Mel Rockefeller April 2016 Memo for Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush9 min read

TO: George Prescott Bush

FROM: Mel Rockefeller

RE: Path to the Presidency – Proposed Meeting

DATE: April 30, 2016

I write with a simple strategy for reviving your father’s race for the White House. He is clearly the best-qualified candidate and, I believe, can recover from his campaign mistakes with what I propose. But first, let me provide some personal background.

I come to you through John Butler who has been a friend of your uncle since 1971. John and I first met in July 2005. Shortly thereafter, he agreed to “have my back” if needed to help reverse the trends that endanger our nation. That agreement was made with Dr. Glenn Olds. Glenn and Eva Olds became good friends with your grandparents in 1947 when Glenn was a teacher’s assistant a Yale and your grandfather a student in Philosophy I. They double-dated before your grandparents married. On Glenn’s death in March 2006, they had been friends for 59 years.

Glenn became my senior adviser in 1994. A trusted adviser to four presidents (two of each party), he also advised my birthfather, Nelson, from 1945 until his death in 1979 (they met at the U.N. founding conference). I was born in 1952. My father told Glenn about me in 1973 when, with the resignation of Spiro Agnew as Vice-President, Congressman Gerald Ford became an unelected Vice-President. With the resignation of Richard Nixon, Ford became an unelected President. More on that when we meet.

My conception was staged in 1951 to compromise my father and preclude his presidency. As can be proven by my life experience, those who stalked my father (and then me) are the same parties who induced us to wage two ill-advised and unwinnable wars during your uncle’s presidency. When Glenn grasped what could be proven by research pivoting off my life experience, he flew to Houston to brief your grandfather on the common source of the systemic duplicity chronicled in the attached draft chapter, “The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented” from the forthcoming book, The Hidden Tax on Humanity. You will see Glenn and I featured in one of the exhibits.

I propose we discuss an interview with Iraqi-American Munther Ghazal with whom I traveled to Baghdad. The presidential race can be transformed by airing a time-critical interview with Munther confirming:

  • What can now be proven (i.e., Saddam could have been removed without a war),
  • There was evidence of no nuclear WMD (contrary to Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Libby,,
  • What was done to Munther and me—in the U.S.—rather than engage us in good faith, and
  • The outcome of the U.S.-led invasion (i.e., ISIS) was probabilistic—per game theory warfare.

I suggest that this interview be taped as soon as possible at one of the Bush presidential libraries. President Kennedy was deceived by those he trusted to order the disastrous invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. When he took personal responsibility for that mistake, his approval ratings soared to 90 percent.

The exhibits include an April 30, 2004 letter to me from your father in response to his receipt of a memo chronicling the common source of the deceit shown in the enclosed draft chapter. This memo was hand-delivered to 25 offices in the legislative and executive branches with line responsibility for federal law enforcement and national security. Copies were signed for on behalf of 9/11 Commission Chairman Tom Kean, Vice-Chairman Lee Hamilton and Executive Director Philip Zelikow. Though Commission investigators interviewed more than 1,200 people, I was never contacted—either then or since.

Precisely one year to the date of sending me the attached letter, your father called Glenn to discuss me. Your father (and your uncle in some ways) was like my father in being disadvantaged by the family name and by the genius of their grandparents. Eva Olds, who knew your grandmother well, told me, “Mel, make no mistake about it, Barbara is the brains in that family.” No disrespect to your grandfather but I’m sure he would agree. Glenn often credited Eva for the success he realized and for ensuring that he never became corrupted by a system designed to corrupt the best.

Also enclosed is Glenn’s CV and the text of a letter that Glenn wrote to your grandfather when the Supreme Court made your uncle’s presidency official. Glenn described how our major political parties have twice exchanged places. This was sent in support of your uncle’s pledge to unite the two parties. That possibility remains quite real. Supporters of both Trump and Sanders agree that the invasion of Iraq was a disaster. Your namesake was known for reaching across the aisle to solve political problems.

Were that mistake acknowledged by your uncle and were he, like Kennedy, to take full responsibility, that candor could revive your father’s presidential campaign in time to prevail in a contested convention while attracting support from both parties. As with President Kennedy, your uncle needn’t identify who deceived him—nor how nor why. That will, in time, become apparent. In his memoirs, your grandfather was candid in holding your uncle to account for enabling what was done on his watch.

Iraq and its aftermath will not go away. It will impact any future political plans you may have if not confronted consistent with your family’s real values. I believe that your grandfather would have taken personal ownership of that decision and admitted his mistake. I expect that your father’s real love for your uncle clouded his judgment and allowed defending his brother to take precedence over securing the nomination in order to serve the public interest with honor, as he did as Governor. He lost credibility with the public when it became known that he was seeking advice from Paul Wolfowitz.

