Mel Rockefeller memo to Steve Kerr21 min read

TO:         Steve Kerr

CC:         Mark Cuban

FROM:  James M. (“Mel”) Rockefeller

RE:         We Need to Meet

DATE:    December 26, 2016

The article in The New York Times made it clear we should meet. Dr. Glenn Olds knew and admired your father. Glenn was my mentor from 1994 until his death in 2006. He advised my birthfather, Nelson, from 1945 until his death in 1979. When offered the presidency of American University in Beirut, he declined for two reasons. First, he thought your father was far better qualified due to his deep background in the region. Second, Glenn was then reopening and redirecting Alaska Pacific University. He was delighted when your father took the job and heartbroken by his death.

Glenn described for me how much he and his wife, Eva, admired your father and mother. Glenn was ordained a Methodist minister at age 19. He and Mark Hatfield were debate partners at Willamette College. He then became a star philosophy student and instructor at Yale. He and Eva planned on becoming missionaries in China until Mao closed China and he pursued another path as you’ll see in his CV. They intended to use Eva’s family wealth to fund their missionary work. He declined an offer from George Fox University, a Quaker school that sought to have both he and Eva teach there, because the school changed their charter to declare that Jesus Christ was the only path to salvation. Though the Quakers are preeminent in social justice and conflict resolution, they could not in good faith accept the offer as they had studied Buddhism, the Vedas and other paths. Glenn was always very values-driven.

My impression is that your father and Glenn Olds agreed that the point is to be your best and to seek the path that best enables you to realize your fullest potential. Glenn became the nation’s youngest college president when he took over Springfield College in Massachusetts where John Kennedy, then a freshman Senator, served as one of his trustees. Your mother will be familiar with how Senator Bill Fulbright and Robert Kennedy, then Attorney General, sought to force the American Zionist Council to register as foreign agents while JFK sought to force Tel Aviv to shut down their nuclear weapons program. Imagine how different the world would be had those two initiatives succeeded.

Harriet Fulbright, Bill’s second wife and widow, became a good friend to colleague Jeff Gates and I. On separate occasions, Jeff and I talked about this with her, literally, for more than 100 hours. We also stayed in her home. She was a devoted emissary for the Fulbright program. Helen Thomas, the “Dean” of the White House press corps, also became a dear friend. She described how she identified this Zionist influence at work in the ten presidencies she covered, from Kennedy to Obama. Attached is an op-ed I published in her defense when those complicit in this fraud on the American public sought to cast her as an anti-Semite—led by George W. Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, a chief salesman for the false intelligence that induced us to wage a disastrous war in Iraq. Helen was courageous and a real friend.

Those behind the assassination of your father are, I believe, the same parties behind the death of my father, a subject addressed in the enclosed introduction to The Hidden Tax on Humanity (also online on The day my father died in January 1979, Warren Rustand came to my home wanting to play tennis. During our match, he kept asking if I knew for certain that the person listed on my birth certificate was my true father. A star on the 1965 College Basketball All-American Team that played in Moscow, he put University of Arizona basketball on the map. I don’t believe Warren was knowingly complicit. I am confident, however, that he was tasked with that job by someone close to former President Gerald Ford who became president because of me, per the introduction.

Early in my father’s four terms as Governor of New York, he hired Glenn to internationalize and trans- culturalize the curriculum for the 64-campus S.U.N.Y. system. In a 1964 speech at Harvard, he described those I’ve since profiled as having a “tireless genius for crisis.” As we now know, the Israelis knew about the Mercedes truck being retrofitted to attack the Marine barracks, inflicting on our Marines the largest single-day casualties since Iwo Jima. Israel never shared the intelligence with their “Special Friend”. Chronicling the common source of this duplicity—still ongoing—enclosed also is a copy of Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War. I am identified only as “John Doe.”

