the Senate in 1948 along with Lyndon Johnson from neighboring Texas.

In 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt appointed James Farley as postmaster general and chairman of the Democratic National Committee. In April 1935, Farley commissioned the nation’s first-ever “scientific” political poll. His “penny postcard” poll confirmed that if Huey Long campaigned for the presidency in 1936, Roosevelt would not be reelected. Long could not win, the results showed, but his candidacy would ensure FDR’s loss to any Republican challenger and set the stage for a Long presidential bid in 1940.

Huey Long was assassinated five months after the poll results were released. Fifty years later, Russell Long remained confident that Roosevelt’s people killed his father. Soon after I first met John Doe in London, he assured me that if I agreed to undertake the research and analysis for this series, the evidentiary trail would identify who killed Huey Long and why. The facts since assembled point not to Roosevelt’s people but to the syndicate identified in this account.

The multi-volume Criminal State series will chronicle the operations of that syndicate as experienced by John Doe since his birth in 1952. Since 1982, he has profiled that criminality from the inside. Without exception, those identified share an ideological bias sympathetic to Israel. Based on research and analysis pivoting off that quarter-century experience, Guilt by Association identified Arizona Senator John McCain as an “asset” of this trans-generational syndicate. [The term “asset” is described in the introduction.]

The election of John McCain as president would embolden those skilled at displacing facts with deceit. He is not the only asset in the 2008 presidential field. Nor, if elected, would he be the first asset to serve in the White House. However, John McCain is the most problematic of the 2008 candidates, as the facts will demonstrate.

In April 2005, after Florida Governor Jeb Bush had contacted John Doe, an attempt was made to force Doe’s car into a bridge abutment on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami. After that incident, Doe was induced by a syndicate operative to relocate to Gila County, Arizona. While residing in John McCain’s home state, Doe was subjected to serial criminal stalking with the complicity of officials at the local, state and federal levels. As of July 2008, the Supreme Court of Arizona had commenced proceedings to disbar one of several attorneys identified as complicit. Evidence of statewide racketeering and conspiracy is part of a public court record in a lawsuit filed in the Gila County courts.

For two years (July 2005 to July 2007), John Doe and I shared a house in Strawberry, Arizona, 90 miles north of Phoenix, where we completed the research and analysis for the Criminal State series. While we identified and profiled those stalking him in Arizona, law enforcement authorities ignored appeals for assistance. Since July 2007, Doe and I have shared a house in Tempe, Arizona.

Waging War by Way of Deception

Not until early February 2008 did it become clear that John McCain’s presidential aspirations might be realized. A subsequent analysis of his political supporters revealed the same networks of syndicate operatives stalking John Doe. Doe’s experience with organized crime in Arizona dates from 1973 when he relocated from Michigan to attend Arizona State University in Tempe where McCain opened his first district office after his election to Congress in 1982.

The facts confirm that the same criminal syndicate still stalking John Doe with impunity is still waging war on the U.S.—with impunity. Just as Doe’s experience revealed complicity within the U.S. government, many of the operatives identified in this account work inside government. Guilt by Association explains how this criminality operates hidden in plain view and, thus far, with impunity.

Those identified specialize in waging war by way of deception. Oftentimes, for example, an incident will be staged to provoke a reaction by the “mark.” While the agent provocateur fades into the background, the mark emerges in the foreground to be discredited by his response. The modus operandi is ancient; the means for taking it to global scale are unique to the Information Age and to those skilled at displacing facts with what people can be induced to believe.

This book was written with the immediate goal of alerting the public to the perils of John McCain becoming as commander-in-chief of a nation already riddled with organized crime, extremism and treason. Another goal is to ensure that, if elected, Barack Obama does not continue his behavior of pandering to those complicit in the conduct described.

Guilt by Association offers a multi-layered analysis. Each of the chapters can be read separately or the entirety reviewed in the sequence provided. Supporting endnotes include supplemental evidentiary trails that will be developed in the Criminal State series. Additional analytical tools and topical analyses will be posted on the Criminal State website ( which also offers a subscription newsletter, educational materials and a subscriber blog.

Accountability for this trans-generational criminality requires transparency and the good faith efforts of those with line responsibility for law enforcement and national security. Citizen involvement is essential. Those readers skeptical of conspiracy theories (as am I) are urged to engage the facts and note the lack of conjecture common to such theories.

Guilt by Association shows why the presence of organized crime and extremism inside government requires that Americans revisit our duty as citizens if we hope to remain free. As crafted by Founders who sought to liberate this nation from an earlier form of tyranny, the Declaration of Independence offers strategic advice that remains relevant:

…when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

With facts confirming a need for informed Americans “to provide new Guards for their future security,” this book is dedicated to those who served our nation honorably in the Middle East.

Jeff Gates, Tempe, Arizona (September 2, 2008)