My maternal grandfather taught me, “Melvin, truth falls together and lies fall apart. The more complex either is, the easier it is to see the reality of what is and isn’t true.” Your father and your uncle need to put their faith in the public above their personal relationship, honoring what your great-grandfather deeply believed in—service to one’s community and nation.

In January 2012, I met Ceasar Anquillare at a Prince’s Trust dinner in Manhattan. About an hour into the meeting, he interrupted a conversation we were having with Alex Abelson and the CEO for the Prince’s Trust with us then discussing the NewRock model with its roots tracing to my father’s work in post-WWII era when he served as Assistant Secretary of State for Latin America. Ceasar said, “Mel, excuse me. I knew your father very well and I know you never met him. You talk like him, act like him and think like him. We first met when my business partner, Averell Harriman, was succeeded by your father as Governor of New York with your father serving four terms before becoming Vice President. What you said regarding Glenn Olds and George Herbert Walker Bush is what I would hear Averell say about Prescott Bush. Prescott believed you must give back and giving back not money but knowledge rooted in wisdom having learned from their mistakes.”

Your great-grandfather and grandfather defined their legacies by the close circle of friends they considered wise men well grounded in their counsel, including Dean Acheson and John McCloy. Your uncle was surrounded by self-serving losers with Dick Cheney top of the list! Glenn recruited him along with Don Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger and 1,000+ others to serve in the Nixon administration. He deeply regretted having anything to do with helping advance the careers of these three men. Your grandfather succeeded Glenn as U.N. Ambassador after Glenn left to serve as President of Kent State University following the shooting of four students during an on-campus demonstration against the Vietnam War.

Ceasar went on to tell me how your great-grandfather Prescott and Averell focused on what they failed to achieve, always looking for ways to correct their mistakes given another chance to do so. Glenn Olds spent the last 12 years of his life helping me understand what he and my father had done that failed, looking for ways we could capitalize on what could be done to do it better given the chance to do so.

You have in you your grandfather and great-grandfather as well as your father. I have my ancestors in me as well as Ceasar and Glenn confirmed. Only you have even more with your mother’s Hispanic heritage. Help me get your father and your uncle to meet and listen and—if they do—it will give you the opportunity to re-seed what your great-grandfather believed in that accounted for why your grandfather will go down in history as one of our nation’s great presidents.

Ceasar was nearly 30 years junior to Averell Harriman when they co-founded Winchester Capital. That legacy is why Averell’s widow could afford to host her lavish parties in Georgetown after Ceasar paid her for his interest in their firm after his friend and business partner passed. The word “friend” was real with Ceasar, with him making a point of telling me this twice. Lastly, let me mention the importance of your Hispanic heritage and the geostrategic importance of those roots at this time in our nation’s history with the first-ever pontiff from the Americas looking for a “third way” to counter today’s “savage capitalism.”

When Truman tasked my father with securing Latin America from communism, he told the president that communism was not the problem. It could be contained, and was. He said that the real threat to both America and Latin America is “rapacious greed.” My father knew the value of La Familla and focused his “hybrid” development plan (today the NewRock model) on bottom-up stakeholder inclusion with healthy community the goal. Those who produced the Truman presidency demanded my father’s resignation and inverted his model from bottom-up to top-down, leading us to where we are today. The exhibits include a paper describing his model written by Ms. Carroll Boardman who is a direct descendant from the only Catholic to sign the Declaration of Independence whose brother served as the first Bishop of the Church in America and founder of Georgetown University. My father’s Point IV program morphed into U.S.A.I.D. though with a top-down vs. bottom-up approach and a sharp divide between the public and private sectors rather than the hybrid approach that he pioneered.

Jeff Gates will accompany me. Former counsel to the Senate Finance Committee (working with Russell Long of Louisiana), he has spent 14 years in full-time research and analysis chronicling the facts pivoting off my life experience. John will set our meeting with my hope we can meet next weekend and use the conference room at IC2 Institute. I’m looking forward to meeting you. Your generation is our only hope to turn our nation around bottom-up with your father providing the eight years to fully seed restoring the middle class and a nation governed by the rule of law rooted in facts versus beliefs.


  • “The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented” (draft chapter for The Hidden Tax on Humanity)
  • Letter of April 30, 2004 from Governor Jeb Bush to James M. Rockefeller
  • Glenn Olds CV & The Conflict Within the American System of Government
  • Nelson Rockefeller’s Precursor Non-Profit Model for Private U.S. Foreign Aid