Note throughout these materials the key point on which your father, mine and Glenn Olds agreed: knowledge and truth are our most valuable assets and the essential ‘currencies’ in any nation that values freedom. As you will see, the displacement of facts with manipulated beliefs lies at the core of what they sought to address with education and what my life’s work is meant to address. More on that below.

The Knowledge Society. My father hired Glenn to upgrade the S.U.N.Y. curriculum when he realized that our institutions would fail us, as they have. He saw trans-cultural education as freedom’s last line of defense against the duplicitous few that I profiled while being stalked my entire life (I was born in 1952). As your interview points out, Americans were once revered in the region. Your father rightly saw the ’67 War as a turning point. Though marketed as defensive, it was clearly an offensive Land Grab that continues to serve as a region-wide provocation. If you’re not familiar with Miko Peled’s book, The General’s Son, view online his YouTube presentations. His father was a key general during the ’67 War.

We identified an Israeli general who conceded that the Zionists’ Land Grab had been planned since 1951. Miko lives in San Diego as does Iraqi Munther Ghazal who accompanied me to Iraq in 1997. You should meet them both. Munther’s grandfather played a key role in founding Baghdad College, the elite Jesuit prep school that educated many of Iraq’s leaders. Munther is from a distinguished family of Chaldean Christians who founded the Baghdad Hotel, the first five-star hotel in the Middle East.

In “The War in Iraq Could Have Been Prevented” (enclosed) you’ll see that Munther and I returned from Baghdad in February 1997 with (a) evidence of no WMD, (b) an in-country offer from the senior- most sheikhs to remove Saddam without a war, and (c) an offer to provide U.S. firms with the bulk of the reconstruction and oil contracts. You’ll also see who was behind ensuring that critical intelligence was not engaged. Instead he and I were both stalked by those charged with enforcing federal law. Review what was done to him and his family in this country to silence him in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq. All of this is traceable to the same parties. No exceptions. If he’d known that those profiled had this much influence in the U.S., he would have relocated him family to Switzerland after the First Gulf War of 1991.

How pervasive is this corruption? Guilt By Association describes how those complicit put a former Irgun operative (Mathilde Krim) in Lyndon Johnson’s bed the night that the ’67 War began. Her husband, United Artists President Arthur Krim, pre-staged their affair by purchasing property near the LBJ Ranch. Krim was then chair of the Democrat’s campaign finance committee. LBJ and Defense Secretary McNamara should have been charged with treason for covering up Israel’s June 8, 1967 attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 American servicemen and wounded 174. John McCain’s father played a key role in the coverup. We call Guilt By Association “the McCain book” with three chapters chronicling the production—and reliable use—of his political career. How perilous are the times we now face with Trump as Commander-in-Chief? Trump is a classic “asset” with McCain, another classic asset, now chair of the Senate Committee on Armed Services. [For “asset,” see the blue tab in Guilt By Association.]

Knowledge vs. Beliefs. While in Iraq, numerous people with whom I met mentioned what a huge loss it was to see AUB closed following your father’s death. The President of Baghdad Medical College described for me how AUB educated Iraqi civil servants so they could operate in a trans-cultural, non- secular environment and understand the Western (and American) mindset. Closing AUB was key to destabilizing the region. Both your father and mine (and Glenn Olds) advocated knowledge as key to conflict resolution. That made your father a genuine threat to those adept at waging war “by way of deception” (the motto of the Israeli intelligence services). Whose long-term strategic interests were served by his assassination? Who, really, benefitted by the closure of AUB?

Who benefitted when my father was cremated within 18 hours of his death without the coroner examining his remains under the law while salacious sex became the consensus cause of death rather than ordering a complete autopsy? As you’ll see in the enclosed draft chapter, “The Indonesia Connection,” Intelligence Chief Arie Kumaat was murdered in January 2002 (a drug-induced heart attack) when he agreed to arrange for me to brief Muslim heads of state on facts confirming what we now know: the intelligence that induced us to war in Iraq was “fixed” around long-sought Israeli goals. I was 48 hours behind his son preparing to leave Fresno to drive to LA to fly to Singapore when his son phoned me within a half hour of his father who died in his car after describing our meeting in Vancouver. Those adept at such operations were key to placing Donald Trump in the presidency, as you’ll see.

With the murder of your father in January 1984 following the Marine Barracks bombing in October 1983, those advising Reagan persuaded him to withdraw our presence. The resulting vacuum ensured that these skilled agent provocateurs could unleash (even more) hell on Lebanon. Osama bin Laden would later confirm that he was radicalized by our support for the 1982 Israeli assault (“Operation Peace for Galilee”) that left 17,000+ dead. Keep in mind that when Yassar Arafat died, it was revealed that the manager of the monies he defrauded from us and others (reportedly more than $300 million) was managed by a former head of Shin Bet. As my life experience proves, those profiled routinely create both sides in conflicts while profiting off the misery of both. The war in Iraq alone is on track to cost us $6 trillion with $4 trillion in interest paid through 2053. What did the U.S. gain from this war? What’s been the cost of this entangled alliance? ISIS is a product of our invasion of Iraq!

Glenn and my father met at the founding conference of the U.N. and remained close. At my father’s urging, my grandfather provided funds to acquire the land on which the U.N. headquarters buildings were built. He told Glenn about me in 1973. Glenn sought me out in 1994 after declining Bill Clinton’s request to reorganize his Cabinet following his disastrous first two years in office. When Glenn stepped down as U.N. Ambassador in 1971 to take over the presidency of Kent State after the on-campus shooting of Vietnam War protestors, he arranged for G.H.W. Bush to succeed him. That high-visibility post gave Bush the profile to later run for president.

As a teacher’s assistant at Yale, Glenn had G.H.W. as a student in introductory philosophy in 1947. They remained life-long friends. When the Supreme Court awarded the presidency to his son in 2000, Glenn wrote the enclosed letter to “Dubya” explaining how the two parties had twice switched positions. The common source of the systemic corruption that my life experience proves is deeply embedded in both parties. The hawk Hillary would have been terrible; Trump is worse. How far to the political right has the nation moved? Where would a “Rockefeller Republican” fit in the present political spectrum?

Enclosed also are several draft chapters from The Hidden Tax on Humanity confirming that the same parties behind the deaths of our fathers also staged the circumstances (and fixed the intelligence) that induced us to wage an unnecessary war in Iraq. In classic game theory fashion, that war was destined to catalyze the emergence of ISIL/ISIS. Because of who I am and the circumstances of my birth, I was routinely drawn into the “fields with fields…within fields” of relationships through which this nonlinear criminality operates. I was able to profile them based on my decision to remain anonymous never telling anyone I knew Nelson Rockefeller was my father. Based on who I met and what was done to me, I believed I could secure how this has been done—with proof. That premise proves correct. Money can’t create real wealth or uncover the truths required to engage the rule of law with facts beyond a reasonable doubt. [See the tabbed sections in Guilt By Association for how this operates in plain sight.]

This nonstop/nonlinear stalking is how I knew about Jim Click, Warren’s next-door neighbor in Tucson Country Club Estates. Jim was the son-in-law of Holmes Tuttle who would become the “chairman” of Reagan’s Kitchen Cabinet. Reagan was a good friend of my step-uncle, Robert King Cunningham (they met in Europe at the close of WWII). Those responsible for what you see described arranged for my mother to marry the brother of my “Uncle Bobby.” That marriage enabled this trans-generational criminal syndicate to put an operative inside my home, per the accompanying timeline. So good luck for anyone trying to portray me as an anti-Semite when those responsible for destroying this nation came after me at age four!

When Glenn got his mind around this work, he agreed with the approach I’ve taken which is to allow the facts to speak for themselves and rely on knowledge—and love—as my weapons. Plus my greatest weapon is They know what they’ve done—to me, to other prominent families, to this nation, to other nations and their prominent families and to the broader faith community on whose Jewish identity those complicit have long preyed while hiding in plain sight behind the smokescreen of anti-Semitism.

I lived in Fresno 1995-2004 where I became close to members of the Armenian community. Glenn and Kirk Kerkorian were life-long friends. Glenn would routinely turn to Kirk when fundraising for worthy causes. Mr. Kerkorian was always very generous. Glenn never could reconcile while the Armenian genocide was not recognized for what it was: a mass murder on a par with the WWII Holocaust. Living in Fresno where Kirk was born, I got to know members of his family and Jerry Tarkanian who returned to his alma mater of Fresno State after his astounding success at UNLV with his son Danny his lawyer.

Isolating those Complicit. I’m confident that President Obama relied on these facts and analyses when he approved a long overdue U.N. resolution condemning Israel’s provocative settlements and their half-century unwillingness to embrace a two-state solution. Those I profiled excel at inciting hatred and then hiding behind the smokescreen that they are hated. As Glenn constantly reminded me, you cannot fight hate with hate or fire with fire; instead, design a better economic model and expose the arsonists.

That’s what we’ve done. That’s also a key reason that the NewRock model has encountered non-stop resistance. The model is designed, over time, to displace those identified. That’s why progress was undermined in venues where the model was agreed to (per the enclosures), including Poland 1995, Iraq in 1997, China in 2000, Indonesia in 2001 and Latin America in 2012. To succeed requires assistance both to expose the common source of this corruption and, even more importantly, to seed a solution. That’s what I propose we discuss a model designed to monetize knowledge in a way that supports healthy and sustainable community—a key concern of both our fathers and also Glenn and Eva Olds.

Those identified, share a rich history of lies and deceit—and the staging of well-timed crises. As you’ll see, Eisenhower was outraged when they launched their Sinai Campaign (aka the Suez Crisis) during the last week of his reelection campaign in November 1956. After liberating several death camps, he had a real sympathy that the Zionists exploited by assuring him they would take no more land if only he would help them overcome the objections of Secretary of State Marshall, the diplomatic corps, the C.I.A. and the Joint Chiefs who were concerned that these extremists would draw us into serial wars, as they did. As he told Glenn over a game of golf when Glenn was serving as chaplain at the University of Denver and Ike and Mamie were vacationing in Colorado: “They made a liar of me.” We now know they intended from the outset to take more land after they manipulated our leaders to support their efforts.

Donald Trump provides the perfect personality for taking us to war in Iran. With total disregard for the truth or for anything other than his easily manipulated self-absorption, he provides the ideal vessel through which those profiled can operate. Review the enclosed commentary chronicling how (and for whom) the Trump presidency was produced. He was not “elected;” a narrowly targeted group of “persuade-ables” were behavioral micro-targeted using Facebook-sourced, algorithmically-derived personality profiling. Anyone not concerned is ill-informed. For those who value knowledge, truth and human dignity, a Trump presidency is a nightmare in the making. His character flaws are Their strength.

The Path Forward. Enclosed also are memos to four senior Cabinet nominees for a presidency “cast” by those responsible for this multi-decade horror show. I write not just to confirm what (I expect) are your suspicions but also to suggest we discuss a positive path forward. With that in mind, enclosed also is an overview of the NewRock development model. Its origins trace to the post-war era when my father was tasked with devising a counter to the appeal of communism in the developing world. His proposed “hybrid” proposal lies at the heart of the NewRock approach to business.

Note in the enclosed draft chapter on China that my father also retained Dr. Dennis Lou to serve as International Dean of the statewide S.U.N.Y. system advising Glenn on revamping the curriculum. With my father taking the lead, Glenn and Dennis collaborated with Secretary-General U Thant in founding the U.N. University (in Tokyo) and creating its curriculum. The same perpetrators who deceived us to invade Iraq also undermined an agreed-to business model for bringing e-commerce to China that would have provided a perpetual funding source for education. I am confident your father knew Dennis who, at Glenn’s urging, traveled to Beijing in 2000 to help ensure we closed a deal that was then undermined by those who knew by, by design, the model would have displaced them in China.

The research will prove that those who induced us into this latest unnecessary and unwinnable and war also induced us to wage an unnecessary and unwinnable war in Vietnam. After the Tet Offensive, Mark Hatfield persuaded Glenn and Dennis to write a paper urging my father to run for the presidency. They provided a strategy for ending the war and normalizing relations with China. When he (initially) opted not to run in 1968, that paper became part of Nixon’s platform and was used by Kissinger to normalize with China while, in effect, extending the war for another seven years. The fact that Kissinger is now advising Trump is consistent with what (and who) I’ve been profiling for 35 years.

My father had identified who and how (i.e., elites and extremists with a tireless genius for the crisis). My life experience proves he was correct with one change: those responsible exhibits a tireless genius for the well-timed crisis. Thus the urgency with which I urged in the attached December 22 memo that General John Kelly (nominated to lead Homeland Security) promptly engage these facts and analyses at this time- critical juncture. Thus too my request that we meet as soon as possible.

In late 2005, Glenn traveled to Houston to brief his life-long friend and former president G.H.W. Bush on these facts and analyses. On his return, he told me that Condi Rice now “gets” it and would replace Donald Rumsfeld and then Dick Cheney in influence, as she did. Robert Gates replaced Rumsfeld at the Pentagon and was retained by Obama due in part to Glenn’s briefing. Donald Trump nominated Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State at the urging of Gates and Rice (Trump did not know him). See the enclosed memo to Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, a firm founded by my great-grandfathers.

Next Steps. I ask that you contact me at your earliest convenience so we can arrange to meet as soon as possible to discuss next steps. From what I’ve read of your experience, your knowledge, your values and your sensibilities, I am confident that what I propose will enable us to honor the best in both our fathers. With the help of others in the league (such as entrepreneur and Trump-critic Mark Cuban), I know that what we discuss can seed a solution to this long-festering problem.

To do so requires that we quickly engage other concerned people of means who can assist in providing the interim working capital to bridge this to success. I tried to reach Mark Cuban several times. I ask that you provide him a copy of this memo and ensure that he actually receives it. With the right combination of values-aligned people, this problem can be solved. I admire how he does business, including his pride in achieving success from the bottom up that has defined who he is and how he treats people with him one of the most knowledgeable of his peers in technology related to sensors for human interaction, a key component in monetizing our model, per the enclosed overview.

We only need a few knowledgeable people to bridge the transition. Progress is ongoing. For example, I met in London two weeks ago with the niece of the Emir of Kuwait who has remained in close touch since. Those in the region know that those I profiled have them in their sights for regime change—after they use Trump for regime change in Iran as they did Dubya for regime change in Iraq. All that’s required is the working capital to ensure we can stabilize our core team and retain the resources to prepare a world-class presentation able to close key business leaders and hydrocarbon producers in the Middle East. More on that when we can meet, including a discussion of how, with the NewRock model, the U.N. can be made financially self-sustaining rather than, as now, being subjected to threats of defunding when the international community takes a stance against a half-century of lawless behavior by the elites and extremists who founded and still govern the Zionist experiment.

My hope is that these materials suffice for you to grant me/us benefit of the doubt. Please provide a copy of this memo to Mark Cuban and to others you know who share these concerns: owners, coaches, players, personal friends. Based on what I know of you and your family, I trust your judgment.

Thank you for taking the time to review these materials. I look forward to hearing from you.


  • CV for Dr. Glenn A. Olds
  • The Conflict Within the American System of Government by Dr. Glenn Olds
  • Commentary posted November. 24, 2016: President Donald Trump: Israeli’s Pick for War with Iran?
  • Draft Chapters from The Hidden Tax on Humanity

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  • Copy of Guilt By Association—How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to Waro I am identified only as John Doe. The book is tabbed and highlighted for ease of review